Post your Elden toons

Post your Elden toons.

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>>590649915what Skyrim mod is this?

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Here's my fat ugly ginger girl.

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Still early into the game and already grinding for shit.

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>>590649915I am le wizard.

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>pokes you to death

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>>590652141What chest piece?

>>590649915>toonYou should kill yourself NOW

>>590652285The depraved perfumer chest, it's in the upper areas of the poison swamp at the southwest of liurna. Need to kill the guy wearing it to get it, but he's easy.

Weeb gamershow many weapons that fit with the aesthetic have you found?

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>>590652264Do you have to kill the blind girl to get her stuff?

>>590652264I would finger this maiden

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>>590651608Wait, the scarab is a fucking helmet?

more like elden troons

>>590651547Based knightbro.

I need a cooler animal / beast helm. Any tips?

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>>590651062what helmet/hood is that?

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>>590653556It's on the south-most tower in the little area right after Caria Manor

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>>590652492No, it was in the map somewhere in Altus I think.

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>>590654219damn granny, why yo teeth so big

>>590649970What armor set is that?

>>590654317nice dsl's

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im still looking for dripi like this helmet

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>>590653937looks like the hood from's Set


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>>590652465 Is that washing pole?How get?

>>590649915I buy games, not play them. Character creation was a pain in the ass. Why can't fromsoft properly port anything? Nobody plays on consoles.

>>590656234>>590650668Never skip neck day

A warrior mage

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>>590651062>>590658667currently 35 vig/ 30 mind/ 55 intthe early game was rough but it all came together once i got the kino weapon from my wife

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I have since changed the sword

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>>590649915Still in prisoner getup, I like it so much

>>59064991550 fth build

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>>590657212Kill Yura if you don't care about his questline


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>>590659302my wife Boudica!

>>590649915It's like I never stopped playing Dark Souls.

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>>590654317Altus Plateau right?

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>>590649970where do you get the Gelmir set from?

Are there any other samurai-styled armors in the game besides the default samurai armor? I normally just use the default one but I got stuck on a boss so I just minmaxed the fuck out of my armor and became an ugly abomination so that I could get hit more than once without dying.


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First playthrough as myselfSecond playthrough female mage qt

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I doubt... you could even imagine it...

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>>590652980Yep, I even have 2

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>>590650107>>590653556>>590656234>>590658667>>590661067I was a little worried this game wouldn't deliver on the Fashion Souls but this shit fucking rips.>>590656515Though there is a special appeal in just looking like Some Guy, too.

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>>590649915this is the most respectable set I wearmost of the time I'm wearing a mishmash of garbage to ride the line of the weight limit

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>>590654086>full Carian>including weapons>and spellsif you half assed it this would be disgusting, but full marks for effort


>>590659302what sword is that?


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>>590649915>>590663607Disgusting black creatures, get the Fuck out of my sight

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What's some good medium armour sets for a katana user? I'm still using the default samurai one.

R8 and H8

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>>590659750Gelmir hero’s grave

>>590659840There’s a white and blue version of the default samurai set in the spiritcaller’s cave, I’ve been rocking it with my moonveil ever since

>>590649915>I need bigger hair

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>windows 10

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>>590662975Morgott's boss weapon. Has Dex/Arc scaling.

>great sword>great shield>great helm>great time

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>>590666421He needs a wife beater, slacks, and to fight with his fists.

Here's my Arc bleed dude.

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>>590667273>TF2 Scout joins the speedrunning community

>>590666839she gives me a very 70s feel, I like it a lot>>590667273Terrible hair and eye color choice but I like everything else.

>>590653556there's an antler helmet in the second half of the underground

>finally beat the gameTime for some good ol' cosplay/roleplay PVP and co-op shenanigans

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does anyone know why my character's eyes turned to yellow cat eyes

>>590667989You got a lot of the dragon communion spells. Certain choices in game change your eye color. For example if you Do the questline for the unlimited invasion item your eyes become blood red


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Wanted a roadie looking metal charecter

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>>590666657What is the set called?

>>590667687>sheThanks though, glad you like him.

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>>590667989did you get grabbed by the fingers of the frenzied flame at the bottom of the capital? if so.. thats why

>>590668391I haven't even been to the capital outside of poking my head through the portal after Fia's Champions

>>590659840Ronin set, you get it at the mountain top of the giants

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>>590651062it looks like a pajeet

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>>590668517Stormpeak or a later mountain?

is there a better looking prisoner helmet than the starter?

>>590649915this game is good

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>>590649915Going full faith has never been more fun.

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How close could I get to this look?

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>>590668630One of the final zones of the game, you get there after beating morgott, the npc should be at the zamor ruins, unsure of it appears if you didn't follow his questline.

