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What do you think of Ayumi's games?Remake of the third game never ever

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>>590652330I love the two games, the plots are nice and the artstyle is pretty good. Third game never

>>590652330I fucking HATE how the remakes look. Video games fucking suck

>>590653110They look great though.

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>>590653734I hate nu-nintendo generic anime style I hate it I hate it I hate it

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>>590653918>genericthe artstyle they used for the superfamicom remake was generic for the time. You are just being a faggot.

>>590654090Even if it was generic it wasn't used in nearly the same market size. Easier to excuse that way, it was also much easier on the eyes

Girl Who Stands Behind > Missing HeirI wish Missing Heir didn't sideline Ayumi so muchyoutube.com/watch?v=YLLbA7sJbQ4

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>>590652330Wasn't this censored in the English version?

>>590656649They only changed the way to get that specific ending.

>Ayumi will never ask you to come over to her house to help her practice for her naginata club training while she blasts heavy metal from her CD player

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>>590652330ol ayumi

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>>590656649They censored a line where a girl call you a lolicon and a bad end where you dream that your life was ruined for molesting minors.

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I liked them. Nice simple stories. The second game was way better than the first.

>>590662053They also edited a line where the coroner basically asks if you're into necrophilia if you try fondling a dead girl's corpse, now he just tells you it'll look bad on the detective agency if you keep trying to fondle her.The bad end you can get for staring at the female cop's tits is still in though, they probably changed the lolicon line and scene where you imagine sexually assaulting Ayumi to make sure the game doesn't get a M rating or get banned anywhere.

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>>590662168Based aceman, give me more ayumi

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>>590663726Did the whole artbook get scanned?

>>590664361No. It's from my copy but I'm lazy and don't feel scanning the whole thing. Just the stuff I like

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>>590664489Damn you post more


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>>590665149Ayumi's face looks kinda fucked in that top right one

>>590662168Nice feet

Too expensive

>>590662168Ayumi is too fucking cute.

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>>590652330>Remake of the third game never everDidn't Sakamoto have nothing to do with that one and forgot it even existed?

>>590652330Can MAGES work on a Metal Slader Glory remake next pls?

>>590670663Yeah, producer said he wanted to make a new game in the series sometime though. Fun fact though is that they actually got Ayumi's VA from the satellaview game back for the remakes.

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What the fuck was his problem?

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>>590673535He simply enjoyed a good prank.

>>590673873>called the girl who stands behind>her portrait is standing behind himKinoAlso just remembered the fan translation translated the title as "The Girl in Back" which always sounded awkward as fuck, "The Girl who Stands Behind" sounds way better.

>>590660552The greatest girl Nintendo has ever created.

This guy was based

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>>590679439Based on what?Seriously, what detective is he basing himself off of?

>>590681486Since he calls himself "the great Detective" I assume he's a Holmesfag, but it could be some famous Japanese fictional detective

>>590681486The Hardy Boys

>>590654306>it was also much easier on the eyesBlind people like you don't use eyes so it's the same anyway

>>590681486He's based on pic related. Artist is Gosho Aoyama creator of Detective Conan.

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This guy's cases tend to have bizarre and horror elements.

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>random characters that appear for 10 seconds then never show up again get fully drawn and animated body sprites and unique voice actingPlaying this after Great Ace Attorney which re-uses a lot of side characters so they don't have to create new assets just makes me respect these remakes more, I really hope they made profit from them.

>>590652330The Girl Who Stands Behind was kino, fuck Nintendo for murdering the western release in cold blood by charging $60 for both games. I'm pretty sure the games completely flopped outside of Japan and they STILL haven't put the games on sale to at least entice some more people to buy them. They're stubborn as fuck and insist on the same $60 Mario/Zelda pricing strategy for fucking everything even if it causes it to flop.

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>>590683735I emulated Girl who stands behind the snes version because I can't stand the cutesy remake art. The original captures the intended creepy atmosphere imo.Now we just need more soulful cover arts for these japanese mystery cases.

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>>590683735>60 for both gamesThey're 35 dollars each and you can get them bundled for 60. Anyway I doubt they expected the games to sell well outside of Japan and Nintendo rarely gives a fuck about sales numbers outside of Japan anyway. The game sold around 21,000 special editions in Japan which were like 100+ dollars and we have no idea what digital sales were like, but probably way higher since there was no physical standard edition.I'd complain about the price but the remakes are so high-budget compared to every other adventure game/VN I've played that I'm fine with it.>>590683978I think the remake art is pretty faithful to the Super Famicom remake in 2's case, it's certainly brighter in the daytime parts but the evening/night parts have really nice lighting just like the Super Famicom version.

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>>590684469It's not faithful at all. Why are you lying shamelessly? Try playing the original.

>>590652330Soulless remake.

