Stardew Valley

Last thread was comfy and informative. let's go for more.

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Other urls found in this thread:'s>>590639938There's


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>>590556341delete that

I found a loli. Anyone know about her?

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What does CA think about Jas marriage?

>>590559731An user recommended it once, it seems to be the only thing that justifies East Scarp's existence.>>590559752He's an avid supporter, of course.

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>>590559731Shit, a female brat.

Best mod for cheating but not really like the tractor one?


>>590562161Popular cheat mods include skull cavern elevator and auto-fishing.

Jasfags: "YOU RUINS IT!"

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>>590567261>dead and memoryholed modESL-kun..

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>>590567439As long as the sprites exist, it can be reforged, greater than you can possibly imagine.

Stardew thread reminder: Fags aren't human and need to be exterminated

>>590556232Thats not really accurate. Its more like everyone has moved on and you have like 5 people autistically screeching jas as loud as they can.

>>590567781You can actually gauge how good a thread will be by how soon Jas is posted. It Jast works.

>>590567261Repost to scare a Jasfag

>>590568085I'm so scared I'll turn away from it now.

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>>590556326>>590556341The duality of Jas

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>>590560068>it seems to be the only thing that justifies East Scarp's existence.What about Eloise?

>>590569317Ever since harem user introduced her to us I still don't know absolutely anything about her.

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>>590569421Me either just that she's part of east scarp.

>>590569060Cute ChocoJas.

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>>590560068So what's wrong with East Scarp exactly? Is it annoying like SVE or something?

>>590570937Cute mice

For some reason I never finished my first year. This was back in release. Should I continue the file or make a new file?

>>590572063Start a new farm, use mods if you wish. There has been tons of stuff added or changed, but the second year is still a massive drag.

>>590572063Make a new file. Go down the modding rabbithole. It can be hard to stop, but modding in and of itself is fun.

>>590572063Start a new file with this essential mod.

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>>590572189>>590572848>>590573714What are some crops I should save for secret quests? I think I almost got a secret but I forgot some crop and had to wait for the second year for itNot really looking forward for getting those scrolls againAnd thanks anons

Stardew has been on my switch wishlist for months but never felt the need to pull the trigger on it. Is it worth full price or should I keep waiting for a big sale?

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>>59057432410 beets for a certain questline and stuff for the quality crops bundle.

>>590574324As a habit I keep one of everything, preferably 3-5 just to be safe even if I don't see an immediate use for it. It's better than having to religiously check the wiki to prepare or for anything I might miss.

>>590574425It's worth full price, but if you haven't bought it yet you can wait for a sale. You shouldn't get it on the switch.

>>590573714Wonder where the usual jasmod pastaposter ran off to.

>>590575065His posts keeps getting reported for some reason, which is funny when someone inevitably asks for the link in his absence.

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Why is this trash game relevant in any way?

>>590575378Because everyone else dropped the ball.Also pic related.

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>>590575378pedos are the only thing keeping these threads alive

>>590575378See picture related.

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>>590574635Why not the switch?

why lmao2jas is there something with 2 jas in the threads/game

>>590575524>he doesn't know

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>>590575519No mods. It'd be like buying skyrim for the switch.

>>590575524It's a marriage mod meme.

>>590575276Pretty much this, I posted it as >>590573714 though. It got added to that mod list but here's the anthro Jas link as well.

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>>590575378Had Story of Seasons surpassed it yet?

>>590576521Hate being reminded of the absolute state of modern hm and rf.

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>>590576845Oh no, did Pioneers of Olive Town sucked ass or something?

>>590574547Is it known how many chests can be used?

Jas. Simple as.

>>590575378Also because CA come here once in a while

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>>590578185There's no limit I know of and you can place them anywhere convenient. I think there's mods that make it so you can access everything from any chest too.

>>590580613I wonder if for a dev seeing all the jasposting is similar to seeing a bunch of men have their way with your daughter.