>Why yes, I started as a wretch, went straight for the sleeping dragon (wyvern) and put all points into strength and faith. How could you tell?

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>>590652141Edge, lord

>>590649970Where do I get the holy lightsaber?

>>590668489 poast eyes. im curious

>>590668252White reed

I literally have not found any armor or pieces except some shit that has dropped off of mobs in the 15 hours I've played.

>>590653064lmao gottem

I like being a bit edgy

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>>590668771There's so many good swords for int fags, it's a little unfair, almost every legendary armament is for int or magic fags

>>590651547For me, it’s Banished Knight’s set. I really want the sword too but I don’t want to farm forever, how cool is it and what makes it a unique greatsword?

Grimy witch hunter

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Anyoen know how the fuck poise works in this game?I get staggered by tiny little faggot enemies even in full Carian armor and swinging a colossal sword.

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>chasing scarab >runs off a cliff>expect to hear the sound of it dying>look down and it’s on a ledge>follow the path down to an npc I never would have found otherwisegoddamn I love this game

>>590649970my nigga

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>>590668771Is that a faith sword?Convince me not to respec to INT because right now I'm full faith and thinking about switching.

luv me big witch hat

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>>590669201Rad as fuck.

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>>590669201Where do you get that armor.

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Fire giant is so fucking annoying

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>>590649970where do you guys pull up this view from? the status screen?

i noticed OP said 'toon' but instead a lot of people are posting their troons. what gives?

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>>590669550Appearance editor. Mirror in the Roundtable Hold


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>>590659681yes, the northeast windmill village.

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>type a>type bone of these things you will not be

>>590669648eating dragon hearts makes your eyes look like that

>>590652651fellow nox mirror helm chad, I have found you at last.

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>>590669434is that motherfuckin Chakan the Forever Man?

Just found the windmill village and got inspired to respec into a murderhobo character by the dancing crazy ladies.Not sure how it works against bosses but bleed builds are insanely fun.

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>>590669671you have to be mentally ill or something, you post your character here seeking validation every single day on Holla Forums. just kill yourself already

Any sexy armor yet for females like Desert Sorceress from DS2?

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Would you summon me? I'd summon me.

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>>590669871Always did like this armor.

>>590669878>Bloodborne PSX developer

>>590669639that damned mirror actually does something? I'VE BEEN GOING ALL THE WAY BACK TO RENNALA EVERY TIME. FUCK.

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>>590669095A lot of this game benefits int/faith, it’s really weird. I guess since in past games they were basically meme builds, so From Software decided to buff them.

>>590669912>great axe I see someone else has chad taste. Ive gone the entire game with the greataxe so far

>>590669713You know it. 90's edgekino at its finest.

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>>590658958Is it worth it? I'm at 30FTH 16STR 16DEX, using the Winged Scythe+4 and Cipher Pata+4 but still feel like doing peanut damage against the bosses. What FTH weapons are you using? And any good incantations?

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>>590669850But the character is a QT

>>590670041Kek, though theres a grace at rennala so its not too bad.

>>590669460It's the Traveler's hat, vulgar milita armor, Kaiden guantlets, and exile greaves

>>590670220type A life for you i'm afraid

>tfw wanna use everythingFuuuug why are the respecs limited

>>590670117great axe is great especially with wild strikes but i didnt want to finish the game with such an early weapon and went for the giant crusher

Probably going to make an old spellsword guy soon, but playing as a qt knightfu wasn't bad.

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Why does everyone gush about moonveil? the meteorite katana seems better in every way, what am I missing?

>>590670492Your colors look strange but I like the character.

>>590649915He just like me frfr...

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I don't usually use shields but this little dude is based as fuck.

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>>590668145Raptors black feathers

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>>590670673Maybe nvidia is doing some shitty sharpening filter? I'll have to check it out. My eyes might be used to it

>>590667687I don't even use that hair desu, it's just to show the facial structure.

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>>590669367yeah It's a faith sword and it deals a fuck ton of holy damage.

>>590649915>Yes, Guts?

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love this mask

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>>590665470looks sick as fuck, user

>>590670646The weapon art can practically just stagger bosses continuously.

>>590671140A CROWN FOR A KING

I still really wish we got a dragon form for this one, but I'll take the dragon spells actually being useful instead. I'm open to suggestions for something else to add to the dragon knight experience.

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>>590670429my only real complaint with the great axe is the range is fucking awful and ill wiff attacks because im inches away

>>590669103The moveset is different than GS like Claymore. If you've ever used it, it has the Thorned GS moveset from 2. The motions are smaller reach but faster, and more like a dance with the blade then simple swings.

>>590668321eyes 2 big

>>590671187>Kingdom of Heaven style mask and hoodNeat

>>590669201Stealing this.

