Yet another thread. Nothing suprising.

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Alright you closed beta fucksSpill the beans. Did they make any improvements from the last beta?

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>>590648536got no clue, this is my first one, the only mention i had read from someone which played the last version.was that they had nerfed garnet and apparently straight up changed?? some move of hers.

>>590648536From what i've seen, it's less floaty and a few minor tweaks here and there. Mainly nerfs to characters like Harley and Garnet, but nothing too major.


>>590648536Gameplay is smoother and faster than last time, characters have had slight adjustments like Steven's model and Supes' ice breath taking longer to freeze, and they added assist characters. There's also the new Scooby stage and Velma is being added in a couple days.So yeah, it's pretty good.

>The multiversus devs will never see the Tyr'ahnee thread we had today

>>590652646There was a Tyr'ahnee thread!?

Interesting choices so

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>>590653003Yes, and it was very comfy.

>>590653109>Captain Planet>41 votesUnexpected, but a welcome sight. I remember him being kinda broken in Punch Time Explosion.

>>590653338Well that's nice I guess.

They're in

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How weird do ya think this roster is gonna get?

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this game is overhyped as fuck, got into the beta this time and it's FINE, it's GOOD, but it's slow as shitalso people overstated how hard it is to use Tom and Jerry, but I admit I do love how they're pseudo Solid Snake. Also the slingshot gives me NASB Helga feels and I appreciate that a lot.It's gonna be fine but it's being carried by presentation somewhat.

>>590653109Looking at this list makes me realize that rosterfagging for this game is not just impossible, but also incomprehensible.

>>590654883the big difference is that one is paid, the other is gonna be free and you can't win againstwhile looking that great and eventually working over a toaster.

>>590655395To be fair, presentation goes a long way. Remember the whole MvCI debacle?

>>590654883Games overhyped but plays nasb? Something’s not adding quite up.

>>590654883i feel like there's way less hype for this than nasb because rosterfags fucked off

>Would you believe there was a time I was made out of blue electricity? The 90s were wild I love the dialogue the characters say on the select screen when you click them

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>>590657082That and the NDAs

>>590654883>this game is overhyped as fuckthere's like only forty people talking about it

>>590657418You think that could be a skin in the future?

>>590657572100% The DC characters have endless material for alternate skins to show off how much you grinded the game.

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I swear this lineup keeps changing every time I refresh

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>>590657906Oh yeah, wasn't Superman Prime an alt in one of the trailers?>>590658171Oh shit, I forgot about Scribblenauts. That'd be an awesome addition to the game.

>>590658171why have you scrolled down just enough to cut off the fact that 97% of people have voted for Uncle Jesse from Full House

>>590653109i want specifically duck dodgersbut from the 2003 cartoon


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>>590654663>velma i mean sure i like her but wouldn't scooby be better????

>You know I had to do it em, Doc.

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>>590654883What the fuck are you talking about? We can barely keep a thread alive on here. Nick Smash had non-stop threads since it was announced.

Jimmy Five for MultiVersus!

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>>590654663Is this a legit screengrab? I mean that is her official render as seen in a previous leak, but it's not photoshopped onto the CSS here? Because she's not meant to be added til the 4th.

>>590654518Probably only Ruby but the others are less likely

>>590653109>George Lopez

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>>590658273There was a placeholder image of Superman's artwork recoloured gold, so most likely.

>>590653109Wasn't expecting Mao Mao to be that high.Fucking neat

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Alright, just played for a bit>No grabs?>No shields?>Game feels a little slow in general

>>590660561No, but it will probably look like that.

>>590661493It's not a game based on smash

>>590661493Try dashing and jumping, it carries your momentum into the air.

>>590661493It's more like Brawlhalla than Smash

>>590661493it is slow but it's also not really trying to be another smashit's a plat fighter but it's doing it's own flavor of stuff and i appreciate that even if i don't give a rat's ass about doubles (i have never even looked at Brawlhalla so i can't compare)

>>590661493>Game feels a little slow in generalthis game is way faster than smash ult, characters dash jump all over the place

>Smash clone comes out>Tries to emulate Smash as much as possible >People complain that it plays too much like smash>Smash clone comes out>Tries to do its own spin>People complain it doesn't play enough like smash>Go back to Smash>Complain about modern Smash brod

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>>590660561People have been able to glitch Velma to be playable somehow, which means her CSS render has been revealed, so yes it's a legit screengrab.

