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>>590611780Look out, it's a terrifying monster!

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>>590611925I bet she gives great head

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>>590611780Oh man. It would be really unfortunate if I was being chased by a giant monster woman with huge tits, thighs, and ass.I would be so terrified. Even worse if she captured me and forced herself upon me.Just imagine how awful that'd be.

>>590611780It is. I have had a phobia of triangular objects ever since I choked on a Toblerone segment when I was 5

reminds me of that one ghost doujin where the dude's house is haunted by a hot ghost and he just keeps raping her and whenever she hides when he comes home he finds her hidey spot and drags her out to rape

>>590611780That thing better have a massive bush




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>>590612471oh man that sounds stupid as hell what the fuck is wrong with you fucking weebs go outside and touch some grass.that being said, source?

Double Deck is pretty cool, wish he'd draw more big girls on shota



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So instead of plowing the mannequin does she just ride a sybian menacingly?

double decker is a national treasure

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>>590615497>they try to scare us>instead they become terrified of us, because if they're not scary, and we want to fuck them, then there must be something even scarier than them out there>and they don't want to find out what it is, because we'd want to fuck that as well

>>590615497Hey, that's Viscera!

>>590615780She plows you instead, but you die from it.

>>590612294made me kek

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>>590614479>>590618595I think he's referring to this one. exhentai.org/g/2127041/7f0cfe9be9/

>>590615497>monsterfucker>just wants to fuck a woman with a mask

>>590620316Post better examples then faggot.

>>590620962this/v/ always whines and never suggests alternatives.

>>590622724I wish the material wasn't so unbelievably rare.

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>>590618861thanks, the doujin was amazing

Is this the thread?

>>590624845This is NOT the tranny thread, sisters. Abort, abort!


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I thought people were lying to me when they said Lady D was a female monster rather than simply a tall undead woman with claws. Then for her final mutated dragon form was revealed and during the boss fight I could barely concentrate with how hard was getting. Her strange voice screeching curses at me didn't help.

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>>590618861Amazing doujin, but it wasn't rape at all.

>>590611780AHHHHHH RUN

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Is this scary?

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>>590620962I was always very, very scared of deathclaws.Imagine the state of your pelvis after they're done with you.

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>please be very scared>you do not want to have sex with any of these characters

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>>590626616Mega based, actually his best doujin

>>590628917i wish they made the game more creepy. the colorful designs and pizza parlor made them seem more like a nuisance at best


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>>590628878any mods to give deathclaws massive fucking tits?asking for myself

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I'm absolutely frightened.

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>>590630104There's a mod called female deathclaws for FO4 I think.You can't miss it, whoever did the mod has a character so modded it actually looks like a Bogdanoff.

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>>590611925Actually that could be either a pentagonal or hexagonal pyramid

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>>590612471Is that the one where it's kind of disappointing because the ghost has huge tits and ass but the way her dress is binded to her head makes it so she doesn't ever really get naked?That one kind of pissed me off because of that.

>>590626616Don't worry she only eats men.

>>590623441>>590628741Wraith shouldn't count because she's a mutant human.

>>590630109Very scary image oh my god.

god i wish monsters were real

>>590633973And we would fuck them to death if they were. Maybe we've been the monsters all along!

It's a good thing Elden Ring is out because it keeps me busy from thinking about you know what.

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>>590633973There really they're called gypsies.

im so scared

God I wish women were larger, stronger and hornier than men

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>>590611780>>590615497Reminds me of that doujin that starts off as an actual horror story with a man being chased at pitch black darkness through the woods by a wendigo and when she finally catches him she just fucks the shit out of him and keeps him as his fuckpet in a cave for the rest of his life and also they have children.

>>590634678Uhhhhhhhhh got a source to that?

>>590634678>horrordoesn't sound like it to me!

>>590634483Cute guy

>>590634898Please be a 9 foot tall amazonian.


>>590634189never ever

>>590611780>robo semen demon>robo semen demon UPGRADEDbesides this exhentai.org/g/1843083/a5c82d2b6c/any other recs?

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>>590631379Pyramid Head is rectangular, at least the original

>>590612471>>590611780the last one i had was a women breaking her own limbs to get to me in a small spacei leaned in for a kiss and got headbuttedhavent had a nightmare since :\

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>>590634678please be real

>>590626616>just guro, no sexsheesh no wonder I never saw this before.

>>590620962The same thing, but the skull isn't a mask and is an actual part of her.

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>>590640305But the skull in the first image isn't a mask you dumb autismo.