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>>590649915Don't care to scroll the thread. Just ping me in a reply chain with all of the cute girl characters since those are the only ones that matter.

Thought I finally found a decent look after wearing random armour, but here you guys are styling all over me.

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>>590671528Buy Roundtable, forget about elden ring and just chill at a Dragon Church

Crusader bros, we won

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>>590672306I feel like they have all the good armor past Altus.

>>590668302>>590666839Why do people play feminine gay characters like this? If you're going to play a man, play a MAN.

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>>590672465looks like an actual boss character

>>590672306You have to grin the fuck out of enemies to get them to drop their sets, all the good ones are after the lake area.Also if the Volcano Manor side quest unlock a few cool sets.

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>>590669403Where do you get oneReally want one too

>>590660248how long have you been on HRT?

big hat bros show yourself!

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Where do I get a proper wizard hat, just wait for Rogier to die or what.

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>>590672465Because sometimes you just want to play an anime character in your Japanese roleplaying game. Most characters I make in games are classically masculine, but I like a bit of variety so I'll occasionally play as something else. Also, it's not like androgynous guys and girls are new to Dark Souls anyways. We've had more than one character based off of Griffith, who was a very pretty man. That you take such exception to it shows that you're new to the series.

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>>590673212if he started to fall asleep in the table round you should find him dead soon with his stuff

>>590673489How in the fuck do you get a good looking custom male shep like that? Is it modded?

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>>590672465Men are supposed to be beautiful. If you aren't a prettyboy twink you're a failed, fat, negrified kike golem slob cattle. White pride means white beauty.

They call me Spicy Boy

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>>590673892The ancient Greek ideal, I guess.

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>>590672465Its just weebs, man.>>590673489>>590673892>>590674303The sign on the bathroom says Gentlemen. Pay no heed; go right in.


>>590659702Actually pretty sick

>>590672465Anime trannies being anime trannies.>>590673785Seriously? That Shepard looks like he belongs in a gay porno. Probably is a paragon too. Here's what a real Shepard looks like.

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>>590674760That beard mod looks like shit imo. I just played default because you cannot make a decent looking custom male shep.

>>590674760Trannies are the ones who think that men aren't allowed to be beautiful. You're literally siding with trannies. Trannies seethe at pretty men like Griffith.

Where the fuck are you guys getting armor from? I'm at level 50 and have maybe 5 or 6 helmets


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>>590671113is that armor or some weird shit like being a dragon in ds3

>>590667880>second half of the undergroundHoly shit that would be perfect, do you know where?

>>590675192They're pretty stingy on the armor. I have maybe 6 sets myself, 2 of which are just Godrick knight recolors, but I keep returning to the basic knight armor just because I like it so much. If you want to increase drops, there are cartable consumable that will do so.

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>>590653937Navy Hold found in Altus

>>590649915maidens love men with big black swords

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>>590667273looks like a mannequin

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>>590673892God I miss being young and pretty.


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>>590675856Where is that gear from?

>>590675260nah it's just a normal set

>doing the leyndell sewersman this place is pure suffering, these troll niggers need to fuck off

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>>590676503was easy for me

>>590676450Horns drop from the female forest viking enemiesChest piece is part of renna’s set, just do her questline

pure invaderpunk kino

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>>590676503>Tfw whip user and don't have to deal with shit enemies like those.


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>>590675192Most of the armor you get is from farming enemies over and over.I'm even been farming these bitches for almost a day now to check if they actually drop their flower thorns tiara but it seems it's probably just the altered version of the festive hood.

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>>590649915here's my lad

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>>590677412bretty gud

Attached: SNEED.png (895x768, 423.95K)

>tfw can't wear any armor or I won't be able to see the abs and thicc thighs and assI MUST COOOOM

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>>590652429do you have a map location for it? or the name of it so i can find it on the wiki's map?

>>590673987holy shit, they drop their heads?

shout out to those knights at the scarlet rot swamp

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>>590652429>>590677960fuck i just realized i totally skipped over the part where you literally just said the name. gomen user, i have been drinking

>>590677635what set is this?

faith chad reporting. duel wielding straight swords is so satisfying with the off hand sword using a holy ash of war.

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Tfw gtx 970 and I have to miss out on game of the decadeIt hurts bros Can't even play dying light 2

>>590678056Cleanrot set, from the ladies patrolling the red swamp.

>>590649915I have yet to find a cooler helmet

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>>590677846don't worry, there's some awesome berserker amor later on that shows off your tummy.

>>590678116You mean aeonia swamp in caelid right? Fuck I think I know what to farm next.

>>590678109gtx 970 will easily 60fps this game on medium or highits nowhere near in the conversation for gotd.

