The Hedgehog or the Robot?

The Hedgehog or the Robot?

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>>590614080Sonic girls are literally 20lbs of pussy and ass shortstacks

>>590614080Amy any day. Pedo law doesn't apply to furry characters. People who want to fuck Roll are insufferable.


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>>590614080For what?

>>590614792It's true, Rollfags have pretty much made discussion of Mega Man impossible. Amy's only in bad games to begin with so there's nothing there to ruin.

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>>590614080would look up their skirts equally

>>590614080both? both. Both is good.


>>590617434For pegging you

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Wow, hard choice...

What made you become based and love little girls so much?

>>590619960Amy is of age in hedgehog years.

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>>590619960I just want a wife who's either 3.5 feet tall or 9 feet tall

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>>590619960I hate kids.

>>590620228Christ Sonic X was an ugly, terrible show

>>590620073>character's face on generic female bodystop doing this

>>590620503Its typical kids show look but it's one of the few examples showing the height difference of Rouge vs a human

Why does Amy love Blaze so much?

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>>590620796Blaze is for Sonic.

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>>590614080Amy Rose

>>590614080Roll for sure.

>>590614080Canon ages from the official Sonic Channel site

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Anyway, please don't associate my daughteru with that pink trash.

>>590620565amy's actual body type is unfappable

>>590622839>Boco dislikes Amy Rose.>Shows up in Amy Threads without fail.Your behavior is contradictory.

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>>590622829I wonder if some of these have changed in recent times, i think Tails might be around 11 or 12 nowadays but i don't know if the others have changed.

>>590623045I like to think this is a Roll thread, thank you.

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>>590623095The only possible change is Sonic turning 16 in Generations. The rest are still set in stone.

>>590622829Thank you for pointing that outAnyway, I'd rather Cream the rabbit

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>>590623241I was moreso thinking in a retcon sense more than them canonically getting older.

>>590623451Oh, then nope. Knuckles was 15 and Amy was 8 back in the Genesis days, but they changed them for Adventure. Tails has always been 8.

>>590622829Sonic character ages are so bizarre to me. The way the character's act don't match up with the numbers or designs at allLike, Tails being 8 makes more sense with his classic design, but modern Tails looks and acts like he's Sonic's age

Always Amy no contest.

I like both.

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>>590623741It's even funnier when you consider they kept the ages the same in the Boom series where they all act like sitcom adults. Yeah, Boom Amy is still supposed to be 12, sure okay.

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Whichever one has the bigger penis to fuck me withOr the one most willing to drill my asshole open

>>590624253Uhh, based?

>>590624253Roll could probably attach a dick to herself.

>>590614080Roll, anyone who picks the furry needs to go back to /trash/.

>>590625104It's a furry board, mate.

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>>590625019go on?>>590625104>furrySonic characters are furry lite, at worst

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>>590617613You can actually talk about Sonic games in Amy threads oddly enough, but Roll posting tends to override all other conversation. Cream posting tends to have a similar effect.I think it's just that Holla Forums's flavor of lolicon is unique in their ability to derail threads.

>>590625259So who does Sonic get?

>>590625259No it isn't. Cope.

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>>590625963If you're a mod then just delete the thread.

>>590614080the hedgehog

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>>590626125Even Sonic Team knew that Amy is for human males

>>590626040>he thinks that's a mod page fucking newfag lmao

>>590626274No, just that obviously you're here to enforce the rules, so go ahead and go it.

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Amy's not bad, but Roll is my girl

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>>590626040It will come soon, don't worry.

>>590617613>discussion/v/ is a glorified news/twitter feed for when developers actually have something to announce. Everything else would go on /vr/ if you wanted to actually talk about playing, modifying, or loredumping games like Megaman. Everything else is rightfully waifu threads, rabbits, and food.

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>>590626886Why are you waiting?

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When will Wammu draw more fucking Amy Rose God damn it?!

>>590626598So you admit it's not a furry board

>>590626974Not at all. Just telling you that since you're a mod and you say furry is against the rules, you should delete the thread.

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>>590625963and I got a week long ban for posting a gif of a number without it even being about a GET, what's your pointpic unrelated

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>>590614080the cute and funny robot.

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>>590626924It's funny to see cucked threads being trashed.

