Don't hate me because I'm beautiful

Sup. I'm back with another fat ugly bitch who went out for some excersize. Unfortunately it was the wrong kind and it won't help.

Thanks to the state of Maryland for making this information so easy to get.

Archived Tweet:

First: Aviendha
Middle: Jazmine
Last: Goodrich

12608 Kembridge Dr
Bowie, MD 20715

(via 2013 voter registration)
Web Sites / Social Media

Father's name is Robert I think, also likely has other immediate relatives under slightly different last names

This bitch is a real fucking lolcow, choice tweets attached as image(s) relevant. Too bad she used to look decent, I guess liberalism fucked her over real good.

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Liberalism, like Judaism is influenced by the forces of Chaos.
It's no wonder Liberals become as ugly and unattractive as the Jews that control them.

Take this to /cow/

Is anything more of a turn off?


Fucking hell bottom right she's 100% cute. The fuck is wrong with this monster? She had it on easy street?

I suppose the fact beta's still give her attention means she hasn't lost her pedastal despite being hideous.

I don't need to know ANYTHING else about this chick to know that I want her Shoah'd.

Guys she really was legit cute at some point this is a fucking tragedy and should be a warning to all about the perils of liberalism and social justice

It corrupts you completely. Just like the dark side of the force

Damn, she was actually kind of pretty
Why did she do that to herself?

Even putting aside the fat thing or the dye thing which I hate, I've seen this with other women too. Beautiful full head of strawberry blonde or dirty fair locks, and then one day they just get struck by sudden mental illness and post pictures of them shaving it all off for a buzz cut or dyke style.

Before you attack her, can we get a complete tweet history? I want to see the progression from normal woman to man hating fatty.

What a fucking shame. This is worse to me than child rape. At least a child can recover. Her life is now ruined forever.

Feminism has ruined an entire generation of women.

I doubt that's possible. You can only go back so far into someones tweet timeline. You'd have to be a search query master to hit the right terms to pull up older individual tweets

Help me out here Holla Forums.

Just as I mentioned.
Liberalism has the same corrupting forces as Jews.


Damn, she was damn cute before the poison of Jewish feminism infected her.

Makes me sad, but the cunt needs to be ovened for her transgressions.

She was still fat then mate, double-check the angles, lighting and excess fat on the face (including those bloated lips).

Jews, Liberalism and other forms of degeneracy are the same forces that hate beauty, purity, self improvement and goodness.

Look through her instagram, you can see a steady rate of decline.

She was a cutter as a teenager and liked to show off her scars for attention. This is what her self esteem issues and self hatred has transformed her into.

Chaos mutations are unavoidable down this path.

Maybe I'm not seeing what you're seeing in the older pics. Of course there is no body shots, so you could be right. Regardless, the cunt is disgusting now and is a lost cause deserving of gassing.

idk.. mexican gypsy jew?

That's why we need the god emperor now more than ever.

Ya, the LMAO WEED YOLO BLAZE IT 420 faggotry is pretty fuckin pathetic.

She looks mixed race. Probably has some sort of mental illness. Her parents should never have allowed her on social media. Although, if her parents gave a shit about their kids they would never have had a mixed race child.

Is that D&D? Reminds me of the possible mutations you can find in Stone Soup

You know, has Filter King ever considered these camps might be more
necessary to all this 'cloward and pivin' crazy?

I knew I forgot something

Her DOB is 12/02/1996
She's like 20 or something

Also Robert is apparently her uncle. Maybe the parents abandoned her ass because lol interracial marriages

Send her exercise and diet books. I really like Good and Cheap and Solitary Fitness

Also send her old pics of herself saying stuff like "you used to be so cute, what happened?"

I thought jonesberg was selling dick pill now?


This girl reminds me of my brother's lolcow wife.

She has always been a little cooky, but she used to be cute, in shape and a little bit tolerable.

Off to the University she went and four years late she came back obese, multicolored hair, raging liberal feminist, unshaved legs, hipster glasses, Lena Dunham was her hero, the works. And she's got my poor brother pussywhipped beyond recognition.

It's crazy how bad Marxist indoctrination has gotten at public universities.

lol I did quote tweet one of them and ask if her style included becoming progressively more ugly

I really wish I could understand these fucking people.

Someone's been destroying my signs too, I live in washington state so that doesn't surprise me but it doesn't make sense either. Are they stopping people from voting for trump by wrecking my signs? Probably not. Are they trying to threaten me by destroying my property?

What exactly do they gain from this?

Seeing as they love to post their crimes on social media, its nothing but childish signaling. These people are plebs on every level.

compiling some tweets.

this is really boring so far cause she posts so many selfies. only back to dec 2015 so far.

apparently she is broke and this is her way of lashing out.


I've been keeping an eye open to see if the dipshit who's been breaking my signs has posted it on twitter. No luck so far, more than likely my welfare nigger neighbors though.


Warhammer FRP. According to this chart, she's quite advanced.

Where? I'm in puyallup and I haven't seen a single sign for any candidate anywhere.

Also try and get one of those solid steel trump signs so that when they go to kick it they break their fucking toes.

they see something they don't like, and they break it. in their mind, it means they've won. it doesn't matter if you put up another sign. what matters is that they've satisfied their need for pointless destruction.

Dubs confirm she is disgusting now.

I just went through her instagram, she was hot back in the day. The kikes did a number on her, exploiting her poor self esteem. That what feminism does, exploits the weak.

Also, I bet all guys she had as friends or fucks were piss poor numale faggots.

I live over in midland, its on the border of Tacoma and Puyallup.

I must live in a prime area because i've been seeing a lot of them, especially when senate elections roll around.

I wouldn't know, honestly. I do know that this girl with gain diabetes in the very near future though

I like fat women but why do they all have to be degenerates :(

that's enough of an autopsy for me. It's sad how similar these people are. Is feminism tempting simply because it blames someone else for their problems and makes being female a source of pride? There must be something really attractive about it to them.

can you post some old instagram pics? she should be turned into a new example of what feminism has done.

I need to play warhammer again, I didn't realize I could make a character like this.

That's how they get fat.

must be the marijuana

A link to her insta in in the OP. I suggest starting from the bottom then slowly going up. The progression is sad but predictable. This girl is a case study on the dangers of feminism and degeneracy.

This makes my blood fucking boil, she looked fucking cute before her decent into madness and now she's a disgusting blob.

Kikes are doing a great job at ruining women who would otherwise have good aesthetics/genetics if they didn't inject lard directly into their veins tbh.

Leftism should be charged with destroying even the concept of beauty
Related: this same woman some years ago

It's masturbatory. They do it because getting away with it gives them a thrill.

Ya dude, this shit bothers me. How many millions of women are similar to her. In any other age, would've been decent wives and productive child bearers in a solid marriage.

This girl is done, and shes only in her early 20's. By 22 a burnt out hambeast. How sad.

shit niggers she had a decent body and a nice rack

jesus fuck

Because fatness itself is degeneracy.

this one gets me in the feels. how we all wish we could turn back time.

she was getting fat at that point but still salvagable.

i'm about 2 years back on her insta now.

Maybe she's broke because she's a fucking cigarette addict degenerate

she enjoys mirroring images?

I like it too.


Up your standards man

fuck you I said decent I didn't say she was a keeper

nah, a lot of people who post here are fat. and everyone here's a degenerate

The rule really only applies to women and even then I have no idea why, you'd think if you have no physical attractiveness you'd want to work on your personality but instead they discard both in favor of becoming flap jawed cunts.

alright it seems she was thin about 3 years ago (presumably about when she graduated HS / college). started plumping up. found "body pozzitivity" and fymynysym. You know the rest.

She might have been a self cutter throughout school as well, from scars she has posted on her legs.


I don't think anybody was claiming she was a heartstopper, though hers might if she keeps eating like a beast. But it's still sad seeing hordes of what would be average looking women go to shit due to modern feminism.

that name reminds me.

My neighbors named their daughter Splenda. No seriously, fucking Splenda.

Her name sounds really familiar but I can't put a finger on it.

Are you just being a Jew or are you the fox from my OP?

Fat is pretty much the definition of degenerate you fat cheeto faggot


fucking chinese keyboards

Feminism tempts women by telling them that they do not, and should not, have to be held to any sort of standard whatsoever. They should not have to earn money to pay their bills. They should not have to take responsability for rasing their children nor for any of their own actions. They should not have to do anything to earn the affection of any other human being.

Feminism tells women that they should be able to spend their lives sprawled out on chaise lounges, fist fucking their faces full of cookie dough ice cream and godiva chocolates and he worshipped and endlessly serviced by whichever finely toned hunk that catches their momentary fancy.

