Find a flaw

Find a flaw

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>>590628385already got you covered lad, I finished it here >>590628335

>>590628335Greatest pasta ever, it doesn't even make sense.


>>590629178I know you are but what am I?


>>590628190Some of the bosses suck copious amounts of ass. Otherwise it's the best game to come out in recent memory.

Horse combat is extremely simple Repeating bosses detract from the experience, it feels like Nioh Lock on breaks if the boss is too fast or if he grabs you Collecting stuff is no longer fun as 99% of the things you get are crafting junkAbsolutely awful spell balancing, some things despite costing more FP, having less range and being unlocked much later, do less damage than the starting spells Samey dungeons and overworld setpieces as a result of trying to create an open world Despite finally creating a way to let people respawn right in front of the fog gate for an immediate restart, the game refuses to use this half the time That's about all I can think of without getting into more "subjective" talking points

>>590628190Sekiro, Dark Souls 1, Bloodborne, and even Dark Souls 3 are all better and came out 20 years ago>but it has George RR Martin and the faggots on Youtube said it was a masterpiece! and its freakin FROMSOFT BRO IM BASEDJACKING!

The bosses are balanced around summoning ashes if it’s available. This means they are either stupidly aggressive solo or a bit too exploitable if summoning. Also, wish they took more from Sekiro for combat. Game is 9/10 anyway

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can't get to the main menu screen

Stormveil was cool but I just found out there is only one other Legacy Dungeon. Are there are at least a few other major dungeons to explore?

>>590628190Alright,> Pyromancies being needlessly rolled into Miracles, it was nice to have a third magic option that didn't require specific stats.> Weapon drops are scarce as fuck, I've got like 25 hours in and I've had maybe 8 weapon drops.> The pathetic DS2 healthbar returns, you need to dump like 35 points at least into health to survive more than 2 blows from anything.> The story bosses all seem to be beyblades that punish you for literally anything, pic related.> Rune drops seem to be too low, maybe its cause the enemies are more spread out but I can go on a genocide across an entire region and have enough for maybe 1 level.Keep in mind some of these may just be my bad luck and that I hate Bloodborne because it encouraged Fromsoft to make every subsequent enemy and boss into an epileptic spastic with their entire body being hitboxes. All that said I am still thoroughly enjoying this game.

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>>590628190>Playstation PerformanceShit>Xbox PerformanceShit>PC PerformanceShit

Open world is the worst meme to plague video games.

>>590630556Runes aren’t that bad if you crush those white skulls on the ground and pick up the free 200 rune item from them. Unlike DS games I’d say a third of my total runes come from the items.

>>590628190It's not Jacks game

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>>590628190Main issue is a lot of boss designs seem to be either underwhelming (Stray Demon but a tree is just not fun, and the Watchdogs are just tiring to see so often) or overwhelming with eighty hit combo attacks with no real chance to hit them during because you're still pretty slow as fuck compared to the bosses who're all playing Devil May Cry.

>>590628335This guy complained about the Basilisk but he hasn't even fought the Stray Demons at the Erdtrees

I can think of a couple

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>>590628190Don’t have enough time to play

The music is awful. Completely forgettable with a few exceptions.

sooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Why was the Elden Ring Shattered?

>>590631596come to think of it how did Elden Ring get away with cover art that isn't just Man Standing Holding Weapon

>>590631705by someone, or some THING

>>590631827It was Marika.

Is beating Godrick still early game?

>>590631675Fucking this. Boss music is great as it was in DaS3 but the exploration and dungeon themes are ass and I constantly mute the music to actually play the game and then unmute for a bossfight.

>>590632142godrick is like 1/5 into the game

>>590628190Boss fight design and OST are garbage, still a pretty good game.

>>590631785How did it get away with being so dull though?

12312683721678 reused bosses

>>590628190Misbegotten warrior and crucible knight duo, literally some dark souls 2 tier shit boss

>>590632349>32 hours in>just beat Margit Oh boy.

>>590628190STR is absolutely unusable in elden ringThere literally is no reason not to use absolutely anything else, FTH is also complete dogshit>Every boss can outspeed you>Poise and armor are dogshit because you still take a quadrillion damage before the bloodborne tier bosses combo you to deathMeanwhile, DEX and INT gets to spam one weapon art or spell for half the boss damage>b-b-b-but muh jumping R2 muh staggers!!No iframes, insane windup and hitstop and literally anything else can also stagger while also being fasterThanks fromkekware, STR/FTH is finally fucking dead and buried

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my main problem with elden ring is that it somehow feels overtuned. like they were worried people were gonna grind and steamroll the game. there's very little in the room of 'broken' or 'fun' builds, leveling feels so-so

>>590628190repeating bosses

>>590632534What's wrong with faith?

>>590632709Yeah there is some weird damage scaling

>>590632824Gets outclassed hardcore by INT or even ARC, no good FTH ashes of war and overall just being poor man's INT couple it with STR already being extremely undertuned/weak it's a combo for disaster.

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>>590630271>Also, wish they took more from Sekiro for combat.They took exactly enough with posture and guard counters.

>>590630418>Stormveil was cool but I just found out there is only one other Legacy DungeonThe fuck are you talking about? There are 5 other legacy dungeons after Stormveil.

>>590628190The bosses all resort to spammy bullshit where they just never stop attacking, they’re all faster than you, they all have AoE attacks, they all constantly use fakeouts Regurgitated bosses Lack of armor The open world itself is kinda shit because it isn’t actually reactive. For example there are some cool scripted sequences where you see enemies fighting each other but if you lead a boss to some enemies they team up to kill you. You don’t see anyone hunting animals, you pretty much never find an actual town, etc

>>590633151Nah. Add in the counter system with a symbol of some sort to indicate a major attack that can’t be blocked or dodged. Have to jump, perfect block, move away or some sort of mikiri counter depending on the move. That would have been cool.

>>590628190Repetitive artificial difficulty uncreative boring overhyped unfinished mess

>>590632990Can't you just go faith dex and use buffs on your edgelord weapons? Though I suppose faith would suck dick for pretty much all of the beginning of the game beyond lightning spear if you grab it.

I spent like 40 hours looking for a DEX katana to replace my starting Uchi and when I finally got one out of the rot pit it's the only katana in the game with no fucking bleed on it

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>>590632534> Thanks fromkekware, STR/FTH is finally fucking dead and buriedAll my friends share the sentiment that STR/FTH builds are easy mode but have they really been that good after DS1?

>>590633312>you pretty much never find an actual townI feel like at least the ruins of a town or a recently-abandoned one would make sense. The Shattering doesn't seem to have been THAT long ago, so surely there'd be some places still around that weren't just crumbled to nothing. It's incongruent with its own lore, at least Dark Souls is like "this is some indeterminate long-ass time after all the important shit", Elden Ring is "this is like a few years after, tops".

>>590632534>STR/FTH is finally fucking dead and buriedIts literally the same shit. Int gets to spam spells that take half the bosses health, fth gets to spam spells, that take half the bosses health.

>>590632284>Boss music is greatI couldn't even hum the melody of a single song from memory

>>590633505>start with the games best weapon>complain when you can't find a better oneSamurai is literal baby choice for people who want to sleep through the game.

>>590628190No fucking Playstation UI option on the PC is a genuine complaint.

>>590628190They brought back thralls

>>590631434Damn I didn't even realize that was a reskin

>>590634457and stray demons, and basilisks, and rats, and silver knights, and baldur knights, and even those dragon serpent guys from 3

>>590632534Agreed, I committed to a greatsword build and am gonna finish NG with it but its awfulGonna try out other weapons in NG+

>>590634880Yeah but, fucking thralls

it's 50% uninspired - repeated level design with reused brick textures and 50% bloodborne chalice dungeons.I think I hate elden ring.

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>>590633387save some words and just say you got filtered

I just wanted to 2h but every boss doesn't chill the fuck out even after a full combo that I'm almost always unsafe on hit.

>sipsReminder that FromReddit fans would give it a 10/10 no matter what as long as it has the same (decades old) shitty Dark Souls gameplay. Asset flips, copying trends instead of innovating, and utterly failing at making an interesting/interactive open world is fine when FromSoft does it.Reminder that even Elden Shills admit that:-there was no point in it being open world-there was no point in creating a new IP-the world is more bare than Breath of the Wild-nothing to do other than combat-not even in the top 3 best souls games>b-but muh 800k playersyes, we know dark souls is for normalfaggotsnow kneel

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>>590630556Its funny how whenever you bring up how story bosses are just beyblades the response is "just dodge it".

>>590635463This. When vtubers regularly stream Dark Souls you know that you were really the normal fags all along

>>590635694The second story boss wasn't a beyblade dumbass. Are you just unhappy about spin attacks?

>>590635694And then just... Watch? Like, I hate to compare to Nioh so much, but Nioh has similarly aggressive bosses, but it also lets you get hits in between attacks because even though the strings are long, they'll have pauses between them, or they'll exhaust their ki doing it giving you the chance to fuck 'em up proper when they cool down. You're also encouraged to dodge into the combos more because of the aforementioned small pauses.

>>590634409PlayStation buttons are horrible toddler shit, so its ok

>>590635694Radahn is the only beyblade and he actually can't hit anything in his back 180 degrees, contrary to what you would think by looking at him

Reused boss fights/enemies. I should never see a regular enemy turned into a boss, or multiple mini-dungeon bosses rehashed to an insane degree.

>>590628190too long

>>590628190The combat

>>590636332The Watchdogs just bothered me for how often they kept showing up.

>>590628190It exposed Fromfags as a tasteless cult. Usually you have to merely whisper about the flaws in the bosses for them to scream “mad because bad”Now they have devolved to Nintendie levels of spamming “GOTY anyways lol” for open world schlock and having discord trannies dance in their heads.What a truly wretched existence.

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>>590635971>>590636220Look up Captain Niall and tell me that shit looks fun.