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>>590614080My beloved daughterwife Roll-chan of course.

>>590614080Depends, which one has a dick?

>>590627242Daughterwife is not a thing.And she's MY daughter.

>>590627424Thank you very much for taking good care and being a good father for my wife!

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>>590625305That's one of my favorite pictures everI want to see more of this

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>>590627575What makes you think you're good enough for my little angel?

>>590614080What do you call this type of dress?

>>590614080The one who came first.

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>>590627670Which one? They're both different.

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>>590627772>>590627886Dumb bitch, I wanted a chili dog.

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>>590627653I can't. She's too perfect so I probably would never be good enough for her, but since she loves me, I'll always do my best to respect her wishes and make her happy!

>>590628147Hmmm....fine, but I'm watching you.And no lewding her!

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>Hedgehogs love to breed>Robots can't breed at allThe choice is obvious

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>>590627653my progeny is already inside her little womb, nigga

>>590628964But she isn't a sexbot though. You literally can't have sex with her.

>>590629139>You literally can't have sex with her.[citation needed]

>>590614080Both are perfect

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>>590622341was there ever a sequel to this?

>>590617319>>590618328>>590620073>>590629498off model, therefore you don't like the characterleave the thread

>>590629908You can get OFF my dick model.

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>>590629498imagine the double paizuri

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>>590629498I fucking hate this artist so much for clogging entire pages with this shit artEspecially the Lammy pages

i choose roll

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>>>/vg/374572919Be sure to visit /mmg/ some time

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>>590630708No thanks, all anyone ever talks about there is that gacha game

>>590630708>/vg/>Where autistic /sthg/ hailNo.

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>>590614080Amy.roll is too forced

>>590630842The Sonic mobile game is better and not gacha, so that makes Amy better.

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>>590630942>roll is too forcedyeah, forcing her robocock down my throat

>>590630708>>590630971both ""games"" are shit

>>590626907>Dude the board is just for shitposting, go somewhere else if you wanna have a discussion LOLThat mentality is what led you to this point.

>>590614080I sadly don;t think robo cunny has evolved properly yet. I'll take my chances with the rat.

>>590631428I feel like you missed the point (maybe on purpose to piss me off), so here goes: Holla Forums has always been about VIDEO GAMES. If you want to have 'discussions' (shit done to death already), you go to the many offshoot boards that were named containment boards by faggots too scared to leave the comfort of their most popular board. If you don't like humor threads, shill threads, waifu threads, etc. but still come here anyway, you're a fucking idiot.

>>590614080They sexy


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>>590614080I have to go with my waifu.

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Roll-chan is CUTE

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>>590614080Both. At the same time. Then when I get tired and need a moment to recharge between rounds, I'll just sit back and watch.

megaman.exe railing sonic the hedgehog

>>590622913So is Roll's

>>590623241Sonic has had 2 birthdays and is still 15. Mania Sonic is also 15.

>>590635350Just like Ash Ketchum!

>>590630971It is gacha and it's also shit

>>590635725But it's not.

>>590635883It's both of those things and you can't disprove it

>>590636057I don't have to because it isn't. Since you're retarded, maybe you should define what you think a gacha is.

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>>590614792>Pedo law doesn't apply to furry characters. Ohh. Can someone pls post the totally not underage starterpack.

>>590636178A gacha game is a video game that implements the gacha mechanic. Similar to loot boxes, gacha games induce players to spend in-game currency to receive a random virtual item. The in-game currency can be gained by game play, or by purchasing it from the game publisher using real-world funds.

>>590636645>Similar to loot boxes, gacha games induce players to spend in-game currency to receive a random virtual item.Ok good, so Sonic Forces isn't a gacha. I accept your apology.

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>>590635185Really now?

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>>590624103That's so stupid considering Boom always had the feeling of oh they've been doing this hero gig for a lot of years now.

>>590636801Denying the truth doesn't make it not the truth.

>>590614080Amy all the way. No contest.


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>>590622341What is nonconsensual friendship called?


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>>590614080The sexbot of course.

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>>590638138And funny

>>590627731>roll with titsblasphemy

>>590629323She's a maidbot and maids have been regularly used for sex by their masters throughout history. She was obviously built with that function in mind too. She's a complete replacement for a human maid.

