Chromium browsers and Noscript features.. Brave will do that

It's happening!

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No country for old Firefox.

Fuck brave, it's another piece of shit that just shifted it's revenue model to another method of consumer abuse.

uMatrix or bust.

Fuck you, you can shut it totally off or remove the code from the source, as Brave is Open Source :)

What are you, a guy who understands computer stuff or a lamer who is not able to change the source code of a program?

You can "totally remove" the botnet from Chromium too because it's also "open source", but that sort of thing takes a lot more effort and manpower than you're trying to pretend.

You can also turn off telemetry and autoupdate in windows 10. And because decompilers make things effectively opensource, and TOR makes distributing illegal shit effectively legal, windows 10 is as libre and consumer friendly as brave, when TOR and decompilers are included.

I don't think you belong here. Where do you come from?

brave is amazing. i would be using it exclusively if it had a damn home button or ability to set a new tab page. can one of you fags tell them to do that or put the issue on the issue tracker on github?

fuck, i want to use it as my main browser already.

just use gnu icecat

They certainly have the adware whitelisting feature, is this to add the feature that port scans your internal network?

As much as I love it its a fucking CPU hog.

Idiot who never read the article about noscript and others.

It's in beta, so I assume they'll be added eventually. The download manager works now, which is great.

Another person with shit reading comprehension. This seems to be an epidemic in the FOSS community. Nobody knows how to actually read shit and instead just seized the first opportunity to get hyped up and scream in hysteria.

All Brave needs to do to kick Firefox's ass is not crash all the fucking time.

Shut up nigger, I've read the source code and verified it doing shady shit with wireshark. I don't need you spoonfeeding me gawker blogs, bitch.

You should probably find out why your firefox crashes all the time because that's certainly not normal.

Brave is ad-infested corporate software.

Standard Mozilladroid response to every "your browser is a slow unstable piece of shit":

What exactly motivates you to shitpost here? Nothing else to do?

It's always done that. It had something to do with analyzing threats to help it become better iirc. Now, should you be able to turn it off? Absolutely, and that's one of the reasons I'm a umatrix guy instead. But it's not malware.

Isn't Iridium already good enough?
Why do people keep making forks of Chromium?

Enough. Just stop already. The faggot that invented Javascript doesn't shit gold just because of his slightly wrongful termination from Mozilla.

Name a single one that works for anything but a skilled reverse engineer.
I'm waiting.

And yet they insist open source so they can never actually read the code.

Why do people keep making forks of firefox? Why are you only whining like a bitch when it's chromium being forked?

Do you have any actual arguments?

Do you work for an ad company?


It's open source. You can do whatever the fuck you want with it, exactly as faggots like you want out of every piece of software. And as soon as you get it, you shrink away, scared to do any actual work.
Freetards never cease to amaze with how cucked they are.

How do you know he doesn't whine when Firefox gets forked?

He doesn't spam any firefucks fork's threads with "isn't x good enough? why are you making forks of this still" :^)

How do you know?

oh god they finally added a home button, Brave is now my default browser. good riddance jewgle chrome.

How do you know everything is botnet unless Holla Forums and/or stallman says otherwise?

Good goy, now we all know what site you default to.

I'm suggesting that maybe he whines about all browser forks, not just chromium forks. How does that make me a Stallmanist?

You're damage controlling awful hard for a sageposter.

and what site would that be, edgelord?

I'm not him. I'm fine with people forking Chromium. I use qutebrowser, which is going to be based on Chromium in the future.

New Brave thread confirmed.
0.001BTC has been deposited in your wallet.

>>>Holla Forums

Who cares about this shit. I want fiber.

Brave was just updated so I'm using it exclusively now. This is the first time I've noticed a major jump in browser performance since switching to Chrome from Firefox when Chrome first came out. Brave is that much faster than Chrome.

It's missing some features though:

Extensions are coming this month in a major update, I believe.

brave sage


brave now has native script blocking

is this better than chromium?

what about addons

No thanks. Enjoy Google's enriched binary blobs.

Reminder that you are under attack and control by the groups that do this

yes its better, but it only has password manager add ons available right now (plus the build in ad blocking, tracker blocking, and https everywhere). i think theyre going to add support for all the other add ons this month though.

and the built in no script*

Iridium is botnet

If you want a real solution try chromium with http switchboard, beats the shit out of noscript.

Brave is actually starting to look interesting

Where is fucking KDE fiber? THAT'S a browser to get hype about. I haven't heard any updates in ages.


ITT: low quality shilling


do you even know the purpose of browsers?

Yeah, I know, but look into it. It will be worth it.

Damn. I guess that's why I haven't heard much. Someone needs to go kick Vermeer into gear. rhyme not intended

Say what you want to about Plasma, but KDE makes some good applications.

Brave with No-script... I waited for a very long time that a browser features this built inside and not over add-ons. Same for ads-blocking.

Bye Bye Firefox, Brave, here i am.

Fuck y'all.
Who the fuck spends hours removing botnet in a piece of shit software "muh open saws" disparate code spaghetti and compile shit afterwards then suddenly another update from the upstream requires you to re-read the whole spaghetti and recompile shit again and again? Fucking idiots. If it were truly using the "libre philosophy" then botnet should be optional not activated mandatory to target unsuspecting users.

Oh yeah meanwhile your "fucking furfag" palemoon dev does that audit of your shitty firefox just to make it usable and botnet-free. I'm not that guy. I won't spend time and shit for fixing a broken shit and I don't have the patience.

Would rather use palemoon or icecat/seamonkey with about:config mods since every fork still have that google safebrowse botnet turned on by default except "your furryman's" palemoon

PS i have nothing against palemoon and the dev.

how can i use noscript in a way it still let me watch my jewtube videos

wow that was hard

The purpose of browsers is to increase sales of Windows 10® Ultrabook SKUs.

Brave doesn't let me preview the image I'm selecting for 8ch. I don't want to have pcmanfm open all the time to check exactly which image I'm about to post.
That said I'm still on Pale Moon for a while, waiting for Brave to be finished.

Brave now has per site settings for their ad/tracker blocking.

And per site script blocking too, might I add.

Extensions when

looks like its part of the current batch of features theyre working on.

hello Google

Just what I needed in my daily browsing. The tasteful, unintrusive UI experience only antivirus popups can provide.

You know what else has everything in that screenshot? Literally every other fucking browser, including Microsoft's

Can the adblockers really block content on Chrome/ium? Isn't it download it and then hide it?

Can you repeat that without sounding like a fucking spambot?

pale moon fag pls, keep your sperg outs in check.

yes, unless they changed it recently, adblocking on chrome never did actually block ads. they still went through and just hid them after the fact.

That's why you need a hosts file and just use ublock to get rid of the empty frames.

mv ~you/opinon /dev/trash

uMatrix works exactly the same on Chromium as it does on Firefox, except for the small fact you can't block the new tab page from phoning home on Firefox with any extension.

you can set it to about:blank though so it doesn't.

Right, but it says a lot about the principles behind each browser (and the people shilling against them with nothing but hearsay) when Google's actually respects your privacy the most.

which is why even the OSS chromium downloads a binary blob after install that hot mics your machine? Distros STILL have to get into the guts of the code and disable that before packaging it up into their repos.

It's not even enabled by default in the build. This took literally five seconds to check. Again, you're nothing but a D&C shill with no substantial arguments.

The only reason it isn't enabled by default anymore is because the devs got busted. 6th method is you.

There are 5 methods on that page.

bumping this thread up next to the other one so everyone can see how hard the SJW has been working over the past month

Fuck (Jew)mium. I'd rather use Brave or Edge if I have to leave FireSJW.