>>590580746I bet he had to go to the ER each time

>>590581365I know I'd be proud as hell of having some based fellas appreciating a loli in a work of mine.

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Any underrated NPC mods that aren't the usual ones like Sasuke, Clint to Cleo, etc?

>>590581365He was here during Christmas giving away keys like he does every year and he saw all the usual Jas pasta but didn't care.

>>590581798SDV Expanded. Once you try Expanded mod, you won't see this game the same way anymore.

>>590562161People Seeds because it's

is this the game where you can marry a child?

>>590556232Is there a way to filter out jas posts? Iolicons are so boring

>>590582704Yeah you'll appreciate ape as a writer more and know it could've been worse.

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>>590583279You can't

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>>590583279No, you must live with us as we live with you.

>>590583002You can do more than that

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>>590584315are there any other lewd mods?

>>590582307I don't know if not care is the right way to describe it. He's never commented on it so nobody knows what he thinks. It's more like he's a reasonable guy who knows how to avoid landmines.

>>590584142Never played Expanded mod before, what's wrong with it?

>>590584561I hope you like blacked ntr

>>590584613Should he even comment? or care for that matter, people are going to mod the game with or without his input so it likely isn't worth his time to try and police mods.

>>590575378It's not, these threads are only made so people can jerk off the jasmodder. Take a look at the images posted here; none of these people play the game, they just repost the same 20 images. Every time someone tells them to fuck off, they decide to make another thread.

>>590585362>Should he even comment?No way. The only thing he could say is to condemn it and that would just piss off anons here and bring more attention to it.

>Stack of 999 iridium wool with rancher is worth 800,000>stack of 999 ancient fruit wine with artisan is worth 2,300,000Cropsfags will defend this.

>>590572063I finished my first year but stopped after that.I just feels like a waste of time, more so than any other video game.

>>590581798There's ridgeside. I've heard some like aspen, but I can't really think of good standalone npc mods.

>>590586070Showing the tallied up numbers at the end of the day was a mistake.

>>590585507Go make the venti mod so anons will start making rf threads again and jerk you off.

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>>590586070No shit, ancient fruit wine takes significantly longer to make.Ancient fruit wine takes 14 days to make, sheep grow wool every 3 days.So, it will take you nearly five times as long to get that ancient fruit wine assuming you have equal numbers of both.Now add in ancient fruit doesn't grow in winter without a greenhouse, well wool grows fine year round, and even if you have a greenhouse your space is limited to 7x8 so at most you are getting a harvest of 56 from the greenhouse, but more likely 52 if you don't want to have to water them and eat up all that energy loss.For 52 Sheep you would need five fully upgraded barns, so it will cost more, and take more space, however it also doesn't require you to have completed any bundles.Now also figure in that large milk with gold or iridium stars will also vastly out income your wool.You might have noticed that wool isn't even that good of a crop at the end of the day.Pigs and Cows more profitable.Pigs will get you 1065 for oil, or 1250 for iridium truffles without a specialization every day.Cows will get you 345 minimum per day, but can get as high as 456 if you have rancher or 483 if you have artisan.The problem isn't animals vs crops, the problem is you want to be some kind of sheep fucking Welshman.Also Artisan is just flat out better then Rancher or Tiller.

>>590567605It's true. Anyone who romances a male is gay and using a protrait/pronoun replacer mod doesn't change the fact that you married a man and the whole town considers you gay.

>>590588004Use Roman rules, it is only gay if you are the bottom.

>>590581365That depend of the artist/creator. Some dislike it, others are ok with it. Then again, you should know, whatever you create, it'll have r34 art if is popular enough.

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>>590589845He definitely seethes but won't say anything. He has a girlfriend

>>590590676If he was the type to seethe he wouldn't be the type to say it's not his business to police mods and he would've tried making it more difficult to marry jas.

>>590591886Not necessarily. He can say it's none of his business while seething at the same time.

