No ThinkPad General?

Just got a librebooted x200, full disk encryption and hardened kernel.

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You must be new here. Holla Forums doesn't do generals threads.

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Which one of those twisty touchscreen Thinkpads are worth getting? I want a tablet but you can't run Emacs on Android or iOS

X420 fam

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Will gentoo work on my X220?

Hello guys, i have a T420 with the 1.48 bios, how can i downgrade to 1.46? I have asked on the thinkpad forums, notebook review and bios-mods. I have already tried winflash and the official methods with no sucess.

Now that's interesting.

Why was my reply deleted?

Saying it again:
there are like 3 chinkpad generals
you shouldn't even be posting if you don't know how to ctrl-f.

and suddenly the other thinkpad thread is gone?
what the fuck?
fuck these mods, man

The original version of this thread was deleted for being a duplicate, then the thread it was a duplicate of was deleted for being a thinly veiled tech support thread, so this one shouldn't have been deleted in the first place and was allowed to be reposted. Sorry for the confusion. Your post wasn't targeted in particular.

oh, sorry, didn't notice a duplicate in the catalog.

We know you run Windows 10, Board Volunteer. Don't try to hide from us.

It's a ridiculous claim, but the popularity of libreboot / coreboot are bringing up some hard questions about firmware on other hardware. Are hard disk / ssd firmwares vulnerable to state level attacks? What about NIC and wlan device firmware? I would guess that state level attackers are working on this type of attack currently, targeting more than just a handful of their highest value targets.



Read the README on the support site where you download the BIOS .iso

It may not be possible, but the README will tell you. If it doesn't specifically say it won't work, all you need to do is set your BIOS to defaults, burn the iso, boot from it, and follow the prompts.
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What screensaver is that?

Literally look at the second pic, he did ctrl-f "thinkpad"

Terrible. Your punishment is to write the four freedoms a thousand times each.

I have a T420 on 1.48 as well. Is there a reason to downgrade? From what I understand, the T420 isn't supported by libreboot or coreboot.

(let (value) (dotimes (number 100 value) (insert-string "0. The freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose1. The freedom to study how the program works, and change it so it does your computing as you wish2. The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor3. The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others")))

Now do it in Arnold C with no loops

The readme says i cant downgrade, what do i do? Thanks for the help

I need to downgrade to be able to install oleh's modified bios to support 16gb of ram without crashing the system.


xscreensaver called
Hopalong (I think).



Sounds like it's fucked
How would 16GB RAM actually help anyway seriously. Do you work for NASA or something?

pick one user, lenovo chinktops can't be good computers

They really are though. The keyboards are excellent.

A lot of it depends on the model.

Anything current is shit. After Lenovo started introducing chiclet keys and such, the quality went extremely downhill.

For instance, my T410 runs hard, has a great keyboard, easy to access periphials, and stands up the IBM quality name, and it is a Lenovo thinkpad.

My newer X131E is shit. Any hardware upgrades are more difficult than previous models, requiring multiple screw removals. There is no ThinkVantage button, and it has a shit chiclet keyboard.

Moral of the story: Stick with older thinkpads, ignore the newer ones.

I asked online, and a lot of people told me it was possible, and that it helped a lot. I asked on thinkpad forums. So im fucked now right? Can my thinkpad be saved?


Pre-lenovo master race

T42 reporting in

Ironic considering chinkpads were, and still are marketted as business laptops.



I have a Dell Chromebook 13, i5 4gb/ram. Coreboot flashed directly to the BIOS chip via SOIC-8 connector. 512gb transcend ssd replacement. Arch Linux with openbox. 11 hour battery life with super accurate display, backlight keyboard, and magnesium alloy shell.

Broadwell feels pretty gud at 14nm with super low power consumption and great power.
How's that Sandy Bridge holding up to time?

X250 reporting in.

Well my modern thinkpad has the best keyboard of any computer I've ever used, and yes, it is chiclet.

exactly: we just make new threads about the same shit every week to hide the fact we don't actually have any content.

unless you've tried a zx spectrum or actually learned to program on Ti 8x calculator you don't know what a a chicklet keyboard is: they're not doing keymats here, it's the same rubber dome construction as every other fucking laptop keyboard: the travel and resistance matter a hell of a lot more.

having said that can you just buy a new one when they wear out? I've rekt two x220 keyboards and I'm shopping for my third.

2006 here nigga.
Holding up fine.
Not trying to cure cancer with my laptop or run crysis, or even CAD for that matter.
Bitch, I'm using a machine that originally retailed for 2800 dollars. Feels just as nice as when it was new. Please tell me what your machine can do that mine can't. I might start giving a shit. 65nm "Napa" platform, come at me faggot.

Where did you find it with an i5? Everything I've seen is i3 or celeron

ThinkPads are the shit.

Libreboot'd X60 haulin LUKS-encrypted Void rn. I've reached the apex of mobile computing.

