It's scared

It's scared.

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>>590623496day 060 fps

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>>590623496Piratechads dabbing on Nintendo for 3 decades

>>590623496how is Nintendo able to take down this video? emulation is not illegal

Really excited to finally play Metroid Dread on the go

>>590624292big companies have been widening the copyright gray area for years, and youtube is tilted in the favor of claimants.

>>590624386elden ring and metroid dread on the same devicethanks nintendo

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>>590623604Why doesn't nintendo just look at games that don't run with emulator and then make all games like that?Or do they not really care at all? I'm sure they could add some codes and stuff everywhere that are confirmed not work on emulators and maybe invent some new ones while at it

>>590623604But BotW1 still runs like shit on switch emulators, CEMU is a much better solution and probably would run great on the Deck. But BotW2 won't be coming out on Wii U, so here we are.

>>590623496surely you meant afraid

>>590624567This is where the fun games.

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>>590623496Does it actually run well?

>>590623496get fucked

>>590624873Had like one day of hiccups but now it does

>>590624873Ryujinx run games well enough, but almost barely and with framedips.

>>590624292>this video contains our ip and we don't approve, take it down>kthat's literally it.

>>590624842killer app

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>>590623496this shit is literally fake, it says the video was taken down by the userdeckbabbies trying to post misinformation, kys

>>590623496whats the state of switch emulation on pc

>>590623496>>590623604>day 0>60 fpsactually yes, you're absolutely correct. this is a small piece of the video they deleted.

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>>590626041yea, let's see how long your nintencel FUD lasts when hundreds of people are uploading 60 fps switch emulation retard.that picture was from when he was using

>>590624292It should be.

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>>590626041that's just a small moment, it's mostly at 60fps on the video you sent lmao keep in mind this is the most unoptimized it will ever be too, 0 days of optimization at 60 fps

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>>590625961Fairly good if you dont want to play obscure shit

>>590626515also was literally using opengl and not vulcan>>590626165

>>590623496>video contains content from NintendoHasn’t already been stated that Nintendo doesn’t strictly refer to themselves as “Nintendo” in making claims and it’d be more along the lines of “Nintendo Co. Ltd”?

>>590623604same on my actual switch, whats your point?

>>590626870I used to doubt the name too, but there was a video about a Metroid Dread hack which got taken down by "Nintendo" in only a day or two after upload, and that definitely resembles the vicious nature of Nintendo's lawyers.

wait so Nintendo did NOTHING about ayo neo emulation videos but lost their minds as soon as the Deck came out? LMAO this tells me absolutely everything I needed to know about the gabegear

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>>590624292Emulation promotes and involves piracy, same as giving people poison to drink and saying "I never killed them, they're the ones that drank it!"You're an accessory to the murder, as is emulation to piracy

>>590626041Mario Odyssey emulates a lot better just in general than BotW does on either Switch emulator. Everyone uses CEMU for BotW for a reason.

>>590631380>please Mr corporate demon company, shit in mouth more! I'm defending your hyper-kike practices on the internet for you, for free!Why don't you become an internet janitor you fucking faggot. You are literally nigger-cattle.

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>>590624292>how can companies do illegal thingsthe same way we can do them

>>590624292Must be nintentrannies impersonating Nintendo there are gorillions of videos about emulation but only the steam deck are getting reported

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>>590632760>he doesn't knowthese companies not only pay out of their asses for stuff like DRM but also to shit up internet boards with this >>590631380console warring in general is just to create the illusion that these companies compete and not collude


>>590624606That was a thing back in N64 days, that console was specifically designed to not run fucking anything

>1.5 hours of emulation>doesnt run betterAnd now you tell me what is the point

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>>590633176Why does this joke make me laugh every time

>>590623496the quote is "It's afraid' you dumb zoomer shitfag

>>590625553more like killer pp

>>590631380kek>>590633293Nintendo = iphonevalve = android phone

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>>590623496So is the steam deck good or nah?Couldn't tell last week from all the falseflag and shilling

>>590633330And it works, seeing how someone made that pic and how you're in this thread posting it.

>>590633432switch is cheaper and can easily be hacked

>>590633552Better than all gaming UMPC on the market

Does switch emulation run well yet? When I tried Mario Odyssey it ran like shit


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>> its good >>590624567

oh! it didn't take long for us to win huh? next thing to be added to this image: the switch itself, and with how well it's performing, Nintendo's next console too

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>>590634180You are a snoy

Who's got that one webm? You know the one.

>>590624606Those games can run well if people spend the time optimizing the emulators for them. All that would accomplish is giving peopel a reason to optimize the emulators for those games. So basically, no one gives a fuck about that shitty marvel game or the rabbids one.


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>>590634298Who cares what they are as long as Nintendo is losing. They should have never charged a subscription fee for emulation

>>590634612Tell me objectively how are they losing?

>>590633337because it's unironically your brain on nintendo

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Neat. I'll keep playing on my Switch and buying games on my Switch though.

>>590634760Their games are playable on their competition. The legality of how you obtain the games is irrelevant since you can get all the software you want without giving Nintendo a penny by buyimg their console used to hack it then buy all your games used and dump then return them to GameStop. I've been doing this for the past 10 years and all my Nintendo consoles are hacked collecting dust while I have multiple hard drives filled with Wii, Wii u, Ds, 3ds and switch games

>>590631380>im a gunsmith selling this guy a gun for their safety, but instead they used it to murder a person>now i am getting in jail for being an accessory to murderplease dont become a lawmaker

>>590634298you're hallucinating lmao, I've always been a pc chad but also bought nintendo consoles as well. now with emulation being this easy, i may never buy a nintendo console again.

>>590635249Deck is not a competition and they don't lose money on you because well you are a minority

>>590635516emulation of nintendo consoles always was piss easybut sure

>>590635516you probably will when the switch 2 doesn't have a day 1 exploit, which is likely considering each switch revision isn't hackable without shady modchips. that day 1 exploit is a big reason why switch emulation has been good, same with the wii u's security.

>>590623496Real Nintenchads are pro piracy anyway.I own a modded Switch and I still use my joycons to play on Yuzu when I'm bored of the Switch. I even swap save files back and forth between PC and Switch.I also already ordered the Steam Deck because it will give me even more options.

>>590624606t. retard>why doesn't Nintendo force third parties and in house studios to produce games based on niche code quirks to avoid piracy ,':^)Because the moment they centered development around a quirk it would no longer be niche and would instead become the focus of the emulator - then get emulated. >what if they just made the entire process more complex Then they'd have to release a real console capable of actually playing complex games, which seems like more work and a more dangerous move entirely surrendering the handheld demographic which has buoyed their company until now.

