CIA in music and art

Redpill me on what all this bullshit about MK Ultra, Stanford Research Institute, Esalen and how the CIA "guided" shit in pop culture to control the sheeple.

I looked around and saw this bullshit:

- Laurel Canyon conspiracy, where CIA supposedly started the LSD bullshit so hippies would drop acid instead of riot against Vietnam:

- Nirvana and Courtney Love being a CIA asset or some bullshit and Kurt was "handled" by her or some shit:

Here's an interview about the whole thing on Jewtube. It covers CIA, drug trafficking and the CIA uses famous people as "assets."

Fam, should I believe this shit? This is WAY TOO TINFOIL for me to start thinking about fam.

Be real with me fam. This is all bullshit, right? KGB disinformation, right?


Redpill the FUCK out of me.

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sage on slide thread and wasting of efforts

Fuck you, dude. I ain't slidin' shit, faggot. I want to know this shit.

You can't say this shit is sage at all, motherfucker. There's a book on how CIA manipulated the arts in the 50's, making assholes like Jackson Pollack famous.

Here's the fucking book in Jewpedia:

Fuck you, NSA shill. Go to your fucking commanding officer and stroke his cock.

Fuck off. I hate being called a shill. I'm serious about this shit.

You'll want to look into the t 4 v 1 s t 0 c k organization…

being this buttblasted

I don't think the CIA is as much involved with guiding perceptions of Americans as Israel and the Jews are.

The minute a piece of good music is "discovered," a fucking kike record executive pays them shitloads of money to dumb down their music, change the style and become radio friendly.

Almost all of the independent and major label record companies are owned in part or wholly by Jews.

In nearly every art medium, this is the case. Jews and communists have subverted all traditional American art forms. European ones, too.


Those three things are one and the same.

real shit i say all controlled and shooted by dark organisation,…why ever "



This is actually really interesting stuff, i found a book in the PDF board about this stuff called weird scenes inside the canyon about how the CIA created the hippie movement

Laurel Canyon in the 1960s and early 1970s was a magical place where a dizzying array of musical artists congregated to create much of the music that provided the soundtrack to those turbulent times. Members of bands like the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, the Monkees, the Beach Boys, the Mamas and the Papas, the Turtles, the Eagles, the Flying Burrito Brothers, Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, Steppenwolf, Captain Beefheart, CSN, Three Dog Night, Alice Cooper, the Doors, and Love with Arthur Lee, along with such singer/songwriters as Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins, James Taylor, Carole King, Jackson Browne, Judi Sill and David Blue, lived together and jammed together in the bucolic community nestled in the Hollywood Hills.

But there was a dark side to that scene as well.

Many didn't make it out alive, and many of those deaths remain shrouded in mystery to this day. Far more integrated into the scene than most would care to admit was a guy by the name of Charles Manson, along with his murderous entourage. Also floating about the periphery were various political operatives, up-and-coming politicians, and intelligence personnel - the same sort of people who just happened to give birth to many of the rock stars populating the canyon. And all of the canyon's colorful characters - rock stars, hippies, murderers, and politicos - happily coexisted alongside a covert military installation.

Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon is the very strange, but nevertheless true story of the dark underbelly of a hippie utopia.

Most of it, like usual, is the kikes, mate.



Pic related user.

The Greatful Dead was a CIA psyop

Ted Cruz isn't the only candidate connected with the CIA, Trump tard.

Pic related user.

There's nothing there.

LSD was let on the streets by the CIA Mkultra project.
LSD basically fueled the hippy movement. And music was a large part of it.


Tab closed back to reddit cuck.

Stop un-ironically Talking like a nigger.






It becomes more horrifying when you make the connection that everything they tell you is lies. It's all a TV show. It's all made up since god knows how long. For money or whatever pathetic bullshit.

Miles is pretty good if a bit weird:

Nah, a lot of it has already been either Declassified, or Unclassified.