>>590636464I love how Elden Ring is universally loved by Shazam-posters still want to pretend they were right

>>590636589I dunno what this is

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Moon Queen had the best boss fight with her first phase and then fromsoft made it shit spamfest with phase 2. You can just tell they try too hard now to make every fight an xD anime duel. What a fucking sadness

>>590636448Remember those weird squid looking enemies in Caelid? Yup, lets make 2 of those in a room = boss health bar.The crystal fuckers are reused the most I think, but the beast dude from Castle Morne and the watch dogs are reoccuring regular enemies later on.>Moon Queen had the best boss fight with her first phase Hey matthew

>>590636594>I love how Elden Ring is universally lovedwell, people like Dark Souls and it's just copy pasted dark souls for the 6th time so yeah

Crashing on startup

>>590636717He might be Commander Niall or something. Anyway, he just, and I'm not exaggerating, literally spins with a snow storm for like 10 seconds straight, and then just does it again. I think every OTHER time he gets tired for a whoppin 2 seconds and lets you hit him.

>>590636594A tasteless and unthinking creature.

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>I just know my friend will praise the game to hell and back because he 'went in blind' (the same cope as 'playing with friends')

>>590628190>every boss is the same reskinned>5 billion HP, fast combos, big hits, random movements>vs you 1 hit in 1 secits trash and boring.

>>590631574its fucking O&S all over again?

>>590636594go away shill boss fight, sirs

>>590631574I don't think this guy has a limit on how much he can roll. i had one chase me for about 20 seconds, and then didn't stop after I died. Just kept going. You can tell they had the DS2 team on this shit.

>>590632142Depends on how you play. I didn't fight him until 25 hours in because I was off fucking around everywhere else.

>>590637569comparing this bullshit to O&S is an insult

>>590631574if you jump up on one of the broken columns and let him roll towards you, he'll get stuck rolling into it and you can score free hits

>>590633505>replace>not 2kat like the weeb you are

I don't come to Holla Forums, wtf is shazam

>>590637987the only defense against fromredditors

>>590637987a movie

>>590637987The anti-hype beast.

>>590628190Did they fix the stuttering yet?

>>590637987its a superhero movie, but in here I think its just a attention whore who wants people to give him a nickname

>>590628190it's too easy

is anyone else having trouble recently with multiplayer? I can't summon or be summoned without someone disconnecting

>>590637987Shazam, or Captain Marvel as it was known until the a few years ago, is a comic book superhero created by Fawcett Comics before DC bought them out.

>>590629314You are a brainlet. there is nothing wrong with that pasta

Where can i dl the latest patch lads?

>> game, Eldenshits.

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Seeing a lot of discontent about builds across the board, who loves their build and why? I have an INT heavy Prisoner and it's okay. Kinda wish I did melee so I could use more weapons. Going to start investing in Dex and try Moonveil out so I'm not just casting Glintstone pebble all the time.

>>590633375Sekiro sucked that’s a horrible idea

>>590631434Erdtree avatars still have new attacks/animations and feel different to fight from Stray DemonBasilisks are the exact same thiugh

>>590628335>>590628385>i binged a game for over 50 hours in under a week, why isn't it exciting to me anymore?Every time

>>590630118>even Dark Souls 3Ah, the time-honored tradition of "game is bad until sequel is released"

>>590628190Too much content. I've been playing for 50 hours and I'm still not near the end. WTF???

>Anons that got filtered by the first boss, the threadThis is my first souls-like and I beat it 11 hours in. You fags are either baiting this whole thread or your fingers are so fat that you cant press the dodge button. Get good.

Its Tarnished

>>590628190The game is amazing, but are you serious? Find, let's find flaws:- Caster scaling is trash, melee is objectively better and stronger- PC controls are abysmal- You die more times to camera and random changes or cancelation of target lock than to anything else- The phantom system should've been scrapped before DaS1 was a thing, nevermind in this open world game. There is no reason for this not to have a dedicated coop.- The network code is the same absolute trash it was 10 years ago, zero improvements, and can't handle connections to anyone not inside my country without cutting in 2 minutes- Fashion souls still isn't a thing, literally all they gave us was capes or no capes, which affects the stats no less- Controls are randomly unresponsive, happens all the time, seems some commands are queued others not so when I switch to a catalyst and cast a spell, then maybe it casts it, maybe not. Same with potions, when I dodge and drink a potion maybe it will drink it maybe not. I can spam it, and then risk drinking it twice.- Some idiot figured it was a good idea to bind weapon change to shifting message reading action. So you're fighting, and just happen to dodge on a pool of blood and a message. You want to change to a shield or back to a weapon. Press the button, nothing happens, then press attack or block assuming you now have the item you SHOULD because you just gave the command to change to it: You die.The game is filled to the brim with frustrating trash like this, where you die due to absolutely no fault of your own. It's an amazing game, no doubt about it. 9.5/10 one of the best in the past decade. But flawless? Nothing is flawless.

>>590638597I'm going full Cleanrot austim. I hate how the cleanrot sword is a pure thrusting weapon, despite being used as a slashing weapon by the knights. You also can't power stance weapons of different categories, which screws cosplay.

>>590638597I went max dex, using a lighting katana, blood Uchi, and Black Bow. I love my build. I have a response for everything. I don't parry and I don't block.

I want to try out other weapons but I don' know if I want to grind the damn stones to give them a real try.

>>590638872We've all beaten him. There's no reason why you can't analyze something and call it poorly designed.Why don't you explain why you think it's well designed as a counter-argument?

I just finished Ranni's questline and what's the deal with the black knife assassin corpses around Blaidd and Iji? Also did Iji kill himself or did the black knives kill him?

>>590635463>>590636464You guys are still going at this? Jesus Christ, just take the L already and move on to a different game.

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>>590639084Get the bell bearings to buy em from the statue in round table

>>590638942All that shit and you still give it a 9.5/10You a tasteless bitchEven the goddamn game has to tell you to get some bitches.

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>>590639084This is my second-biggest issue with the game. Scarcity of upgrade mats means that you are married to one of the first weapons you find.

>>590628190it's formulaic. I got bored of it, and of the 10+ people on my (anecdotal) steam friends who played it religiously for the first few days, only 3 of them still open it at all. People might not notice how boring and bare ER is, but their brains do.

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>>590639712>only 3 of them still open it at allIs it that unusual for people to play a game less after playing it a lot at first?I mean shit the game's been out less than a week

>>590628190The singleplayer experience is fine so far, although a lot of encounters really feel like they intend you to use the summoning ashesAs far as PvP goes, what many people predicted would happen, happened>Invasions exactly the same as in DaS3 but worse because you WILL invade into a group of people which forces you to play incredibly passive just so you'll survive longer than 5 seconds>The few times I did have a 1v1 it was pretty fun, but 99% of the time it was interrupted by 2 blues coming in at the same time to gank me with OP ashes of war and spells>You leave your runes where you die while invading, so if you want to save up while doing invasions you have a lot of running around to do>You only get a Rune Arc and Furlcalling Finger Remedy for winning an invasion so there is even less incentive to invade when you could just co-op for the same rewardGive it a month or two, and NO ONE will be invading. People will get bored of the singleplayer content, and with no invaders making things interesting for repeat playthroughs, this game's online with be even shorter lived than Bloodborne's.

>>590639804The game completion achievement is still less than 1% on Steam. People are quitting the game before finishing it.

>>590628190Serious technical issues, boring, derivative, unrewarding, tryhard, fanboyism

>>590639891It's like 80-100 hours for an average playthrough and most people don't play 12 hours a day. That said it'll probably come around to about 10-15%.

>>590639804No man, I mean they play for ~10 hours and drop it for good. You see everything the game has to offer by that point, anyway, just in different colours.

>>590639891are you a huge dumbass or just pretending?

>>590628190my only issue with this game? not enough characters in the world referencing locations of interest. I would have loved an interaction like this>go to blue seal door where ghost tortoises are>npc is close but not on top of the location>he is frustrated, and cannot figure out how to open the door>player reads the three wise beasts thing>kill the tortoises >NPC maybe attacks you to get the loot, or congratulates you and is astounded you managed to figure it outother than that it's 9/10

>>590628190game runs like shit on my machine. tried everything. just gonna give up now I think

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>>590628190ITs gonna be hard to play the other games without jump attacks.I've just become to used to it

>>590628190Unironically? Death takes too long. I spend 20 seconds staring at my screen when I die. It's kind of annoying.

>>590639162Because after a lot of deaths, providing you know how to play video games, you understand the enemy's patterns.

>>590628335>52 hours in, I realized I don't enjoy itFirst red flag right there, fucking retard probably leaves 3,042 hour negative Steam reviews>Best moments aren't open-worldStormveil castle was the best moment to me, and it was the perfect blind of a massive fucking dungeon with several entry/exit points seamlessly leading back out into the open world. I totally missed half the castle my first run through of it because the approach I found VIA the open world allowed me to avoid the main entryway of the castle, but I had the option to approach from the front gates. Basically the perfect example of how to do a dungeon in this kind of souls game.>Cites Castle Morne as one of the best momentsWhat the fuck? Am I missing something? A bunch of beast mobs on a burning pile and a rat boss on the beach was a highlight? A single NPC? Castle Morne sucks unless the questline takes me back to it.I'm not reading all this dogshit two lines in and its ridiculous. I'm not even a soulsfag and I've been shitting on the game's PC port since release but this faggot's opinions are dogshit.

>>590640362I agree, celeste did it best with it's almost instant death screen

>>590628190gimmicks. not just two of the main bosses, but about 80% of dungeon bosses are based on absolute gimmicks, either an extremely easy acrobatics stunlock slugfest or "le multiple enemies at the same time"and because actually good bosses like godskin apostle and margit exist, I cant just tell the devs to kill themselves. which is always a shame

>>590632534>tfw going str/fth and destroying everything because i'm not a shittergoddamn it feels good not to be a bitch nigga>muh bosses are too fastnah, you're just too slow, faggotwhere my big stick clerics at

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Its too fucking easy. At first I thought it would be a properly challenging game, but after gaining some levels and upgrading my flasks, I'm taking chunks out of bosses health bars with each attack while they can do literally nothing to stop me, and the game becomes a chore as a result.Why did you lie to me, Holla Forums? Nioh 2 is still King.