>>590657205what armor?

>>590678249Yes, that's the one. The names in this game elude me. I wouldn't recommend trying to get it without the chicken feet, the droprate is brutal.

can someone make that ginger arrow chick

>>590657205>playing dunmer based

no other game lets me RP as an Anglo-Saxon horse-thegn except Mordhauunfortunately no other game has such obnoxious cheating AI mechanics that make Mordhau combat look legit either lmao

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Where the fuck is the magic staff in the Swamp? I heard tales of it and have been searching for a while. I'm having surprising success surviving most of the time

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>>590669365which version of the knight cuirass is this?

I'm still using the starter confessor armor despite being 30 hours in. There is no cool armor that won't put me heavy load

>>590668164where do you get that armor bro

>>590672306>activate windowslmao

>>590672393ooooo what chest piece?

>>590678489>nibbast really playst with motion blur turned on

>>590669201that is so good

>>590669365where is that flailI NEED it NOW

Twinned set 4 LYFE. Looks like lothoric knight cape with Kino high fantasy design

>>590678240Oh nice, how much later is it? I only just cleared the Margit guy.

>>590678657Looks like the Night Cavalry one. It's a boss that spawns at night on the road from that one bridge to Castle Morne in Limgrave. I think the grace is called Castle Morne ramparts.

>>590669265As far as I can tell it’s DS3 hyper armor again

>>590652264Sliders naow

>>590677635christ the lightning engine on this game is fantasticthis shit looks like concept art

>>590671140You look more like Vicious

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>>590678759nah, I've been stabbing this spear user in heavy armor with a rapier and he wasn't flinching. this game's poise system is more relaxed than DS3.

>>590650009The elden ring mod?

>>590678868It's great, but they could do a little better. There's basically no response to dynamic lightning. Your character doesn't even cast a shadow if you hold a torch.

>>590649915Calling your character a toon makes you sound fucking retarded to everyone who is over the age of 12.

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>>590679178Well that’s nice, they definitely still use the hyper armor too since it’s let me beat out attacks that would e staggered me otherwise

>>590679445Meant for >>590678915

>>590679405It's just funny that people are still taking the bait.

>>590668216rumor willis

>>590649915I think this game has some very good /fa/

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>>590670193thanks for the kek

halberd +8 i got for killing that piece of shit in castle morne, thats what you get for your daughter sending me to that shitty place

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I'm trying to play this game as spoiler-free as possible, but I also want to get the game's Moonlight Greatsword equivalent. Will I find it if I am exploring thoroughly and doing as many questlines as I can, or is there any bullshit that I need to know about ahead of time?


>>590668920That's the Coded Sword, found in the capital in the place that looks like the roundtable but ruined

>>590651062>puts all stats into INT>still too dumb to take a screenshot

>>590657205fucking dark elves REEEEE

>>590670729where do i get a jellyfish shieldbro?

Why does From never put sleek, light armour in their games? Everything makes you look like a hairy trashcan linebacker

damn this game has some fucking sick /fa/, good job anons

I feel like a lot of the cool metal armor sets don't show up until pretty late, like after atlus plateau. I've been mostly using godrick/leyndell etc. or banished knight sets and I won't say no to the greathelm but I'd like some more options soon

Scrumbin the 3rdat your service

Attached: unknown (3).png (900x1135, 2.2M)

my penal knight

Attached: eldentoon.jpg (2546x1422, 871.31K)


Attached: red.jpg (1520x784, 453.33K)

>>590675856twitch streamer cosplaynice

>>590678520you get it in the capital. cant miss it if you just explore.

>>590652651>Who run Barter Town?

I like this helmet

Attached: 1628580166336.jpg (2560x1440, 1.11M)

>>590671113based mushroom chad

level 84 confessor pumping the shit out of faith using dragon cult/dragon communion spells and still using the same +16 broadsword with sacred affinity that i had at the starti don't have enough endurance to wear the helmet to this set and I haven't found a good shield for it

I just got Flames of Frenzy and it's, no pun intended, insane. How far do intfags need to go to get anything that feels so satisfying to use? Asking for my sorc, I really want to make it work, but sorcery feels really underwhelming.

>>590649915wtf does toon mean?why cant you just say " post your elden ring character"?