Mainstream media is pretty much all propaganda.

What you have to realize, is that there isn't just one source for propaganda….

As in, it's not just one group doing the propaganda, it's LOTS of groups doing COMPETING propaganda.

I think The Truman Show was a psyop to normalize ubiquitous spying on the population.

Jackson pollock and other shitty no talent painters were pushed in art gallerys as a CIA culture weapon

also several libshit literature magazines in the 1960s were funded by the CIA

Something like "America doesn't even have culture!"


as in "America is so open minded, be more like the west comrade, undermine your shitty commie government, defect to the west!"

So, you are saying that the CIA made American Art into the visual equivalent of bullshit….

In order to convince people to come to America?

Something about that just doesn't sound right….

anti-west propaganda depicted the west as a cultural backwoods anti-progressive place

western propaganda went full kike retard in response

A good rule I've got from reading his essays is, if a headline name that need a "profession" e.g. Robert Downey vs Actor Robert Downey, then the owner is a paid up member of the Fucking with the Plebs team.

This was the Cold War. They couldn't come to America, only be convinced that America was The Land of You Can Do What You Want which does sound good to someone needs a ration card for food and permission from the Party to go on holiday.

You sure thats not just what they were TOLD they were doing?

You know, compartmentalization and all that….


one of the founding members of the CIA front organization "Congress for Cultural Freedom" is Irving Kristol, head Jew of neocon Jews

That user's screencap is amazing.

Okay, So, the hippie movement was made to break up the family with LSD fueled free love.

LSD being a principle component in the MK-ULTRA experiments.

So, they made trippy music to reinforce the "Trip" of the LSD, allowing the propaganda (Behavioral conditioning) to more easily effect the youth… further breaking apart the family into individual people, with less consolidation of effort, and thus, a weaker overall economic and social position.

They are trying to engineer a mind controlled slave caste.

Saw in that screencap that
was talking about, that rockafeller was in on the Hippie movement, and Boom…


is someone forcing you to listen to it?

Is this shit marketed to kids?

And this is why I hate the magick threads sometimes. Some of it is good, but often they're chock-full of pseudo-intellectual junkies rambling about "le astral plane, man" and "shh! not here!".

makes me wonder what they are doing right now

the end links seem to say that it continued into the 80s with 80s music and drugs

Those people aren't real, they're shills trying to turn those who are naturally inquisitive and open minded into brain-dead fantasists and cultists.

Dude that's real. Look at cuckpedia:

I don't care about those /fringe/rs but these guys basically popularized LSD and consequentially hippies&free love. They made drugs and degeneracy mainstream, making young productive people into addicted CIA slaves.
And since LSD isn't hard to produce and distribute they unleashed a social bomb that we are suffering from today in the form of baby boomers.
It all came from one CIA project. Music and other art are just the consequence of these experiments.

What is [email protected]?

I ain't clicking that shit nigga.

What it is are these people are a bunch of uppity children who thin they're adult enough to parent all of humanity, but they're terrible parents and are going to get Menendezed in short order sooner rather than later.

They've moved on from drugs and rock n roll to sex, hence faggotry, faggot marriage, trannies, polyamory, asexuals, the pedo acceptance shit.

What's their motivation?

Everything has been a psychotropic military drill on television up until this point.
If you don't believe me, watch any of the Marvel movies.
If you don't get what I'm saying you're retarded and deserve what's coming to you. Whoever can see what I mean knows that we're fucked.


I recall insider journalist Kurt Loder saying that America (and I suppose the West) has become so fractured culturally that no movie production or pop sensation can strike a chord as big as they'd done in the past.

I think that implies their productions have diminishing returns.

NWO 2031. see you at the (F)UN Camp.

Why even make this post if you don't want to inform the uninformed? You just want to jerk yourself off?

I don't watch Marvel movies so I have no idea what you're talking about. Please elaborate.