Since women are generally rather emotionally weak and given to promises of luxury for low or no effort, and willing to throw anyone and everyone under the bus to get it, they gravitate toward this false bill of goods.

Then, five, ten, fifteen years down the road they've racked up a dozen diagnosis and a medicine cabinet full of scripts that do nothing but make their shrink money.

i'm not sure i can take any more of this.

it's making me too fucking sad.

cheetos are the most disgusting snack food ever made.

anyone that eats that shit needs to get thrown in the oven.

Look what sort of cucks she is friends with


She may not have been skinny, but she was definitely much thinner than before. Look at the one picture and see the decline right above her clavicle. Fat people don't have that, even chubby ones really don't.

You type just like a fat person does. I can just sense the cheese emanating from your posts


I'm also curious about the look of and spacing of her eyes..

fetal alcohol syndrome?

when did I say I wasn't?
sage for offtopic

So basically self congratulatory hedonism or MGTOW for women, wrapped up in something sounding academic.

Feminism was the start of ALL of this it seems, starting with suffrage. Women have a role of being stability and keeping families together.

If she has FAS than it's a lesser case of it, she definitely looks mixed race though.


[laborious breathing intensifies]

"smash all the authoritarians signs, including bernie lmao"

why don't they?

Fatties' laborious breathing really annoys me.

jesus fuck what happened to this poor girl

It only looks weird in a couple of pics, so definitely not FAS, which is kind of extreme.

From the pics, it wouldn't surprise me if there was a little bit of Middle Eastern ancestry in her.

These people truly lack self awareness.

one of the earliest pics on her instagram.

guessing she's a senior in high school at this point.


It's the same when they make death threats to a presidential candidate and the FBI come knocking


Twitter/instagram likes.

Some of them might actually be stupid enough to think destroying a sign would stop people from voting Trump though.


They love using the "I was only pretending to be retarded" meme IRL a lot.

Reminder that all SJW types are mentally insane enough to require that much medication. Why people take these psych ward patients seriously is beyond me.


I think she's perfect for a fatty. Would marry if she wasn't against Trump.

Think about it, do you want your kids to be blue-haired weirdos?

If I were your best friend, I would kill you to prevent you from making this mistake


attempt at turning her into an example

Nothing about my post was defensive. Quit grasping at straws like they're french fries.

Top is a multivitamin
second to that's a birth control pill
third's an antibiotic
4th's just fucking aspirin
one next to it's an anti-depressant but it's hard to tell

Good work.

It truly is that stark of a difference.

she's got saggy uneven tits, and totally out of shape. you have bad taste.

I was about to do the same

good job m8

I can't, you already did the same .


Cannabis saved my daughter's life. It's the fucking (((cannabis culture))) of hedonism that is the problem.

makes me so sad

thanks guys


This faggot went to jail in Mississippi because he loves nigger cock.

She actually looks pretty good in that photo. Definitely needs some slimming though

another before pic

she was still cutting herself and smoking weed at this point though

i know, i smoke it too, and i agree. Half of her instagram at one point was about weed, these giant bowls and dank nugs.

Calm down and tell me where I said anything about weed. Here's a hint, I didn't say shit.

Even when I was in high school and smoking up, I thought the LMAO WEED 420 BLAZE IT faggots were faggots.

If weed is the centerpiece of their persona, they're pathetic.

holy shit how do you fail this bad at WALKING

I think you triggered one of them BLAZE IT 420 faggots.

Having such a large upper half makes walking very unstable for fatties.

Jesus, even her knee has a double chin.


it looks like she went to a psychiatrist at some point about when graduating high school.

I bet this is a huge part of why she turned out as poorly as she did.



I wouldn't be surprised if she deliberately tried to be fat so she could get sympathy and attention. These people really are that crazy.

gay thread by a failed man

This is proof that she doesn't have to look terrible. She never had to feel ugly because she was never ugly in the first place. She is complaining about her looks when she did that to herself.

And the fucked up part? ALL OF THIS IS REVERSIBLE. All she needs to do is lose weight and grow out her hair again.

But this is the feminism paradox. They make themselves look ugly to not attract male gaze or whatever, then complain that society doesn't accept their looks.

Fucked up part is you could be right.

I remember seeing somewhere that this is a legit fetish,

2 years ago she was maybe a little chubby, but not bad overall

Well that's that. Probably the product of a quick fuck between two race mixing tards given how she looks.

Statistically if somebody is raised by a single mom/dad or a broken family the chance of turning out a useless shit skyrockets.

she should get a scooter at this point

good find.

guess this explains her weird name (from a movie?). wonder what her parents were like, guessing manchildren.

Is that Milo?

She still attracts male attention, but beta cuck male attention

She's cute….if you're an inbred anglo

Abilify (antipsychotic)
Birth Control
Escitalopram Oxalate (Anti-depressant)
P 4(0?) - Pantoprazole (treats erosive esophagitis because she is a fatty fat faterson that eats too much)

That's a male?

To me it looks like she got depressed and picked up a shitload of bad habits (smoking cigarettes, smoking weed all day, eating, pills from psychiatrist).

That's the same guy in the pic earlier. He's gay.

Thats her bf I think.

Holy fucking shit, what the hell is wrong with her face? In OP's pics she just looked like a regular butterface but this is fucking /x/-tier.

Oh GOD what happened?
Seeing this before and after shit is making me cringe so hard.

Why? Why? Why is this happening?
Women are family builders, something beautiful that should be respected. What the fuck happened to this female movement? Yes, empower yourselves, gain the right to vote, and then what? Attack reality? Why? What is there to gain? Kill them all Adolf. All of them.


fuck, sorry hitler.

woah, are you a doctor?

Just her teeth are fucked ruining her boat, nothing a dentist couldn't sort out.

AFAIK all pills in the US need to be uniquely identifiable with just shape + color + letters / numbers on the outside. Someone should ID those.

Oh already did.

Being fat means she gets victim points from other feminsts. She also gets to complain about being bodyshamed which means yet more victim points.

These people are very insecure and vain and will go to any lengths to be accepted and get attention.

No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

Her parents look white but she looks like a spic. Adopted or dad got cucked by the gardener.

is wrong

is right

The plague has already started. You can see it spreading to the shaved side of her head.

He face and rack were pretty OK, until the rest of her body caught up with them…. but it was to be expected - few 16-17 year old girls with DD tits are not going to turn into hamplanets

That fatty was just hungry for some more jelly beans

You are a good best friend, friend.

I love big fat natural tits, but goddamn, you're right.

90% of the girls I went to high school with with big tits are hamplanets now. I'm in my 30's, so the rot is terminal for them bitches.


Pick the second one because it's reality. Shit the hams have ruined people's perception of what obese and morbidly obese are it's disgusting. She's at least 40 pounds too heavy there.

Despite going through her entire instagram, i know absolutely nothing about her family situation. These girls tend to avoid talking about this and make up some non problem for people to try to fix.

Seems like completely shitty family that gave her no attention, maybe? It would explain her "wants to be hated" attitude.

Doesn't even know what her mental illness is.


Nothing like MGTOW at all. MGTOWs are essentially saying "I'm tired of all the stupid head games, unrealistic expectations, and uneven demands. I'm going to live my life for me. Let me know if you learn to respect that".

MGTOWs often put a lot of time in improving themselves and having a more satisfying experience with life.

Feminists put the majority of their time into having a miserable experience of life so that they can then demand more gibs.

Perhaps this is how Hitler felt when he was actually trying to learn how to be a good painter while others were just making 2deep4u abstract bullshit.

Her chin is quite big too for a woman though. I'm pretty sure she's inbred.

That's the result, but what I'm saying is both MGTOW and feminism are anti family hedonist.

I went to highschool with a girl for a long time who was my crush until I had to move for a few years, came back and ran into her at the mall. Before I moved she had perfect Cs, when I saw her again she had gotten a breast reduction and had one of those dyke tier short mohawks with half of it dyed pink, I wouldn't even had recognized her if she didn't approach me first.

Funny how these "body positivity" cunts are never positive, and always insecure. I've never seen a happy person talking about "body positivity". It's basically just code word for "I'm fat and I'm insecure about it, don't call me fat because I'll cry". People who are at peace with being fat aren't trying to stop people from calling them fat. They just don't let it bother them.

Did she try and eat at the same time?

Isnt that sad when it happens? Its like they had to manifest their mental illness into their appearance as well.

At this point when that happens I look at it like God made sure I dodged that bullet.


Some people use "god" as a figure of speech.
Plus this ain't a religion thread.

Going through the tweets. Some good laughs to be had and the depths of kike feminist madness she has sunk into.

I hope you told her you used to have a crush on her.

i really think there is a link between people on anti-depressants/other psychiatric drugs and becoming liberal. i think it would be an interesting study.

my sister use to be a based republican. then she went on psychiatric drugs and she is now a liberal bernie supporter.

