Imagine missing out on Pokemania...

Imagine missing out on Pokemania, the peak blend of 90's laizefaire life and top notch consoomerism if you were between 6 - 10, just before the internet could spoil the urban legends hidden in the gameI still have a complete set of all the cards from Base, complete with the shitty permanent marker I drew on the card folder when I was 8

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>>590653261I dunno man, when I interact with pokemon fans that grew up in that era, they're always weirdos. Glad you had fun, but quite frankly I have enough problems and I don't need to add a pokemon obsession to that.

>>590653261My mother forbade me from playing pokemon because she was christian and read a pamphlet that said pokemon was evil.

i still have some of these gold niggas in my closet

>>590653261>laizefaireAmerican education at work

>>590653261While it wasn't as big and long lasting, the closest we got to the 90s poke craze was the Pokemon GO era.

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>>590653261Ill be honest, these were cool as fuck but for the most part collecting fast food trinkets was such a waste.

>>590653261I remember the night the first movie came out my mom took my friend and I to Burger King after our karate class and that Burger King was fucking packed with people wanting those gold cards!

>>590653261I missed out on all of this because my parents were die-hard evangelicals. During the 90s it felt like there was a big panic over bio-engineering and the idea of wantonly 'playing God' (see: Dolly, Earmouse) and pokemon seemed to fall into that stuff as being satanic

>>590653261This is like that reddit post where the guy's lamenting that his dead friend never saw Endgame or Pickle Rick. That's what you sound like, OP.

>>590653447ask her how she feels about it now

>>590653261I’m 19 and Pokémon was still huge when I was a young kid.

>>590653784forgot pic

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>>590653874Ear mouse pokemon when?

>>590653261My friend had the Charizard one here in Australia, we didn't have that promotion so it was rare for someone to have one. I hated him for it, it was like having a Charizard card on steroids.

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>>590653261Chris chan is that you

>>590653445I can't really do it justice bud, you really had to be there you know?>>590653447That sucks, my parents were split but bought me the stuff and took me to the events>>590653509Extremely based, I don't have my golds but I have a couple WotC badges from tournaments, the Boulder and Cascade badges>>590653519Yes it means relaxed and less strict retard. I'm aware of its convention as an economic policy>>590653694Even hoodrat niggers stopped robbing people and would point out where good pokemon spawned, that was a wild summer!>>590653695>>590653731Getting that pokemon big kids meal was basado though, and playing pokemon snap on the n64 demo pillar>>590653796Sorry you couldn't experience it, life really went downhill after pokemania so that was probably your last chance for such an international craze of its kind>>590653871It wasn't

>>590653261>you missed out on consuming these corporate advertisementsI find this a very strange mindset to be proud

>>590653871Sure it was popular when you were a kid but nowhere near the levels of popularity during the late 90s. I saw the 1st movie on opening night. That shit was packed. To the point that people and kids were sitting in the walkways.


>>590654412>mass replierOP ya ruined it

>>590654412It's spelled laissez-faire, retard.

>pokemonit sucks now it sucked back then tooGen 1 and 2 weren''t goodThe new gens aren't goodThe games are bad now and the games were bad thenThe fanbase is full of furries, zoophiles and pedophiles.

>>590654698Ruined what?Is it really hard to believe I might just be in a nostalgia mood for my childhood and want to share that with others who got to be there?

>>590653261did you know these aren't actually gold.

>>590654805Not at all. But being a gay faggot with no etiquette makes your thread shitty.Sorry, I don't make the rules.

>>590655040Sorry you missed out pal, you really had to be there, don't know what else to say.

For me it was the Jurassic Park watches

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>parents threw out my pokemon cards in '06 when i left for college

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>>590655040>he spaces out his posts like he spaces his reddit postslol!

>>590655151I was there and I thought your thread had promise, that's why i opened it. Then you decided to be reddit af.If you want to have a faggy muh special childhood thread there are two whole boards that cater specifically to your precious wittle feels.

>>590655342I HAD THE TECHNO TIME ONE, used to pretend when I opened it, it opened the goldeneye pause menu for real life

>>590655342oh shit I had forgotten about these. were they a promo with something or did you have to buy it on its own?

itll never be replicated. with the internet, social media, seemingly infinite media and abIlity for anyone to make media, itll never be replicated. fortnite was the closest but still not on the same level

>>590653796endgame was was infinity war that was a shame to miss

>>590655342This sent shivers down my spine, like reawakening some distant memory, thank you user I had forgot all about these, I collected these and had all but that 3-D one. Jurassic park came out when I was 6 and I think everything I owned after that movie was dinosaur themed.

>>590653261Meh. I had pogs, and the best part about pogs is they went away. Wish the same could be said of Pokemon.

>>590655505>>590655546$1.99 with a meal purchase

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>>590653261i was 11 when pokemon red and blue came out so i pretty much experienced everything in the 90s. ended up losing interest in it though around the time ruby and sapphire came out. started playing yugioh so that hobby took over. i still picked up the pokemon games but never really invested too much into it.pretty much just beat them and then moved on.

>>590655342I forgot about these but I definitely had both the Stego and the Dino Eye. Fucking based, user.

Someone stole my Pikachu :(

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>>590655505my friend had that one. I was kinda jelaous, but I got the eye one and still loved it.I have no idea what happened to it though.>>590656228thanks for the trip down memory lane, user.

>>590656424most true pokefans quit at gen 3. only the secondaries who cared more about the social aspect of it, or new young kids, kept playing gen 3 onwards

>>590653261>I still have a complete set of all the cards from BaseWhat the fuck are you doing keeping them? That's hundreds of thousands of dollars you could potentially make selling them, to hell with nostalgia.

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>>590653261Two kids suffocated on these things and there was a big recall. For a while they gave you a free small order of fries for turning one in. I found one while cleaning last year but they don't accept them anymore.

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>>590656676A lot of people that grew up with it dropped it at either gen 3 or 4 and got back into it in late high school/college at Gen 6/7

>>590656961>That's hundreds of thousands of dollars you could potentially make selling themnot really.they arent really worth that much anymore.

anyone remember $1 big macs and 25 cent colas from the vending machine

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>>590657139>thanks for the trip down memory lane, user.For me it was in elementary school during Gen 1 then like a few months after G/S came out kids started growing out of pokemon (pokefags, etc.)I think it started getting popular again when they rereleased gen1 on the gba.


>>590653509same I have a gold mewtwo

do mcdonalds/burger king kids meals still come with promotional toys? felt like every time a new movie came out you'd see them back in those days.

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>>590657831I think so, there was something about scalping faggots vacuuming up all the promotional shit for the 25th anniversary

>>590653261The actual burgers are shit

>>590657831The big thing now is/was Pokemon cards and like >>590657990 said, scalpers were buying them all up. Even the boxes that the food came in.

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>>590653874This made me think of south park, but then I remembered it wasn't an ear.

anyone else ever take interest in the e-reader bullshit? i got this fucker in my closet somewhere

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>>590658446I have the Eon Ticket from Nintendo Power

>>590658556pics right now fucker

>>590653261the good old days before they ruined BK, i want to go back>>590655342i had the techno time watch>>590657108damn i remember hearing about that on the radio, wish i kept some of them.>>590657831damn it i hate my self, i still had some of the toys but got rid of them when i moved 2 years ago

>>590658620I guess

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People who grew up during Pokemania grew out of Pokemon right when it hit the peak of Gens 3-5, so I'm glad for my experience. Who I do feel sorry for are the kids who are growing up with Gens 6+ as their first introduction to the series.

>>590660024Why? My kid has been watching the original Anime and playing Soul Silver.

>>590653261I win

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>>590660024Gen 6+ are fine the weirdest ones are the ones whose first game was V, they specifically seem to be really weird.

>>590654412>op thinks this thread is his blog

>>590659946very good

did anyone else have these as a kid? My parents wouldnt let me have a gameboy but I had these and played them a ton

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>>590653261I still have all mine in their original box along.

Any UKfags remember getting up on Saturday mornings to watch the Pokémon episode played during SM:TV Live?

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>'90s kid nostalgia threadsplease god tell me we're back in 2007

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>>590660024>Who I do feel sorry for are the kids who are growing up with Gens 6+ as their first introduction to the series.why? im sure kids that grew up with those pokemon can look back and say that gen 1 pokemon all look generic and shit but of course you wont be able to admit that because of nostalgia reasons. gen 6 pokemon does generally suck though.

>>590653261Shit man. I had the First Movie edition Dragonite. I was really into Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Gold.

>>590660024the only people who think gen 3-5 are the peak are zoomers who started with gen 3-5

>born too early to enjoy Pokémon craze>born just in time to remember 9/11>born too late to understand zoomer memesI don't even know what I'm doing anymore, lads.

