BASED DUD* FIX YOUR SHIT #17 - IP leak edition

Previously on KFYS
>a big Holla Forums leak happened - also vid real
>Frederick dindu fix the index stats. rumors arise, that the pigs liked the tyre taste


* Someone said, that kripplekike doesn't post in our threads, because they have "kripplekike" in topic. Maybe this trick will spawn him.

Other urls found in this thread:

So how long until the site needs fixed again after we gain back the 2,000 or more users that were lost.

0 - >>557151
1 - >>559716
2 - >>564983
3 - >>566292
4 - >>568065
5 - >>569237
6 - >>569827
7 - >>570566
8 - >>571133
9 - >>572162
10 - >>572911
11 - >>573811
100 (12) - >>574697
13 - >>576330
14 - >>576369
15 -
16 -

Pulling numbers out of your ass, the ones that left both Holla Forums and Holla Forums were less than a 1000.

is Holla Forums broken for anyone else?

Coming up blank

Try appending /index.html at the end of URL.


This seems to be working.

Holla Forums had 3,500 users at its peak, that's 1,000 active users lost right there.
Holla Forums had 3,000 users, spiking to 3,500.
Then count all the small communities that were destroyed.
I can back up these numbers through, thanks for your damage control tho.

Ah yes, they were the "genuine Holla Forums users" maymay.

So, about 6 months until it needs fixed again?

Yea, give or take.

We are still here, just that we don't have new orders from our leader (Josh)

t. Holla Forums secret circle member

Maybe a year back then yes, but since I started looking at the numbers around December especially when Holla Forums took the lead on the top board they had 3,000 users while Holla Forums had a average of 2900 user, then after that it started slowing down till Holla Forums ended up with an average of 2800 climbing up 2900 on the weekends while Holla Forums was averaging 2900 then the double posting came up and the Holla Forums mod drama where around 500 users left Holla Forums and a good number of Holla Forums fucked off back to halfchan.

The numbers are slowly rising thanks to the fixes.


i am sick and tired of shit not working on this fucking site, it is beyond ridiculous, this shit has been going on for fucking eight months, what in the fuck is it? You had one fucking job, you have one job because you can't do shit else and you couldn't even keep a fucking imageboard running

>>>Holla Forums

Wow, man, it works! How did you do that?

Same bug as on Holla Forums yesterday. gives you the actual board.

You see man, I'm Holla Forums and I secretly run Holla Forums so I know lots of dirty tricks.

Okay, I didn't read anything you said, so I'll just assume it'll be six months before it needs further fixed when user numbers grow.

Maybe he doesn't post in these threads because they're lower than the comments on a youtube vevo video.

We now return live to your regularly scheduled 500+ post containment thread of "muh josh muh quadratic muh intl pol woosoo kike kike shill (((le tumblr punctuation meme)))"

You "people" should be wiped off this fucking planet.

Basic bitches.

tfw dud is giovanni from team rocket in pokemon gsc

We wouldn't need these containment threads if he didn't fuck up so badly.

Is the IP leak limited to /cuteboys/?

No it works for ugly ones too.

I can back that up much better. some boards didn't suffer much like >>>/u/, >>>/k/ and >>>/8diamonds/. Other got obliterated by the bugs like >>>/jp/, >>>/cyber/, >>>/a/.

Repeat your message on I don't think you achieve anything, because you are dealing with mentally crippled spergs here.

There is none as far as I can see. The custom textfile contains only a log of connection attempts.

Not a bug, a feature..;) Actually there was an upgrade going on and it affected that. It should be stable now.

No one cares, it lost a large percentage of their traffic, at least 1.5k users, and it'll need fixed again.
Meanwhile this site doesn't have near as many active users of far more stable sites.

Nah, it's a full syslog dump of posts being made on cuteboys.
Not to mention a full SQL dump of /int/ containing IP addresses from back when federation stopped and more.

With that you mean? Nothing wrong with admitting to a fuck up in that regard.

Cough up both and then we talk.

Nope, it regards many boards. Read the leak yourself, you may find some gem. this file. Seems like prepared for some government agency or whatnot. The irony is that this file IS STILL LOCATED ON 8CH SERVERS AND IS STILL PUBLICALLY ACCESSIBLE .

>>>/ggrevolt/ abandoned ship too

You mean the shit that's in the OP?

Yoga pigs don't admit anything, they just do Yoga

Who is your favorite? Ginger, Mary Anne, or Mrs. Howell?

To my luck i wasn't on Holla Forums that day.


Not found


Custom textfile full of Bui proxies. assumed from the context


Another custom textfile

The /cuteboys/ one contains ips, but comes from the time when Hotwheels was in control.

Here is the most infamous custom textfile:

At this point I am assuming that bedserver is wearing tinfoil over IP proxy lists.

You mean returned to its real numbers? The numbers on endchan say 26 users.

So this is kind of weird.
Hwy is it only the fag board?

Jim I want a small pig for a pet, a pot belly pig, any good breed out there?

It's archived in pastebin.
He's still in control of the code, and it doesn't make any difference.

Fuck off, /cow/tist.

No. You fuck off. You are sperging out here whereas I am fine.

Which part was the "fuck up"? Fleeing the venue after the welfare-state-fuelled edgelord nigger swarm that posts 90% of the replies in these threads had begun smashing the windows in and setting things on fire?

Go fellate and footjob a shotgun.

the board always fluctuates. It springs to life during happenings like the Alison Rapp thing

how does OP know any of that meta shit?

reeks of Holla Forums shittery

The leak is much bigger. For example, this is nginx config of Holla Forums:

start from here:

You niggers are like vultures, you just lurk in the GG threads until something you can exploit happens then bam, you're circling your prey all huddle up to eachother like some snake mating scene then your boards go up in post numbers.

teacup pigs make good pets

I have a question

how the fuck did that happen?

what boards?

I'm deciding between a nice small pig or a skunk pet.

I hear skunks make great pets when their glands are removed.

