Street Fighter

Is this a good character design?

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my dick likes it so yes

>>590661015>That QoS tattoo, user why?

>>590661015>fighting game>no official body measurements Every Time, I hate it


>>590661015Not for me, and not by choice.

>>590661015imagine the sixty nines

how fat will her ass be in sf6

>>590663145Oh I do

>>590661265all we know is that she's 5'6" and 143 lbs

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>>590663702Fine, it's something >143 lbsYummy, fat!

>>590664048she's fat in all the right places

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>>590663273god i just wanna suck on her clit in the middle of the wheat fields ;w;

>>590661015>old hagSpeak to me when you post an uoh.

>>590664254Yeah I'm turning into Kolinfag


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>>590664535this, but tongue her fart box

>>590665052oh yeah, you can't lick cunny without getting some au nauturale flavor

>>590665212i'll take any chance i get to sniff some shit


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Do you think that Zangief will be cancelled?


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>>590664665I would of been if non of them costume dlc arts didnt make me coom

>>590666232He needs green hand back. Hes too predictable

Just checked Rainbow Mika measurements>5'6">154 lbs (70 kg)>B97/W72/H93 cmWtf, Kolin looks average compared to her.

>>590669234Mika has Kolin beat in the tits department, but Kolin wins when it comes to ass and hips

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>>590669843>Kolin wins when it comes to ass and hipsBut R. Mika is fatter. I just don't like her pigtails, I think I'll still stick with Kolin because is mature and refined.

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>>590661015Do slavs really have asses this big??


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>>590661015i commissioned this guy a lot

>>590670974I need to comm big ass art of my waif

>>590661015>>590663971>>590664254>>590665473>>590665792>>590667534>>590669843>>590670863GOD i wish my ass were that FAT

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>>590671302i wish for her to oral me

>>590661015Hell yeah. Nice juicy fat white ass. Imagine that big white bottom bouncing on Boxer's big ass dick. Fucking meaty.

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>>590671230Unless your waifu is als Juri, no

>>590661015Can someone logically explain why mods allow coomer threads to be spammed but not bbc threads? Why is one class of smut okay but the other not?

>>590671519bbc threads are bias and annoyingcoomer threads welcome everyone to look at a character's assets

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>>590671402Why are you like this

>>590674393to troll. also Barlog is weak 3 to 7 due to her counters and projectile mixups against his turtling and pokes

>>590661015nose big, looks like paku from hunter x hunter

>>590671230who is your waifu

>>590671402What will be their story in sf6?

>>590674693the kunochi from DNF Duel. Shes so cool

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>>590674839well I gotta say you have good taste she was my fav when I played duel

>>590675004I need to find more art of her

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>>590675106I thought of drawing some myself

>>590675360ooh please show when a thread comes on!

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>>590675585>>590676167if Kolin was in front of you smiling what would you have her do?

>>590676385if she was in front of me smiling, i would be thinking that she's scheming something

>>590670686>I think I'll still stick with Kolin because is mature and refined.mature office ladies all the way

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>>590671302ask me how i know you're from saudi arabia


>>590677541because youre a mod abusing your power?

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>>590661015off model

>FANG is 100% not making it to 6Truly sad. But at least none of the shitters from 4 made it back either.>But my C. Viper!Fuck you go play marvel, take rashid with you

>>590679248fuck you, i like c. viper

>> This shit is not ok, though I will grant you that she is less offensive than Fuerte, Abel and Rufus

>>590661015Dunno but i bet she rips some mean ones

>>590679248It hurts, because Mika, Laura, and Menat are definitely getting cut from VI. There's no way designs like theirs could fit into a modern fighting game.

>>590680012>That EVO when they had to put Mika in her burka costume because it was on ESPNEsports was the most monkey's paw shit to happen to the fgc

>>590680176Who the fuck is watching video games on ESPN anyway?

>>590680252the ocho

For me its Sethanie

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>>590680663I want her to suck out my data

Not big enough.

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>>590683957Imagine how many russians had to starve to death to pack those fucking tankers full of beef and pork.

>>590684135The end result was worth it

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>>590684605Imagine being so fucking thick you dont have a fucking nose.

>>590684728It's all about the angle

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>>590671302>wish… wereIt’s not often you see the subjunctive used anymore. Zoomers speak like retards.

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>>590661015Yes, shame that SF6 won't truly capture her beauty of she makes it.

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>>590685146are you implying that i speak like a retard


>>590689076literally what is the correct way to say that

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>>590671302>>590689532Stop wishing and start taking action. What have you done to make your ass fatter?

she bettter be in sf6

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>>590690727imagine the ass jiggle physics...

>>590690995>thinking SF6 will jiggle physics at all

>>590691496Some re engine games already have jiggle physics so why not




>has big schnoze>No artist draws itI know it may not be appealing, but at least take the challenge and make it look somewhat good.

So is she and zangeif going to be removed from SF6 along with the entire continent of Russia?BECAUSE THEY BETTER BE

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>>590695175she was never going to be in 6 anywayzangief is probably still going to be inbecause no one will give a shit about this ukraine vs russia shit after a few months

>>590690168i do but i stopped working out ever since elden ring came out

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