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Always loved late 90s early 2000s mainstream game merch

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>>590662654nobody understands zoomer memes, user. don't let it get to ya.

>>590662654>memesI don't even understand what they are saying, the other day I won the objective and some kid was screaming "dat was so high pitch bro for real no cap".

>>590653261Imagine missing out on peak consume in the late XXs. You're never gonna consume product like we did in XXs.

>>590663680Pokemania was something else, you'll never have an entire church and all the news channels talking about a single videogame anymore

>>590653261We'll probably never get to that level again, but I'd say Fortnite and Among Us both got pretty close for a brief moment. Too bad I was just barely too old to experience Fortnite hype, it looked genuinely fun to be a part of even if it was pure retardation.

>>590664062I miss when the world fundamentally enjoyed RPG games, now normies see RPG mechanics as a limitation.

>consumerism thread

>>590664274welcome to Holla Forums-videogames, maybe you've mistaken it for something else because of the influx of Holla Forumsfags but there is at least a sliver of differentiation.

>>590664132People don't hate RPGs, they just hate how god awful the menus and sound effects are in 99% of them. I feel like people that are fans of rpgs are so used to their quirks they forget that the average person considers listening to the same 10 second chip tune loop while sorting shit in a menu while also doing basic chore quests to be a sign that you have psychosis. That's why Persona 5 and New Vegas are actually so beloved by normalfags. The music is actually pleasant on the ears, gameplay isn't stopped for half a minute so you can watch some slow ass intro, quests aren't just 50 hours of "hey can you go kill a squirrel for me", and the characters aren't just 30 year old tropes. I fucking hate Persona 5 but when it was good it was amazing.


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>>590653261Still have my pokemon binder with the original tcg cards.Battling dudes at school was the shit.

anyone else have these?apparently they're worth a decent amount on ebay atm ofc I don't wanna sell mine, they're too fun and super scuffed from me spinning them into each other beyblade style to see which pokemon marble was stronger, also were very colorful

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>>590664956>battling tcgas a kid I couldn't tell you how the game worked, I just liked collecting the cardsalso I had 0 energy cards so I couldn't attempt to play anyway

>>590653812Most of the "I'm christian and you can't watch this cartoon" types of boomers are now communists.

>>590653261The first fast food place in my hometown was a Burger King. It opened just before they rolled out those Poke Balls. My friend and I were 8 and would go out and get one like every week. Fast food fucked me up. God bless America.

>>590655358>Mom sold all my old vidya that I didn't take to campus with meEverything from my NES to Dreamcast, including my bootleg Japanese import games and gold Ocarina of Time cart with the Muslim mirror shield.Went PC after that, so I know all my games are with me.

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>>590664274Worlds getting nuked soon so fuck you redditor. We will discuss.

>>590665510The fuck is wrong with moms

>>590665028Last complete set on Ebay sold for $530. Good luck user.

>>590653261Stop fucking reminding me of Pokemania! every time someone brings it up I'm transported back to my childhood! Or at least give me a list of shit you all want me to pick up while I'm in the 90s.

>>590665827>!I hate you

>>590662232You act like the new games aren't already stuffed full of old Pokemon anyway. Kids playing SWSH for the first time won't see a difference between Caterpie or Grubbin.

>>590653261>tfw I got to live the 90s arcades, pokemania and the age of mmorpgs in the early 00sfeels good to be an early millennial

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my first watchlong since dead batterywise but its fun to move the ball around in the water

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I was in all this shitlooking back, i wasted my teenage years on this garbage

>>590666074I was hooking up with qt teenage girls while my friends were playing wow, and I hated it, every single minute of it, I hated being a normie and missed a lot of good games

>>590665116We were kids so the rules were made up and the energy didn't matter. Only rules I remember is that evos beat non evos and mon that didn't evolve needed to be hit 3 times to die unless they were hit by a super effective type.I fucking abused being the only kid with Raichu and would sweep kids trying to get their fake starters going.

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I stole my friend's Pokemon Silver cartridge back then. It was just laying on his bedroom floor, neglected.

>>590653261taking this out of your pencil box in first grade

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>>590653694The summer of pokemon go was pretty chill. Me and the lads at work would hit up parks on lunch to catch shit and hang out.


>>590666160When I was in high school I desperately wanted to be a normie and played sports year round thinking that was how you got popular but it didn't work so I started working out in addition to sports and it still didn't work so I just did sport>work out>vidya cycle.

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I have two sets of those gold things. One of the sets is still sealed but also probably worthless

>>590666253>>590666261I stole my friend's Squirtle eraser. It made me feel terrible, never stole anything again.

>>590660105>Not the gen 3 tazos with the pokeball I pity you

>>590653261>Literally last night>Big bro and nephews come over to go through some collection of pokemon shit they got for $30 while I'm house sitting>My bro mentions I still have my cards>Immediate look of avarice in their tiny little eyes for my dumb-ass pokemon cards>"blabla logan paul blabla charazards"I do kind of feel like digging through my closet for them now.

Anyone ever use this?

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Imagine missing out on Turtle Mania, Beanie baby mania, Tamagatchi mania, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers mania, ect, ect but yes Pokemon was the biggest and by far most fun

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>>590666685I used this once I wish I knew where the results were no matter how mediocre it was

>>590666021>playing Marvel 2 in the arcade>getting gud at your favorite team>finally being able to beat the local champ with your dumb team after wasting hundreds of quarters because you just liked BB Hood, Sansone, and Shuma-gorrathThose beautiful days are gone forever, but still if for some weird reason you see this gg Chauncey you were rad.

>>590653694yeah that was a good summer. i think this was a big boon for pokemon's brand image too because it reminded everybody pokemon still existed and can still be "cool"

>>590666160this is just Fortnite in the 90scringe as fuck

>>590666887Being cringe before society makes you into a faggot that is too worried about being cringe is the most fun you have in life.

>>590666685Only once. I still have my stickers on my card folder case.

>>590653261It was super funEverything was shrouded in mystery since the global supply chains weren't super fast and rumours would spread easily. Fortnitemania felt pretty similar, with every single child performing the in-game taunts.

>>590667017seethe, zoomerall this shit stunted your autism

Are any of the Switch Pokemon games worth a buy?

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>>590666685Had to have. If anyone lives in the Boston area, the Replay'd store in Allston has one of these.

>>590667285PLA is fun, Swsh has the best multiplayer in series but since Gen 9 is coming out in 5-6 months may be better to just wait for that since Swsh is also at end of life cycle.


At least Poliwhirl isn't the mascot for Pokemon

>>590666685Man it's a shame my Hey You Pikachu! N64 didn't survive the decades. That gane kinda sucked but it's spiritual successor was so much worse. Literally watch tv the game

>>590667745>After 365 gameplay days, Professor Oak notifies the player that Pikachu, still a wild Pokémon, must be released. The player ventures to the woods to find Pikachu and repeatedly says "goodbye", into the microphone upon which Pikachu realizes it must return to the wild. The fuck I don't remember that part. Maybe I got bored

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>>590666685still have my printout of mew

>>590667285all trash except Snap on a sale

>>590654412fuck off to /vp/ retardno wonder you're a pokefag, you're such a fucking weirdo

>>590667869I remember it taking a pretty long time but googling it says 10 hours. Doesn't sound right though because each day is like 5-10 minutes.

>>590653261Now, this is nostalgia I didn't ask for......times were simpler bros.

I was born in 1997 but I have a bother 6 years older than meI've spent literally my entire life idolizing the past and hating myself for being born when I was because of all the hand me downs from him that made my childhood a muddy mishmash of cultures from different decadesI'm literally having a breakdown right now because I'm watching a decade old anime and searching up decade old threads in the archives for it because I'm still desperately chasing the past and no matter what I do I feel like I've missed out on everything great and missed out on discussion and culture for things I would've loved when it was current and it's tearing me apart even to this very dayplease stop making it worsewhy wasn't I born earlierwhy wasn't I on 4chan earlierI want to be freeI want to be able to live

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>>590668115Being a kid in post 9/11 culture sounds awful but you should probably know we weren't on here talking about Pokemon season 1 lol

>>590668103I remember it being longer too if only to get around and do the crap you're supposed too. I suppose you can Harvest Moon it and sleep everyday instead? It's been 20 years I'm not sure

>>590653261My mom was a teacher and gave me a drawing guide with gen 1 Pokémon in it around the time they were airing indigo league on boomerang. Glad I caught a glimpse of that comfiness before it was obliterated by corporate greed and tasteless fans later down the line

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>>590668285lolPokémon was full of corporate greed since the very beginning.

