Anyone getting the logic of putting him in the starting area?>game emphasizes that you should follow the light>by following the light you reach Margit in like 30 minutes>turns out Margit is a midgame boss>high as fuck defense, takes ages to kill him even if you're good at dodging>basically impossible to kill him without doing side contentIf From was trying to incentive players to explore, why did they tell you to follow the light at the beginning? This design is just making everyone frustrated.

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>>590657816>Dropped in massive open world>Immediately beeline to the main story objectiveIt's your own fault

>This design is just making everyone frustrated.only babies who need hand holding

>>590658028You can literally beat Bethesda MQs before doing anything else if you want.

>>590657816you are meant to spend like 10 hours even figuring out the area immediately around the chapel. The high difficulty forces you to do that.

>>590657816> why did they tell you to follow the light at the beginning?Its literally part of the story that grace i.e. the guiding light has been fucked with. Also Margit is literally the first boss.

>>590658136ppl are gonna be speed running elden ring soon too, ur just bad gitgud

>>590658136Bethesda games are shit.

>>590657816I think they put him at the start because the other lords arnt actually that great bossfights.

>>590657816I read that he's weak to scarlet rot. A Fai/Arc chad could get rotten breath and melt him.

It's odd that there's no cue hinting to the player that they should go explore more. I ended up confused because I had cleared about 3-4 mini dungeons before I went to him and wasn't sure if the game was just meant to be that difficult or if you were supposed to explore more, beyond the bounds of the first obtainable map piece.

>>590657816The real filter isn't Margit. It's the open world itself>finally a game that does open world right, you can literally go in any direction from the start, endless content all over the world map>retards just rush following the magic yellow arrow and get filtered by an over powered boss>instead of appreciating a game designed for exploration and immersing themselves in an adventure world meant to be a perilous journey full of mystery, instead of smiling at the bold ingenious trolling and learning from their mistakes, they just keep butting heads against the same wall and bitch and moan about how the game is unfairThis is such an IQ filterI thought open world meme was about catering to the low IQ normies but in fact the open world made the design even more intellectually challenging and stimulatingAnyone complaining about Margit is a certified low IQ

Margot's moveset isnt even that bad, it's just that the scaling in this game is fucked beyond belief and it takes a 30 minute war of attrition to kill the bitch

>>590658962>finally a game that does open world rightHoly fucking shit> you can literally go in any direction from the start, endless content all over the world mapthere are thousands of games that do this, thousands. If this is your bar for what a doing open world right means I honestly feel sorry for you>This is such an IQ filterI thought open world meme was about catering to the low IQ normies but in fact the open world made the design even more intellectually challenging and stimulatingAnyone complaining about Margit is a certified low IQThis take is certified low IQ. The start of the game is designed in a way that's completely normal to try to fight Margit after just a few dungeons, and then get filtered by it. It's intentional. It's still a shit boss, and there were dozens of better ways to get the player to explore. For example, actually making the dungeons interesting, would be a great start. Or adding more than combat to the overworld.

>>590657816Tell me user you wrote this beautiful post but it seems you do not posses the capacity to think. I think it's because you've been trained by badly designed games to see these things>Number go up>I don't die Almost every game works like this, every single player AA game for sure. Death is something that happens really badly fuck up.>game emphasizes that you should follow the lightThe light leads you into a guy on a horse that one shots you, it also tells you can summon allies, even with 2 allies and starting equipment the boss rapes you. You die like maybe 5 or 6 times here and decide well I might not fight him maybe I can avoid him.>by following the light you reach Margit in like 30 minutesBy following the light you reach a camp, this camp has one dude with a spear that rapes you. Everyone else is doable. The game clearly indicates that not all shit can be done from the start or without preparation.>By following the light you get to see a troll that smashes the shit out of you and you also get bombarded by cross blots from like 4 sides. You then get bombarded by a exploding balista. This can also rape you indicating that this is not a zone you should have entered now.At every point on this journey there is literally a road leading in the opposite direction and caves hidden in the mountains there always an alternative path.Can you beat margit yeah you can or like me you can get bored and go out explore after getting fucked the 20th time.I wrote this fucking long ass post to tell you.THATS THE FUCKING POINT YOU RETARDED IMBECILE.THE GAME TEACHES YOU THAT YOU CAN'T FUCKING SOLVE EVERYTHING IN A LINEAR FASHION 5 TIMES BY THIS POINT.

>>590657816>turns out Margit is a midgame bossLol, hes not even 1/10th of the way through.

>>590657816MIDGAME?!?Legit can’t wait for a month so that the brainlets here start talking about prospector miriam

>>590657816>midgamelmao you're just bad at video games op

>>590657816>game tells me to follow the light>find Margit>get stomped>After numerous attempts, go back and start exploring, looking for stuff to beef myself up>git gudShould I apply to join MENSA bros? I thought I was using common sense, I didn't realize I was such a fucking genius coming up with these high IQ strats so quickly

>>590657816>midgame bossA boss that's supposed to be killed within the first 15% of your playthrough is not "midgame"

my guess is that they didn't want to handhold players leading them to areas in the order of difficulty. Maybe they thought people wouldn't be stubborn and die 30 times like I did because I was level 15, but this is souls so...

>>590657816>MargitWhy does everyone want to fight my grandma? She was a sweet lady who never did anything.

>>590658136This isn't a bethesda game, Timmy.

>>590659698>By following the light you reach a camp, this camp has one dude with a spear that rapes you. Everyone else is doable. The game clearly indicates that not all shit can be done from the start or without preparation.>You then get bombarded by a exploding balista. This can also rape you indicating that this is not a zone you should have entered now.What? I cleared the dude with the spear and the exploding balista in my first attempt. Without any level ups. These are not walls by any means, you can easily destroy both these enemies in like 1 minute at level 1 so long as you can use your brain.The thing is, every soulsgame puts you against bosses that take several attempts to kill. And you never just give up on that boss and move to some other content (well you can do that but with that attitude you'll never get anywhere). Meanwhile in elden ring the game is designed for yuo to drop Margit, but this is just counterintuitive to souls design.I think the developers were trying to send a message, like some of Sekiro's bossfights. "This is not dark souls, you need to do things differently". And that's fine, what I don't get is why they railroaded you so hard on the yellow path. "Hurr the game is trolling you" yeah that's shit design, some people are spending over 5 hours on Margit because of that "trolling", and as much as we like to laugh at normalfags it is still objectively a bad experience

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>>590661825Sadly no, it isn't, it's mediocre fromsoft. But hey, it's nice while I wait for Starfield.

>>590659698Oh and forgot one of your points>The light leads you into a guy on a horse that one shots youNo it doesn't, the light leads you to low level camps that you can clear effortlessly. If you wander anywhere else you'll be meeting enemies that oneshot you, like the guy on the horse, the giants, or these stone worms (the later doesn't oneshot you but they take ages to kill without a blunt weapon, they're like the skeletons of ds1)That design is sending the player mixed messages. At first it sounds like if you walk outside the main path, you'll meet content that is far too hard for you. Margit for the first time twists that around. It's just contradictory.

>>590658962I agree with you at 70 hours in.

>>590661876If you explore slightly after Margit rekts you you'll find a grace point point that points south to Weeping Peninsula. It will be the first time you see the guiding grace split.I explored the split and found Weeping easier than Limgrave. Killed Misbegotten and then by the time I got back to Margit I own zoned him. Not with levels, but by shaking the rust off and getting the hang of this games quirks.

>>590657816I literally beat him on my first try because I explored all of starting area and the southern parts (castle Morne). I don't think it's intended before level 20

>>590658275I doubt they'll be doing Margit until they've picked up a ton of shards in speedruns

>>590657816Margit isn't that tough early game unless you're trying to 1v1 him. Summon your jellyfish who will constantly spit poison and if you do get hit, back off until he goes at the jelly so you can heal. EZ

>>590658962I'm convinced some people only play video games with the sole objective of seeing the credits roll. Anything that's not getting them closer to the credits roll is a "waste of time" regardless of how fun it is.

What's the most fun caster? Thinken about creating a 2ns char thats mainly a caster

>>590662123First grace points straight at the Tree Sentinel genius

>>590666926Pure INT is very good but not that fun as you'll be casting pebble until endgamePure FTH is worse but you get progressively better spells at a better pace

>>590667060>you'll be casting pebble until endgameI'm far from endgame and I have a lot of spells

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>>590657816Probably a explore choice

>>590658028You can get through Death Stranding comfortably solely on the main storyline.

>>590657816I beat him at level fourteen wdym

>>590671390Are you retarded?

