Kirby kino coming this month, boysWhat are your hopes for Forgotten Land?

Kirby kino coming this month, boysWhat are your hopes for Forgotten Land?

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the little blue guy doesn't turn out to be satan

>>590619528Local co-op please

>>590619607Already confirmed. The second player will just be stuck with Bandana Waddle Dee’s spear moveset.

>>590619607local co-op has been confirmed for quite a while, user


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>>590620034The guy from Power Puff Girls

>>590619528That Bandanna Dee finally gets his own Extra Mode.That the Animal Buddies will show up in some shape or form.That we get more crazy Deep Lore to discuss.That we get some Mouthful Modes that don't look completely retarded.That we see some Waddle Doos in the town.

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>>590619528I want Adeleine to appear in some wayShe most definitely will not, but I can dream

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>>590619528either the animal buddies or the squeak squad appear in some way, would be a bit weird if an animal-themed game didn't at least reference them.

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>>590619528for it to work on ryujinx like pla did.

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>>590619528Does anyone know how it plays? Is it an exploration type game like Odyssey or a platformer in 3D like 3D World?

>>590621230>like pla didyou mean like metroid did

>>590621371The latterthank christ too

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too bad it won't have any difficulty, otherwise it could become the actual goty and eldenfags would shut the fuck up

>>590621371Its more like 3D world unfortunately, but I could be mistaken.

>>590619528Lores lores lores

>>590619528super mario odyssey but sucking isn't just an adjective, it's also a verb.

>>590621910Also brutal death and mind breaking

>>590621808No kirby game is particularly great, this will bet yet another in the series until the next one captivates your attention for 3 days. We've been through this before.

Please have more than 12 Copy Abilities. Its my only gripe yet

>>590619787wait what? seriously? only spear waddle dee's moveset?


>>590621686both (pla was a couple of days late, but faster than mario odyssey and still in the hype window)

>Dedede gets turned more bestial>fought in the ice worldHe's going full penguin

>>590621808Well, there is an easy mode this time.It might be around the level of super star where you at least actually have to pay attention, even before the postgame stuff.

I'm thinking of getting it, especially as a break from Elden Ring. It looks like fun, I like upgradable weapons, the gameplay, the transformations, but I need another reason why I should get it cause I'm on the fence on this.

>>590620739This, but if no Adeleine, no buy.

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I just want it to be good and not mediocre shit. At least as good as the last paper Mario game

>>590619528It takes place on Shiver Star

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>>590623291I thought you said you didn't want it to be mediocre shit.

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>>590619528I just want some really atmospheric locations to enjoy.

>>590624137Seems like this is shaping up to be the case

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I just want the game already!

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>>590620739I think I narrowed down what she could be named after.She could be named after Adelene Fletcher, a renowned French watercolorist who has a small following in Japan, or her name could be based on a madeleine sponge cake, which is so similar in spelling only the first character is different. (Madeleine マドレーヌ / Adeleine アドレーヌ). The madeleine looks like a seashell, or you could say it looks like the head of a paintbrush.

>>590626690This also means that Adeline speaks with a cartoonishly thick French accent, you just can't tell because she doesn't have any dialogue

>>590623291If your standards are that low I'm sure you'll love it.

>>590623123What reason do you need besides the gameplay looking fun?

>>590621020Maybe they'll be bosses.

>>590620169I'd rather play a Dedede mode desu, imagine Dedede trying to pull off mouthful mode

>expand the moveset of every ability>turn the gameplay to into a pseudo beat em up>none of it matter because all enemies only have 1 or 2 attacks they do and die in 1 hit with no resistance. I hope this one has at least just a little bit of difficulty too it to make actually learning the abilities meaning full. Especially since they have that upgrade mechanic. You just know theres going to be no real reason to upgrade and everything will die in a couple of hits anyway.