You're seriously blaming angst over the site not working for a fucking year on users?
Settle down hotwheels, it'll be alright. Sucking shit as a project manager, blowing $12k of the userbase's money through your negligence as a project manager and so on.
Also the implication that you spent any of your own money when most of your donations were from the bitcoins donated to you is hilarious.

>>>Holla Forums
>>>Holla Forums

I am too lazy to list the rest.

See the following list I made with a GNU grep utility. More Holla Forums adventures awaiting.

Because Jim is only offering old shitboxes and doesn't offer 10GbE ports on NT Technologies hosting and colo page, he likely doesn't have his own private cage at 200 Paul in San Francisco and is likely renting rack space from a real company. A trace route to 2ch's IPs shows that NT's routers are and, and they are connected to which belongs to Centauri Communications which does offer colocation services at 200 Paul and who Jim is likely renting rack space from. If you were to file abuse complaints with someone, Centauri would be the company to send them to.


I have heard that Vietnamese pot belly pigs make excellent pets. They are trainable similar to having a dog. Although I have never seen one up close. I have only seen them on TV.

Bedchan is real

Jim is not who he says he is, do not trust

use a proxy, you are not safe on Holla Forums

Wowee you got me there, I thought I'd covered all the retarded shitposter bases in but I genuinely didn't think someone would be so desperate as to start branding posters they disagree with as people who haven't been on the fucking site for months

kill yourself

safe from whom

It'll be alright, hotwheels. No need to blame users for your failures.

Drugs, wine, mushy poops explain gut microbe variation

The link to the leak.

It'll be alright, Lynx. No need to blame users for your failures.

That doesn't really make much sense, but if you want to continue blaming others for your failures feel free.

This is why people left 8ch for
It fully supports tor and there is no mod dramaz as only spam and CP is deleted.

smaller boards are moving to their own chans
big boards are moving to bigger alternative chans
Holla Forums WILL die at this rate. as the alternatives grow in numbers, nobody will return here.


except that CP isn't deleted

real question is - what is the endgame of Bedchan? Why did Jim do it?

purely for ad shekels?

It's not deleted here either

because everybody involved in hosting this site is fucking stupid, despite teen moot being able to make a site that worked fine.

this site is dead.

Proof or gtfo.

daily reminder that is not cp

There is always Masterchan..

That and selling mined data. Why do you think he hates the idea of people being allowed to post even just text anonymously?

Keep telling yourself that, pedo.

no thanks i want to keep jamal out of my ass

also doesnt masterchan use some shitty username system?

Nice revisionism there, cuckchan had plenty downtime on it's infancy. They probably also didn't have as many dedicated goons ddosing and derailing shit as much we do

was cuckchan still having downtime after 2 years of development and 12 thousand dollars of donations?

4chan had plenty of downtime in the first year due to GNAA crapflooding it and DDoS at a time when cloudflare didn't exist, as well as lack of funds for real dedicated servers.
Not like that makes a difference considering Holla Forums's machines are exposed to the net without a firewall.

what does Hotwheels get out of it?


have you been to 8ch/b lately?

nope none of that Holla Forums faggotry
None of that bloat bs

They do have a system like 4chan, where you can bypass captcha with a pass.. but its free


Yes. If you want to interpret the donation drives for new servers like this.

Really, i there enough user to even make it worth mining data off of? This isn't 4chan there are not even enough users to even compete with 4chan, hell I bet even krautchan had more users than us. The only possible reasons this site would even be worth going through all the trouble it has gone to even make a profit would either be dissent(in some shit ass countries) or the fact that maybe Gamergate actually did find something.

So in conclusion, 8ch has a TON of pedos that put up with a broken site, that logs all ips of every post in plain text for any global or admin to datamine, and leak, which happens often.
Then there are the normies..

Then there is 4chan, that logs everything the same way.

Then finally Masterchan, which has never had a dataleak ever. Where pedos and normies coexist on a chan that doesn't ban anyone..

Sure you can get get an ip banned for Spam or posting a lot of cp, but you can use any user id to bypass any ip ban.

I really don't see why anyone sticks around here.

Me? I just stop by from time to time to laugh at the userbase here that constantly gets cucked by the site and its patchwork of code.

Its entertaining at the most.

Read the last few threads linked in the OP.
Its been linked many of times

I was about to post "if you could show me how to access it that'd be great", but it appears to be back up now. How in the world am I supposed to get off a sick burn now?

You would be surprised how many unique ips connect to 8ch a day..

You can start shit posting on MC to annoy the userbase..

I would like to personally thank Yoga Pig for donating his daughter to us this past week. I haven't had a 502 in at least 5 min..

he stops getting yelled at

cuckchan moved to new servers because it started off very small. Holla Forums started off with big servers (in comparison), lost 12 thousand dollars to a bad dev, and then kept being shit.

so no i wouldn't relate server cost and falling for a scam

Hotweels is gone. Whether he's just playing GTA, getting high on shrooms or is dead really doesn't matter. Maybe he has reasons, medical or otherwise, but it's clear he just doesn't care anymore. Not about the site, not about the users, not about the ideals he made when he made the site.

Compare his transparency reports of old with now not even caring about providing basic user privacy. Bless his tiny wheels, but he's not the same merry midget he used to be.

yeah but where did those "big servers" go?

why do we have Bedchan now?

What's up with that, why not more transparency reports?

Except those times where their servers were seized and misteriously returned by Eurocuck authorities.

And that you need accounts to post over Tor on that shit.

He lost the passion. He lost control. He lost his health. He lost his life.

I don't know. All that is clear is that he's gone. He withdrew more and more, and now he's just out of reach. /operate/, claims, malfunctions, userbase disintegration, it doesn't matter. Despite how much the users want him to be here he just not.

Still making things up as you go I see.
You don't need an an account to post, only to bypass captcha.
There are lots of shared accounts, that don't show up when posting, as everyone posts as anonymous. Except for those that choose to fill out captcha, their outlanders.

That was funny. They found nothing, as MC doesn't store full ips, or ips at all of users that use a pass to bypass captcha.