>there are """""people""""" that watch youtube guides to beat the game

>>590657816I beat margit first try, initially I put this down to having finished most of Kim grave before I attempted him, however I just beat Margott in the capital as well first try and I definitely wasn’t overleveled or overgeared for the area so I’m pretty sure the people struggling on Margit are just shitters that cannot cope.>basically impossible to kill him without doing side contentYeah it’s almost as if they’re encouraging to do something before starting the first legacy dungeon.

>>5906689367 slots is not endgame? I'm 40 hours in and I have 4.

They have a high opinion of the players and assume you are smart enough to realize that if you're getting deep dicked by a boss you can go explore and maybe find something to help you win

>Start game>Oh look theres a dude on horse I bet I can take him>Die>Yeah well fuck you I know your attack patterns now I'll>Die>Okay my reactions are off and it's just a matter of >Die>Yeah well fuck you I'll deal with you when I feel like it>Explore a bunch>Beat Margit>Wonder when the fuck I get around to the crafting system, I'm carrying like 400 berries and shit at this point and Ive bought a bunch of books that do nothing>It's in the church behind him. Also summon bell>Summon bell can only be retrieved at a specific pointI guess I'm retarded, idk, the game really seems like it wants you to go somewhere else besides the area with the giant armored green knight, but that area is where you get the most basic functions of the game, oh and if you never go back at night you'll never understand how summons work I guess.

I just parried him and chopped him to death with a +4 greataxe.Been using it ever since I picked it up in the beginning of the game.

>>590658962>finally an open world done rightThat's botw and not this game. Botw is the only game that ever managed to make it fun and joyful to explore for many hours.

>>590658028>Immediately Even if you explore the entire first area you're still under levelled for it unless you purposely grindedYou're intended to explore half the map before fighting the first boss

>>590658962I'm enjoying the open world a ton, took me hours to even get to stormveil. Guess what? Margit is still trash design full of From's typical flaily bullshit that they've been using since they ran out of ideas in Bloodborne.

>>590657816A dude literally adds on>even if it leads to your death..When explaining graceBased and redpilled/thread

I beat him today on my third try at Lvl 20. +2 Broadsword and whatever the Confessor Shield is. Just summoned Jellyfish right away, waited for it to distract him. Then a few fireballs and R1 spam

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>>590658028>omg dude pls grind in my open world mmo game dude trust me it's good

>>590672481>summoned JellyfishYou may as well have just said you lvl'd to 99 and oneshot him, any retard can do it with the Jellyfish

>>590672481Yeah we all believe you bro, you totally beat him in a 'few' fireballs and R1s with a +2 weapon when he takes dozens of hits with a +5. I don't understand why people bother lying about shit like this, is it just for the thrill of being le anonymous?

>>590672238We all figured it out sooner or later though, that's good game design

>>590672481>level fucking 20>jellyfish>thinks what he did is impressiveholy kek

>>590672640Post vid of you beating him please>>590672646Why would I lie? i had people telling me I was overleveled.

>>590672662I guess I should have added that I ended up using a guide.Also I had no idea those carriages had chests in them until I got bored of using the longsword that the first knight enemies dropped and rushed the greatsword. Still can't use it, but it helped be find the other greatsword with not so high str req

>>590658962Why can't they just make games without filters?

>>590657816get gud

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>>590673121Fighting for half an hour is not a skill

>>590657816because then people would complain "uh, what am I supposed to do" which you're already getting that even with the lights giving you a goal. it's just newcomers used to western games, they just need to rewire their brains a little.

>>590673132I'm a busy man, I don't have 100+ hours to waste wandering around a GRRM-inspired wasteland looking for weak enemies to grind.

>>590673234beat him on my second try, wretch at level 10. you just suck

>>590673295>it's just newcomers used to western gamesWait, but I thought I wasn't supposed to play this like a Souls game...

>>590673394>i'm an autist who's spent thousands of hours on these gamesYou're not impressing anyone incel-kun

>>590658962Elden ring doesn't really do open world much better than most other open world games. Exploration sucks because there are no rewards, story is almost unexistant and your only way to interact with the world is through a clumsy combat system.


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>>590673442have fun being stuck at the intro for the next 5 months, retard

>>590673551Have fun never having sex, incel

>>590672646Took me about a dozen tries but I beat him with a +2 uchigatana at around lvl 20, sure he has some bullshit attacks and does some silly combo chains but you can still figure out his openings eventually.

>>590674000>openingsHe has one opening (the jump slam down) which gets trimmed down in the second phase.

>>590657816sureteach the player that "where the main quest is" and "where you're supposed to be" are two different thingsif hard-headed idiots can't figure out that they're not supposed to be fighting the guy that kills them in one hit yet that's not a problem with the game design

I've been hesitant on leveling ever since DS2 souls system and DS3 SL bracket for Co-Op and invasions. I've been keeping steady at level 25 even after beating Godrick. My shtick has been going as far with a low level just upgrading weapons to be helpful to other players at lower bosses. Held off on fully tackling academy.Someone convince me to stop this madness

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>>590673132Nah dude, still won't grind in your j"rpg" for million hours

summon lone wolvesjump r2 every time theres an openingpunish staggersimple as

>>590657816>turns out Margit is a midgame boss???

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>>590672376I've really been feeling this 41 hours in, I think the game is incredibly amazing overall, but fuck me sooooo many bosses just flail around and abuse the fact the camera is focused too close to the player to let them see properly.Demons(PS3)/DS1/DS2(shit game)/BB/Sekiro player and I just can't help but feel this game has so much flailing and spinning from its enemies, also is it just me or does almost every single mob delay attacks like they've watched countless back to back souls series speedruns and are trying to counterplay them? Becuase honestly almost no enemies seem to animate perfectly naturally, and while I can understand knights etc faking out far too many mobs seem to be extremely well versed in baiting out this one tarnished doing a roll.Whlie I'm ranting>dodge a move>boss swings again during his attack making my dodge useless because the recovery just gets whackedGenuinely terrible design on some attacks but my god the game is still nearly 10/10 for me honestly, there's just something magical about it and I wasn't even hyped before it came out.

>>590658962I wonder if it would have been that much different if they took out the golden magic pointers completely and just let players figure it out organically.

>>590659902Holy shit that cunt was annoying. But like always, very easy with poison

>>590657816>mid game bossHe’s the easiest one out of the bosses with achievements. What are you smoking?

>>590668936>loretta spellsbased

>>590658136>you can do other thing in this other game not related to the first game we're talking aboutYeah and in Halo you can shoot alien guns.

>>590674721Nah, that award goes to the reindeer

>>590672646beat him with unupgraded club at level 10, very vulnerable to parries

>>590673474The shackle does literally nothing. Unironically a huge noob trap.

>>590674539>when invaders also do the fucking delayed attack meme nowI almost lost it

>>590674083Jump : 2-4 hits normal, 1 hit with hammerCharged slash: 1-2 hits depending on your weapon, also can get 1 hit between slashes if you have a fast oneSlash -> dagger -> jump slash -> down attack: You can get 3-4 attacks if you get behind him after the down attack, since he won't do the quick followup if you are on his backThat's like a thousand openings

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After a while I figured out that he doesn't spawn his fuckoff daggers if you get behind him but I don't know how you are supposed to figure that out without trial and error.

>>590675501>That's like a thousand openings>posts 3Are you braindamaged?

You kind of assume that that's the area you're meant to explore around, instead of heading off in the totally opposite direction as far as you can go before enemies start getting overly toughI went through the Eastern/Southern area of the map down to castle Mourne after beating Margit and now everything is super simple and easy, and there's no challenge. Like, I feel like a dumbo that I just missed this whole section and am getting all these low level runes and I'm overpowered.These are clearly areas you're meant to go to before you go to the "main" areas, it's just confusing on how far and where you're supposed to explore beforehand. It doesn't feel as "open world" that way.

>>590659150Do enemies scale with your level? I still haven't found a real answer to this, there are people like you saying they do and others saying they don't, I'm confusedI'm inclined to say there is some kind of scaling cause I'm SL 95 with a +9 weapon and I'm still encountering HP sponges even in mid zones

>>590675663>Are you braindamaged?I'm not the one having trouble with an easy as fuck boss

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its incredible that fromdrones cope for their shitty map design is telling players that they are not allowed to play the game in the starting area of this "open world" game. Sometimes i have to wonder if these posts are bait, but knowing frommonkeys they are all genuine.

>>590675858Let me guess, another incel with thousands of hours in the previous games

>>590675663He's avatarfagging with moeblob reaction images.