>>590591980I dunno. I think if he was seething while still keeping true to what he said he would've simply stopped handing out keys when that jas mod and shoop got posted in his thread.

>>590594287>he didn't say pedos are bad so that means he's pro-pedoMassive cope, pedophilia being objectively wrong is already common sense. Besides, he already knows what happens when you tell these pedos to fuck off, considering it happens in these garbage threads all the time: they double down.

>>590594493Oh, you're doing that. And you're half agreeing with me without even realizing it just because you want to argue.


>>590584561There's xtardew and horny girls/citizens. Both come with their own caveats, but might be worth it depending on what you're into.

>>590584848It's full of itself. It's the type of mod to give George terminal cancer and molest Haley with a completely straight face for drama. It also has things like a self proclaimed nonbinary child and one of the most irritating mary sues I've ever seen. That's not getting into it often breaking other mods because it felt the need to fiddle with every little thing about Stardew. If you stick around in these threads long enough you'll see anons tear into it in one form or another. If you want an expansion mod, Ridgeside is the way to go.

>>590597938Is it entertainingly bad at least?

>>590599448Sometimes it's so bad it's funny.

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>>590597938I'm sure if someone make a loli Sophia mod portrait, she would be more bearable. The riverside at mods are little and most of them aren't good.

>>590600653Sophia would work better as a child because that's how she acts, but she would still be annoying. She'd need a total overhaul.

>>590585507We're here precisely because we played the game (modded).

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I was interested in playing this harvest moon type game but all the pedofags have me rethinking my decision.

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>>590601012This. Nobody would care about a mod or a character if they don't play or care about the game itself. Claiming otherwise makes zero sense.

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>>590601902>not a new ipSure thing bud

>>590601874An event placing you where the event ends or not is more a matter of preference I think. Matter of convenience vs potentially jarring. If that was the user's biggest concern it doesn't sound that bad.

You may stop crashing now, 4channeru

>>590570906Wish she was her own NPC mod

>>590599640Kent deserves more. He's genuinely of the few good men in the town.

>>590606371He rushed the wedding, and leave for a few years her wife for a while. He might not be a bad person. But bad stuffs happened for sure.

>>590606371Gus, Kent, and Willy are the only good guys.

I've finally finished the basic standing sprites for all girls and I'd love some feedback, please download the .ase file and reupload it with any

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>>590609289You are a god amongst men user.

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>>590609289Great work, user

>>590609289Now you're cooking by the book.

>>590609289Honestly, flawless. Can't see anything I would change except maybe some highlights in 7 and 9's hair.

>>590575519>>590575637It's worth it to buy on Switch if you're playing portable mode, otherwise grab it on the PC for modding.

>>590609573>>590610827>>590610964>>590611157Thanks anons.

>>590614784Made some minor tweaks so they pop a little bit more. Up to

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>>590616147Perfect, thank you. Shading is precisely what I'm terrible at.

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>>590616147>>590609289Superb work.

>>590569060That's pretty cute desu.

>>590616147>>590616353Now if only we could add it to the game lol

>>590616353Sorry, scratch that, little bit more. Keeping it simple knowing when to stop is a skill in and of itself and one I struggle with. Can't go too crazy shading. These are great user. Immediately recognizable and fits the Stardew style

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>>590617358One step at a time. Luckily this isn't really the first mod of its kind, there's other original NPC mods you can borrow code from. I think the real difficult task will be writing dialogue and events for all of them, as well as doing custom animations.

>>590617358That's the plan, but the sprites are all I can do unfortunately. I hope someone eventually cooks up good dialogue worthy of the original work and maybe actual portraits (I'll be downscaling the ones from the VN as placeholders).>>590617387Thank you again.

>>590617805Probably best to introduce each character separately, or in pairs at most. Will also make it much easier to test this way.

>>590617805>I think the real difficult task will be writing dialogue and events for all of them, as well as doing custom animations.This and art yes. Content patcher makes the "code" portion of it all by far the easiest part.