Okay, I get the point. Site's full of holes, the admin's dying and the new owner has a shady history. This was all known even before the Next saga. Next had even more security holes so I don't know why would anyone have a problem with Jim not using it, whatever the reason was.
Now why would anyone go through the trouble of pointing all of this out in the first place? And why do it in such a dramatic, attention whore way? Why should I trust you instead of the guy whose mug and name is public, at least? At worst 8ch is like any other site, are you suggesting we all leave the internet altogether? How convenient.

wtf, how new are you?
The guy is dealing with cronic severe pain.
I'm honestly suprised hes still alive.
Have you even read his last few posts?
Hes busy dealing with health issues.
That's why the site is in Jims hands now.
Forget about him. Remember him when he dies.

the was me. it makes me feel warm and fuzzy that someone posted it on endchan. ty endchan user, I should have spammed that chan instead since the mods apparently aren't happy I posted the dox.

Still not sure what the fuck Bui is, and googling Bui Proxy gives me a bunch of "Did you mean..." results


my endgame is shitposting, lulz and becoming a meme, i think all have been achieved.

the security "holes" have nothing to do with board software, my autism ignored that

my autism

you dont need to trust me, there is proof in the video/pastebin

This guy knows whats up.

You should stop by Masterchan sometime, your tinfoil autism will fit right in.

We don't tolerate faggotry there either.

Humilliation in past threads. First by logs then by pig farmer.

Masterchan got seized by Europol and after it went back online, the ownership is uncertain. Its admin refuses to answer questions concerning this.

skimmed the first two threads;didn't read the rest lol

Are those alternative imageboard site spamming and (((parenthesis))) using spergs just old fed agents trying to fit in or is it the usual clique of international elements that don't want peace between boards? Just asking because even the newest shitlordy memers aren't dumb enough to echo anything that's not a Jewish name.

Says who? The admin who never showed his face? Yes, m'goy, believe it harder, it may even be true.

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the site software used by masterchan closed source?

If he's in pain I can understand and empathise. Chronic pain is horrid. It drains the desire and motivation to do anything, even if it's something you care about. It gets worse when you realise your three options are pain killier addiction, living with the unrelenting pain or killing yourself.

It has changed hosts a few times since then.
Currently its hosted through Ecatel.

You're grasping for straws, and bringing up things only a pedo would worry about if they were posting bare IP in the first place.

No one was ever investagated/contacted.
It was the same mara poster that posts here on /b in the pedo threads that went on a day trip to the hauge and took pix of Mara's school that caused that. He stopped stalking Mara after that at least..

where is this qt from?


nevermind, thank you google reverse image search

Old enough to not take rumors for granted.

I don't know. I haven't seen him in any in these threads so how about you link to them? >mfw you naturally won't deliver

They just have autism.

Again with all the same nonsense about a site with zero track record of any wrong doing, that's been around for a few years, that allows full posting thru tor, without cookies or java enabled, to post replies, make threads, post pix ect..

I think that's the real reason why tards throw a fit about MC, it just works, and it works well.

I find it funny that most chums/anons that browse MC also lurk/post at multiple chans.

But 8tards, are strickly 8tards..

Yall crack me up

You really are this new, wow.
Look at the OP.
Read the last few threads that he linked, like I just told you to do.

Look at this:

Why are you here? You can line Jim's pockets to advertize. You can freely make a borad about getting out. is right.

The shilling's from Masterchan, meight
They're raiding Endchan hard right now, too

I browse multiple chans.
Masterchan is my home chan.
I come here for entertainment.
As this place is completely fucked, and its funny to watch it continuously burn to the ground.

that combined with curiously serious and swift moderation, yeah, Masterchan is a honeypot for sure

Good, that's what they deserve. They were raiding Holla Forums a week ago over the butthurt the BO causes them. Payback is a bitch

does anyone know who's behind masterchan?

kinda pointless when it's a deserted wasteland

This too, we raid everyone.
Respectivly we only raid 8ch/b and not any other boards, cause were btards

Holla Forums deserves to get raided tbh, its a shithole

Checked, just like 69chan.
We raided the fuck outa them.
Now there dead as deadchan or endchan whatever you call it.

TBH v and pol are the only boards keeping this site alive, at all.
We wouldn't do that to yall.
We like to watch ya suffer.


I have already checked them all. There are no signed posts in any of them.

How about you try to be more of a faggot? I'm sure you can if you really try.

Thanks, but I know. It unfortunately doesn't tell us if that's the reason he's given up.

look at the site
look at the users
look at the world
that's enough reason right there

Oh no, somebody might know my animu girl posting habits.
Except the hotpockets of Holla Forums already do, and so would masterfag's owners if I went there. Scrape this site's text content alone and you'll be able to track most of us by filenames. Some weak AI trickery could probably tell our posting styles apart.
Listen, I've been down this path once, I was depressed for a few weeks and then stopped giving a shit altogether. If somebody wants me gone, there are easier ways to do it than by tracking me on my funposting grounds. I'm already as close to a dead man as it gets, give a few bucks to the right people and I would be on the streets tommorrow.
No amount of privacy can save you from social engineering or a bad political climate. If you find yourself worrying about your past shitposts, you have bigger problems than just being tracked. ( I don't mean this in a nothing-to-hide way, or judging people who have bigger sins than anime porn; just saying that your problem isn't your data but people who would ruin your life for sending the wrong bytes over the internet. Keep that VPN up but consider the latter problem as well, if you're alone up against a psycho then they will just fabricate the dirt on you if needed. )

How retarded are you.

He didn't post in those threads, there were links to his posts in those threads that were about the hidden service.

I'm done with your autism. Don't reply to me anymore

vultures etc etc, it doesn't make you anything special, people worth less than you have done better, you're nothing. You're a wannabe be goon.

nigga want to be gangster but aint one. You aint fooling anyone,

would like you like to try that post again, and having a valid point this time?

Where did all this come from trips?
All I did was point out that Masterchan works, while this site continues to crash and burn, while bleeding users..