It shows how little education these cunts get. If they'd ever heard the phrase "The lady doth protest too much, methinks" they wouldn't act like such retards. This is the result of the vapid culture of social media which millennials submerse themselves in.

I disagree. Some MGTOWs may he anti family hedonist, but most are really just throwing their arms up in the air in the futility of finding a reasonable partner to have that family with and resign themselves to making the best of a lonely shitty situation.

I love it when the "non-existant" God triggers fedoras so righteously.


You're the only one bringing up religion and derailing the thread.

dick you mean MALE VIRILITY?


Ok ok, Ill say G-d instead, that better Mordecai?


You could always call and ask her aunt, who she is apparently living with. Not that I would advocate that.

Michelle K Goodrich age 55
Also known as: Micki Fay From: Lanham, MD
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Associated Names: Michelle G Fay,
Michelle K Fay,
Michele K Goodrich,
Michelle K Parsons

Possible Relatives: Roberta Caroline Goodrich,
Roey L Parsons,
Micki Parsons,
George E Fay,
Kimberly K Goodrich,
Mark D Goodrich,
Judith D Goodrich,
Roey L Parsons,
Robert A Goodrich

Other Phone Numbers: (301) 552-0288,
(301) 577-3913,
(301) 464-2506

MGTOW is more reactionary for sure. It's a perfectly natural reaction to feminism.

The thing that's weird to me is that it's a "movement" to encourage it. MGTOW does not seem to discuss feminism or the root causes of this, but I tend to avoid MGTOW so what do I know.

This isn't the thread for religion shitposting,

I didn't have the chance because I was with a friend who also knew her and before I could even exchange more than a few words with her he asked "What the fuck happened to you?" right to her face because he's far more blunt than I am. It really got to her though and she pretended to have to answer her cell and speed walked off towards the restrooms.

Wouldn't have surprised me if she bitched on tumblr or something.

MGTOW is male feminism. Why else do you think there's such a focus on giving up breeding?

that pic gives me the worst feels

Check out her facebook. Some feminazi wants to "counter dox" top kek.



Let her eat pizza.

Fuck yeah.

That was my original argument, we were going into more subtlety. I agree it's de-facto male feminism and not solving anything.

Oh fuck, thats the "gender neutral brofist" faggot calling for doxing.

Maybe he should feel the fire too.

ahahah OP here I'm fucking dying. I'm surprised nobody has linked her back to my tweets yet. She must be dumb as fuck

your tweets?

I've been tweeting about her for the past two days. I practically livetweeted her initial doxing run

Just surprised she or a friend hasn't found it after I quote tweeted her

Please don't doxx her. She's cute. I beg you Holla Forums

Don't touch her. Everyone can have their views, Trump isn't even white nationalist.

kek, what an amateur he is

Fuck off Max, you're a faggot cuck. Get AIDS'd

What kind of a newfag are you? Are you her friend and were linked to this place?
Kill yourself

fucking pussy. back to tumblr.

This is just plain stupid.

A beached whale that fried it's hair with constant dunking in dye doesn't constitute her being cute you faggot cuck, gas yourself.

Holy shit…

It was a roller coaster of feels. She went from 7/10 with nice sized tiddies to a hamplanet that deserves the full force of the internet people. Korans and pizzas should be inbound to her. But it has to be really nasty pizza combos because we don't want her thinking the pizzas are offerings of some sort.

Holy shit, that's frightening. From the face you'd swear she's a solid 8/9, but that body is a tire fire.

If she could put down the burgers, she'd be pretty fucking smoking. But ehh, she's clearly an SJW so nahh. Sticking your dick in crazy– not even once.

god damn it I know too many women that look like this, and to think ahab sailed around the world 170 years ago to find a white whale, we only have to walk down to starbucks today to wax poetic on that diabolical wrinkled brow under which a great fathom of infernal nothingness is at work


SJW's inbound

Some people don't learn


I think might actually be that Max faggot.


Well this might turn out to be interesting.

Frederick Brennan ruins another life

"hacking board"

That's definitely us :^)

A strict reading of Texas self-defense laws leads me to believe that shooting someone who is vandalizing your Trump signs (criminal mischief) on your property between the hours of sunset and sunrise is permissible.

I hope she comes here so we can find out about her family and redpill her on feminism.

It's hard to hate this girl after seeing she is a victim of shitty family and feminism. I feel sad for her.

I'm a fan of collateral damage

How fucking clueless are these people?

I love how GamerGate used to care about PR, now they get blamed for shit they didn't even do.

Just goes to show you how many of them lurk here and probably shill and shitpost.

Most shitposts aren't ironic at all and the ones that are are inspired by seeing the posts of legitimate redditors.

It's quite poetic.

Lose weight ya dummy, and stop being fucking weak, find a man and have a family and end the narcissism.

She's already so far gone there is nothing to save anymore. If anything it will just be another TrigglyPuff lolcow.

I'm fairly certain that twitter account knew what they were doing when they wrote that




Look at the tweeters name, dimwit.

Dear Aviendha:

I bet you're reading this.

Lose some weight and reclaim your dignity. Stop flaunting your mental problems and drug problems on social media. You're just creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You might feel "body positive" but your arteries and organs feel otherwise.

And uh, oh yeah, stomping out a trump sign isn't going to make people not vote for him. If anything, more undecided people will vote for him to spite stupid cunts like yourself.



Stoo threatening yourself. No one here is dumb enough to type that shit and get the alphabets to shut down a thread.

Well shit, I completely overlooked that. I can't tell the different between satire and reality anymore.

Yeah she is probably a lost cause at this point, unless she decides to be an anti feminist activist who says "look at how fucking fat this made me".

The time to save her was 1-2 years ago, before she pigged out.


The notorious Acid Man is the one who doxed you, and the secret group of hackers known as KIA are digging up dirt as we speak.

I heard gamergate works with the hacker 4chan and the legendary guy Ben Garrison.

Anons I've noticed this alot with many things.

For starters most rich people (real people, not kikes, sometimes niggers) are thin, polite, and attractive, why is that? I don't think it's a coincidence they're rich. I'm not saying they're attractive because their rich or vice versa, I'm saying in order to be rich you need to be a decent human being.

By being a decent person you not only improve yourself, you improve everyone around you, and this is where we white nationalists have been failing for years. For so god damn long the FBI and the kikes have been there manipulating us into being like these SJWs, slovenly, careless, disenfranchised, but most importantly to prevent us from figuring out what our problems really are.

The only people this benefits are kikes, no other culture receives any benefit from ruining others, even Trump says success requires lifting others up in every single book he has written.

Anyway, here have some self-help isht


I wonder what was the straw that broke the camels back and turned her full on feminist wreck that she is now.

If she only had a strong and capable man back when she was in high school to help guide her, she may have had a chance. Then again, she didn't grow up with her parents because they are losers, so her fate was sealed because of that.

She didn't get another recording deal


>Oh, and btw, here's my Patreon, I really need some financial support at this point!

Reported for conspiracy to commit animal abuse.

How the hell do you go from this to this in a year???

Feminism truly is cancer

its the guy from prom

Uncanny resemblance.

Also is it just me or is that retarded pose shoes an attempt to cover up the fat hanging under her chin?

Yeah, I don't think she really had a dad. She really needed to be married by 17.

I would guess the straw that broke the camels back is her worrying about life after high school, while getting into marijuana presumably and getting into that counter culture (which is super lefty of course).

Didn't see this. Fuck this cunt, we ruin her and most importantly we find that snitch and string the cunt up.

Attention whore wants attention? We'll give them more attention they could ever dream of


More and more Im thinking this is the case with all women. Were seeing what giving them freedom produces, mostly shit.

I laugh when a woman actually does make a success of herself in her career, but by her 30's is miserable because shes alone. She then wonders why no guy want her. They dont get men look for different things in women than women look for in men. It has always been this way, and in healthy societies it will continue to work this way.

Nigger I was homeless last year and this year I'm looking to make $289,000 MINIMUM.

It's the attitude, stupid.

Maybe Holla Forums can taker her under our wing, get her fit and mentally stronk, then walk her down the aisle in place of her awful father.

So you were a junkie.

Really how dense are some of you niggers. OP is the snitch. She thanked her doxer for notifying her of dox thread.

just shut up and laugh

And Im the stupid one.

tell me your ways oh great wizard

It's like they've never seen a real woman before, they have to be american

I know you're reading this Avi. You are a disgusting fat cunt who is insecure about her weight, no matter how much she claims not to be. For every tactic that you support being used against those who disagree with you, you will be treated likewise. Enjoy you stay.