>>590628221This has always been my main gripe with Kirby games, I think Adventure, Dream Land 2, Dream Land 3, Super Star, Amazing Mirror, and Squeak Squad are the only games to get the copy ability - enemy balance right. If the copy abilities get stronger, the enemies need to get stronger too, not weaker. Why do you think everyone loves the bosses in these games? Because they put up a fight and have various moves, people can love the enemies in the same way again. i think making most of the common enemies at least on par with an DL1 or Adventure mid boss would suffice.

>>590627246I like Dedede as much as the next guy, but he had his spotlight back in Dededetour. Bandanna Dee is the only one of the core four to not have his own, unique solo mode. Honestly, I hope we get more Guest Star ****** styled modes in the future, with multiple characters and helpers to choose from, even if it's not as expansive as Star Allies' roster was.>imagine Dedede trying to pull off mouthful modeI'd rather not, thanks.

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>>590628221I’m okay with low health enemies, but I want then to have better attacks, and I want the mode platforming to be more demanding, which would make their attacks harder to dodge

Our Girl to be in

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>>590625913Don’t worry, it’ll probably leak sooner or later

>>590619596He will. You know it in your heart to be true.

ive been waiting for one of these threads, i did a request for an user of spriting plugg and have been wanting to post it (and also did jungle bomb because i had some extra time). hopefully they're here and they see it

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>>590632806based, I miss pluggposting.

>>590632806Really digging that Pinapple Bomber. It's a shame that they've mostly been keeping to one enemy per ability these days. I never, EVER want to see Poppy Bros get replaced again, but Pinapple is such a fun design and I'd love to see it in a game again.

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>>590632806very good shit, really wish some of the more forgotten enemies came back.>filenamea pokemon game with kirby characters would be fun.

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>>590634171having multiple enemies per ability would be something id really want too. idunno if forgotten land is gonna do it (besides having both corori and chilly), but i always loved the variety of enemies. thats one thing kirby 64 really nails.>>590633327>>590634984thanks!

Not gonna lie bros, Now that we're getting closer to this releasing, I've been on a Kirby kick recently. Played through Squeak Squad and Amazing Mirror, honestly considering playing some games of City Trial, and I can finally play Tilt n Tumble now that there's an emulation patch. Even went as far as to install a patched version of the Kirby TV Channel on my Wii U's Wii Mode. Don't want to get too burnt out though. kirby gcn leak never ever and it hurts bros...

>>590619528She helps Kirby towards the endgame and she becomes the next Ankha

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>>590621808Wtf is so good about Elden Ring anyway?

>>590625913It’ll leak just like Legends Arceus did unless…….

>>590631604This a cute render user, I love it!

>>590619528Gourmet race 3D mode, that's it.>You can choose between characters such as Kirby, Dedede, MK, Magolor, Marx, etc>Race online to see who's the best at racing and eating.

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>>590636239same, already played through 64 and currently playing robobot again.>kirby gcn leak never ever and it hurts bros...there was at least more footage found about a month ago but that's it. i'm still hopeful it leaks

>>590629848Yeah but he's fucking Dedede, the best character in the series

Boys he's in!!

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>>590637484Is that our boy Waddle Doo? Or is it Waddle Dee with a book?

>>590621808There Is going to be difficulty settings

>>590637179Was Kirby GCN using Melee's engine?

>>590637671Yes It is our boy Waddle Doo

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>>590634984What about a Kirby game with Pokemon characters?

Uh, guys?

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>>590637362Dededebatable.Honestly, these two are just about equal favorites for me. Magolor just barely wins out overall due to novelty and having fewer appearances.

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i'm looking forward to it

>>590629848>I like Dedede as much as the next guy, but he had his spotlight back in Dededetour.They've done Meta Knightmare three times, but they can't do Dededetour twice? You don't really need a Bandana Deetour when he's already the co-op character anyway. If Bandana Dee wasn't already playable in the main game I'd say sure, make a Bandana Dee mode, that would be cool, but it's more fun when they give that mode to a character that isn't already playable.

