Has Miyazaki gone too far?

Has Miyazaki gone too far?

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>>590659519Any other spot and it’s impossible to dodge unscathed, let alone live through.

>>590659440Yep. Fuck this fight and fuck the whole game.

>>590659519look at this garbage lmao

>>590659519I know you can dodge it or just run away but did From really think this is going to be fun instead of simply implementing a mechanic like Sekiro or even MGRR where we can actually sword fight this bitch?

It took me 7 hours to beat it with a greatsword, fuck this boss with his bullshit anime attacks.

>>590659673>>590660640>>590660790Git Gud shitters.

>>590661947The developers should've gotten good at making games instead of shitting out this trash.

Is she worse than Starscourge?

>>590662647LOL, that guy is a fucking joke compared to her.

>Elden Ring: the hardest game ever made

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>>590659519Even Isshin One Mind looks like a baby version of this, in a game where you are given the tools to counter it properly

>>590659519Imagine pretending you can reliably do this mid fight. The move is broken and undodgable if you are in melee range when she starts.

>>590661947fuck off fromshit droneYou're probably a shield fag blocking anything and counter attacking like a fucking faggot. I'm a dex chad and I only dodge. This shit is retarded for me.

>>590659519what the fuck were they thinking lmao

>>590659519webms like this make me realise DS1 is the best souls game

>>590663148everyone hates you

>>590664028This. Everything Souls related after was a mistake. Actually DaS might be the mistake when you think about it, one of those accidentally brilliant games.

>>590659519can you parry that? I bet its easy to block.people complained about that first story boss but i beat him with +0 weapons at lvl 12. hes not so bad once you learn it. if i had levels and upgrades i bet it would have been easy.

get a great shield that does your weapon art.get a good weapon with frenzied strikes.block the stupid shit then frenzy strike to victory. easy.

>>590662786Aw, I thought I got past most of the bull by now.

>>590663840Just acquire skill

>>590659519The amount of anime bullshit in this game is staggering. Why does every boss have to flip out with ADHD bullshit attacks. The design is so tiresome I am starting to miss DS1 and DS2.

>>590664940Please tell me you're shitposting and that's not true. I hate the anime influence it's had on some of the bosses. Never liked Artorias or the humanoid bosses in Bloodborne because of that. Flying in the air and spinning around, all that.

>>590664940They're hopped up on demigod bullshittery

>>590659519Holy shit, I would love that move if it was in Sekiro or there was ANY universal mechanic to use against this other than "just don't be in the wrong place at the wrong time".Like, I really want to applaud this, but I just know how cancer it will be to fight, and in the "bad RNG made me reset" instead of the "wow this is challenging" way.What were they thinking? Did they legit just use scrapped Sekiro content and call it a day?

>>590659519I fucking love how you cant even punish her after all that. Bravo fromsoft, 10/10

>>590665516Wouldn't put it past them. Some of the enemeis in Dark Souls 3 looked/acted like they belong in BB, and some of the designs of the enemies in Elden Ring look like they're from BB or Sekiro.

>>590659519basedloving all the seethe

>>590664940Ds2fags are pathetic.

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>>590664028Dark Souls 1 has the second half holding it back. Demons Souls is better. Bloodborne is best because you’re just as fast as any of the bosses

>>590666243This looks piss easy in comparison to every elden ring boss>DS2shitters complained about thisThe worst game also has the worst fanbase I see

>>590665240buddy, you are in for one wild fucking ride lmao

>>590659440Easy boss. Very low poise. Use mimic tear and rivers of blood. 90% stunlocked and huge damage from constant bleed spam. Phase 2 has lower hp. I dodged the initial dive bomb attack and the boss was dead within seconds after.

>>590664028Artorias of the Abyss DLC was where this shit started. It has been downhill since that point.In bloodborne Malenia would feel right at home since you could probably shoot her out of the air or at least dash away properly.I'm so sick of this, I just want her dead so this frenzied flame bullshit can fuck off, it's literally killing my desire to play.

>>590659519>>590659440YOU HAVE TO FIGHT HER?! wtf. No. I thought she was gonna be an ally

>>590664028They were drying in Demon's and Dark Souls to make an adventure role playing game with unique gimmicks and layouts for all the bosses. Turns out the fans didn't even care for any of this and just wanted the same fast paced boss fights over and over again. They whined about the "boring" moonlight fight, and the "unfair" goat demon fight, so we never get those ever again. Yeah, From realized that their fanbase doesn't care about 70% of the design of the original games, so they ended up dropping them. "Streamlining them".

>>590666920This was their extra hard dlc boss too lol. They paid extra for that.

>>590667342Mimic and bleed are so boring to play though.

>>590667342>Very low poiseUntil she does literally anything but stand there. Then she has hyper armor. Just the absolute worst.

>>590667562Keep trying user, youll get it. Use the mimic tear summon preferably with a bleed weapon and just pray to god she doesnt do the instagib broken move. Its a race to kill her before she does it. Its luck based but you have to stay aggressive and constantly stagger/interrupt her attacks. Im playing the ps4 version on ps5 and only 0.1 % (probably less but its the minimum percentage for trophies) has killed her so far so dont feel bad about coming back later or taking a break.

>>590668121And also it feels completely random if she has hyperarmor or not, and how fast she is going to counter attack after getting interrupted. Just a shit fight.

>>590668231Thanks for the kind words, I'm taking a break for now but I'm just so done with these beyblade bosses and if not that, then giant mounds of flesh with no rhyme or reason to their attacks.

>>590659519Discount Maria.

>>590666501Nah. DeS is too proto to be better and Bloodborne is meh.

>>590663840not surprised you're a retard.

>>590668564DeS and Bloodborne are much more consistent than Dark Souls. If Dark Souls 1 was the same quality from beginning to end it would easily be best

>>590668564BB has the best combat in the series, only Sekiro can compete with it on those terms.

Did Miyazaki go too far?

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>>590659519You know, From bosses started to loss their appeal when every single boss is a flashy anime swordsman that flips all over the place.Artorias was special because he was the only boss in the entire game that fought like that, on top of being a blatant Guts shout out. It gets boring the 10th time around.