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>>590640145This, there's a ton of interesting world locations with absolutely no interaction. We definitely needed better than what we got, one NPC that tells you to go to Stormveil immediately, two more that do so a little later, when there's a massive open world and especially when the southern continent is so obviously another lower-level area.

>>590640807post some gameplay user

>>590638942>The phantom system should've been scrapped before DaS1 was a thing, nevermind in this open world game. There is no reason for this not to have a dedicated coop.Don't forget that if you lose connection to the server it'll boot you to the main menu instantly no matter the context. In the middle of an NPC dialogue? Fuck you. You were on the last hit of a boss fight? Fuck you. It's especially painful for players who don't summon because you're risking this at all times just to get 1 helpful hint out of the million>TRY FINGER BUT HOLEmessages put directly on top of levers. If it happens one more time I'm going to start defaulting to offline mode. This isn't a live service game and it shouldn't be treated like one.

>>590640752let me guess, you get this weapon in the last 10% of the game, like always with STR/FTH weapons?not an argument then,retard

>>590628335Sekiro is the only good fromsoft game.

>Think you're about to find some eldritch abomination>It's another dragonThe worst part about this game is the bosses. Every boss is just so fucking lazy, not even going into the bosses that are just copy-pasting a boss from somewhere else and pairing them up. What a fucking joke

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Ehh...the magic wears off after the first 2 bosses, when you realize that, once again, its only "American hard" after doing some exploration and overlevelling/overgearing the bosses far too quickly. Doesnt even matter what the bosses are gonna do, don't even have to dodge, because chances are you'll tank right through it with your fuckhuge healthbar and punish them with a combo that depletes 1/3 of their health bar.With that being said, leave Elden Ring to me.

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>>590640807The only hard part of Nioh 2 is the awful control scheme

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>>590640456What a nothing statement. Good job proving everyone wrong that pointed out his animation cancels and input reads.

>>590630271It's the perfect 85/100 game

Why do they blatantly recycle the bosses?Morgott is literally the same boss as Margit. What the fuck?

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>>590641117Take any big stick and make it sacred or smear some holy piss on it you dumb fuck.

>>590628190The crouch button is easily the most egregious flaw. Useless button that you're almost always likely to click in the analog by accident and crouch resulting in you dieing at some point.Oh but wait, on horse combat is causes you to jump off. Wonderful. And you need to map it to a button, you can't leave it unmapped. Fucking retarded gook scum.

>>590641956>just take a stick and smear mediocre C scaling of the worst element on it so it does 40% of the damage of any katana, HERE'S YOUR STR/FTH WEAPON BRObravo

Yet another casual game by Fromsoft for normies to feel good about themselves. I was having high hopes after Margit and Godrick being decently spicy, but now I'm back to first trying bosses, because once again I'm overgeared and overlevelled without even trying.

>>590637987It's an app to identify music

>>590642409Works fine for me, chud.You do sound like the kind of guy who would use a weebshit weapon though.

>>590641956>>590642409>>590642692>Oh wait did I forget to mention: You also need to put some of the worst Asses of War in the game on it so you can actually scale with FTH because unlike all the other scaling options you don't unlock the whetblade for FTH scaling until the last 20% of the game! HAHA MY BAD, JUST STICK UUUH WHATEVER ON IT, HERES YOUR FAITH WEAPON WITH A DOGSHIT WEAPON ART BRO! (just pretend it's not just a stick that can shoot a golden laser and buff for 2 seconds every now and then haha lol amirite fellow STR/FTH chad)okay th-thanks I guess haha

>>590641526There is literally nothing wrong with its control scheme

>>590640596>criticizes his playtime + the fact that he liked an area and nothing elseCastle Morne was still more enjoyable than all of Caelid

>>590641949The dragon boss gets rehashed so many times that I've lost count.Can't really get the feeling of exploration and finding something new when 80% of the content is something you've seen before just reused over and over again.

>>590628190I only have 24 hours a day to play it

>>590628190Too many dragons

>>590628190the fucking level design is godawful, ladder 'shortcut' in the cuck church, have to go through 4 seizure robots, leads dead to an enemy staring directly at the ladder and has a fucking ranged faggot dead behind you.

I was excited for this game, but everything feels bad like a soulless AAA game that Holla Forums supposedly hates. everything im told to enjoy, i dont find enjoyable, and if i elaborate on those things i just get told to git gud as if thats an argument and not simple dismissal tactics. I wont go into any of my main issues with elden ring for this reason, but I will say this. The three core pieces of the gameplay, Exploration, Combat, and Bossing are all unsatisfying.Maybe the from formula just doesnt do it for me anymore. dark fantasy with an emphasis on decay and inevitability was exciting back in ds1 but 5 games later it feels generic. the combat has hardly changed since ds1 and the rpg mechanics have been absent from the start. you level up stats to slightly modify numbers I guess. exploration and the feeling of danger in the level design contrasting with rewards for coloring outside the lines was decent in ds3, way too gimmicky in ds2, and only really applied to half the game in ds1. The formula is so stale at this point that it feels like fromsoft wants ganks and spontaneous danger to replace the sense of danger you felt in sens fortress with the gank squad shit from no mans wharf. elden ring really made me realize how tired the fromsoft formula is.

>>590643004Then I guess there's literally nothing hard about Nioh 2. Stop playing easy games you baby

>>590631596DS, DS2 and DS3 covers are kino, the guy just giving a thumbs up on the DS3 one is unbeatable

>>590638702>50 hour game isn't good enough to hold your attention for 50 hoursYes, that's what he said, thanks.

>>590642692What was the fucking point of your posts, retard? You went into fromdefence mode and started throwing insults and got btfo

>Game's entire hype was that it was finally a dark souls with an actual story mode>Still doesn't have a storyJust another mediocre soulsshit

The one issue I have with it is that by making it open world it kinda pushes my brain to want to explore as much as possible before moving foward, as a result it gets to a point where I feel like I'm taking down side bosses way too easilyI'm sure main bosses will still kick my shit in, god knows Godrick did, but it makes me a bit sad that a handful of bosses I'm encountering go down in less than 2 minutes or so

>>590645053was this ever mentioned by the devs? So many people have said something like this but its a fucking souls game, what did people expect?


>>590645053>>Game's entire hype was that it was finally a dark souls with an actual story modeno one hyped it like that, maybe only the retards that are george fans, it is a souls game to the core

>>590628190No hot anime tiddies

>>590638942>Controls are randomly unresponsive, happens all the time, seems some commands are queued others not so when I switch to a catalyst and cast a spell, then maybe it casts it, maybe not.FUCKING THIS. Weapon swapping is unbelievably unresponsive. It's very inconsistent because the game queues rolling, that ends up getting me killed, but I often have to press multiple times for my weapon swap to be registered

>>590645401People expected that they would have a compelling storyline structured neatly with soulsshit gameplay but they didn't even get that. It's another empty world where all your fights and victories are hollow and pointless since you don't even know what the fuck you're fighting for or why in the grand scheme of things.

open world

>>590645486Bullshit, there's absolutely no chance another rehash soulsshit would have gotten this much attention and hype. Literally all it had was the fact that there was a popular fantasy writer behind it so MAYBE this time they wouldn't be walking around aimlessly swinging their sword.

>>590628190It's open world. I like the game so far, but open world is literally always a detriment.

>>590645053i didn't get that at all from the pre-launch hype or even when the original e3 demo dropped, what i remember from then was people even joking that the got dude was going to write some really cool lore just to be all hidden behind item descriptions

>>590645581Your fighting to restore order or bring it all down, calling it tired is fair, but to claim you don't know would just be dumb.

>>590645707George claimed he only wrote about worldbuilding and all that and left the rest to fromsoft. So you get ur generic fromsoft confusing snooze fest of a story for the 6th time. It's always the same shit. Some stupid curse, great powerful beings u gotta kill. Miyazaki is one trick pony

Am I missing something wish Ashes of War or whatever they are? I haven't used any yet because it looks like they reduce the overall attack power of my +3 flail.

>>590646015take the one that gives you blood buff

5 hours windups followed by 0,3 ms jabs that every enemy hasalso the game just sometiems drops my jump inputs

there is no story. the dialogue is intentionally written to be as vague as possible. DS1 and 2 had an actual plot (and very deep, too) about the cyclical nature of time, and everything made sense.


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>>590628190You literally can't have sex in this game.

>>590628335Objectively correct post. Doubters are coping.

>>590628190Lack of solo host invasions, you will not get invaded if you don't press 2 consent buttons. Yes, this is a flaw that kills the atmosphere previous souls games had.

>>590645852open world for this kind of game is a terrible idea as well, you can easily wander into an area you're absolutely not prepared for and just lose a shitload of runes because you're not physically strong enough yet. which wouldn't be THAT much of an issue if getting runes wasn't fucking terrible from everything but bosses- bosses its almost impossible to gauge if you can realistically fight yet. bt you can't get stronger to fight them because all your fucking runes are stuck in the arena now

>>590646410play too low, get flamed about not playing enough. Play too much.>LOL YOU HAVE 50 HOURS AND YOU DARE CRITIQUE MY GAME?

>>590645191>The one issue I have with it is that by making it open world it kinda pushes my brain to want to explore as much as possible before moving fowardno this is good. this is how you get legendary weapons, and talismans before level 40. i'm going to cap at level 36 for stormveil, because i will be stronk af, but will still be within similar SL, and Weapon lvl for that area to invade other players, or act as a summon. this incentive to "discover, and explore" whatever is interesting you is great.

>>590628190can't easily compare shop items to equipped items before purchasingThat's my only complaint so far.

