Why haven't you abandoned GTK yet?

Why haven't you abandoned GTK yet?

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lol you mean the toolkit that wanted everyone to register to use it 4 months ago?

Because if I wanted to break out a compiler every time I wanted to customize my UI theme, I'd just get a Mac :^)

Enlighten me as to why GTK is shit?

speaking of which, this program is amazing but its ruined by bugs and very minor missing features. hasnt been updated since feb 2015, kinda sad really. huge potential to replace photoshop for everyone except people who make a living off it.




but i did. gtk3 is a fucking joke and gtk2 is no longer supported. not to mention it's practically not usable in multiplatform cases. qt is much better, supports everything better and can into proper multiplatform. gtk won't get you a job but qt will because unlike gtk, qt is taken seriously in the industry and in fact many developers use it even for their proprietary software on windows. for example did you know blizzards launcher is qt? or amd's new driver program? google earth, last.fm, team speak, telegram, etc. etc. qt is a top gui toolkit for C++ for all major OS.

gobject in c is a lot shittier than objects in c++.

Qt is Boost lite. FLTK or bust.

mah nigga


Who ever made this image, Kritas only advantage over Gimp was brushes and those got FUCKED recently from choppy output of strokes

Call me when Qt supports GTK themes properly.

That others are using it is a very shitty argument. That's like saying windows is good because 90% use it.

Call me when only but 3 gtk themes aren't utter garbage.

Because it's better than the alternative

There's about 5 commits every day.


make releases of get rekt kid nobody wants constant regressions and crashes.

Even GTK doesn't support GTK themes properly.

I don't know what you're trying to say.

Quads speak the truth.
But yeah, some applications have problems with the GTK theme even though they are made in GTK.

I use it for some shit as an end-user, but I'd never want to develop in it. It only supports, like, three languages because practically nothing has a C++ FFI. Granted, CL and Python aren't horrendous to use, but by contrast, GTK supports pretty much every language ever. It forces you to use QT Creator because fuck you. I cannot even begin to fathom who okayed the mere concept of QML.

basically this


Commits aren't releases, despite what Google and Mozilla wants you to believe.

Because qt is a meme and I'm not 1337 enough for full asciipunk.

I'm on KDE so suck it

I know this is a bait thread, but why would I use QT over GTK?

because firefox depends on it so i need it

because red hat says to use it.

Because KDE suck, VLC is a joke only intended for plebs who would rather use WMP. Qt's file picker in actually worse than GTK's, the one with proper thumbnails is a KDE hack, not Qt widget.

Also GTK isn't developed by dual-licensing proprietary cucks who only see Qt as a click and bait scam to squeeze money out of retards who don't know how to comply with the GPL.

Also because GTK is more innovative. Qt is stuck in 2005.

Also because C++ is crap and Qt makes it even worse by adding a whole new language and duplicated libraries on top of it.

All gtk3 dependency need to be upgraded to gtk2. Gtk3 is basically a downgrade, and a cancer of UI theme standard.

Because RadialGM isn't stable yet

Because that “active development” so far has led to KDE Plasma 5 being a more bug-ridden desktop than KDE4 ever was.

This was about the same under-the-hood experience I had with 5.4 last year. Note that I haven't got to test the "rewritten" Plasma 5.6 so far (e.g. Kubuntu LTS 16.04 still ships with 5.5, you have to get 5.6 from backports); maybe I'll remember to revisit.

Have fun still being stuck to X after switching to Wayland.

It's still not true that Krita hasn't been updated for that long.
Stable packages for most distros have been last updated a whole year later than was claimed.
If you count the unstable appimages then the last update was actually a few days ago.

Maybe a week ago or so I updated my arch linux and there were a lot of packages to be updated so I just clicked yes do it, fuck my shit up basically.

And in all the updates there were gtk 3.2 and firefox 45 and both of them are complete bullshit.

They fucking destroyed my system.

Firefox crashed all the time and gtk just looked like crap.

Fuck this for now I will always read what pacman wants to update and I will never ever make a gtk update again.


I bet you're using some of your base and base devel packages from AUR.

Tip top kek m8.

gtk3.20 broke all themes (again)

As far as I remember, Plasma devs bitched about the old version in Kubuntu, so it probably is more stable.

What about wxWidgets?