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>>590634583kek that's not it but it's close enough

>>590624292it's far cheaper to simply acquiesce to a company when it says it wants something taken down than to actually remember that fair use allows ityoutube in particular is owned by google who also owns highly illegal copyright trolls in their image service so they have an even more vested interest in not letting people know they actually have rights

>>590636234>deck imageWill that work fine with a regular desktop?

>>590635798who is to say there will be no exploit? like you said wii u had an exploit, then switch did too. and even if the next console doesn't, we'll still be playing their current games on their current console flawlessly for the next 5 years.

>>590623496>Nintendo>not Nintendo co. Ltdeven if it's not the real nintendo, seeing some seething faggot impersonating Nintendo trying to take down these videos somehow makes it more hilarious

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Actual steamdeck owner here (delivered today) - initial thoughts:Controls feels great (but I've only tested some green tick games so far). Gyro control is especially kino.Performance is great too (thermals and battery) but I've not played anything AAA yet.Only downmark I'd give it is the desktop mode needs more work. The virtual keyboard is really awkward to use in desktop, but they did say they are working on it. The rest of the controls needs work too.Unix as an OS feels kinda bad though, but could be I'm just not used to it yet.

wait, that video makes no sense. Where do you actually get yuzu from? the app store does not have that


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>>590637343post switch emulation results onegai



>>590627549First off, the switch cannot do 60fps at all. Second, it cant go passed 1080p. Emulators by standard have more power than any switch released. Just admit the switch is worthless and everyone should just buy a steamdeck.

>>590631380Thank god people like you die at an early age and are never listened to.

>>590638184>the switch cannot do 60fps at allwhat are you basing this off of

>>590633330The funny thing about this image is that it's not even just exclusive to the Switch vs Steam Deck shit. This is literally how pcfags act towards any console fanbase. They live in a constant state of sour grapes lmao

>>590638184retard, first

>>590638427handheld mode

>>590631380Nintendo is literally the richest company in Japan

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>>590638184SHUT UP man! the deck's demand is high enough, if you turn this though mainstream then I'll never get a deck :/

>>590638806handheld mode is also capable of 60fps


>>590636684because the switch revisions are more secure and nintendo seemingly has learned their lesson from this. there's no reason to assume they'll be dropping the ball as hard in what would be a huge regression from the V1 Switch onwards.

>>590623496Nintendo take down anything on youtube though?

>>590638739How else are they going to justify spending thousands of dollars for an experience that’s only negligably better?


>>590629931I guess that the fact that those cost like 2 times the deck would help.

Nintendo twitter be like,>What's your favorite youtube channel covering Switch emulation?

>>590639405>negligiblypcs are not for vidya only, i'm reading mango right nowconsole os suck dick

>>590639647>I guess that the fact that those cost like 2 times the deck would help.neo is available world wide. deck is only 100k units per quater, in 2 countries


>>590623496is it possible to play nintendo switch games online on the deck without having to pay for the online service?also im a huge fan of splatoon and playing on a device that allows me to play tf2 and splatoon is big win for me

>>590641651ryujinx has local wireless emulation over the internet or I think even on the same lan with actual consoles.yuzu had an "online service replacement" for 5 seconds until the community got mad.

>>590641838They got mad because you'd still have to pay a subscription to the devs to use yuzu online

>>590641838>yuzu had an "online service replacement" for 5 seconds until the community got mad.well, we need to revive that and keep making these nintendo s○yboys seethe

Why do you people think emulation and piracy is a valid argument?Do you really think the average person buying a Steam Deck or Switch are thinking about emulating?

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>>590642361there's gonna be a chad that's gonna make it for free just like they did with wiimmfi, there's always that chad who thinks about the community of based pirate gamers


>>590642572Pirates are fucking retarded.What a surprise.

>>590642572God I pity normalfags. Imagine actually paying for games in 2022 when there's so many solutions out there which are all so accessible.

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>>590642695Coomsumers are fucking retardedWhat a surprise.

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>>590623496Why would anyone make a video about stealing games? Of course it would be taken down ASAP.

>>590642572>Do you really think the average person buying a Steam Deck or Switch are thinking about emulating?They don't because your "average person" is a braindead consoomer moron sheeple who can't even google "what is a rom"

>>590642572Game should be free like the buffalo.

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>>590633330Nintendo got so mad they took down the video

>>590642902>emulation>stealing video gamesFound the fucking retard

>>590643036>stealing code is okay because im poorYeah the retard is YOU

>>590642954Thank you Chief

>>590642572This is the same company who rereleased some old Mario games only for a limited time because they knew people could just emulate the games permanently, forced a tournament to shut down out of piracy concerns stemming from a mod, sued at least one emulation site, and stalked the ringleader of a hacking scene. Nintendo does not fuck around in these cases.

>>590623496>buy a steam deck>use it to play switch gamesjust buy a fucking switch

>>590643239But then I wouldn't be doing anything illegal and that's lame.

>>590643239nigger, i cant play elden ring on a switch, but i can play switch games and elden ring on a deck

I'm not against piracy and never will be but how fucking DUMB do you have to be to record yourself doing illegal shit and even teaching others how to do illegal shit and then upload that to a very public place like jewtube? Piracy was better back then when people knew how to keep their heads down and hide in the shadows. Fucking morons I fucking swear to god.

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is this the only remaining reason to own a switch?

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>>590643153Piracy: Serious Business

>>590635106Good goy.

>>590623496>dude just do nothing about people pirating your gamesinb4 "NOOO IT'S TECHNICALLY NOT PIRATING IT'S EMULATING." I'm not against it, I don't give a shit, but it's retarded to criticize Nintendo for it. Shutting down fan games is a different story.

>>590629931asians will never go against their own

>>590623496It's always morally correct to pirate Nintendo products.

>>590635880This.I started pirating on vba and zsnes back when I was in high school then moved onto DS flashcarts. Mine was the M3 DS Real. Those were some good times.

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>>590643428As far as I remember the video explicitly leaves out the illegal bits, it's just a video on steam deck specific things for tards who can't figure out anything that's slightly different from windows and emulator settings

>>590643970>but it's retarded to criticize Nintendo for itI don't see how it's retarded to say that something which has no legal basis and only works because of the broken claims system has no legal basis

oh cool now we can play exclusive, highly regarded games such as mario, zelda and... uh...

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Even if emulation is legal, it's technically illegal to show footage of a someone's IP except for criticism purposes. So Nintendo can easily pull that card. None of these deck emulation demonstration videos are actually criticizing the games they're emulating, so they don't fall under fair use.

>>590644132It's still really dumbBack in the old days of emulation, shit was on the down low. Fucking kids these days.

>>590624292Switch owners are reporting these videos en masse, they are seething hard.

Where to download switch games?

>>590643664No, there's also Splatoon 3

>>590633176Fuck, I can't find the picture.