>>590639170 the black knives are targetting ranni as part of their plot, but for some reason they can't actually target her anymore because she's more of a spirit than a physical god anymore, unlike godwyn. Iji probably died to the black knives because of the black flame surrounding him, looks unnatural for an NPC, Blaidd was being targetted and went mad looking for Ranni after her disappearance, shame our bro is a simp

>>590645907>Your fighting to restore order or bring it all downnot just that but there's two additional endings>two new ages one that's age of stars, and another that's age of fire

>>590639170I assume black knives got him since he had the black flame effect.

>>590646015flail is good for sorc, or arcane. both get the bleed proc, and sorc has the buff over arcanes better bleed proc while still having one of their own. either infuse with keen, or bleed.

>>590647059age of fire? that's the Yellow flame ending isn't it

>>590646410This image only works if the patch ruined the game, you'd have to be a fucking clown indeed to not recommend a game that gave you 100 hours of apparently sufficient fun to fall in love with it just because you get burned out at hour 2000. 99.9% of players will never play a game past 200 hours.

>>590628335Second point is already retarded. Teleport traps are awesome. Fuck you.

>>590628190It'd be easier to list what it does right, because I'd have to write literally nothing

>>590628190Worse than DMC1

>>590628190Noodle arm bosses is my only complaint but it's a big mar on an otherwise fantastic game

>>590628335>but we don't eve nget abandoned cities or towns that formerly inhabited lifeDid he miss the massive city that takes up 1/4th of the map? or the dozens of smaller holds throughout the world? what the fuck am I reading?

>>590647339i think so. the endings are >side with ranni bring age of stars>prevent your maiden from sacrificing herself, and you become like gwyn, and create an age of fire>destroy the golden order and allow >keep the golden order

>>590646410Man if you got 100 to 300 good hours out of a game then it's worth playing. RE4 is pretty much perfect and I don't think I could play it for 300 hours straight.

>>590647958Lyndell? seems unreasonable that the entire landmass would live in one citywhere are the people in Liurnia, Limgrave, Caelid and such living? and don't say they're living in Raya Lucaria Academy either, that place is for an extreme few autist mages and which 'smaller holds' are you talking about? I saw some small castles at best, not actual towns for common folk

>>590642084Controls in general are less polished than desired. The amount of times I've accidentally one handed by shield/sword while frantically trying to use a quick item is ridiculous.

>>590632534I fell for the strength + faith meme too and I'm NOT having fun, like at all

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>>590647968 destroy the golden order that you're speaking about, that's mending the ring using the rune of death right?

>>590645053>Game's entire hype was that it was finally a dark souls with an actual story modeyou literally just made this up

It’s been fun watching DarkSydePhil play this game. Overall a comfy stream.

>>590648307personally I think Lyndell or Nokris should have been larger, ideally ringed city or Yharnam tier would have been perfect, some aspects of the game feel too short also literally nothing happens in nokris, eternal city my ass


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>>590628190Too hard

>>590648307Fort Haight, Fort Gael, Fort Laeidd, Fort Faroth, Hermit's Shack, Merchant's shack, Town filled with Windmills + Houses, Stormveil castle, Revenger's Shack, Slumbering Wolf's Shack, Academy Gate Town, Sellia Town of Sorcery, Caria Manor, Redmane Castle, dozens of other ruins I haven't mentionedThere are lots of places for people to live. That's such a strange criticism.

>>590640807>I'm taking chunks out of bosses health bars with each attackhow? HOW? HOW? My level 30ish character only does chip damage versus every boss in the game, meanwhile they oneshot me. every. fucking. time.boss battles consist of me rolling and then jump attacking in the one safe animation between combos, and it's dreadful, and boring, and unfun. but heavy weapons are literally too slow otherwise since there's no fucking poise in this game.

Attached: 20220302190208_1.jpg (2560x1440, 505.83K)

>>590628335fair complaintsthe biggest issue is the shitty boss fights, it's undeniableyou can tolerate mediocre open world elements, no problemit's fucking garbage game design though, when you're forced to fight a horrible bossfuck the "git gud" concept, i've gotten good, the game is easythat doesn't make the game fun, not at allholy fuck, radahn was such a horribly unenjoyable fight, that i just uninstalled and went back to playing other gamesthese bosses never feel like truly fair fights, even if you can easily beat them, they feel like cheesy designs implemented onto a beastial boss with ADHDam i playing fucking monster hunter world iceborne? or dark soulsbourne 3.5? it feels like a mongrelization of both>just spawn a summon>just spend 90% of the fight running away from the overdesigned boss>just spend 20 minutes whittling him down with safe single hits>just spam ranged attacksalthough these fights are easy once you learn how the game works, they're still fucking stupid and miserable, point blanki'm glad i uninstalled this dumpster firemediocre explorationhorrible lorenonexistant storygarbage boss designat least the castles and some of the dungeons were fun to explore

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>>590648752Also, I'd like to point out that wooden villages would be first to decay during an apocalypse and I'd imagine most of the churches were once the hub of small towns that have long since decayed into the dirt.

>>590628190the rot lake with the Dragonkin where you can't use your horse

>>590648307I'm not gonna boot up the game to check, but there are villages and towns that I remember:>LiurniaAlbinauric village, academy gate town, some nobles live in the manor>CaelidSellia town of sorcery>AltusMad flame village, Windmill village, the capital obviouslyKeep in mind it's been like 500 years since the shattering. A long enough time for the manor in liurnia to be completely overgrown. There was also a massive war that is basically still being fought. I'm guessing most normal people have died out long ago or have fled.

>>590637569yes, but worse

It's not a souls game until stormveil castle (10-20 hours into the game)

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>>590631574>almost 500 damage>that tiny bit of health bar gonecan't wait to fight those guys

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>>590630578Is the PC Batman levels of bad?Im on the fence about getting it on PS5 or PC. PC is significantly cheaper in Australia ~$30-40 but I dont have PS Plus and the PS5 also has quite a few dips in framerate.

>>590649260It's not a souls game at all retard

>>590649325Nowhere near Bamham levels. But still noticeable.

>>590649325the game straight up doesn't use all the resources you have so you have to have a pretty modern high tier GPU to not suffer from low framerate because the game will only use a percentage of what your GPU is capable of

>>590649408yeah cool kill yourself

Nioh 2 is literally better. this gameplay is fucking obsolete, take it back to 2012.

>>590649437Im thinking I might play GT7 first and wait for Elden Ring to get a few patches. I doubt anything will get fixed on console as parts of Bloodborne is still the shits on PS4 after all this time

>>590630365Same. I was hoping for a fix but it looks like we're just fucked?

>>590628335Nitpicky shit honestly. Like its a video game, there is a limit to what is possible, especially in the first iteration of an open world.

>>590649456Apparently the game runs smoother on the Steam Deck and that’s basically a $400 Linux box held together by the efforts of Valve and the Linux gaming community.

>>590628335>Characters who are related have similar names>URRR DAT'S STOOPID EVERYONE NEEDS UNIQUE SPECIAL NAMES URRRRR!I don't like GRRM, but come the fuck on. That's just pointless bitching.

Easy.You can't compare items in the shop to the items in your inventory.

>>590649980>Ranni tells you her name is Renna, switching a whole two letters, even though you'd have no idea what her real identity is either way genius

>>590628190it's ok but xenoblade x is still the best open world game.

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Game is Kino. Im on ng+2 for the third ending and last trophy I need for platinum. >do the save game trick no fuck off I like playing the game

>>590630094>horse combat is extremely simplethank god. fuck tryhard horse controls and combat it’s always shit if they tell to make it amazing and realistic

>>590632990I've been running FTH/STR and I've had no problems in PvE or PVP.

>>590631574they see me rollin they hatin

>>590650428Gee fucking willickers, it's almost like you're talking to two different people.

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>>590650665>single player MMO worse than world of warcraftTerminally shit taste.

>>5906281901. I get 45ish fps on the overworld even though my PC is well above the recommended specs2. severe lack of items scattered around the world, especially considering how big it is

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>>590648796because you have no fucking weapon levels and shit scaling, retard

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The bosses are DS2 levels of dogshit design. I'm amazed this shit got 10/10's.

what does mohgs rune do? i dont get it

>>590648796>only +2 normal weapon with D scalingYou need to be at least rolling with a bunch of greases or have a weapon buff spell.

>>590648796Also heavy load, lose some armor or one of your weapons until you get to medium.

I already wasn't a fan of "post apocalyptic worlds" where everything is dead (save for 2 npcs) and static. But here it's OPEN WORLD. I have absolutely no desire of exploring it. I already know that I will find some comfy village where I can rest and have a beer, where I will encounter dynamic events, where my actions will change the worlds, etc. Nope. JUST KILLING FUCKING REUSED MOBS FROM DARK SOOLS/SEKIRO/BLOODBORNE. WITH THE SAME SHITTY GAMEPLAY FROM DS3. OH GREAT I CAN'T WAIT TO KEEP ROLLING, ROLLING, ROLLING AND HIT 2 TIMES

>>590651472yeah like this whole "ITS ONE BOSS BUT NOW ITS TWO" shit is getting fucking oldyou gotshitty cat gargoylesbig gargscrucible knightscrucible with leoninedouble gross boys on the bridge to a towerdouble god skinnersdouble tree knightsim sure there are more but yeah its pretty fucking ass, not even listing the dogshit SOLO fights

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>>590628335It's a list of nitpicks, nothing major

>>590651472tanimura is based

>>590631596While I like DeS, having played through the remake it really did have lots of problems that I just blackholed until replaying it. 1 big one is it wasn't much of an exploration, almost everything was a linear path or tunnel with some glorified verticality.


>>590651885Most of those aren't required though so its not a big deal.Ornstein and Smough was the best boss in DS1, so its no wonder they would try to offer similar experiences.

>>590628190The open world sucks dick.

>>590648796>My level 30ish character only does chip damage versus every boss in the gameThat's because your weapon scaling is shit and you're only at +2.>meanwhile they oneshot me. every. fucking. time.Because you've only got 16 Vigor, starting armor, and are fatrolling on top of that.> heavy weapons are literally too slow otherwiseSounds like a skill issue. Use block counters, strafing, and get ballsy with your charge attacks.>there's no fucking poise in this game.Because you have starting armor and aren't taking advantage of hyper-armor weapons.