>>590617951>actual portraits (I'll be downscaling the ones from the VN as placeholders).Using the vn sprites as a base and drawing over them could work.

>>590617805>>590618012I think a really difficult thing is going to be figuring out how to implement so many new characters in SDV's limited map. Turning them into permanent residents would be a lot of work no matter how you tried to do it, and would likely result in adding an entirely new area which is a ton of work in and of itself. One thought I had was having them show up during festivals, as tourists, basically. Fits with the "going on tour" ending of UAB and it would give you a lot more to do during those events. The fact that you're also not on a clock and take as long as you want reduces the pressure of having so many extra NPCs around and lets you really enjoy your time too. Just something to think about.

>>590618673That's actually a brilliant idea, I'm saving this in case someone does decide to make the events in the future.

>>590617805Events aren't that important, but dialogues are easier to do. Taking part of the game and some original based in their personality. teasing, loving, some mesugaki touch but loyal touch. You know, waifu stuffs. Even maybe some might suggest the farmer could make a harem and they would be ok with it. Bad english but sure you can understand it.

>>590619031>but dialogues are easier to doWriting a single dialogue instance isn't hard, but writing dozens of them and having to think of how this character would act in all the different situations, as well as some special random ones, is not so easy. Especially not if you want the character's interactions to actually be enjoyable for people and something they'd want to seek out. And mind you have to do this for 10 characters with mostly different personalities (the twins are almost like one character so maybe 9 is more accurate).

>>590618673>how to implement so many new characters in SDV's limited map.The wizard girls can live with the wizardSome can live in the desertSome on the islandSome south of the farm, near the cat houseI think you can fit them in without designing new areas

>>590618935The one downside is they'd have no heart meters and you wouldn't be able to have a relationship with them, but it's a quick solution I thought of that lets you quickly implement them into the game without a lot of the heavy lifting of fitting them permanently into the game world. Long term that would be something to try for, I think, but UAB Girls on Tour would be a nice proof of concept I think, and it would be a lot of work just by itself anyway.

>>590619351I don't know very well this characters but I would actually love to do that if was characters I love from another game. Them again you should have in mind this is not a "piece of pure gold" so no everyone will love it. If you get what I mean. There gonna be people who always complain or prefer things their own way. The important, again, is you are satisfied with the job done.

>>590619470The girls are witches, so the witch's swamp would be more apt, no? But the wizard tower would make them way more accessible. And give you a reason to visit old Rasmodius too. My issue is most of the girls wouldn't really make sense just living alone in a weird place with nobody around. I can think of places I'd see them, like Annmarie and Kim at the library, Nel and Stephanie at Pierre's, maybe Emily at the Volcano on Ginger island, etc, but they'd have no houses, no families explaining their existence or presence. Might be fine for the Schlechtenthal twins, but nto most of them.

>>590620051Should be easy enough to mod Linus tent interior to fit em all. It's close, sort of central and it makes sense.

>>590620407Despite how much I hate Linus and combined with the implications of this, it makes sense and said implications are also very accurate.

>>590620407I don't see how it makes sense, it'd make more sense to have them camping at the bus stop.

>>590620873Here's a quick proof of concept. I didn't really find the tiles necessary to make a large enough bed or sleeping bag but I'm sure that's no problem for an artist.

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>>590620873If it means finally putting the polygamy mod to good use so I can see those cuties in wedding dresses, this is also very much fine.

Cunnydew Valley. At last we're going home.


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>>590562161Automate, I'm doing a perfection run without mods and I'm missing Automate SO MUCH

>>590609289Its glorious.

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>>590617951Argh, I can't stop. Hopefully I'm not bastardizing your work. I have a bad habit of only seeing things after I upload.Made Nele thiccer, tried to slim down the others a little, Laura in particular since she's wearing more revealing form fitting clothes, and touched up the hairs. If I've ruined any of them, please

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>>590624771No problem user, I appreciate it a lot, especially your change to Nele.