>>590668214I don't even remember 9/11which doesn't make sense to me, because I have clear memories of playing games from when I was 3

>>590653261When I was in second grade I had that golden Pikachu card in your pic, Some girl from grade 4 came and asked if she could see it then grabbed it and ran away into the school halls where I couldn't find her Bitch

>>590668115bro the games are there for anyone to play no matter the time. You can go and emulate Gen I or whatever other 90s games just fine. 4chan shitposting is all the same, back then and now. We now have wojaks instead of trollfaces and reddit frogs instead of orly owls.

>>590655342God fucking damn it. I loved my Dino Eye. I think I might even still have it.

>>590655342I had the dino eye watch

>>590653694Pokemon go was such a piece of shit wasted opportunityInstead of just making a full pokemon game with battling, trading, etc. They made a barebones ball throwing simulator and called it a day. And every pokemon was disposable because there was no way to level them, you just catch a stronger one and it's immediately better and you turn the old ones into "candies"... So you go around catching soulless throwaway creatures for no reason and can't even battle or trade them with your bros...

>>590653694Gen 1 Pokemon Go It was amazing, I felt like a kid again. Going out with groups of friends looking for Pokemon, stumbling across other players and making new friends. Large community gatherings of people just hanging out occasionally rushing towards spots where rare Pokemon would spawn. It was a magical time and the game had so much potential, and then Niantic did everything in their power to fucking destroy it and turn it into another soulless mobile game cash grab.

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>>590668115Also 1997 here, it wasn't that bad. I played most 64/gamecube growing up and it was a blast. Then halo and stuff in late grade to middle school. Just remember the good times and be glad they happened. Also be glad you weren't born into the current era, imagine this hell being your childhood.

For me it was bionicles

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>>590654805If you're really in a nostalgic mood then you'd be better served by posting this shit on the right board. /vp/

>>590668382Same but I'm not American, I remember them invading Iraq though.And the kids news channel in my country even played reruns of "ladies and gentlemen, we got him", it was even a meme at school for a few days so it was weirdly nostalgic to see it become a legit meme many years later.

>>590666261I had this but just used it as a toy because I didn't want him to get full of nasty ass pencil lead dust and shavings

>>590653261I had pokemon goldone time I knew i was about to get in trouble so i hid my gameboy so that my mom wouldn't ground me from it but I forgot where I hid it and couldn't find it for a month

>>590653261>are we there yet>no>are we there yet>no

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>>590668706Thats always been my problem with Digimon games, I want a partner with at least a token personality. Ironically the only game that does this is a SMT for Kids game trying to catch the Pokemon craze

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>>590653694>you don't live in the timeline where Pokemon Go was more than just catching on launch day.pain.

>>590668972post it

>>590668115>>590668883Look at it this way, there were kids who were old enough to see the poke crazy but were too fucking poor to join in. The only reason I was able to play Blue Version at all is because my rich cousin let me borrow his gameboy for a week. By now, you should be able to afford anything you want if you're working. In retrospect, being poor as a kid probably cause Current me to buy all these rare yugioh cards because I couldn't get them when I was a kid.

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>>590661781I remember ant, dec, and kat yeah

bros... what if pokemania and all the importing of this japanese culture to america was a half-century long psyop by a secret ultra-nationalist japanese cabal group as revenge for the bombings of nagasaki and hiroshima?

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>>590668706>And every pokemon was disposable because there was no way to level them, you just catch a stronger one and it's immediately better and you turn the old ones into "candies"God I fucking hated this so much when I was playing it.>catch mon I like>low CP so in order to level it up, I need to use candies>but the only way to get candies is by catching more of that pokemon (or walking a few km when partner pokemon were introduced)>as you're catching that pokemon again to grind for candies, you're bound to already find another with a greater CP>also you need candies to evolve your mons so spending candies on leveling is a wasteIt didn't help that the candies barely gave any CP in the first place and to catch higher CP mons, you'd need to level up your trainer. It also didn't help that leveling is a fucking grindfest since it has MMO levels of exp scaling, but the exp you gain is always the same.

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Are you fags literally 30 years old? Fucking lmao

>>590669768Yeah that's what anime is for. Pure brain rot.

>>590668115I recently watched Gurren Laggan last week and up until then I always connected "row row fight tha powah" song with those old Holla Forums animations of user and moot riding on the back of longcat fighting people or whatever, now I get it and also realised several references to the show in things I likeMy point is, you can always catch up

>>590653447I was in a similar boat growing up. My mom didn't care one bit, but my dad was super against me owning anything Pokémon. It's not that he thought it was satanic or anything, but as a Creationist, creatures "evolving" was a huge "no".Also wasn't allowed to watch DragonBall Z and other anime. Even some cartoons, like EE&E, he deemed too crass for my child brain.Really, this was just the burden of being the first-born. My youngest brother played Pokémon, watched anime, played violent video games, etc. and my dad didnt give one single fuck.

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>>590657108>two kids suffocated on these 5cm diameter spheresFucking how? Why are americans so retarded? Americans are bizarre.

>>590665679Parents do not respect their children’s stuff, yet they also get mad when said children do not respect them

>>590669450>if you're workingI've never had a jobI'm still completely dependent on my parents

>>590659946Is it really that rare, I found mine in a used copy of Pokémon XD

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>>590670174Hello fellow first born with parents who gave you nothing but shit and your younger siblings whatever they wanted.

>>590670062but you'll never be there in the moment experiencing it with everyone elsethat kind of pure experience can only happen once in a lifetime and is impossible to recreate if you didn't have itmaybe I'm just insane but I really value being able to talk about things here and desperately crave that type of thing, so even when I'm going back and watching these great older shows all I can feel is the despair from missing out on thatI don't know how to cope with itit's even worse for things that I could have actually participated in but didn't for one reason or another, it just makes me feel so fucking awful

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>>590670174Born in '89 here and I never understood this whole thing with other religious families having issues with certain vidya/books. My parents were Christians but they never had any issues with me playing violent video games or stuff like Pokemon. Though I do remember my mom getting mad at my dad after being told by my uncle that I was playing an M rated game, Soldier of Fortune & Fallout 2, but after they asked me if I realized that it was just a game and violence was bad in real life, they didn't care after.Hell, my best friends family was MUCH more hardcore Christian than my family and even he could play Pokemon. Though man I feel bad for him growing up, his parents would only let him play literally only 30 minutes of video games per day and he had to pay 25 cents out of his allowance each time to actually use the TV/Nintendo

Attached: 18-3d-doritos-were-launched-in-the-early-2000s-and-discontinued-a-few-years-later-jpg_171247.jpg (500x608, 68.66K)


>>590670872>XDfuck off


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>>590671051>Born in '89 hereSameMy family was crazy religious>they took away my Pokémon cards>wasn’t allow to play OoT because it had devil symbols>couldn’t fuck watch DBZ because it was too violentGuess that why I dedicated my adulthood, to collecting retro games and anime because I was told no all the time

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I sold all my Pokemon cards in 2000 or 2001 for $500. I don't remember what I bought with it, probably video games.

Attached: 1444953547271.gif (342x342, 404.49K)

>>590670967Yeah? no shit? I dunno man, I guess try to look out for whatever the hot new semi-underground thing is and jump on it so you can talk about it fondly in like 10 years There must be some media you experienced in the moment with others

>>590668706Woah, are you saying they made a bad game and became THE biggest rage in a decade while they could've made a good game and get the same result but make people with actual taste happy?Damn I wonder why they didn't do the latter????

>>590668795Ask me how I know you are barely of age.

>Zoomers think Pokemon: Go-yim was anything like real 90s Pokemania

Attached: brock2.png (988x716, 502.86K)

>>590671932It was pretty much the closest thing to it

>>590669772>>590668706>>590653694I just started playing Pokemon GO again last April since I got a decent enough phone and it's been pretty good. Just had the Johto event and several Winter events leading up to the current events and season which are tropical themed. Leveling isn't that bad either. I was level 8 in May and I'm now level 40. My only gripe is the raid system is kinda shit. My raid party fell through and 3 of us tried and failed to beat Mega Venusaur.

>>590672003No way, Pokemon Go was only big due to Pokemania nostalgia.

>>590655362You're trying too hard to fit in, you dumb faggot. Stop mimicking (or trying to mimic) shit you've seen other people say.

I had a fuckton of Pokemon merchandise, but never had a gameboy.

I was like 11~12 or so when Pokémon came out in America, and it seemed amazing time for a kid my age then. It was sudden too. I returned to school 2nd semester and every kid in the cafeteria had binders of cards (some MTG) and my friends had Gameboys with link cables and game sharks playing through middle school. I was so oblivious to it all and quickly got into it. It also got me into anime media as well.>>590666685Yeah, our blockbuster had it>>590668382I think that's normal, we just focus on things we're interested in, I remember playing with toys at a very young age or a tv show but know nothing of major news events. We might have just found it boring or background noise (selective memories).