She was out of most of the neets league when she was presentable, that's a fact. Whether people want to believe that or not is irrelevant.

Yes there are far more attractive woman but what is the point in a neet banging on about them?

No, my mom was though.


I understand women are like children, I'm just incapable of pitying a whale I guess

Start by buying Donald Trumps' books m8


How old is that first girl? Is she one of those slav girls who has DD breasts by the age of 13?

Take the Trump pill

Going from fat to obese is less work than thin to fat.

victim status secured

That would be great. I wonder if she hates trump so much because he is kind of father like? She seems to be into pussy boy toys instead of men.


She hates Trump so much because the idea of him putting her over his knee and disciplining her and then paying to repair her until she's as productive, charitable, and beautiful as Ivanka makes her gush like a broken fire hydrant.

He used "one weird trick"

She is probably eating an entire cheesecake while tweeting

sage goes in all fields


She is not a celeb in any way. Just some random cow who is being milked.

Tumblr LGBTQP(edophile) fag spotted.

referring to OP probably

the cow has a hotline chat with the doxer lel

Too good.

She sure knows how to deal with her problems well…

I wish she was a bird so I could toss her into the oven.

She's so hopeless, that the best that she could do is to suicide




better call the cyber police, they'll know what to do


The funniest part about all of this is she is completely oblivious to the fact that if she wasn't virtue signaling and posting her stepping on the Trump sign online, none of this would've come to pass.

Nooooooo, she had to brag. Now she suffers. Stupid, could've been a good wife but instead becomes burnt out disgusting fat trash. Sad


I wish she was a bird too so the only tweeting she'd do would be literal tweeting.

One weird trick, aka the 'Secret', aka Carnegie's secret to success aka 'How to be rich' aka "rich dad poor dad" aka…

You can buy all the books you want, I just went on youtube and found audiobooks and listened to them.

I recommend

If you're going into business

I want you to be rich user. I want you to make lots of white babies, I want you to be in the best shape of your life when you fight with us on the day of the rope, and I want you to raise your children right so they can do better than you did.

Fuck I'm addicted to that kind of hair. The one that's straight but still fluffy.

I just wanna rub my face in that fluffy warmth and breathe it in. When I get tired of that I wanna put my dick in it.

I can garauntee some cookies have been eaten and there is an eye straying in the direction of the pint of ice cream in the freezer.

She's calling the cops to admit she vandalized a sign? Maybe she shouldn't do that..

Trunign yourself in sweetie? *ⅴ*


Not that you say it… in her case, yes.

The original pose, if I'm not mistaken, comes from the Japs and serves for drawing the attention to the face.


This. I dated a woman who looked like pic 1 fuck I miss her…

Too bad she was only 13 eh user? kek


The pint is long gone user

This fucking idiot is broke and she's posting pics and admissions of smoking weed on a public profile. Then she's going to baw about how she can't get a job later in life. Fucking moron.

Dubs confirm her retardation.

She is the perfect example of what happens when women are left unchecked.

So you were chillin' sweetie? Not anymore.


That pint was the one she let that and melt in the fridge so she could slam it like a gravy shot. There's another one still in solid form. Remember, with fat chicks, there's always backup ice cream.

Most people can just jut their head slightly forward in a photo to eliminate double chin, but when you have triple or quadruple chin it doesn't work so well.

We're on our way.

True. No doubt cookie dough is ready to go as well.

Not only is she calling the cops
She is gonna have to tell them why she had to call them.

and she is gonna have to let them go over her twitter feed

where she tweets about smoking weed and underage drinking

Agree. It's a fundamentally female mindset as well - instead of working on the root of the problem (i.e. getting /fit/), she's polishing the knob mirror and stays with appearances.

Naw, shes 22 now. But ya, she is gonna have to explain about the smokin bud.

To be honest, AotD is overrated. It's basically a business autobiography. It's good to lean a bit ab out Jew York dealings and the mindset, but it's definitely not a manual or how-to book.


To or from what?

What the fuck does she think's gonna happen?

This whole thread hasn't been about pranking her even, it's been about how feminism destroyed her. Her "crime" of stepping on the sign is hardly a crime. She doesn't even seem to care about politics.

The pizzas and korans are reserved for people like carl the cuck.

You're looking for an atelier, not an art college.

It's not too late if you arent already in debt.

You don't need to destroy liberals. One way or another they self destruct.

She's got Quinn fingers.

Her friends don't like us either

So she went from pic related to some fat landwhale who does nigger weed and lives alone…

That college marxism degree paying off for ya?

Yeah… That's why we're doing it.


I want her to post in here.

Avi, if you're reading this, for one second, ignore all the doxing shit and address the feminism talk.

It is clear feminism is not helping you in the slightest.


I second that. Get over yourself, woman. Admit that there's something wrong with all this radfem stuff. Denialism helps no one.


The references to drugs all over her online personas probably wouldn't help either. The value of calling the cops to tell them somebody googled your publicly available information and referenced it considering everything she has done would not be wise.

She's not going to do it. It takes serious bravery to address your demons. She'd rather blame us for being evil trolls than face the beasts known as radical feminism and cultural marxism which have led her down this wicked downward spiral.

What is she going to do, pepper spray her monitor?

Show us your clit, Avi

holy fuck, they immediately go into full-on signalling mode.

Fucking "cyber-bullying." As someone who was physically bulled in the 80s/90s don't even.

Women demand to be treated like men, but what they really mean is men should exchange displays of aggression or competitiveness between each other for purposes of social dominance with the bullshit female backstabbing/emotional manipulation at which women excel.

And then the invaders come. pic related.

"I don't know what to do!!! I posted things on the internet publically and people are making fun of it! How do I stop people from making fun of things I do in public!?!?!?"

You don't and you can't, you obese moron. Ha! ha! ha!

guys guys guys

check this out

Why would she, when there are so many victimbux out there?

yea that will do something.

I can't find her fat ass on twitter, did she hide her account?

Ironically if she hadn't spazzed this thread probably would have rolled off and disappeared within a few hours.



Her House

Of course, we all know by now that they just stir this shit up on purpose.

So… a black dude knocked her up and took a runner and she decided that all white men are evil?

fucking roflcopter.

She popped out a nigglet too? bwhahahaha

Yep, all of them are professional victims

Pregnancy is 40 weeks, but LMFAO.


no no no no, I think it was her friend which got knocked up. her entire instagram record doesn't show a pregnancy

Another white soul suffers a fate worse than death.

How many of your kindred will you offer up to your jewish masters? Why aren't you lynching these people?

And now we spiral further down the rabbit hole in the case study of the decline of Avi.

m8 I even googled it because what the fuck do I know about pregnancies, this is what google told me :D

So in other words, no help whatsoever.

You're right seems too old for being a new born.

I actually went trough her instagram, she was quite hot a few years ago:
you can gradually see her decline into tumbler as she gets older, it's quite enjoyable to watch

She works at Taco Bell. Anyone want to complain to her employer?

Never mind, "former"

What, did she get fired? How the fuck do you get fired from Taco Bell?

"I think I know where your missing inventory went"

I wonder how long will be until she achieves the Jabba the Hut Status

eating all the supply


hopefully she'll kill herself before that

My neighbor said he had problems with birds landing on his trump sign in his yard, so he put this insanely sticky stuff on it as a repellent.

This had the side effect of completely destroying this guy's bike. The way he tells it; he heard someone yelling while he was doing some work at home & it was some guy one of those super thin tire bikes rubbing his hands on his lawn after trying to take down his trump sign.

He rode away, so I wouldn't be surprised if his hands got glued to his handlebars.

TLDR: Put bird repellent on your trump signs if you don't want people touching them. That or bear mace.

The one in the middle looks like my daughter.

Lotta loyalty for a leftist.

You Ted Cruz her?

Aviendha: Turn off the monitor an walk away. Go outside. Nobody will remember it tomorrow. This thread will fall off the board, and it will be like it never happened.

Unless, of course, you freak out on twitter and make a big deal out it. Why would you do that? Because, fostering victimhood is necessary in order to rationalize the difference between life's actual accomplishments and the rewards you feel entitled to by society for being a special snowflake.

We've seen this story play out a million times. You might get some patreon bux, and sympathy out of it sure. But walk away from the monitor now and reflect on your life and you will be a much happier person in the end.

"Good artists exist simply in what they make, and consequently are perfectly uninterested in what they are" – Oscar Wilde

Father in law

We should have a sticky with this kind of usefull information


nothing to lmao about

lmao that fucking eyebrow

I don't know what that means.
But it had better not be what I think it means.




Would you be able to tell?

Probably constabtly late, stealing, and being mouthy to customers.

Easy, easy, she'll only spray it on her rotisserie chicken.

Knives aren't my thing, either.