>>590658346I ain't gonna lie, I'm not that good at screengrabbing.But anyways, here's an updated look at the poll, and again the votes are much different than before:

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>>590665072Is smash bros the only game allowed to actually be categorized as a platform fighter? That’s like calling every 2d fighter a street fighter clone.

>>590666295Chandler got 20 votes? What's he gonna do, pull down his pants and play Klonoa?>>590666868As an old fan of Fatal Fury, that's exactly what people did back in the 90s. Old habits die hard, and people can never let a genre grow despite everyone hating monopolies.

>>590658624i've spoked some threads ago he does say that in game, taking out the very last part of doc he says the whole phrase as an victory quote.

>>590667447No fucking way does he say that

>>590667447They really are hamming it up with the memes, huh? Surprised they haven't added "easy with the carrots" Bugs yet.

>>590667447yes, i will record some gameplays with only the voice over on and them cut that part out if i i am able to.

>>590666295>23 votesLET'S GO!

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>>590667762Could ya also get the Black Lanter Supes/Steven interaction too? I feel like that's gonna be a good one to have on hand.

>>590668264i would be at the mercy of bots, that would be harder will take a while.or i am being utterly dumb and not simply going into tutorial and killing each other until the phrases trigger lol.

have those meanwhile, first 2 vs arya on spawn, 3 going into batcave, 4 winning with maestro skin sadly that skin do not has the brushed hair wig from the cartoon.

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>>590667447He does say that as one of his win quotes.

>>590665072brawlhalla did it's own spin on smash and succeeded for it along with being free to play. multiversus also plays very differently from smash

>>590668870I guess you could say that Bugs is a... Happy Hare.

>>590648328This game was announced too damn early, might have been a case of their hands being forced by the leaks. I feel like it should have been revealed maybe during the Game Awards with what's happening now as the first round of tests.

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>>590669358i 100% agree, while the tests don't show everything of course.for an alpha showcasing barely 3 actual textured maps is just very strange.feels like they rushing to create the core gameplay and polish the chars first instead of having a balance of stages-per-char-amount formula and them having more options to showcase on trailers/tests.considering that the stages they showed are literally the only ones that are in the tests does makes me worried that their pipeline is going slower than expected.

>>590669358I believe even Tony himself said the game was revealed too early. It makes me wonder why they revealed it so early in the first place, what happened at around that time that made WB think "Oh shit, we need to reveal this NOW."... Was it the leaks?

>>590669358>I feel like it should have been revealed maybe during the Game Awards>announce a company crossover platform fighter after the embarrassments that were NASB and Space Jam 2lmao there's a reason WB saved that gold spot for Wonder Woman's new game instead

>>590669929The leaks and I think this game was announced after both NASB and Sora came out so people could all be hype with Multiversus.

>>590669929My fingers pointing at hungrybox

>>590648328how do I rreport bugs and glitches, the discord is just screen sharing

>>590670340You should send a leak to this discord you speak of…also I have no clue I’m not in the test or none of that.

>>590670340you gotta be in the playtest discord server

>>590670449I click the link to join and it says do you want to screen share, I am watching porn while playing so I can't

>>590670572that does not happen

>>590661840Basic Rock,Paper,Scissor mechanics in fighting games isn't exclusive to Smash, user...

>>590670781this is all I get

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I am still somewhat surprised at some of the choices on here, but it's not

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I'm here to shill for Mr. Limpet. Vote for him and get prime fish pussy like he does. His autistic screeching is so powerful it causes the destruction of U-boats and turned the tide of the Atlantic theater. He's a proud World War 2 veteran deserving of our support.

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>>590670337I swear that guy is some sort of hype deflater.>>590671821ATHF reps would be pretty neat.

>>590653109>Sal Vulcano>Coach McGuirk>Sesame Street>Mr Six>>>>>Speed roster we got here

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>> taunts from bugsignore how the equalization sounds like, i am using my custom one.the game has 3 different types in the config menu i only remember 2 bass and night mode.

>>590671821Oh shit, people actually want Mao Mao? Well I'll be...