>>590642572Why would I give a fuck about what the average person is doing?

>>590638184I will never buy a sneed deck, faggot shill

>>590636234Can they legally do that?


Does XB2 emulate well yet? That's really all that I'm waiting for.

>>590640307cope more faggot

>>590644880Why would steam not be allowed to distribute steamOS online?If anything it's more likely legally required to even because of foss licenses

>>590624292I tried to sell a N3DSXL on ebay once and one of the 10 or so pictures I uploaded showed the FreeShop icon in it. My listing stayed up for like 2 hours before ebay removed it and sent me a message saying Nintendo of America had sent a complaint or something. Nothing in my ebay listing mentioned anything but it having some homebrew on it. I had to relist it with all of this removed, so I hope the person who bought it was surprised.

>>590644990If you don't care for stutters and incorrect shadow rendering in some instances, it's fine, but it's certainly still has a ways to go on an average

>>590636680Yeah, it should. I think an issue will be how SteamOS 3 deals with non-deck hardware out of the box. Hopefully they just run some check and get you the drivers you need, but it should be just fine.I think this is mostly for reinstallating the image on a deck, I have no idea what the current goal of steamOS 3 is. I know valve said they want to start a market of handheld PC and want to give out free licenses of their own OS for maximum uniformity, but time will tell how effective it is outside of the deck

Where to download switch games?

>>590637878let's say I'm not interested in customizing or altering anything beyond the controls, what does melon do that desmume doesn't?

>>590644315>None of these deck emulation demonstration videos are actually criticizing the games they're emulating, so they don't fall under fair use.Critique doesn't necessarily mean criticism Fair use also allows for educational reproduction, ie showing someone how to use an emulatorReality is that anyone on youtube can file an IP rights complaint because google can't be assed to actually determine if the thousands of complaints they receive every day are all valid, so Nintendo can effectively do whatever they want even if they're illegally submitting false IP complaints

Nintento should pivot to being a fashion device that plays mario

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>>590623496Nintenbros... it's over.

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>>590645829bling bling wahoo

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>>590645747True, but there's no reason that your emulation demonstration video specifically has to use THEIR IP. Fair use laws are fairly tricky since so much of it is vague, but as a rule of thumb, it's designed primarily to protect IP holders, not Youtubers. For instance, if a Switch emulator was sold commercially, it would be absolutely illegal to put screenshots of any games that you don't have express permission for.

I'm extremely lazy though. I can't stand messing with emulator settings to get it just right. Can't stand multiple emulators for the same console because some games work better with one over another. Can't stand getting the folders together and setting file paths. Can't stand stutters and any graphical/audio issues. Can't stand button remapping. Despite all that I have most games I've ever played downloaded ready to emulate, but then I have too much choice and can't be bothered.So I'll probably just wait to buy Switch 2. I swear this sort of thing, along with all chinky handheld emulation machines are bought just for the "look what it can do" factor mostly, you don't actually play games on it, be honest.

Anyone else here think about how Nintendo consoles are always the first people want emulated because they create the best gamesI remember waiting a shitton of time for PS3 emulation to be in a playable state

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>>590623496Stop spamming this thread you brain dead fucking retard.

>needing a how-to guide for an emulatordo zoomies really?

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>>590642572I built a $1500 pc and all I do with it is emulate Nitnendo DS and Ps2 games all day

>>590646217Ps3 emulation is harder because it's more complex. Nintendo consoles by comparison are like Fisher price tier level toys

>>590646217It's due to two factors: ease and exclusivity. Because the Switch uses fairly simple architecture, it is far easier to emulate than the nightmare that is CELL. Also, most Playstation and Xbox games are A) cross-platform and B) on PC, so there's no pressing need to emulate those systems.But Nintendo's different. If you wanna play Mario or Zelda, you HAVE to have a Nintendo console. Some people don't like that, and that's why Nintendo consoles are always the first to be emulated.

>>590636680>>590645550Drivers shouldn't be an issue, anything you'll actually care about will be supported out the box by the kernel unless it ships with a custom one tailored for the deckAside from nvidia drivers, but that'll be as simple as open a terminal, sudo steamos-readonly disable, sudo pacman -S nvidia and rebootI'd assume the fancy new menus are navigatable with any controller and probably keyboard too but if you're installing on an actual desktop I doubt you'll use that mode anyway

>>590631380>Dump my legit copy of Dread.>Emulate it.>"P-PIRATE! SOMEONE ARREST HIM!"Cope.

>>590631380Kike claws typed this.

>>590646967Unfortunately nintendo fans genuinely think like that en masseNintendo has created the most corporate cocksucking fanbase ever

>>590638739>>590639405Coping insanely hard

He bought? DMCA it.

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>>590644247unironically this. ill keep them on my deck just to post screenshots of it on Holla Forums time to time, lmao. and every update that adds more and more, itll be there lmao


>>590647173Why in the hell does this moron think that Nintendo would be okay with showing people how to emulate the Switch when Nintendo's current entire fucking business model is completely dependent on selling the fucking Switch?

>>590647337For some reason moral pirates are terminally retarded.

>>590647337It's a joke.

>>590647337Maybe because he's been doing it for years without issues?

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>>5906462173DS emulation still isn't very good, and N64 emulation for anything but the system sellers only recently became accurate.It's more that most Nintendo systems are easy to figure out compared to nightmares like the Playstations, Sega Saturn, PC Engine, etc. Shit, the PPSSPP was always more accurate and lightweight than DesMuMe and no$gba.

>>590625553God I wish I was a playtester for Valve

>>590647552Fat bearded fuck who looks like he isnt allowed by law within 10 feet of a school.10k views for showing zoomers the fucking obvious like water being wet.Me working my ass off, lucky if I get 100 views. Fuck it I'm out

Based Nintendo. Fuck stupid "content creators" and streamers.

It's one thing if you don't give a shit about Nintendo and just want to make a Switch emulator. But you cannot pretend to support Nintendo AND support an emulator that circumvents Nintendo at the same time. That doesn't make any sense.I'm not saying you shouldn't tell Nintendo to go fuck themselves, but you have to make a fucking choice. Either tell Nintendo to go fuck themselves or being a Nintendofag bootlicker, but you can't fucking be both.

>>590638739PC used to have great exclusives, now its all port begging, Every thread for every company is just full of seething PCtards demanding ports so that they can shit it up, say they hate the game, and go back to playing Terraria and Factorio for another 1000 hours.They should be gassed already.

>>590647793Nintendo fans dont have an iq high enough for that understanding user

>>590646116The sony/bleem lawsuit was over this exact issue and it was ruled that use of screenshots for comparison between emulated/non-emulated is legal.

>>590647874It's just so fucking aggravating how retarded the emulation community has gotten over the years.