>>590663840>Using a tool that utterly counters the boss is a bad thing.>I want to bash my head against a wall for 7 hours and then complain that it's too ahrd

>>590668787The fight against him in the midsommer village is easier because you have a much wider arena to fight him in.

>>590667128Please don't mean it, user. Please.

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You know I used to think... I BELIEVED that it wasn't their fault. I thought, y'know, there's no way, NO way anyone would mean to make a game Dark Souls 3. No one could be that intellectually bankrupt. They just did it because they had a contract with Bamco and they had to push another game out. Dark Souls 2 was the same, right? They tried to do something new, but went awry somewhere; hey, mistakes happen! Bloodborne was the same. I mean, of course the chalice dungeons are pretty trash and there isn't a single area in which the game isn't unpolished if not worse than its predecessors, but look at their output! They made three games in so little time. They were rushing and working on multiple things.I thought this time would be different. I even said it to my friends: "if they take their and do things right, this could be one of the best games of all time." They had made Sekiro after all. Not a perfect game, that one, but it WAS an improvement. I'm not a blind fanatic after all! This CAN'T fail! They COULDN'T!God I was such a useful idiot. I knew it, I knew it, the moment footage from the game leaked, and it looked just like Dark Souls 2, I KNEW IT! BUT I LIED TO MYSELF! I WANTED TO BELIEVE THEY WOULDN'T BE LIKE THIS! WHY?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!SIX YEARS! SIX! YOU TOOK SIX YEARS FOR THIS! FUCK THE BUG, WHAT WERE YOU DOING?! AT WHAT POINT DID YOU START THINKING THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA! HOW MUCH MORE DID YOU FUCK THIS GAME UP BEFORE RELEASE! I *KNOW* YOU DID! YOU DID WITH *ALL* YOUR GAMES!NO MORE! NO MERCY! NO MORE EXCUSES! NOTHING! YOU'RE NOT GETTING THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT ANYMORE, YOU FAT FUCK! FUCK YOU, AND FUCK YOUR GAMES!...and I'm sorry, Matthew. You were right about everything.

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>>590668568>>590668830>hm, this boss is too fast, fuck it! let me put on the barricade shield skill so I can literally block anything with no stamina drain and just spam counter blocks!>works (wow)>IM SO GOOD AT THIS GAME!!>enter thread>see dexCHAD complaining about the retarded combos since he only dodges and never blocks because blocking is for fags>w-WHAT IS WRONG WITH U JUST BE A TRASH CASUAL LIKE MEY GET GIID SHTITER !!Shieldfags are the biggest casuals out there. If you use a shield you're a fucking faggot.

>>590671337If you were good enough at the game to not use a shield then you wouldn't be here crying right now you stupid bitch

>>590671585Not my fault this game has retarded combos that make no fucking sense. I've beaten sekiro and MGRR in revengeance difficulty (both fast paced games)

>>590659519You can roll all throughout and still be close to her

>>590659519Try ranged battle.

>>590671862lol get filtered ultrapleb nigger

>>590659519I love how she just jumps away from you after all that bullshit. You wanna put in some retarded nearly impossible to dodge mega combo? Fine, but I should be getting 2 fucking fully charged R2s after dodging that shit.

>>590672153kek try this DICK faggotthat literally looks like something out of genshit impact

>>590672187Yeah you're right I should stop being a pleb, sorry for going off on you user, I'll try get better at the game

>>590664028You can beat this boss using Dark Souls 1 tactics. But those tactics are not "try to roll/tank the hits and counter-attack with a basic weapon". Those tactics are "farm consumables that let you do damage from a range if your build isn't set up to do that from the beginning".

In about a month everybody will have figured these bosses out and be complaining how easy they are kek

>>590672187>shieldfag>calling me a plebCope accepted.>>590672272>samefaggingOH NONONONONONOShieldplebs are SEETHING

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>>590672341Not with this particular cheating piece of shit.

>>590664208You can block it, issue is she heals on every hit, and for some god forsaken reason heals from blocked damage as well.The rest of the fight is fine, but that attack in the webm is literally bullshit if she decides to throw it out in melee range.

>>590663840>I'm a dex chad and I only dodgeNo, you're a person playing a video game. Use the tools the game gives you to win. If dodging isn't working do something else.Do people really "identify" with their build like this? "I'm a dex chad and I dodge". This is crazy.

>>590672242Run away and use area effect magic or consumables that do the same thing. Or maybe use some of the top tier arrows and bolts you've been saving up for a special occasion.

>>590672592>IM A CASUAL SHITTER WHO DOESNT CARE AND EVERYONE SHOULD BE LIKE ME!!Shut the FUCK UP pleb.Go back to spamming your counter attacks.

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>>590672656meant for >>590672524

>>590672656No.Stop your nonsense. This is just stupid. You're not even playing the game at this point. I know this is an RPG and that entails some role-playing but this is going too far.Grow up.

>>590663584Isshin's One Mind can also be reliably cancelled if you don't want to deal with itThis though... There's just nothing to be done

>>590659519>there are people who see this and don't immediately assume this is a ranged battle boss but instead spend 7-10 hours fruitlessly slamming against the wall before they probably break down and summon or use magic as a "last resort" due to "unfair game design".

>>590672656>anime pic>abhorrent postClassic.

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>>590673051>play roleplaying game>play as a melee character>fight long ranged boss>it's your fault you're completely fuckedWill you ever stop making excuses for these people?

>>590659519>all the seething replieseven my man ongbal used a shield LMAOing at you filtered cucksyoutube.com/watch?v=uV2wTjQ9ijw&ab_channel=옹발이ONGBAL

>>590673228You shouldn't have put all your eggs in one basket. At least level up a bow. But you can still go farm consumables and use item crafting to get access to enough magic for this battle.

>>590666243>>590666920Dark Souls 2 legitimately looks like a shitty fucking janky incompetent shovelware game from 2005.

>>590672824Why are you in a video games board if you don't like gam-Never mind, that's the usual in Holla Forums I guess.>>590673052Anime website faggot. Forever and always. Kill yourself.

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>>590673228>Warriors never train their skills with ranged weapons evereven cun/tg/ays are better than this

>>590673356The boss fight is shit. I don't care if some insane gook managed to beat it with his eyes closed and his left testicle in a vice. It still fucking sucks.