>>590662950Love the art style. Especially the colors.

>>590671703They also should have had the pokemon spawns vary based on terrain/geographical location. Water Pokemon would only spawn near ACTUAL bodies of water. Ocean pokémon near actual oceans. Snow pokémon in high altitude/mountains. Give each country a few exclusive "mascot" pokemon that fit their theme, I.e. Canada gets bidoof, america gets braviary, France gets a frog, Iran gets Persian. you get the idea. Then , if they also had trading, there'd be extra social incentive to meet other people and trade with them. See what kind of rare things they've caught.

>>590672530>Water Pokemon would only spawn near ACTUAL bodies of waternormalfags would hate all this and your audience is normalfags tripping on nostalgia so no never gonna happen

>>590672530No one cares bro. People shoveled that shit into their mouth just like they always do and they had to put in only minimal effort. No one cares about making a 'good game' they care about making money.

>>590668115Stop it user, there's nothing wrong with you enjoying stuff from the bygone eras but don't let it consume you.Try to find something modern to enjoy.

>>590653261You fags were moulded into consoomers, drones that will defend even the lowest effort attempts from the corporation you love that are now killing the industry so thanks for that. Pic related is you.

Attached: (804x273, 36.5K)

>>590653261I was there for it. It was as good as OP says.Incidentally, Gen 6 finally gave us the PokeGods so it's better than gen 4 and 5. Bring back Megas.

Attached: giga.jpg (1242x1394, 91.71K)

>>590673071>seething zoomer can do nothing to refute OP, just spouts r/antiwork buzzwords Ya love to see it

>ancient mew>no bro i can read this trust me

>>590666181you're raichu a shit

>>590673349What's there to refute? OP is proud of his consoomerism despite it suffocating the industry today. Instead of taking responsibility he's retreating to his nostalgia

>>590672892I don't know howno matter what I do I can't stop chasing the pastI've been like this my whole life

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>that kid whose favorite pokemon was drowsy

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>>590653261>Made my mom buy this shit, plus plenty of other crap when I was young with what little money we had>Shit has actually gone up in price over the years>>590657108I still have a ton of these. My niece pretends they're apples and clips them onto a tree I have in my backyard

>>590670174Found the spic

>>590670582They fell asleep with half the pokeball over their face. Apparently they were really young, like less than a year old iirc.

>>590670967I get what you mean, watching a series for the first time as it comes out on /a/ was and is special. Best advice is to come up with new shit, or if you really need to get a hit of that feel look for blind reactions/reviews of stuff on youtube. They tend to be clickbaity and/or full of normalfags, but occasionally you'll find a good one and it will scratch that itch of "sharing the first experience of something with a friend" that's impossible to replicate.

Am I crazy or did Neopets toys at McDonald's last a couple years?

>>590653261Those pokeballs were designed poorly. I remember the new story about a girl who suffocated on one and died. Years later I found my old one and put it up to my mouth as an adult and it really did get stuck. Kind of horrifying.

>>590673843I know the feeling, but if all you do is look backwards in time you might miss out on what's currently around you.

>>590674292Not the ball in OP's pic but the plastic one that came with the kids meal toy.

>>590657108two real life gastlys exist somewhere


Remember when high fantasy became popular again in the early 2000's?Comfy LotR feels.

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>>590653261I still have my KFC zubat

Attached: m_5fa4954f275e5527080dbfd6.jpg (580x580, 68.85K)

>>590674858>Remember when high fantasy became popular again in the early 2000's?...No? Did it really become popular again or were the LotR movies just popular?

>>590668115>why wasn't I on 4chan earlier>I want to be able to livekek

>>590674202>>590674373I like being a part of the discussion more than anything, even reaction video shit doesn't help with thatI know the answer is to just focus on current shit but my interests are so narrow and the things I do get interested in I really obsess over, so when I do it with an old show it just makes my feelings of longing and missing out that much worseI just don't like trying new things

>>590675318>fomo retardGet a life, you are too sheltered, try the real world and you'll stop worrying about that crap

>>590665191no, they're the people going ape mode when someone brings up communism

>>590675318By all means do what makes you happy, just don't let hobbies turn into unhealthy obsessions.

How many tens of thousands of dollars is this guy worth now?

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>>590658378yeah it was a penis, you can say penis on 4chan it won't send you to hell user :)



>>590675806I think you posted before typing some zeroes, friend. I think you're forgetting that this was an exclusive Pokemon card only given to a select few who saw Pokemon The First Movie in theaters.

>>590653447I was in the same boat with Harry Potter. I probably dodged a bullet though considering how that franchise ended up.

Attached: 64719_1_ftc.jpg (514x776, 110.16K)

local card shop had a pokenight on tuesdays or something. you could get points from trading cards with other people, doing battles, etc. after you fill a page youd get little metal badges like from the show. couple kids and some fat sweaty neckbeards. but some neckbeard had hacked his game and gave me and my friends a bunch of mews

I actually wonder how many kids have had their consoles taken away these days when a literal devil skin shows up. I've worked with people who think the devil is a real physical person and think that media is used to corrupt and tempt us. If Pokemon wouldn't fly I could only imagine a kid gets his fucking Xbox smashed every time this skin is rotated in.

Attached: fortnite-outfit-dominion-816x853.jpg (816x853, 90.79K)

>>5906667511990 here. I was just a little too late for the Ninja Turtles mania. I experienced everything else though. My mom wouldn't let me watch Power Rangers because she thought it was too violent so I watched VR Troopers and Beetleborgs instead. Also that show with the talking motorcycle.

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 236.05K)

>>590676206Stuff like this isn't even a blip on the radar anymore since Christianity is basically a niche religion at this point. You don't remember Obama telling everyone that we're no long a Christian nation anymore? That was back in 2008.


>>590676852The moral puritans have swapped colors.They no longer hold a bible when they preach to others but a pride flag.

>>590675886>>590675806No that user's right. At best you're getting $35 for a sealed mint condition ancient mew. they weren't that rare, they literally handed them out to every patron in theatres across the country. There's so many in circulation that they're nothing special.This blue eyes is the same case but I'd buy this thing again over the mew because it can actually be played in the tcg.

Attached: Blue Eyes Shining Dragon.jpg (309x450, 47.6K)

>>590677018And it looks pretty as hell.

>>590666021Being born in the late 80's-early 90's really was the best time. You got to experience some of the tail end of the 80's stuff plus the entirety of the 90's and early 00's as a kid.

Attached: Kg8slPt3NLUmkEA-KLKfhRYyDj0IyWqfyUFhiEpUgh8.png (1195x1102, 2.31M)

>>590670174God it must suck to have actual fucking retards for parents

>>590677253>no MediEvilTerrible image.

Attached: best game ever.jpg (640x635, 64.82K)

>>590677016True. The point I was trying to make though was that (outside of very hardcore Christian families) people don't give a shit about any of that stuff anymore. The days of boomers bitching about satanic pokemans and Harry Potter teaching kids black magic are long gone.

Attached: igtmtohnb8c41.jpg (1197x1030, 115.96K)

>>590655342I had techno time and 3d stego

>>590677253>no Twisted Metal 2

>>590664132>now normies see RPG mechanics as a limitation.Normies gobble up modern games with RPG mechanics in them though? What are you on about?

I grew up in the Gen 4 era, with a bit of 1 and 2. I never experienced 3.

Attached: 1644284352559.gif (498x280, 3.2M)

>>590653445That's your problem, you're talking to current pokemon fans that grew up in that era. All the normal people that got caught up in pokemania also stopped giving a shit like 15 years ago.

It's been 26 years, and most people are still only familiar with Generation I.

>>590653261Seeing this image brought back memories that i had forgotten. I can literally smell the Mcdonalds burgers and fries from looking at this image. I swear even the food tasted better back then too.

Attached: 1571887577803 (1).gif (375x346, 3.59M)

>>590678084> I swear even the food tasted better back then too.Glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed this

>>590669809Broccoli haired motherfucker.

>>590670174This was me. Being the first born really does fucking suck.

>>590665510> Muslim mirror shieldThe what now?Also I relate to this, my parents threw some of my old stuff away. Glad they didn’t find my old DS which I still have.

>>590677018>1st editionWait what the fuck? The YGO movie came out before standardized terms/errata like "GY" and "Quick Effect"

>>5906780423 is a strange era. 3 is when pokemania died down and Gamefreak had to play it safe or die. This is the same era where Digimon thought its a good idea to switch their theme of their series from monster partner to sentai. Guess which series died and which one lives.Its also the same era that brought Gardevoir, sexy Chicken, and Absol

Attached: 1581006659576.jpg (943x1200, 131.75K)

>>590674858Lord of the Rings isn't even high fantasy retard.