>>590625163Okay, last one, for real this time. Tried to give Kim her glasses. Doing my part bumping the thread at

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>>590626457Huh, I tried to give to put the glasses under her eyes like Harvey's but it looked bad, that's much better.

I have not played SV in about 2 years, has anything changed? What are some mods to look at?

>>590626578The Jas mod is the most essential mod for any player.

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>>590626743It was already posted in the thread here. >>590573714

>>590626545Yeah, glasses are tough on such small sprites. Looking at these one could easily think making them is no big deal, but every pixel matters.Hopefully that provides a good base for you. If you need any help with the others and I'm around I'll do what I can.

>>590556232any archive?

>>590627062I'm going to do the sideways sprites next since they're the hardest, I'll ask for feedback by then too.


>>590626743I'm actually a little out of the loop, is this the Jas marriage mod? Does it have any requirements?

>>590627513It comes packed with all the dependencies it needs, if you already have any of them installed you can just skip the ones you already use when you extract the mod into your folder.

>>590618673>I think a really difficult thing is going to be figuring out how to implement so many new characters in SDV's limited map. Turning them into permanent residents would be a lot of work no matter how you tried to do it, and would likely result in adding an entirely new area which is a ton of work in and of itself.Check out the boarding house mod, it might be what you need.

>>590627513Yes, the newest version with tons of new stuff, namely being able to recruit her to take hang out with you wherever you go. All the required mods are included in the pack, but to enable the lewd scenes you have to do the following:>install the Generic Menu Config mod and simply enable them in its submenu. Just keep in mind that the lewd scenes are mostly separated from the mod since they're a work in progress, not having real triggers set yet causing scenes to play automatically in certain areas and out of order. The rest of the mod is fully functional however.

user, where's my purple shorts?

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>>590619031There's a lot you can only do with events. They're not mandatory, but I'd say they're important.

>>590619470I don't think they should live there, it should be more like vacationing or traveling around for "business". It'd be more accurate to UAB and less work trying to figure out what to do with them all individually.

>>590627802That's exactly what is needed.

>>590627802You mean this?'s bloated as fuck but a stripped down version of it could be used.

>>590628238Dunno bro. Hey, why don't you go rate my grange first?

>>590628238Come and claim them.

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Is smapi still needed for modding? It's been forever since I touched the game, let alone messed with mods.

>>590629212Yes, along with Content Patcher and a few other almost universal dependencies. There's also another modloader which actually lets you organize mod order in a sane and practical way but barely anyone uses it from what I've gathered.

>>590628783Man that mod name is misleading, it adds a ton of content. Requires so many dependencies, too. I'd hold off on using this because it looks like a bloated house of cards that is going to come crashing down once 1.6 hits.


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Games that can no longer be discussed on Holla Forums:Stardew Valley

>>590631342Because the threads are too based.

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>>590630791Heckin spoop doggo

>>590616147>stephanie but no picrelatedwut

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>>590633174I still don't know how to get her scene despite making the correct choice at the start. I'm going to include Bernd too so it would make sense, but would she even have much dialogue potential? It's precisely why I didn't include Aisha or the fairies (I guess they could be a hidden event, though).

I'm going to Jas.

>>590630791She need better art. I still think that would make her more bearable. A loli version would be nice and more acceptable.

>>590635068Unless they change her dialogue as well I'd rather have the effort put into lolifying an actually good character.

>>590633467>I still don't know how to get her scene despite making the correct choice at the startnigga wat?all you have to do is be a lazy bum and refuse to leave kc for work, then you're railroaded into imouto rape

>>590636653Ah, I thought you had to go to sleep early which I did in both of my playthroughs. Joke's on me.

>>590636342I mean, she lost her parents recently and she's all alone there. That's one of the main reason people dislike her, because the drama around her and how she's a crybaby. I believe if she was a loli, people would feel more sorry for her lost, than get annoyed. but that's just me.

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Jas. Simple as.