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amy is for getting STACHE'D

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>>590638761s-she might grow some eventually...

>>590623846Thats kinda cute

>>590639119She's a robot, I'm sure her parts can be modified easily.

>>590639930SHE'S MORE THAN A ROBOT! *points gun at you*

>Normal Amy threads deleted>But add a pedo character and mods allow itYou know, it really makes you think.

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>>590640180amy is underage. it should always be fine.

>>590630708i'd rather not talk with dive traitors

>>590627731i wish Roll was drawn like this more often, she's super cute but i'm not into lolis

>>590640180Don't kid yourself. The mods delete Roll threads all the time as well.

I really like this thread

>>590640180What are you going to do about it? Seethe and dilate?

>>590641854>but i'm not into lolisThen go find some other character that isn't a loliRoll is ours

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>>590643912That's my POV btw

I really do not understand the appeal of loliI mean, I get that the cuteness and innocence is most of it, but what is the appeal of the body type? They're kids, so they have no curves or anything, what is there to be attracted to?

>>590643912I wish Amy was the one straddling me from above


>>590644760They do have curves

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remember if its a robot its not gay, so theres literally no reason to add....attachments

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>>590645004The pic you posted doesn't even look like a loli

>>590645373i dont think i understand what you're trying to imply

Gonna try my luck here but if any femanon is here and willing to talk, menhara or not Axi#9878

>>590645579He's going to give the lolibot balls but no dick.

>>5906447604chan is weird, so I don't think it's actually about the body type. The implied feminity and innocence may be enough to get them going.

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>>590619960No hairy roastie

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>>590645895that's even worse than just regular futa

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It:s been a while since I played some MegaMan, but I still have a generally positive memory of the series, especially X and Zero. I even found myself enjoying Rockman and Forte, even with how jank it was.I might buy one of the collections available at some point in the future. I already have a few recent fan games from SAGE.

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>>590645579i missed a "not" in there>>590645895NO>>590646853agreed. futa and cuntboys are objectively the worst fetishes

>>590647540wait so if you weren't talking about futa what were you referring to with "attachments"

>>590627731Tits too big; repulsive.

>>590640180Amy is 12 years old, She's what you call a "pedo character" too

>>590648031At least she has boobs.

>>590647636desu senpai i was talking about dicks without considering the implication of it being to add dicks to female robots. in my head i was applying it to what roll probably is: smooth and featureless below the belt, not designed from the start to have any plug in points. i was implying that modifying such a robot to have such...plug in points would be much much harder than to simply add appendages.sorry for the confusion

>>590648031She is a cartoon and I will never feel bad about lusting for her anus

>>590648076for example, a toaster. adding a hole anywhere on one is a major safety hazard. heating elements, risk of electrocution, damaging or reducing its function to make toast. adding a dick is trivial in comparison.

>>590622829Based >>590648057That's what Japs call oppai loli >>590648227>She is a cartoon and I will never feel bad about lusting for her anus. That's fine, Lusting over Roll is also fine since neither is real

>>590648076>>590648267alright nigga well next time just say "i wanna put a dick on the robot" just so we'll all be clear

>>590648031She has the same look as adult characters in her franchise. I forget she's technically a kid

>>590614080Why would you choose one when you can have both?

>>590648473bruh i forgot the "not", go easy on me

>>590648524>Robot>Loli>FurryAll bases covered

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>>590648432>>590648512>She has the same look as adult characters in her franchiseNot really, Vanilla and Rouge look really different and more shapely, If boobs is the way you people cope...Roll also had boobs in the promo art for Megaman 8. Also fuck the Murican comics for censoring Amy's panty shots when Sega allowed them in the games and Sonic X

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>>590648701That comic run was so crazy, I'm still kind of surprised that it was an thing for a while.

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Too bad Archie got Penders'd...

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>>590648616i'll let you off with a warning this time

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>>590626907>RightfullyAs it should be and I am glad hearing someone who knows whats up. These roasties who cry about Cream and Roll posting dont cry at kemoshotas and Tails posting.

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Kinda wish we would get some Sonic figures. I'd buy an Amy Rose.