>>590647793You can also pay for games you like after you pirate them. I don't hate everything about Nintendo, but pirating is easier than buying a nintendo gift card.


>>590647793stop being a faggot, partisan politics don't persist in big business decisions. Nintendo is worth over four billion dollars, they just launched a theme park, they just sent someone into space, they just made a time capsule not to be opened in some eighty-years. They have more money than you will ever make in your life, four times. They do not give a shit if some game they paid people to design, who aren't even first-party, goes over the fence within the same generation. literally stop being political about purposeful and legal emulation. You are justifying exploitation, you are inhibiting consumerism, you are telling people that they don't deserve their money.

>>590643986pfffhahahaHAHAHAHAHAyou know absolutely nothing about asian history.

>>590647552The funny thing is that Nintendo or the imposter claimant of the DMCAs only took down the Steam Deck videos. Not any of the emulation videos on Chinese handhelds or the like.

>>590648085Read the whole comment you dumbass. I'm saying you have to either support the Switch or support Switch emulation, but you cannot do both. You have to do one or the other. I'm not saying that you have to support the Switch and by extension Nintendo, but what I AM saying is that if you're going to flip Nintendo to bird, you need to fucking COMMIT to it.

>>590624292They can issue dmca notices and even sue you for showing gameplay footage, even if court would side with you in 99,9% of cases

>>590647173what a fucking chad

nintenbros... i'm pissing and shitting and seething and coping! HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?!

Speaking of pirating is the steam trick as simple as what others have said?Log into steam.Buy game.Download it.Drag file/folder of game into other area.Ask for refund off steam.Get refund.Open steam emulator.Add game as non-steam game to steam emulator. Game loads up.Is it really that simple or did I miss a step?

>>590648247He seems to be handling it pretty well

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>>590648038Sure, but, again, this is about the Switch itself. If you use Switch emulation, you don't NEED a Switch. Even if people dump their own ROMs, they don't specifically need the Switch itself. So supporting Switch emulation means that you're telling the Switch to fuck off. Fundamentally, you need to draw a fucking line. You can't both support the Switch and shit on it at the same time, that's not how it fucking works.

>>590637343>Unix as an OS feels kinda bad though, but could be I'm just not used to it yet.It's not Unix it's Linux and then it's a heavily modified build of Arch running the KDE desktop.

>>590648352the gamer move

Im aware like 99% of video game companies forgo protecting their ip and "letting" people to display video game footage, but theres fair use too, which protects reviews and educational content. Can he just not trust that the judge rules in his favor?

>>590638739>console fags for over 2 decades cry about keep console games on consoles>console games can be emulated on ok priced mobile hardware>SEETHING CONSTANT FUCKING SEETHINGBlow it your ass.

>>590647337Maybe Nintendo should diversify their revenue streams. Just a thought.

has nintendo ever copyright striked videos showing non-nintendo games being played via homebrew on their devices?

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>>590631380I would buy used games but they cost a shit load on eBay or amazon

>>590648715and? it being hard and expensive is not an excuse. dont get me wrong, ill pirate anything and everything and i dont give a fuck, but i wont "justify" it with "but its hard to acquire legally"

>>590648619>Can he just not trust that the judge rules in his favor?No, because he would almost certainly lose.There is a reason everybkdy rolls over in these kind of cases, because they know their entire business model is one precedent away from being dead

>>590648352This is about as funny as a tumour

>>590648619>protecting their ipsome court case/ruling made this obsolete like half a decade ago. companies no longer have to "protect" their ip or lose it.

>>590648897Time for your meds

>>590624292Probably because he must've used Nintendo games to showcase the emulator.>>590635880I probably wouldn't even have bought a Switch if it weren't hackable. Back when I got it emulators weren't so advanced so I would've just waited to emulate the games. Since I could jailbreak it instead, I bought one and played a few titles early.

>>590648619It's too much of a waste of time and effort to go that far. Here's the thing: If you wanna show people how to emulate Switch games, you don't HAVE to use Zelda or Mario. These tutorials do not require any specific IP. You could just as easily use one of the many, MANY shovelware trash games on the Nintendo shop and achieve the same thing. Anyone with a brain would understand that if you can do a thing with 15 in 1 Solitaire from the Nintendo Shop, you can do that exact same thing with Breath of the Wild.

>>590623604i saw day 0 on crowbbats channel. stupid nintentoddler baby shit tutu sucker

>>590648226I do both, and I have a copy of every switch title I own on emulator. Fuck, I own a Switch and a Nintendo Online membership. I support them just as easily as I understand their schizotypal exploitation. You don't need to be a sportsfan to mechanize their intentions for you as a consumer, they so very clearly do not care if you buy roms or grab them yourself. You pay twenty dollars a year to play 100 roms, in a library of over 66K SNES titles. Think you retard.

>>590648890>No, because he would almost certainly lose.Whyvideo game footage is universally considered transformative, which is + for fair useThe video game footage isn't even the point of the video, but the tutorial and the hosts entertainment value, so plus for fair useIt's educational, which is a plusThe video game footage isn't directly making money as its being offered for viewing for free.>>590649074> If you wanna show people how to emulate Switch games, you don't HAVE to use Zelda or Mario.So thats more of the fair use territory, it's showcasing emulation, not the game.

>>590649001Fuck off circus tranny. Go take your own meds. In fact do us all a favour and take them all at once

>>590649207Why the fuck do you have a NSO membership? The fuck are you doing? You're just wasting your money, that already proves you're a retard.

>>590649212>video game footage is universally considered transformative, which is + for fair useNo, it isn't.Lawyers have long argued that not only does a video by itself not create a transformative work, games also fall under multiple different kinds of copyright laws.They can seperately sue you for cutscenes, textures, text and music, all of which follow different rules and restrictions.DMCA has resulted in nobody teating it yet,

>>590649212Its jewtube. They dont give a flying fuck about fair use or information etc etc.Their more than happy to do what they want to earn the jew money and fuck over anyone in the process


Attached: 50 years in paint.png (847x900, 378.81K)

>>590649430In youtube you simply file a counter notice and nintendo would have to sue you, and you'd evoke fair use in that case.>>590649420gameplay is transformative as its unique to the player

>>590649207>You pay twenty dollars a year to play 100 roms, in a library of over 66K SNES titleslmao the snes doesnt have 66,000 titles. the only way you could think the snes has 66,000 titles is...oh. if you downloaded the complete snes anthology torrent, which includes every regional version, beta tests and copies of games that literally never were commercially available and couldnt be purchased.but you totally googled "total snes games" and came across the torrent number by pure accident, lmao. you absolutely do not have that torrent itself

Attached: 1645809198646.gif (640x640, 2.29M)

>>590623496>Nintendo >Mass-produces product for anyone to buy>Steam>Makes a select amountThat alone means Nintendo wins.