>>590635606You will NEVER be an Elden Lord.

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>>590640573>herPorn when.

>>590623441>just wants to fuck a woman in a halloween suit

>>590640728Bro you can't fug a jellyfish.

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>>590640936Not with that attitude!

>>590641029You know those tentacles are filled with stabbing barbs right?

>>590641092No pain no gain.


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>>590641246On one hand it was a very good design and thematically appropriate for it's game only, on the other hand fuck the movies for making him be the face of the series, there was never suppose to be some stupid fucking Resident Evil tier bullshit recurrence

>>590641183Have you ever been stung by a jellyfish? Those barbs stick into your skin and will keep stinging you until all the venom is gone.

>>590641568Doesn't matter, had sex.

>>590618861How to get past sad panda?

>>590615497she cute

>>590618861Artist name instead?

>>590641694>>590641960static.wikia.nocookie.net/dota2_gamepedia/images/9/9a/Vo_earth_spirit_earthspi_kill_11.mp3/revision/latest?cb=20201011105239sadpanda guide

>>590612294You little...

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>>590641694>>590641960Change the “ex” just to a “e-“>>590642035Don’t Click on this, fucking fagggot.


Okay, but the nurses in Homecoming were actually hot. Like, the faps actually were worth the playthrough.>>590612406>no TOBLERONE TIME responses/v/ has changed.

This scared the shit out of every Japanese person

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>>590644005>implying you wouldn't piss and shit your pants if you saw that irl


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>>590614273Very based, but it doesn't.

>>590644005>japanese "horror"

>>590633628She's not though?Learn your evolve lore.

>>590644005I am too scared to open this.What is this you guys?

>>590645065it's just too horrifying to be described

>>590634483Some are

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>>590645495I want to fill her with my manlet seed

>>590645065>>590645148>manmade horrors beyond your comprehension

>>590612178I'm so terrified that all my blood rushed down to my crotch bro!

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>>590645495I want to fuck her omg

>>590634678haha that’s awful…source?

>>590645495tall woman are so fucking hot

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>>590626616Here's the source, IN ENGLISH:e-hentai.org/g/1693506/b6d171f81a/

>>590645065Its peak ara ara

>>590641246Poor guy, imagine pouring your heart into designs and come up with absolute gold, only to be completely whored up by konami

>>590640573imagine her jerking you off with a smug grin


>>590612471Huh, I read the complete opposite a long time agoexhentai.org/g/458870/cdda7eb11c/

>>590611780You guys are all under the impression that you're the one who is going to be doing the fucking.

>>590648501This is what I thought he was talking about at first and thought he got the roles mixed up. Both are pretty good though.


>humanoid formscowards

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>>590648280There's no face for a smug grin to be masw you dummy.

>>590640573>prone to tearsIt's a fucking jellyfish

Haha, wouldn't it be scary if Pyramid Head had big titties and like, beat you to death with them? Or like smashed your cock with them? That'd be sooo scary, right guys? That would really scare me!

>>590645065oh damn i clicked it. i guess i wont sleep tonight, Holla Forums

>>590611780isn't this image the OP is using from a fucking silent hill femdom porn comic?

I want monster __men to fuck ME, not the other way around

>>590652894I don't know what you're talking about

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>>590645750Imagine being pounced down by this thing, it's breath and spittle wafting your face as you realize you cannot move your arms even slightly from it's grip, that you're completely at her mercy, her glowing eyes fixated on you.

>>590649450You aren't special wanting to eyefuck some cancer lump.

>>590653032double deck is based

>>590649450for me, it's Ebrietas

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>>590646629fuck I love shindol

>>590640831That's a hollywood quality suit, I'll say. Monster women should at least resemble something using well-budgeted practical effects. Lots off tentacles, mandibles and mass. Anything less just feels really cheap.

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>>590612294Carlos, I...

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>>590626616It's a travesty that he only does vanilla shit these days. Slave Worm almost made me cum my balls inside out when I first discovered it.

>>590656814>It's a travesty that he only does vanilla shit these daysvanilla shit is the only good porn these days

>>590646629> Dark Souls 1 > Demon's Souls > Dark Douls 3 > Dark souls 2holy based

>>590657091My coomer brain doesn't react to anything if it doesn't involve monster rape/impregnation, amputation, hypnosis, or mindbreak.


>>590644005theres literally nothing scary about this the urban legend its based on isnt even scary stop porn ba


>>590611780Is this why his creator hates him?