Anons, this is a cry for help. Avi, if you are reading this, please do yourself a favor: visit /fit/, read the sticky, and lurk here for a few. Maybe once you feel like the programming is beginning to wear off, maybe you can post here anonymously like the rest of us. If you continue down your destructive path, you will be an old spinster with a ton of cats, a kid or two who hates you and their absent father, and completely mentally fucked due to all the weed and prescription pills. You'll probably dismiss this but hey, don't say we didn't try.

the aztec gods of fitness do not smile upon you

Everyone is a hero until the shit rolls back on them

She sat on that Nigger baby when she was stoned, like Chrissie did with Adriana's dog.

It was deprived of oxygen for 5 minutes but she didn't tell anyone and nobody could tell the difference.

Yeah let's try to help her. Maybe we can tell her how to make a tripcode?

Go fuck yourself Gabbie

she doesn't look terribly fat in that picture, based on her arm and lack of triple chin on her face. I think the dress unfortunately isn't particularly flattering and poofing out in a bad spot.

In any event, gaining weight is infinitely easier than maintaining any relatively normal body size.


This. I read her whole instagram. It's her ugly friend.

She doesn't have a black fetish. Holla Forums just wants to confirm its biases.

No, no tripcodes. If she wants to change and use Holla Forums and the chans as a resource, she does it the old fashioned way: lurk moar and post anonymously. No need for tripfaggotry.

Does the feminism make them fat, or does the fat make them feminists?

I. Fucking. Called. It. I told my gf that in:

pic on left, she looks pregnant. Probably where the drastic weight gain comes in too. That happens if you stop taking birth control.

She own the niglet?

second girl is cute but has the most retarded hairstyle I've seen in a while.

You know, this is true.
Avi, you need to reassess your life. You need to determine you'll lose weight, get fit, be proud of your race, and better yourself.
You need to find a strong man that loves you & appreciates all the hard work you put into being as perfect as you can be.
It's not too late Avi, you're young, you have an entire life ahead of you, you can still turn things around and be happy.
Good luck.

If you oil & store them properly, they are not oily on the outside.

I'm not aware of any other than this one.

could you show us, who is the ugly friend?

Hold up, bear mace is weaker than pepper spray.

lurk more, faggot. But this is the only one that doesn't suck so much.

She was the on defending the coalburner on twitter

Even if the homeland is destroyed, never forget that it exists. We carried the spirit of it here but it is stilll out there. That and our backup homes when this place shits the bed from time to time.

Is it? I could have sworn bear mace was way stronger.


The whole purpose of oil is because oil is a hydrophobic substance. Either you aren't properly storing your guns or you are getting oil on your bed.

Nah, the goal of it is to scare bears, not supremely piss them off with extreme pain


A clue on her family situation

working on it. i saw her in a few pics.

Anyway, she doesn't have any pregnant pictures, where she gets big then gets small again. She just gets bigger and bigger.


So that's beta bux and the alpha fux came from a nigger.

That cuck is raising a negro baby, lmao.

Asshat, I've owned guns for decades, and you're an idiot if your guns are dripping with oil.

It isn't necessary and it draws dirt & dust to them.
The bolts and other moving parts need a thin coating of oil to protect & lubricate them, and you should not overdue it there, either.

Or are you one of those guys that never uses their firearms and packs them away in cosmoline?

I think it's this girl.

Seriously am I the only person not from 4chan? I hung out on very small message-boards vbulletin until a few years ago, and then found this place (pre-migration). I was aware of 4chan, reddit, etc but always thought they were full of faggotry.


broke home, mom and dad divorced. ended up on drugs and went down the path of degeneracy.

rather sad honestly.



It does include fat positivity that tells them to not give a shit about their health and stuff their face with whatever the fuck they want
That, and smashing the patriarchy by looking like the extreme opposite of the ideal female image you find in magazines

When you think about it, it does sound tempting to fight against the system just by eating shit, sitting on your ass all day complaining about pointless topics

Is there no middle ground between dripping with oil and having none on the outside?

If you had something better than a toaster with which to take a photo I'd be able to tell if you've already got some pitting going on your rifles. The dust/dirt situation isn't a problem as long as you clean your gun, but you sound like a fudd.

Yes, it is, as long as you don't want your guns to look

like shit after a couple years*

Welcome to Holla Forums

Wonder what's she scared of?

We're all nice people here…

It's virtue signalling, which is why many of these idiots post evidence of their crimes on social media.


fucking kek

How hard is it for these people to figure this shit out? You don't fight the system by bending over for it.

if you live in an extremely dry climate you don't nessecarilly need to keep your guns oiled for storage, especially of you store them in say a wool case


I bet your toaster is covered in oil, too.
And if you actually USE your firearms more than once every 2 years, you are routinely cleaning them, and you do not require a sheet of oil all over them to "protect them from the air."

They're called useful idiots for a reason

Her her where it hurts.
Her appetite.

Here, have another

shit wrong pic

CIS scum, confirmed.

lol shut up grandpa stop being so anti-progressive.

Absolutely not, user!
I'm originally from Karachan

Here it is

yellow fucking teeth

I'm assuming he doesn't live on Tatooine.

I get range time every other weekend. If you're by any kind of salt water body, then the "air" will rust any exposed metal instantly. I haven't covered my toaster but that sounds like a great idea.

That one is fake though… right? it's fake isn't it?

Spoiler that shit man, I don't want to see that thing in the right picture

Yeah, i wouldn't mind powerdrilling my dick in her friends mouth.

This whole argument sounds like a Florida-fag is yelling at an Arizona-fag.

How do we get these 4chan faggots to go back to their shithole native country? No amnesty!

reported for cyber-rape

I am from Florida best state in the Union after Texas went Cruz.

I'm in the mountains & I plink at least once a month.
We have shooting ranges, but a lot of us don't need them.
If you're near salt water, then your requirements are much different than ours are here.

They will never back-trace me, lol.

HAHA bitch just went into stealth mode

such fair weather friends on the left

i don't think so. Flo Rida is full of cubans.

You're right, I forget that sometimes.

Aviendha was a bitch, though. Min was best wiffle by far, and Lanfear was best counterwiffle. Everyone else were unbelievable whores and out of control bitches who needed to be slapped.

I feel genuinely sorry for Perrin and Mat. Especially Perrin. He should have wound up taking the throne from Elayne. That bitch was a terrible queen and a worse woman. She did nothing to deserve it, while he was the obvious heirator. His entire archetype was literally the Reluctant Blacksmith King.

Most U.S. states have common law marriage regs, too.
Some are a few years, others can be a few months, it varies.


South Florida is. Cubans aren't even the worst of it. South Florida has Haitians, filthy voodoo coons who speak some sort of nigger babble French.

Source: former 239

why does she think no one owns this piece of property? does she think it just materialized there?

Here's another feminism before and after

I'm literally picky with women but that girl on the left is legitimately not bad


Couldn't it just be spray-painted?



Me too! Pic related.

That's horrible. She was so hot in the before pic.

I fucking knew it. You aren't kidding about that rust then.

So glad I left that state, the humidity is ridiculous. I miss not being surrounded by liberals though.


Not entirely correct, but mostly.

Large, white/specked, capsule shaped: MultiV
Blue, barrel, A-007 5: Abilify (antipsychotic)
Brown, round, 624: Generess FE (placebo series) (birth control)
Cream, oval, P 40: Pantoprazole (acid reducer)
White, round, EC 20: Escitalopram (SSRI antidepressant)

We need a thread of these.

It would be redpill as fuck.

You might have liked the north. No liberals other than the niggers who segregate themselves.

I have to wonder what a normal person thinks after seeing weapons-grade memes like that.

Jesus, sounds like she's a constantly nervous Nellie.
Why could she be so high-strung? And why is she getting into political arguments if she can't take the emotional strain?
Stomping other people's political signs does not seem the kind of thing someone would do who's on downers.

She needs to excuse herself from political strife & try to calm the fuck down.


It seems like these people only start to "rebel" after high school, under the influence of these lunatic professors. Most normal human beings rebel in their early to mid teenage years. This is the normal time for "phases": goth phase, hippy phase, wigger phase - whatever.

Its these people that are so sheltered and only have any inkling of rebellion after they leave there original peer set. Moreover, since "rebelling" like this in college is actually the opposite, conforming to the SJW mold.

Very sad losers indeed.

The numbahs don't lie.

kek, I was about to post that

you had it correct first, mate.

I didn't read far enough.

What a bunch of down syndrome adult children.

Top fucking Kek, I forgot about those. I hope Trump puts them to good use.

She's so full of anxiety because she's never faced real hardship. But, as she gets older, real hardship is creeping into her life and she has no idea what to do with the powerlessness that is the normative response to the general hardships of life.

why would she call the Patriarchy to help her?