>>590623496i can't wait for valve to send nintendo into bankruptcy. sega ALWAYS wins in the end, trannies.

Attached: segaalwayswins.jpg (641x731, 103.65K)

>>590649663neither make "unlimted" copies, theres a reason "keys" still exist in this day and age.

>>590649643I don't need a torrent to check the catalog on Romnation.

Emulationcels deserve long prison sentences and fines in the 7 figures

>>5906498307 figure my dick up your ass tendie

>>590649578You dont have a channel do u? If u did u would know how little choice u have.If u did try that course of action it wouldnt matter what Nigtendo did because jewtube would just either invoke demonetisation and/or shut your channel down

>>590649578That has never been ajudicated, and almost certainly won't fly.And gameplay doesn't change cutscenes, text and textures

>>590649807romnation has 4000 titles for snes, lmao. the ENTIRE WEBSITE has only 53,000 titles. did you fucking forget how to count or something?

>>590623496I will never uderstand the mental gymnastics behind believing>piracy is perfectly alright!and>DMCAing is the worst thing evar!at the same time.Holla Forums and reddit are literally the same here too, kek.WIth people somehow pretending this is anti-consumer

>>590650047>And gameplay doesn't change cutscenes, text and texturesWhy do you think thats relevant at all.

>>590650106Oh does it?


>>590650436they all fall under copyright, they are all part of the game that can be DMCAd.

>>590650545except not since no one dmcas a texture in a video so why bring such a retarded hypothetical up


>>590642572>Caring about what the average person is doingSheep.

>>590650670because they can just dmca the entire thing right now.Which is easier.But they definitely could, textures are images which are copyrighted.And now you have to defend how your use of the texture is transformative.You can't just the image as an image, that definitely isn't transformative

>>590650686not bad, not the worst deflection to ignore you "coincidentally" choosing an extremely specific number that coincidentally happens to be evidence that your a liar. ill give it a 66 outta 10

>>590650919In the ultra-condition approval of your grace, I think you are still pretentious and unlimited.

>>590650821You defend yourself on all of fair useIf you make a review of a game, and the company dmcad it saying "you used our texture" it wouldnt work.

>>590651012amen, fucker. now seed that torrent

Was there no one on Holla Forums who was in the December/Q1 wave?

>>590651257ultra-conditional* sorry I just woke up a half hour ago

>>590651156Fair use isn't some kind of magic wand.It doesn't apply in the vast majority of cases people claim it, the fair use defense almost never works.And you actually need to review the game itself, which the emutranny didn't.And the fair use criteria are different depending on the medium.Good luck hitting image, text, music, composition etc. fair use at the same time

>>590623496Did somebody backed up all the Phawx's removed videos?

>>590651494>Good luck hitting image, text, music, composition etc. fair use at the same timeAgain, without examples thats retarded to bring up as its 100% irrelevant.The works are going to be evaluated as a whole.


>>590651012sup shit sniffer

>>590651795tiff dickey!

>>590651661How is it irrelevant?The are all part of the game, all must be individually looked at.Using the apropriate rules.That is how movies are judged, btw.And music.

>>590626165show those videos, I'm waiting. And not of the first area of the game, lmao.

Honestly, I don't even care about modern emulation. If I want Metroid Dread or BOTW2, I'll gladly drop money on it. I just want to enjoy older games without Nintendo trying to sell me a rental version that's been censored to hell, or heck, a game they don't even sell anymore. Is that so wrong?Hell, what if you just want to legally play the games you already bought? Is Nintendo losing money because I rip a rom of Ocarina of Time and play it on my gabe gear?

>>590631380You're a fucking retard.

>>590624606Doesn't matter, they have a fanbase that is obsessed with their games but only want to play them on PC, so those autists focus hard on running Nintendo emulators.There's a reason Sony and Microsoft emulation barely exists, there's nothing nobody cares about on them.

>>590652174@FBI@NintendoOn a serious note, I do as well. I have a 3ds but playing on it nowadays is fucking awkward

>literally who website, video, or article about emulation>Nintendo: I sleep>popular website, video, or article about emulation>Nintendo: REAL SHIT

>>590652174Sort of. From a business standpoint, it's more beneficial to Nintendo to get as many Switches in as many homes as possible. Anything that threatens the console itself is fundamentally a threat to the company's interests.At the moment, the Switch IS Nintendo.

>>590652431I used to have my 3DS, but it broke down, and now that it's discontinued there's no way to obtain it anymore, not unless I go to some third party retailer, and last time I tried that I got screwed over.>>590652504I get it, they want money. It just sucks.

>>590652504even more so when you consider the switch ISNT sold at a loss, so selling consoles IS super important. every other company sells at a loss and relies on selling software to make up for the loss. nintendo makes a profit on each console, so its not AS important (still important tho) to sell the software to back it up.

>>590652504Wii and Wii U were far better with backwards compatibility when it was their turns to be Nintendo

>>590624292I like how you think Youtube actually gives a shit

>>590653015Anyone who isn't Microsoft sucks with backwards compatibility because most companies' answer to BC is "just stuff the original hardware into it". The original PS3s were backwards compatible because they literally had PS2s inside them, for instance, and that's how everyone who isn't Nintendo did it.As for the Switch, they COULD have stuffed a Wii in there, but that would have gotten in the way of the whole "hybrid system" thing.

>>590642572I hope the average person keeps buying shit, that way we won't get a giant crackdown on piracy that would prove unsuccessful yet annoying (like denuvo). It's like finding your own mushroom spot. You could share it with everyone but then there wouldn't be any mushroom. Or you can keep it to yourself and the average people will keep buying their supermarket shrooms while you're picking them for free in the forest.

Attached: 1644437315473.png (486x537, 438.15K)

>>590631380>it's another "child with absent parents mistakenly believes legality is a substitute for morality" episodePro tip kid, laws are written by kikes and their corporate interests, and most "illegal" activates are 100% morally acceptable. Including piracy.

Attached: ....jpg (400x400, 8.36K)

Why be affraid? The steamdeck is agent of peace and union.

Attached: 1449459255971c.png (1046x1288, 287.6K)

>>590653521>I hope the average person keeps buying shitSame. I haven't spent a penny on some of my favorite franchises, yet they wouldn't exist without paypigs. Even if they are dumb, technically-illiterate normalfags that constantly shit up Holla Forums with their worthless opinions (like >>590631380), I'm grateful for them.

Attached: 1549654505427.jpg (1242x1226, 116.85K)

>>590624292Eh... even so much as showing an image of a game is grounds for a takedown. Fair use is just a shitty defense you can use in court but doesn't actually matter. If you win in the end because odds are you'll be bankrupt long before a ruling is issued.Companies don't usually do it because the goyim would quickly realize how heavily the system favors megacorporations and the ensuing PR nightmare and Streisand Effect would make things much, much worse for them.