>>590633467>but would she even have much dialogue potential?Yes. If you included Bernd, especially yes.Imouto is one of best girls

Man getting pineapple plants up and running is hard. Just starting Ginger Island for the first time, haven't seen a banana yet. Is there a priority to these parrots after you unlock the farm + farmhouse on the island?

>>590631342These threads are great, no idea what you're complaining about.

>>590639543The people who don't contribute and then just complain about what other people do are truly the worst.

>>590639231Alright, I'll check her scene out and include her in my next update.

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Jas user saved me a lot of time here

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>>590639852Nice, you're animating already. Okay, I lied, I touched up Emili's hair>>590639938There's several Jasbros over the years who contributed to that spritesheet, but you're welcome for the flower dance. Looking good.

>>590641002Perfect, I was iffy on her hair. Thanks again user. I hope you're around once I post all side view sprites, like I said they're the hardest since they actually involve redrawing the character entirely.

>>590641403You can use Jas as a base. Should make it easier.

>>590639938>Pam lifting her off the groundCUTE

Imagine being a tourist from the city visiting Pelican town and you happened to show up on a wedding day, and being a small open community they allow anyone to attend so you decide to join as well and as you make it to the town square you see a man wearing a farmer's hat and a little girl on a stool as the couple getting married.

which are essentials qol mods?

>>590644202Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion

>>590644092>you scratch your head in confusion, with your eyes coming to a stop at the nearest notice board>Welcome to Sneedville (Formerly Pelican Town)!>you smile, quietly uttering something to yourself >"Home..."

>>590641002>>590643904Thanks. I just need to finish the beach sprites, then it should be good to upload

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>>590644202I personally like timespeed, making the time a tiny bit slower for mines is really nice for fitting in a standard set of activities - farm stuff, progress 5-10 levels in mines, then talk/gift npcs before fishing

>>590645294Before I get sprinklers, it's fishing or foraging at the end, after my farm is self sustaining, I start foraging first for hardwood/clearing out some trees then resume

Just found a rare Jas lewd in a random gallery on the

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>>590639849The worst of them all are the ones who go out of their way to actually shit on OC.

How do people actually get the motivation to work on spriting?

>>590647724Cunny is the best motivator of them all. Plus it's simply relaxing, I've loved basic spriting ever since I played Cladun X2.

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>no cuck pastas againClintchads we just can't stop winning

Dancing with Jas.

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Just picked this up, any tips to keep in mind without spoiling much?Is this a game where I can go at my own pace 100% of the way with no repercussion or am i encouraged to farm fast?

Any mods to cuck Pierre and marry Coraline?

>>590651004You're fine to go at your own pace. You'll only be encouraged to "farm fast" if you're impatient for money or want to get the community center built in year one.But the game is less fun rushing like that.

>>590651004Save the crops for the quality crops bundle from the very start of the game and whatever you do, DO NOT donate your first Prismatic Shard to the museum, also focus on getting the stable for the horse as soon as possible. And yes, the pace of the game is frantic with how fast time passes but you can do everything at your own pace.

>>590651071Why would you want to marry a cheating whore?

Any list of mods Anons are working on?>>590651258Wait did I do the dumb thing with my first prismatic shard in my playthrough? I donated my first one

>>590651576Kind of, it's used to get the strongest weapon in the game that will let you survive effortlessly in the Skull Dungeon, the alternative is forking over 25k for a shittier sword.

>>590651248Is there some incentive to building said center in year one? Or is it just some cheevo?

>>590651743Yes, most importantly you're not forced to go entirely through the borefest that is the second year just to get to Ginger Island, the last bit of additional content in the game.

>>590651004You can feel pressured at times to do stuff quickly, but mostly you can pick and choose what you want to do. For tips, scope out what crops and other items are needed for Community Center bundles. You'll unlock the Community Center quest line in your first week, it's automatically triggered just by walking into town. The community center is how a lot of "progression" in this game is gated, and you get nice rewards for completing bundles and completing entire rooms especially. So more than making money in year 1, finishing bundles should be your priority.Also growing a little bit of everything every season is usually a good idea. And save up some money before the first spring festival, there's some really good seeds for sale at the special shop.