I will build me a sign made of steel, with Trump's name in relief letters, emblazoned across it like a middle finger to the heavens.
I will cover it with needle-sharp spikes so it cannot be grasped & attach it to girders embedded in concrete.

What can I use so paint will be unable to adhere to its surface?

Build a moat around it filled with job applications.

Sealant. Most paint sucks at adhering to surfaces that aren't primed, and sealant makes it so that most stuff can just be wiped away.

It's sad she was never prepared for the inevitable.
Drugs are certainly NOT the answer, she needs to cultivate the unwavering faith and confidence of her ancestors.

She may be a conceited & warped SJW, but I always feel bad when a human life is wasted.

You should build it, and put it in a tempting spot for someone to run over. Create is so it looks like a flimsy sign from the front but will total their car/truck if they try to run it over.

Add security cameras in case someone tries to vandalize it.

Instead of painting it maybe you should plan to glue trump posters on it so any vandalism can be hidden.

Prepare to be sued by the first tumblrina that kicks it and hurts herself.


spot on, im in the middle of phoenix AZ and don't use exterior oil. Never had any of my guns get rust. Ones been sitting for over 30 years without oil and still looks new

Sounds like a guy I know around here who was always getting his mailbox nailed by people leaning out of cars at night, swinging baseball bats.
He finally bought a new mailbox, and another he filled with concrete. He bolted the concrete-filled one on a piece of sewer-pipe embedded in the ground with concrete, just to the right of the real mailbox, protecting it.

Hasn't had any problems since.

They could actually hurt themselves if they hit the concrete mailbox wrong. I hope they did and broke their arm.

dude, she probably is the one who fucking posted this thread.

Haven't you realised that being a lolcow can rake in the $$$ if you don't mind sacrificing your dignity (if you had any in the first place).

This x1000. Wow, people said mean things to you on the internet! People used to beat the shit out of me to impress their friends, and I survived. Guess that's thanks to my white male privilege!

I'm hoping somebody tried it & their bat bounced back & smashed their rear windshield.

If they used a metal bat (which is what 99% of idiots dumb enough to hit a mailbox do) then the shockwave will crack their arm more likely than not.

941 here. Can confirm on infestation of haitian sub-humans. However the typical south florida layout (wealthy or middle class neighborhood over here, blink, and you're in the ghetto literally with people shooting up outside grimy motels) has redpilled many of the whites here. We have no cruzcucks in my neighborhood, almost all trump supporters.


Im sure Collier and Lee Counties went Trump as well. Everyone hates Haitian sub humans over there.

She probably couldn't even stab anyone with a knife, because of her stubby fat arms.

Well that fat fuck just made sure that homeowner spread his political beliefs to all those in his daily life out of anger. Lol. Good job, stupid.

I like how she uses a close up of her face, which looks like she shooped to look non-fat.

You can tell by her face that shes a crazy.

Yeah man. I had so many emotional problems. only child, parents fought constantly and divorced, then they both got cancer/deceased but not before a bunch of other related bullshit that happened (both got new families so I felt like I was apart of neither). So I had no role models, no friends, no family, literally nobody loved me also half Jewish, I was small/underdeveloped for my grade, overly intellectual/nerdy. This was pre-(consumer) internet so I didn't even have /r9k/. Basically I cried all the time, and read a lot of fantasy novels and played single player vidya. I had emotional problems. Which means, of course, kids would literally chase me after school to beat me up. Girls were the worst/meanest. When my dad was on chemo about a year before he died and still picking me up from school the other kids would follow me around school taunting me that he looked like a zombie. I'm sure those kids grew up to be fantastic feminists.

So seriously fuck "cyber bullying" made up problems. Turn off the computer and take ownership over your life.

It wasn't someone's home, it was in front of a polling place. She didn't really do much wrong in all honesty. Her biggest mistake was posting it (and the rest of her life details) to the internet for attention.

"I forgot to rebel in High School!" -SocJus


So we are entitled to destroy ads because they are in public space?

fuck you faggot, please spoiler that shit.



People also vandalized the polling place's lawn with Cruz signs. It's pretty much fair game as far as I'm concerned.

And she didn't rip the sign or anything, according to her the sign just popped right back up afterwards.

Why even fight her? She may be a landwhale but she is hardly politically active. There are much better things to spend time on.

That's it. They're not rebelling at all, but conforming. They blended in during high school and they blend in during college. They have no real identity except what they pick up from their surroundings. They are the "ball and chain" of society, a type of dark matter saturating the world that only exists to impede. While thinking people see an iceberg ahead, and are trying to turn the ship to avoid it, these people grab the wheel and try to keep us on the same doomed course. It's not that they're trying to doom us; they've just set themselves into a "do whatever is popular" mindset, and they are too dim to question it.

Sorry for my terrible grammar. I write all day at work so when I get home it turns to shit.

Voting for Trump turns people into blobfish?

I wonder, would having certain problems in your early life change your stance in life. Boards like Holla Forums tend to have a demographic that is well "very un-conformist" and not very social

Maybe normies are deluded liberals because they never really saw how grim reality can be. I was bullied during primary school and parts of highschool and I apparently sufffer from mild autism so my view on reality is definitely a lot less rosy than that of my colleagues or classmates

Much like the blobfish when a human is removed from its natural environment their minds and body balloon up and turn to goo.

It all comes down to different degrees of coddling

And what is "popular" is determined by the Jews.

I think I'd rather have autism. It's like if you go to an optometrist and he tells you you aren't farsighted, you're just shit at looking at things.

Her not getting the death-penalty is the most noble gesture we can make

What is the meaning of this Holla Forums ?
Why are you just talking shit about her in this thread, why is her life not ruined yet? I do not see anyone in this thread ordering tons of shit to her address or something.

We must crush this whore like we crushed that little jew boy who was stealing Trump signs.

Seriously, all of her mental/health issues could be solved if she strayed from the insane radical left and turned to conservatism and the traditional right. We're not even doxxing the cunt who cares about her eventual suicide other than the fact that another white person is fed into the satanic Jewish machine.




TOP FUCKING KEK, how retarded and pathetic do you have to be? We shoot the shit and make fun of each other all the time on Holla Forums. Cyber bullying only affects mega pussies that couldn't even handle the tiniest bit of criticism no matter what they're doing.


The nigglet clearly has FAS.

Ugh, I remember when that little slut was doing all sorts of sexual crap on camera for people.


I don't understand

Here's more of her "before"

She locked down her social media accounts, I think. Not sure if anybody has an address yet

What a fucking waste

God damn, this is sad. I wonder how her Dad feels?

I know this IRL. She was born and raised in PA and moved to Austin TX (Hipster capital of the south). She used to be the perfect girl-next-door back in the day.


do you niggers have ADD or something? The OP is the best info we've got. Even if she don't personally live there, it seems some of her family does still.

He probably skipped out years ago, which is the root of a lot of her problems now.

It's probably another case of broken home. This is why these dirty kikes want the abolition of family and religion so badly, so you spawn these desperate, directionless souls that are trying to find anything to latch onto in order to feel loved.

Dayum, yeah in those before pics she is a legit babe. Surprising that Austin did that to her, I was at UT just 2 years ago and man Austin was full of seriously stunning girls (and friendly as fuck), although admittedly the non-student population had a pretty high % of fatasses.


excellent post user you perfectly summarized the normie, the fly in the marketplace, the layman, etc.




Uh, OP does?

12608 Kembridge Dr
Bowie, MD 20715"

the negro friend is getting uppity

I wish I hadn't looked at that account now



How does she not understand how ridiculous that statement is? Jesus fuck.

I knew a lot of these chicks at college because a family friend turned into one and
this combined with the root of 'FUCK YOU MOM' are entirely the cause.

At least an 8/10 imo beforehand drops to a fucking 4. God I hate this shit. Fuck Jews.

Hears the deal though folks -
Take a look at
This shit is reversible.
Didn't say it was. My point is, how many of you when out with "friends" would share a group laugh at this once beautiful womans expense? Hell I would.
But after seeing this and reflecting on the DIECISSCUM woman I don't feel as bad.

Shiiiiiift that window and watch these women come back.


Well when books, college and food are all poison it's bound to happen.


I felt sorry for her until now
Let the coalburner end herself

No one told me we had a pool.

Try below 0

When one bully tried to fuck with me at school i was suspended for beating him up

Into the FEMA camp she belongs.

Welp, time to rev up the gore and scat folders to scare off the weak willed and the thin skinned

Bitch I bet you put everything up in full display on a silver platter on that stalker's paradise kikebook.

Good Goy Points, lots of them, they don't even care they are not redeemable in tendies.

