A thread where we actually talk about the upcoming game.What are your personal hopes for Limbus? Where do you think it'll go in the context of coming after Ruina?Will you be able to make Don Quicote take her medication?

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>>590629426Dondon will never take her medication. Not if I can help it.

>>590629426>What are your personal hopes for Limbus?It will be good.>Where do you think it'll go in the context of coming after Ruina?Library is gone but shit is still bubbling and we must to stop it and grab as much intel/EGO as we can. Check the site for real reason>Will you be able to make Don Quicote take her medication?Nah.

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>>590629426I hope it will keep their style and quality from both games (even if this include flaws). And this game will bring enough profit for PM, I don't actually think it will bring alot of money with way their approaching this, as doing their own quirky thing instead full gacha what would milk setting out of its characters Also I want actual character heights confirmed that pic can't be accurate

>>590631702That's my big worry, yeah- that they're going halfway on the gacha so it won't even bring in the dosh they made it one to get.

>>590631478I don't think don would say things like that.

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>>590629426>hopesmore Laetitia>Will you be able to make Don Quicote take her medication?dunno, dont care, i prefer ishmael

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>>590633223Don't take Cogito kids

I hope Dante and Vergil get to fight some dudes, even if it's only for specific fights like Angela in Library.

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>>590634112Vergil maybe, I don't think Dante is a combat oriented distortion. I'm curious if Leviathan will cover Vergil meeting Dante and creating the company or whatever.

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>>590634978I don't know why but I fucking love Vergil's permanent tired expression, it feels so fitting. It's a shame his weapon/gladius looks wonky and unfitting

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>>590635227Gladius is fine since it's a tool for felon's execution (and of war, too) in ancient times. And, you guessed it, sinners are the criminals

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Don Quixote is NOT insane she is just a ROLEPLAYING DORK

>>590635227I'm fond of how he always looked like that, even before the hero of Love Town turned all those children into squares

When I start the Ensemble fights, do I have to do the whole thing in one sitting or can I safely close the game after a battle is concluded?>>590629426I want to stay positive and hopeful for it even if it ends up being gachashit. Have fAith anons.

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>>590633223>Carmen turned into a cockroachShe must think she's funny.


>>590638690its Hod dumbass

>>590639017>>590638690It's Gregor retards

>>590639135>brown hair>ahoge>gregor

>>590639213That's his ponytail and he's slowly turning into a roach.

>>590638291I have faith that the difficulty will be fine even if it is gacha, just like early Brave Frontier before the devs went full pants on head retarded with balancing.

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Nope, still not sorry lmao

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>>590639991that's an ahoge.

>>590629426Crossovers with other games and franchises and as for context, its gonna be the FGO of the Franchise. So in a strange limbo where it notes of past events and establish its own continuity. Much like a spin-off TV series.And the only way you can make Don take anything is through Clowns and or Violence.

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>>590638291you can safely close the game after a battle

>>590638690>>590638789>>590639135Meant Carmen turned Gregor into a roach. Guess that's what happens when my Prudence is too high...

which stat makes the nuggets the best to eat?

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>>590629426threadly reminder that if we whale hard enough for dondon(forma alice), we will get DD VN, LCB and the ARPG el director promised us much fastertrust the plAn

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>>590649213I'll only spend money on things that are REALLY cool.

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>>590649537dondon is cool and cute

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You HAVE to look at her.

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>your sinners can just get actually, literally clerk'd all gory-like againan odd choice but I'm frankly all here for it. Ruina helped us forget that this is a pretty violent and bloody series with everyone exploding into pages.

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Malkuth's ass...

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>>590651760is it just me or does malkuth look fat in ruina

>>590653764That's just you, buddy.

>>590649213I hate this stupid alice don meme desu

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>>590654157I don't get it, either. I don't know what alice form means.

I need MORE BongBong.

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>>590654157>>590654240a party everlasting from wonderlabis an aberrationlimbus companies job is to dick about the fallen L Corp Wingthey also show the sinners being E.G.O. customizablehenceforth dondon(forma alice)

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>>590651090Angela's wet dream

>>590651090I know this is a bad idea but sauce?