>>590667285>>590667985this user gets it. Snap is peak kino on the system. PLA is /fine/, but has been proven to be glorified tech demo. LGPE were horrid cash grabs, and SwooSh lives up to its abbreviation. Pokken, though, is fun.

>>590667285>snap>PLA>Mystery dungeon XD… if you interested in MD gamesThat’s it for now… I’m not exaggerating

>>590672530>>590668706I had the same thought as soon as it came out, "whats the fucking point of this "game"."The only appeal I could see is how collecting things is just some kind of human compulsion

My parents drove me a long way to go to thisémon_2000_Stadium_Tour

>>590653261Most people on this site weren't actually old enough to experience this.

>>590678084>I can literally smell the Mcdonalds burgers and fries from looking at this imageThis was Burger King.

How popular is Pokémon in your country?

>>590678321The gold cart versions of OOT (and a few of the early Grey carts) had a Islamic crest on them that was changed in the later versions. Also an Islamic chant in the fire temple along with a bunch of other things.

Attached: 2bb2ca35aea4198d443f3fa77cb688877cb710b5_hq.jpg (420x314, 14.66K)

>the 90's absolute fucking fantasicm with PokemonIt was a special time. T-shirts, frisbees, cards, movies, games, food, comics, posters ect ect ect ect ect ect ect.It was EVERYWHERE. And now, all these years later, Gyrados is still the best Pokemon, it's good to know i had peak taste as a kid.

Attached: gyaradoscharizardfinal_2_low-res.jpg (1600x2332, 3.08M)

>>590678084>I swear even the food tasted better back then tooIt did. A ton of fast food has started using cheaper ingredients over the years. Pizza Hut especially is known for this.


>>590678390Along with Conan the Barbarian, LotR helped birth what high fantasy is today.

>>590677016You're retarded if you think there aren't even more puritanical christians out there than ever before.Back in the day it was just priests and soccer moms who were convinced anime was the devil, now it's a legion of 20-something year old trad LARPing Holla Forumstards on top of that.

What year was the absolute peak of Pokemania? 1999? 2000?

>>590677852Christians are uppity shitheads, the only thing stopping them from banning 99% of the shit people like is the fact that politicians like money and the industries that come from it. The only people who think they've changed probably still live in suburbs and deal with almost lib tier Christianst. Lives in the heart of the bible

Attached: 1641771477191.png (358x380, 112.68K)

>>590653261life was never and will never be as good as those days. zoomers are blessed by the fact that they will never truly know this feeling. It will never be the same. It could never be the same. I am married now and thats about the only thing keeping me from ending it all. I can't do that to her, but its hard knowing life will never be that easy or great again.

>>590653694lol not even close


>>5906793652000 I'd say, thats when Gold and Silver came out, the peak of popularity.It was a fun time to be a pokemon fan.

>>590674858>Remember when high fantasy became popular again in the early 2000's?No? There were a few minor things that tried to cash in on the LOTR hype like Legend of the Seeker but Fantasy wouldn't really get popular in normalfag terms again until the next decade with Game of Thrones.

>>590678321>>590678876It's actually the Gerudo Crest. It appeared on the mirror shield, but also on all switches and on all pushable blocks as well as some flags.

>tfw never had it

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>>590679358It amazes me people bitch about Christianity because you'll get told not to be an asshole while Islam will butcher you and everyone you love for so much as an insult

I got one of these.

Attached: s-l1600.jpg (1200x1599, 272.31K)

>>590679637Anon. Christians outside eurosta and burgerville are like that. Christian ran areas are known still practice stoning and gay murder with crazy militias to natcg. The only thing separating camel jockeys and kike on a stick worshippers in the West are decades of western secularism that burger evangelicals cry about


Attached: 1600997273094.jpg (225x225, 6K)

Remember when everyone though Marill was called Pikablu?

Attached: CVHWCzwgHELO2fmAU0iJw-rIT5BY7dC2y_zKI53ioKg.jpg (1024x671, 165.76K)

>>590671335I miss skinny but not 'trained in the gym' girls.

Attached: 1640088614171.jpg (640x480, 113.77K)

>>590680162What would all that cost now with Bidenflation?

>>590679637I'm sorry you're so brainwashed user

>>590680180I remember when the theater lost its shit when Donphan showed up in the movie.

>>590680241I paid $15 for a baconator combo at wendy's the other day

>>590680373They charge that because retards like you will pay for it

Who you picking, boys? For me, it's Fuecoco

Attached: 77BEDEC5-AAF8-4169-BAD0-4F31C1F0A3BD.jpg (1132x754, 108.06K)

>>590653694>closestI'm sorry but I don't think getting a bunch of young and middled-aged people that were already staring at their phones almost 24/7, linked to a global community/advertisers/corporations via the internet, to stare at their phones harder really compares to an unprecedented foreign marketing blitz before the wild west era of web 2.0/global inter-connectivity washing over entire nations and popping up everywhere from national TV to schoolyards and church groups. It's like being alive during any of the Satanic panics from the 70s onward, totally foreign concept today that cannot be replicated. Tamagotchi is closer to the birth of Pokemon than Pokemon Go is.

>>590679637I mean, that's very much just islamic extremists. It's not like that's a mainstream islamic thing. Look at Iraqis from the 70s. It's not like their religion inherently makes them into burka wearing submissives. It's that the religious nutters got too much power in their countries and threaten to kill people if they don't follow. And the same shit *will* happen in america, if your right wing religious nutters actually become as powerful. Look at Holla Forums hating on sexworkers, sluts, and generally any women enjoying sex. Look at their views on trannies, fags and any other degeneracy. What do you think will happen if people like that actually run a country? You think it'll still be "Oh, the christians will you tell you not to be an asshole?" Nah, it'll be open season to kill any slut, fag and tran, and probably blacks as well. I don't know why people think "Christians harmless, Muslims evil", You see Christfags wanting to do the SAME shit, all of the time, they just don't have enough power to get away with it. Go visit /gif/ at any day, and they're enjoying vidoes of gays being burned and thrown of buildings. That's what they wish for over here as well.

Attached: c08f9aafc1f7a55af781a9f010323d19[1].jpg (700x686, 63.08K)

>>590680490I don't really buy fast food, but I had that itch

>>590680516If anyone picks anything other than bubble bobble there, they're a faggot and will never be my nigga.

>>590680575This. Christians were anything but harmless throughout 99% of history. Then they lose their grip on the world for a couple decades and pretend they're an oppressed minority.

>>590680008>Chrisitianity is totally just like Islam>trust methat is some nasty cope

>>590680693islam is just sandnigger christianity

>>590680575>thinking if generally conservative people the country there would be mass death and murderthis is your brain on CNN

>>590680748>generally conservativelellmao

>>590680693Look at any Asian shithole where Christianity took root, like the Phillipines. Christian retards WILL be just as bad as ooga booga sandniggers if they're allowed to be.

>>590680660Let me prove to you what an asshat you are, go to a Baptist church, act like an asshole. Have atleast one member check up on you and ask what's troubling you.Go to a Mosque, act like an asshole, see if you live. Or if your family isn't dead in a couple weeks

>>590680575>I don't know why people think "Christians harmless, Muslims evil"Bush spend most of his presidency saying MUSLIM TERRORIST in every speech while telling everyone to fight his daddy's mideast war. The net isn't that popular just yet, so you got a bunch of amecians believing and following his every move, at least at the beginning

>>590657108>Two kids suffocated on these thingsMaybe on the plushie inside... user that pokeball is bigger than a tennis ball. No child could possibly choke on it because it is bigger than an adults mouth

>>590680832Are you retarded, literally nothing happens in the Philipines except for a whole lot of prostitution

>Comfy nostalgia thread gets derailed by politics and/or religionEvery fucking time.

Attached: 145-1455308_nicholas-cage-face-png-picture-library-download-memes.png (670x502, 335.67K)

>>590680945>t. Stupid faggot that doesn't follow world events

>>590680693>people killing fags for god is totally different from people killing fags for allah!They're the fucking same bro. The only difference is that Muslim extremists get away with it because their countries are destabilized, while american christians have to obey the law. Fun fact tho: In multiple states, you can kill a gay, or a trans person and use as a legal defense that you didn't realize they were gay/trans and killed them because you didn't want to be associated as gay. >>590680863In both cases nothing will happen in america. >>590680882I mean, when I say "I don't know why" I'm being a bit facetious, I know exactly why. I moreso wonder why people still believe it. The majority of american terror attacks are non muslim.