>>590684469I meant $60 for both games together, not individually. Either way, I bought them and didn't have a problem with the price, but the games could have been a lot more successful in the West if they were like $25 each instead. I feel like it flopped even within its own niche genre, when I see people talk about Switch VNs they bring up stuff like Somnium Files and Raging Loop, but never FDC despite its quality and the fact that it's first party.The Japanese sales indeed seem to have been quite good though, I just hope they consider a potential future game worth bringing over to the West again.

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>>590684742I would but the original Famicom version doesn't have a translation patch, dumbass. I've played the Super Famicom version twice. The Switch remake still captures the creepy atmosphere well, though I think the Super Famicom's soundtrack is creepier. (But you can switch to it in the remake so who cares)>>590685216That's more of a problem of Nintendo barely promoting the games in the west at all, all they got was a tiny timeslot in a direct and then they were never mentioned again.

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>>590671740I wouldn't mind if they made a new entry or two. I like a good point and click mystery game (even if it's a bit telegraphed in both games)

>>590685348Still not touching the remake until it stops doing that cutesy artstyle.>>590685216Both games seem to take most inspirations and elements from the classic japanese mystery stories right down to the supernatural vibe like Kindaichi's cases. And luckily he has 77 novels under his kimono sleeves so we can expect something new.

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>>590684908Mages remakes are soulful

>>590685580I can appreciate that they kept the remakes faithful "gameplay"-wise but I really hope they make the gameplay closer to Ace Attorney if they make a future game. Or at the very least highlight options that I can get more dialogue out of so I don't spam every option endlessly.Be honest, how many of you got filtered when you had to pick quit investigation to progress?>>590685704I don't really see how the switch remakes are any more "cutesy" than the artstyle of the originals, just fucking look at Ayumi's official art from the original.

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>>590686150Goddammit wrong image, here's Ayumi's old official art.

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>>590686150She has brown hair, brown eyes, small frame like a normal japanese highschool girl.

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>>590685853>Mages remakes are soulfulFDC is the exception because the team actually cared and put effort into it, almost every other remake they've done is objectively inferior to the original.

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I didn’t buy them after learning NoA censored them.

>>590662551>to make sure the game doesn't get a M rating or get banned anywhere.The audience this game is for wouldn’t even care. Why do this for people who don’t play games?

Mages remakes are soulless

>>590686671>The audience this game is for wouldn’t even care.I doubt it. Seems like women also play these games and you know what they say about women and complaining.

>>590686565The only one that got censored to my knowledge is The Girl Who Stands Behind, and yeah I agree it's retarded, Danganronpa for instance is far more explicit with no issues from normies, but NoA insists on censoring because of muh sexualization of minors. Either NoA's localization department is a bunch of faggots or they're really worried about bad publicity from Kotaku or something (probably both). Thankfully it's not that major and I would still say the localized remake is better than the SNES fan translation, but if it really bothers you there's always the option to play that version instead or better yet, just play the remake in Japanese

>>590686565NoA actually didn't do the localization, it was outsourced to some other random localization company. The only things that got censored was a few lines of dialogue mentioned earlier in the thread.The joke tranny character also got removed and replaced with a completely different character but that affected all versions of the Switch remake so it wasn't a localization change. >>590686671I'm willing to bet it was done purely because Australia would throw a shitfit since they have a bad habit of banning any game with sexual assault in it. Plus Nintendo probably doesn't want some random vidya "news" complaining about how the game lets you sexually assault minors and getting the twitter trannies uppity.

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>>590687142Finding out that the Rei and Asuka reference was actually in the original script and not just a fan translation meme made me laugh, what an absolutely weird reference to make.

>>590687217You forgot some parts like taking off the corpse's uniform and Ayumi's scene in one bad ending.

>>590686349That and Yuno are both kamige so Famicom Detective Club probably is as well

>>590687217>replacing charactersfucking wild times we live inamerica's crazy

>>590687217>The joke tranny character also got removedYou mean Hitomi?

>>590687442>You forgot some parts like taking off the corpse's uniformYou could never do that in any version, the dialogue from the coroner was just changed like I stated earlier in the thread. He still calls you out for it in both versions. And the Ayumi bad ending is literally the same visually but the dialogue is changed. >>590687597>literally state it wasn't a localization change since it was in all versions>"America!"absolutely rent free.>>590687641No he's still in and still absolutely fucking gigabased, probably has my favorite voice acting of the main cast.

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Played Girl Who Stands Behind and it was pretty damn good.I'm waiting for a better discount to get Missing Heir.

>>590687641The joke is now that he looks like a thug but has a cutesy name.

>>590687721You did. The problem is you're full of shit. We all know who gets their panties in a bunch over trannies, and it ain't the japs.

>>590687721Damn I thought it was a secret easter egg or something for the jp version.

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>>590687905>The joke is now>nowBut that's exactly the impression I got from playing the snes translation. It was the entire punchline.