Holy shit. Does this mean we are all gonna get v&?

Only if you're a pedo

To be fair, Mark is a filthy kike, and had the cripple any balls, he would have sent that Jew to a concentration camp already.

why was there a leak at all?

was it just random? What?

who leaked the ip's?

where were they posted?

I don't like masterchan for one reason, I don't like it's layout. I came from 4chan and I like the traditional style, not no overboard bullshit or whatever the fuck these new imageboards have, I don't like the look of your image board, it's frustrating to hell and back. I like what Holla Forums has now, halfchan doesn't even work the way Holla Forums works.

Excessive self-censorship and paranoia are like pre-emptively punishing yourself.


You aren't the targeted audience. You need to stay here, and plz nvr visit MC for any reason, let alone post there.

Id ask you to try, yet again, but you made less sense then b4.

can someone please answer this?

Do you realize autism is what made imageboards in the first place? There is no room for you faggots here

Overchan is probably my first choice if something happened to make me leave Holla Forums.


I have no interest in fucking kids, let alone alerting various law enforcement agencies in the EU to said interest, so I'll pass

I leaked it for lulz, why it existed in the first place you'd have to ask hotwheels, codemonkey, jim or one of them. They're responsible for whats on the server, I just found it.


Well, 8ch is just here to collect IP's to sell for profit.

>>parasites think that they can take advantage of the situation and shill their

Not everyone is like you, you cocksucker.

Is Jim even qualified to host a site?

so no one really knows what happened

parasites think that they can take advantage of the situation and shill their

So you don't care what happens to Holla Forums?

He has neet bucks saved up tho, so he can afford to do so.

Compare the number of users that use those boards to the ones that don't.

Use logic here. Might as well lump the furries in there that have more post than those boards combine and call 8ch a furry imageboard

Congratulations. I knew you could be more of a faggot if you tried.

We weren't talking about Tor, we were talking about his health. Now link to his posts where he says he has stopped posting because of his pain or shut the fuck up.

Why do YOU care? Is the real question.

He was proud of finding it
Babby's first google search
edgy 1337 h4××0r"

Thats simple, 8ch has a huge pedo population.
MC has a few pedos that dump models they find on 8ch, purenudism, ect.

sorry m8 I'm done with your autism

I don't even know what's going on, when are Ron and Jim coming back

Not really, I come here for Holla Forums and our mods need to be gassed for countless reasons. HotWheel's idea of having random unchangeable board owners for major boards was retarded. Holla Forums here has become literally reddit tier

Are you a nigger?

The biggest difference between any of those boards and your /candy/ is that /candy/ is a place to barely-censor your actual CP folder and dump it as fapping material, whereas our pedo boards stick to posting children with clothes on and having discussions. Also, I'm not forced to see their image dumps every time I look at the site's home page, and /hebe/ even had the courtesy to make itself a hidden board. There's a reason why the feds took down masterchan and not Holla Forums. Get Gad to make /candy/ a hidden board and we might not consider you a honeypot.

No give a real, direct, verified sauce.You fucking faggot.

Jim died in a Pig feeding accident
Ron an hero yesterday.

Only online

oh thats great, some faggot somewhere hacked the shitty bedchan servers, swiped a shit ton of IP's and now has control of them and their histories


oh dear

we've got no admin so we can do WHATEVER WE WANT :D

How do we know you are bedserver user?

All images currently on MC are legal.
Asking for censorship is what 8ch is for.

tldr only spam and CP is deleted on MC

Deal with it

There's nothing wrong with shitposting son

bedchan doesn't exist. yet.

Doesn't he hope to squeeze shekels from this place?

/candy/ is grey at best and you know it. All it takes is to be from the wrong state or country and ding dong vannu.

remember the days when /baph/ was here to protect us from hacks?

look where this shithole is now, pathetic

And when 8/pol/ dies, will you care?

man syslog

The LEA running their site will vouch for you. They're there to look, not prosecute.

Those were the days.


why are you fighting?

we need to stick together, we're all that's left...



you should be nice to your mum

FBI plz

it's better than an actual honeypot-chan tho :^D

How many FBI agents do you guys think are monitoring this thread right now?

I hope enough so I can say to them to fuck their mothers.

the 4 that always are always are

wew lad

oh yeah I remember that thread, what were their names again?


oy vey muh Holla Forums ad bux

I'm out, enjoy you're broken software folks

enjoy your partyvan bro

Thanks chum



What were those?


pic related. its me

i have no interest in actually making a chan. hosting one is easy, getting a user base is a different matter. there are already tons of alt chans.

yes, i'll go to where ever everyone else does

currently thats

You mean leaking IP addresses when debugging is enabled? That's not a security hole. That's intended behavior on part of an operator who hotwheels didn't babysit.

lol you and 1 other person

Wait stay here, and on pol m8
Don't goto MC. Its a honeypot did u know?

physical keyboard masterrace

What is this 4chan?

Clean your screen. You just posted your fingerprints.


Make bedchan happen. You already made a logo.

join the nntpchan effort
more users more servers more awesome


That isn't a bad idea actually. Bedchanfag can do something productive that way instead of being an attentionwhore in a glorified shitposting thread on a website he doesn't even like.

Those E5s would be wasted on NNTPchan, sorry Jeff.
Also who said he didn't like it at some point?

i'll look in to it, ty user

i did, i said the Holla Forums mods need to be gassed


lets have 500 replies of the same 1 or 2 spergs paroting how right Holla Forums is, attention whores giving themselves unwarranted self-importance, how much they hate Holla Forums even though they continue fucking using it and will never fucking leave and about lolcows like Josh who shouldn't even be fucking relevant

Yes, I think this will fix the site

These thread were decent until people with severe mental illness hijacked them

Not sure what that is, but the Q10 has a OLED screen. Built in dark theme = better battery life. I really dont give a fuck about themes.

we should try migrating to /polpol/ again tbh

they actually had a good reason for their deletions, communicated it to the users and exterminated Holla Forums shittery

Holla Forums shits are creating the threads, they thrive off meta drama

If Holla Forums is broken, how are they posting so much? It's not broken enough to prevent their shitposting, apparently. I think you're right about them being mentally ill.