>dude you HAVE to struggle through this boss!>fucking enormous areas just south and East of the “tutorial” area>tons of content and hidden areas>tons of weapons and enemies to fight and level up>b-but muh bossWhy is everyone ignoring the open world that was so thoroughly memed into existence. Castle Morne is pure kino

>>590658962>you can literally go anywhere you want>EXCEPT THE STARTING AREA OR THE AREA THAT YOU ARE DIRECTED TO GO, YOU CANT GO THERE

>>590673323this game is not for youthe gate was meant to keep you outthe gate is workingPraise the gate!But hole[point down gesture]

>>590675876We're telling you to go do the starting area instead of just skipping to the end and of it, dummy

>>590675972Because it's so far away from the area you're supposed to go to that most people probably assume that it's out of their level range and is meant to be experienced later.The game doesn't make it obvious that the entire "continent" starting map is the whole first area, it just tells you to follow the light to Margit.

Shitter here, what early game summons should I prioritize upgrading?

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>>590675915Just a normally functioning human being that can recognize basic patterns, sadly you seem to be retarded enough to be unable to do it>>590675920Yes

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>>590659698so the start of the game gives you nothing but directions towards filters with zero direction for things that actually help you like the maiden or your horse or the crafting kit or the blacksmith, etc. how is this not bad design?

>>590676234Its not and I'm tired of Holla Forums pretending it is. There should at least be a quest log or something to track.


am I the only one who thinks leonine is too weak? at the very least he should have more hp (~1.5-2x)

>>590676375yeah I'd like more HP. Its a fun fight but a bit too short.

>>590676234Do you need someone to tell you everything in life?Are you 10?

>>590676224Post your playtimes for past fromsoft games.

>>590676201lone wolves and jellyfish can carry you a long way. Wolves for if you have a big group you need to screen and jellyfish for one big motherfucker

>>590675807theres no scaling. i did literally everything i could before going to the capital (thought it was the ending of the game, lol). i was level 120 and had a maxed out weapon, killed margot in 4 hits. i think when people complain about scaling they just have bad builds. you cant put a little bit into every stat. you gotta get hp, stamina, and whatever main stat you choose. the rest should be absolute minimal levels to reach the requirements for your weapons/utility spells/buff spells of choice

>>590676234it’s not their fault people are too stupid to find other things to do and choose to instead bang their head against a wall. The grace directs you to the story progression. There’s more to the game than just the story progression stuff

>>590657816you can clear the entire limgrave and weeping peninsula areas before even touching this bossfuck you can even skip him and godrick, go to liurnia, and return with a +9 weaponI didn't know about any of those things of course so I fought them at level 25 or something with a +3 weapon. it was painful but gratifying

>>590676582I might respec once I decide what weapon I'm going to use for good then, still need to find all those legendariesthanks for the helpful response

>>590676431i would like if a game directed me towards core gameplay mechanics instead of hoping i stumble upon them. i wouldnt like it if a game tells me to do something and bashes me over the head for listening to it.

>>590676234did you not play the game or are you just baiting?melina appears after activating a number of bonfires and the merchant is right on the critical path

>can't beat Margit no matter how many times I try>can't beat roundtable red phantom no matter how many times I try>can't beat horse boss at very first area no matter how many times I try>finally I start exploring around the first bonfire and find an imp looking statue I have a stone key forThought it would be a poison are but it's only one pool lol>after dying about 20 times trying to avoid to what is essentially a roaming version of the Executioner's Chariot minus the horses I come across a boss door leading to a worm dragon snake (and apparently tree?) thing>get reamed harder than ever before multiple times>finally snap and think to myself "Not this fucking time asshole, everyone and their mother has kicked my ass today, this time you're going down bitch!">it has more obvious tells than the other bosses>finally study it enough that I feel more confident with each battle>after 8 or so tries finally kill the damn thingTake that, game. I can't kill 90% of your bosses but I killed the bitch snake. That means I'm not totally hopeless, yeah?

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>>590676956That snake is worse than Margit at low levels so there is hope for you.>can't beat roundtable red phantom no matter how many times I tryokay come on now.

>>590676582the new stat scaling mechanics are really cool but man the game should've somehow communicated how that shit works.I initially skipped out on pumping vigor because the hp gain up to 20 was garbage.

>>590672329this. you have so many invisible death boundry in this game its silly.You want to drop from a spot thats not planned by the dev by using magic and items to reduce daamage? fuck you, you die mid air. Elden Ring actually is a good open world, but it doesn't make the world itself the center piece like botw.

>>590676838>critical paththe one you faggots are telling people they arent supposed to follow?>>590676673this is just reiterating >>590675876

>>590657816shut the fuck up

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>>590676356>>590676567How are the double skellies? Are they worth an upgrade?

>>590676956youre good. that boss is supposed to be the "im a pro souls gamer i will choose my starter item specifically to rape this boss real quick"you missed the real reward of that dungeon. while running from the chariot, drop down when the walkway narrows

>>590677078I like them. Cute skellies. Loyal skellies. Worthy skellies. Slow skellies.

>>590677129Fug I'll go back user, thanks for the tip

>>590657816I honestly went meandering around, gathered weapons, got upgrade materials, runes, spells and shit. and thirteen hours later I remembered Margit was a thing, and beat his ass. There's a lot of shit to do, there's no reason to beat your head against a wall.

>>590677078skellys are better than jelly if the boss doesnt do aoes or put aoe shit on the ground that instakills skellys corpse

>>590657816I’ve beaten him on two different characters and have yet to die to him a single time. One was a spellblade and the other dual wields great swords.

>turns out Margit is a midgame bossI hope this isn't true, that would make this game way too short.

>>590677049I hope to god you're baiting because it'd be sad if you were that fucking stupid

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>>590677234Spellblade sounds like a fun build.

>>590677078Any boss that doesn't do multiple ground slams that can kill them on the ground will be wrecked by them. You literally won't have to do anything but run from the boss. Those Who Live in Death cannot be stopped.


>>590677234>I am an incel with thousands of hours in these games. We get it already tiny dick kun

>>590677276Basically you get Carian slice, and now you can murder everything.

>>590677234ngl bro if you are duel wielding greatswords you are overleveled for that boss. unless you are fatrolling, then you are a gamer god

>>590676832The game is trying to teach you to think for yourselfYou should be grateful

>>590677276It is, especially if you think it is funny for a wizard to sit in melee range summoning and swinging swords made of magic. I CAST SWORD!

>>590677356I’m actually terrible at video games and the only two souls games I’ve beaten are Demon Souls and the first Dark Souls.

>>590677418Yeah I'll probably respec into it down the road.

>>590677396You can medium roll with two great sword (NOT colossal swords) basically straight out of the gate.

>>590677176a friend of mine tipped me off to it because i missed it too lol. reply to me once you finish it, ill get a smile out of it

>>590657816>overlying directions from gameNgmi op sorry

>>590672238Thank God I'm not the only one who had exactly the same thing happen to them. For me it was at 20 hours when I finally returned to that church and unlocked all that shit. Didn't know the bell had additional criteria to unlock. The second time I ported there, the witch was calling out to me.

>>590677407you dont drag foreigners into government buildings and beat them with a hammer to teach them not to trespass.

>>590661876God I fucking love filtered newfags rationalizing, it's all over the internet right now and I can't get enough of it"bad design" might as well mean 'I'm getting filtered" at this point

>>590677557Will do user, otw right now

>>590657816>use one of the first Ash summon you get (wolves), which has no stat requirments and costs 54 fp>Wolf bros help you stagger himHe's here to teach you to either grind or use more of the tools the game gives you.

>>590657816Side question How to beat those crystallized dudes with rot from hidden selia cave? My +5 claymore doesn’t do shit

>>590677675It's funny how you've projected the exact opposite of what's occurring>the game is PERFECTLY DESIGNED you just have to GET GUD LOL

Are there weapons/small shields with an increased parry window? In one of the dark souls game I was using a parry buckler that had a long ass parry animation that made parrying accessible for retards like myself

>>590657816No one can refute this.

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>>590677768If you are having problems with a boss you can go grind out some levels and then come back. Most people are not meant to just plow through this game without ever getting hit.

>>590677872>just grind bro!bad. design.

>>590677557I might have done something wrong but I just died when I dropped down. It did look like there was an area down there though. Might try to leap to the archway under the bridge by running up the walkway and leaping this time

>>590657816>midgame Not even close, fag

>>590677829The game is the difficulty they want it to be at.Why have a quest log? There's nothing going on that you can't just remember.And it's clear they don't want to pay the fees for unreal.

>exploring and killing side bosses is "grinding"do bethtrannies really

Should I give the potion to the barbarian chick? It's not some poison or some shit right?

>>590677829Easy mode exists, it is called leveling your character and upgrading your weapons.

>>590677829Tell me who posted this so I can go spam him for being a retard.

>>590672329botw is shit nigger

>>590677961yeah you cant just sprint off the edge lol. walk into the corner to safely land on ledge below

>>590678097You talking about the talisman?