>able to emulate nintendo games on any piece of shit laptop from 2005 onwards>able to emulate wii u and switch on any shit laptop from 2015 onward>able to emulate nintendo games on fucking phones>niggers start acting like the deck is starting a revolution by being able to emulate nintendo games

Attached: 1470500615813.jpg (1250x1126, 479.13K)

>>590654745>most "illegal" activates are 100% morally acceptable.>Including piracy.based.


>>590651779Only one got backed up (Yuzu), others are missing.

>>590655778I hate playing on my phone, the touch shit is ugly and the ergonomics when adding fake physical buttons is uncomfy. You're right that I could use a laptop though, I'll probably get a CPU with RDNA 2 and build a PC with it instead of buying a Steam Deck.

>>590655778nintendo sure did

>>590656937nintendie has been trying to shut off emulation for years so no, its not a revolution

>>590645737not have mentally ill devs who deliberately choose not to fix issues that make pokemon games run better

>>590656937The video Nintendo took down was from a guy that had been making Nintendo emulation videos for years, Nintendo only cared because the Deck is huge competition

>>590645737desmume will never support Ni-Fi (ad-hoc multiplayer) thanks to the author sperging out. melonDS supports it afaik (or is striving to at least).

>>590624606That was a thing back in the day, for example having the game attempt to access some random address in the save area, which would always fail if it was legitimate hardware, and only running the game properly if that attempt failed. If it worked, the game would know it was on false hardware with too much storage for its save file.Emulator devs simply made that same check fail so the game was none the wiser.

>>590645747>Nintendo can effectively do whatever they want even if they're illegally submitting false IP complaintscorrect. there's practically no penalty for lying your ass off and takind down people's work. the cases where a corporation has been taken to court over fraudulent DMCA takedowns can be counted on one hand.>>590644315>>590646116>except for criticism purposes>Fair use "laws"lawlet spotted. fucking read before opening your mouth. only a judge can determine that, but going to court is already a losing move as you'll have to take out a fucking mortgage to cover your legal fees.

>>590657707>the Deck is huge competition

Attached: 1560134253645.png (800x900, 317.54K)

>>590646217>Anyone else here think about how Nintendo consoles are always the first people want emulated because they create the best gamesMore like it's because they're the only ones who use piss-poor weak hardware. Snoy and M$'s systems are orders of magnitude faster, use complex hardware (e.g. Cell), and are simply too powerful to emulate. 7th gen emulation has become feasible only just recently.

We're just ignoring the battery life issues, shortages and drift? Okay. But yeah! 60fps!

Attached: 1625317692941.png (800x866, 882.94K)

>>590658682source on these issues?


>>590654745>t. things said by people who so completely accept they will never get laid, having kids dont even cross their minds

>>590657770What game(s) did that? That's quite pitiful.

>>590655290Strange that the tendies pick this video showing images of a game over other videos

>>590624292Jewtube always did whatever companies ordered them to.

>>590658183yes, nintendo just took down this video, now, despite years of him doing so, for literal years, right now, for no reason.pure coincidence.

>>590659231how many decks do you think valve can manufacture, user?

>>590659352what would i care, i got my q1

Attached: WEW.jpg (1000x1000, 162.78K)

>>590631380>Emulation promotes and involves piracy>but if nintendo does it, its fineokay bootlicker

>>590657770I also watched that SethBling video>>

>>590659495nice goalpost moving fag. for the deck to be a competition for the switch it would need to actually be mass manufactured and not just a couple thousands units sent to enthusiasts every quarter.

Someone buy a steam deck for me?I want to run ps1 and gba emulators on it

>>590659140>tendies pick this video showing images of a game over other videosShittendo wouldn't do anything to hurt the rabid corporate drones whiteknighting for them.

>>590659691nope, lol. its like saying the buggati veyron isnt competition to the toyota corrola because they dont make enough kek

>>590659810Get a fucking job?

>>590659835I'll be waiting for the next 'nintendo is doomed' thread when the deck moves 50k units in its lifetime

Attached: 1478805307221.jpg (1100x1113, 189.59K)

>>590659824except censor their games and lock 20 year old roms behind a $80 subscription lol

I'm sick of nintendo. I'd like to enjoy their games AND other games too on the same device. It's their fault they can't provide the hardware required.

>>590660017>50k units in its lifetimeTendie cope

>>590655778I understand where you're coming from but that's a gross simplification It's that Switch isn't possible to emulate with mobile hardware, with the deck having higher specs it has the concentrated attention for it to be optimized for it with better framerates (and possibly battery life)

>>590660017its already sold 700k units lmao

>>590636204>>590634583my sides


Attached: faggot.png (1867x755, 1.02M)

>>590660017Valve is already developing a steam deck 2.


>>590646875Bypassing copy protection to make the dump is a crime.

>>590646875yes, this is totally whats happening. those sites with more downloads than copys that exist, dont mind them. those physical copies manifested out of nowhere lmao

>>590624292>you're youtube>to whom do you want to show your support?>large and well known corporation>some guy

>>590649140literally what are you talking about zoomfuck

>>590660368Really what kind of improvements could they make?

>>590664413scrap the entire thing and start overit's a fucking mess

how much worse is an eMCC compared to an SSD?

>>590664904But that wouldn't be steam deck 2 it would be steam bridge or steam medical bay.

>>590664983extreme cases 13-17 second differentialmost cases single digits

Attached: LZ513kG.png (1457x817, 640.16K)

>be Q2>keep telling myself that LMAO Q1 BETATESTING KEKS are gonna suffer>all the people who got it so far are absolutely loving it even with the little bugs and proton memes they come acrossQ2bros... I'm actually fucking SEETHING right now. And I was there for the fucking day one, hour one reservations.

>>590665429kyst. day reserved within first 3 hours Q2+

Know nintendo goes hard on emulation and pirates>better make content based around that>then act SHOCKED when Nintendo money dicks youI swear these people are grifters or are retarded.

>>590665546copelet moment

>>590631380>What is android emulation and vmwareYour mainchild toy machine is not the main target of emulation legality, and you are delusional if you think so

I thought amd's opengl performance was good on linux? Why is vulkan necessary?

Why are so many games being listed as unsupported recently?

>>590626515what is there to optimize? It's x86 and amd graphics.

>>590624292>emulation is not illegalthis meme again


Hopefully this’ll be a wake up call for Nintendo to make their hardware not shit, but who we kidding they ain’t gonna do anything

>>590638184>switch cannot do 60fpsneither can the steam deck. Enjoy all the shader compilation stutter and slow down.