>>590612178Oh no!youtube.com/watch?v=3PotJSyc8GE

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>>590661686Games for that feel? Already know about Terameme

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>>590628741>that imageAlways found it interesting that this, for all intents and purposes, run of the mill vidya humor webcomic where one of the main guys wants to fuck an ostrich also hosts one of the biggest annual video game conventions.

>>590662226That's all there is man, there ain't nothing else out there. I guess you could fuck around in some Ai text generator but other than that nothing.

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>>590663009It's a good thing Elden Ring exists to make us forget it only for a little while.

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>>590634483It's like she's staring down at a meal.

>>590662835I wish this goat was real.

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For me, it's the Krampussy.

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>>590611780SH1 NTSC DDL:mega.nz/#!bVUCTJzD!PmnPw4S7fWGyvTjw9S0-RQdk7rRp2BQNuXJqRkZCZvkSH2 DDL:mega.nz/#!rFcj1SIJ!47JH9M4OrzmQKuaiJ6IqUgmgz_SVNtk4LIYNSa-D-_8SH2 torrent:mega.nz/#!bYcEnbhC!rYnhvcJiRC46T6yExS0Y61JHZ-5N3WxFvfZMI8xbyhE>SH2:EE bare essentials (old):mediafire.com/file/ym8wg5sxcvab6e3/SH2EE_all_you_need.zip/file>SH2:EE project's home page:enhanced.townofsilenthill.com/SH2/>SH2:EE installation tutorial video (old):youtu.be/fFVwI487ORo SH3 DDL:mega.nz/#!2JNkgJ7b!nfPf5cIs6I5K-sdAs7RcnHvGA2hAvIGdpQuIoBhF3iESH3 torrent:mega.nz/#!GVVGRLpD!SyklVbuLIkc38ZYji5QL3sWHKtHt9-Bto700My8pH7cSH4 DDL:mega.nz/#!Us1XTaII!cglH0dZOaH5yQEm4cnEh3eyUz4bIf6rACQqcVzkb4HcMount the ISOs of 2 & 3, and then run their installers like always.DON'T use W10's own virtual disc app! It will not work.Don't install under C:\Program Files\ ! This will cause issues.For SH2, Follow the Enhanced Edition homesite's instructions to the T, and you should be fine.If you're mega lazy, just unpack the "Bare Essentials" to the game's folder, and you're done! The "Enhanced .EXE" is also the no-CD crack.For 3 & 4, check the Guide or PC Gaming Wiki.The SH1 is a PS1 rip that you gotta emulate.I recommend the DuckStation, but most emulators work OK as well.>Protips-Play in the release order.-Start with Normal difficulty! Don't do hard on 1st run (espec. SH2).-Replaying them all is recommended; tons of replay value.-Turn down the ingame Brightness setting, for better gamma & colors!-Leg it, or sneak! No need to kill everything.-Turning OFF the flashlight can really help w/ stealth!

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>>590665786Gwt this faggot shit outta here gaylord.

>>590665786the thing that makes this most disgusting is the nipple piercings desu.

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V3 never ever.

>>590634678I read a story like that once, but not a doujin

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I love double deck’s stuff

>>590657506>monster rape/impregnationThis but only thisAnd female monster instead of male like it always is god damn

>>590611780>the sequel to this doujin

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>>590612294Fuck youI keked

>>590665773Why does a more normal version of her look so abnormal?

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>>590612406PussyI chocked on chess pieces on different occasions when i was 4-6 and still fineNow why in the ass i shoved them to my throat in the first place? maybe early autism

>>590645960Holy shit

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>>590671714He is actually 6'2 or 6'3 but still those woman are pretty much 6'2 themselves.

>>590671580I mean real goats look pretty freaky with their eyes and sideways pupils.

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>>590654607I wonder what happened to me to think this is remotely sexy

>>590672509the bottom half looks like a woman in a dress so your still ok user

>>590672509My headcanon is that the priests kept her hidden in the underground so they could secretly use her onaholes

>>590611925Triangle head, triangle headtriangle head hates particle head

>2022>he is still right

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>>590672797They have a fighttriangle winstriangle head

>>590673273It's a real shame that there's literally no games that can provide for this.

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>>590674369here have another one i did last week :)

Attached: darksouls cobra enemy offered a flower.jpg (500x600, 167.77K)

>>590674561>a flowerThat’s just a fucking branch, but still a cutie snake, based monster fucker threadSadly Elder Ring doesn’t have cuties, no humans don’t count

Bless Doubledeck, he always brings something new.