>>590680575>t'll be open season to kill any slut, fag and tran, and probably blacks as wellwhy are liberals so fucking stupid, how do ou people actually believe this shit

>>590680863>go to a Baptist church, act like an asshole. Have atleast one member check up on you and ask what's troubling youI'm more likely to have a pissed off shitfaced redneck chuck an empty coor's bottle (light of course, he's gotta watch his weight after all) at my head than anything else.

>>590681034The hundreds of years of history to point to make it a pretty safe bet you fucking idiot

>>590657194Base set charizard is still valued at 300ish bucks.

>>590680945>Literally nothing happens in the Philippines except for massive amounts of terrorism and one of the largest drug wars ion the world

>>590681030>in America nothing will happenkek

>>590668706it has all those things now, and is still widely played. i agree it would have been better if they had those things during the big moment tho.

>>590680832Honestly that's more of an argument for IQ dictating behavior than one's religion

>>590681024Someone mentioned religion, it was sadly inevitable

>>590681024Because christcucks will always play down their chimpery. It's literally the "dindu nutin" religion of the world.

>>590653261I remember those shitty “gold-plated” cards. My dumb ass actually thought I was getting real precious metals. Instead I was just getting the secrets to dominating my opponents with superior Poke’Mon..

it's funny that SMT and Demi Kids never got hit with the same criticism, considering it more or less was what they accused Pokemon of being.

>>590681087>it h-happend 500 year ago so it's tottally the s-same todayIf conservatives want to kill the gays why do liberals want more people from Mexico (who fucking hate gays) and the middle east (where it is legal to murder gays) into the country

Attached: 0-Fh-rR5Ea166IBs1_..jpg (1499x785, 97.48K)

>>590681224know cares, it hasn't been cool or edgy to bash Jesusfreaks since like 2009 you milk toast normy

>>590681312It happened 30 years ago, you zoomer brainlet. I'm so glad your stupid faggot generation is going to be forced to wipe itself out soon

>>590681419Didn't have an answer for that one did you. GGEZ

Attached: 1535668250244s.jpg (250x250, 8.36K)

>you can kill a gay, or a trans person and use as a legal defense that you didn't realize they were gay/trans and killed them because you didn't want to be associated as gay.Why do you spread easily disprovable lies? Do you really think anyone believes you can kill someone and just be like "I didn't like that they were gay" and the jury will go oh shit he was gay? Faggot deserved it

>>590680863I live in just a mile from a mosque. Occasionally they'll get some drunk or some asshat who will come in and start shit. These people aren't dead, I just saw one of them recently begging for money by a liquor store>>590681298probably because smt was ultra niche in the 90s. I didn't meet anyone who played anything smt related till the 2000s

>>590680863you might be thinking of France, or even Britain

>>590680748My man, I'm talking about religious extremists. If that registers to you as "generally conservative" you need some help. >>590681034I'm not a liberal, I'm a leftie. Also:>How do you people actually believe this shitMy dude. Do you see how these people are treated? People tried to rat camgirls to the IRS, for fun, because they hate sluts. Just nothing happened because they OBVIOUSLY pay taxes. People hold signs saying "Fags burn in hell", gay panic defense is a valid legal defense for killing a gay person in many states. At Charlottesville a white supremacist purposefully ran their car into a crowd of peaceful protestors, and then people later claimed the person overrun died of a heart attack. (remind you of anything)The christian fanatics are all over the place. Look how many people on 4chan think the fucking JOOOS are behind everything. Look how many people tweet day of the rope shit, or "global bankers". In america you now get investigated if your fucking kid is trans, and you're telling me there's no christian fanaticism that wants to kill it's enemies in the west? Nigga it's right there. We're just a cunt hair away from them being powerful enough to *lawfully* do what they already want to do, and until then they just spout on the internet that they want to do it. But trust me, the moment gays are declared non-people, there's gonna be fag hunts again. >>590681312>500 yearsWhat? America is fucking 244 years old. Why the FUCK do you think their religious extremism is 500 years old? You can think back just a few decades in american to see minorities persecuted for religious reasons.

>>590681787>go to France have your wife gang raped for not wearing head to toe covering garmets>"heh god damn Christians"

Attached: dreamstime-s-32711748.jpg (670x490, 36.03K)

>>590681312Not him, but it's because the Libs are a bunch of self-hating sadomasochists who on a deeper level want to kill themselves. They welcome the day we'll be overran by swarthy-skinned minorities who will see out their degeneracy for what it is and stamp them out, because they aren't happy with their own lives, but neither do they want the WASPs to win.

>>590681495There was also some asshole thinking it would be funny putting pigs heads in mosques, and guess what? They didn't get killed either. Because most muslims are about the same as your average american church goer. They believe in their god, and they worship, but they don't fucking kill people on the reg. Actually, mosques have been known to report on fellow muslims that seem like they have weird extremist ideas. When's the last time we heard a christian church call the cops about someone they thought might be a danger?

>>590681495Go in and with a picture mocking Muhammad, dare you

>>590681962When's the last time we heard a christian church call the cops about someone they thought might be a danger?I ono, when was the last time organized churches blew people up or committed gang rapes?

>>590682065My dude, if you're defending the church, you might not want to bring up sex crimes: that's a long fucking article. Pick any. >inb4 WIKIPEDIA REEEEEEEClick on literally any of the citations, faggot.

>>5906820652017, faggot. Again, the Phillipines

>>590655505Based kid

>>590682081Funny, we both know you would still do it to a Christian church before an Islamic one. You're going to lie. But we both know it. And we both know which one would put you in danger. Or you really are delusional.

>>590682178Except it's a scandal in the Catholic church, and normal in the Islamic. You are trying though

>>590682183>>590682287I mean if you're talking about Catholics and not Protestants, they do lots of gang rape.

>>590682296>th-those aren't real Christians!But all Muslims are the same, right, you absurd retard?

>>590655505>used to pretend when I opened it, it opened the goldeneye pause menu for real

do Catholics still put priests on a pedestal when so many turn out to be monsters, and higher ups hide that shit to safe face?

>>590655342I literally just found mine two days ago

>>590682243I wouldn't do it in either church, because I'm not a faggot, who thinks he needs to measure the value of a people by seeing how they respond when their most sacred beliefs are attacked, christian OR muslim. BUT I stand by it, that I think I would be treated much better in any mosque, than I would be in a fucking redneck church, where people go to service with fucking guns. >>590682287Most of the cases get hidden by the catholic church. They're scandals because they fucking got uncovered, and most of the time the church is still protecting them.

Mods should just delete this thread. It's just two shitheads arguing about religion now.

>>590665028are those marbles?

>>590682579It was never about video games to begin with, desu.

>>590654412>Even hoodrat niggers stopped robbing people and would point out where good pokemon spawned, that was a wild summer!

Attached: pg.webm (1280x720, 2.39M)

>>590682374Kind of the entire point the schism happened is agreeing that they aren't doing the religion right, yes?

>>590682413considering fucking up one word in a baptism could render it invalid, you'd think they'd do a better job screening them.

the internet has not just spoiled urban legends hidden in games. it has literally spoiled urban legends hidden in the entirety of life itself.literally nothing is a mystery anymore. we are too fucking smart and nothing is unexpected. used to be a "new thing" came out every once in a while, new wonders... not anymore. WE KNOW EVERYTHING

Attached: 78ba9d7bb966eec6d30e3be2927810bf.jpg (500x695, 70.64K)

>>590681991>yeah start shit >post proof that shit happens that nothing happens>proceed to go full autism modeholy goal post user. Are you some larper who think some sand nigger religion worshipping some kike is going to "save the white race"?


Attached: 1304376955947.png (500x375, 341.3K)

Clearly, the problem is that after dissociating with the diseased branch, the Proties/Shiites didn't eliminate it entirely. Only through holy war can we prevent >>590680575's nightmare scenario.

I love you guys, even if you are a bunch of faggots

>>590682703There are still mysteries in the universe but I get your point. The internet has really sucked away everyone's sense of wonder since anything and everything is just a google search away. Even obscure factoids have 5,838,983 different videos/articles analyzing every single facet of them.

>>590653261>using words you don't even know how to spellngmi

>>590678354That one is a reprint from a few years ago and not one of the original copies from the movie.

>>590653261I preffer when i was 8 and this was the tits

Attached: Figura-Vintage-Gminis-BanDai-Orginal-1987-20210802144953.6338270015.jpg (750x562, 107.09K)


Attached: 131555690_1535191594_102071131.jpg (720x720, 118.78K)


Attached: 193016469174375.jpg (1440x1920, 853.9K)


Attached: maxresdefault (1).jpg (1280x720, 123.09K)

>>590681298Both of those franchises were obscure as shit in the 90's. Most obscure media doesn't come under fire from the mainstream because there is no money to be made from it.