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>>590671821Based Pink Panther being that high

>>590671821courage could have some wild moveset, top cat could use the different cats or switch between them.

>>590668870The third one is something he says whenever you select him as a character, and the fourth is something he says as a general victory line. Pretty sure you're right about the first two; motherfucker has so many lines against Arya

>>590672027That guy fucked a fish.>>590672182This is exactly why Speed should have been in Tatsunoko vs Capcom.

>>590672617well, i only got the fourth when i was with the maestro skin and only once.the third i did heard a lot but the time i noticed it was on the batcave so i thought made more sense.

>>590672445Bugs is such a smug bastard, he's great.


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>>590671573bruh, no thats not what you're looking for at all

>>590672706They claimed they couldn't come up with a moveset yet they have one for RE Chris that's just guns, we could have had guns and cars

>>590673572Capcom is a bunch of cowards, they knew Speed Racer would be too OP. Let's hope WB drop the ball if they ever get to add him.

when i click to join the discord it doesn't do anything. i have discord open.

>>590673572>>590673830*doesn't drop the ballMan my typing sucks.

>>590671821This game would be magical if even a fraction of these guys got added in. Totally gonna bank on The Mask though, especially if they bring in Jim Carrey to voice.

>>590654663SO good.>>590654883Smashie detected. It's not slow and it's not smash.

>>590653109>Shazam so lowyou guys have strikingly little taste

>>590671295grabs and blocking, while traditional rock paper scissors options are not the sole makeup of a fighting gameplenty of fighting games, while featuring grabs or block like moves do not have them as the core of their gameplay, namely rivals of aether which completely lacks systemwide grabbing and blocking, only having a parry

>>590671821Gotta root for Spy vs Spy.>>590675616I dunno, 65 votes is still a pretty good amount.

can someone record black lantern superman's interaction with steven universe, I need to hear my main man george saying it

>>590653109>No Night KingCome on user he is the other Got character who should be in

Who's the weirdest character they could ever add to this game? Like, weirder than what we already know.

>>590654883It's relatively slow thanks to input stuff and startup on moves. It's like Ultimate but with some weird movement options that make it more twitchy than anything. Don't know why people are so mad at such a mildly stated opinion that's a net positive for the game.>>590652560>Supes' ice breath taking longer to freezeThat's why the move feels worthless. He's got some good stuff but ice breath in 1v1s and borderline, in 2v2s, feels worthless.

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>>590673830He also would have been the one Tatsunoko choice that Americans would have been familiar with, hell I'm pretty sure he's more popular overseas than in Japan. That shits important for a western release

>>590672445Eric Bauza does a great job as Bugs, he nails the Mel Blanc screams

>>590677598This is why he needs to be in Multiversus, he needs to fight. It's in his blood.

Alright, one more look at the results before I knock out. As a question to ya, who of these top 20 picks is most likely to be added to the game?

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>>590678206Very surprised Coyote is the highest Looney Tune

>>590678206Out of those, for me are>Most likelyWile E Coyote, Pink Panther, Maxwell, Mordecai and Rigby, Daffy and Gumball>WishlistMao Mao, Courage, and Nicole.

>>590678206>>590678364Can't mess with the best.

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>>590678206This puts a smile on my face.

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>>590678416They gotta have Maxwell, he'd have a crazy moveset.>>590678441If Wile gets added, they have to add a Ralph skin with the accompanying voice.

>>590677952He does have quite the voice.

>>590677225Christmas Special characters, like the Miser Brothers or Buddy. Based on that poll, the Six Flags guy is a pretty out there choice, too.

>>590677225Fuck Lebron James. This should be out Warner Music rep. Tell me, user, do you believe in life after love?

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>>590679441Plus, she crossed over with Scooby Doo

>>590679629What happened to her voice, sounds like she's gargling marbles.

>>590679195Those guys would be cool picks, especially the Six Flags guy. Gotta have dance battler.

>>590653109>all cartoonsThese people are so small-minded about WB's IPs.

>>590679756She's, like, 72 user. It's a wonder that she still performs.

>>590680041does it really surprise you a thread about a platform fighter on a video game board is full of people obsessed with their childhood?