>>590651743It unlocks a lot of things, new ways to make money, new locations to travel to and some story element too.

emily is CUTE

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>>590651576It's not really a problem as long as you got another one, but generally you want to use the first one to get the Galaxy Sword. Having it will make getting a second shard a little bit easier since the skull cavern won't be nearly as intimidating.

>>590651743You get rewards for it, some affect the town

>>590645917Interesting, no the best but is welcome.

>>590651743Every single bundle in the community center gives you some kind of reward, and a lot of these are really good. Completing an entire room of bundles unlocks some new feature in the over-world, with some of these being game-changing improvements to quality of life and money-making potential. Finishing the Community Center entirely is also when the rest of the game really opens up and many "end game" quest lines become available.

>>590651743Something that experienced players like to do is rush the CC so they can get to the end game content faster. Or at the very least, they rush a few particular rooms that unlock new areas or improvements that allow them to snowball wealth very quickly.

which non vanilla girl should I marry?


>>590655039/our girl/ Jas.

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jasfags should be gassed


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>>590655408Take me to the Jas chamber.

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>>590655408Gassed in the Jas chamber.

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>>590556232never played before, should i play vanilla or with mods? Does anyone have a list?

>>590656059This is our main recommended mod>>590573714

>>590656059Vanilla first, then mod it if you want, is usually recommended. There's no "required" mods for this game, really. It's up to personal taste to decide what you think is lacking, or what else you'd like to see in the game.

>>590656059For first game go vanilla, then you can pick what mods you'd like based on your experience. Going in blind it would be hard for you to know in advance or appreciate what the mods are changing. There's a lot of content in the game and people tend to like or dislike different parts of it, so you shouldn't take somebody else's word on what you should change.

>>590656140It's extremely hard to take this seriously. Vanilla first

>>590656695No, we're always serious about our cute and funny.

>>590577525yesat this point all they need to do is copy stardew yet they refusecomplete retards

>>590582307based ape

Kissing Jas on the lips.


>>590659876>fuck Jas, postersMission accepted.

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>>590659876If the jas mod wasnt a thing there would've been 90% less threads past few months.



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Imagine if we had a drawfriend make lewds based on the events in the mod like the farmer fingering Jas in the library or Jas giving the farmer a blowjob in the clinic.

>>590660367This is why we must keep raising awareness of Jas.

are Stardew Valley characters 32x32?

>>590660367I'll put it on the backlog, though i imagine a better drawfag will come around eventually and deliver before i even scribble up some drafts.


>>590662891Godspeed user.

>>59066289564 width? why did they make them so wide?

>>590662891Go to the drawthreads and look up Jas, there are two patient lads who always post their requests so you'd be doing them a favor.

>>590662970I have a lot to catch up on, since I haven't drawn in about a year so I need to get the rust off, finish playing through SDV again since it's been years and I haven't even experienced the new mods yet. Then finish the piece that somehow broke it was just burnout.>>590663037I avoid frequenting those threads now, since it's all white noise to me and the same requests day after day. I only pop in every so often to admire and praise the impressive pieces.I'll see what they are though. Thanks for the heads up.

>>590663948That's pretty good, user. I'd love to see Jas in that style even if it's not finished.

>>590663948I hope you already have the Jas marriage mod, maybe it will help inspire you. >>590573714


Is Rentry user here?

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it's hard to believe Stardew Valley characters are only 16x32 and tiles are only 16x16. not sure how they made them look so good.

>>590655889fucking kek jealous brat btfo

>>590667024A shame about the portraits, I wonder if the game would be as popular as it is now if you couldn't mod them. Also>tfw we'll never see the verboten proto Jas

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>>590669101It's in the Jas sadpanda gallery, the artist is Bichosan who didn't upload it to his Pixiv for some reason.