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>>590674656i'll jsut wait for the fanart then. They have to show me some cute monster babes


>>590674714Unless you want a rotten thot, you won’t get much

>>590674656While Elden Ring doesn't have many cute kind of monsters there sure a lot of disgusting Kill it with Fire kind. I'm a monsterfucker but even then there was some nasty shit that I just recoiled at.

>>590671714no way in hell he's 6'5"

>>590674561Very nice snek user, but that isn't a flower.

>>590674656I like the dragons. Of course all you do is kill them, but then you get to trade their hearts for cool spells that let you rp as a dragon so it's not all bad

>>590611780muscle shit is the ultimate cuck fetish.

>>590674757oh her? nope. I heard the news on her!>>590674875it could be to an undead. I think she appreciates the gesture

>>590612294>it wasn't a blank spaceyou suck


>>590671714AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....but fo real we all knew this nigga was a niglet.

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>>590611780OH NOOO!!! While exploring a crypt, you get jumped on by a powerful Vampire Lord! How do you escape from this terrifying predicament, Holla Forums?

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>>590674561Draw more snek.

>>590675686sure once I study some snakes later

here is your snake gf, bro.

Attached: snek.png (1920x1080, 3.05M)

>>590675947Legs and arms are WAY too small for that girthy neck and body wtf? I hate how everything in Elden Ring has this gross stretched appearance.

>>590675879What do you mean by study sneks later?

>>590676539like look at xcom viper art and photos to get a feel on their form, incase i need to do complicated poses without a good ref

>>590676347it's supposed to look funny, did you see that snake mage with a huge ball on its head? peak souls humor

>>590676894It doesn't look dunny at all?

>>590662835source on this shyni


>>590630104There's one on nexus that gives breasts to some deathclaws>The mod is undeveloped and the author has been gone for 4 years so its only hostile critters, not compability with any depraved lovers lab framework

>>590634483imagine if roles were reversed

>>590678998Dunno but you can have this one.

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>>590678998There is no source.

Attached: 1645826818371(2).jpg (1489x1069, 646.22K)

>>590665997Teranever ever


Attached: 1604589699892.jpg (991x960, 183.3K)

>>590634483Jesus.. is this edited, or are Japanese guys that small?For all I know the girl is probably 5'8 or something lol

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>>590665786Only based post in here

Attached: FMBOWcFVkAMUSUl.jpg (3508x3508, 612.98K)

>>590679528I prefer gote being small and adorable than this living shag carpet.

Attached: 1600660682340.jpg (808x1024, 61.75K)

>>590679746theres a reason that one japanese streamer got canceled for saying manlets arent human

>>590632575I know who you are talking about what his name...? Vaneroku!! that giy has some god tier designs both the ghosts and his robutts are god tier

>>590679873I mean he's not wrong. This ain't the early 1900's anymore where manlets were useful as pilots and tank drivers.

>>590679873As if she wasnt a womanlet herself>Small>No tits>No assKinda of a holier-than-thou attitude ain't it?

>>590679948it was a womanshe said the same about blacks and gay shit too

>>590661612bendy and the ink machine.jpg

>>590680056Absolutely based japanese aryan. Would farm her rice fields if you know what I mean.

>>590680047I love tall girls, but height isn't that important for women anonAt least not from most men's point of view

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Attached: BEEN A LONG TIME GONE, CONSTANTINOPLE.jpg (396x600, 82.93K)

>>590679528Post real tall Shyni. I can't see her being built as the same knuckle dragging brute like her dad.

Attached: 1611021816371.jpg (952x1000, 409.52K)

>>590680316Isn't this the artist that got mind fucked with edits into being an unironic Holla Forums poster?

>>590612471Fucking amazing patrician taste


Attached: 1582739368492.jpg (1024x750, 215.4K)

>>590680056>repeating obviously fake and gay things

>>590680523Forgetting the future suicide when the hrt stops working at age 30.

>>590680523Did this dude actually draw the picture every tranny with an adams apple have? Talk about a grand downfall if it was him

>>590680808It was her. her life is better than ever now.

Attached: 1617027141112.png (1717x1213, 711.67K)

>>590680781NTA, but Funfact: a good chunk of that is actually trannies counted as males by their female and buried with their christian names.

>>590612294Just shut up carlos.. please just shut up

Attached: 1644801329072.png (679x370, 19.28K)

>>590680907Demonstrably false. Try again :)

>>590680942Okay, cope.>>590680867Damn what a shame. Not a fan of hyperboobs, but it looked like okay coomer art.

>Is an incel pre transition>post transition gets a girlfriendits that easy..