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>>590649538The GE Sonic plushies are nice, but generally stuff that includes Amy is rather rare. They exist but you have to dig through eBay to find something of interest.

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>>590648267>adding a dick is trivial in comparisonIf you just want it to be cosmetic? Sure. But if you want the dick to function (i.e. be able to get erect, let the girl feel pleasure from stimulation, ejaculate, etc.), it probably wouldn't be trivial

>>590626125Adorable and Wholesome!

>>590650068a lot less trivial then adding a hole and all the machinery/mechanics inside a robot to emulate all those sensations. a dick has storage space: sensation can be stored in the balls

>>590650243>a dick has storage space: sensation can be stored in the ballsThese are the kinds of sentences I visit this website to see

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>>590629498Beautiful Art I love it!

Reminder that Rock and Roll most likely have Ken/Barbie doll non-anatomy, because there would be no reason for Dr. Light to build them with genitals

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>>590650689and theres even some very cute doujins about this very thing, 2 of them. one is x and zero emulating what they saw in a porn, zero being into it and x just being confused before an alarm goes off and they have to go off to fight, and another with them having relationship troubles because dr wily felt fit to equip one better than the other and them discussing about keeping it or not.very nice.

>>590650797Huh, that's... sweet, I think?

>>590650874yes, very sweet. i like those sort of stories.

>>590649994I'm honestly shocked that Sega made modern merch of the original Amy. I wonder if there's more.

>>590650797>Dr. Wily builds his robots with functioning dicksi always knew he was based

>>590648834Roll chan

Attached: Roll MvC.gif (978x706, 117.04K)

>>590648031Literally Sega’s Minnie Mouse

Attached: 15C20AC3-7A28-4EE8-AE36-EF1E04CA1DE7.jpg (750x492, 60.38K)

>>590651081I'm willing to hear alternative opinions, but Roll is definitely the best loli design ever made.

>>590619960honestly I just love the way little girls look, they're attractive women in my eyes

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theres no fucking good mega man futanari lewds

What did she mean by this?

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>>590651192She cute!

Attached: minnie-kiss.png (382x701, 74.27K)

>>590651234I like Bulleta, Sera and Devilotte too, But Roll is great

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>>590651081Sheeeesh and I though Capcom loved showing Sakura pantyshots too.

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>>590651384“I didn’t choose the Loli, the Loli choose me!”

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>>590650689THANK YOU.Roll is not for lewds.

>another filtered postdoes anyone not do this in the year of our lord 1993+29

>>590651081Too based for them to do these days.

>>590626907>kikebook filename

Attached: 23CARRYON2-articleLarge.jpg (600x400, 25.32K)

>>590653651>not using other websites files and stealing their content willy nilly for your own purposes without ever visiting their website and giving them advertising buxngmi

Mobians are Built for Human Cock.

Play Amy Rose in Sonic the Hedgehog.They're really good hacks.

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>>590654141The most high-quality Sonic Mania mod I've ever seen was an add-on that puts an extremely fat Amy into the game. I don't even care about this fetish, but damn it's got so much attention that it's great.

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>>590654948Man I had forgotten about that, why did you have to remind me?I hear what you're saying though. The workmanship is impressive, even if I'm not a fan of the subject manner.

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>>590614080I'm a robotfag so I lean towards Roll

>>590654969but are his arms blue

>>590654746wtf i love amy now

>>590651573She cute

>>590649339>fem tails

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>>590617685>Look up Roll's skirt in 2D>Look up Amy's skirt in 3DAll is right in the world


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>>590659821wrong. tails FORCED to be fem

>>590654969full now

>>590620228Do not kill the bat.

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>>590614080Whichever's got the tightest cunny.But I heard that, indeed there's such a thing as too tight, so who knows.

>>590622829>Has her own cell phone in 2000>lives on her own in the big city>goes christmas shopping and can afford a ton of gifts>is supposed to be 12 years old.The modern ages have always been a random asspull that doesn't mean anything.

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>>590622829>According to her profile inside the official JP Sonic Adventure Guidebook, Amy lives by herself in an apartment in downtown Station Square (Paragraph that mentions this outlined in red)Amy is 16-20 at least.