>>590657816I'm still not sure if this whole "margit is hard" is a meme or if people are genuinely this fucking bad

>>590678181I have 5000 hours in FromShit gamesNobody cares about your tiny clitdick

>>590677829i can refute thisthe only thing you need to fix this is drop the poise of bosses and give them a fucking internal stamina bar so they can't spam for 40 minutes making everything but dex cheese and int shitter builds viable.

I beat him with a +1 lordsworn greatsword at like lvl 9 because I'm not a casual scrub

>>590678179yep, its the ring of favor and protection from ds1. very good talismanyou can get an upgraded version in the capital's sewers

>>590675972Is castle Morne the one with the flying humanoid enemies that fight the regular knights? I find these fuckers among the hardest "trash" Mobs... Was kinda leveled when I first got there, not looking forward to clear this area out again when I'm on a new char

>>590678230>I have 5000 hours in FromShit games*

>>590672646Beat him at lvl 24 with a +2 dismounter. Git gud.

>>590678181Margit can feel like a wall to people thinking he's gonna be the tutorial wall. Considering you only unlock a regular hub area after you beat him and you get to him quite quickly, it feels like the game is helping enforce this idea.For an early boss, he's quite punishing to new players and veterans alike, unless you use Summoning Ashes which make him more tolerable.

>>590678097I accidentally walked into the corner with no ledge, one more time

>>590657816We died together

Attached: 20220225211200_1.jpg (2560x1440, 855.88K)

>>590678293Yes there’s a handful of flying Demi-humans there up in the rampartsThankfully I went INTchad build and was able to 360 no scope them with pebbles the second they were in range

>>590657816He teaches you either how to be BB-tier aggressive or parry. Too bad it's not all that useful in the other boss fights.

>>590657816if people got filtered by margit, they were better off just giving up there. single enemy boss fight and all his attacks are comically easy to read and none are gimmicky horseshit, compared to the bullshit ER throws at you most of the rest of the game.

>>590657816>margit is mid gameNah. the game is like 50 hours long. he's in the first 10. He dies like a bitch to bleed and poison. Of which are readily supplied to you in large quantity through poison pots, Greases, Summon ashes, Spells, and bleed weaponry all over the the fucking place before ever entering the damn castle.The only people who are dying to this faggot or people who look at the shiny white hammer and knife and think they should attack him with fucking Holy damage or people like you who are so fucking dumb that they follow a straight path in a fucking Open world game.

>>590677078Have both those skellies and jellybro upgraded to +4 or +5. Love them all, very very useful. Right now I'm working on mind to get more FP in order to try out some of the other summons, but in all honesty, I'm wondering if I even need those fancy schmancy 100 FP summons at this point.

>>590678424Why is a spell called pebbles the most versatile and useful magic in the game

>>590677812Yeah. Bandit starts with one. You can't reliably get one until AFTER you beat Margit.

>>590677063Most people fight him with a HP pool a third of that size, with no fucking FP either. Whoever made this was leveled up a lot.

>>590658214There are literally dozens of minibosses you can fight before that. It's like saying the Bell Gargoyles are the 'first boss' of Dark Souls.

>>590676956the game greatly opened up for me by level 30 as I stopped getting btfo everywhere I went. I dont recommend grinding but the early game is very rough

>>590678097Holy shit I made it. And then got burned to a crisp. This might take another try or two.

>>590678586I hate that fire trap, deceptively far range for the flames (reaching into the stairs a little bit)

>>590657816He's about as hard as Champ Gundyr, even with with Tarnish's OP capabilities in comparison to other Dark Souls characters.

>>590678680Champ Gundyr is way easier and takes more damage from a base character

>>590678417>first time fighting Margit>he kills me, and as I die, he just randomly dies, I literally have no idea why it's happened.>but he didn't get through the whole animation so it didn't count.I still have no idea what happened.

>>590658962Lmao do retarded drones really?

>>590678517how is hp or fp relevant in that webm?

>>590657816Noel from hololive beat him in only 5 hours she also beat godrick in like 6 all underleveled

>>590677737Backstab, or a striking weapon {hammer, mace}

>>590678467Good fucking question. I’m level 37 and so far I’ve yet to find anything better than the two starting spells. Pebble does a fuckton of damage compared to anything else, even when you charge them. And Arc is great for fucking up a bunch of dudes you kite into a narrow hallwayThe only other one that’s been any use is Ambush because it can hit behind shielding enemies or catch an enemy that auto dodges your spells off guard, but it’s damage sucks donkey balls and it costs twice as much FP as pebble so… ehI’m curious how long before I find some gravity magic

>>590678763I just explained it. You don't have pools that large when you're fighting him early. This isn't confusing. Stop pretending to be confused.

>>590678819The range of ambush is a lot longer. I'd guess the range is between a shortbow and a longbow.

>>590678824his point was that you can learn the moveset and nothing about his level impacted anything in that webm

>>590675990You have about 60% of the entire map at your disposal. The rest is locked off via killing certain bosses or Stone keys. Mind you 40% of that is of a higher difficulty than Margit ever was. But nothing's stopping you from gunning your horse through areas and picking up stray items and scarabs to fill out your options against Margit.He;s week to poison and bleed. The game showers you in those two thing all over the starting area and the souther area. Both of which are easier to play through than Margit.

Did anyone do the shaded castle? Guard counter fucks this boss so hard

>>590678729Champion Gundyr requires you to parry, if you can't parry you are fucked.Unironically the hardest boss in DS3 for me was Pontiff, dancer was easier, so was Sister Friede and Demon bellow.

>>590678729He's about the same if you use every tool available to you which I didn't because I hate summoning. And actually, his parries are easier because they are more readable, even with Elden Ring's less forgiving parry windows. Parrying Gundyr always felt off, like you had to time it so the parry would go through after the halberd had passed through your character. With Margit, you watch his hands and parry as soon as he snaps them down during staff attacks.

>>590678517iirc, that's from an iron pineapple video, and I'm pretty sure the footage is from the network test.

>>590678424Incredibly based. Coincidentally my 2nd char will also be an intChad. There's just something soothing to fucking obliterate all these niggas that gave you trouble on the first blind playthrough where you struggled with melee. I'm actually very excited for this char, shits gonna be glorious

>>590679010I could only parry gundyr with the fucking dagger

>>590672662Did we? I only knew about ash summons from Holla Forums threads.

>>590678437>game is 50 hours long>look at my first 60 hour playtime>literally JUST arrived at Altus plateauHeh

>>590658962You are kind of right.Every open world I remember was designed for players to complete the story right away.>>590672329fuck off. BotW is ugly garbage with an empty world and without any variety in enemies or locations.

>>590678949you seem to have bad reading comprehension.

>>590678917>just don't get hitHe was posting the webm in response to OP stating that it's difficult for a first boss. The webm clearly isn't representative of someone who is facing their first boss when they've got that many levels.

>>590675915>everyone who knows how to play the game better than me is automatically a basement dwelling autistoh user… seriously though, just fucking get good. i have over 1k hours in the series and I struggled a fair amount with some bosses too. Just learn their attack patterns/attack timings and react accordingly. It is literally that easy. Humans have been using trial and error for millennia.

>>590677356>if you're even a little bit competent at this game it means you're an incelnormie cope is weird but it sure is funny

>>590657816>Beat him at level 20>Summoned some dude that used some spell that put a red circle around him that made him lay down on the ground while me and my other summon wailed on him.I'm trying to figure out what fucking spell that was

>>590659698If you got your ass kicked by the Godrick Knight than you are just shit at games user.Also. BRAND NEW MECHANIC. Block an attack. Press Heavy attack. Block counter. Causes heavy stagger and 80% of the game's enemies in the game are stupidly weak to it.Tip 2. Get a shield with high Guard power. Not resistance. Guard power. all fine and dandy that you blocked 100% of that physical attack. too fucking bad that one attack depleted your entire fucking stamina bar and left you open for the next attack.

>>590679172>i have over 1k hours in the seriescase in point, autist

>>590679191That's not a spell. Those are his shackles. You can buy them from Patches. They only work twice, and only during the first phase. If you're familiar with BB it's essentially Gascoigne's musicbox.

>>590678765She sounds like the perfect gamer gf. Got any pics or info on her marriage status?

>>590675807Enemies absolutely do not scale, don’t listen to anyone saying they do. The areas containing HP sponges are spread out and will feel seemingly random, but you will eventually be able to recognize which areas are too high for you and which are just right for your own personal progression.

>>590657816are there any rings/items that increase the power of ashes of war?

>>590672238>>590672662I had a friend who didn't know how to meet Melina. He found lots of lost graces, and found Margit, but when no Melina?Turns out, you gotta actually rest at the graces to get her. Without being able to level, he just ignored resting at them for 10+ hours.

>>590679217The brass shield is one of the best for this and it's available from the very beginning of the game. You don't need a huge str investment. The only real downside is that it's pretty heavy.