>>590643986i know you're white and american

>>590667148Because Valve is REALLY anal about the criteria for that. If it's not a plug and play experience, if it even requires the person to get another version of proton/wine or do a handful of file tinkering then it's a no go.But in reality, as long as you're not a retard, a majority of non-anticheat stuff listed as unsupported are easily playable with just five minutes of tinkering.


Attached: 1643842646663.png (1430x1020, 2.52M)

>>590647337because emulation is legal.

>>590648036blame retroarch/squarepusher.

>>590664983SD cards have piss-poor writing speeds (12~30 MBps, with theoretical maximums of around 50MBps for slow cards, and 260MBps for the fastest cards). they can also overheat, and they die sooner than SSDs of course


>>590667541I wonder if it'll even be possible to get Lost Planet 2 running AND online considering GFWL


Attached: 164583703106.png (778x950, 624.52K)

>>590623496>this will force emulator devs to optimize for linuxthank you based gabe!

>>590667097Vulkan is more low-level. Being more low-level is a godsend for emulators because you never know exactly what the game will run, you have to get the basic graphics pipeline right. That's easier when you don't have to deal with quirks of your rendering API not matching whatever the fuck is supposed to be happening on the Switch.Unless you're talking about Proton, in which case: DXVK.

Techlet here. People keep saying that the more linux players play a game on proton the less stuttering it will have over time.l and that by the time a person will play that game a month from now it will have no stuttering at all.Can someone explain to a retard why this is the case? And how does other people playing shit improve a game's performance on proton?

>>590631380amiibo and cardboard buying cuck hands typed this post


so at this point what are the notable developments you'd like to see? i assume most of you are in the >wait for 4+ months camp like myselfme?1) more clarified shipping dates2) way more emulator performance/improvement coverage3) more lucidation on the 'verified' front (tekken 7 is currently 'unsupported' despite harada himself shilling for its performance on camera)what else? deck 2 memes? official support from third party launchers? a proper deck optimzied game by valve?

>>590645737tranny shit

>>590661935>Bypassing copy protectionWhich one, the one where the game is in cartridge form and only fits in the switch?

>>590624292>emulation is not illegallol


>>590671316I don't see Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft suing the makers of all current emulators.there were only a few attempts in the past (bleem) and you can see how it failed miserably

>>590671572>mfw 512chad waiting until 2tb ssds are more affordable

>>590659053no one cares about your rapeable babies and wife faggot/

>>590634583who the fuck keeps making these 4chan-ass animations

>>590671572>anti etch screen is worse>exclusive keyboard and profile is a meme>exclusive carrying case is a meme>can easily upgrade storage capacity of the base model>literally wasted an extra 200 bucks for fucking nothinglmao where my 64GB niggas at?

>>590635249how are you gonna find all the time to play all those games?don't you just want to keep the ones you know you will play unironically

>>590671874>anti etch screen is worsei was spreading this FUD early on too but it's actually starting to come out that the 512 screen is superior namely because it has unstated fingerprint resistance (glossy screens get greasy and smear easily, especially with a screencover) and also that the 512 screen can be used in direct sunlight has a 512 but feeling less bad

>>590672171this shit is definitely a meme though, and the highest tier model is definitely a price gouge of at least $200 (can grab like 1TBs for $90 on mercari)

Attached: 1WeOz8J.png (1901x872, 801.96K)

>>590655135>all these impolite anons scrolling pasthowdy, user.

>>590672359It's fucking hilarious because the classic steam keyboard theme is way better and everyone gets it.


>>590672483yea, like i like the texture of the keys for the premium model but the colors are a fucking tranny fire

Attached: 821849308421904.jpg (1920x1080, 415.79K)

>>590670715>a month from now it will have no stuttering at if only emu devs would have this feature.

>>590671178>so at this point what are the notable developments you'd like to see?VRR

>>590624292this is literally negative press on nintendoif they are letting people know that they want to take shit down then people will assume that emulation actually works rather than to see the actual results.As always japanese are retarded on marketing.

>>590623496Are people really falling for this? Thats not even Nintendo. Thats some autistic sperg pretending to be Nintendo cause its hurting his "fav" brand. Nintendo actually uses NOA branding with their removals.

Attached: 1645278470221.jpg (400x568, 97.37K)

>>590631380You are unironically correct but I'm not gonna cope about it, its based that its technically legal to make emulators though in a lot of the world, FUCK paying inflated prices for old vidya.

keeps going up nintendo bump

>>590636234>bz2How do i put this on a USB to make it bootable with rufus.

>>590672908well i mean peope are finally receiving their decks so word of mouth is spreading fasthell even the steam deck drift headlines are good press because it has an image of valve "fixing" the drift in less than a dayi have a friend who was completely surprised by the fact that could happen

>>590624292DMCA abuse works because financially it's not worth it for the uploader to try and pursue a court case against the filer to get it revoked.

>>590672985idk but this faggot got it running on his fridge so

>>590631380>sell rat poison>someone uses it to kill a human>both of us get arrestedretard alert


>>590645829Already did

>>590647097>createdYou mean bought. These aren't customers saying this, they are employees. The overwhelming majority of Nintendo fans emulate their games and feel absolutely no compunction in doing so.

I'm excited to see the community that grows from this desu.It's going to be a hilarious frankenstein clusterfuck of homebrewfags, linuxbros, emulationchads, pcniggas, and even a handful of consolelads in there. And with how open the Deck is, we're going to see so much shit come out of techies fuckig around with the OS and the firmware.

>>590631380You know what else promotes piracy? Shutting down your online stores and preventing people from accessing a majority of your backlog but Nintendo sure seems to be a fan of that.

>>590659596>>590657770this was actually a method to catch ROM carts that accept floppy disks or larger mediums because said ROM carts would have massive save areas to account for pretty much any gamethis is why you might still catch a 'cracked' ROM that steps over this

>>590634298Nah. I'm going to be emulating Playstation exclusives too. Going to give Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles and Folklore a whirl once I get my Deck.

>>590674902together... we are reddit!!! X^^D

>>590675259fw physical copy of folklore but too lazy to boot up my ps3 to actually play it

>>590667164the AMD graphics

>>590667164The entire fucking emulation pipeline

>>590667821This might be a retarded question but where does the save file itself go? I dont' mind burning thru a couple SDs every once in a while and just having to download again but if i lose my saves in the middle of a game im gonna lose it.

Attached: 1408838236618.png (411x387, 11.42K)

>>590675481the cloud™ if the game isn't shit

>>590636204holy kek

Imagine the absolute slap to the face that Nintendo gets when the Mario movie underperforms and they realize that they can't keep selling games from 2014 dressed up a decade later. Maybe when they'll take the fax machines out of their offices and listen to Nintendo of America for reasons other than piracy lawsuits.