Honestly I don't like the font they went with for the English version, it looks really cheap and almost looks like the textbox from an RPGMaker game. Just look at the Y in Ayumi's name here, it looks mismatched compared to the rest of the letters like it's capitalized, even though it's lower case.

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>>590688174A straight-up thug out of a delinquent manga, not a crossdressing one.

>>590652330I finished the girl who stands behind, but it's not like ace attorney, don't see the flag triggers to progress

>>590688262He wore a legit male student uniform and showed off the delinquent attitude in the original as well. I thought you guys were thinking of someone else.

>>590688174Indeed, I loved hitomi a delinquent with a heart of gold.

>>590688202That is fucked up.

>>590688482Read the delinquent genre manga. All of them are comedy gold of The Boys.

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>>590674259He had me going, not gonna lie. That was a master prank. But I didn't expect the climax though. The supernatural elements were believable due to neuroflexability of the brain under stress leading to a schisotypical trick.

>>590688061That's obviously an edit, user. also I hope this webm works, probably going to be dogshit quality though because switch recordings.

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>>590688995Well excuse me for falling for the obvious edit. Clearly those japs put more effort into trolling than the west.youtu.be/8r1qFJn7hVo?t=232

The character they replaced was that coach looking guy that was actually a student. In the original he's a school girl that's actually an ugly cross dressing faggot. I actually don't mind them replacing the joke because the one they replaced it with gets the joke across fine without tranny shit.

>>590687905>>590688174>>590688262You got Hitomi confused with the actual cross-dressing tranny (fan translation literally called the character "Tranny")

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>>590689432Oh I remembered now. Curse you I managed to forget that!

>>590652330I would have bought it if it came out physical in the west and was not censored.

>>590683735It was a digital-only game as wel..

>>590689432wew, if that fan translation was released nowadays resetera would have harassed the translators off the internet like they almost did with the goemon 3 translator.

>>590689874I'm pretty sure the translation was done by Tomato (most notable for doing Mother 3's translation patch). It was made back when tranny was just slang instead of seen as slur.

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>>590689248Apparently this one is a bug. Maybe I can try exploit it.

>>590690058It was mostly done by Demi, Tomato just did some hacking early on and was barely involved in the translation.twitter.com/ClydeMandelin/status/1391454059937157127

I enjoyed them, they're simple but fun mysteries. Reminded me a lot of the old Agatha Christie books I used to read.

It's weird to me how these games feel more "adult" than Ace Attorney does despite the younger cast, the dead bodies are way more gruesome and there's a lot more overt references to adult things like cabaret/strip clubs. These games were originally made in a different time I guess.

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>>590652330Wait there is a third game?They are fun and have a good soundtrack, also it's the most mature game Nintendo made. I still prefer the SNES remaster over the Switch remaster though.

>>590691889There was a satellaview game that I think was released episodically and never got finished.

>>590691889>Wait there is a third game?Kind of, it's a smaller story released episodically on Satellaview. More or less a proto-DLC expansion.

>>590687753Are they connected? Where to start?Best version?

>>590691450That's because 1. The games took mainly the elements from the classic japanese murder mystery fiction which most of the time features a wide range from serial murders, gruesome deaths and supernatural curses/rumors to cold cases and dark crimes/traditions of the past in Japan society. 2. The MC has an active role in discovering the dead bodies and the focus on the investigation is constant. This trend is very much apparent in other famous detective work directly inspired by those classics including manga for young children like Kindaichi Case Files and Detective Conan.

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>>590692132Yes they are connected, if I remember correctly the second game is a prequel, I also believe the second game to be much better. It's your choice really. The first game only has one translated version, the switch version. The second game has a switch version and a translated SNES remaster. It's your choice but personally I like the SNES artstyle.

>>590692132Missing Heir came out first but Girl Who Stands Behind is a prequel, so it's your choice if you want to go release order or canonical order.The only version of Missing Heir in English is the Switch remake, while Girl Who Stands Behind had a remake on the super famicom that got a patch. Personally I think the Switch remake is better but some people prefer how the SFC version looks and sounds (but the Switch remake does let you use the FC and SFC soundtracks instead of the new remixes)

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>>590692132The Missing Heir released first and The Girl Who Stands Behind is a prequel. You can really go either order. I went release order but there's also merit in playing TGWSB first because a couple characters in TMH such as Ayumi are only truly fleshed out in the prequel. Neither spoils the main story of the other.

>>590691450>>590692157And another example. The main cast always has a young detective, who is sometimes reckless but mostly rational and has a strong sense of responsibility and justice.

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The remakes had some good reaction image material.

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Post your favorite songsyoutube.com/watch?v=U-iXbhAg_9khttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnrkvCKFgMg

Don't mind me, just increasing my genius-level knowledge.

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>tfw no ayumi gf to solve comfy cases withit hurts bros

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I liked the missing heir a lot. Girl who stands was ok, but I didn't find the premise and reveals nearly as interesting.

>>590693895Strength 10Intelligence 10Charisma 10