>>590657816margit is shit for two reasons:>1) any time you press heal he will instantly dagger your face, you have to waste your few openings after big slams to heal>2) you dont get many chances to attack before he pushes your shit in, the chances to strike are when he does the big stick slam, or the hammer slam. if you stick around for more than 2 hits, you eat 50%+ of your health in damage.given your base stats are low it's not a good early boss unless you grind some hp/int/str/dex.

>>590678971I hit him with rotten breath at the start, then spammed blood slash. quick fight

>>590678981>Champion Gundyr requires you to parry, if you can't parry you are fuckedIn my 4 playthrough of 4 different build of Dex, Int, Fth, Strght i have never parried him once, just dodge and attack.

Ash of War of choice for shields? None, so you can use your main weapons skill?

>>590678981>>590679010I didn't parry Gundyr, beat him on 4th try which makes him one of the hardest bosses in all of DaS3 (non dlc) I guess.Nameless fag took 5 tries and cinder boy took 9 or so, for comparison, most bosses went down in 1-2 tries.

>>590658962Many of the replies to this post prove you are right

>>590679227yeah, and so what? tons of people who aren’t fromsoft autists like myself are progressing at a pace similar to me. the problem here isn’t the game and everyone else, it’s you.

The game should really just notify you that:a) you are in a high level zone and to turn backb) Point out the other options to go to other than Margrit. The grace lines induce players to go right to him. Its not fair.

>>590667060Pure INT is fine, in boss fights you are just looking for an opportunity to pop your 10 second no mana cost potion then hitting the boss for 10k with a Kamehameha.

>>590679719It's an open world, it's super obvious you can go do something other than fight Margit. The question is, do you feel compelled to fight him because he's the defacto story boss or not?

>>590678981There's not a single boss or even enemy is any soulsborne game that "requires" parrying. Literally just a mechanic for more experienced players to use at their leisure. Every single enemy is designed to be tackled via rolling/dodging/blocking, and it's considerably easier to learn the roll timing for attacks than it is to learn how to parry them. It's such an underutilized player mechanic that they pretty much replaced it with the block counter in this game.

>>590678651I made it to a bridge with an item at the end and two spider monsters so I jumped off, found another area and accidentally stepped on an elevator button. Had to pull the lever to bring it back down but I'm about to go up it.

>>590672646embarrassing post. Beat him with +1 greatsword lvl 24was pretty hard but really fun the entire time

>>590679523I suck ass at parrying so yeah I just keep putting that on every better shield I find

>wasted a key on that dogshit crossbow in the Roundtable basementGoddammit, this is what I deserve for not using guides.

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>>590679798The item is guarded by the spiders but don't bother fighting them, they suck balls and can be ignored.

>>590679826I don't mind parrying but I hate not being able to tell what attacks can and can't be parried.Meanwhile, anything can be guard countered.

If I’m platines a DEX build what’s the minimum I should put into STR? I haven’t buffed it at all and it’s sitting at 8, but every weapon I find that requires high DEX also requires like 13+ STR

Do I parry as a strike hits me or before that? Never figured this one out

>>590679782>pretty much replaced it with the block counterToo bad most enemies just roll through with their followup attacks and never actually recoil from striking your shield. Only worthless jobbers that aren't a threat to you anyway will let you punish them without potentially exposing yourself. Parrying takes the guesswork out of whether or not you're safe; and the only question mark is how well can you time it.

>>590679829the game gives you way more keys than you actually need, don't worry

>>590679834I found a stonesword key up there but got reamed by the halberd phantom. Gonna have another go at the bridge item. Just gonna run past them this time.

>>59067982950 hours in and I've yet to use a key and not feel like I completely wasted a key. Same feeling as when you fight your way past 1000 enemies just to pick up a cracked pot.

>>590679156Nobody is saying you should perfect it in one try, just that you need to git gud.

>>590680079I'll be pissed if the game has more locks than keys

>>590679991every boss has a few windows where you can fit in a shield counter

lol at all the zoomers crying about the lack of level scaling.

>>590679829that crossbow is a straight upgrade to the heavy one

>>590657816Get the horse.Go south to the middle of the weeping peninsulaFind the traderUse the jet stream to launch the horse up into the towerGrab the Great Turtle ShieldGo stomp a mudhole in Margits assThe barricade skill on the shield blocks almost every single physical enemy attack in the game for 15 seconds and you can spam it because of the low FP cost.As a bonus the shield also has faster stamina regen.

>>590657816He's actually a tutorial boss but From is shit at tutorials so most people didn't actually get the message. I've spent a decent amount of time going back and fighting him with multiple starters just to gain a better understanding of the game before moving on. Once you get what he's trying to teach you, it makes sense to put him as the first boss.>>590673234So I figured out after a handful of fights that using the bone darts while standing just outside of his range will aggro him and make him attack more often. The first time I beat him I also ended up doing a 15 minute staring contest but after using the darts I could bait out attacks much faster and I cleared the fight in a few minutes.There's also a decent number of ways to play up close but you gotta stop playing like classic DS and use more situational tools like Quickstep, Stomp, Jump etc. If you're using a Great sword you can do 1 charge R2 + Jump attack punish and then just rush him and do a stomp+follow up to push him to stun, take the visceral and heal. You can do this multiple times and basically bully him to death. You just have to not be scared of intentionally taking damage to keep your aggression going.If you're using an evasive build you can do a left/ quicksteps (the curve version) to avoid both of his combos in phase 2 and maintain aggression. Pair this with bleed or powerstancing and you'll shred him.If you have a shield with decent guard boost(brass shield drops from the mooks at the first camp) you can 2H it and block anything he can throw out(with proper stam management). Use guard counters after safe combo starters, jump attacks when he runs away & charge attacks at any opportunity you can circle behind him and you'll stun him pretty fast.You have options it just takes a while to figure everything out.>>590676093Imagine being a grown ass adult typing something like this. I like this game and all but some of you Fromdrones are actually embarrassing.

>That God Devouring Serpent/Rykard boss.I think its a better version of Yhorm from DS3. A bit too easy, but the beams of air from the spear were really fucking cool.

>>590679719>you are in a high level zone and to turn backIt does that just fine by letting you hit a basic enemy and see their health barely move

>>590679834I got the Erdtree's Favor. Nice, thanks user. It really is the fap ring! Damn this is great, thanks again!

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>>590680136Boss patterns have become more sophisticated than early From games. There's a lot more feints, delays, and extended combinations that have the same starting pattern. Baiting out a window takes more patience, and nerve than it used to because what they'll do often changes depending on how close you are.

does this game got respec?

>>590680280what does he teach you? roll baiting? input reading? 180 tracking?

>>590680465I believe so but it's not available at the beginning of the game, and it takes a rare item.

>>590679995Does it? Good to hear, I've barely found like 3 and used them all so I feared the game would be stingy with the damn things, guess i gotta step up my exploration game then>>590680079I feel the same with the ones I've used, honestly.>>590680202Dogshit in the sense that I doubt I'll ever use it in my STR/FTH chara, maybe it has some good uses but it felt like a waste.

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>>590680535so it's not infinite respecs rip

>go to heal>dagger to face>go to heal>dagger to faceTOP GAME DESIGNand if you think this is bad wait till godskin apostle does it except worse, with blackflame.

>>590680414Actually it was another user who started you off but nice, I just got it today as well. I didn't beat the stupid fucking boss because I hate these giant enemies in small room shit

I dont know why people are struggling on margit so much. Is it a troll?? I beat him on second try. Just use the NPC summon next to the entrance + jellygirl and you can wreck him easily with jump and charge attacks.

>>590658136Bethesda scales everything to your level lmfao. You can become the fucking Archmage without even using magic at level 1. I can't stop laughing even if I've been baited

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>>590680280margit is actually harder to read than godrick, which makes no sense.

>>590667060>>590668936>>590672120Go get the comet staff and rock fling from caelid. THAT is the spell you will be casting until endgame

>>590680586People are talking about no summons, and presumably no ash summons either.Which is funny when you think about it.

>>590673463>Exploration sucks because there are no rewardsNew vistas, enemies, bosses, weapons, recipes, armor, ashes, dungeons, challenges, questlines, talismans, and utility items aren't enough reward? I agree with your other two thoughts but at some point you have to draw the line on what a game isn't, and I'm not particularly let down.

>>590680458just stand in front of the boss and hold L1 to learn their combo. next time the boss repeats it, you can bonk em>>590680537a crossbow is always nice to have, be it for sniping stuff out of the air or to lure enemiesand you don't even need to put points into dex, godrick's rune gives you enough to wield it

>>590657816>daily threads about Holla Forums getting filtered by this boss>I beat him on my second try without being over-levelled or gearedI seriously don't understand the problem you're all having, I'd actually call him one of the easier bossed compared to what comes later.