Actually society with its schisms has one major thing in common and that's to be trendy and in the know. That means, watching the latest movie releases, keeping up with sports, downloading the latest social media apps and playing the coolest games. They are directly influenced only by major trends, and anything 'uncool' or politically incorrect is thrown out into the garbage.

Because that's your job faggot. Firstly, you're supposed to 'prove it' to yourself, which no one else can, and secondly you have to continuously update your belief systems, which means study. If you aren't doing either one why bother?

Could you just give one example of how Marvel films have functioned as psychotropic military drills for the masses? What are they attempting to accomplish?



The kikes have always used their movies to boast or foreshadow things. They are especially cocky of late

The characters you see in the movies play their part in instilling emotions and associations amongst the viewers. The viewer might have some sympathies to the message of the villain for example, but they 'know' that the hero is the one who is 'right', therefore in their minds they begin to block out certain associations that they had with the villain, effectively conditioning them. The newer movies are even worse, and now with social media you can track individuals for their ideological leanings.

Yeah, never did I say I watch them or anyone else should watch them. You've the job to prove to yourself that these things exist by finding out how the effect you on a personal level.

The 'kikes' have been doing this since antiquity, although you need to understand that if you were truly immune to it, they wouldn't have any power.

I feel like this is one of those threads that is going to get shut down prematurely for (((reasons unknown))).

I know I'm not immune to it. I'm very easy to manipulate.

I'll piggy back off this guy and give you an example becouse he's a typical cryptic edgelord.

Look up Continuum. Some "bad guys" from the future come into Vancouver to prevent corporation enslaving the whole world in the aftermath of an economic crash. The main big american teetees heroine is of course fighting against them with his hacker friend.

It so damn blatant I chuckled all the time.

Tupac was a shill for jews?!

Alright, seeing that OP is a faggot and people are scared being labelled a tinfoil. Let me tell you jow it works.

Cult Marxism/ The Jew Effect is about controlling every source of media or "input" of any society of people. They have been doing his for A VERY LONG TIME. So, it doesnt matter if it was the CIA or MTV, it is all controlled by the jew. They designed it this way. If you want to find some hobby or whatever to enjoy your are going to have to dig and stop being lazy. Fund the source.

Sage cause you faggots should know this by now.

If CIA can do this to create a whole fucking movement, like hippies. That means their methods are highly refined.

With all the AI bots and shilling technology, like we saw on this thread where faggots tried to slide it, it means this shit is real.

I had bio idea that bitch Taylor Swift went to prep school and her family is a bunch of banker sellouts.

I never understood how a bitch like that made it famous when she was 13. Turns out daddy "made" a record company for her.

This shit is crazy.

Redpill me on T 4 v 1 $ t .0 ck.

Do they create the cultural programming?

TS is a new player and and possibly had a role in the creation of this imageboard.

das i mane

Interesting, since this board was influential in the creation of mainstream memes (cuckservative) for instance.

does anyone have the actual citation for that William Casey quote?

Do you have glasses?

This is the best I could find with the context of the quote, but as always take it with a grain of salt: "Barbara Honegger", 1981 briefing with Reagan and his Cabinet

thanks. bro-tier

Are you saying my waifu is behind a Chan board? WTF?

Taylor Swift?!


Archived thread from old Holla Forums

Lurk more faggot

I say wew lad

That's not how lsd works. Problem is its difficult to follow instructions on it, can't be trusted to something like make kill. They used to give it to us in omaha at bad parties and it lets you leave your body. Makes for more easy time if strapped down though.

How is Taylor Swift involved in fullchan other than autistic fandom?

That's what he means.

The fact of CIA-jew's degenerate propaganda being something to counter views of a "anti-progressive" west being a lie told to lower ranking agents and the public, when in fact they were just doing it to kill the west by command of the globalist jews.