Holla Forums is fundamentally broken thanks to being based on tinyboard/vichan.
Last time they disabled the board_stats and pruned it the site ran fine for a few weeks until traffic came back and then we were back to square one with the cache needing overhauled.
I give it less than six months before it starts shitting itself again.

I just came here to see if false 404s are still an open issue and report a regression if not, but it seems like nobody is discussing anything technical here anymore.

pic related or GTFO

newfag detected

Could they just clear the cache again?

Thanks for the laugh, user.

Hi Holla Forums, I parsed the leaked list of boards to find all of the hidden boards available on Holla Forums. I figured you guys might like a peek: Forums_board.html

I'm also archiving the front pages and media of all hidden boards, just in case there's something super duper secret in here somewhere.

I don't need a list of CP, thank you very much.


I haven't come across any cp yet

Thanks fag. Now go back to working on cock.

*slurp slurp slurp*

so I just couldn't help myself, here's a list of hidden boards sorted by post count:

This should get you the juicy stuff. Though it all seem to be pretty mundane to me so far.

it's 6am I really need sleep more than cock tbh

If you look at the dirsizes.txt file you can probably find the more active hidden boards

thanks mr cock

interesting image

/wongstein/ is hidden? Since when?

Here is an odd one, full of noise images and hex strings. Stenography?

I recognize a few boards in that list that weren't hidden at some point. I suppose the owners of those boards decided to make them hidden at some point.

Here's some more from the dumpster diving.

No clue.

i recognize that garbage, that looks a lot like Bui's spam, were you there when he spammed /polidicks/ and boards like that to the top 25? (when the top 25 was still a thing), that's what the spam looked like, a bunch of noise images of random dimensions with the body being garbage text mixed lower and upper case

Hello I fucked up flags on my board >>>/ask/ by adding the following flag to my board (see attached pic) with name "0 - Blank Flank".

Every single flag I add after having added that flag disappears. There is something about this 11x11 blank flag icon that fucks shit up.

Please fix my board so I can re-up flags again without them disappearing.

Note: This is a problem on the /4chon/ board as well.

ah, I was wise enough to snap an archive of the board:
take a look at the lower portion of the archive, looks very similar, except it's a random number instead of random characters

in fact, the board is still in that state today:

Someone please reset my flags index so I can re-up flags again on /ask/

My board is effectively broken since adding that 11x11 invisible icon to it.

I liked that logo. Probably I will visit the site too. If he builds it.

I think it was a coincidence, it was literally never the blank flank flag before the other 4 times my flags got wiped, I uploaded them all in order and blank flank was the first to be uploaded each time tbh fam.

flags haven't been addressed in aggeesssss

I am unsure if 11x11 size flag kills the board or if it's the fact it's blank that kills it.

...and that HDV is why you lost all your flags each time.

I uploaded two other 4chon flags first before uploading your blank flank flag. You know what the result is? Every flag I added after the blank flank flag disappeared.

11x11 isn't a valid flag size I believe.

Look HDV, I added the ehlp flag, and the 2015 flag, then I added the blank flank flag, then I added a couple other flags.

Every flag from the blank flank flag and after then disappears each time I hit either "update" or "alphabetize" flags.

I am very sure it's the blank flank 11x11 flag that is the problem HDV. Either the size is causing the issue (that's what I think is most likely) or the complete transparency is the issue POSSIBLY.

I can't ascertain for sure without someone first resetting my flags index or making a bunch of junk boards to test on.

Should I make some junk boards for testing?

forgot screencap to show you HDV

do it

smiley autism is always nice


BTW HDV gibes me your board announcement text inside of a code block

Why is everything you own covered in that dusty crud?

I can't take credit for the logo, just the autism.

Going to show you step by step with screencaps what I'm doing HDV

I was sanding the walls and havent vacuumed the dust off the bed server yet.

Give me bedchan or give me death!

What's all this bedchan nonsense going on? Haven't been in the thread since Holla Forums's been mostly fixed


It sounds like you're describing a different phenomenon though. You said that your flags are basically not being uploaded (or being wiped multiple times) after you'd submitted the flag in question, whereas I would get to flag 400+ or whatever and have a singular flag wiping incident after the fact with a variety of catalysts.

Couldn't hurt but we can't say for sure that just because it happens under one condition on one board that it will happen on another, because what you're describing doesn't sound anything like what had happened on my board. Even uploading all of our 450~ flags to one board in a very single minded fashion takes several hours. I don't think it's worth brute forcing it trying to find the catalyst. I purposefully left the flags alone on /4chon/ per Howheels' request so whenever he's interested he can try and figure it out. That time simply isn't likely to come any time soon as we're the only board experiencing this particular problem.

A guy with a server next to his bed has better software than Jim, who dropped thousands on tons of desktops to host Holla Forums instead of running an actual server.

The inside of it's probably caked in that shit lad

The very moment I added my 16x16 blank flank flag it fucked up

First thing that happened was:

1. The blank flank flag DISAPPEARED.
2. Second thing that happened is I added "Ideology - National Action" icon, uploaded it, IT UPLOADED, BUT then I hit "update" and it fucking DISAPPEARED.

The problem is not the 11x11 it seems, the problem is the blank flag, it fucks everything up.


and now everything is retarded and doesn't work



11x11 blank flag or 16x16 blank flag = KILLS THE FLAGS INDEX


How do I delete >>>/nig541/ now that I'm done testing shit on that board?

You don't. You would have to send a request in an email.

dude, you've been here long enough, you've been here for years, you should know BOs can't delete their own boards

Im here, just not at computer atm

No shit, still can't be good for the thing

looks like there are problems with board flags

it isnt powered on and even if it was it has a dust filter on the front cover

I know, I just want a lurking admin to delete it now for me.

Requesting feature where any board owner can delete his board if it has less than 500 posts on it.