>>590659519>Does all that shit>Still dodges your punish and lines up another 3 hour combolmao

>>590673228>Playing a roleplaying game means my build should be good or even viable in every situationI see you do not play many roleplaying games, dumb zoomer.

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>>590673402Only 2trannys love Trans Souls 2


>>590659519When I get to her I'll see if you can knock her out of the sky when she starts her chain.

>>590673856>filtered by shitty abhorrent game designYes.

>>590659519>That HP barGoddamn, how much vigor did they dump?

>>590673051You are genuinely retarded if you think you can fight this boss with a ranged weapon. She will dodge that shit and dash forward. Maybe try the boss first before speaking like a moron

>>590673728We're talking about an action RPG. There are situations which you just can't avoid.

>>590673860Nope. She has 100% hyper armor before she even starts the attack proper.

>>590659519This looks like a parody you would see in some ROM hack.

>>590674014>hyper armorfighting game nigger detected


>>590673228From can do no wrong, of course.

>>590673912>sh-sh-SHUT UP!!!!!!B-B-BAD GAME DESIGN *sniffles piteously* WAAAAAH *sobs*

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>>590674007>We're talking about an action RPG.What I said applies all the same.>There are situations which you just can't avoid.Which is true of every rpg and of every game in general.

>>590674219Keep slurping up from that From cum, buddy.

>buy game>refuse to play by rules of game>cry about how game is unfair 20 years ago you would be beaten for having that mentality as an adult.

>>590674254You’re an emotional child as an adult I bet you cry after sex if you even have it at all.

>>590659440SoLady Maria or Malenia?

>>590674254>Keep slurping up from that From cum, buddy.

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>I will buy this game that doesn't interest me very much>WHAT THE FUCK WHY DON'T I LIKE IT

>>590674331>if you don't like shitty game design you're an emotional childWeird cope.>>590674382What's it taste like?

>>590674449Then don’t play it you got filtered accept it and move on.

>>590674226Please stop being obtuse. Most games won't just give you situations which are completely unsolvable with the resources you have at hand. It's not like we're talking about a level 1 run, most of what you do in this game is melee combat.It's plain bad design no matter how you twist it.

>>590674551I'm already done with the game, I beat it. But I'm still going to correctly say that this boss fight is fucking horrendous because it is.

>>590659440I tried fighting this fuck in front of the giant pot (she was one of 3 random red phantoms), it one shotted me. Is there something I can do with the 3 Knights of the Jar?

>>590674449>>590674634You didn’t but ok.Miyazaki has never in the course of his career responded to criticism from fans on how his game should be played so he’s not going to change anything. If you’re so butthurt that you lose sleep return the game and boot up Skyrim.

What is the softcap for vitality? Is it 40?

>>590674706If you level vitality to 40 you are wasting points.

>>590674681>If you’re so butthurt that you lose sleep return the game and boot up SkyrimI beat the game. I think it's a little late to return it at this point. I got my money's worth but I kind of dread ever replaying it.

>>590674150Yes sekiro is garbage, nothing new here .

>>590674681Quiet, 3bab.

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>>590674834And? Miyazaki didn’t remove anything from the anal Londoarchers

>>590660790>MGRRAnother great action game Miyazaki could have looked into if he really wanted to add something new to the barebone souls combat systemZandatsu mechanic was so much fun

>>590675091why would he do that when you could "git gud" instead

>>5906749723sperm, the entirety of these games' identity has become roll catching players. These games' existence is purely a response to fans now.

>>590673912Really, I just want to see how they intended for this to be played. Because I know they fucked around and tweaked things a lot throughout the network test. So what's the "real" Elden Ring? With future patches, will people look at its release as a broken piece of shit?

>a dark spirit has inva-

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>now you can swap out weapon arts, but you have to do it in the most clunky way instead of doing any time, and having multiple button slots so close yet so far

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>>590675205>Really, I just want to see how they intended for this to be playedSame. What does a "normal" fight against this boss look like?

>>590675146I mean Miyazaki could have just copied Sekiro's mechanics about letting you continously parry the bullshit anime attacks but that was too hard apparently? No guard counter is not remotely the same.It's unforgivable how fucking slow your character is in ER despite every boss having moved on from DaS and are now ridiculously as fast as some sekiro bosses.

>>590674574You're the one being obtuse by implying that a game being an (action) rpg means you should be able to build whatever and never be at a disadvantage. Try playing Fallout 1 and making a garbage build, see what happens. Spoiler: you'll have to restart the game and make another character.

>>590675324>>590675205It's basically the same situation as any female From boss that speeds across the room like Maria and Friede. You stunlock them death before they can do their gay ass twirly anime bullshit.

>>590675478>Try playing [a completely different game] and see what happensSure, of course. Good day.

>get radanig to a slither of hp>he uses his gay as fuck massive meteors and oneshots me everytimeHow the fuck do I avoid them. Can you?

>>590675232what the fuck...

>>590666243I remember this fight being so intense. Now it looks easier than the new tutorial bosses. lol

>>590668787I defeated him today and holy shit, I have no idea what's the required level but he killed me in 2 attacks and mine barely dealt any damage at all. Hemorrhage seems to work in most bosses so that's what helped me. I was level 65 or so, what were they thinking?

>>590659440>>590659519how do you get to her boss area, never seen her

>>590675593You're denser than a neutron star.

The boss is perfectly beatable, you fags are just mad because you intentionally handicap yourselves to feel good about how "skillful" you are with your builds, but have hit a wall that's forcing you to use stuff you didn't want to because, it turns out, you're not as good at the game as you thought.

>>590675904You think so? I don't think so.

>>590659519the best part about this retarded ass shit is that like 3 other things use it.its not even unique to the fucking boss. lol.

>>590659440no. there is no limit. i hope in the dlc that comes out at year or 2 from now the final boss of it is just a clone of her and Radahn. make the 2 her secret kids or some gay shit idk.

>>590674574>Most games won't just give you situations which are completely unsolvable with the resources you have at handAnd Elden Ring didn't do that either, you're the one refusing to use those resources because in your mind you should be able to defeat this boss your way, but you're not good enough to do it.Just watch as someone in the following days beats the boss in the same way you wasn't able to and posts it on youtube, and that's if it hasn't already happened.