Attached: caballeros-del-zodiaco-andromeda-bandai-1987-D_NQ_NP_869825-MLM26191263772_102017-F.jpg (900x793, 248.96K)


Attached: 0cc85e0d-9c18-4c45-9c81-a1a4bd6cfab4.jpg (525x700, 82.39K)


Attached: 39920341.jpg (720x720, 119.06K)


Attached: 109212411.jpg (720x720, 83.6K)

>>590683278>Del ZodiacoGeneral Zod had a taco franchise?

Attached: 170287d7b3489b21b3365779ced668cc.jpg (618x954, 83.45K)

>>590675318what are your interests

>>590683278>>590683383>>590683448>>590683536>>590683598>>590683682>>590683760>>590683812Damn, beaners had some cool shit back in the day

>>590678084>I swear even the food tasted better back then too.dude even the fucking snacks tasted better, its no way my fucking memory tricking me. They use cheaper shit to make themI remember being obssesd with couple of snack brands. they literally taste like shit and stale nowadays.

>>590682579What amazes me even to this day is that for 10 years of browsing this shit board is how Holla Forums ALWAYS manages to be a magnet for every other topic but video games. Same goes for Holla Forums shockingly enough. Somehow there just so happens to be these types of off-topic posters that just so happen to magically peruse threads and get into any little conflict they just so HAPPEN to be autistic about and derail discussion like Mom and Dad having an argument at the dinner table. It is fucking bizarre. Maybe I'm simple minded. I don't care to have in-depth knowledge about shit outside of vidya and entertainment w/ moderate knowledge about art.

Attached: 1622414916434.png (652x722, 453.87K)

>>590679613There were few autsism my parents would indulge me in, but god damn I had so many micromachines and the sets. I had this, the army version, the industiral city truck, and so so many of the other sets. I think my parents bought so much as it seemed the only thing me and my brother could agree on and play with together without arguing. The army sets really were the shit>Wolf Ridge>Substation Phoenix>Battle tank>Mobile assault base>Military laser attack airstripGod the nostalgia. I had so many vehicles and men. Annoyed my parents took all the sets and stuff out of storage when I wasn't around and just tossed them - we always took care of them and the price for individual ones on eBay now is sky high and they're usually in shitty condition. "Wintergreen" Abrams will always be my tankfu

Attached: 54e900d59e4b6_331241b.jpg (1500x1125, 241.59K)

>>590684042What kind of dumb faggot is content in not knowing as much as they possibly can?

>>590684146people who don't care about that shit? btw if you try to know everything you can you'll be a retard at everything. Its better to specialize yourself

>>590684206Absolute brainlet take. The human mind has infinite capacity for most of your life.


Attached: KEK10.png (576x507, 59.1K)

>>590684146Some people don't care and just want to live inside a little bubble they create for themselves. That's most people actually. There's also an argument to be made about being well versed in a few things as apposed to having general knowledge about everything. "A jack of all trades is a master of none" and all that.

>>590684317Humans differ in interests, and getting to know depth knowledge about everything is basically impossible as there's millions of different things.

Wish I still had mine. These were great

Attached: file.png (404x372, 190.22K)

>>590684042In my experience, it's usually, but not always, because some Holla Forums tard, is having a shitfit over some woman, or gay being in a video game, talking about forced diversity, or complains that a woman isn't fuckable enough, or has hair on her face, and then a leftie cunt like me, feels the need to call them out on their bullshit, and thus an argument is started.

>>590684729you're the reason games are ruined retard. although this is probably baitt.not a poltard nor american

>> funny thing is that, while we had 2 editions of the cloths, in the early 90s and again in the 2000s to cash in with the Hades saga, the other two shows like Sailormoon and DBZ didnt got that much in were a couple of dubbed commercials which were either spaniard of french originally, but i never recalled seen any sailors merch on stores, dbz got toys but ironically not from BanDai but from Mattel and it was after DBGT was some other stuff

Attached: 1645255165188.jpg (400x314, 27.48K)

>>590684881Why am *I* the reason? The way I see it, everyone can make games how they want. The rightoids who bitch about diversity, or that you can't yell nigger in online games any more are what ruins gaming if you ask me.

>>590683941>>590684959We also got Pokemon and YugiOh stuff but the latter didnt count since we knew the anime was bastardized thanks to the Internets, that and those who lived in frontier cities in mexico could see both versions of Digimon and could pick on the differences back to back.

>>590684986Ah yes what everyone wants, surely not throw a massive shitfest when everything doesn't go your way. also most companies are soulless husks and deliver soulless products all because of globalized shit that cater to the same taste over and over. Even bandai namco new logo is soulless as fuckand all of that started past 2010. maybe a bit earlier but it got strong last decade

>>590653261i had already been playing ultima online for like a year by the time pokemon red and blue came out, and UO is a far better game

>>590684986Also you're a liberal not a lefitst, learn the difference retard. Idpol obssesd faggots are liberals.

>>590685102What you describe is an issue with capitalism, not leftoids my man. Those are games focus tested to shit to be as bland and mass appealing as possible. All I believe is that a game is not ruined because it has some fags or blacks in it. >>590685164I'm anarcho-communist my man. Pretty far from liberal.

Everything early pokemon gives me peak nostalgia. All the way up to gen 2. The cards, the show, the games, the stickers, the toys, I loved it all.

Attached: Pokemon-Topps-Complete-Series-3-in-Folder-Excellent.jpg (400x258, 46.69K)

>>590685243Perhaps, but rightoids even with their screehing didn't impact game quality back on 90's. while liberals are cancer spreading to every form of entertainment and every life aspect. but perhaps globalization has accelerated on the last decade

>>590655342This made me remember just how many toys and stuff there was of the Lost World back in my toy store. Literally everywhere you had dinosaurs, the t-rex and jeep toy set. Crazy.

>>590653261I miss Pokemon during the Diamond, Pearl Platinum and HGSS era


I had this card and i'm too scared to look up how much it's worth.

Attached: 89171.jpg (400x550, 58.89K)



>>590684729Why not just let him rant instead of egging him on by arguing? You're just as dumb as the righty guy you're bitching about. Two sides of the same fucking coin. We were having a nice nostalgia thread until you two retards had to drag politics into it.

>>590653509sammmmmmeeeeeee duuuude hell yea. sitting in one of my childhood boxes.

>>590685396The right didn't have a major impact in video game censorship but the left - Oh boy they go crazy with censorship and the corporations actually do it.Ironically they want some of the same things censored, but it's ok if the reason they are doing it is for different reasons. I don't care about the reason though, I care about the outcome.

>>590685907Yes this is basically what i meant in more detail.

>>590657831BK did Detective Pikachu toys when it came out. They didn’t even advertise it.

>>590660024>Grew out of it Nah.

i had to fight every urge in me to not chew on him as a kid.

Attached: 41950a1553daf56a5d0935e7fb1344eb.jpg (826x952, 118.58K)

>>590664062>That webm of a group of kids flossing I feel so out of touch.

>>590681298The first SMT games didn't get overseas releases in the first place. By the time they started the whole satanic panic thing was already dying down.

I still would very much like to have that expensive gyarados plushie. At least I think he was expensive. The red one.

>>590680180I remember a rumor that you had to have a team full of pikachus, go into Arcticuno's cave and then walk on the steps of the platform articuno is in and you'd trigger an encounter with a pikablu.

>>590653261>laizefairethats not how you write "Laissez-faire".

>>590686474Lol I remember that urban myth. I remember trying it and being pissed it didn't work.

>>590653261I was kind of too old to really get into Pokemon, but I enjoyed it on a more casual level.

>>590653261>Imagine missing out my muh vapid consumer fadBoomers are that pathetic holy shit


>>590653261what an ameican thread

>>590656228AAAAA ITS CHEAP AND GOOD :( fuck bros take me back

>>590653447pokemon is faggot shit anyway and turns you into a manchild, so she did you a favor


>>590655342A doctor's office had gotten a bunch of these for free somehow, and I got the last one as a gift for being such a good boy when I got my shot.

>>590688218He still ended up on 4chan so it clearly didn't make that big of a difference.

>>590653261I was there and big into it but barley remember now seeing as I was born in 1994 I still have some Pokemon stuff from back then

Attached: 1645492029689.jpg (1350x1012, 951.21K)

Projecting but I don't even think Pokemon has anything of worth now. The only thing keeping it alive is either pure sheep mentality or creepy pokeautists buying like 100 copies. I refuse to believe the average person is dumb enough to buy the glitchy shit Gamefreak considers a finished product.I'm sorry My first waifu Misty but I'd prefer this series crashed and burned

Attached: daa.jpg (225x225, 5.89K)

>>590688398This promo was from 1999, so yeah no shit you probably don't remember it well, you were 5.