>>590636367>magolor and hyness both have cat ears>novas have a cat face>all of them are also related to the ancients>inb4 clawroline turns out to be related to the ancients

>>590638624Forcing him to be relegated to multiplayer kind of sucks though and it would feel like a pretty missed big opportunity to not let people play as him in singleplayer even though he’s already playable in the game

>>590638624I'm not saying never have another Dededetour again. I'm just saying this looks like Bandanna's turn, and I'm quite pleased with that.>it's more fun when they give that mode to a character that isn't already playable.I could get behind that if I had any faith that you could play solo as Dee without any convoluted co-op craziness. Especially considering the Mouthful gimmick will have to be re-worked in an extra mode anyway without Kirby to do his thing.I'm still mad Meta-Knight just plowed through Robobot segments on foot instead of piloting Heavy Lobster.

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>>590638868The ancients are primordial manTheir physical equivalents are all sapient life, but the strongest connection is with humansElfilin and the Beast Pack were in the same boat as pic relatedThe ancients have such a strong connection to cats because people love cats :3

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>>590639347Honestly, I’m surprised both 3ds extra modes didn’t let dedede or meta knight use the main gimmicks, meta knight using heavy lobster is obvious but so is dedede using hypernova since he’s already able to suck stuff up

>>590639347Bandana Dee is cool and all but I don't see why he would need a whole mode to himself. He's not a feature kind of character, he's strictly support, like the animal friends or Gooey. Characters like Meta Knight and Dedede are just cut from a different cloth.>>590639347>>590639561Yeah those were big missed opportunities. Even if it was just VUL dropping in a custom Robobot armor that looked like Heavy Lobster, that would have been nice.


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>>590639561Considering extra modes are essentially speedrun challenges these days, I can at least understand them not forcing you to sit through the Hypernova segments. The Robobot bits could have worked by just making Heavy Lobster faster and capable of blasting through all the puzzles on its own power. Still, for just being an extra mode, I can understand why they wouldn't bother.None of that explains why these retarded segments were mandatory in Guest Star ******.>>590640075>he's strictly support...Why? His whole character is built on him starting as a literal nobodee who trained to become a champion capable of standing alongside Dedede and Meta Knight next to Kirby. He's not big boss material, he's plucky underdog material. And in a game revolving around Waddle Dees, who better to take a turn in the spotlight then their greatest champion?

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>>590640639>His whole character is built on him starting as a literal nobodee who trained to become a champion capable of standing alongside Dedede and Meta Knight next to Kirby.Yeah, and that sounds like every single Helper character, especially Knuckle Joe.

>>590640949no...? none of the helpers are characterized ever, Knuckle Joe is a generic enemy. are you getting that mixed up with the anime?

>>590640949Oh, how silly of me, you're absolutely right. Here's the REAL character who deserves their own extra mode in Forgotten Land. You fucking, contrarian faggot.

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>>590641179>no...? none of the helpers are characterized ever,How new are you? Every helper is a race, but they're also individual characters with characterization. It's spelled out in guide books, the various manga, and even Star Allies text and descriptions stay in line with it.>“Gonna be the top fighter anywhere!”>He’s eager to prove himself in a legendary tournament and sets off at full speed to find it…wherever it is! He’s up for any battle, no matter how tough! It's a Yoshi the Yoshi or Toad the Toad situation with those guys, or Waddle Dee the Waddle Dee. A lot of newcomer fans don't pick up on it as easily, since the helpers are so out of focus these days, so I don't blame you for not picking up on it>>590641326>"You chose me? Great! Time to sing!”>The sun is shining! The parasol’s open! And it’s time for a stroll! That parasol is great protection, after all, and it lets him float sweet as a breeze.No need to get vitriolic just because I'm saying characters are characters. Also Parasol Waddle Dee and Knuckle Joe were real bosses in Super Star Stacker.If we could pick any character, personally I'd go with Chef Kawasaki mode. I loved him as a helper, and I'd like to see how they'd expand upon it for 3D. His plot could be about traveling the world and fighting the Beast Pack to collect recipes and ingredients, and build the best restaurant in Waddle Dee Town.

