What Game Collection Should Capcom Release Next?

capcom has made a bunch of collections, what ones would you like to see made next?Devil may cry collection with 1-4? Megaman legends with 1, 2 and Misadventures of Tron Bonne? Breath of fire collection?

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a way to play Warzard / Red Earth would be nice

>>590657414More shit that wasn't released in the US imo

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>>590657414Seeing as the OSTs for all five games have been on Steam for the past 3~ years or so, with no news or mention, it still seems unlikely they care. It would be stellar, though, especially with extras. Same with a Megaman Legends collection.

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More porn of Katt, BoF 2 Nina, BoF 3 Nina, and BoF 4 Nina.

>>590657414Hell yeah Breath of Fire is the shit. Wish they'd make another one that wasn't a cellphone game.

>>590657695>a way to play Warzard / Red Earth would be nice. user... >>590657414A collection with some of it's 3D fighters like Rival Schools, Powe Stone and Tech Romancer, After all they already ported 3D shit for the Switch with Megaman X7 and X8

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>>590659338Sadly, knowing how corporations work, they'll use the failure of 6's gacha game as "proof" that fans don't want a new breath of fire (When, if it had succeeded, they'd conversely use THAT as proof that fans "want" only gacha shit, like how Dive has taken over the megaman series recently.Why I think Megaman collections are much more likely: We could get a Battle network collection, that'd be sweet.

>>590657414Finish remastering Onimusha and do a Viewtiful Joe collection, please.


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>>590659073>More porn of Katt.One can hope.

>>590659794>>590659475oh fuck yeah, didn't know about this

>>590660324>>590659073They add in another katt to the next breath of fire game and maybe we'll get one, but if its just nina then don't get you hopes up.We got a successor in dragon quarter, and there's virtually no porn of Lin. They nailed the "Physical girl" part of her character, but not the "skimpy clothed barbarian" aspect down with her. (By a similar token, the game's nina lacks the "regal princess" aspect of most ninas)

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Ace Attorney Investigations Collection.

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>>590659475I'd love to see Rival Schools and Powerstone. But hell, I'd also like to see Third Strike and Alpha again.

>>590662760Surprised they haven't done that yet, given Ace attorney's popularity.

>>590657414how about NEW FUCKING GAMES?

>>590657414Literally just bought BoF3 and 4 some weeks ago. Had to hook up my PS3 and buy a PSP battery but damn were they worth it. Now, if only there was a way to legally play BoF5 to see if its as shit as people say it is. Also, BoF4 Nina best girl followed by Ursula. Don't (You) me.

>>5906647754's nina is the worst nina. Okay, 3's is worse, but she's still bottom tier.

>>590665681NTA but Personality-wise? She's the best, along with 3's. Lookswise 2 wins by a countrymile, sure, but fuck me she's a piece of cardboard. There's a reason people waifu Katt in BoF2.

>>590665884Two's personality is great, I don't get how you think she's bland; Her story is much more compelling than 3's rebellious princess, or 1's generic one.She only loses to Katt due to katt hitting it out of the park: Its like calling spiderman weak because he loses to the hulk in a fist fight, its just the opponent is top tier.Katt gets waifu'd even against every other BOF love interest, not just 2's nina, showing how hard that matchup is. (Mainly because she's virtually naked and ticks off a shit ton of fetish checkboxes for people)

>>590657414Rival Schools

>>590664706They use poor sales of collections like these to refuse making new games.

>>590665884But Momo is the best personality

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>>590660668Well, that's not biding well for how far their advertising is reaching.

>>590670795she has the biggest personality, both of them.

>>590666359What WAS Nina's deal in BoF2? I played the game during Uni classes and kind of missed dialogues. I barely remember her. I know she asked Bow to get her pet at the beggining of the game, then she gets shunned because of her wings or something like that, but she's not a major player in the overarching church story, is she?

>>590672425that's her SISTER that you get the dog for. Mina. Who bow hits on, and is your "pure and sheltered" character.Nina was born with black wings and the church had foretold that a royal member with black wings was essentially the anti-christ who would usher in a time of calamity and hardship, and so the child must be killed to avoid this (The church of evrai somehow knowing that such a child would aid the dragon clan in stopping them).Her parents couldn't bring themselves to do this and so hid her existence, telling everyone they'd killed the child while hiding her away in another town to just be raised as a normal wyndian, though she still had sparse contact with her parents (And her sister also knew that Nina was alive, but was never told the reason for her living away, causing her to be confused when everyone at the castle treats nina like a stranger).Then her dad gets sick and the local church dude says "This is the fault of evil and wickedness, and you need to pray to god to forgive you for all your sins! And probably kill your daughter too while you're at it!", which pisses her and her family off.Nina then tries to utilize her family/race's racial power and turn into the great bird like BOF 1's nina after defeating BOF 1's nina's ghost in a fight, who tells her that because she (BOF 1 nina) married Ryu from that game, their bloodline is weak and the bird power will turn her into a dumb animal if she does it.Mina then steals the power and does the ceremony herself because she's upset at always having been lied to and realizing just how powerless she's always been compared to nina fighting evil and having to shoulder hardship unlike her, and so Nina loses her father to Illness AND her sister to becoming a dumb animal because of the Church.