A completely blank flag kills any board's flags.

Please fix.

Password for /nig541/ is racewarnow go wild.

Could've just saved yourself the trouble and moved it out of the way before sanding.

Why can't I add custom board assets on my new >>>/nig542/ board?

Because the software is majorly fucking broken, hotwheels isn't going to fix it anytime soon and we're never going to move to new software.

For some reason I can't add the following CSS code to /nig542/ without it disappearing each time I update... I also can't add word filters to it. No idea why.

div.post_modified {display: none;}p.fileinfo :not(.unimportant){display: inline;}p.fileinfo .unimportant a:link{display: inline;}, div.file.multifile p.fileinfo {word-wrap: break-word;}.announcement {display:none;}footer {display:none;}/* Spin Script that makes the flags spin when you hover over them. infinite = 1*/p.intro img.flag:hover, img.flag:focus, img.flag:active { animation:flaghover 1.5s linear 1s 1; -o-animation:flaghover 1.5s linear 1s 1; -moz-animation:flaghover 1.5s linear 1s 1; -webkit-animation:flaghover 1.5s linear 1s 1;}@keyframes flaghover { 10% { transform: translateZ(0); } 20% { transform: rotate(-360deg); } 60% { transform: rotate(-180deg); }}@-o-keyframes flaghover { 10% { transform: translateZ(0); } 20% { transform: rotate(-360deg); } 60% { transform: rotate(-180deg); }}@-moz-keyframes flaghover { 10% { transform: translateZ(0); } 20% { transform: rotate(-360deg); } 60% { transform: rotate(-180deg); }}@-webkit-keyframes flaghover { 10% { transform: translateZ(0); } 20% { transform: rotate(-360deg); } 60% { transform: rotate(-180deg); }}p.fileinfo > a:not(.chx_RISLink){display: none;}

On this board I never uploaded the blank flank flag, I just hit alphabetize flags, when the flags were already in alphabetical order... and that somehow broke it... and I now can't upload anymore flags without them disappearing.

What the fuck. There is something seriously fucked with how flags work on 8ch. Someone please link me to the code that deals with it so I can look at what the fuck is happening in the flags code.

The CSS code on /nig542/ has randomly, without any apparent reason, re-appeared.

Why is the site acting totally fucking insane?

Is the alphabetize flags function the real cause of the problems? It seems that hitting that while all flags are in alphabetical order causes weirdness to take place.

Should I make a third test board to continue testing and finding out exactly what is causing the issue with the flags?

I want to see the code.

lets just leave this mother fucker and go to Endchan

No fuck that, I want to fix 8ch, I just need a little help figuring out how to get on board with this and my autism should get a lot of shit done.

where is the code that deals with flags?

How do I delete flags I've already uploaded!?

I'm asking for the HW post from months ago, not the Jim quote from days ago

Updater issues on Holla Forums

nvm figured that out

Something appears to be very wrong with the alphabetize flags function.

I told u fam.

Consider making another redundant board, not uploading that flag and see if it still happens for you. I think it will but who knows, perhaps it won't.

You click on their checkbox and hit "update".

What kikewheels says is irrelevant, Jim owns Holla Forums. kikewheels sold us out a long time ago:

no one cares about your shitty board flags

Still not source

I think it's the alphabetize flags function that somehow is fucking up.

I wonder if it can't handle a - in the flag name, or it fucks up because all flags were already in alphabetical order, or ... it's just totally broken?

Time for >>>/nig543/

Pic related is 4 U

Top Men are all MIA right now


What a waste

Flags just worked on my board when I pressed the update button. Maybe he needs to install the dollchan script.

Alphabetize flags does not appear to be the problem, maybe the hyphen in flag names is the issue?

>>>/nig543/ is experiencing problems with flags for no apparent reason it seems to be rejecting some flags, disappearing some flags, and keeping some...

What the fuck is wrong with flags code?

Yo Jim

we have some updating problems on Holla Forums, also are we gonna do a software update soon?

That was the meme, that I have a server under my bed collecting dust while Holla Forums was ran off of Core i5 (and now i7) desktops

btw password for nig542 is gasthekikes and password for nig543 is thricehermes

So if the OP's post is accurate, there really isn't any difference between here and cuckchan anymore. Not to sound cynical or shilly, but why the fuck should I even stay here then and not just go there? The post quality on here plummeted enough that I can't even tell the difference anymore anyway.

I am at the airport now, on my way to Nairobi. Can you please post details of the update problem? Top minds are online and will read the report.

On top of that, at least 4chan runs on mostly stable software.

basically whenever I try to refresh or wait for a thread to update, it does not update the new posts. even on mod.php I have issues with reading new posts.

My testing on /nig544/ has confirmed that flags are quite simply, totally, fucked and it doesn't have anything to do with update function, alphabetize flags function, or the flag names...

For next test, I'm going to try uploading some flags, except only flags I've made instead of flags made by HDV.

good goyim, come back to 4chan.


Watch out the niggers don't get you Jim, they think white skin enhances virility like Rhino horns and elephant tusks.

I'd rather not. If anything I'd probably go to lainchan.

password for >>>/nig544/ is absolutely btw

>>>/nig545/ is ricing


Doesn't matter if I upload HDV's flags or if I upload my own fringe flags, no matter what, flags are just fucking BROKEN

You should stay here because you're banned from 4chan and you don't like the type of poster over there or the boards that are available there anyways.

Well looks like I am leaving then. See ya

Yeah, you're right about that. It's still sketchy as fuck.

Further testing confirms that flags are very, very, very fucked and that it's not safe for any board to make any changes to their flags at all for the foreseeable future.

Please fix flags and also link me to the code that deals with the flags.

mfw I keep finding wonderful opportunities to advertise 8ch to people and get tons of new users but I can't do it because the site is fucking BROKEN

can't advertise a site that's so buggy to new people otherwise they get frustrated and leave due to the weird problems

Yeah, please leave, you fucking Asperger's poster child.