>>590649915>It doesn't NEED to be avoidable

Attached: Radahn meteor.webm (1920x1080, 2.68M)

>>590680508its short for cartoon

>>590672878Im on testMale to alpha male

>>590679997how do you get that helmet just kill the asshole whos wearing it?

toasterchads representdamn, the warhawk's talon deals insane posture damage for a short sword

Attached: 1646290890175.png (806x1080, 349.1K)

>>590680459frogot image

Attached: unknown.png (595x697, 1.1M)

>>590649915Sad because haven't found some ragged-ass black robes yet

Attached: benis.png (880x798, 1.38M)

>All these dope armor sets>Just killed Renalla and that ghost knight guy in the manor and am still in 3/5 pieces of my starting vagabond set, not just because of it's stats but also because 99% of what i find is cuck'oo shit and caveman armorI guess I should do some of the roundtable sidequests huh

Attached: 1644980781896.jpg (255x239, 26.81K)

>>590669201I've used almost nothing else since I got the whip, shit is so god damn fun.

Attached: 5F4544ED-3ADA-44D7-9A56-9578AC9D9B82.jpg (1920x1080, 344.7K)

Any good blue armors that isn't the carian set?

Attached: 1639289074104.jpg (1000x1151, 362.53K)

>>590681474Based Durgesh

>>590680624i got it from doing the Dung Eater quest, don't know if he drops it if you just kill him

>>590678489There's one in a set of ruins on the west side, plus the rock sling spell in a basement. There's a bunch of skull-chucking lanky-bois hanging around. There's another one in the magic city, go up the stairs to where the baby erd tree is, jump down onto the long tree branch, then cross over to the roof below and drop onto the balcony on the side nearest the swamp.

>>590679728Lol, it's a reward for a really long npc questline.

>>590677635looks kinda like Sigvald the Magnificent

>>590678520Capital near Omenkiller

>>590678503Redmane, theres a knight you can farm for it right by the smouldering wall bonfire in Caelid

rl1 chads, how are we doing? still hanging in there?this poison flamberge is putting in some serious work.

Attached: 1245620_screenshots_20220303011639_1.jpg (1920x1080, 617.38K)

lvl 26 invasion build I threw together

Attached: 20220303191803_1.jpg (1920x1080, 136.1K)

>wear things for stats>look like a fucking retard>wear things to look good>get one shot by everythingi fucking hate this

>>590649970baste and coded swordpilled

Attached: elden ring dude.png (1038x1169, 813.85K)

My qt314 shield tank girl. Currently a bit struggling in the game because I'm playing melee only with no mind, faith, intelligence or arcane

Attached: Untitled.png (753x1037, 1.69M)


Attached: Screenshot 2022-03-03 193434.png (249x225, 88.19K)

>>590680515>on horse>sees avoidable attack coming>doesn't avoid itdumbass

Attached: EU9eKf4U4AM0IHU.jpg (1696x2080, 800.33K)

I like gold

Attached: unknown.png (1357x815, 2.16M)

>>590680463>How far do intfags need to go to get anything that feels so satisfying to useReally far.But i don't think late game fai can beat late game int

Attached: 1628309298971.jpg (1920x1080, 462.42K)

>>590649915Ive just beaten the boss at the academy, just put on the best gear set i could find and im still on my starting weapons.

Attached: Elden Ring 2022.03.01 - (678x970, 2.87M)

yeah we edgemaxxing

Attached: YQiry8O.png (825x1069, 702.07K)


For me, it's the Holy K***ht

Attached: Elden Ring Screenshot 2022.03.03 - (1920x1080, 1.26M)

>>590686880looks cool, what armor is that?

Attached: 1639455848082.jpg (2560x1080, 509.73K)

>>590686734Silence you infidel, you and your crusaders will get driven off this land.

Attached: 5436389.png (1024x742, 1015.67K)

hey, I'm the guy

Attached: 1634599524410.jpg (1920x1080, 662.74K)

Any ideas for a Sneed build?

Attached: Sneed Life.png (1853x1440, 1.99M)

Attached: 1moartime.jpg (3840x2160, 1.44M)

>>590687091Your guy looks more jewish than actual jews kek

>>590659302I updated my character

Attached: 20220303024456_1.jpg (1920x1080, 385.57K)

>>590685792What happens when they make armor actually work

Attached: ELDEN RING.png (1920x1080, 2.45M)

>>590676739Is that shield a drop?

>>590687847loot it from ruins in west caelid

>>590663048based pumpkin chad

Attached: 20220303_195016.jpg (1080x837, 216.25K)

Attached: gelmir.jpg (1920x1080, 584.88K)

>>590649915If you use the word toon, you seriously need to kill yourself.


Attached: red riging hood.jpg (1080x1080, 612.24K)

Attached: 6574567.png (773x1033, 468.19K)

>>590678868I've noticed this lighting only exists in character creation and status screen, not in-game


>>590684197Nice. That's exactly who I based him on.


>>590688837Post sliders, please.


Attached: 1245620_20220301203747_1.jpg (2560x1440, 1M)

>>590672465I play as a woman in every game I'm given the option to and theres' nothing you can do to stop me.