>>590664775>>590665681>>590665884>>590666359If I ever got to do a Capcom crossover game and could insert one character from every BoF I'd probably go:BoF 1: RyuBoF 2: KattBoF 3: NinaBof 4: Fou LuBoF 5: Fuck, Bosch, I guess

>>590657414Megaman Battle Network collection with online play.

>>590675562Oh fuck yeah, this.

A BOF collection would be a mess. Two of the games were on SNES with one being a buggy mess. Two were on PS1. One was on PS2 that had a stupid timer on a 20-50 hour long RPG that could render your save unwinnable halfway in if you weren't careful. And the last one was a Japanese-only Mobile-only game that was more of an MMO that relied on an online connection.The series peaked at 3 and they clearly had no idea what to do with 4 and especially 5. I can't even speak for 6. Also how the hell did they get away with having a nude catgirl on a SNES era Nintendo game?

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>>590676026>they clearly had no idea what to do with 4Tell that to the people working on the graphics. BoF4 is probably one of the prettiest sprite games ever made. The oriental music is also 10/10. I'd say BoF4 is the second best in the series. What complaint do you have with it?Also, knowing Capcom, a collection would only have the first 4 games, maybe even the first 3 or, god help us, only the first 2.

>>590676026the same way they managed to get away with nekkid fairies on later titles.

>>590676026What's wrong with 4? I think 3 is the best in the series, but 4 is generally rated the highest of the group; its got great sprite art and a good plot.>PS2 one could render your save unwinnableAnon, dying/losing WAS the point. You were supposed to lose/reset your game multiple times to "beat" it.Like, I can understand finding that frustrating (Its not my cup of tea), but that is literally its design, its not "unwinnable", its meant to set you back to restart.Its a roguelike essentially.

>>590676782>user, dying/losing WAS the point. You were supposed to lose/reset your game multiple times to "beat" it.That might work for a rougelite where a run is anywhere from 30 to max 120 minutes, not so much for a 20-50 hour JRPG.

>>590676985>not so much for a 20-50 hour JRPG.I beat the game last year in around 20 hours, and that's considering I unlocked some D ratio doors and stuff. How in God's name do you take 50 hours?

>>590657414MML collection with the Demo Build of MML3

Seems to me like everyone wants collections of Capcom's RPGs (BoF and MM BN). Why did Capcom forsake the genre? >Hurr durr but Monster Hunter Stories exists!You go and tell me MHS has the same depth as BoF or BN with a straight face. I dare you. I've beaten both, I've spent hours in dens and Everdens. You can't bullshit me.

>>590676985>50 houri really hope you're factoring in the length of the secret dungeon

>>590676985The game's more like a 10 hour game from start to finish though; if you didn't die and reset it'd be over in the blink of an eye.Plus, there was some minor stuff that would be revealed on resets (like the fairy cooing in the guy's ear who was wondering wtf was going on with his ear) to at least make it a little livened up.Its not my favorite game (And I think it would have been much better received if they'd made it an original game rather than a BOF game), but lets not exaggerate its game length.

>>590677516>if you didn't die and reset it'd be over in the blink of an eye.I saw a BoF series speedrun relay last month. It was kind of funny seeing how BoF 4 took over 8 hours and then suddenly Dragon Quarter barely lasted an hour.

>>590677703yeah. One reason I don't really like the game too much.I prefer my rpgs to let me "take it slow" and explore and be chill about things, grinding if I want to and with lots of sidequests.

>>590677145>>590677485>i really hope you're factoring in the length of the secret dungeonhowlongtobeat.com/game?id=1322Generally 22 to 45.5 hours, I rounded that to 20-50. You realize that means up to a max of 50, not 50 being the standard right?

>>590657414Buy level 5 and make Yokai watch

>>590677953I've stopped believing in HLTB when concerning JRPGs after all of my times were well under their supposed averages. I've just started assuming Americans have shit reading skills and take eons to read a single dialogue box, pumping up the supposed playtime.

>>590677482>You go and tell me MHS has the same depth as BoF or BN with a straight face.Ah, but did they have the SALES of monster hunter?That's all capcom cares about.

>>590677953so what's the point in calling it a 50 hour rpg to complain about the SOL system when the circumstances in which you'd play it for 50 hours necessitate multiple runs of the main story and frequent use of the SOL system

>>590679503Again, 50 hours is max. I said 20-50, not just 50.

>>590680996which is like saying that a roguelike is 30 minutes to 30 hours long

>>590657414Dragon Quarter HD.

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>>590681308Standard playthrough is about 22 hours, so no, not like that at all.

A legends collection would be the PERFECT way for capcom to gauge fans desire for 3.

>>590658670I’m usually not one who wants to spend money on games, but if capcom ever put out a mega man legends collection I’d buy it immediately

>>590678267Sales are what any company cares about. You guys sound like fucking retards whenever you try to make this point.

>>590683215I fear they condemned that part of the building with the people still inside. Maybe a remastering to guage. Wonder how they'd change the artstyle for mml3



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>>590695437Zoomer here what are those endings ?

>>590663690Those are part of SF 30th anniversary collection

>>590695530>Zoomer here what are those endings ?.Pic related, They had to remove it so Cero won't give them a more mature rating.

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>>590657414Monster Hunter classic>Monster Hunter PS2>Dos>Freedom Unite

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