>>590669139Killed the battery on mines cause I kept playing it over and over.

I still have mine :)

Attached: durger king.jpg (3264x1836, 1.49M)

>>590688685i found some shitty yugioh cards tooi can tell was like lob/metal raiders era cuz they're all 900 atk and bad magic cards lol

Attached: 1559728940404.jpg (3264x1836, 1.87M)

>>590679092Also doesn't help ever fast food restaurant have become a cafe and are more focused on serving healthier shit.

>>590657831>do mcdonalds/burger king kids meals still come with promotional toys?30 years in and we're still getting sonic the hedgehog mcdonalds toys. They're just as shit as the 90s ones but fuck me if I don't kind of want one.

Attached: file.png (755x425, 168.35K)

>>590661781>they never let Kat dress up as MistyFUCKING CUNTS

Attached: file.png (280x180, 96.78K)

>>590688935I remember wanting the Knuckles one real bad as a kid but every time we went they never had any.

Attached: Vintage-Mcdonalds-Sega-Sonic-the-Hedgehog-Toys.jpg (400x300, 18.11K)

>>590685315Oh shit, I had some of these. My dad bought them for me from the grocery store out of no where and I didn't have the heart to tell him they were the wrong kind of pokemon cards, and was still super happy to have any kind of pokemon cards.

Anyone ever play the Battling Coin game? I swear they threw a ton of shit at the wall to see what stuck. Once the TCG found a fanbase they stopped making the coin game but they released a fucking ton of them.

Attached: file.png (1124x1500, 2.4M)

>>590689130>>590689145I was spoiled rotten and they got me both oth these. those shitty all-holo cards nobody wanted and the coinsI still got a seaking somewher I think

>>590666021>Grew up playing Mortal Kombat and MvC/ SF2 in the arcades as a kid.>Got to experience WoW as it came out, and PSO on the Dreamcast online when 56k was new.>Had multicolor floppy discs full of snes roms to play on ZSnes>got to play pokemon in school with friends over link cables and actually get the other version pokemon in red/blue and kick the shit out of friends with crowd chanting. Then we'd play cards and trade shinies doubles.

Attached: 1608848030109.jpg (259x194, 6.25K)

>>590673071>You fags were moulded into consoomersNigga we were the generation raised on napster, limewire and torrenting shit. You're thinking of the gen that came after that were desperately looking up to us and buying all that shit to make us think they were cool. You're crazy if you think most of us weren't playing pirated copies of Pokemon on school computers using gameboy emulators.

>>590675682Not as many as the metal version that was far superior.

Attached: file.png (1512x1428, 1.72M)

>>590689145I played it a couple of times- plenty to thoroughly be over it- with someone that had quite a collection. Weird game;how you'd play was you and your opponent spin your coin and press down to stop it spinning, then move them together and compare to see who wins the round. Repeat until you have a match winner and bam, it's like you're really having a pokebattle... I loved the art and weightiness of these, but the battling premise was completely hollow and unfun for me(as much fun as competitive dice chunking). Neat tchotchkes, but way, way too expensive. It's been ages, but iirc they were $9.99 for a pack of three- in 1999. But, simultaneously ruining the finish on your parents table and the backsides of your spinning coins? Priceless.

I remember the bookfair had a book that was just a pokedex with all 150 pokemon in it, and that was the thing that every kid wanted to get. Then next book fair they had the same exact book... but it also had Mew in it.

>>590653694This was the closest we have been to world peace.


Attached: 1400701365.0.x.jpg (1923x2871, 1.24M)

>>590690321I swear I've seen this before but I cannot pinpoint whenahh, memories.

>>590690321>it even had togepiOK, I can see why the kids who already had the old version really needed their parents to shill out 20 bucks or whatever for this version. The information that togepi was a normal type could've really made the difference when battling that Lass when 2nd gen came out.

>>590680573Whatever nerd

>>590653871In the late 90s even your grandmother who didn't have a tv would have heard about pokemon

>>590668115>>590673843Born in 1999 here... holy fuck this hit me hard. I've literally been chasing a past I never experienced since I was 10 or 11, preferring to play old games and watching old movies and anime. I also sifted through the archives to look at threads from 10+ years ago and stuff. I thought I was the only retarded autist to ever do this and I was completely alone in it, but seeing this made me feel less alone. Literally nobody understands my tastes because I'm always talking about dated shit that normal people don't care about anymore.

Attached: 1589789780938.png (500x373, 336.35K)

>>590653261oh noanyways

>>590653261It bored me, it's boring, game freak never took the franchise seriously so why should I? Still same shit anime, still same shit games. They don't care so I won't care either, I moved on to better games

>>590654412Jesus what is wrong with you

>>590669450holy fuck those ghost rares user

>>5906629501995-2005 was the perfect blend of high technology without web 2.0 to ruin it. Peak of human civilization

How to spot a disingenuous faggot:>>590653261>Imagine missing out on Pokemania>>590654412>I can't really do it justice bud, you really had to be there you know?>Sorry you couldn't experience it>>590655151>Sorry you missed out pal, you really had to be there, don't know what else to say.Yes I'm sure you're really concerned about what people did when they were 5.You're lucky there are people that actually did have an interest in proper discussion and reminiscing.>laizefairelmfao, cherry on top of the bumfuck retarded cake

Attached: 1642721626936.jpg (564x564, 50.88K)


Attached: tumblr_n1m7n2ZPH81rwfctbo1_500.gif (419x250, 888.46K)

>>590662950>late 90s early 2000sThis aesthetic needs to come back.

>>590668115I barely even remember Turtlemania but when I rewatched the show it was still enjoyable. Sure it wasn't like actually being there but it felt like digging up a time capsule kind of helps that the show wasn't as trash as I remember it and April is stilll hot as hellWhat I'm saying is Nostalgia is fine but as long as you weren't watching paint dry you probably experienced something good. There will always be something created before you were born and assuming you aren't a turboautist who goes into a screaming fit because the sesame seeds on your Big Mac are odd numered it's normal/okay to like/play old shit you missed.

>>590679931I never understood how any of the card games worked except for Yu-Gi-Oh of course -- it was the golden age of blowing your pocket money on cardboard lmao

>>590668115>why wasn't I on 4chan earlierHOLY LMAO

Attached: 1642335733549.jpg (1111x597, 147.8K)

>>590675682>go to the movies in hopes of getting the card>sorry we're all out of cards >enjoy the movie haha

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Attached: QdYeMlm.png (519x842, 443.36K)

>>590689145Early Pokemania was a trip

Attached: 1619728899656m.jpg (1024x820, 237.16K)

>>590653261>was born in 1992>was around for it>played the games>watched the anime and even had a pikachu toy>dont really feel like i was a part of it

Attached: 1641620642096.jpg (300x300, 17.73K)

>>590689073Damn I had that sonic toy. Way to unearth a 25 year old memory.I guess I truly am an ancient gamer

Attached: qv0ng4wszes41.jpg (400x578, 56.76K)

>>590668115>>590670728Pathetic retard that has never grown up. Holy fuck, you're embarrassing. Did you tell your parents you sit there crying cause you didn't waste even MORE of your life?

>>590688846this is your brain on fast food

Christmas morning 1998, I receive a series of gifts. First box is a bunch of neato Pokemon toys and figurines. Second box is an Indigo Gameboy ColorThird box is Pokemon Blue. I mentally checked out after that but I recall being in a state of near perpetual gaming bliss.

Attached: s-l400 (2).jpg (268x400, 36.88K)

>>5906681151996, got 3 brothers who were big into gaming so I got all their hand me down consoles and pc where I played a ton of random korean mmorpgs during that era where they were hot. Bretty comfy.

Anyone else remember those Beckett Pokémon/Digimon magazines?

Attached: vintage-pokemon-beckett-collectors_1_3f237dc2469198e622aaccb2bb26f010.jpg (1181x1080, 345.3K)


Attached: s-l300.jpg (225x300, 18.78K)

>>590689145Wait a second...

Attached: pokecc81mon-duel-2.15.jpg (1024x512, 601.01K)

>>590692209>t. seething zoomer

>>590653447She wasn’t wrong.

>>590665191>most of the social conservative religious nutjobs are now commieskekservatives are deluded beyond repair from all the brainwashing they endure

>>590653694I didn't like that because it was mostly played by people who otherwise didn't care at all about Pokemon

>>590686140Man I had this little dude too. I loved translucent colored shit back in the day. No clue why in particular, think its just neat looking. I would splurge more on modern accessories if they were translucent.

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