Haahha no conetext get it?!Has he gon too far? wow LOL wowRemember going to far?OH MAN YOU GUYS REMEMBER THAT? when he went too far? Lamo wo holy shit you gyus. lolllllll

Am I crazy or are the spells underwhelming? Sure we have fuckton of options in both Sorcery and Incantation, but so far my experience was>Whatever new sorcery you get it's awful damage with a long cast time for a large cost, better to stick to pebble and swordspell, maybe rocks if you need to stagger>Incantations are either basic bitch stuff like fireball or they do way less damage compared to, again, fireball>All those cringe flashy ass spells where you jump around and colors fly every for a pittance of damage compared to cast time and cost>Dragon spells feel very underwhelming, not sure how big of a boost the dedicated seal is

>>590676186Just because something is doable doesn't mean it has merit or that most people would want or like to do it. You need to draw limits at some point, but you never will, because you live in a state of one-upmanship towards other players through these games.

>>590675287How's nioh 2 compared to its predecessor? Been playing through the first game and I have to say it's mostly great, from what I have read the blacksmith only becomes useful in NG which is a dhame if it's true because I might just move on to the sequel.

>>590676570It's the same but more and better. Most people I have talked to said they would recommend to skip the first one.

>>590676652I don't want to miss out on bosses and the story though.

So what level are you supposed to be to fight this piece of shit?

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>>590676773>nioh sequel>not reusinglmao, its worse than From

>>590676773nioh1 is fine, just dont do the endgame grind dungeon and go to 2 at that point.

>>590666243>There are 2shitters that claim DS2 is hard when the bosses are this

>>590659519her dodging at the end was the best part

>>590676570It's great, with an actual system to counter anime flippy shitThere is no contest, when it comes to combat Team Ninja >>> Fromsoft

>>590676803I was 37 when I fought him

>>590677504except there is, but clearly theres not point in discussing why. i love both games but you're an insufferable fag.

>>590659440It's really not as hard as people make it out to be, just use your toolkit instead of only R1 + dodge roll + chugging like its dark souls 1

>>590676831At least Nioh 2's foundation is infinitely better than From's.

Im hardstuck on this boss for 5 hours and have been making posts about this boss all day but all i see are lying fags whove never fought this boss>LMAO JUST USE A SHIELD WHEN SHE HEALS HERSELF WHEN U DO

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>You can't just make the optional Super Boss HARD>Do you have any idea how unfair that is?

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>>590677803So you mean to just cheese it? Because Fromshit games aren't exactly deep enough to consider these """""""mechanics"""""""""" as tools.Come back when Fromshit games have entire movesets dedicated per weapon. You will still be spamming a single button aside from R1, whether it be L2 or L1 if you're a weapon art spammer or sorc/priest.

>>590673051wanna know how i know you havent fought this boss?

>>590659440still not as bullshit as godskin apostle duo.THE worst fight ever.

>>590678083>>590673930This is literally why some bosses were just designed for summons because otherwise they will fucking dodge your site all the time.

>>590678098forgot pic. I respecced to magic just for this fight, then back to melee after it.then I discovered the magic of the mimic ash summon. the solution to shit bosses.

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>>590675698It's an Emu. I think it might have been decapitated or something, it's hard to tell.

mimic tear + blood blade + one fire paper buff in your inventory + flask of healing in inventory. nothing else equipped + weapon/shield/buff talismans.it literally changes the game.

>>590673228this but it is actually your fault you're completely fucked and refuse to use a ranged weapon or spirits. crying that youre not good enough to do something the hard way, and somehow blaming that on the devs just outs you as a whining bitch

this balances the game.

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>>590678395Is this the sloth talisman of ER?

>>590678450it's the one item that makes some fights tolerable, cause it makes a direct 1:1 clone of you, all stats/abilities/ash abilities.

>>590673228>every build should be optimalwhat is this scrub faggotry

>>590678450it is the inbuilt easy modeif a fight is filtering you because you're shit at the game, you press this button and it instawins every single bossfight in the game

>>590678074>anything but r1 dodge roll chugging is cheesingyeah ok, keep losing then lol, im sure its the games fault

>>590678617Hardly. I find only melee build mimic tears to be remotely useful.If you're a mage, your mimic will suicidaly rush towards the boss instead of staying the fuck away and just shooting magic and gets itself killed in 1 hit.

>>590659519actual cancer

>>590678617not necessarily, it's still RNG at how good it performs, sometimes it's super derpy. other times it uses tons of weapon arts and goes to town on the boss. the main use is to let you breathe and get some hits in.

>>590678234it's an ostrich, and yeah it managed to decapitate itselfI googled it and it seems that it's semi common and there are multiple recorded casesback to ER boss design, it's bullshit and I dont think Ill stay on it as long as I stayed on the rest of the soulsborne seriesIf I want to fight cuhraazyy fast bosses I can Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden where I'm just as fast

>>590659519>lets take maria or friede and make it unfun

youtube.com/watch?v=Busrd7j-ueA>this is what we considered an extremely unfair bullshit gimmick fight 10 years ago

>>590659519genshit impact 2

>>590671585if you were good enough at the game to beat it sl1 fists only you wouldn't be here crying right now you stupid bitch

>>590678884ill never complain about gank squad ever again.

>>590678810Just play Nioh bro.Honestly, the same old DeS combat in ER just cannot compare to the adrenaline rush you get from Nioh's combat system. If the enemies are fast, I want to be faster too.

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>>590664028its such a shit game thoughits not significantly fun or interestingthe level design is nice but thats about it

>>590659519Ayo dat straight fire fr fr no cap

Can someone help me with malenia

>>590668787>He doesn't knowOh no no no

Thank god, now I can stop playing this shit.

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what level is even reccommended to fight her? i fought her 2 days ago at 100 and now im in the 120s about to do attemps on her again

>Sekiro is still the best action game From has madeAPOLOGIZE

The amount of shit they've been getting for poorly balanced bosses since release hopefully will warrant a huge rebalance patch in the future maybe when they do DLCs

i dont know what to say about this game other than its not shit but its not good either

The player movements are a placeholder you'll see in scholar of the first ring.