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>>590660239roll's has variable tightness so she can squeeze you with the optimal force

>>590660463>read the image.... says 12

>>590660463This girl lives alone, Pilots her own robot and has 2 henchmen to do anything she says and she's only 13 years old, Amy is 12 that's her official Japanese age if you fap to her you are not only a furry but a lolicon, This is how shit works in Japan no need to cope we are all degenerates here

>>590630708I checked in only for the Telemelt parties

>>590660129>"user, please don't! Anything over 3 inches will definitely kill me!">Survives completely unharmed

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>>590660643Forgot pic

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>>590649994>Controller holderLiterally built to hold my fat cock or tickle my balls.

Attached: file.png (715x924, 263.88K)

>>590660942there needs to be more doujins where it IS too big and kills them, seriously.


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>>590660617>>read the image.... says 1212 in hedgehog years. So Amy is a lolibaba.

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>>590661478Anthropomorphic characters age like humans.

>>590660129>>590660942>Tfw I'm in the red zone.I don't know whether to be proud or sad that I would kill the bat.

Attached: rouge size chart.png (897x742, 394.51K)

Is this thread dead yet?

>>590661602[citation needed]Lets say she does age in human years, Sonic Adventure came out in 2000, so Amy is now 32.

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Amy... Amy had a hard life...

Attached: AmyRose.jpg (1440x1909, 541.31K)


Attached: FJC63c2VIAAKVhd.png (1066x1198, 23.21K)

>>590614080The hedgehog, but not the one in your image.

Attached: 1597017815813.png (256x256, 85.91K)

Cream The Rabbit.Cream. The. Rabbit.

Attached: cream this rabbit.png (950x460, 594.52K)

>>590661594so fucking delicious, thank ladthe world needs more fem sonic


Attached: [Nook-Subs] Animal Crossing the Movie.mkv_snapshot_00.54.11.832.jpg (1920x1048, 129.18K)

>>590659898either way, she and fem sonic do wonders for me

>>590660942>she only fucks guys who will try to kill her with their cocksUnbelievably based.

>>590614080Rollfags GET OUT

>>590662085I would do it without her consent

Has anyone ever thought Shadow was feminine?

Attached: 1632591053592.png (1078x1438, 2.06M)

>>590662753Years too late for that one buddy.

>>590661921I'm going to buy one now. Imagine if they made Amy models to scale.

Attached: 1644956404630.png (400x400, 313.38K)

>>590662753Why don't you Amyfags take your pink abomination and leave instead?

>>590663012still lookin to cop that one megaman.exe figurine, the one with him sitting nearly cross legged, with hot glue all over him, looking up with his mouth open. seriously who made that and where do i get one


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>>590663106Your dad is secretly Amy Rose in disguise. She disguised herself, pretended to be your dad, and your whole life is a lie.

Daughterwife Roll, of course. It's not even a contest, and anyone thinks it is worries me.

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>>590664624Metata is a based artist.

I'm convinced most of the jannies were russians or ukrainian . There's no reason all this porn being up this long the literal second that war started is anything short of a coinsurance.

>>590665874Metata is up there with konpeto for ungodly suppliers of Roll. My only wish is that they'd draw more Splatoon.

Attached: 1634942252183.jpg (800x800, 139.3K)

>>590651192is minnie wearing a diaper?

>>590666571i miss when fupoo used to draw a shit ton of roll lewds, now they mostly just draw literal whos requested by stream viewers


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>>590666704He draws an adorable Roll, its a shame he uses his talent for evil.

Attached: 844f1a372f22bcb97f56f2cab100632c30b9aed8.png (500x500, 121.23K)

Amy has a FAT PUSSY and gets WET EASILY

Attached: 1644477491325.png (195x198, 2.59K)

>>590666704Dude draws her every once in a while but it's nowhere near the level to used to be. I could be sad, but fucker was vehemently against using Roll's best design so it sort balances out in my book. His lewds aren't that good anyway.

Attached: Super Saiyan.png (600x600, 211.43K)

>>590666932>Amy has a FAT PUSSYYeah, in Argento fan-art


Attached: BUNNY.png (800x600, 8.02K)

>>590667091Argento seems to prefer his women with cocks and it gets tiresome.