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>>590639426Fun Fact: [Spoiler] The Ancient Egyptians were Furries [/Spoiler]

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>>590642867>ankha>clawroline>sprigatitoPeople have been really obsessed about nintendo cats lately, haven’t they? fusion when?

>>590642515Super Star went out of its way to give each helper character a palette that was completely original to them. Modern games in general, especially Star Allies, kind of flubs it by giving the helper palettes to the enemies which can be considered cause for confusion. For example, enemy Knuckle Joes are supposed to use these colors, not the heroic gold and blue.It was a similar situation to when Bandana Dee was colored red while all the other Dees were orange or another color, since the helper or important Waddle Dees have traditionally been red since Super Star.

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>>590642515fair enough, though i still don't think it's fair to say the helper characters and Bandana Dee are on the same level. Bandee gets characterization through dialogue in Revenge of the King and Battle Royale's story mode, plus he's clearly meant to be on the same level of importance as Dedede and Meta Knight, which helpers clearly aren't

>>590642515More helpers is always a good thing. Poppy Bros are the best. However....>A distinct, recurring individual with established relationships to the main cast is on par with two lines of flavor text on a splash screen.There is a need to call you a contrarian faggot, because that's exactly what you are, and you know it.

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>>590643534>plus he's clearly meant to be on the same level of importance as Dedede and Meta Knight, which helpers clearly aren'tYeah but Bandana Dee's level of importance doesn't feel entirely natural. Dedede and Meta Knight are a so prominent because they're characters with a lot going for them. Bandana Dee developed into someone about on par with a helper, and I don't mean that as a diss since I fucking love the helepers. I'm just saying they're not quite as unique and as interesting as Dedede or Meta Knight.

>>590643857i see where you're coming from, but i don't really agree. in terms of personality, Dedede and Meta Knight can essentially be boiled down to>greedy and kind of a jerk but ultimately has a heart of gold>mysterious and aloof but ultimately has a heart of goldin terms of design and capabilities, they definitely have more going for them, sure, but their raw characterization is really simple. i don't think they're leaps and bounds above BD in that regard, at least not as much as most people would assert

>>590643729>A distinct, recurring individual with established relationships to the main cast is on par with two lines of flavor text on a splash screen.Well, kind of. All the helpers are established as Kirby's friends, so they have a connection to the main cast. The flavor text gives them all characterization, and they're all individuals. The only difference is Hal kept using Bandana Dee and rarely implemented the helpers properly after Super Star, though it was one of the features fans constantly begged for.I'm not saying Bandana Dee isn't way more prominent. But at this point it seems like you're saying Bandana Dee deserves more prominence because he's been prominent, which is fucking retarded. Characters shouldn't appear more just to appear more, they should appear more because they're good fucking characters, which Bandana Dee is but he's about on par with the helpers. On average. There are some characters like Plasma Wisp, Gim, or Knuckle Joe that are more interesting, there are some like Birdon that are less interesting. Only a dumb cunt like you would call someone a contrarian faggot for wanting Kirby games to be a little less formulaic and use characters that are a little more creative.

>>590644430Sure but that's more than what you get when Bandana Dee can essentially be boiled down to>hat goombaBut being reductive like that is pointless.

If we’re talking about bandana dee, I kind of want his characterization as dedede’s right hand man would come back and gooey would instead be p2

>>590644740>Bandana Dee can essentially be boiled down to hat goombahe can't though(in this context), i've already explained why, he's gotten characterization multiple timesit's not deep by any stretch, but neither are Dedede or Meta Knight

>Meta Knightmare RediscoveryPlay as Meta Knight again.Mouthful Mode objects are replaced with Meta Tools. Meta Knight interacts with objects dropped into the world by his nights. The Meta Car (pic related), the Meta Glider, the Meta Cone, Meta Cola Meta Vending Metachine, and the Meta Portable Fire Extinguisher, etc.