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>>590679285Nah that never happened in the history of From games ever.In fact, expect them to absolutely nerf the fun (and easy) builds in the future because Fromsoft is as sadistic as Redhook when it comes to balancing. Enjoy your moonveils, comet azulas and hoarfrosts while it lasts.

>>590678996I did, I'm >>590677504Finished everything in dream of the nioh and it was a blast, and I agree it has an very high skill ceiling with it's combat compared to the now prehistoric souls combat that never really evolved since demon's souls

Funny to see Holla Forums is worse than journalists at games.

>>590659440I hate her too and I think she's too strong. But I did beat her and the trick is that you need to stun lock her and bleed her to death.

>>590679205>Spiritual successor of Tenchu is the best From action gameOkami-dono, please accept this dogeza

>>590679619most of the people that gave the game 10/10 reviews didn't even finish it, you can be certain that not even one reviewer even found Malenia or probably even got through Maliketh

>>590659519can someone explain why everyone is so angry at this webm

>>590679787That attack seems a bit bullshit but I think there actually may be a nerf in the future.

>>590679787>fuckhuge combo that you have to get very lucky to dodge >not even open after it missesSymptom of the disease that was DS3 encounter design

>>590678884That overhead slam would have delays and cancels in Elden Ring for sure.

i get some real fear and hunger vibes whenever i'm doing a catacomb

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>>590678884I'm almost nostalgic for DaS2 now. Then I see those animations and character movement... nah.

>>590671337>literally block anything with no stamina drainif you wanna shit talk something you gotta at least try it a bit to know what your talking about otherwise you just come off looking like a retard

>>590679787It's people who actually beat the fight and know how bullshit it is, and then armchair gamers fresh off their 5 hour Margit kill going "lol i bet i could easily dodge that"

>>590679787have you played this game?

>>590679787every single frame of slice animation you see in that webm is a damage hitbox that also heals the boss, you need to perfect dodge all of them or not be in range.This is only the first phase of the boss, after you kill that one she respawns with 80% hp and still does that move except now it also inflicts rot(strong poison) on you. It's not a super move or anything, that's a regular attack she has and she will repeat it again and again unless she is killed

>>590659440Yes, I am legitimately lost in Lyndell. It's a fucking city to goddamn scale. No idea where to go. Bravo Miyazaki. No idea how many underlings you killed making this game, but I'm sure it's in the hundreds

>>590673408kek you are an actual fucking retard

>>590680305You have to climb the dragon's wing otherwise you just end up going in circles.

>>590659440Is this bitch at least optional?

>>590680351Oh sweet, simple user. I did that hours agoNow I'm in the basement of the not Roundtable Hold recalling a gate I opened 30m ago with no idea where or how to get back there, with all other paths leading nowhere new


>>590679679>bleedUnfortunately that's all bosses that aren't evergaols or golems. Bleed is super strong in this game.

>>590680320And you're a casual pleb whose opinion doesn't matter.

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>>590673356>spiny wheel cutter>parry>slap the guts twice>brought to you by Fromsoft Father&Son since 1789

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>bricked fia questline because i wandered into deeproot basin and beat the boss fight


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I FUCKING BEAT HER AAAA GET FUCKED CUNT>get to 2nd phase>she opens with anime slash instead of flower dive>dodge it by some fucking miracle>follows up with charging flower dive>mlgs moonbeam her>instantly diesI have my anime moves too you fucking bitch.Game is good again, 10/10.

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Is there a way to reduce the number of visible signs?I like to see them occasionally, but they are fucking everywhere.

>>590659519First ran into that move shes using in the Caelid blood rot swamp area, there's an invading NPC called Milicent that uses it. She kicked my ass over and over until I found out I could use the bloodhound quickstep skill to teleport through the attack and fuck that dex bitch up with my Guts Greatsword.

>>590680549Yeah, but she's a DPS test of the worst kind. With life steal and scarlet rot, players shouldn't take any risks.

>did Millicent's questline>killed Malenia>got Miquella's needle>realize it's an alternate way to do the frenzied flame ending without turning Melina mad>forgot you actually have to start the frenzied flame ending before you burn her at the forge and only realize afterwardsgreat, I'm gonna have to spend another 3 hours getting my ass whooped by her in NG+ again

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>>590680702That doesn't break anything though? She will go down there after you unlock Farum Azula and you can do the rest of it

>>590680860>>realize it's an alternate way to do the frenzied flame ending without turning Melina madNo, it literally just disables the flag and you can only do normal endings. You can still start the flame ending right before the final boss btw, Melina literally doesnt matter at all.

>>59067680380 in my opinion. 50 vigor by the time you begin exploring Caelid or the capital to only get 2-shot instead of instantly killed.

>>590681072What's the point if I can't save her? I just did Ranni's ending instead

>>590681321the flame ending overwrites any other ending you could possibly do so without the needle you are just cucked out of being able to chose your ending

>>590659519remember when the combat was slow and somewhat methodical in DeS, Dark Souls 1 and 2?why did they abandoned that slow gameplay? was it just natural evolution?

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>>590681505So the needle literally just exists so you can keep her alive without having to commit to the rest of the frenzied flame ending?

the exploration and level design/interconnectedness is good. the boss fights are...not fun.Sekiro does both well.

>>590681582you still play slow methodical gameplay, its just that the enemies in the game dont.

>>590666243I miss learning how to do things like this. Having a boss that's difficult and challenging is something ER lacks.

>>590681725Learn the new mechanicsYou can play very aggressively in this game

>>590681321>>590681505>>590681072Not that guy but if you finished ranni's quest, what do you do to get the unique stars ending?

>>590679787Plebs forgot to git gud again

>>590681791learn to suck on my balls lol. im not playing your shit ass game anymore.

>>590681815After the final boss there's a blue summoning sign you can use to trigger it

>>590673925You need it, that looks like roughly 40?

>>590681791You can but due to the extremely ancient foundation of the game, you still won't be as fast as you are in sekiro which imo is the best combat system From has made. You're still anchored by the DeS' core combat design

>>590659519>all these repliesProof that Holla Forums is shit at games

>>590681993Show me your Malenia trophy


>>590681815it's just a blue summon sign after the final boss

>>590659440beat her first tryget good

>>590681623It's just a failsafe to fuck out of the flame ending. You can do it even after shes already dead and the ending you get will actually be a variation where all her scenes are removed because shes fucking dead.