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Can you use the quit out trick on rebirth like you could in ds3 or is it actually limited this time?

>>590680794Level/build/weapons level?Full melee or mixed? Use any summons?I feel like most of the people complaining are fighting him at level 10 with base equipment and solo melee only.

>>590680574So wait until he does something committal and then heal?

>>590680584Honestly if it wasn't for his tells I don't think I could have beat him. And I agree, I much prefer human-sized enemies with good ai to the god of war-esque battles. The way I beat the snake thing was by powerstancing a Lordsworn's Straidsword and a Broadsword and using the powerstance "X" slash attack, being careful to dodge every move that I can on the way. Still took over 10 minutes even with a fire resin at the start of the fight.

>>590673132I fear what this means for subsequent playthroughs. Sounds like you have to slog through a bunch of side shit to even have a chance at the main story stuff.

>>590672646+2 Flail for me, swinging that thing like crazy and bleeds really helped, easy to stun Margit desu

>>590680990On subsequent playthrough you'll remember all the stuff you want to get and where you need to go, and hopefully be better at the game in general, so you can go through things much faster.

>>590680752I actually keep some daggers on me for stuff like that. The damage is decent enough to be worth the trouble.

Just get margit shackles from patches if you re struggling that much

>>590681083>you'll remember all the stuff you want to get and where you need to goBro, unless you're writing it down you're not going to remember that X bumblefuck cave had that one thing you need.

Are there any faith spears in the game?

>>590671390Death Stranding doesn't have levels.

>>590672646I can't remember well but I did it with either base or +1 Lordsworn's Greatsword at around level 20. I also used the magician guy and jellyfish, some people would call me scrub for that. Took me less than 5 tries and my final run was maybe a couple minutes.

>>590679779Not him, but do I feel compelled to do the only objective I was given 5 minutes into the game? Yeah. I figured i'd beat atleast one boss before I dicked around. That seems pretty damn reasonable

>>590680968do godskin apostle. you can be a mile away and if you press heal, they will INSTANTLY fireball your face. it's literally scripted.

>>590681176Yes you will, you're giving your memory far too little credit especially when 99% of caves dont have fucking jack shit, anybody will remember the one cave in Limgrave with the 8 Blacksmith [1] stones just to give an example

>>590681083but if you speedrun, you will lack souls/levels and the bullshit bosses will get even more bullshit.

>>590659698>DS1 has the crestfallen warrior to literally handhold you at the start of the game and giving useful hints>”wow great design choice Miyazaki such a cool NPC to help new players”>No such help in this game. It just expects you to realize shit yourself like areas and bosses are level scaled despite being open world so if you’re getting your ass kicked you should try later>”low IQ faggot git gud”Fucking Fromdrone

>>590679138Damn bro. You hugging every wall twice on foot?

Why are people seething at these games? Is this because they want to feel like they belong to a group that can beat certain games when they can't themselves?

>>590657816>>590658962It really is hilarious to see so many people moaning about margit just because they're drones. Unless you do the tutorial, the first boss enemy players encounter in the open world is tree sentinel. A genuinely hard fight, and yet you don't see anyone bitching about him. Why? Because the game doesn't tell you to fight him. Critical thinking kicks in. "Yea, I obviously shouldn't be fighting this guy right now". But then, as soon as the game starts telling you to head somewhere specific, these pseduo-humans lose all capacity to follow logic. Exact same scenario as before - you clearly should come back when with more levels/better gear - but because there is an instruction, they'll bash their heads against the wall until they crack and start whining about how unfair the game is and how it's "bad design".Elden Ring has to be the most retard friendly soulsborne title yet, solely because you CAN just go somewhere else until you feel you are ready rather than being bottlenecked, and these retards still can't hack it.

Man, this thread is a really a good example of how AAA open world garbage damaged this industry with their braindead checklists, handholding and lack of threat. We've come to a point where you literally have to tell people that brute forcing something might not be the best solution and that they should take a look at their surroundings to find a potential solution. It's an exploration adventure game at its core and somehow a shitton of people are completely oblivious to that.

>>590673323>I'm a busy manNo, you're fucking not, cunt. You're a faggot playing open world games and bitching about it on Holla Forums.

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>>590681694You buy notes and shit from vendors in the game. If you read them they give helpful hints and directions to useful shit. The first vendor outright sells you a stack of papers that tell you where the Physiks bottle is.

>>590678181Margit is explicitly designed to punish a lot of the habits of veteran souls players. It makes sense that a lot of people would struggle with him.>>590680492He teaches you how to deal with all of that while pushing you out of your old habits. >roll baiting?The delayed attacks are meant to stop the player from panic rolling and force them to read the attacks. Every attack will transition from the anticipation and start easing towards you right before it snaps forwards. You can actually discern this point visually and react to it to dodge or parry flawlessly without memorization. Also roll catch combos like his spin attack can be covered with a left/right quickstep and multiple other tools. You aren't supposed to avoid those types of attacks with a normal roll (you technically still can tho).>input reading?Heal punishment had been around for a while. You're supposed to either heal during an opening where you'd normally attack or run far away to heal. You can heal from far away by chugging and walking right. The daggers will whiff.>180 tracking?You need to be standing directly and I mean directly behind him to avoid certain attacks. The tracking is severe but it forces you to position yourself more precisely. It's a perfectly fair change meant to punish lazy shield strafing.There's a lot more to it than that but basically he hammers home the fundamentals. They're transitioning away from memorization and trying to focus on reading and reacting. All attacks can be categorized into one of multiple types (linear, sweep, normals, dashing etc.) And they can all be dealt with by reading and responding to the enemy tells with whatever options your build has available. Also the focus on aggression is real. Aggressive play is very potent and rewarding if you know how to do it properly.

>>590682248Not him but I have a family and get basically 2-3 hours a night for gaming max and I get tired of neverending open world games very quick. I don't need it to be short I need it to respect my time.

>>590682364>Not him but I have a family and get basically 2-3 hours a night for gaming maxAnd yet you still find time to come in here and bitch about how hard a game filters you. Maybe try something like assasins creed or pokemon it might be more adequate

>>590682364Then why would you buy something that was advertised as an open world instalment in a series of notoriously difficult and time-consuming games? When has a fromsoft game EVER respected your time?

>>590682364Everyone has a job and other responsibilities to attend to get plenty of people are progressing and enjoying these games, there's hardly anything more pathetic that using your responsibilities as an excuse.

>>590680280Holy seethe! Can you write another book I won't read? Dummy

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If the npc in the beginning said that you should go south to castle morne if you feel you aren't strong enough then so many less people would be filtered

>>590657816I recommend a +4 weapon, and be aggressive enough to get the stagger on him, get ahead early and force him to play catch up. Bosses in Elden Ring are more like Bloodborne and reward aggressive DPS tactics and rolling into their attacks instead of away.

>>590657816>midgame bossI'm pretty sure I'm at the actual midgame right now and I feel like I've got the stats to fight two or three of him at once

I think that this would have worked if it wasn't souls. People are going in, getting bodied, and thinking "I guess this is just that famous souls-difficulty" and trying to brute force it.

>>590672370Just tagteam him with jelly boy that poison will ad up. I think I killed him at level 15.

>>590682319Yeah I’ve seen those and they’re lazy as shit. Just look at the type of help they give vs the crestfallen warrior. The weak NPCs are another complaint I have. People complained about Siegward being a complete rip off but he was better than anything we got in this game.

>>590684546>doubling down on contrarianism

>Follow the guiding light>End up in a clearly too early boss fight for most people>Explore other areas in the game to lev- NO >NO>I fight>I rage>I die>I follow the light>This is right>FROM software BAD>Now I'm stuckIt's DS1 with the path to the catacombs all over again. Tough regenerating skeletons? I must only go there!

>change from fullscreen to fullscreen windowed>200ms of input lag disappearsasuga japan


>>590672646+0 longsword just fresh out of the tutorial dungeon here

>>590673463>Exploration sucks because there are no rewardssounds like you haven't played the game correctly if you say this, or you're just a contrarian retard who hasn't even touched the game at all

>>590657816>If From was trying to incentive players to explore, why did they tell you to follow the light at the beginning?Because anyone who's been playing video games for some time knows that if the game tells you to go right, you go left.

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>>590682361>They're transitioning away from memorization and trying to focus on reading and reactingNah you're full of shit, game has plenty of memorization checks and "die until you figure out the one way to beat this move without it being at all intuitive" like Malenia.