>>590628190Should I play through DS1, Bloodborne and Sekiro before playing Elden Ring?I'd throw DeS in there too but I'm privvy neither to a PS3 nor a PS5

>>590652049>they are mostly optional so its fine to have lazy dogshit design when some of those fights are required to get the other endings in the gameshut up nigger

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>>590652147You don't need too, they are much more linear experiences as compared to ER. DS has aged a bit but Bloodborne and Sekiro are great.

>>590652342you don't need to get all the endings

>>590652342Bitch please. >DS1>Gargoyles>O&S>4 KingsDS1 had way more required bosses and only O&S weren't the same enemy.

>>590628190I feel like the only good boss in this game was Godrick, every other boss is pure dog shit

i dont understand anything about this game. i dont understand the stats, i dont understand how to equip anything. the bosses are fast as shit and move so god damn fast that i just end up turn the game off from boredom after 10 minutes of getting 1 hit. i just want to have fun holy fuck

How do I see what content I haven't cleared? Do the waypoint on the map still have those glowing yellow lines even if I defeated the boss they are pointing towards? I'm pretty lost and i'm not sure i'm supposed to be fighting the bosses I am currently up against.

Attached: 1641908716516.jpg (1024x1014, 138.79K)

>>590637768Yeah. I had him stuck rolling on a pillar and I stood there for a good 10 seconds before deciding to hit him during it after which he stopped. I'm glad I was overleveled for that fight because his rolling bullshit and the instant belly inflate punish would have made me rage.

>>590652889>refuses to learn anything>I'M BORED THIS IS DUMB WHERE'S MY FUN?If you genuinely want to enjoy yourself, then learn the game. Otherwise, you can fuck right off.

>>590652889the game ain't THAT difficultif you're having trouble with the mechanics of the game then just look up a simple guide or video explaining what which stat does and how weapon scaling worksif you're getting your ass beat pretty early on remember that this game, unlike dark souls, is open world, if you're having issues with one boss you can turn your ass around and go do something else, there's plenty of easy bosses in this game, often hidden away in some dungeonand remember not to press the roll button in a panic, this game likes to punish mistakes pretty harshly, you should find gaps in between attacks and not get too greedy and only roll when you know you're about to get hitwhen i first got into dark souls i heard all about the difficulty and honestly after doing the bare minimum to understand the mechanics and the overall flow of combat i found it to be surprisingly easier than i thought (still a really difficult game, obviously)

>>590628190Do all of the wandering merchants drop a bell bearing? Wondering if its better to just slaughter them all instead of trying to mark where they are on my map and remember if they have something worth coming back for. Or does something bad happen if you kill them? I vaguely remember the first one saying something about word getting around if you mistreat them

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>>590652412I actually already have a save in DS1 but my platter is so full and, full disclosure, I kind of want to be in the Elden Ring zeitgeist right now and experience this communal feeling first handBut I'm also fighting against my weird 'tism to want to enjoy series in chronological order. I'm having that problem with having to play FF1-12 before touching 14 (I just beat Tactics and I'm going into X now).I just need more time to play games. I'd happily pay $100 for an extra hour each day

Strength builds suck in this game

>>590628190if I equip the Royal Remains Helmet my game crashes, consistentlythis is a problem for me because it has one of the better armour passives in the game (HP restoration)

>>590653195This is my first game like this I genuinely don’t understand anything. I’m just going to go read how everything works I guess. I’m more so just venting because you guys are literal niggers and only exist to write dumb shit.>tfw you give a salty ass reply to this post

>>590651885Nigga it's been like that since forever, at this point I'm sure Miura does it only so you can suffer even more by the disappointment of having to do the same shit fight but even shittier

>>590653315I really didn’t want to loo up videos for this because I do not enjoy doing that but looks like I don’t have a choice. This sucks

>>590628190I was really enjoying it, but Raya Lucaria is giving me strong Dark Souls 2 vibes. It's not awful but the groups of ranged enemies are making me whip out the bow and use bitch tactics. Hoping the game doesn't continue in this kind of direction going forward. It's not even like its hard, but just annoying that the area is set up to reward that way of playing and punishing playing any other way

melania is the flawthis is the worst thing i've ever experienced

lol.... this garbage has a 97 metacritic score? it ammazes me this series has any fans, its near aas bad as no mans sky levels of bullshit and lies.but hey from soft gott your money so tthey dont give a fuck, and will be shitting out the same game next year with recycled assets but not open world. you dumb fuucks will praise the game because you are r e t a r d e d. this game is like openiing a jar of farts. enjoy the smell of shit retards.

>>590653746Reviewers never got out of the starting area guaranteed where they all pretended they were playing BOTW

>>590653382Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring all play very differently and aren't plot in the least. Dark Souls is the most like ER but I mean you can always come back to it. Its also short. I used to speed run it in a day, all bosses.

>>590631596They're all the fucking same, retard.

is there no raw enchantment for free damage?

>>590653746>got my moneyLol no, 80 hours in and haven't paid a dime.

>>590653382i get your mindset because i'm the same but i wouldn't deprive myself of experiencing elden ring right nowthey're all pretty much the same game but elden ring is the more accessible one, if anything it would be best for you to drop DS1 and jump to elden ring so you get used to "souls games" because, at least in my opinion, elden ring is by far the easiest one yet>>590653656idk what to tell you, the game mechanics aren't that hard to grasp imo, but i was exposed to people playing it around me before i got into it so idk how i would have adapted had i not been shown the game beforehandsouls games are difficult but they're hardly impossible, if my dumbass who can't git gud at fighting games can figure it out then you'll surely find your way around italso if for whatever reason you decide to deal with the dude on the horse right outside the "spawn" area, just don't, he's there intentionally to kick your shit in and make you realize that sometimes some fights are best left for later

>smithing stone [1]>smithing stone [2]>smithing stone [3]>smithing stone [4]>smithing stone [5]>smithing stone [6]

>>590653518>>590652889This game makes people seethe even if they have played the previous ones, it will take a lot of time and dedication if you really want to get decent since it's your first souls game. At least at the start it definitely wont be a "I just want to have fun" type of game, only after you have stared at the abyss for really long and became the abyss then you are going to find this type of thing "fun", basically everyone that plays souls games for fun took Miyazaki's cock so much that they like it now and keeps begging him for more and more

>>590628190It is GOTY but the flaw is the shitty multiplayer. Just fucking let us do jump in/ out coop with progression.I don't get why these retarded nips always have to try and be so fucking cute with their dumb fucking gook systems, essentially marring near flawless games. All Souls games and Monster Hunters suffer from this bullshit.

Attached: 1621093669577.gif (480x480, 1.6M)

I just want to play it without having a 4,000 dollar machine. Please tell me some crazy coders will be able to make it run on less optimized systems some day

>>590653746i enjoy shit like the dung eater

>>590654458runs fine with a gtx 1070, ryzen 1700 and 16gb

>>590654652Id still rather not spend that much to play a single game

>>590654217>if anything it would be best for you to drop DS1 and jump to elden ringGotcha, thanks for the advice!>>590653879Good to know Elden Ring doesn't straight up replace the other games. That's always a fear I have some times when it comes to play series, that the new one will basically get me too used to QoL and such to go back and play the old ones.I'll pick up Elden Ring for now and maybe revisit it when I've beaten the others to see the evolution of the craft

>>590653836The game is basically a better BotW and for adults.

>XP based combat system Take your dopamine hit sims somewhere else. This is a board for video games, OP.

it's not fun>>590654652well lucky you

>>590653746Cope, shazam tranny.


>>590632446HowIt's far more interesting than any of the other covers

>>590655057I know you're baiting but why do people really compare them?

Attached: Untitled-2.jpg (1000x1000, 430.11K)

>>590637768>You can tell they had the DS2 team on this shit.DS2 enemies have actual weaknesses and openings, what the fuck are you on about

>>590655986Learn how to make graphs.

>>590655986>i'm reductionist retard

>>590640456And? That's not a counter-argument. You can learn and get good at driving a shitty car but it will always be a shitty car

>>590652637The difference was OS was actually a good and balanced fight, and 4 kings was a 1v1 if you could dps fast enough.

>>590655662Both great open world games that keep you guessing as to what is around the next corner, vs Ubishit tier tower, collectibles, and bases. I think ER edges out BoTW because of the more mature aesthetic, better combat and variety in general, and no retarded durability system, but both are mogged by RDR2 regardless.

>>590651472But none of the bosses in DS2 are ADHD spammy flailing retards

>>590634863they have the same fat ass but now made of wood

>>590656674It seems like both games focus on different things. I was more interested in Elden Ring before the demo revealed the same emphasis on combat as previous games. BotW I know is a game that prioritizes openness and exploration above all else. Would you say Elden Ring is the same?Because if they don't even have similar goals, what's the basis of any comparison?

>>590634197wow guess that means the boss music sucks

>>590628190Invasions suckThere's no reason to do them, since you get the same reward from helping someone kill a bossThe only reason you would invade is for the experience of PvP, which now amounts to being stunlocked by 3 people at once and watching them spam L1 as you die

>>590658030In both games you will find some random non-combat encounter that isn't some copy and paste occurrence that will have some solution with little guidance to figure it out.

>>590637327damn quit being a fag and let your friend have fun!

>>590658548That's vague enough you could apply to mountains of games that have even less resemblance to BotW or ER.

>>590628190Offline mode by defaultNo covenants

>>590628190Elden Ring is nu-fun. I guess that makes it perfect for post 2016 Holla Forumseddit.

Attached: nufun.png (1829x690, 193.78K)

>>590653671>I was really enjoying it, but Raya Lucaria is giving me strong Dark Souls 2 vibes.don't you love getting stun locked by pew pew not-soul arrows?

>>590659007No, crafting multiple, unique open world encounters require a lot of work. Most open world games are going to opt for the copy paste zones with collectibles. Like I said, only really big budget games that have scant releases like BoTW and RDR2 are capable of pulling it off..