>>590614080I HATE THAT

>>590629908You're right, her ass is bigger in dx

>>590639119She already did in 3 canons and they double as weapons for one

Yo didn't they meet up in the comic? Why has nobody posted about that?

>>590666571I am planning to copy his coloring style one day. If not that then I also liked his art style in general too.

Attached: Sanic freedom jump kick.png (1500x1000, 259.92K)

>>590667557What canons?

>>590667634Didn't Archie end with Sonic and Mega Man?

Depends. Does the robot have a vagania?

>>590667634Despite that I don't believe Amy and Roll actually interacted in the crossover comic surprisingly


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Will Sonic ever be good?Will Megaman come back?

>>590668089Neither crossover. Although the second one had her fight Sticks. She won.

>>590667857It's incredibly pleasing, and also really sexy when he feels like doing it that way. Such a soft, beautiful Roll.

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>>590614080where can I read and or buy that sonic megaman cross over comic


>>590668395the other one

Reminder that due to retarded mandates sonic would never scoreMegaman in the other hand did it somehow in the BN series

>>590627731What is this body type called?

>>590646001I mean, it's fiction, so why don't you just apply that shit to adult women?I already hear incels upset live isn't easy like that for why they hate real irl, so why not just do that on fictional women? Doesn't add up. No, they really do like underdeveloped girls.

>>590668018You dare doubt the great Dr. Light?>>590668503>a digital AI scoredWhat a time to be alive.

Attached: 1640329401624.jpg (1600x1200, 216.34K)

>>590668503Bonus points for putting Iris from the X games in the sixth one, and because it was an RPG her love-story and tragedy actually got the fucking time it needed to be shown offIris got put into Xtreme 2 as a navigator precisely because she got no screentime in her own game

>>590668503Digital beings can't score.

>>590668698Why not? They're just data after all. A simple integer would work.

>>590648512>adult charactersWho the fuck are you talking about?Because she looks nothing like Big, Vector, or Vanilla. Even Rouge is taller than Knuckles, who is taller than Sonic, who is taller than Amy. She's miget tier because she's underage. Only 4 characters are nearly 4+ft in the Sonic world are adults, including Eggman.

>>590668395why is wily succh a schizo

Attached: RCO055_1466535800.jpg (1040x1600, 573.82K)

>>590668839He's not, he's a man of principles.

>>590668839Isn't Wily the one who would later build Zero, the ticking timebomb of death?

>>590648834>allowedMore like lazy. Sakurai proves if you care he'll censor underwear if it pleases the ratings boardSEGA just never cared enough to have proper rating adjustments. Plus, expect that change with the latest writer of the comics writing the games now.

Wily has probably killed hundreds of people why does he care now ?

Attached: RCO056_w_1466535800.jpg (1007x1600, 553K)

To be fair Eggman in the comics is just on a whole other level of sadistic.

Attached: zdamix9lkm2y.jpg (640x1002, 147.57K)


>>590668823Bitches don't know about Bark the Polar Bear

Attached: Bark_1.png (1280x1920, 320.26K)

>>590669074Yes, I typically forget about the binned classic cast that didn't get saved via Heroes. Sorry, it's just a habit.

>>590668967Yes, though Zero's purpose beyond "kill Mega Man" and "guard Wily's lab" is unclearZero is, canonically, a good robot because he went Maverick after Sigma punched his lights out, and his true self is the crazed berserker with a lead pipe Sigma found prior to X1, so this time Wily actually didn't make the mistake of building a hero like he did with Bass

>>590614080Amy isn't a hedgehog, if she was her name would be Amy the Hedgehog.

>>590668984He doesn't want Light dead. He wants Light to bow at his feet and acknowledge his superiority.

>>590668984Eggman is a ruthless motherfucker in the comics who only has qualms about killing Sonic as a matter of honor and doesn't give the slightest shit about anybody else, Wily is pretty consistent to the games where he's mostly a troublemaker and wants world domination as a matter of glory and to get one up on Light

Amy is much younger than sonic. He's 29 and she's like 8 so creepy!!

>>590669376Sonic is 15 or 16 depending on the version.Amy is 8 or 12 depending on the version.