>>590657816The worst thing is that the game balance in this one is absolutely scuffed. You can take 20-30 deaths easily if you try to take on this guy solo with some slow str weapon because he has extremely frustrating delays and wind ups when using his cane, that one attack where he swings up is almost instant and impossible to react to if you're locked in any animation, on the other hand the overhead attack is very slow and stays in air for few seconds which punishes impatient players. But then let's say you're a mage who unlocked any ashen summon in the game, I one shotted this guy by summoning wolves and spamming pebbles. It's a complete joke. Oh and btw don't summon NPC's and players to boss fights you're gimping yourself, Margit gives you 12k souls if you kill him solo and 9k with the NPC summon.

>>590679829using guides is for literal cuckolds don't worry

>>590657816>Pass holder>Is retardedevery timeThey don't tell you to explicitly follow the light, that's just your lack of self-awareness blindly following any vague instruction it gets. I bet when people tell you to do something in real life, you just do it without even batting an eye.

>>590672370>even if you explore the entire first area you are underlevelledComplete and utter bullshit. I was level 35 and I didn't grind at all. I started as Tarnished as well.

>>590657816The point of Margit is that, an average player, encounters him and loses after a few tries with their shitty +0 or +1 weapon and their 4 or 5 estuses and learns that you don't have to kill the bosses in any order but can come back after exploring a bit.You might even stumble upon the castle skip.People are thinking way too hard about this shit when you are supposed to play the game and discover things organically instead of looking up a guide.The open world in Elden Ring works because you are progressing in ways other than fulfilling some arbitrary objectives and this progress has an effect on the gameplay because an average player NEEDS to become stronger to face the increasingly more powerful bosses.What else do people want? The game incentivizes you to explore in the best way possible.

>>590681526Maybe >>590681176 is just retarded, you can't discount the fact that most gamers have literal subhuman level IQs.

>>590658962Too bad open world is extremely fucking boring, empty and bland once you figure out the formula. Also loot distribution makes no fucking sense. You can get the best spell and staff in game within first 5 minutes, which will carry you thorough early and mid game without having to fight a single enemy. Meanwhile a big, scary Morne castle gives you absolutely nothing unless you're another generic ultra greatsword str build. The 104 fp Luthen summon which trivialises any fight is laughably easy to obtain while the slightly worse 100 FP Oleg summon requires 2 keys and fighting a boss harder than Margit and Godfrick combined.

Sup type B sisters.

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I beat leonine misbegotten but grace is still pointing towards Castle Morne, wat am i missing

>>590657816From Soft makes games for gamers with agency not sheep, simple as

>>590673463>exploring has no rewardsHe didn't explore at all, or he attempted to but was too retarded to collect anything.

>>590685879The Ulcerated Urtree is easier than Margit.

>>590657816You actually gave gook moot money, you stupid fucking retard.

>>590686079Not even close. That fight is way too chaotic in a tiny room where boss occupies 1/3rd of space while moving like a fucking eel and hitting harder than Margit.

>>590686018Did you finish Irina's quest?

>>590657816Perhaps Melina could have hinted at exploring the world if the boss is too hard for you, when she's introducing the Roundtable Hold

>>590661876>An NPC mentions that you should follow the light if you get lost>This is rail-roadingHoly shit literally an unthinking NPC

I fucking hate open world design in from soft games because you just know you will miss on some NPC interactions and quests unless you spoiler yourself like some NPC playing an MMO. You pick up some quest item and you have no fucking idea what to do with it because you haven't even found the NPC that corresponds with it.

The tree sentinel is unmissable and less than ten seconds after leaving the first door and the entire point of the boss is to teach you that sometimes you'll be outmatched and it's okay to leave and come back and try the boss again later.Yet for some reason people completely forget this lesson for Margit.

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>>590679719If you explore there are more grace lines to the south. Get good.

>>590680079>>590680126The game showers you in keys, I've found more keys than I have holes.

>>590679719>a) you are in a high level zone and to turn backYou're meant to realize that when the boss at the front door is a massive step up in difficulty.

>>590686541>I need to constantly be aware and in charge of everything that is happening because I'm too weak to tolerate uncertainty and mystery

>>590657816>midgame bossOh user.. wait till you get out of Limgrave.

i only just beat tree sentinel and only have 7 hours played. how do people have 60 hours in this game already?

>>590687361The game has been out for 144 hours.

>>590676234Did you people play the game I know you've long gone from this thread but seriously.First Grace leads into tree sentinel. That leads into the church.This chruch has a guy that if you talk to tells you dude yo buy this crafting shit I recommend it. Literally next to him is a fucking anvil. This is the only location at the start for these two, you are supposed to go back here often and if you do come at night the witch hands you the ash bell for summons. How in the fucking flying worlds is this bad design, it's genious design that centers the whole starting area around this church.The Tree Sentinel that rapes you is there, the anvil, the merchant, the witch.Teaches you>Animals and PlantsWorlds full of animals you can hunt and plants you can gather for materials.>Tree SentinelNot all bosses are something you can beat, you can come back later, teach you how to summon allies and how to get summoned.>MerchantYou can buy shit for runes, you can craft, you can keep talking to NPCs to get more info, you can buy recepies for food and for crafts>AnvilTeaches you to upgrade weapons with stones and with ash and how it works>WitchTeaches you some events only happen at certain times of the day and you get summons.Everything you needed to know about the entire fucking rest of the game is right there in this small area. HOLY FUCK.

>>590657816I followed the light and ended up way higher before knowing about Margit's existence, after finding out I went back and wreck him easily. There are teleporters around the map that take you farther.

>>590686018The grace lines don't disappear as far as I can tell. There is a questline involving a girl (that you should have met) and the duke of that fort though. he's hiding along the raiments on a slightly hidden path that overlooks the entrance

>>590657816I completely missed stormveil castle on my playthrough, didn't discover the road to it until i was level 40 and had unlocked the academy

>>590680635Can confirm, tho margit has insane recovery while Godrick is a 1 trick pony.Even his 2nd phase isn't that badBeat Margit after leveling and getting broken curved great sword +5 after getting ass handed, but 1 shot Godrick

>>590658962This is exactly the reason brainlets didn't like BotW. This game feels just like it, the fucking game is exploring and finding stuff around the map, it's not something you have to do to progress or a side quest, it's the entire game. If you don't have the curiosity to look at the map and mark a point of interest just because, then you won't enjoy this game at all.

Does upgrading shields make their defenses or guard stamina better?

>>590687621You can see in the smithing menu that it doesn't.

>>590673463The fuck are you talking about? There are tons of rewards.

>>590658962This is exactly it.This is Japanese open world design same as BOTW. The complete opposite of the railroad open worlds of western RPGs with quest markers, quest points, massive fucking big arrows telling you to go here and then there and then here and then here.Elden ring literally makes fun of this. And people are FUMING.

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>>590685879They put good stuff everywhere so that you're guaranteed to find something good eventually if you keep exploring.You can get the Ring of Favor and Protection less than two minutes after starting the game without even fighting a single enemy.

>>590687743This, turns out I didn't hate open worlds, I just hated the way westerners did it.

Wait Margit as in the boss at Stormveil castle Margit? I didn't stp foot into the place until I was like level 30 but this is the hombre walling people? Does he show up again except harder or some time later?On an unrelated note I did not fucking expect the head of the Two Fingers to be two literal giant fingers. I thought that was a metaphor for two heads of the church or something. I kneel once again Miyazaki

>>590657816Margit isn’t that bad just use Jellyfish and poke him back and forth if you’re that desperate. I have a feeling people whining about Margit and going to have a meltdown if they ever reach Morgott despite him being a lot easier.

>>590688126A huge number of people head straight to him and fight him without even having unlocked the ability to level up or only having leveled up once or twice. No shit you're having an easier time if you're going in 20 levels higher.

I just left, got the claymore, came back after getting lots of upgrade materials, then switched a a Morningstar+Spiked club anyway, then killed him. I think the game is fine so far, godrick was a push over compared to anything else I’ve fought, but I do kind of miss the more structured souls games.

>>590688197But it's an open world rpg no? What idiot is rushing straight to him without even have leveled up and expecting him to go down easy?

>>590677737I’m getting filtered here as well. Blunt damage seems to work best. But ideally you want to stagger them and get the critical attack.

>>590688273This game is probably more popular than any other souls game in the west, just by virtue of being open world. Lots of people probably picked this up because it looks like assassins creed, bro. They’re going to struggle because they’re used to games being a pushover and they’re also going to do what the game says until it outright tells them to go somewhere else. Some of them were literally waiting for a menu to pop up saying “go explore the open world :)”

>>590686798Tree sentinel was the first enemy I killed outside of the tutorial.

>>590688778Then you're good enough to not need to learn the lesson to come back later. It's not meant for you.

>>590688778There was a tutorial?