>>590629426Limbus is probably a contender for the hardest "punch in the gut" reveal I've ever had, that awful "hype from 100 to 0 in a splitsecond" feeling. The other one was Diablo 3 reveal when they showed gameplay and it looked like fucking WoW. Spore of course was a big one too but that was more of a slow burn disappointment as I played the game and realized it was nothing like the original announcement.To answer your question: I don't care anymore. I used to check PM's Twitter thrice a week or more and frequent these threads, but since Limbus was revealed I've completely stopped. Maybe I'll be back when other games get revealed, but considering how gacha work, I am not interested in spin-off games that are always offshoots or secondary to mobile gacha trash. I'll just pretend PM went bankrupt after LoR and forget about it.

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Are there any fun/effective strategies with Tiphs floor other than exodia?I'm going through the game again and trying to use floors other than the braindead big number ones.

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>>590655883if you keep that up they will really get bankruptand you will not get DD VN, LCB and the ARPG el director promised

>>590655883Bro your confirmed Distortion Detective VN?Your LB2 where you send Fixers to suppress distortions/abnormalities while also fighting against Syndicates that get in your way

>>590656261Yeah no sorry I am not obligated to buy their shitty mobile gacha to fund their future games. If the gacha flops and they go under, that's their own fault. Wouldn't be the first nor the last to collapse under their own greed.>>590656423>confirmedYeah sure, Limbus is confirmed too, so what? I'll wait and see how they turn out, but needless to say after Limbus' reveal I am not shaking with excitement.

>>590656873>under their own greedyou need money to make video games, user. I get the hesitancy to play a gacha and that's fine but I don't think making a game with a lucrative system so you have money to make more games is an inherent sinit's not like PM hasn't been financially suffering since early access lobcorp, after all.

The real Angela.

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>>590657724If only.

Was interested in this until I found out it was Korean

>>590654778I get it, I just think it is dumb and annoying

>>590658356What's wrong? You don't like hamham pangpang?

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So, we're all in agreement that Dante is Ayin, right?

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>>590656218I guess you could build some nuggets that take advantage of specific abno pages, since there's a bunch of different gimmicks>Nikolai mark/smoke + justice >Pierce/gun + blades whetted with teardrops>Singular strike + intemperance>Discard + void and nihil egoThere's also just good pages like love and companion for sustainability, acidic sludge, magical girls. You've got plenty of options.

>>590629426I want to have more info on the wings since we don't know what most of them even do.Some references or characters from distortion detective showing up could be pretty good but it's very unlikely and I'm really curious about Dante. I've seen someone in these threads talking about how Dante is X because of the lament lyrics and it actually convinced me I love Moses!

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>>590659487Unless the entire opening song is a red herring and you're actually meant to ignore how the entire song's lyrics are basically word for word literally describing Ayin, and instead are meant to interpret them metaphorically for the sinners or something like that

>>590655883>Spore of course was a big one tooI always just took it as funni monstrosity creator more then a serious game. Everything after the creature section of the "proper" game is a blur to me.

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What are your hopes for the ARPG?

>tfw keter realization killed any enjoyment I had actually playing ruina and now its perpetually on my backlog because I cant be fucked to deal with shit game design

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>>590629426Is there even any news?

>>590664805I'm passing all my university classes!

>>590664739which phase filtered you?

>>590655883Yes, you say this every thread.

>>590665346the second and last phasejust not fucking fun and I dont like sitting down and figuring out which dumbass gimmick the new fights have that I need to retool my entire squad around only to find out that Im missing pages for the best builds but LOL you cant burn books. WHY? i dont fucking know its an 18 fight long boss rush until the end of the game isnt it so fun that you cant burn books during any point??? Hahaha its so fucking funny Im dying of laughter because I have literal mountains of books from every fight in the game that I didnt burn because I didnt want to spend half a fucking hour burning 20 books at a time and watching the same fucking animation over and over JUST IN CASE I needed some niche fucking combat page from one of the million forgetable early game fights LOL

>>590666268>secondthats aspiration right? if you are planning to fight them again in future i recommed to go smoke, use disposal from nikolai and use learn. Disposal and learn will let you deal with her defensive dice for two turns, that means you have two turns to deal quite a lot of damage thanks to smoke and the fact that aspiration has fatal in her resistances, if she still isnt dead, you can try to go for one side attacks in her offensive phase, and she should die at that point.>last phasei guess your issue is against her second phase, silent girl will give you a passive to nullify power, you need to use that null to deal against her empowered hands. A full block PT can help you too since blocking wont trigger their passive and winning clashes constantly means that they will stagger themselves at some point. PT trivialized the encounter for me.