Tavistock had its own airline circa late 2000s. They flew into China several times during this period, which has a government that hoards random bureaucratic data. There is no other information about their existence or flight patterns outside of a lonely MOFCOM paper. But it certainly gives you an idea of the scope of the organization…

sage for stupid fucking Alex Jones cocksucking AltRight spam cunts. Nirvana was CIA makes everyone who exposes shit like Chomsky was a Limited Liability agent during the Vietnam papers look just as crazy as you shills

Nah, she was confirmed to post in one by some Holla Forumstard in halfchan

Krist Novellic the proto-Holla Forumsack?

That was almost intelligible.

embed isn't working for me

Tavistock has been around for quite a while. It is often alleged that they are the progenitors of the techniques behind MKULTRA/MONARCH. From what I have read, these programs also heavily borrow from Crowley's techniques of "initiating children", wherein his goal was to induce trauma, to open their third eye, and split their psyche.

Now that I mentioned a particularly verboten word, watch this thread get slid.


They're seriously played as the bad guys?

Tupac was a shill for Interscope records which is owned by Jews.

Dr. Dre, Suge Knight, Snoop dog, were all under the same record label Interscope and were made famous by the CIA to push cocaine into urban black neighborhoods. Crips and bloods killing each other over drugs, etc.

Tupac's death was likely faked or he wanted out of the CIA program. All this Illuminati album occult stuff is just a front for government agencies trying to misdirect the public.

Reminder that discordianism is an alphabet operation

Why would the CIA help to create a cultural situation in which communist subversion was easier? That makes no sense.

It makes perfect sense. CIA and jews want the destruction of the family unit and free will. Cultural marxism and communism are the perfect ways to bring this change about.


Sex and intoxication are as old as human history

It all really starts to make sense if you think about it.

All those strange deaths in hollywood are most likely fake. They were CIA plants.
Kurt Cobain
tupac shakur
Jim morrison
John Lennon
Michael Jackson

Or how about the rumors of celebrities being "replaced". Again CIA plants.
Miley Cyrus
Paul Mccartney

And now we have these new artists like Taylor swift and Katy Perry pushing breakups and lesbianism (I kissed a girl song)
Rap and hip hop pushing consumerism, drugs, killing each other.

Society is being hit on all sides by propaganda and we never saw it.

I had someone recently ask me what music was "big with the young people these days" and I can't even name a single mainstream musician besides a handful of rappers I have never even listened to. I think the internet plays a part in it people can listen to any kind of music from anywhere in the world and no longer have to go threw gate keepers like MTV and Loder to find music. I consider it a positive personally but I think there is a problem in having no real defined culture

Or they were junkies and criminal niggers. Not at all strange to die prematurely.

That is a schizophrenic line of thinking.

I think they do that naturally.

It sounds crazy but do some research.

How about this on tiger woods

And the problem being each subculture or mind-space can be way more easily controlled. There are one or two dozen high value TV series. This is all that is needed to place messages. This and advertising.

The mindbots and corporate drones already collaborate with the messages from MTV and big mainstream 90s culture in their heads, which they inherited from the LSD-induced chaotic, non-culture before them.

Many papers and magazines reported on it a few years ago with a very light and upbeat tone, like how women in third world countries can be educated about condoms and shit, or how some public health behavior can be adjusted. And then suddenly they ceased reporting on it. I wonder why.

Just like the bombing of Yugoslavia was a blueprint for carpet bombing every other country 3000km away, mkUltra and the Cultural Congress was a blueprint trial for those telenovelas on the largest, global scale.

Could I get that in English, please?

In a way, that it what the culture is though, unrestrained access to anything the heart and mind desire, no matter how debauched or beautiful it is

A coalition of free love, hedonism, technological progress, and the pushing of social boundaries

Your answer defines our age "I don't know"

Now if it is true that someone or a group of people have been guiding these cultures and trends, then they have led us to this spot.

The only reason to create an entire generation, and to an extent, a society, that is based around this "lost" mindset would be to introduce them all to a landmark, to break them out of their controlled conditioning.