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>>590645319>he can't though(in this context)He can and just was.>i've already explained why, he's gotten characterizationYes, to be reductive you need to ignore context and characterization, which is exactly what you did when you" essentially boiled down" Dedede and Meta Knight.>it's not deep by any stretch, but neither are Dedede or Meta KnightI disagree. Dedede and Meta Knight are kind of deep characters. Mostly thanks to Sakurai and Shimomura, though Kumazaki does fine with them too.

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>>590619528I never understood the point of hype threads. Are these just corporate shilling?Does me explaining my opinion on what I want in a game that hasn't been released change the final game in any way? NoWhat is the point??

>>590644740>being reductive like that is pointless.Says the person desperately trying to reduce Bandanna Dee to Parasol Waddle Dee.How about:>Good natured and helpful, grew a backbone and the strength to match.Or is that not Hat Goomba-ish enough for you?

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>>590646185>Says the person desperately trying to reduce Bandanna Dee to Parasol Waddle Dee.That's your problem. You see Parasol Waddle Dee as something to be "reduced" to rather than a good character. Proof that Bandana Dee supporters aren't real Kirby fans. I bet you would hate it if Waddle Doo suddenly became a main character too, because it would "reduce" the level of all the other characters.

>>590645729>He can and just was.yeah, and you're wrong. "hat goomba" is implying that he's nothing but a generic enemy with an accessory. that's true true from a design standpoint, but objectively incorrect otherwise because he has an established personality and motivation>Dedede and Meta Knight are kind of deep characterswhat are you considering deep about them? the deepest thing about Dedede is that he eventually put aside his hatred for Kirby and is on amicable terms with him now. Meta Knight is vaguely mysterious but is otherwise a pretty bog standard honorable knight archetype, and also originally a villain that mellowed out. i'll concede that they have more going on than Bandana Dee, but i wouldn't consider them "deep." i think ultimately we'll just have to agree to disagree

>>590646073>user cannot grasp the concept of just wanting to talk about the game with other fansThis is your brain on Holla Forums

>>590644430I like to think all the most iconic Kirby characters should have an iconic action, an associated place, and associated characters that are all somewhat unique and can be directly associated with them. Dedede, Meta Knight, Magolor, and Adeleine all fit that criteria I think.

Why does talking about bandana dee always result in arguments?

>>590647092Magolor and Adeleine should absolutely be main characters. Especially since they thematically work as stand-ins for the personality of their respective director and his visions.But there's nothing wrong with expanding the cast to include other elements of Kirby from across the series.

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>>590646715>what are you considering deep about them?Tell me what you think Dedede's motivation was before he met Kirby, and how meeting Kirby may have changed it.Tell me what you think Meta Knight's name means and how it ties into his characterization.If you can't tell me those things, you don't really understand them.I'll agree that they are simple characters, but they are also deep. A deep character isn't necessarily a complex character.

>>590647507>A deep character isn't necessarily a complex character or vice versa*

>>590647168I guess people don't think he's worthy of being part of the core four when their preferred Dream Friend is relegated to occasional cameo appearances. His offense is being too inoffensive.

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>>590647507i mean, yeah, i could tell you what i THINK Dedede's motivations were, or what i THINK the meta in Meta Knight's name means, but those would just be headcanons. to my knowledge, neither of those have ever been addressed in the games themselvesby that logic, i could say Adeleine is deep by connecting her backstory to Shiver Star. that's a popular fan theory, but it hasn't been covered in the games in any way, so it shouldn't count. judging how deep a character is by their potential for further characterization isn't fair

>>590647168He's been a bit divisive as a main character since 2011, so he only becomes more divisive with more prominence.