I did. Twice.

this is a white girl in blackface.

shits rayciss as fuck yo

The only pool here is the pool of cum that picture just made me fill


More shitposts for the shitpost god!

Fat, blue-haired coal burner.

Peaked a long time ago, got fucked by a nigger, is probably handing the nigglet over to her disappointed parents as much as possible.

Tries to hide the fat with makeup, works less well with every passing year.

Boyfriend is a beta, probably a bisexual marijuana fiend. Cucks himself by playing with Aiden, has an open relationship so he can fuck niggers on the side.

Education? Community college.

Career History? Taco Bell.

Kill yourself.


Dear Hambeast…

she fled to cry

Hey, you fat fuck.

Maybe you shouldn't destroy people's property.


I bet her mother never told her to not use her real name/info on the internet.

They fucking deserve it for making it so goddamn easy for stalker's paradise kikebook.

I bet she'd be fucking surprised if she knew corporations will likely find her (and people will find her) just by searching whatever email she uses. Fucking zeros in right on them.

Sometimes they just gotta learn the hard way, and sometimes the lesson still doesn't take. After today, her fate is in her own hands.

Well, also actual survivors of actual shit situations either completely self-destruct or come out wiser and stronger. There is a certain cultural reverence towards individuals who have completed their own hero's journey, or at least have some problems they have (partially) worked out and gained some insight.

This modern western world is so cushy and bubble-wrapped nobody has real problems, but due to degenerate forces (post-modernism, critical theory, etc) they act like they do.

My generation (genx) was taught that kids can they be anything they want, achieve any goal, be the best at anything, and that they're super special and the slacker aesthetic came from the realization that this simply isn't true and coming to terms with the fact that most people are normal and will live normal lives. This broke the globalist banker plot of conspicuous consumption, if you don't care about your fancy car or fancy house you don't go into debt to buy one! So after my generation, the propaganda was shifted to this post-modern notion that everyone is already special, everyone is a great artist, athlete, genius, whatever… and if you dress like you are (or otherwise purchase the trappings) then society should treat you like you are regardless of any actual merit. Hipsterism/SJWism is nothing more than a correction by Wall Street to the market so that young people once again buy a bunch of shit they don't need, because they have been made to believe that purchasing the latest macbook is what makes them a great artist, that spending $2000 on "gear" for some random hipster sport makes them a great athlete and so forth.

The only ingredient left is for these coddled children to have problems to overcome, and don't worry there is an app for that too. It's called twitter and tumblr, because cyber violence is the greatest threat to women and girls worldwide (actual UN study conclusion).

Well, this gen-xer has found a reason to stop slacking, and it's to save this planet from 20-something children.

fuck off oldfag

What's going on in this thread, goys? I'm just here for the fap material.

we had a pool
but it was seized by the diversity officer, and now we can't play

Does anybody have the one with sandstorm in the background going "I CANT GET THROUGH, THE FIREWALL IS ENCRYPTED!!!… GOD DAMMIT!"? I love these sorts of things.

That exists? Good to know.

Moria Cassidy of Pensacola, Florida

Make sure to check your privileges at the door, White Cishet Shitlords

kicking signs down is to them what shitposting here is to us. It gives us the illusion we're making a difference or doing something of worth.

I'll be happy when we can all just gather and fight it out and settle it for good instead of acting like prissy women all the time.

just my opinion


Don't let your dreams be dreams, user.

Wrong, bear spray is stronger. At least according to wikipedia, and i don't think bear spray would be an article that would be fagged up.

Bear spray typically contains higher levels (typically 1-2%) of major capsaicinoids (the key active ingredients) than pepper sprays intended for self-defense against human assailants (typically 0.2-1.3%).[2] The spray-can must state: bear spray.[3]

Mark Matheny claims to have developed the first capsaicin product designed specifically for use against bears following a 1992 near-lethal encounter with a bear which he survived using standard pepper spray. After the attack, he became determined to develop a pepper spray that would work more effectively against bears by increasing the potency, range, and duration of the deterrent.[6][7]

they haven't thought this through


How is that attractive? It looks like a retard.


Kramer was shit even BEFORE she swapped AIDS-juices with Chelsea, man. She was shit then and she's shit now. Reeee Alexander was just barely passable, but she, like Kramer, is the result of mixing. 0/10.


Man, look at those grinning sperm-donors in the back. Do you think she picked them up at a bar or the zoo?

Fuck, what the hell did her dad do to her to make her choose THAT as the payback?

I think i'm okay with this.

Why only Kramer? those chicks look identical beforehand. Could almost be a physical indicator.

Even the after is flattering to what it has become now

is….is that a woman?

take note of the star of david next to her name

My sides

Discipline and self respect can make a somewhat ugly girl attractive, too.
Too bad she's lost all of it to become a gluttonous beast.

It's not a "movement", just how atheism isn't a movement.
It's a state of mind.

Hold onto your butts, boys, the cyber-cavalry has arrived; this bitch's GUI interface is about to get Visual Basic'd

Even cyberpolice don't stand a chance when the powergloves come off

Fuckin' firetires screwed my webms, I'll probably need to recompile from arch after getting schwayed this hard



LOL, HAHAHAHAHA. She fucking signed herself for this destiny when she decided to insult the Don.

All the real news floating around and on Holla Forums we have an attack against a nobody. This isn't Holla Forums. This thread is a distraction from real news and its working. Over the past few weeks I've noticed this site almost go dark when it comes to real news. This site is infiltrated and I don't think its going to bounce back.

nice agenda shilling you jewish fuck get out of my thread. Holla Forums needs to laugh every once in a while too

Yeah look at all the threads on the front page you stupid fuck. This board is loosing all legitimacy over ppl like you just wanting "a laugh"

You say I'm shilling an agenda, your right. The agenda is to get stupid fucks like you to stop damaging the board and stay focused

I suggest you end yourself in the most painful way you can possibly imagine. drink bleach kike
ya we know, so why don't you leave

How much are your jew overlords paying you to shit up this thread with your concern trolling kike faggot

Im a jew

wew lad

Enlighten me. How is an individual supposed to give any kind of constructive criticism of this board?

how about in a less condescending kike tone. Also why should I help you shill better. just go fucking kill yourself already.

I never said I wasn't derailing. This thread is literally pointless. I think you people pointing the finger at me are the shills. Posting bullshit space taking info thats only purpose is to take up brain space to drown out real shit

There are no tones on an image board fool.
You take it in whatever tone you want, you chose condescending

good, how about you fucking leave now, and end your fucking depressing life.

lol stay mad nerd

Says the one defending this pointless thread on a board supposedly against the NWO

That's because it's closed

how much they pay you to post? go jump off a fucking cliff or something already

There is no truth besides yours. I get it. Holla Forums has literally been taken over. I come here and promote paying attention to real news and I get called a shill, however the people promoting this thread are looked at like bros. Somewhere along the way pol changed a bit too much. pol has become a hug box. I won't post any more, you guys can enjoy sucking each other off.

I get paid 50 cents a post to tell people they should pay attention to news that is globally important. I get paid to encourage people to think and look for more than laughs.

wtf do you think?

Get out jew!

sweet, goodbye now.

Don't let the thread slow down on my account. Nothing to say if there isn't a shill to point at?
I thought you were all here for laughs, where are the jokes? Hmmm, faggots.





Too little too late. The people on pol are here just to call ppl shills. There are no laughs, just pointed fingers. If Holla Forums made a political movement it would constantly kill its own members out of paranoia.

How to spot a JIDF shill

It's fatty victim-hood things or seriously mental ill.

Does she live in Japan? Because Japs like to attack whales.

Oh user!! Please stop making me sad! Poor girl, she got fucked by the right side.

The left girl reminded me of Baroness.

I don't think her parents is around in her life.

Of course we have a pool, we have a whorehouse and an orchestra too…

That look like a therapy pool to me.

You should run a sponge or rag impregnated in oil over all exposed metal parts to avoid rust.

Probably not, but you guys are

The pool was on the roof, but it sprang a leak.

I bet you could dekernel the gibson with that sick black-hat defragmenting, brah. Where did you get such radicool firewall scrambling subroutines anyway?

Found this video really useful.

Is there Whale mace?

I feel your pain bro.

t.~ another High test male

maybe some of the advice will sink in who knows.

She needs to fix that mess on her head but otherwise, she's so-so.

Still fuckable.

Super underrated image

What the fuck do you mean? You said the exact same thing a couple weeks ago in a Trump sign thread as well


Who's the autistic shitbag who told her about this thread? Fuck off

It's my thread I'll tell who the fuck I want

Goreposting works better than argumentation tbh smh

Does goreposting really work on SJWs when posting selfies could be considered goreposting on their part.

I like my women with such a figure, but they often carry additional - unwanted - baggage.