Take a bleach enema, then drink the bleach.

Yes, I will be careful. First I will visit Mount Kilamanjaro. Then I will fly to Nigeria to meet an investor that I met through email the other day.

You have no friends to tell. Dont kid yourself.

how new r u?

I have decided upon a very dangerous ritual that will make me go mad and get institutionalized or cause my death.

Details here:

It will begin on a Sunday.

I don't need to have friends to advertise /4chon/ I've had many people ask me how I learned to do the amazing magick shit I do and every time I can't tell them about my board because I think in back of my mind they will either see CP being posted or struggle with posting on such a buggy site.

Only the owner of Holla Forums would be so stupid as to actually fly to Nigeria to falll into a Nigerian prince scam.

Please do.

Just do it.

move to
problem solved

Maybe hes scamming the prince to get money to buy more desktops for Holla Forums

Sunday bro, it's going to happen, I've actually planned this for nearly 4 years and it is known to kill or make mad many people who aren't prepared for it. Even with all my preparation, due to various problems I have, I am not all that likely to survive it as would say a perfectly healthy person attempting it.

What ritual

Still not interested.

Yeah, take the bait, gay fish.

This drama is fucking neat.

I think the issue isn't with Infinity. I just visited a board running Tinyboard and vichan, and I kept getting the exact same errors as here. Frozen threads, posts not going through, the works.

fuck off drybones

It is a ritual that fully and possibly permanently (at the very least it's very hard to turn off) awakens all of the astral senses in rapid succession and makes you operative on the higher planes alongside the physical plane all at once. Those who are not sufficiently prepared to handle the conditions of this double-life go insane and usually die. If I succeed though I will be able to do stuff that used to take me a massive effort, effortlessly. I will be very powerful if I succeed.

Oh also I'll never be able to sleep again after the ritual is complete because I will be in a state of constantly being asleep and awake at same time. Dreaming while awake, essentially.

NO it is a widow that needs investment advice for her husbands estate. She wants to invest in a dotcom company.

move to more like

not everything on the internet is a maymay

So what's the URL for bedchan?

bullshit. the box is up against the wall with ur bed.
you are just filthy. we saw it all over your gun too. >filthy little man.

That's a big walk, Jim, and a long way from Nairobi.
you wouldn't be bullshitting us would you?

What? source?

Obviously flying to nairobi for his connecting flight to the mountain base where he will take a cable car to the top

why are goons saying hotwheels died and they are celebrating it

Because they can no longer understand ironic humor, ironically.

Lets meme that he is dead and get it all over the news. top fucking kek

That would actually be kind of funny.

yeah, one of the biggest reasons i moved here was because of anonymous tor posting. that and the fact that Holla Forums was actually pretty good for a little while there.

it be easy enough

yeah i mean given that he is really dead, it honestly shouldnt be too hard to get sjw media to pick up the story

Someone should make a video announcing his death, then we can make some homages and it should start taking off






can you make a torrent or MEGA link of that Jews Freemason, Miscegenation, Immigration and Feminists folders?
they look really good

mint masterace

Cue Milo's April Fools hoax.

endchan or

Daily reminder that Josh did nothing wrong

... uses 8ch.nets code so, endchan it has a 350MB limit but I still prefer


I thought I- I mean, I thought Jim fed you to the pigs already.

no, Jihadi Josh escaped, pigs are haram


Hello Mr. Jim. I too am a rich african person which lots of money I'd like to invest. I would like you to handle these investments for me as I am not very adept at this sort of thing.
Please let me know your banking information including your pin so I can easily transfer my money to you so you can make investments in my name.

Yours faithfully
the nigerian kongolese prince Its'Nt Ascam

So looks like Fred enabled pph stats again.

Also I am investigating the bug that causes index pages to not load correctly sometimes.

did we fix the flags?

smiley probably had a fit last night


pic related

blank page happening on Holla Forums

WTF??? is just a blank page

can't even archive cause it's blacklisted from and, wew :^(

view page source is blank, nothing being sent, just a completely empty page

Thanks, im working on that bug atm.

Freds looking at flags atm, not sure the status though


Yeah theres a bug with the redirect to index.html.
Working on it.

You wouldn't mind getting the onion address working next?

I guess that's why shit is breaking. If you have two persona working on different problems a the same time some code's bound to end up going in the wrong place.

The current problem with onion is that images are serving from media2, right?

I don't think so. It just won't load at all. The browser is trying to connect for a few minutes and then just displays Unable to connect.

I checked other onion addresses to make sure it's not on my part.

smh my damn head

Munky, I got a "Thread specified does not exist" while replying on Holla Forums today. Thread was still up and the post was trashed by the JS before it was even sent.
Apologies if this is a known bug.

yeah I had that problem on a Holla Forums thread ors omething a day or so ago, I may or may not 've mentioned it in one of these threads

Pick one, the cripplekike is dead. Jim murdered him and fed brennan to the pigs.

What is Shrek doing on Jim's pig farm?


The index bug is a problem in nginx, not alacrity. Now working on a fix for it.

I mentioned the problems with onion to Fred. I dont actually use tor now so cant help much with it.
Only used tor a few times a few years back when I lived in China. Tried it as an alternative to using a vpn, but it was slow as corn, so never used it for anything.

can you add the oekaki thing to the quick reply box?

Jesus, having to wade through all this drama shit and attention whoring to find Codemonkey's posts is pretty annoying.

Thank you.

What was up with the "Could not purge" errors yesterday?

It might be a board setting? Im pretty sure ive seen oekaki on Holla Forums.

Fred setup a new varnish server. Probably the "could not purge" happened during the migration.

I think ive fixed the indexing problem. If you guys still encounter blank indexes or pages not updating correctly, please tell me. This should be fixed now.

It is there but not in the Quick Reply box. Having it in there too would be a additional feature I assume. So the could not purge error happened during a server migration. Good to know.

Yeah there was a big server migration yesterday and it was done mostly without you guys noticing (except the "could not purge" error).