>>590668698They canonically did in the end just like lan and mayl

>>590669335>he's mostly a troublemakerI think blowing up buildings is a little more than being a trouble maker

>>590669719Mega Man works on Astro Boy logic, they're fiiiiiiiiiiine

>>590669335I mean he can still be pretty ruthless in the games when they want to show it.

Attached: RCO014_1468861609.jpg (1040x1600, 487.08K)

>>590651081She wears a skirt, it only makes sense that it might not be able to cover her pelvis effectively at all times.

>>590661618finally a woman i can satisfy with my small pp

I still say we need "/vgc/ - Video Game Characters".

>>590661618lucky, how many women have you fucked?

>>590670198honestly sounds like a good idea

>>590669759Eggman is ruthless in basically the games, he's just funny at the same time. The fact that real on-screen death and destruction is barely ever seen in Sonic + the general attitudes of the characters means they can get away with being more care-free.

Attached: weosf236pz231.png (1176x1616, 1.9M)

>>590630193why dont you autistically fill the pages with your art then?Seems like it worked for that dude

>>590669065Didn't Snively supposed to get a 10/10 Mobian qt?

>>590630193>user does absolutely nothing about it but complainLol.

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Played Sonic Adventure again. Noticed some re-used 2D art on the pinball tables.

Attached: sonica.jpg (897x339, 116.78K)

>>590671223No? He dated a human up until Eggman locked him up, then the reboot erased all that and he never had another love interest before the comic died.

>>590671136>>590671272>b-but you are not an artist okay????!!!fuck off with your ugly shit on deviantart and practice more you fucking underage retard

>>590672096You can do something about it, or nothing about it. Enjoy some art friend.

>>590668839>calling Wily the schizo when Eggman pulled a Fleetway/Nega and tried to destroy literally everything

>>590672186I will. I will enjoy something that is art.(I'm an artist btw so fuck off with your zero effort spam)

>>590622829When's that one babysitting game getting a new update

>>590672430he's a bad man, I dont get why wily is trying to pretend he has morals

>>590672532He does, they're just not the worst, debatably not even Eggman has the worst morals because he only tried to kill everyone in a fit of rage, whereas Fleetway Robotnik, Gerald Robotnik and Eggman Nega were conscious and aware of their actions and deliberately attempted to kill everyone while understanding the consequences.Wily isn't a good person by any means, but he's absolutely the lesser of two evils.

>>590668984Wily's a pretty petty motherfucker who resorted to kidnapping little girls. Even going by comic logic he literally did this because Mikhail made fun of his microscopic penis, and fired off an EMP wave that probably killed quadrillions but got cockblocked by a supercomputer before he could use it so played dumb.But in the context of the comic...Eggman is just that much worse that Wily couldn't be bothered working with him.

>>590671136>just shit around bruhare you okay?


Attached: FMLen06VcAAOfwv.jpg (956x1690, 152.15K)

>>590673542>featurelessGOD FUCKING DAMNIT

>>590673542Only one way to remedy this: paint it white so it at least looks like panties

>>590622829You forgot Rouge: 18

Attached: 1643198548626m.jpg (1024x929, 76.92K)

>>590677813Lol. So Rogue is the only Sonic gal who is legal in Californian law.

>>590622829>UnderageAmerica isn't the whole world.


Attached: chaotix cant into detective.png (1000x1000, 780.63K)

>>590671272Idk about him but I blacklist the dog vomit you call art on every site I'm forced to see it on :)

>>590623391>>590637838>>590662085>>590667158Thank you for the reminder that I need to do more Cream lewds. I've started to get lazy.

>>590678012Yes.Well within the games, a few comic characters make the cut too.

Attached: 1640226870410m.jpg (768x1024, 178.49K)

>>590622829they shouldnt even have official ages, thatd be like if nintendo gave mario characters ages

>>590681594Nobody tell him

>>590669335>Wily is pretty consistent to the games where he's mostly a troublemaker and wants world domination as a matter of gloryOk, did you even play the games, aka, the ONLY canon that matters. Game eggman is literally what you saidMeanwhile I thought it was canon, twice, that Wahwee spread a global pandemic causing virus that nearly killed all robots/human? Of which later became the Sigma virus?

>>590681594>thatd be like if nintendo gave mario characters ages

Attached: How_do_we_tell_him_cover.jpg (800x450, 127.32K)

>>590614080They both fuck human men.