What the FUCK is toon supposed to mean on pso2 threads I've seen toons on ff14 threads ive seen toons so it already sounds like you eat penis why can't you just fucking say character toon IS the gayest possible sounding thing you could have used to just ask "hehheuhue post you character" KILL YOURSELF you fucking faggot and get a dictionary shoved up your urethra bitch

>>590689353Come home...

Attached: Phantasy Star Online ambiance.webm (1748x720, 3M)

I wanna wear heavy sets, but I also wanna use magic.. what should I do??

>>590654420 kek’d


Attached: Gigachadatcomputer.jpg (1080x607, 48.41K)

>>590689569But how do you get enough endurance to have mid roll with a heavy set + greatshield?

>>590689638Git gud and learn how to dodge?

>>590689638havels talisman +1

>>590689772Stupid>>590689834Thanks didn't know that existed

>>590666421>golden sneed

Attached: 1438748022155.jpg (209x214, 8.41K)

>>590689638Arsenal Charm +0/1 is like +17% equip load. +0 you get from the strong independent black woman warrior after you encounter her in Stormveil Castle. +1 is found in Altus I think.Erdtree Favour Charm is +5%. You can get it right at the beginning of the game if you know where to go and started with Stonesword Key.There's also the Great Jar's Arsenal which is annoying to get but gives +20%.

>>590689834>havels talisman +1>+1You can upgrade talismans?

Bless all of my knight brothers in this thread

Attached: 3287328.jpg (1087x1126, 113.36K)

>>590690112Nah, you just find upgraded versions later on. Like one of the sealed chests in Selia gives the magic resist+1 charm.

>>590690207> started as a knight> fallen to dex/int faggotryPlease, forgive me. Moonveil is simply too good...

full mage run

Attached: 20220301214209_1.jpg (2560x1440, 701.81K)

>>590690112No, you get the +1 equip load one in atlas plateau. Idk if there is better

>>590670193What armor set are those legs I need it for my thicc


Attached: phead.jpg (1192x927, 446.98K)


Attached: sneed.png (813x1315, 732.48K)

>>590688837certified qt

>>590690318Fear not for I had once walked that path, you may yet still walk the path of the kings.>Moonvail + Cold Wakizashi fucking banged though

Attached: 96749.jpg (889x327, 36.41K)

>>590690610But how rare are those upgrade materials?

>>590690665Dunno, they don't seem to be insanely rare, there are what I've still currently got. Plus you get Bells you can give to the husk twins in roundtable to buy unlimited upgrade mats. The Moonveil & Sword of Night and Flame are the only two weapons I've bothered upgrading with the special smithing stones, Moonveil+7 and the Sword at +6, then got a bunch of other weapons like the Lance and a rot rapier at +16

>>590690665>>590690810>>590690810Forgot pic

Attached: Screenshot_1.jpg (690x505, 48.55K)

>>590676739this made me lol out loud

>>590690610>Cold WakizashiWhat does this mean?


Attached: God gives his silliest battles.jpg (605x362, 23.04K)


Attached: eldenring_2022_03_01_00_49_42_062.jpg (1920x1080, 1.66M)


Attached: f6wMsg3.jpg (668x738, 53.65K)

I normally don't prioritize looks but I love being an edgy dual greatsword wielding wolf man. It took me 60 hours of playing to remember you can power stance again.

Attached: elden ring wolf man.jpg (699x697, 209.79K)


Attached: bronn i'd fuck her.gif (540x406, 3.39M)

>>590678532More like motion soul

Do sword coatings stack? Like if I use the poison mist ash and then bloodgrease will it be poison bleeding or does the bleed replace it?

>>590691095Cold infusion on the Wakizashi dagger, done through putting a cold based Ashes of War (like Chilling Mist or Hoarfrost Stomp) on the dagger & then picking the cold infusion option. Gives the weapon magic dmg and INT scaling

Attached: Screenshot_2.jpg (2343x1155, 300.43K)

>>590691705OOOOOOOH thanks user>Bleed AND ColdFinally I can be Sister Friede

Where the fuck do you get armor in this game? In 7 hours I haven't found a single full set.

>>590691798No problem, if you use it paired with a katana like the Uchi or Moonveil it has it's own unique power stance, so you can still the the katana draw weapon art while dual wielding them & the L1 combo with frost and bleed build up chunks after a couple of hits

>20 hours of playtime>still no good armor for my fist clericLike the best fling isn't dissapointing enought.Any recomendations? I want him to look agile yet brawlyNo shields, only fist weapons and "miracles"

>>590652719cool toon anonany other capelets in the game?

Attached: 1645779724216.jpg (1920x1080, 406.83K)

>>590691896>power stanceT-There's power stance in Elden ring?