Like a group of survivors on a raft at sea, a landmark on the horizon to inspire hope for a future to come.

The question is, what is this coming landmark, where will it lead us, and who will benefit from it?

Dont have to be CIA, only insiders.

A.k.a., Rush Limbaugh. Look at the mole.

I heard a girl on the radio singing the lyric awhile back, Mary (i. e., marry), Mary, I can't get you out of my mind.

Just to spell out what in my reading appears to be the reality.

Nirvana wasn't CIA, they are from insider families; rich or high up military as in grohl's case and they have a lot of freedom to do what they want. Probably they always wanted to be musicians; they liked music and trained for it, then they got promoted. They were certainly talented enough to get support, and were put on a 'big label'. Trouble is Kurt; the originator of grunge (I guess), wanted to be authenticly grunge or punk, and the truth gnawed at him until he hated it, and by then grunge had become stagnant. His suicide note explains more deeply how he felt.

Watch the Loder interview before his death; they already know what's going to happen and the vibes are that Kurt is bailing out, and Loder sort of grills him about what Nirvana accomplished and if it had any meaning at all, probably because 'they' had invested a lot in building up Nirvana.

Smells like teen spirit is a weird and trance-y song though, with lyrics that don't make sense. That might've been a project. I doubt their real names are Kurt, Dave and Kris too.

shit, I'm basing their history on their given names, so they'd have to be the real ones or I'd be wrong about their histories… maybe they are anonymous MKULTRA trauma orphans.. I don't know.

So I googled for information on this, and it opened up a totally unexpected world for me.

Beiber is a woman?
Something about Katy Perry?
Jonathan Brandis and River Phoenix?

Anyone care to chime in on this shit?

I doubt it, but even if that shit is true, it's a fucking goose chase user.

Best chance we have is to just destroy their ideas and policies, and replace them with policies of our own.

Things like these, whether true or not, only serve to distract inquisitive minds from making change

redpill me on sage

Was anyone in the Gate Program as a kid…? I remember them mentioning that organization.

This poster is a foreign element.

This is a retarded shill.

OP is a faggot who wants to be black and hip hop.

But the topic is legitimate.

Who you calling a shill, shill?

Jan Irvin is a bit of an eccentric personality and very focused on the MK ULTRA stuff. It's very important, and we prolly wouldn't understand how important without Jan's research.

It's definitely STILL going on to this day. It's a multi-faceted attack on huge numbers of people, it's always been intended to damage people, dumb them down, break down all traditional culture, seperate people from their heritage, divide-and-conquer, get them focused on all sorts of nonsense and damaging bullshit, and prevent them from understanding what's going on, who's behind it, and where they're taking things.

This particular podcast is Jan Irvin and Joe Atwill together. What's especially good about it is that it goes into the Jewish aspect… it talks a lot about the Frankfurt School and traces it from as far back as 1917 (!!) then describes how almost all the Jews from the Frankfurt School ended up connected to OSS, then got involved with CIA and project MK ULTRA.
It is a physical (drugs), intellectual, cultural, and religious ATTACK on the American and European people.

Highly Recommend!

Listen ASAP if you haven't already:

The landmark will probably be related to Jewish Autocracy. The plan in the protocols of zion is to make everyone sick of the endless debate and lack of direction in society and cling to iron-fist autocracy. Kind of like we do on Holla Forums. Except the Jews will be in charge.

"Through Counterintelligence it should be possible to pinpoint potential troublemakers, and neutralize them"

is the key word in that sentence, not "Troublemakers"

It's a gaslighting psyop.

didn't they fund 'modern art' shit like Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol in the 60s to supposedly prove the US was more 'free' than the USSR in the cold war propaganda war…

I'll look for a source..

Any redpilled musicians then?

Some books I think are relevant on Balderexlibris.

sage for bullshit Alex Jones crap. Kurt was a douchebag but he grew up like me on the streets. You cant fake it