>>590669049The first Shane always cracks me up

>>590636859so you kept doing the exact opposite of what you needed to donice

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>>590609289holee phuc

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>>590669049Is there a mod to restore Abigail when she still looked good?

>>590670089There are multiple of those as far as I know.

>>590655646i'm not into brapfaggotry, but for jas...

>>590660327ever notice how they never have a response for this that isn't just going >le forced meme

>>590670726It's probably a group of Disc*rd fags. The forced meme thing didn't start until a few days after the 900 posts cunny thread where her OC skyrocketed.

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>download mods from thread>download all the dependencies needed for that character and the expansion>game crashes at "Loading" nowfuck

>>590671384Post your mod folder or we can't help you.

>>590671025I'm responsible for the popularization of "tranime"

>>590670141Is there any that aren't immersion breaking like she'll have purple hair in a cutscene or at a festival?

>>590556232why are stardew valley fans pedophiles?

>>590671470Oh I was just blogging, didn't know there was help. Well it works now. I think I just had to not alt-tab while it was loading.On the other hand, does Pettanko Valley not include sprite changes? Only got the portraits (cute) but the sprites are the same so it's a bit weird seeing old man as an open flatchest (lol).

>>590671784It's merely embracing tradition.

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>>590670726i was in the thread where the OC got first posted.Too bad i dont remember what thread it was. Cant believe it got really popular.

>>590672234It doesn't, sorry user. The portraits already were more time consuming than I expected and the sprites would be hell, especially since removing the booba from the original Oppai Valley sprites would require redrawing them almost completely.

>>590672518I can't complain at all. Was just curious if I messed up modding it. I should say thanks rather.

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>>590671482how dare younew stick btw

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>>590639852>I'll check her scene>he hasn't seen itoh nothings get ugly when girl aren't under the influence of unteralterbach's magic premature horniness field

The Jas events are just happening (randomly?). Is there a way to go back through them or is it supposed to be like this sinc eit's not complete or something? Just curious because I picked an option for an event that looked like it was out of order so I want to check other options now.

>>590674909>or is it supposed to be like this sinc eit's not complete or something?Precisely, that's why you have to manually enable them after all. You should be able to repeat them through EventRepeater console commands or by simply creating a new farm and going into the specific areas.

>>590675095It's just the "debug" sole option right? And yeah I had a bit of points iwth her on a day2 file so I think it skipped stuff or something that messed it up idk. Thanks for the tip.

>>590675168Yes, that's the option to enable the scenes.

user... Do you want my dad to send you another bomb?

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I miss nun user

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I can't find my wife Emily

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>>590675576He won't be doing that anymore.

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>>590679226Stop, I can only cum down her throat so many times

>When she sees the human farmer

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>Smith always closes at 4pm>Also then has the nerve to take Fridays off after you fix the community centerClint deserves to be alone.


>>590672886This is loli penny mod updated right? Now with sprites. If Rentry anona can add or update it in the links website, that would be awesome.

>>590688781Here is the final version, i made a slight fix since the previous post. It includes the

>>590689297Good work.

>>590685240Clint works harder than you ever did in your entire life.

>>590663030>64 widthfatfags wish

>>590672886Nice work user

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>>590677079believe in the power of potat

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More like Starjew Faggy

>>590694120More like Starjew Fatty

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>>590694251why is she out of the pig sty

>>590694120>>590694251The things murica troons do to self-insert

>>590694251>fatfags never broke the spritesheet limitkwab

How long do you think it will take for the new game to get a loli mod when its done?

>>590696046If it's anything like Stardew, about a week. If it's something like turning the ghosts into lolis, that'd take only an hour.

>>590678153>blind blacksmith>can't have any white people in the game without crippling them or turning them into tranniesWhy are these people like this?

>>590693594She looks like she farts violently in the water

>>590699062That's all I think about when I see penny now goddammit.

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