>>590649915>toonsfuck off AOL user

STR/FTH, decided to do the rest of the game with Spiked Caestus only.

Attached: 796789768.png (1274x706, 1.5M)

Attached: 17f4f3b926157-screenshotUrl.jpg (3840x2160, 935.8K)

>>590692050Yeah just equip the same weapon type in each hand & it automatically power stances, you can use the powerstance combo using L1. Dunno if there are any other special power stances like the katana & that specific dagger

any anons willing to drop the bullgoat set for me? i accidently killed patches :( pls ill do anythingi want that juicy poise

>>590672306you gotta activate windows user

Attached: 1645776780986.png (643x624, 329.52K)

>>590649915starter zone outfit

Attached: ChainlinkFlail (2).webm (1920x1080, 2.34M)

Attached: ss3.png (877x747, 1.38M)

>>590692294This game is amazing, every day new things being discovered

Edge, Lord

Attached: char.png (546x944, 484.55K)

I didn't find any new armor yet but I don't mind, I could play the whole game like that

Attached: toon.jpg (1091x781, 396.73K)

is there no transformation in game like dragon/beast form?

Rate my knight.

Attached: 1144012.jpg (905x1080, 68.06K)

Attached: 332523567.jpg (1920x1080, 626.13K)

blessings upon all my ordained brothers

Attached: Capture-1.jpg (744x1158, 109.27K)

Rate him

Attached: Elden Ring Screenshot 2022.03.02 - (1920x1080, 3.17M)


Attached: 5235256.png (500x398, 141.99K)


Attached: Elden ring.png (1280x720, 1.31M)

>>590670164Black flame and lightning spear. Cipher Pata for melee. Full faith is worth it if you use spells or fth scaling weapons like cipher pata or sacred infusion.

I'm still rocking the prisoner outfit after 30 hours, just took off the chest piece. Will probably keep the helmet until the end.

>>590649915Cool shield OPDid you get from the gothric castle knights?

>>590693312based rper never taking off the helmet because he physically cannot. salud

Attached: 423424567.jpg (1365x881, 484.44K)

Sir Pumpkin the Grandiose

Attached: unknown.png (1902x1052, 2.05M)

>>590678205based silver dragon bro

>>590692151>caestus punch broabsolutely based

>>590663884jej those wings are on his back silly.

>>590668216>"It's MA'AM!


>>590687091>What is the Elden Ring worth?>Nothing

>character has a lazy eye that is always looking up>no way to edit it without his entire face morphing into something elseFromsoft sliders fucking SUCK, just give me real part options like dragons dogma

Attached: 04409430-6763-4C36-89E8-1A71F6DF3D95.jpg (4032x3024, 2.78M)

>>590678435A respectful Sutton Hoo chad

>>590691423What chestpiece is that, it looks sick


Attached: 17f4d985bbf68-caa10166EC2575409B0.16FAC78DCE7C9F60_message_421446111690932_1646273873792.jpg (1041x1080, 96.89K)

for me its powerstancing greatswords

Attached: Untitled.png (1920x1080, 1.41M)

>>590678530Cuckoo Knight's.

Attached: 20220301132600_1.jpg (2560x1440, 888.59K)

Question: does heavier armor actually reduce damage from monsters like it did in DaS, or does it do literally nothing except make you fatroll like in DaS 2 and 3?


>>590676739Hell yeah dude.

>go into boss room>spam magic missile>winIs the only way to get a challenge in boss fights gimping myself and not using magic missile

>>590652264>>590653556>>590669824>>590670193>>590671113>>590675856>>590677087>>590687832>>590691267>>590660303Cute feet.

>>590649970still working on becoming albanias strongest knight, need to get some better armor and weapon

Attached: Albania Paladin.png (857x1075, 783.93K)

>>590694302>shield description>"emblem of the company of slaves forced to explore the eternal city"uh albaniabro?

Where the fuck are you guys getting all the cool armor? I've just been mixing and matching shit dropped by trash mobs. I'm like 20 hours in at this point, just beat Godrick.

>suddenly remember the fat fuck did some writing for the gameNow I want to make a Bobby B cosplay. Any armor that makes you fat?

>>590694449Can't you make your character fat?

>>590694374>20 hours innomad merchants sell gear if only mostly other starting set equipment. you can find gear just lying about in places but 99.9% of it is gained through enemies

>>590694330in real life albanians are slaves to the Italian economy after all


Are Invasions fun?Should I try or am I gonna get gank squad'd?

Is there anything better than the vagabond set, but weighing less?

Did anyone try anything approximating a landsknecht yet?