>>590658492>The only reason you would invade is for the experience of PvP, which now amounts to being stunlocked by 3 people at once and watching them spam L1 as you diegood, get fucked pvpfag

>>590659569You were talking about little guidance and now encounter design. These are two different things. Which are you trying to compare in these games?

>>590659949I mentioned encounters in both. They are both high tier for openworld design, keeping things interesting and maintaining the honeymoon period for much longer than say Assassins Creed or Horizon.

>>590659654Imagine playing these games yet hating a core part of them to such a degree

>>590660294That's not really saying much because asscreed hasn't been good in a decade

>>590651472Radahn is the worst boss in the entire From Soft series of games to this day. It is impossible to argue otherwise.

>>590660294I'm not comparing these games to AC and Horizon, I don't really think about those games. If you want to compare all open world games then go ahead, but that's not very interesting to me. I just want to talk about gameplay mechanics and focus, which don't really seem that transferable between BotW and ER.

me coming from a background of fellating des and ds1 because i enjoy the unique stuff about the games. i like elden ring, the exploration heavily carries the game, whilst i know that the exploration will last for only one or two playthroughs the routing afterwards can pick up the slack, i am excited to play more with that aspect. my main complaint is the bosses, they really do feel like sekiro leftovers, most are tolerable however some outliers like niall and the duo gargoyle fight push my temper to such a boiling point. not to say that all bosses are bad, godfrey is a stand out wonderful boss with a great rhythm and rollcatches that will not instantly kill you. the sheer quantity of bosses with strange patterns that can only be dodged with practice is exhausting, while a challenge is good a simple combat system can only hold back my frustration for so long.

>>590628190There's no way to turn off the compass in the HUD.

>>590661076I'm going very much enjoy a dishonest playthrough, routing for crazy weapons and early game summons and going on murder sprees with them.

>>590661997going to*

>>590645401they heavily shilled that literal who novelist they brought on board to do the story, turns out he didn't seem to actually do anything

>>590628335like 90% of these are either nitpicks or opinion-based, the ones I agree with are boss reuse and the slideshow intro because come on From can do better


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Is there a way to get my health back from the lady's hug debuff? I'm really missing that 5% or however much of health

>>590665968use the consumable item she gives you. then die/reset at bonfire

>>590666204Damn is it really that simple? I'm 30 hours in I feel like a moron

>>590628190The open world gets old after 3 hours of exploring. A city or a small town every now and then would have been cool, a place where you can sleep and buy stuff and food...but nope, just open landscape and le pigs

>>590666496the weirdest part is i don't get the lore, but there's obviously some type of civilization and structure in the world. you've got groups of soldiers banding together with a hierarchy, you've got magic dudes doing their thing still, mobs that patrol in groups.and there's all the covenent and side quest groupings that pair together.why isn't there an actual "city" in this game?

>>590666496>apocalyptic setting>"why are there no le comfy towns?"?

>>590666496Not really in From's reportoire. The world must be shit. Villages and communities do exist in the game but your character is always just hours short of their massacre. I do think it would have been cool to find a normal society somewhere that isn't the roundtable

>>590651472Not a single chance any of these 10/10 reviews ever did Malenia.That boss is a fucking insult.

>>590628335I agree with a vast majority of these points, they just don't carry much weight to me. For example, almost half of this is about story and NPCs. Could From have gone out of their way to flesh out the plot this time, especially considering the GRRM hype? Sure. Did I expect more than the usual murky From fanfare or have any assertions about needing it to enjoy a new game of theirs? No, don't really care.

>>590628335>correct, but the open world segments aren't bad either>nonsense>nonsense>autistic nitpick>still the best mounted combat in any AAA rpg>autistic nitpick>nonsense>nonsense>nonsense, play the sims>nonsense, player the sims>nonsense, clearly hasn't even tried to follow the story>nonsense>still better than basically any other from game except Sekiro>nonsense (x8)>wrongCut from the same cloth as listfag, or the tendie who seethed ridiculously hard at MHW and made it his life goal to shit up all discussion on it for two whole years.

>>590628190people seem to forget everyone has their own taste and likes.

>>590666674Every faction has their own agenda and is 100% hostile to outsiders. That's the main difference between this and Dark Souls, the people you fight aren't insane or undead they're just assholes

>>590628335I can't argue with any of this despite still having fun. Especially the NPCs, they are terrible.

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>>590666903I'd say the story is a bigger deal here for multiple reasons.In dark souls the story was simple and handed to you>go ring bells>go kill some big dudes>go light yourself on fire with that fire you saw in the intro cut sceneit gave you some direction and idea what was going on, and reasoning why everything in the world had gone to shit in a simple and concise elden ring its just like>some shit happened and goddess is dead because reasons>something about a tree that was never mentioned anywhere that you're apparently searching for>you're immortal and everything has gone to shit because...?>runes are souls because they just are don't worry about it.

>>590663651I liked the slideshow intro. It's very reminiscent of demon's and gives it a story book feel which sets the tone nicely.

>>590628190gpu usage too high and overheats my pc for no reason. i mean the game looks nice don't get me wrong but the optimization is hot trash. i have rtx 3070 and get 80% GPU usage on LOW SETTINGS. Also the anti cheat bullshit is stressing the CPU, you can remove it.

>>590667039it just doesn't really work when they're supposed to be aware individuals with a goal and purpose, and not mindless undead. But they act exactly the same in every manner.

>words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words wordsGit gud

>Find a flawThe endgame bosses

>>590637251but enough about bnha posters.

>>590632534strfags are such cry babies holy shit.

>final boss is the target lockbravo hackazaki

Attached: 1624197573702.png (486x646, 328.57K)

>>590637749>streamer shows no emotion. No rage or laughter during a stupid glitch>Still gets someone to sub for 3 yearsIs it really that easy?

>the graphics

>>590665702the leveling is painful, enemies give fuckall and the way the game is designed you can very easily get your souls lost in an area you can't go in and out of easily if you're too weak.

>>590651472>I'm amazed this shit got 10/10's.journos got to play an easier build of the game before day 1 patch "balance updates"

>>590628335>this list of minor gripes prevent me from enjoying the gamedamn, that must really suck. I agree with most of these points but you really are on the level of an autist if it prevents you from having fun with the game

Attached: 1634763419130.webm (640x640, 2.81M)

It's exactly like a game I already played a fucking decade ago.

seems good to me, same old from software game.

>>590638702it's pretty evident he's just burnt out if he's saying that teleportation traps ruined the game for him. kek

Attached: 1628428536066.png (544x535, 490.84K)

No seriously, did they fuck up the recovery frames or something?>get hit>literally cannot get back up before the boss starts a new attack on you

>>590667020Honestly they should have just permabanned that MH faggot. It should be a crime to repost the same bait over and over that takes up 3 entries in a thread

>>590671773they didn't have time to playtest and tune all the bosses especially later into the game, sorry bro :)

starscourge is such utter bullshiti was thinking this game was a 10/10 before but that fight was such anti-fun cancer that it kinda taints the whole game

Attached: 1637205525090.jpg (1024x925, 136.49K)

1 flaw: >You can't play it on switch.

>>590628190>The lock on being broken where it locks on to enemies a km away VS the thing right in front of me has gotten me killed more times than anything else next to me being a shitter while fighting bosses.>str not increasing load capacity is pants on head retarded and >enemies have insane tracking that doesn't make senseThat said, there are a lot of nitpicks I could make but I genuinely feel like this is a game I've been waiting for all of my life.

Rivers of Blood and Eleanor'a twinblade are literally bugged and do not scale with your stats

>>590632142Yes.Ur like 1/3 of the way to getting to the capital which is when the game starts

An open world game with common enemies this hard makes exploring so slow. It's making me not want to play.

>>590636589How about instead of grasping at straws you grasp my dick faggot


>>590630365>>590649689If on steam, revalidate the game files it should run a patch for a min and run.Also for some reason it uses ebin game launcher, so make sure to update it.This fixed this issue with meGodspeed anons

>>590668765he was already famous before becoming a streamer thats why

80 hours in, lets see>music isn't great, I'm not really feeling any of the tracks, there are a couple of nice songs in some boss battles but that's it. as far as I'm concerned I would not care if ambiance and combat music were not implemented at all>there's a bunch of bosses that are not memorable, interesting and/or annoying to deal withspecially when they make a duo >the fact that the game is limited to 4 players to any given minute is insulting, they expanded on every fucking mechanic, but made multiplayer worse for no fucking reasonthat's it

Attached: 1642094696807.gif (223x200, 1.82M)

>>590671773this happens with radhan I think, but I don't remember this happening with other bosses

>>590671291because you're in a fucking early game dummy, if you want bigger rewards take bigger risks, I just got 120k souls from another literal who dragon sideboss I first tried. >b-but I can't progress in any of the 10+ directions game has open at all times then it's time to get good

to be honest, most of your complains are pretty valid at some degreebut still, the game it's the god damn game of the year, I have no doubts about it. also they fucked up the multiplayer, I don't get why the removed covenants or made them better as a system

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>>590628190Either I'm retarded or the game only has controller directions for xbox, which makes my autism activate so hard that I'm considering using keyboard only from start to finish for the game.

Attached: 1646217479269.gif (498x485, 3.17M)

>>590678075you can change that on the menu manI'm playing with keyboard+mouse and my prompts are all displayed on keyboard keys

>>590678149I worded that poorly, I meant to say controller direction options are either only for xbox controller or only for keyboard, and since I only have a ps4 controller on hand this makes me want to just play with keyboard so I can actually understand the damn directions.

does the game force anti-aliasing for anyone else? I have a 4K monitor so I don't need it but it keeps reactivating.

>>590628190Waiting for the dlc is going to be tough, I need more!

My only complains are that there are too many check points and there are not random encounters you know random wolf attacks, bandits, night riders etc.