You're far, far, FAR from home, you filthy fucking normalfag.

Yeah I'll send her 8 pizzas from dominoes with shit on it

because she tried to stump Trump.

nevermind they have a max of 25 it's their own fucking fault

post results

Pineapples, anchovies and no cheese

Why are we trying to make her fatter? You do know: she will eat it, all of it.

Tattoos, 0/10

Let's be honest. If that's the extent of her tatoos she passed for a good christian girl these days. Could be a lot worse

If I see a tattoo it instantly kills my boner.

Projecting much?

I think your confusing
"giving up breeding"
"giving up the institution constructed around breeding"


I can deal with like small ankle tattoos for a family member who passed. But not tattoos for the sake of having a tattoo.

You'd still fuck her don't a nigger about it

Im not even fucking with you dude.

I see a tat anywhere, even if its a little one, it just goes completely soft.

if you want to trigger her just mention her ex-boyfriend tristan thompson, who is now a tranny, who also posted porn vids of himself on his tumblr.

imagine my surprise when somebody ive known for years gets a dox thread posted on Holla Forums

Post those.



thanks hotwheels

nice find user, I didn't even bother looking for that shit because I'm not a masochist



You're a fucking idiot. And a newfag.

lol mad nerd

post these to her twatter

Unfortunately for you nigger, midly yellow teeth is as natural as it gets.
Fake white teeth is literally an american only thing.

I just wanted to let all of you know that i seriously hope you guys don't do this.

This is all she's tweeted for the past 2 days. Gentlemen, I think we broke her.

GTFO, a sonic toothbrush and a water pik means no yellow teeth, she is covered in tartar the disgusting bitch.

It always comes back to them

i've seen the greatest bodies of my generation destroyed by high fructose corn syrup

We just triggered here to morph into the next stage of feminism: Weird, sexless cat lady.

hol up so u b sayin
got n e thang more recent?

It's truly disheartening to see the full combination of degeneracy, that is for many the epitom of "living it to the fullest".

Nigger friends, friend pop nigglet, get fat and pretend it's healthy, feminism, dyied hair, pot, non stop shitposting and atttention whorng & vertue signaling on Tweeter.

It's like diagnosing leftism to a once healthy patent.

Too late "not-doxxed" not gabbie

P.S. : Hi Avi, post dem massive tiddies to remember

Ahh Baroness…you remind me of the girl I love who is marrying a nigger and moving to Wisconsin soon.

She has similar glasses and likes to wear black.

Someone start photoshopping MAGA hats on her.


This thread keeps on giving

The web is such a little place.

you not know what butterface means?

are you retarded?
he's saying that someone can just spraypaint over the sign if they want to vandalize it

I'm in the same boat, It's nice to know that there's people out there I can relate to. All my life I've been too "white" for the Mexicans and too Mexican for white people. Fuck em all. I don't care about money and I don't care about materialistic bullshit. I'm going to expand my education and health to the highest degree I can and help make America great again. I don't give a single fuck what people think about me. At one point I wished to have a nice family in a beautiful rural area. Now I'm dedicating myself to a greater cause so our stupid fat populace doesn't dessimate this great country that was built on sweat blood and tears.


I think you're right for the most part.

A lot of people go through something in their lives that makes it hard for them to undergo the "normification" process that happens to most people in school. The difference seems to manifest on whether the non-normies manifest their antagonism to the status-qup through either a defensive or offensive stance. We here on Holla Forums represent the latter. The defensive non-conformist wants to change society so that it is open to their perceived way of life. They don't want conflict or fighting, rather they want to eliminate the social standards that make them feel ostracized. They think they can be happy if there is a authoritative force that nullifies any legitimate reason for someone to be mad at them or make them feel insecure. This is where cultural marxism gets eaten up

We on the other hand, don't want to just fit in. The offensive non-conformist wants to impose his standards on the entirety of society. Where those on the defense want to make the bar low enough for themselves to pass over, those of the offense want to raise it as high as they are, and don't give a shit about excluding anyone in the process. They may also, like the defensive type, see deficiencies in themselves, but they do not see these deficiencies as inherent to them. Rather they may feel embittered by an environment that tolerated these perceived deficiencies instead of encouraging them to be stronger, as they wish to be.

This is just my musings, but I understand where the left comes from because I started in the defensive. It was only as I discovered and cultivated my masculinity that I arrived where I am now psychologically.

These scars aren't lovely or beautiful or romantic… They are a tragedy. I've been fighting this battle against myself for too long, and so I've finally decided I'm done with the blade


Stop fucking worrying about what daddy Freud thinks about your babby brain

There's no distinction. Return to Tradition or bust. And in this case, bust means the death of the white race. MGTOW wants to "go forward" not toward tradition, which makes in complicit in white genocide.

I have a lot of experience in these matters. I am telling you that there is nothing more effective for this sort of job than punji traps.

You can cripple the Leftist. You can capture the Leftist. They are quick and cheap to construct.

In the old pictures she looks a bit like an uglier version of Megan Boone from the blacklist.

Reverse butterface

Yup, MGTOW is logical, but only in the short term. It's natural for people to avoid pain and discomfort, but that avoidance of pain and discomfort in the short term will severely cripple the race long term.

“A society grows great when men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in."

I'm not saying to sacrifice for your neighborhood, or state, or even country, but in days past MGTOW by having their own families to look after and draw joy from.

We need to be facing our fears, and going the natural way.

The best way to pass on your story is through children and preservation of genetics.

Purposely seeking out unhealthy mates is mental illness.


Nice tits though

Gee, it's not like they go against Nationalism as well.

Isn't physically destroying someone's property as well as their political speech "bullying"?

Is that a young Jeb Bush?

Congrats. You're a mentally ill faggot who is forcing it's way past genetics.

Your genes, if you're a human; necessarily make you disgusted by fat people.

Are you even surprised at this point?

I'm not.


Zoe, enough with the cointelpro. We know it's you.

I think most of them never had to deal with the same hardships some/most of us had to in our early childhood/teenage years.

I believe they were, for the most part, rather popular or had their cool group of friends, probably weren't bullied or excluded in school. They might see people as blank canvases and they will absorb their surroundings, so if you turn every space available into a safe-space or a tolerant ambient, people will be tolerant.
They already believe people are inherently good and those with bad behavior are victims of their surroundings, or coincidences or just ignorant.

The only evil thing is to consider the fact that people can, yes, be evil, mean, disrespectful.

Women are dumb vessels driven by instincts.
Animals love fat, sugar, salt and HFCS.

Nutritional liberalism killed nice girls…

Always take them after they are finished with educayshun. Always.

Ask the girl in question. She'll know if whale maces exist

So weird how islamic cloth bags and sjw completely went apeshit about appearances the last 50 years…

Interesting. So that would mean "normies" are kind of Kantians, since they believe in a form of inner good in the people.

There is something that a random youtuber said, which intensely struck me. He basically divided modern males into two groups: there's the idealists or the conformists, which are by far the largest part of society and which have a very superhero-like mentality in which they believe they can ultimately fix the world and make it a place of peace, love and tolerance ( aka the left ) and then there's the realists or the anti-narrative who are a large minority. This large minority is neither black nor white, neither good nor evil, but it is evil. It is compared to the League of Shadows from Batman and the Sith from Star Wars because it knows ideologies are never achievable and they see through all the lovey-dovey tolerance-talk. One of the reaons Sith wear black, is not because they are inherently evil, but because they have seen the burdens of society: they have punched though the veil that is in front of the ideological Jedi and see the world for what it is: thus they carry the burden of this dark and grim outer world. The dark side of the force represents insight in reality and the light side represents utopia. This is why the balance in the force is so important, because a healthy balance between ideology and reality is always in order.Too much ideology and one becomes a leftist and too much reality and one becomes a pessimist.


Who advertises us? Bloody hell, we have enough redditors and Raches as it is.

unrealistic beauty standards being pushed by the media is a thing. coupled with porn is not good at all.

there was absolutely nothing wrong with her. she looked fine.

i blame the jews for reducing a womens worth to just her looks.

i then blame the jews again for giving the ones who cant quite make the grade (of being 9s) an outlet through feminism.

3/10 an attempt was made.

I always notice a pattern with these types. They always have a throwback thursday to pictures of them before they turned full sjewhale.

Gets some IP Cams with motion detection.

Set that bitch to auto record on movement.


She still doesn't get it.
It's this pretty much.

She isn't getting razzed just because she is fat, that's just the most obvious thing to mention.

It's her horrible and bitter view on life and the self destruction. It just manifests itself in her fatness and shit-tier attitude. She is rotten to the core.

You're right.

The outlet is feminism and then the end result is a neverending bitterness of

It was a trap all along.