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I hope it leak early and run fine on Yuzu

>>590648281>i mean, yeah, i could tell you what i THINK Dedede's motivations were, or what i THINK the meta in Meta Knight's name means, but those would just be headcanonsIE, you don't know. There are correct and canon answers to those questions.

>>590648630well what are they? stuff from the games specifically, not supplementary material like books or obscure developer interviews or whatever

>>590648281>by that logic, i could say Adeleine is deep by connecting her backstory to Shiver StarNo, it would be more like saying she's a wandering artist who came to Pop Star to practice her art, but ended up befriending the inhabitants during a crisis. That's not really deep but it is interesting, it makes you wonder where she's been and where she comes from, and how the fuck did a little girl travel through space alone?

>>590648630I'm sure they're just as correct and canon as the deep lore behind how THE Parasol Waddle Dee got his parasol.

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I don't care so long as MY NIGGA COMO makes an appearance

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>>590649062>obscure developer interviews or whateverThe creators word on what they put into their characters doesn't count, why? What they put into their characters is what appears on the screen for you to experience. Even if it isn't spelled out plainly and you personally can't notice it.

>>590649245>This citizen of Dream Land falls gracefully from the sky clutching a parasol. Waddle Dee itself is fairly harmless, but the parasol can deflect anything. Don't hurt yourself accidentally! Also, be careful if one releases its parasol—that floating umbrella can really sting!There you go. He fell from the sky.

>>590649284>The creators word on what they put into their characters doesn't count, why? What they put into their characters is what appears on the screen for you to experience. Even if it isn't spelled out plainly and you personally can't notice it.

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>>590649284to me what's actually in the games matters the most because that's what the vast majority of players are going be aware of and where they're going to be looking when searching for stuff like this, but i'm aware that's subjective, so go ahead

>>590619528i hope it tries to be original instead of fanservice to the point of being annoying like the last gamesuper star is the KANTOOOOOO of the kirby series

>>590650781but so far it at least seems like thats not the case so :) but if that rat is evil then i will groan

>>590650781Meta Knight's boss fight being in the colosseum at Waddle Dee Town makes me think that there will be some fanservice bosses, but this time as side content while the main story is mostly original


>Bye, Rick! Bye, Kine! Bye, Coo! Bye, Gooey! Bye, Marx! Bye, Adeleine! Bye, Ribbon! Bye, Daroach!>See you in another 25 years, maybe!

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>>590654475I get the feeling the other 3 kirbies were just pissed they were the only ones not playable in star allies

>>590632806>he did Pluggbased!do Keke

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>>590656154i LOVE keke and really wanna sprite her but i wanna get good practice in so i can do her justice

>>590647168Smash rosterfagging brought the character a lot of infamy

>>590619787Too bad for my little bro LOL

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>>590619528Uhhhh Eldenringworms? WTF IS THIS???

>>590622002They're already eldritch beings, how deeper could they go?

Extra mode poll


I just want remnants of human civilization with melancholic and memorable kirby music playing

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>>590658340What if there’s a level where you run around the abandoned nintendo building

>>590658782Insanely kino, especially if it has some crossover enemies in the kirby artstyle in the way that link's awakening does

>>590659337>they put anti-link in the game

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>>590626690I thought her name was just a joke of "add a line" in regards to her painter theme.

>>590660972I did too, but after a while it starts to make less sense. The way Japan spells her name leaves little room for the "line" pronunciation, and when pronounced the way Japan would use that syllable it becomes near identical, save the obvious lack of L.Technically "I before E" rules also disqualify the pun.

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>>590619528nothing. I'm 99% done with Nintendo. I'm jumping ship after BotW2.

>>590663094ok thanks for the bump

>>590663094>BotW2Don't bother, jump ship now and never turn back.

>>590620034I want this song get remixed like you wouldn't

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>>590666524We posting songs we want remixed?


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>gamestop: pin set>walmart: popsocket>amazon: save $5Which one should I preorder from?