>>590682085I beat her before I even booted up the game. With one arm tied behind my back. Are you guys even trying?

>>590681791The only new mechanics to battling on foot is the jump and block counterIf it does not stagger the enemy, you will be hit just like with any other attackthe entire game from beginning to end revolves around trial and error to learn patterns to the T so you know exactly when you're allowed to sneak in a SINGLE ATTACK before you get fucked by a new combo>very aggressivelyhowyou cannot attack in the middle of strings unless you know for sure it is the last attack and there will be no followups

>>590659440>wait 10 seconds for enemy to end his combo>attack once for 2% hp>wait another 10 seconds for enemy to end his combo>attack once for 2% hpthat's it? not gonna bother if all the boss fights will be like that

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>>590682176Pretty fucking huge detour just for a failsafe my guy, that's probably the hardest boss in the game AND you also have to do a whole other NPC's questline

>>590682179mine was an accidental no hit lol

>>590682273You can also only use the needle in another secret superbosses room. But that's literally all it does.

So are they ever gonna balance the game via a patch to make the bosses not horrendous or are they forever going to be this garbage

>>590682583>Become not shit at the game >Beat the bossesWhoa

>hey guys this game might be a tad too spicy heres some extra summoning to help you in you batt->NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I DONT SUMMON THIS BOSS IS BULLSHIT NONONONO AAAAA FUCK YOU MIYAZAKI

>>590682583Nope. From has never made balance patches ever because they and Bamco rely on their reputation on being hardcore hard games so bending the knee can be seen as a sign of weakness

>>590676570>How's nioh 2 compared to its predecessor?Not as good. All the extra bells and whistles don't make up for all the changes and less interesting bosses.

>>590682718Well it's not about difficulty this time around, the bosses are too unbalanced to be fair. They spam and read inputs like never before

>>590682793>less interesting bosses.Almost all bosses from nioh 1 are in Nioh 2 unless you're talking about the human enemies.

>>590682718That's a lie though, they nerfed several Dark Souls II bosses after launch needlessly in my opinion

>>590679787>can someone explain why everyone is so angry at this webmIn that flurry there's around 20 attacks and most likely has hyper armor. There's nothing wrong with bosses having moves that can't be countered or punished, but when they go on for too long it's becomes bad game design.

>>590682946>Almost all bossesThe best ones in Nioh 1 are the exclusive ones.

>>590680429Yes. She is the Ebrietas/Nameless King of this game.

>>590683224Where is she located on the map?

its just heir massive hp pools that makes them bullshit

>>590660790I'm still astonished by how many steps forward they took for Sekiro, and how many steps they took backward with Elden Ring

youtube.com/watch?v=u_-qL261ZbMthis is what frommonkeys considered pants shitting intense difficult gameplay that they had to look up online guides to beat in 2011, but they will now call you a filtered scrub for not using that same 2011 moveset against final fantasy 14 aoe spamming bosses with dark souls 3 levels of input scamming.

>>590673402because it was, and so was DS1 and DS3 and Bloodborne and Demon Souls

>>590672191Exactly.For the fight to be fun it needs to be rewarding. It's doesn't make sense for the boss to disengage after a deadly combo leaving you at the same place as if nothing happenedA good comparison would be midir long combo that leaves him with his head down for enough time to do a lot of hits on him if well positioned

>>590666243>post fume knight without any of the healing circles or aoe spamming

>>590683363>ywn play das1 for the first time agian

>>590683363Dark Souls and Demon's Souls are so kino. Where did it all go so wrong?

>>590683450>>590672191ER bosses has a lot of gotcha moves meant to trick and punish the player for thinking that the boss is wide open so it's safe to attack.The only time where this felt fair was soul of cinder parrying you if you kept hitting him while he's kneeling during the start of his 2nd phase because that's just on the player getting too greedy.

>>590659519Shits not even fun anymore, I fucking beat her no summons no ranged spam and I felt fucking nothing>GET GOOD GET GOOD YOU'RE JUST MAD SHES HARDman every fucking boss in the game just becomes this shit it's so apathy inducing, every fight just becomes a fucking insanely fast duel with delayed attack patterns by aeons, not because it makes any internal logic they would do that but because fromsoft knows you'll struggle more learning the moveset if they do that. The few exceptions like the elden beast and the fire giant are so welcoming.

>>590683363>misses first hita classic

>>590683645Because From was a tiny obscure company back then only known for AC therefore they still had SOVL.

>>590683758did they fire the guy that did the AC soundtracks? He's had nothing to work on for like 10 years

>>590683363>never once figures out that you have to lower the shield to get a backstab>heals literally touching the enemy>cant even roll through attacks because of fat rolltake me back already, i cant stand this modern agony

>>590678996>Stranger of Paradise is coming out in 2 weeks>and its gonna be Nioh's combat with FF5's job systemHURHGEGHEGH

>>590682583I hope they do, bosses and enemies definitely need to have their behaviour reined in but stuff like moonveil and the mimic also need some adjustments. At present the only reason some bosses are even possible is exactly because of the broken shit players have access to as well so if they "balance" those but leave the bosses alone this game will become a fucking shitshow nightmare.

Am I the only one stuck after beating margarita like I’m getting destroyed by trash mobs even after following the get OP early guide and killing 100k souls dragon

just parry broyoutube.com/watch?v=uV2wTjQ9ijw

>tfw I can't find whatever I'm supposed to do at Caelidbeing retarded is suffering

>>590681982>best combat system>block/parry is insanely good

>>590678180how do I get the hood, user?!

>>590683363real niggas used this guide and reset every time he didnt drop the black knight great swordyoutube.com/watch?v=PYNXrkuHg0Y

>>590683363Is this an edit? I don't recall the moans sounded like some gay sex video.

>>590683893>boss turns into a blender>the no damage parry god whips out a greatshieldIf this doesn't tell you that move is fucking busted, you might be retarded

>>590675804I did a similar thing, pretty sure Greyroll's Dragonbarrow is meant for a higher level than that. The worst bit was I had a +6 moonveil, and had stones for 8 and 9 but none for 7. Which in hindsight, probably should have told me to go elsewhere first.