Spear when

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I like how Superman is nonchalant and self-aware about being in this crossover in his dialogue. It's refreshing to see such a chill Superman in a videogame after the Injustice series. His line about being proud of Finn for being a good hero despite his lack of powers was wholesome.

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>>590681864>It's refreshing to see such a chill Superman in a videogame after the Injustice series.This

I think the default announcer in this game is actually Frank Welker. It sounds like his Fred Jones voice

>All the Batman and Shaggy banterThese guys have something fucking personal against each other.

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you assholesupload the interactions

I just want Scooby and Dick Dastardly & Muttley in the game than I would be happy and no longer give the game anymore complaints.I know my third choice is probably not going to make it in, which is fine but Killer Croc would be cool to see in the game alongside Joker that we need the Clown and the Crocodile fighting the Bat.

>>590685863Garnet also has a real fucking grudge against Batman. From memory:>Oh, look. Another rich man wearing a cape.>Maybe you should just Bat-surrender?>Punching you in your Batface.She also has a line for winning against him but I don't have it on top of my head.

>Black Night Supes shits on StevenI'd play using this skin more if there were more Steven players

What's Reindog like? Does he talk at all?

>>590671821>65 votes for my boy KOWarms my heart, he's pretty much never ever tier but man if there was character tailor made for a game like this it'd be him.

These two when

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>>590686803He twerks on the loading screen

>>590648328He's in

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>>590666868Streetfags have an autistic definition of what qualifies as a fighting game, which is apparently only games that play like Street Fighter or Tekken

>>590661493>no grabsI wish, fuck superman

he's in

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>>590687908Actually he is

>>590677225Steve UrkelSheldon CooperThe Six Flags guy

>>590677225Tony SopranoGeorge Lopez

>>590678416I’m pretty sure Tony really wants the Eds in but that will all depend on Danny Antonucci since he owns the show

>>590688920>network doesn't own his showHow'd he manage to score that deal?

>>590689021CN was a young and fresh channel who was desperate for new content. Reminder, by 1996, CN's only original shows where Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Dexter. Johnny Bravo and Cow & Chicken just got greenlit while the Powerpuff Girls and Courage's WAC pilots still needed to prove themselves.It also helps that Antonucci was friends with then-CN exec Linda Simensky, so that helped fasten the process.It was a perfect blend of being at the right place at the right time.

>>590689487Dexter's Lab was the first Cartoon Network original? Never knew that (never watched CN as a kid) but I suppose that makes sense.Lucky bastard, one of the few network cartoon creators to actually own his show.

>>590690149Indeed, CN started out with Hanna-Barbera reruns, but later made original cartoons by the late 90s. Many of their older cartoons were made by Hanna-Barbera Studios themselves. HB dismantled in 2000, as it would be absorbed into Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bros. Animation.

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>>590677596Why are the faces so bad?

>>590690530Ah, I didn't know that; I always thought HB was something that WB just bought out and used to bolster the cartoon lineup, didn't know it predated CN originals. I mean, I knew HB predated CN originals, but I didn't know HB cartoons were on CN itself prior to the originals.>that imageOof, there's definitely an odd one out here

This is most likely the line-up of characters from all the currently confirmed franchises present in MultiVersus, give or take a couple of characters.

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>>590687737Never ever, but a man can dream

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>>590692012I'd be content with a stage + a solid track list with their music, though ideally I want them playable as well.

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Why are we suggesting Daft Punk here?

>>590687737What about Daffy Punk?


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>>590695109But do they own them?

>>590691485>MarcelineReplace her with PB. There's already a CN character who fulfills the rowdy shapeshifting gimmick with Amethyst

>>590688419He looks like he could be funny to play as

>>590678734Will Wile ever be voiced?

>>590672182>sal is a support that instead of providing buffs to teammates gives rebuffs to opponents since he asks them to do nonsense in public

>>590696506He's been voiced before in the actual old cartoons in episodes where he was after Bugs instead of Roadrunner

>>590695373And who tf would take pb over fucking marceline?

>>590698146Should be the cat who knows approximately everything. Be fucking hilarious to hear him almost know the cast.

>>590698146who indeed

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>>590698516Not the user you are replying to (but I am the guy that posted the tiermaker image), but Brawlhalla's guest characters are all reskins with the exception of Rayman.