Attached: file (5).png (1143x378, 174.13K)

>can stream ps4/ps5 games to the deckgabe is truly bringing together every

>>590623496Honest question but didn't it get proven that someone is pretending to be nintendo and putting in these shitty takedowns? It should say "Nintendo of America" or something not just "Nintendo"

>>590636204Unequivocally based

Attached: s.gif (350x254, 2.86M)

>>590649212>video game footage is universally considered transformative, which is + for fair useIt's not. Companies don't DMCA game footage because they like free marketing

>>590631380Damn, so Nintendo are murderers for emulating the N64 on the Switch?

>>590657770I've had piracy screens show up by freak chance for a couple games in the past, scared the shit out of me and I thought I did something illegal by accident

Attached: file.png (256x224, 22.64K)


Attached: 1645632731553.jpg (222x293, 15.52K)

>>590625553>1 ingame

>>590679514fucker's got all the pussy to himself. it's up to you to stop him.

>>590633582*as long as you have a gen 1 switch with worse battery and drifting joycons

>>590679514>it's me >:)

do the meme deck come with oven mittens?lmao fat fucks

>>590680225negative iq moment


>>590665429oh fucking relax. I was Q1 and bumped to Q2 after the delay, Q2 is not even 30 days away. We'll have our Decks in our hands in no time.

>>590642954Now this is a post worth mass replies, won't happen in modern day 4channel though

>>590681064nah, fuck offt. 30+ oldfag

>>590681227uh huh

>>590623604Both yuzu/ryujinx still haven't figured out how to get BOTW running properly which means BOTW2 won't run well at all, Mario was running like shit for many years and i think they simply gave up on Zelda.


>>590681949play it yourself

>>590682060see >>590623604

>>590653521>foraging analogyOpinion discarded

>>590636684>who is to say there will be no exploit?That exploit was a colossal fuckup on Nvidia's part. Nothing that easy is going to happen again.

>>590682603retard both the switch emulators can't run BOTW better than CEMU, cemu is flawless and has all modding capabilities.

>>590683062no one made the argument cemu can't run it betterbotw2 will still play at 60 fps on the deck day 0screencap this post

>>590624292Nintendo unironically has changed US Copyright law in ways Disney couldn't even manage. It's astonishing how powerful the company is. Like it's literally illegal to draw their characters sexually even in the US.

>>590671316Suing to make emulation illegal has been tried by Nintendo and others and they failed every time they tried. Go ahead, take more people to court and lose again. Like you did vs bleem, galeco, etc

>>590623604botw cancer is locked on 30 fps without mods, faggot.

>>590683681>it only has to run 30 even better

>>590623496>buy handheld PC>it can do everything any other handheld can>but it also plays good (PC) games>and can play pornnintendorks BTFO again

>>590623496Its so fucked what Nintendo is doing to copyright to "protect" their ips. At this point you probably couldnt sneeze in their direction without getting a cease and desist

>>590643239>get a tool to do several things>"just get a tool that does one of those"That's pretty stupid

>>590625662Keep fucking crying nintendork our console can run hentai pussy 2

>>590645698Apologize for N64 controllers

>>590684925>buy handheld PC>it fails to run properly like typical PCs>control stick drifts just as good as a nintendo handheld thoLmao

>>590683373I mean I know that's wrong, but please entertain me some and tryto explain hat you came up with.

>>590661935Nope, making backup copies has been proven in court to be perfectly legal provided they're for personal use and not redistributed.

>>590624292DMCA spam is never about fairness or legality. It's simply a way for big corporations and trolls to silence people they dislike.Sure, there are legitimate cases of art being blatantly stolen, but in most cases it's the artists who get fucked over because you need a DMCA spamming machine with lawyers for it to work.Worst of both worlds.

>>590685298>buy system that can play PC games in handheld form factor>it can also run an emulator to play almost any other console game>"B-BUT MUH WORD DOCUMENTS"

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>>590631380That's not even a bait. This is idiocy at such a level that it's simply depressing

>>590626165>he doesn't know mario odyssey already runs 60fps on switch


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>>590623496lmao nintendo is SEETHING and this will only spread awarenessholy shit what a blunder

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>>590649294>thinking about medsngmi

>>590674919what a autistic sperg

>>590666178brainlet under arrest moment

>>590659948Scamming and bootlicking does not count?

>>590652190>>590646227And you're a fucking mindbroken newfag.

>>590645269>>590646875>>590660147Chicken arrest more sperg

>>590672985rufus supports bz2


>scalped Decks are selling for 300-350% markup WHAT THE FUCKJUST ORDER AN AYANEO OR A ONEX AT THAT POINT

>>5906896043x $399 is still cheaper than an aya neo and the deck is nearly 2x more performant than that so LOL

>>590623496Kek on deck, idk how tweaked it is

Sony wins again

>>590690274Not surprising Smash is a pretty simple game.But it shows promise for other games potentially running good in the future with a bit of weaponized autism.

>>590690274smash always ran really well in yuzu, it's a pretty optimized game to begin with

>>590624292Nintendo (just as any vidya publisher) can order take-down requests for any video containing footage from their games.They usually don't do it, but they really don't like their games being playable on anything but their own proprietary hardware, so they do it here.You could obviously try to argue "fair use", but the uploader probably hasn't done that.

>>590675481You can probably set that shit manually for save files and I'd be surprised if the Steam deck doesn't just automatically upload it to your save cloud when it has access to the internet.

>>590690274mfw i mainly just want to play switch vnstons of shitter games like smash/dread are just icing on the cake

>>590671874>can easily upgrade itFrom what I seen from the disassembly and the gamernexus video, the Steam Deck can easily get fucked once you open it, so I dunno if the average steamfag really wants to do it.

>>590623604Its over nincels

Someone told me that if you take the backplate off, the Steam deck actually raises up in temperature? How come?

>>590691427if you're talking upgrading the ssd it's fucking piss. like 8 screws and unplug a battery and you're in

>>590691547negative pressure system, needs it for the air flow or something

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>>590631380fucking BASED

>>590631380>food analogy

>>590662531It's what I do.Cope.

>>590685105They learned how to do it from Disney, who slips a few million dollars to american congressmen, and now copyright is magically extended for another 20 years.

>>590690274why Nintendo always has shit soundtracks?

>>590635307i mean, im pretty sure some commiefornia cocksucker wanted to introduce a bill like that, just with gun manufacturers being liable for damage caused instead of jail time.

>>590691547All small form factor devices consider airflow and the chassis is part of controlling it.Regular pc's are the only things that benefit from taking the case off.

>>590690274listen to that soundtrack it's horrible like wtf? why Japanese composers can write a good piece if music instead those random shit noises?

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>>590631380You are such a fucking retard, holy shit

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>>590624292wrong sweetie@fbi