Attached: short meme.png (875x675, 502.3K)

>>590680361Why not?

>>590636145all of the comics by this guy is good except the animal stuff

>troon actually trying to coopt a monster threadyou must be really, really bored huh

Attached: dk oof.png (469x469, 175.13K)

>>590679927Yeah that's the spice. It's like not once does he try getting through the sheet. yeah it's thin and you can see everything but it's almost like a full body condom at that point.

>>590674682>Hentai artist knows more about proper proportions of Wyverians then "fan"artistsGod bless horny

>>590681461Trannies are monsters

>590681124sorry im not an amerishart or a 10bux paying goon tranny so ill just tell you to join the 50% kill yourself faggot

>>590674682Is that Felyne a cum collector?

>590681650what part of not american do you not understand retard? screeching about your left-right boogeyman wont work, all you're doing is embarassing yourself even further before your country collapses and turns into a shithole just like every other country in the americas, and when that happens and burgerlandia along with its gay hat collapse and you try to run south, you WILL be killed tranny, that is if you don't join the rest of your kind by killing yourself by then

>>590681794This goes beyond countries and creeds user, don't worry, it doesnt matter if you're not american :)

I don't even care about xenofags but I just wanted to state that trannies are a self-solving problem since they all inevitably commit suicide and get deadnamed after death.

There can be transgender monster girls, relax.>>590681869>Hyena girlcase and point.

>590681849>590681925puedes seguirle con todas las pinches excusas que quieras, el momento en el que tu pais finalice su transición al tercermundismo como todos los pinches paises en todo este maldito continente, y tus amadas "BIPOCS" y "latinx" verdaderamente tengan que interactuar contigo, vas a morir, ya sea por tus propias acciones o por las nuestras, no importa que te hayas cortado la verga para hacer tus jueguitos de que eres una mujer o por que amas a israel, vas a morir.this is the last reply you'll be gettingt. third worlder

>>590681869I feel like dating a gnoll could have weird consequences.

Attached: 5137da7d2ff4db6d57cbddf2f539988c.jpg (1052x915, 209.78K)

>>590681461Desperate, more like.>>590681539Based, but this is a thread for sexy fantasy monster. Not Man made horrors.>>590681869Eh i doubt they will, but i sent the tranny an invite, so hopefully something happens. You should send one, more invite means the host might pick them up in the party van.

Attached: No+he+meant+genocide+for+the+kind+of+subhuman+that+_a6cf22896b3b9000a3ee615be2cc0b48.png (1075x1518, 813.88K)

>>590682181reject gnollembrace lizard

Attached: 1639124336656.jpg (2048x1535, 329.48K)

>>590682143based2372its over for you amerishart

>>590671149I wrote a story like that, posted it on a few boards

>>590682372I feel like you have to have a very childish mindset to base your entire identity on your gender or sexual orientation

>>590682372Pretty good. Since mine has been here forever. Also I'd rather not be orbited by lunatics who believe themselves to be woman just because they cut their dick off. Stitching stuff on also doesnt make you anything else either. This guy ain't an alien, he's fucking crazy.

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Why are they so obnoxious? I just want to see and discuss some nonhuman creatures that are pretty as they are scary.I wish Beetle Queen from RoR2 was more popular, compared to Deathclaws and The Wraith.Definitely my favorite boss since she's so easy to beat too.

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>>590682863Just ignore them and they'll go away, user. They feed on attention and die at the lack of it. BTW based SCP girl.

>>590682863Beetle Queen is just a bug with tits, and most of the time there's so much trash and effects on the screen you barely see her model. She's not really threatening either.

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>>590682863>>590682983Based SCP! I love SCP.

Attached: 1620428062207.png (1000x1358, 1.01M)

>>590682983Too bad there's no SCP game that features the best SCP. Seriously, why hasn't she made any appearance? A cameo would be fine too.

Attached: 1614886521879.gif (400x290, 3.17M)

>>590682863>you will never have a phone virus skull dog monster gfwhy live

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>>590683090wheres the chaos insurgency one? this and that one are like the duality of men

>>590683090Lmao I only like SCP for the porn, not this trash you put infront me. I tuned out when they allowed pic related to slide but censored the sexy doorknob. Besides that tranny probably killed himself faster than serpent's hand or chaos insurgency ever could.

Attached: 69409cfff1e6ee50828fe7849cd657bb695297cff958c735e1138cd5a0969fdc_1.jpg (640x911, 130.6K)

>>590683316Stop replying to that retard, who's trying to shit this thread up since 45 minutes ago.