>>590682537Wily is always mentioned as a hostile takeover of specific areas and facilities (Robot Masters are supposed to be control-units for swarms of other robots, AKA the enemies you fight in normal stages) but killing anybody or even harming humans is something that has never, once, been stated as something he's done, granted there's the obvious implication from exploding buildings in the background of games like Mega Man 7. Roboenza is theorized to be the precursor to the virus that would later transmute into the Sigma Virus but Wily also had a cure completely ready to go for Roboenza, so it's mainly a 'member berry for people that played the X gamesEggman's characterization varies, to say the least, and how okay he is with harm and mayhem depends on the game, with Sonic Adventure 2 showing he's perfectly fine with popping a few heads on his way to an objective and draws the line at genocide or suicidal intent (Gerald). Comic depictions of Eggman as being almost brutal line up primarily with his portrayal as a dictator and tyrant in much older American media, but has some basis in Japanese media from the Dreamcast era, and is an attitude that gets callbacks in a small handful of later games like Lost World which has already been posted. But Sonic's canon is also a total mess and SEGA, frankly, does not understand their own characters or what to do with them, and hasn't for almost two decades

Attached: 1643220830225.png (128x192, 6.67K)

>>590678012cream's mom and a few villans

>>590676647oh I'll paint that area white alright

>>590614080Amy the wife and roll the daughterwife

>>590683260Eh.. I know robots aren't human technically but she looks too human for this to sound right.

>>5906702433, I'm a bit of an autist but I can manage a conversation. And the current one says its uncomfortable so we dont fuck that much. She loves to blow me though.


Attached: Lah_Alguien-929898456386293760-0.jpg (2300x2600, 1.07M)

How do I search sauce for furry images?The usual search engines don't take into account the furry boorus

>>590679434Bunnie is one of the best things coming out of the Archie series and I'm sad we'll never see her again.Fuck.

Attached: 1603187924751.png (426x426, 251.95K)

>>590661151She cute

>>590692779Capcom likes blonde lolis

Attached: 1f291b3a806c478a3d74943f37e9c30e.jpg (1000x1000, 806.09K)

>>590693119Same could be said for Daisy. Granted they're just thots and were never designed for lewd so just looking like Mickey/Donald in drag is pretty appropriate.Before you ask yes this is the design they used for Ducktales.

Attached: D_oskW0XYAAoYjO.jpg (631x476, 58.2K)

>>590692990Funnily enough they peaked super early on. It's all been downhill from there.

Attached: 1621747627689.jpg (843x1301, 378.15K)

>>590693119You're about to learn a big touhou

Attached: e2661af1d7509b0e73655201d6d83b4b.png (663x1076, 149.74K)

>>590693119Mickey looks pretty damn ambiguous so his base design in a dress and eyelashes is fuckable as hell. Minnie is adorable.

>>590693789Bulleta and Devilotte are great tho

Attached: 59ce7b2d01f3c34a8738c3ae6ac5e990.jpg (855x1160, 129.31K)

>>590651081MM8 Roll is her best design and that's a fact

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Attached: C9UthPgXUAAQbGo.jpg (1085x789, 154.36K)

>>590695038Who the fuck are Bulleta and Devilotte?

Attached: d30d3218971998caf79387c1c1799f0c.jpg (919x1300, 147.1K)

>>590696440Devilote = Pic related Bulleta, Here: >>590696315

Attached: 1590962699224 cyberbots.png (900x1300, 568.26K)

>>590696686That's B.B. Hood.

>>590696860Are you pretending to be retarded?

Attached: 876567er.jpg (479x320, 44.97K)

>>590696087Amen to that.

Attached: 1627007565218.jpg (538x800, 185.99K)

>>590697094Are you pretending to be Japanese?

Attached: 1606094242100.png (2376x4112, 3.15M)

>590697184That answers my question, Pedo in denial who can't stand that Amy si canonically 12 was pretending to be retarded on top of already being one, What a SHOCK!

Attached: Bulleta.jpg (1280x720, 217.79K)


Attached: Cannon Spike.jpg (1125x743, 185.95K)


Attached: DS girls.jpg (1200x1566, 495.82K)

Is Mayl just a human Amy?

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