>>590684227Nope that's how it's always sounded.

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>>590684336his foot is moving super fast

>>590684227you dont remember au-augh when you died?

>>590683363It's literally turn based combat lmaooo.>hit>enemy attacks you>block>hit >enemy attacks you>block>hit >enemy attacks you>blockCan someone please tell me how did this utter garbage make it this far? Only Sekiro is a decent game.


>>590682718they nerf fun weapons all the time


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>>590662786lol, you used summons and/or magic.

>>590659519Does it drop a Crissaegrim if you beat it?

>>590682386Which? Miquella?

>>590683893>goddess of rot>body like a manwow miyazaki very poetic of you, never seen that before, when are you gonna stop using "le jaded old man" and "le honorable strong woman" as your hardest bosses? it's getting pretty old very fast.

>>590681582I think it was just everybody liked the faster paced bosses in the Artorias dlc and bloodborne. Since then fromsoft has made every boss faster cause they think that's what people want. Even though with artorias it deviated from the norm and bloodborne was designed around the faster combat. So some of it is evolution and some of it's appealing to the masses, but when most of the bosses have bullshit anime sword flips it loses its charm.

>>590684792Sekiro is quite fast when it wants to but you have the tools to defend yourself. Here you either roll or you block and swallow whole a full combo and die.

>>590684402I to enjoy pressing l1 a thousand times a fight until the boss lets me know i can take off its health bar fellow sekiro bro.

>>590684979Shut up retard in Sekiro you have to actually time your attacks or you get raped but in elden ring you will get raped anyways it's fucking shit.

>>590679787Long and boring as fuck flurry rush with no cool way to interact with every attack. This would've been cool in Sekiro, MGR, Monster Hunter Adept Lance/CB but in barebones shit like Souls... never.

>>590684618Used garbage str bonk for everything actually. Radahn is very easy you fucking shitter.

>StarscourgeHad to turn the game off to be quite honest.

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Assuming you initially follow grace pointing you forward with some exploring, early game of ER feels very fair and practically nothing feels like the game screwed you over and instead if you died, you realize you fucked up.Midgame it'll start throwing curve balls at you where every boss starts to try roll catching you and have less open windows for attack. You'll also start finding obnoxious shit like giant enemies with retarded hitboxes in tiny cramped areas (Scarlet rot version of Ulcerated Tree Spirit and Fallingstar Beast as examples). You'll carry on thinking these bosses are outliers and not a tell of what's to come though, afterall game still feels great.Then you start reaching late game, more and more bosses have super delayed attacks with no logic, often followed by large explosions to catch your roll. You'll notice that every boss has multiple moves like that, all meant to catch you off guard and guaranteed to kill you at least once, or more depending on how (un)lucky you were on seeing their whole moveset during a fight. Most bosses also don't leave themselves open to counters anymore after their often lengthy and heavy attacks, fights start to become significantly unfair and in some cases RNG where you hope they don't do a certain move more than once, preferably not at all.At this point it becomes clear that while it's still doable with enough patience, game is not balanced around 1v1 anymore. I think the 'wake-up' call me for me was Radahn. And he's not even THAT bad, but his arena is littered with NPC summon signs and he practically has infinite stamina and just spergs around non-stop with phase 2 giving him new moves that can (and most likely will at least once) one-shot you even if you have 1300+ HP and proper armor.And 1-2 shotting is VERY frequent in ER in general, and if a boss doesn't chunk/gib you in 1 hit with a regular attack, odds are they have some bullshit move or moves that will.

Sounds like the consensus is that this is DS2 2.

>>590684792Yeah you are right that it started with Dark Souls 1 dlc

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>>590659519This looks stupid. The combat is simply not made for these autistic anime moves. The boss does all that but all the player can do in retaliation is roll.


>>590686742It's DS2 but actually good.

>>590686742When an enemy attacks in that game they do one, maybe 2-3 moves, and then you punish. You can also position and space yourself because they aren't jumping all over the place with moves that cover 50 feet. It's actually like if they took DS3, nerfed the roll just a little bit, and made the bosses even more aggressive.

>>590676773the story is ok, but it suffers from some retarded decisions like boss and character lore being locked behind repeating the same level over and over in an already repetitive game. Also you'll be lost a bit if you don't know nip history>>590676773I suggest just watch the cutscenes on yt and read lore entries on a wiki if you care.

>>590686171Fucking this. I'm currently at the third part of your post, I've been taking it easy so I'm 60 hours in and I haven't found Radahn but I have killed every single boss/miniboss I have found, that includes the piece of shit at the bottom of the caelid's tower. And every boss killed me in 2 hits and sometimes 1. I like exploring around but the bosses suck, the only ones I liked so far are the deer and godric. The delayed attacks are the worst thing we've had in any of their games, it's absurd.

>renders user IMMUNE to fall damage>die to fall damagethanks miyazaki

anyone else fucking hate this boss in eldin ring? he has these gay gap closers so fuck your positioning i guess, also he catches your rolls with his delayed 3 hit combo bullshit that takes up half the screen, and you cant even block some of his attacks. that bitch slap attack has zero telegraph.youtube.com/watch?v=VIeqxGaZnFo

>>590687109They give you the spirit ash summons to make up for it, it's a very easy game even with that change.

>>590679787Its a very long flurry combo that she heals off every strike, even blocked ones. If you're in melee range when she starts winding up, you have to dodge it all frame by frame because you wont have enough time to run away from that range.But the icing on the cake is that you dont get any time to punish after that, one m1 at best. That attack showcases ER's main problem in boss design. The aggression sucks because it stifles what you can actually do. It just because a rollfest that chips in one or two m1s every 20 seconds, on bosses with more health baseline than previous iterations NG+ boosts

>>590686742It's more like DS3II+DS2.

>>590685390>sekiro >timingLOL

>started summoning other people for once in all souls>have more fun because the bloated hp and spastic boss attacks still make it hard for everyone trying to help as we work togethermight be biased since i havent had a summon steamroll a boss but summoning is more fun than i thought

Am I the only one that thinks the dragon bosses are boring?