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>>590644005Stuff could have been fire but then that faggot desided to turn in into some disgusting rimjob shit.

>>590683437SCP has only gotten better, with a wider and more diverse community and written SCP's. You're just bitter that the old ones aren't as good.

>>590683127She's not really a threat in the SCP thing IIRC. Besides I can't imagine how "seeing it in your peripheral vision" would be implemented, and what use it could have ingame.

>>590683502I hate rimjobs, but i doubt he could fuck tall monster girl that bad. What was the doujin called?

>>590680907Holy cope

>>590683526Lol, lmao.That is some weakass bait. We're done here.

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>>590641092>filledSo the outside sheath part is good to go for a tentacle job?

Honestly. I'm sorry trans anons. I'm sorry that i've posted a lot of hate towards you. I've been wrong my whole life, and an upset and bitter white incel, who, in his twenties, lives with his parents and has accomplished nothing. I'm sorry that my hatred of transgender people is holding me back. I speak for all anons here. I'm sorry.

>>590634483they are in the current year

>>590675436Tom Cruise is 5'7"

>>590674682What a fucking faggot. Why did he have to make it about a futa ?

>>590683849Thank you user. It means the world to us all. I'm glad Holla Forums has finally gotten over itself and has started to accept us, because we were Holla Forums all along.

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>>590683547The one SCP game (the not multiplayer one), where you're a D-boy trying to escape the facility, has a lot of other SCPs that are just there for shits'n'giggles.I can easily imagine her use in that game, she'll just be around there to scare and be friendly with you. Maybe you might get spooked by her and your mild panic leads to a bigger problem, like looking away from peanut.Since the game already has gameplay revolving FOV, it's easy to just have her creep on the edge of the screen, and then have her disappear if you center your crosshair on her.

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>>590684058/qa/ lost

>>590683618look up for chomoran on nhentai

>>590684003Because futa on female is A+ tier

>>590611780>turning pyramid head to a tranny

Attached: bara pyramid head.jpg (1212x1450, 174.24K)

>>590684885looks like an alien profile from the thumbnail

>>590611780This started off as such a promising thread...

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>>590685661At least some of the garbage fortunately got deleted by a mod, if you refresh this page.Only thing that will make this better is a V3 update.

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don't open

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>>590686124got any more?

>>590685919Make your own v3


>>590686189of that bara chest _no

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>>590686467keep posting anyway, im liking it

>>590684003As opposed to wanting to see a guy fucking which would make it straighter in your mind?

>>590686505not sure how you feel about nemesis

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>>590686945Good. Where's all this coming from? is it oc user?

>>590611780Yeah but would you THIS monster?!

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>>590689242It's just cheese.

>>590689289It's mentally unstable cheese.

>>590611780his fallout doujin are coomerkino

>>590640936>can't fug something that looks like a condomeh?

>>590673273>humping the sofa at age 6NEWFAG.PUSSY.AMATEUR.

>>590640728Black Souls III

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>>590694329catbox.moe/dmiwsx.jpgTeraurge stream arthope you enjoy the wait

>>590694623sorry user but that only gives me 404

>scaryno, but this is

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>>590694818works for me just make sure the url says files instead of littercant post the link for some reason.

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>>590694818de.catbox.moe/dmiwsx.jpghe's a fucking idiot

>>590695104thanks user


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>>590674369>>590674561Cute sneks.

>>590654607Hey bro is this your son?

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>>590654607As soon as the bossfight started and I read her name, I got a raging boner that didn't stop until I beat her and then masturbated


>>590683526>You're just bitter that the old ones aren't as good.If the old one wasn't good, you spastic wont even touch it in the first place.

>>590684125it really came as a shock to me when I found out that thing was not only furry suit, but also the fact that there's plenty of porn featuring itused to find the original pic spooky as hell before that.

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>>590679524have this in return

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>>590612178>>590645750How come in almost every form of media female werewolves have no breasts?

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>>590634483I hear you, frenBut in reality the crazy ones (99% of women) would just stab you to death during a mood swing which is why evolution keeps them smol

>>590642035>just hack the pentagon bro

>>590697421normalfags won't let them get away with having 8 of them


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Why do I want to fuck a cute ghost girl so bad

>>590646629Holy shit ShindoL really is based.

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>>590640573>her name is Aurelia>same name as my town's old lady/cocaine dealerWhere can I get this spirit and ugrade it?The memetic potential amongst my friends is high

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>>590699210Did the cat survive?