Its a "quick reply" box, so doesnt have the full feature set by its very nature. Im not sure if its a good idea to implement oekaki in the quick reply.

Heading to bed now. Need to wake up way early tomorrow for an appointment.

I have an appointment too, I am having chemo for the cancer you post just gave me.

The dual Pentium 2 configuration is really holding up. Glad I kept those things. The varnish is running well on them.

I have a bug to report:

1) When I hover my cursor over a link to another post, it doesn't show the post anymore. Instead it just shows the URL to the post in the bottom left.

2) Whenever I open an image, it doesn't work properly. Either it opens a new tab for the image or it opens but opens a new tab whenever I try to close it.

Is that from the mod.php?

I can't find the other article, but this also happened recently

I don't know what mod.php is. I have disabled my umatrix and CSRF to no avail though. Also, is the post reply button at the bottom missing?

My URL also says, never seen that before

I think I confused freenet with nntp when I posted the comment about all the arrests.. There is an on going battle with some cop not decrypting his hard drive over a freenet raid

What browser are you using? It is working fine for me.

When will Jim/Ron finally set up a proper issue tracker instead of trying to scoop out bug reports from these shitpost-filled threads?

This has been going on for days. I pointed this out in the last thread and no one believes me!


Yeah, having the website shit the bed every 5 minutes is very fun.

I don't know what umatrix and CSRF are.

Lrn2google friendo.

That's some good encryption. Isn't that the same thing that was used on the iPhone in the San Bernardino shooters iPhone that the FBI had cracked?


retard confirmed


And nothing of value was lost

Why is this shit allowed?

prove otherwise

Must be getting dark in Nairobi now Jim.
Posting must be slow for you.
Will you fly down to Arusha tomorrow, or drive?
May is pretty wet usually down there and the bush green, so you wont see much game, but enjoy your hike.

Because Jim doesn't want to police his boards for CP and says its the community's problem to report it. And of course a community of pedos wont report themselves.

And i'm still getting brief 502 errors

Holy shit that webm. Good fucking lord.

You could remove the sys.?
The sys.Holla Forums thing has something to do with the dedicated posting machine Codemonkey set up before he deployed Alacrity. It's usually only there on mod.php, I don't know why and how some people end up with it normally.

the idea is to keep the userbase to a strict minimum and ensure it is composed exclusively of pedophile nazis.
it's the simplest and most effective way of creating an exploitable database.

Firefox 45.

Shit is seriously fucked up on my end now

Meanwhile YogaPigg is reading a wikipedia article about hitler after googling umatrix and clicking on some links..

I'm sorry we cannot help you.

Did you donate?

You need to hang yourself right fucking now.

You fucking pedos ruin everything

I'm not going to go look for my sunglasses just to open you screenshot nigga

because half of Holla Forums clicked the link and haven't been seen since. you underestimate the effect on all boards the extermination of pedos would have.

You can stick in in the [▶ Show post options & limits] section

Also, dice rolling can go there too

And why is that


New thread

And nothing of value was lost.

Surprised there hasn't been shill outcry over the video. Fixed your title as well.

>Other got obliterated by the bugs like >>>/jp/, >>>/cyber/, >>>/a/.
Sounds to me, at least in those examples, nothing of value was lost.

Kill yourself.

Shit glovols and admins aren't doing their jobs to prevent that here because "hurr it just drawing" or "hurr it just picture". Fucking degenerates.

Stop shilling your pedo site nigger. Kill yourself.

Didn't he also say something along the lines of "If I distance myself from Holla Forums assume it's compromised"?

Sure, you first. Post your real name, address, and IP address attached to every post you make. Go on, do it.

It's not enough.
Site-wide ban of all that garbage needs to be done yesterday.

I feel sorry for any that are. The sheer levels of autism on Holla Forums have to be physically painful to see.

Stick to shilling pedochan faggot, you're slightly less awful at that.

And that was after the 24 hour captcha was implemented. Gee, that really stopped botspam hotwheels.

Nobody cares about your shit board. Fuck off.

For fuck's sake Fred.

No wonder shit doesn't work.

I changed my mind on Nairobi after people started talking about Prince.

There are some setting problems with the new Firefox version. You will need to read back a few threads for the fix.

It's called fapping, user.

Why are genetic duds still allowed write code?

double-checked, also it's probably because they hand their boards away to e-celebs like candy.
I don't have the log where it happened to Holla Forums as that was not posted on Holla Forums but it happened to Holla Forums too.
It does have a suspiciously reidickulous filesize limit though, so if you have something you want to save and think pomfs are too unreliable you could make a private board and sticky your post and just dump in it.
It's the only thing I've been using it for, especially since idrive and a couple other sites like that that I use are preparing to cut down on allowed free space. Holding vidya and movie files there until either Kim stops stuffing his fat face like Chris Christie or ipfschan or similar emerges. NES-chan just has to keep running until such a project as an user'd cloud emerges.
100% serious, treat it like it's rebirth of rapidshit minus the unreadable catchas. Can't go rong until it shuts down.
Just because a place is pozzed doesn't mean it can't have its uses. Hell, Japanese twitter is basically a chan unto itself, but with fucked up threading. Loads of drawfags that got into it with pixiv staff for whatever reason took to using it as their private art platform.
Just don't go into brazilian twitter. Ya'll think /hebe/ has some shit, gettin' triggered by that tame-ass place, boy lemme tell ya you ain' seen nothing compared to what the BRRs post publicly. Jim would be singing Johnny Cash tunes if I reposted even one thing from "BRR-chan"
Those anti-paedo anonop faggots are finding out just how powerless they really are when they step into territory not even interpol cares to take a look at.
Hard to say who has worse police at this point. Brazil? Columbia? Mexico? Peru? They're all shite.

idk if I'd count, I main Holla Forums because that's the only place with my interests (aside from Atari-chan but that actual board is pozi-city) but technically I would have originated from Krautchan, after the original /n/ exodus almost 10 years ago
I mean, there's a dedicated chan for my primary interests, but it's all in vodkarunes.