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>>590668440What do the pins look like?


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>>590668440>>590669518I'd save the 5 bucks, unless you REALLY want that pop socket.

I've never played a Kirby game

BLORF general?

want to fucking play alot of the mainline kirby games and some of the spinoffs so bad but i dont know where to look when it comes to emulation

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>> all depends on what games you want to emulate, but start looking here

DLC abilities like KSA's dream friends

>>590670146For everything up to the Wii I just use vimm, after that just google the console and the rom and you're good. Nintendo emulation is piss easy.

So how long until we can expect a leak? kirby games get release out of nowhere

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>>590671317Probably the week before release, but while I usually participate in leak threads, I will do an internet black-out this time because I'd rather play the game blind


>>590674232What's that game?Sorry mate but that game doesn't exist, try again later faggot


>>590619528This game looks hype. It's the first time in awhile I have seen them be creative with kirbys copy power. If I had a switch I would play. Out of curiosity, with how Sakurai created Kirby and Miomoto did the "Who is Bowser Jrs Mother?" question. Has Sakurai ever clarified what happens to all the enemies Kirby swallow and those he turns to stars and spits out? I know it's just a game mechanic, but I have played so many Kirby games and always felt bad for the npcs. Most of the little dudes are doing jack and shit and Kirby condemns them to oblivion. Google is failing me in searching for an official answer if there is one. I would like to think they just pop back out at a later time somewhere nearby. Like a portal.

>>590619528>Previous Kirby games tend to feature 2D shoot-em-up sections to mix up the gameplay>That one phase of Void Termina's fight>Forgotten Land is Kirby's introduction to 3DCould Forgotten Land be the lead-in to a full-on flight sim/air combat section/boss fight? That or whole mode solely for the shoot-em-up gameplay

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>>590679039Apparently there's an episode of Right Back at Ya where it's said that Kirby's stomach is a dimension where you can still interact with objects inside. Also there's a theory that the bottom screen for Squeak Squad is Kirby's stomach dimension

i dunno whether to get this or Triangle Strategy

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>>590681470Depends on what you'd want to play first, 3d platformer or RPG. Plus you have a month to play TS before Kirby:FL comes out.

>>590642867anon you forgot the s

Wtf it’s already March.wtffffff

>>590669167Too bad the Masher fight is too brief to really let the song breathe. If it remained across his multiple states, it would get better mileage IMO.


>>590668440>>walmart: popsocket>>amazon: save $5Doesn't Walmart sell all there games regardless if they're new at a 10$ discount?

>>590684419not online

>>590678139i mean all i play kirby for is the abilities, and to not have goddamn beam in the game is bullshit, let alone every other mainstay (stone, spark, etc)

>>590679039You can eat Bandanna Dee in Superstar Ultra, and he'll still be in the background of the Masked Dedede fight. Considering you can also eat allies in other games with no ill effects, I'm pretty sure eaten enemies are relatively fine. Just beaten/eaten up.

Not too much focus on lore. I'm as big of a lorefag as the next guy but star allies felt like a finale for that stuff, putting it front and center and anwsering some big questions that had been building since dream land 2. Put that shit in the background for at least a few more games now, though I have hope since this game seems like a soft reboot of sorts

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>>590670609>>590686226That would actually be cool if they added more P2 characters for abilities that didn't make the cut, like how Waddle Dee uses Spear. Waddle Doo for Beam, Rocky for Stone, Plasma Wisp for Plasma, etc.

>>590621686>>590622378>not buying MetroidBased, hope Dread sales kill that series.