What's their role in Iori's plAn?She went out of her way to actively protect them after Vergil got slicey, and it's not like they weren't 100% following her orders.

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>>590668619They are Adam Kadmon

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Legitimate question:I only played Lob Corp, and was waiting for Library to be pretty much done with updates, after seeing people lose their shit in Lib threads at the end of patches and frothing at the mouth for the next.Is Library, more or less, finished? An end in sight with the bugs squashed?

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>>590668619He also mentioned the PT when facing the ring guy. Also what the fuck happened there?

>>590670410>Is Library, more or less, finished?months ago user, go play it NOW

>>590670519Ugh, fine!I totally forgot about it for months, holy shit, I am glad I saw this thread.

So is the city/outskirts always cloudy and foggy with no sunlight from above? How the fuck does weather work?

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>>590670798The fuck are you talking about ?

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>>590666268>>590666934Given that it's been beaten with only pages+cards up to Urban Plague, it should be very doable with anyone with sotc/impurity pages and cards, which anyone who's reached that point should have. They're essentially abnormality fights, so if you work with their gimmicks they're easy, and they're hard if you just try to brainlessly ignore/overpower with brute force.

What's your favorite damage type, anons?

>>590673729Pale's pretty cool, even if it's only on a select few weapons. The list probably goes Pale > Black > White > Red. Red just kinda suffers from being the "generic" damage type that every weapon should technically have except for, like, Dimensional Refractory Variant considering it's an invisible hammer.

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>>590673729all of them

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>>590645973Nah, it's biotech or some shit.

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>>590668779you really think so, user?

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who's the big blond bitch?she's my favourite cause she's huge and has big tits

>>590678023there's like 4 women by that descriptor you gotta be more specific

>>590678119the one in limbamaballsOP image says she's over 180cm

>>590678201>>590678023Faust. She built the bus.

>>590678023>>590678509Faust is the white haired girl and under 180 cm though (going by the op)The blonde is Rodion

>>590678685Rodion isn't blonde.

>>590679781fair enough her hair is more brown, but she's also the only one above 180 cm in the OP

>>590679781Considering how dark the brown hair on the other characters is, it might be blonde, just not florescent yellow like some of the others.

>>590629426>What are your personal hopes for Limbus?They scrap everythign they currently have and make a non-phone non-gatcha game instead.

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>>590629426I hope Initial release/beta at summer would be available in global.Other than that I'm fine. I have faith in PM

Give bunny suit hod SSR

HOW DO I FUCKING EVISCERATE THAT PALE WHITE FETUS DEMON!I want his E.G.O weapon before a beat up Binah, I did a day 1 reset cause I did everyone's core suppression but did have the the enough days to do binah's before I hit day 46, and I've been grinding E.G.O I've only got the first 4 sections at the moment and grabbed white night trying to see if I could kick his ass and nab his weapon, but he's way more batshit than I was anticipating. deep down I really wish I had the train so I could actually properly heal my agents when he does the pale dmg pulse

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>>590684952Grandma, gib tea


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>>590684942Micro exclusively in his room and adjacent elevators with Pale BulletsORCheese with Green Midnight

>>590685643Thanks grandma

>>590686574No problem.

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>>590683942Give hod everything

>>590631478Do don't and Heathcliff wound produce a offspring with a IQ in the negatives we should not allow such things

I want to bully Gregor Samsa and then suck his cock.

>>590691634we know rodion

>>590670798Play game and play attention or rewatch cutscenes

I want to fuck The Queen of Hatred

>>590694558after the ruina fight with her, I can only imagine QoH femdom.

>>590694558You what

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>>590629426I will whale mountains of dollars for my wife Outis

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