>>590643629I just cleared that area and couldn't believe how fucking horrible of a shortcut that was

How does the co-op staff work? Does it just send summon signs for me randomly to the grace of each dungeon that has it enabled by the player?

>>590628335>nothing but combat for 50 hourswhat?did this person play any other fromsoft games? gotta be trolling or retarded for sure

Once I have a decent PC... and a job. I want to play. From what I have seen I do have one question. Every streamer and my friends too have all been semi casters and from the boss fights I have seen that seems to be how the game is geared toward. Some bosses visually to me seem that their punish windows are much much smaller than other souls games. I always played casual 2h, never parry, just don't get hit chunky knight in the other souls games. This transferred very well into bloodborne as then I was just a very active and spry chunker. Is this playstyle possible in Elden Ring?

I wish there was a toggle to turn overworld music off. Boss music is fine but all the overworld stuff blows ass. They should have just let the ambience carry it like with DS1-3.

>>590628190The bosses, almost every single one, are fucking garbage

>>590628190Do not respect player time while gamer time do not matter

>>590671773Felt really bad with the royal revenant, i know vigor in this game is kinda important but its really annoying dieing in 2 hits or getting stunlocked to death from 1 hit, this shit isn't particularly difficult its just builshit.

>>590679401With how overwhelming the bosses are, the game is just not fit for a basic minmax style build like that. Going for simple hack and slash also means most items will be useless to you, which diminishes the exploration aspect. You need something else in your pocket, whether that's a few spells, spirit summons, or incantations. Otherwise the duo bosses are going to tear you to shreds.

It came out the month before russia launches nukes and ends the worldI'm so scared

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>>590679401STR got fucked in this game user. If you really want to RH get a DEX weapon with Bleed or something.

>>590628190The overworld is fucking boring and the dungeons all look and feel like reject Chalice Dungeons.

>>590679401>Is this playstyle possible in Elden Ring?Not really. Bloodborne was way closer to DS1 than DS3 with its enemy patterns, not a lot of rollcatching or tracking. This is pure DS3. This is beyond DS3, even.Pure melee is a good way to voluntarily suffer.

>>590628335>plays for over 52 hours in less than a week>guys how come i cant enjoy this game??Holla Forumstards make me laugh

Attached: 1617930127601.jpg (491x358, 31.76K)

>>590628190the ai cheats like a bitch and there is at least 0.5 seconds of input lag meaning enemies have around a half second to counter every move before you have even made the move.the only options which fromfags call "getting good" is>grind xp to be able to brute force every fight>cheese every encounter like a bitchinb4 "git gud fgt"

>>590635342cry more faggot I have finished it. I am unemployed right now and I played the cracked version. I am glad that I didn't pay a single dime for it lol.

>>590668110Except they're actually right this time, STR builds are shit.Just play DEX/INT.

>>590632534yup started with guts sword but then I found a naginata that does bleed, infused it with loretta's sweep and now i just rape everythingsorry but someone really hates str at fromsoft

>>590667125The story is too scattered. The other games had simple stories and had better pay off. This game feels like a cheap knockoff. Dark souls hyped Gwyn up all game and he shows up as one of the most memorable bosses in the franchise. DS2 whole plot focuses around Vendricks actions and the shards of manus soul. DS3 immediately hypes up the lords of cinder. Final boss is an avatar of lords teased on the cover. Then the dude helping you all DLC ends up being an all time classic to send off the series.Like 3/4 of the bosses are optional in this game. You don’t actually need all the great ruins to repair the ring. Every boss is some random you hear about in passing (minus Radahn since his shit was hyped up all during Caelid portion). Godfrey shows up at the end with zero explanation. Final boss is Marika/Radagon trying to stop you from fixing the ring they wanted you to fix. The true final boss is the Loch Ness monster. Also all the background lore is too complicated. I assume they butchered whatever GRRM wrote. Like the first flame just being some primordial power that you keep burning to make the world work needed zero elaboration.

>>590628190Constant reusing of knight/soldiers but colored differently in the other areas.Lack of new enemies in the snow area.

>>590649456>>590649325thats false, the issue has been proven to be a directX 12 issue. microsoft pajeet coding at it again

>>590628335too much text, didn't read, you're a tranny

>>590648212it depends on the game, some games take 100 hours to 100%. I slogged through cyberpunk at release and did most of the stuff in it with a bit more than 100 hours and still rated it negatively, why? because i had already passed the 2 hour mark and was filled with a sadness of the potential the game had but did not use.

Should I get this on PS4 or PC I have 1070 and 16 gigs of ram

>>590630271It's an 8/10 at best user.I do think it is on par with Bloodborne but still not as good as Demons Souls.

>>590628190Starscourge literally has ruined the game for me, tiresome, annoying and completely bullshit. I'm a strength 100% melee build and it is literally impossible to beat. I've done something like 35 tries and I'm just bored now. Literally no way to even cheese this asshole. I'm fucking tired of every single boss having infinite stamina, throwing completely unpredictable, unblockable and impossible to dodge 12 hit combos that you can't punish or parry in any way, some attacks you literally have to run away and zig zag and hope that you don't get hit because there's nothing else you can do because parry doesn't work and hitboxes make absoltuely no sense. Movesets are fucking ridiculous ninja anime mid air spin kamikaze bullshit that would be wild even for Sekiro where you'd expect and be prepared for that shit.

>>590628335>The best moments of the game are those that aren't open worldAgreed. It's because open world is a shit meme that is literally Padding: The Genre.

>>590631574the best part about that fight is the extremely apparent input reading You can get them to fireball you 10 times in a row if you keep pressing heal

>>590628190Isn't on the switch. Oh wait, that's a huge plus, because it's not limited by that horrible tablet. ER has no flaws.

>>590685696>strength 100% melee build and it is literally impossible to beat. I've done something like 35 tries and I'm just bored now. Literally no way to even cheese this asshole. I'm fucking tired of every single boss having infinite stamina, throwing completely unpredictable, unblockable and impossible to dodge 12 hit combos that you can't punish or parry in any way, some attacks you literally have to run away and zig zag and hope that you don't get hit because there's nothing else you can do because parry doesn't work and hitboxes make absoltuely no sense. Movesets are fucking ridiculous ninja anime mid air spin kamikaze bullshit that would be wild even for Sekiro where you'd expect and be prepared for that shit.1. he`s completely optional2. use a str bow or crossobow thats how phys builds cheese him3. he`s completely predictable and you can use the summons to bog him up, even if they die they can be resummoned a moment later4. git gud

>>590682435STR still clears most enemies in one swing and you can poise through most attacks. Faith is int but with good spells.this is objective fact

>>590685696I beat him as str/melee but it took a lot of tries. Wouldn't do it again. I will just use a bow or magic next time. Our days are over, strchads....

>>590644279>the guy just giving a thumbs up>thumbs upuhh user...

>>590689952lol he thought the meme cover was the actual cover of the game

>>590689663You're the reason why nobody likes the Dark Souls playerbase. You guys just scream virginity when you defend bad game design. So stereotypical.

>>590628190 Anonymous 03/03/22(Thu)10:50:08 No.590690212▶>>590689830 (You)>The open world in Elden Ring is basically just a glorified level select screenDude, what if we took the Nexus from Demon's Souls and turned it into a giant open world that takes an hour to traverse LMAO

>>590628190is "difficulty" of pressing space to roll the only thing going on for this game?i dont see anybody praising the story, dialogues, music.... all the 9000 threads over here are basically:>oh man, did you see how often i had to press space to roll in THIS and THAT boss?i swear to god these gook-shit games are turning your brains into diarrhea.

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>>590690356and you`re the reason why game journalists want an easy mode, if you`re shit and dont want to learn mechanics then dont play those types of games, maybe bejeweled is more your type

>>590637569It's the most scuffed possible version imaginable. When you kill both of them their joint healthbar is somehow only about halfway done, so they just respawn with nothing new.

>>590690594Other from games do, unfortunately dark souls 2 and elden ring both attract the same kind of tards that don't care about anything other than fartsniffing about how le hard it is.

>>590637937That feels like the intent but I had him fucking ramp over it and musclefuck me into the corner earlier.

>>590628190Reddit likes it. It's the best new game I have played in a decade, but reddit likes it. I don't like that.

Attached: 1635978735030.png (246x184, 724)

>>590631434there's also the bull from sekiro (fallingstar beast)

>>590628335This much text and not a single correct criticism.

>>590632534I was under the same impression at first but once i started dual weilding greatswords i've started breezing through everything.I'm pretty sure it's even easier with dex, dex/arc, dex/int or int though.

>>590630271You are wrong user, you just need to play aggressive with the bosses, roll in, circle behind and so on.

>>590685696I struggled with him with a str build using the greatsword but then I switched to a claymore with a blood ash and got him first try. Bleed is ridiculous

>>590638702>criticise game>hurr gitgud I bet u didn't even play it >yes I did>lol why would u play a game u don't like? :)

>>590628190The open world is kinda pointless. Too many QoL features to feel even the slightest bit of immersive.

>>590631596Put elden ring to the left.

controllers don't fucking work

>>590638458It's all fucking like this.I broke the Magma Wyrm's AI to the point it went non hostile just by kiting it around the pillar. This happened several times. I also disrupted an enemy running into the wall only for it to immediately resume running into the wall. They are some of the most incompetent programmers you'll ever see yet everyone calls them a high quality developer that should be the standard others aspire to. Defend this shit while also shitting on other buggy messes, go on. The utter hypocrisy of the Souls fanbase.

I really don't like the bosses so far. The gargoyles were cancer, Rykard was cancer, Radahn was cancer and the starmetal beast was super cancer. It's hard to find a fight that's not chaotic and full of ridiculously delayed attacks. Also enemies read your inputs which makes gameplay feel even more counterintuitive.

>>590691605I came across an area where the enemies had a really strange idle animation and I was trying to figure out until I realised they were on a slope and were constantly falling so the animation was them reacting to the impact endlessly.

>>590640456You learn that one boss, congratulations. It does nothing to help you against the next one when they do continuous combos without warning with infinite stamina. You don't learn anything transferrable, you learn how to beat one individual foe at a time and that's pretty shitty design.