>>590619528Adeleine being inSqueak Squad being inForgotten Land being related to Shiver StarThe final boss being an actual humanGalacta Knight battle in 3D

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>>590622378PLA worked since day one on Ryujinx (with some crashes rarely) if you had the right settingsIt only took like 12 hours for it to work without any freezes

>>590645319Not much is said about Dedede or Meta Knight, but a lot is shown that can give you an idea of their nature. I can't say whether they're deep or shallow, but they're very well-rounded characters with many traits and natures that work in harmony to form interesting and dynamic personalities.When discussing characterizations in good faith, it's crucial to discern the difference between observation+interpretation over headcanon, though. Observation+interpretation is something like "Dedede has a covetous nature, since he's always stealing things just to have them," or "Dedede originally had an overinflated ego and hates feeling inferior, since he tries so hard to be the best and throws a childish fit when Kirby first beats him." Headcanon is something like "Dedede's best friend of all is Kracko, just because I like the idea of it." There's no explainable basis to heacanon, and headcanon may conflict with what's actually shown or said.Anyway, let's look at Meta Knight. What is meta? What is a knight? Meta means self-referential, a knight is a gentleman-soldier that serves a lord. The meaning of Meta Knight's name is actually very simple. He's is a self-referential knight; a knight that serves himself. This can be seen in his debut, Kirby's Adventure. While he works for Dedede in this game, he clearly does things that could go against Dedede's plans (helping Kirby progress, and what could be interpreted as training him with Meta-Knights fights rather than directly stopping him early on). It's further cemented in his most defining role, Revenge of Meta Knight, where he no longer serves Dedede in order to further his own agenda, he's obsessing over his own power, his need to rule, he puts his own "face" on his battleship, he names his order after himself, etc. Another point that suggests he's conscious of his image is how he flees when his mask breaks.

>>590690057His knightly chivalry is also displayed by offering Kirby a sword before their battles, displaying his desire to have a fair, sporting swordfight.Kirby's Adventure and Super Star establish him as a mysterious, morally gray, potentially dangerous character, but it's also implied he wishes to end Dream Land's "lazy lifestyle" and rule so it can be more like him, strong. Strength is very important to him, which is why he always strives to be the strongest warrior in the land.Despite being very self-absorbed, however, his chivalry can lead to a lot of good. He may look down on the weak and wish they could be more like him, but he also feels obligated to protect them from harm, which is established in Amazing Mirror. I could keep rambling but I think I'll stop here, unless any anons want to continue the conversation.

>>590689625>The final boss being an actual humanWouldn't be the first time, assuming Nightmare was human at some point.

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>>590690143Yeah but I want an ACTUAL full-sized HumanSince Forgotten Land is literally just a world where humans died it would be so cool to have one as a final boss

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>>590690249What if Samus is the final boss?

>>590690349That would be very soulful despite the fact that it would never happen again unless DL3 got a remake

>>590690249there's no confirmation of who the citizens of the civilization in forgotten land were. it's possible they're human, but it's not confirmed.>>590690349kirby and samus are friends

>>590690790I hope they're humansHaving them not be would be very disappointing unless they're the ancient race who built Clockwork NOVAs

>>590666524>>590666667If Ado is in the game I think it would be fitting to remix this as her boss

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>>590660972I used to think so too but it's Adeleine, not Adeline. The name is pronounced like Madeleine without the

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>>590690937Wait...K64 HAS MINIGAMES!?!?

>>590691156Yeah man and they're all three fucking top tier.

>>590686625This. He's just spitting them up and spitting them out, and if he swallows something alive it just shows up again somewhere else. Another example is Gooey, or when he swallows his friends in RtDL, they just bounce out of him. He's just beating them up, not killing them. Unless they're a final boss.


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>>590691643People actually eat Chansey's eggs since it's super super healthyI bet Chansey would let Kawasaki cook it

the logical extension - if not the conclusion - of 3D kirby gameplay

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>>590691870unless it's fertilized

>>590692443Chanceys eggs are just foodChanseys still need to fuck to make babies

>>590692512Babies that hatch from an egg that chancey lays

>>590692596baby eggs have markings unlike chansey's blank food eggs

has anyone cracked the fake language yet? i'm pretty close myself

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>>590666524What about this legendary track?


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