>>590686541or you could solve some puzzle, pick some shit and do quest without even knowing it was quest part, just to find later npc for that questfuck this shit, open world is lie, there is one path through whole game but ofc they wont show you it, because of muh open world freedom

>>590688814>first caveofc there was, there is always tutorial in ds games

>>590688814Yes. In the crypt you woke up in there is a ghost in a chair. He basically says the hole next to him is the tutorial. Most people completely ignore this because there is a huge arch next to some stairs where the sunlight is casting over to your left. So people completely miss the ghost in the chair and think the hole is just a noob track to die and fall off a cliff. It also teaches you that you can fall farther distances before you take fall damage since the hole is deeper than the normal height you can fall before you break your knees.

>>590678565That's right, Taurus Demon is the first boss in Dark Souls.Dungeon mini bosses are the equivalent of fighting the boar in Dark Souls.

>>590657816I beat him while being level 2 with the naked class. Git gud bruh

>>590687398dont u have a fuckin job

>>590657816>>turns out Margit is a midgame bosslol

>>590685050Yeah except ds1 didn't have a magic light saying GO HERE THIS IS THE RIGHT WAY, nigger-brain

>>590675990But you can go to where you're directed, it's just harder. Learn from the game, don't get mad when it doesn't fit exactly what you want from it. Take Margit as a lesson to explore more rather than beeline objectives.

>>590689726The whole point of margit is to teach you that you aren't supposed to beeline following the light and you're meant to explore first. That's why he exists as a boss, he's a gatekeeper in every sense of the word. A lot of people struggle with the lesson.

The guiding light is intended to kill you off lore-wise. They don't want a new lord.

This is what happens when all people play are games that hold your hand every step of the way. Anyone who has played a DS game before knew instantly you weren't supposed to fight the fancy looking guy on a horse the first time you encounter him. I suspect lots of newbies who've been hyped up about ER and how "ds games are super hard bro" "YOU DIED XDD" thought the game was just THAT punishing, and they just needed to get gud and beat horse guy already.

>>590678319>a regular hub areaAre you talking about the round table? I got that like 15 hours before I ever met Margit.

>>590657816you don't have the right, O you don't have the right,O you don't have the right, O you don't have the right

>>590678319I got the rount table shit after i lost to him.

>>590689836And what about him tells anyone that? He's just hard. But that's what souls games are supposed to be, so why would that seem out of the ordinary?People would think they're doing something wrong, but not that they're in the wrong place especially when they game goes out of its way to tell them that thats where they're supposed to go.Also while we're pulling teeth. How the fuck are yah supposed to know about Ranni?

put these foolish ambitions to rest

>>590689726>GO HERE THIS IS THE RIGHT WAYits the right way to main bosses, yes, but thats it, if you only gonna follow the light you will get assblastedthats probably why so many people complain about lack of materials, because they only follow the light and never go to for example to caves

>>590690119the grace is just erdtree's will. and it wants the traitor lords dead and their runeshards to be reunited. the golden trail doesnt care who sees it.

>>590658962I genuinely think it’s those NPC people that don’t have an inner voice so can’t think for themselves

>>590679217>>590674125Can comfirm. While I stuggled many times with Madirck, solo & with summons; Meanwhile, I went to Madrick, and altought first times generally do solo I went to summon one player (only one not 2) because I heard it was hard and possibly I could die first try.I must say it wasnt easy, but I did it first try. Godrick isnt easy, but his attacks are more easy to read, so no wonder Madrick with its bullshit attacks is harder than Godrick.

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So apparently the point of the game is to walk slowly towards some random direction, find out I can't beat THAT boss either, so now I'm supposed to just choose some other random direction to head towards and just keep ping-ponging around the map until I can finally just progress the plot. Who the fuck likes this garbage format?

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>>590657816if you went to the boss and didn't immediately realize "ahaa I should explore more", you are an absolute reddit retard.

>>590657816>game emphasizes that you should follow the lightThe first fucking light leads you to a boss that will stomp 99.99% of people, even veteran players. It was a subtle hint to explore around before confronting a challenge

>>590689583Taurus demon can not be the first boss, one Asylum demon exists before him.Two, he's completely optional

>>590657816>>basically impossible to kill him without doing side

>>590679323Yeah I did this for about 4 hours too, exploring without Torrent. Was in the roundtable within an hour after

>>590680726All of those things were done in Dark Souls 1 without needing me to walk in a direction past empty grasslands for 30 minutes to find a "new vista"

>>590673121Kino character

>>590658275>ppl are gonna be speed running elden ring soon too, ur just bad gitgudI'm very curious to see how fast people can beat the game when they have a game plan ready. The rune and upgrade material routing will be interesting to see but I think its going to be suicide rushing each miner tunnel without story progress and then looting every grave yard followed by getting a bleed weapon and killing the big ass dragon for easy boosted 100k.

>>590691408>picks samurai>ends up playing sekirobased as fuck

>>590682364Then don't play an open world game like you're still a teenager you dumb fuck. Or don't waste your precious free time on Holla Forums. Do you think you're the only with a job or family here?

my boss tier list after finishing the game:>top tiermorgott, real godfrey, red wolf of radagon, mimic tear>good tiergodrick, king dragonfucker the supreme or whatever, astel, ancestor spirit>okay tierrennala, radahn, margit, malenia, maliketh, important magma worm, loretta, elemer>bad tiermohg modular, elden beast, rykard, 2gargoyle>shit tierall the godskins

>>590680604By all means go kill a giant/mammoth/sabre cat at level 1 on legendary

>>590657816Literally beat this guy on my 3rd try at SL15 with a +3 LongswordDon't know why Holla Forums is so trash as this game and trying to find """bad design""" excuse for their abysmal skillsCan't believe this same board was crying about the game being too easy before release

>>590672376git gud, learn new mechanics too, you can be as aggressive as in blooborne if you want

>>590658962What you said only applies for the first 20 hours, after that the open world starts feeling exhausting and repetitive

>>590685879>Meanwhile a big, scary Morne castle gives you absolutely nothing unless you're another generic ultra greatsword str other words>hurrr if rewards don't cater to my specific playstyle, it's not rewards!!!autism at its peak

>>59067212045 hours in and I have 8

>>590657816>Anyone getting the logic of putting him in the starting area?To filter dumb pissbabies.>This design is just making everyone frustrated.Ok good so it worked.

Wait, did you guys really just avoid Margit and come back later? I figured he was the first boss in the game so I just kept at it, took about 6 tries but I beat him.

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>>590672646+0 Greataxe here

>>590678261The poise ain't that bad already, you can stance break on basically any build if you know what does proper poise damage. Can support internal Stamina, though.

>>590678319Melina and the Hub area are in no way connected to the main story progression. They just depend on the number of overworld bonfires you've rested at.

>>590672481>lvl 20 Woah that impresi...>jelly summonKekGo fuck yourself

>>590658028Mate, at the start of the game you can't level up and you don't have a horse. >Bro just explore when you can't benefit from it

>>590697860You get both of those after 3 overworld Graces, which should be long before you hit Margit even if you do nothing but follow the critical path.

>>590685708>I was level 35So you were overleveled.

>>590697296I didn't even hit Margit until I was level 20+. I beat the Tree Sentinel with my starting gear and then spent hour exploring the area, grinding dungeons, beating the Gaols, hunting the lake dragon.It's an OW game, so my first instinct is always to ignore the designated path to fuck around. The fact that so many people just go straight to Margit baffles me.

>>590658136Partly because Bethesda only makes shit games

What's the max level of stones that game lets you buy infinitely from shops?

>>590672370I actually went south to the weeping pennisula, explored around there and fought Leonine Misbegotten as my first boss. By the time I started going north and got to margit I beat the brakes off him first try

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>>590657816>midgame boss Just give up now op. Seriously, you clearly lack the mental aptitude for one of FROM softs easiest games.

>>590676956the round table phantom was really easy once you find out he barely has any defensive options. the fuck stumbles to any attack and you can even running jump over his soul arrows and punish him for it. dont go for long combos cause this game has like a maximum combo counter that activates their bullshit 1gorrilion iframe roll out of any attack

To any of my STR/faith bros, if an enemy is strong against holy you can find a fire infusing faith scaling thing at redmane castle. Also since I hear how busted bleed is in this game is the flamberg worth using? It's move set is pretty much exactly the same as the lordsword great sword but it has bleed damage.

>>590688273for me, im pretty stubborn and hate overleveling and i like trying to clear shit im not intended to yet. i knew what the intent was by making margaret so hard but i still wanted to try for the early clear. unfortunately i gave up and explored as intended but thinking back now, i feel i could have done it low slvl if i knew about summon ashes and upgraded my flask count a few times. i managed to get him to 20% before at base slvl.

>>590698762>t.hasn't actually played ERER is easily the hardest game From have ever made. I've beaten BB at level 1 and ER is fucking killing my more times than I can count.