>>590668820Wow it's like Matosis was correct

>>590659519>>590664028Demon's Souls and the first Dark Souls felt much more gritty and real, this is true.Bloodborne and Elden Ring are a bit TOO saturated with high fantasy, so pacier action can stay.I just wish they kept Dark Souls more medieval.

>>590659519why does every boss do DMC tier combos but you are stuck with a slow ass dark souls moveset

>>590689657Because it's like Skyrim. You're a lot more powerful in the lore than in-game.

>>590689454Can't wait for Matosis or someone else to demolish this game in a year or two

>>590663584>easy to blockI don't want to be forced to carry a fucking great shield into every fight because shielding is a boring as fuck mechanic.

>>590677993Unfortunately using a shield was the only solution I had for her spinny fucking bullshit. I know people are saying and showing you can run and jump but I was basically just beating my fucking head against the wall, because no matter how many times I tried to roll I'd die every time. She healed but then I just had to do the damage again and up the aggression, besides that move her fight is super fun and I had it all down, just as soon as she did that shit it made me die a little inside. It took me 6 hours until I finally killed her and honestly I didn't even feel that good about it, it was more relief that it was over.

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>>590689354There's a lot of copy pasted shit that just gets tedious. Dragons are fucking everywhere and Crucible Knights appear every now and then. It all gets so tiresome.I understand it's a big ass game but cutting corners and copy pasting enemies just makes it dull.

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>>590661028Bro why didnt you just use Endure? When the boss is going full spastic just endure and R1 spam.

>>590689657I-it just does Chud, stop questioning Myazaki's divinely inspired designs and play the game.dvrrj

Is this a video game journalist convention or something? You can go on youtube and see people beating her with pure melee and dodging through her attacks.

>>590664036I don't :)

>>590690198This is my biggest issue, the rest of the fight is genuinely fun but then she has an attack that's just fucking impossible to dodge. After you learn her other attacks it all comes down to RNG.

>>590678395>the mimic retains the weapon you had when you summoned itmake from that what you will

>>590659519I fucking hate how bosses just defy physics and go slow motion on air to catch you.

>>590659519This is the price we pay for naked Malenia in phase 2.

>>590683284To the north, you get to her via making the second grand lift medallion.

>>590678584>>590673383>>590673525>>590673728>>590678340unironically yes, because the way player/weapon upgrades and spells are handled in Fromsoft games, sometimes it's just not optimal to invest in more than one playstyle unless you wanna do shit damage. I always keep a Bow on me for the overworld but it's largely useless against most bosses

>>590666243Fume Knight is better than any ER bosses so far

>>590679787poor boss/enemy design in full show, making people realise how much of a wasted potential this game is

>>590668787>He doesnt know

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>>590671337 any man who says "I am the Chad" is no true Chad

mimic tear + bloody slash + blood infused weaponif the boss wants to be bullshit then you counter will bullshit.streamable.com/g2xj9k

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>>590698184*withbleeds in general seem strong, poison works on bosses too but it ticks for a pathetically low amount.

>>590669313Artorias is tame compared to most of these bosses. The boss design is the worst part of the game.

>>590681582Souls is a different (and much better) game than ER

>>590697403This game really wants you to level up a casting stat. So many weapons are hybrid Str/int, dex/faith, str/faith, etc.

>>590682270>filtered by literally one of the easiest bosses of the gameYes, stop playing. It's just not for you



>>590659519They very blatantly don't design the game around rewarding player skill and ingenuity any more. It's like they design it to be intentionally frustrating and time-wasting.


Maliketh and Malenia are both Sword Saint/Orphan levels of kino, just git gud

>>590698734sorry no can do im not a faggot

>>590668787You should probably just quit now. The last few hours of this game are going to break you if you struggled with that fight.

This area has the worst archers in any souls game BY FAR.Day 1 Shrine of Amana has nothing on the instakill archers in this zone.

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do upgrade stones drop on monsters or do I need cheat engine to try different weapons?

>>590670649I don't disagree with you but damn you're cringy

>>590677504Nioh games have great gameplay but the level design is so fucking bad it completely ruins the game.

>>590659440i have come to the conclusion that this game is great; IF you are running the top tier meta builds: like op sorcery, bloodhound's fang, icerind... If not, you are gonna have a bad time. So dont be afraid to cheese the game. Use all the summons, overlevel, max out your equipment. Its really good now

>>590698978The level design isn't bad at all.

>>590659519the worst part about this boss is that she also heals when she damages you and then her second form inflicts scarlet rotseriously the stupidest fucking boss from has ever designed and Holla Forumsdrones actually defend this shit

>>590698835for context, you can dodge them, but if you do not roll the instant it fires, it hits you. even if the archers are 200 feet away.anor londo has nothing on these fucks.

>those dual-wielding knights in the snowy castle areatheir combo lasts like 10 seconds and each hit is -50% hp @ 40 vigor while wearing full omen armor, the fuck were they thinking? also the commander boss is an absolute cock

>>590682179I beat her before GRRM wrote the background story for the game.

>>590698894you can give a ballbearing to the twin merchant in the hold, lets you buy tier 1 and 2 stones

>>590698894I've only fucked with somber smithing stone weapons, but from what I know you can find ball bearings that let you buy [1] to [8], but the +9 and +10 upgrade materials you are cucked into NG+ if you want to play around with.

>>590659519>50 hours in and too invested to quit>know I have to deal with dumb shit like this in the futureI can't wait for this game to be over so I can something else. Fucking FROM putting DMC bosses while you're still stuck with Demons Souls movement.

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>>590672346I'm not enjoying this game very much but at least I'm not this guy

Hmm, Ornstein and Smough was a well made fight against 2 bossesLet's do it again but have them respawn and also use 2 bosses not designed to fight with each otherI'm sure the intent is to use spirits, but then you're forcing people to invest into FP for all but mimic and can't really assume they'd have mimic (or maybe even the HP for it but unlikely)

>>590668820Every boss is now Gael, except even Gael had some reasonable recovery windows.

>>590698184>boss literally does a barrel roll in midairIs Miyazaki just memeing on people at this point?

>>590673408there are a lot of idiots in ER threads but I'm feeling genuine pity for you and your poor parents

>>590673051She, like many bosses will frequently dodge ranged hits unless they are mid attack animation.The one boss that i'd say ranged excels against is Radahn