Attached: 1.3.jpg (1200x2050, 289.8K)

>>590694597you can 100% make a landsknecht with old man knight armor

Its name is Carrit

Attached: IMG_20220303_032439_872.jpg (1280x720, 167.19K)

>>590694449Forgot the name of the armour but you can fight !not! Smough and take his Obese Armour and Hammer

>>590676739Your feet looks normal tho.

>>590694686Does it contain frilly garbs? That and a Zweihander would cut it for me

>>590671113Unfathomably based

>>590676739Ok this is the best one, you can invade me anytime


>>590676871>>590676952>even niggers play as white peoplelmao

>>590695026Baste. Fromsoft designers have a good eye and imagination

>>590676739This is the kind of person you'd summon and they solo Radahn with 0 damage taken

>>590694549Some bosses will be immune or resistant to magicOr some will not leave you room to even cast magic

>>590678489>that thousand yard stare

Attached: 69b.png (600x724, 419.82K)

>>590695087this is the only picture on gogle

Attached: 262667.jpg (300x169, 12.73K)

>>590694549yes yes we get it youre a try hard who thinks magic is “easy mode” you don’t have to keep shouting

Should I be looking up guides on how to get some of these armors? I just beat Godrick and i've still been using my basic armour, but I don't wanna ruin my blind playthrough.

>>590695227Thanks. I've actually seen the full image of that fella

>>590649915all hail pumpkin

Attached: glory.jpg (1920x1080, 554.59K)

>>590695329Here's a better

>>590695308If it's a mob you think looks cool, chances are they can drop their gear. Some of the things you see in this thread are from vendors(The Crusader Helm is I think)


Attached: Disparaged.png (391x551, 341.81K)

>>590695329its cool how its not just generic knight shit. theres landsnekt stuff and polish hussar armor

>>590694302also his face

Attached: face.png (795x791, 760.52K)

>>590695308Just explore, most of the armor shit you won't get until later or until you do NPC quests. Most human mobs will drop their armor though.

>>590695461Very pretty. Cheers

Attached: 866776.jpg (900x1394, 203.34K)

Confessor as fuck, Golden Order Fundamentalist ethnicity.

>>590695773Slack-jawed retard that I am forgot the image.

Attached: Foul Tarnished.png (663x875, 319.68K)

>>590695564Yes. It obviously shows a deeper appreciation of all the tier of western history than just generic plate armour even if it is just aesthetic. Not many games are brave enough to display all the colour and heraldry

Attached: eldenring_2022_03_02_15_29_29_895.jpg (1920x1080, 637.45K)

>>590673493>he died and left me a letter talking about D's borther>but D just got ganked by Fia after I gave him the dagger>the letter is written as if D was still alivePoor fucker, guess it's better he didn't know. Did I fuck up with D? Was there a way to save him?


Attached: spellblade.jpg (430x260, 8.77K)

>>590649915How do I take a good picture? You can't zoom the camera or anything

Attached: 20220302_212230.jpg (1920x1080, 350.86K)

am I late?

Attached: eldenring_9JU5tMUsnO.jpg (1920x1080, 374.37K)

>>590649915Babbies first adventure.

Attached: 20220301115514_1.jpg (1920x1200, 492.91K)


Attached: what-the-hell-is-going-on.png (223x238, 87.59K)

>>590696370I can't help that indie devs like to use their self inserts that also happen to look like me.

Attached: 1646142826841.gif (560x440, 3.92M)


>>590671528consume the cum chalice

Attached: 20220228035036_1.jpg (1920x1080, 147.78K)

Geralt RP

Attached: thisbethewitchmaneh.png (1920x1080, 3.07M)

Attached: 20220303031011_1.jpg (2560x1440, 631.96K)

Does the mask make it too edgy or nah?

Attached: 20220303121332_1.jpg (1920x1080, 431.54K)

>>590696176options menu turn off hud

Attached: 52356647.jpg (1920x1080, 523.12K)

go onswing

Attached: elden dork.jpg (905x1403, 711.69K)


Attached: 20220302190616_1.jpg (2560x1440, 692.04K)

>>590697447looks like victor von doom thats based

>>590659302holy shit that topI need it for my knife barbarianWHERE DO I COP IT

In a shithole right now but who cares

Attached: eldenring_n2R96omQ4V.png (659x585, 546.64K)

>>590668771I can't find any decent early holy weapons that don't have ridiculous requirements. IJust rocking the lordsworn's greatsword with sacred ashes for the moment.

Here's my fat ugly ginger girl (full fit).

Attached: 20220303123029_1.jpg (1920x1080, 442.57K)

>>590686478>4 hours oldDon't care this is my fav in the thread user.

>>590673987ayy lmao

>>590697509Do you have to farm those golden knights on their horse for that armor? Or do you find it later in a chest/body somewhere?

How/where do I get some capes?