>>590628190>repetitive catacombs/mines>extremely poor performance in parts of Caelid>quests are more obscure than any other Souls game>over-reliance on unfinished wikis>names are forgettable and a lot begin with either R or M>some bosses have no breaks in their attacks combined with too many combos in a rowI'm loving it so far but let's not pretend it's perfect.

>>590691723Is that the minotaur spirits in the underground area? The ones that crouch all the time?

>>590692057I was thinking of a group of rats and those ghost moose cunts in siofra, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's multiple cases of it

>>590628190Tbh open world sucks a bit

>>590628190>get a hug>permanent HP debuffthanks from

>>590631574This webm epitomizes everything shit about the boss fights in this game. The way the camera is all over the place while you watch some dumb fucking attack and then get a single attack in on a massive healthbar. Jesus.

>No ending where you can marry and breed Melina, Malenia, Millicent or Marika DROPPED what a massive fucking waste of time

I would not call this a "flaw" per se, but you know, after playing the Supraland sequel earlier this year, I feel like every world map should be like this. All these pins and markers in Elden Ring feel woefully primitive compared to just being able to draw whatever you want and take notes directly on the map.

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>>590628335>meme complaints like "world doesn't feel alive"opinion discarded

>>590632284I actually like the ambient music more than the boss music. Boss music is pretty forgettable

>>590628190too bigtoo vast

>>590628190The input delay changing the rules seeming every time i swing and get hit. Sometimes it drops the next input and i can move/heal, sometimes it doesn't and i get hit again.

>Walk into a boss room>Immediately get hit with a projectile>Try and Heal>Get hit with a combo and dieI swear to god it feels like half the bosses you fight do this shit

>>590628190No Win7 support because they kneeled to microshit

>>590637265>every point is valid>"this is like those babies crying"kys faggot

>>590628190Buggy quests that break and you can explore too far and break them and miss out on the quest and items you may have gotten as a reward.

>>590630365Holy shit thisNew update now fucked everything up

The game to knock BOTW off its throne

>>590693021speaking of map utility something thatd be nice is that thing from botw that retraced your steps.

>>590630556it's hilarious that they still don't have a fucking clue what to do with pyromancy to this day

>>590628190>>590693206Oh, another one. >fighting octopuss bird thing in Gael Tunnel>it's nearly dead>my weapon's basic combo is 4 swings>full stamina>does 2 swings, and then just stops>octobird kills me

Attached: man83.png (500x500, 383.37K)

>>590645401>Miyazaki after Ringed City: I'm done with Souls, want to make the game I've always wanted>Makes carton copy Dark Souls for the 5th, in an open world settingDon't defend the hack

>>590654231How did they get away with this? It feels as if the game wasn't even finished

>>590679374I think he got confused when people spoke about backstab fishing and thought it's actual fishing.

For a 100 hour game they really needed to add some depth to the combat system, I'm sorry. This is just too braindead for me.

>>590646410>gets burnt out on a game after playing it for literally thousands of hours>hmm i dont like this game anymore, obviously thats because the game is badno its because you're fkn burnt out

>>590694675This, it's outdated combat from Demon's Souls, which is a game from 200913 year old fucking combat, it's not fun anymorePlayers have been spoiled by Sekir and/or Nioh 2 as an example, where the formula was changed and felt more engaging

>>590628190Late game bosses are fucking cancer everything one or two shots you, stamina is still the worst stat ever, Armor does nothing. In Dark Souls 2 stamina and ADP were good stats because they balanced caster and dex fags builds.Why would you need stamina? Only heavy weapon builds need stamina and you get nothing in return for putting points into stamina.

Attached: 1625404494349.png (464x346, 205.13K)

>>590692057Those are picking herbs, dude. At least pay attention to the animations.

>>590649980wait till he finds out about gwyn and his family

>>590632534I just completed the entire game, including every major boss (only missing one Blood guy Mohgwyn, and I did it as STR/FTH without using any ash summons or regular summons. I didn't even use the summons in Radan's fight. Are you telling me I will destroy the game if my next playthrough is DEX and/or INT?

I can't find a replacement for the Golden halberd it's just too gold and halberdy

Attached: pumpking.jpg (1920x1080, 554.01K)

>>590694961>he uses the reddit sentinel weapon

>>590628190>The open world starts out strong, limgrave is easily the best area and has 30 bosses>yet to find even 10 bosses in liurnia>Safe to say the following areas get worse>stamina is useless stat>bosses are rollspamIts a great game sure, but deeply flawed

>>590695074I found Limgrave to be an absolute dogshit areaBut I agree, Open World starts out okay and then becomes more and more a slog to traverse. Almost a chore really, I don't want to do it, but I'm FORCED to do itStormveil Castle was where the game peaked for me, and I wish the entire game was just like thatOnly been getting worse since then

She is going to run out of mana eventually... right?

Attached: sorceress.jpg (1920x1080, 310.64K)

>>590695074Wiki says 18(found so far) bosses in Liurnia.

>>590695212No, she never does. She goes all the way up the tower and never stops casting.

>>590695212Enemies don't have Stamina/Mana, they just spam to no end

>>590695370Every enemy has stamina.NPC phantoms have FP bars, and a set limit of flasks to restore it.

>>590632534literally just bodied a boss with poise at lvl 40, >they cryin' cuz they diein'.>get gud

>>590628190Exploration, art style and the overall scale of the game are absolutely amazing. The combat somehow manages to be even worse than Dark Souls 3 (the worst, most soulless Souls game.) It's like there were two completely different studios working on this game at once.

>Fight Agheel>Just ends up jump attacking him for a few minutesEngaging combat, wow. Combat is absolutely dogshit, and is the worst offenderOpen world provides nothing to the player, and every "tip" people provide is always; "Find a guide to skip the boring segment". So why did they even bother with open world if people just find ways to avoid doing it as much as possible?Legacy dungeons are the only good thing about this overrated game>>590695840I think they let B Team work on the gameplay

>>590632534Did we play the same game? STR weapon arts literally melt bosses, some of them have a higher dps output than a fully charged heavy and is faster with longer range (ie blood slash)You're playing the game like its dark souls 3 and your pea sized brained doesn't have the capacity to adapt or experiment, you're literally the same person who was crying about no shields in bloodborne and the parrying in sekiro, these games always have a familiar feeling but are also always entirely different, a shame that this slides off most casuals, (you) especially

I think people don't even have a problem with souls games, it's the fansThe whole "you only critcise the game because you're bad at it" is a really lazy and weak argument, especially considering there are much harder games out there than soulsgamesHow these same people were saying reviews don't matter when hidden west gets 9s and 10s, yet now ER has the same these reviews actually mean something because reasonsMost importantly how they simply cannot accept the fact the game has clear flaws - doesn't even mean it's a bad game obviously it's not - but people really want to pretend it's this flawless masterpiece when no one really believes that aside from them

>>590645547I think you need to wake up the GUI before it will respond to a weapon change. So if the GUI isn't visible you have to press the switch weapon button once to wake it up, and then again to actually change.

>>590696623Definitely, the Souls fanbase is obnoxious as all fuck

>>590653543I don't think Miura is doing much of anything these days user

>>590655986what the fuck is this supposed to be conveying? this looks like some schizo shit

The flaw is that all of you won't shut the fuck up

>>590640596i love how your one actual criticism in your faggoty nitpicking of his post is that one of the areas he actually liked, in fact, blew dickloli agree with you by the way, castle morne did indeed blow dick

>>590647430mmmm yes, being teleported halfway across the map to some isolated area i can't actually explore and can only leave through fast travel, very kino

>>590646187ds2 story was fan fiction level shit

>>590630578I've been playing on Linux and it has been smooth sailing all along, only crashed two times but that was after 5 hours playing the game.

>>590652147yes becayse elden in ring is so shit in comparison.

>>590648752>forts with no living quarters or villages>forts that are just randomly sprinkled around and aren't actually defending anything>random isolated shacks out in the middle of nowhere>ruins that are just a bunch of dilapidated churches in completely random locations that don't make sense to have settlementsthere's zero thought put into any of this shit, most of the ruins are literally just copy/pasted, come the fuck off it. they're interspersed based on player discovery and not any sort of logic or coherency to the idea that people used to live there and they had some kind of function/purpose

>>590697937The open world is literally forced just to make a 60 hour long game be a 100 hour long gameNothing else, it's 40 hours of traversing the most boring open world of all time

>>590628335I am enjoying this game massively, but this post is still factually correct. I'm most bothered by the total lack of living places. Where does everyone live? From what I understlod the Lands Between are some kind of Purgatory, maybe, so no one actually LIVES here (hence the lack of villages and agriculture), only wandering souls like the Tarnished. I'm still in Limgrave at 20 hours in so maybe this is explained later, but this is my theory so far. Also I didn't understand things "outside" of the Lands Between, are they also affected by the Golden Order and the Shattering? It would make sense that the Lands Between are an immaterial spirit world, a Purgatory or maybe Eden before the Shattering.

>>590698070You haven't played any AssCreed or Far Cry if this open world is "the most boring" one for you

>>590698621>You haven't played any AssCreed or Far CryOnly played the first AssCreed, which I kind of liked for the time it released>FAR CRYNever really interested me honestly

>>590633312>enemies fighting each other but if you lead a boss to some enemies they team up to kill youbullshit. I got the giant at stormveil castle to wreck entire platoons of soldiers.another time I went to a high level dungeon and killed every enemy in it using only arrow traps.this is the most open ended game so far, in terms of tactics and you being a dishonorable asshole who doesn't give enemies a chance to fight back.

>>590648796What bosses are you fighting nigga? I use the same exact sword as you at +2 and same ash of war, I cleaned all of Limgrave with it including Ulcerated Tree Spirit (before the ash of war) and all the various field bosses, like the southern evergaol one. I'll fight Margit today and see how it goes. I'm eyeing the Morningstar in Weeping Peninsula though.