The Supreme Court Expands FBI Hacking Powers

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most decent size networks will have at least 1 zombie comouter, I guess the FBI will have the legal authority to hack pretty much any network now.

They have already been doing this. When they hack hidden service users, the targets can be literally anywhere in the world.

They don't want this happening again:



The FBI will be hacking your parents :)

I wonder how other countries leaders would feel about the FBI hacking their citizens?

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these decisions are without understanding
now what do we do to stop our devices from being interesting to government agencies, even though we might be unable to unbotnet them?

And not to mention the fact that people taking "anonymity measures" is pretty vague as well. It sounds as though its not limited to tor. So perhaps proxies, vpn providers, tunneling the list goes on. If I route my irc sessions through a shell account or some sort of bouncer, is that going to mean I'm game for the FBI to exploit my machine? I can see this getting abused.

They would still need a warrant, they just wouldn't need to prove you are in their jurisdiction anymore.

just 1 warrant has allowed the unlimited hacking of thousands of computers.

in the 2013 freedom hosting take down, even legitimate sites like Tormail had the exploit added.

I used Tormail as a throwaway email and the FBI was authorized to hack me simply because I used it.

Snowden made this video before his NSA leaks

notice that he is using Tormail at 10 minutes in. Do you think that was the goal of the Freedom Hosting takedown?

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can you into reading comprehension?

he was even giving out the same bad advice and example of passphrases back then

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If law enforcement doesn't get backdoored encryption, their hacking powers will continuously grow to bypass it.

However, this is nothing new. The FBI was hacking PGP users in 2003.

yeah, but hacking is targeted. backdoored encryption would passively effect everyone on the internet.

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