Ive got a soic16 clip on the way to flash libreboot to my x200. So thats pretty cool i guess

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if you like i3 you can install sway, it's in void repo


And are shit, nobody uses them.
Because they're garbage.
I know of one company that uses chinkpads and it's a scam company that fakes resumes and puts unqualified people into job s they shouldn't have.

Even for furfags that is shit taste. You couldn't at least come up with a character species that's actually remotely decent?

I have a T61.

Navigating trough some sites feels slow, thanks to Js.

Any ideas how I can get a better browsing experience?

what distro should I try next

coming from Mint on a T430s

Void Linux.

never heard of it.

What is the hype about?

It has a new package manager called Xbps, it is systemd-free (it uses runit), seriously low bloat (the Xfce live cd is like 300mb), it has all of the Holla Forums software in its default repos, and more, think of it as a less shit Arch. And you get autism points on Holla Forums for using it.

I hope I can get the mint-x-mod theme

and the hot-corners.

Ill attempt installing tonight, sounds pretty groundbreaking in the path the free-ware

They offered it when it launched. The i3 isn't bad either. It is the best laptop under 600 hands down for build quality. Everything about is great minus the audio jack, it sucks. I have a Olympus dac to divert that problem.

Modern hardware with business build quality and a easily flashable biso chip. If you fuck up a flash just buy a SOIC-8 connector, a raspberry pi, and connect up the chip and run flashchip over the pi's spi kernel module.

The one major bitch with chromebooks is the keyboard configuration. But when it comes to backdoor free hardware chromebooks are quite there.

runinit is utter flatware.
Systemctl, journald, and libudev is a godsend for linux. Systemd is a need unifying factor for linux. Honestly it should be included into the kernel upstream.


Is there any way to avoid this next time inb4 wash your hands if I were to buy a replacement board?


Librebooted T61 (nvidia) running Parabola. Should I try another distro?

Pretty great, glad I found the laptop in my basement (I used it years ago) and the only thing wrong with it is the E key sticks. I cleaned out and re-pasted the heatsink, because I heard nvidia T61's overheat, so I made sure to freshen it up.

I'm new to Linux and so far it's really been pleasing. Honestly this has all I could ever want except games. Can play my anime great and I can do my college assignments, and I don't need decent hardware to do it. 4:3 screen I actually really enjoy, the vertical space is so refreshing.

Now I'm thinking of getting an X201 or something.

What's the difference between a t61p and a t61?

All T61p have a Quadro FX 570M, against either Intel integrated or an NVS 140M in the T61. Also the T61p CPU could be clocked higher. Regular T61 had options for lower resolutions, so T61p are more likely to have higher resolutions. Otherwise the same.

Don't go to Void. It's a huge step up as far as how hard it is to manage and get to "just werk." The package manager is very nice, but it comes with too little stuff for my taste (you can't even unzip when you first install it.) The installation is also a bit weird and likes to fail a lot.

I would recommend Manjaro personally. Arch without all the bullshit and some nicely preconfigured desktops. If you want more of a challenge, I find Slackware much more fun and rewarding to run than Void.

Thanks. I'm going to install 9front on an old one, I'll try to post here when it's done.

well thanks user. might have to pick one of those up.

X220t or x230t are the newest generally reccomended ones, and as a user of a x220t I agree.

I always fuck up the partition then libreboot cant find /vmlinux. I would if I could because it seems pretty cool however I just got my debian comfy as fuck.


last time she bought something herself she paid 1200$ for a macbook that she still has not used once because LE MICROSOFT OFFICE

i only tried 1234567 because I read the default password length was 7 characters but i did not know this till everything was torn apart RIP

I see no problem.

How can i flash the 1.46 bios if i cant downgrade from 1.48 on a t420? Thanks for your help.

They have m$ office(tm) 10(r) on osx(tm)


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I use Arch on my X61T. I'd switch to void, but I am to believe that the proper Wacom stuff and Krita are not in the repos. What do?

So are the tablets alright? Thinking of getting one. They do well with basic drawing?

How easy is it to make them Stallman Approved™ with only libre software and stuff? I assume they're the same as their non-tablet counterparts, right?

Deciding between X60t, X61t, X200t, X201t.

Where are you getting your information? Because I just checked and they are in the repos.
The package check widget on the Void website is accurate, but keep in mind some things don't build with musl without modification, if you were considering using that version.
>> xbps-query -Rs wacom [~][-] libwacom-0.18_1 Library to identify wacom tablets[-] libwacom-devel-0.18_1 Library to identify wacom tablets - development files[-] xf86-input-wacom-0.32.0_1 Xorg Wacom tablet input driver[-] xf86-input-wacom-devel-0.32.0_1 Xorg Wacom tablet input driver - development files>> xbps-query -Rs krita [~][-] calligra-krita-2.9.7_7 Illustration application - Edit and paint images>> [~]

As far as I know, the only Thinkpads that can be made free/libre to the core are the T60(Intel gpu only), X60, and X200.
All the others don't support libreboot, and, of course, modern X86 is irreparably compromised. Stallman uses an X60.
If you you overlook CPU microcode and bios, then yeah, Thinkpads are some of the best options for Free Software, tablet models included.

I'd take a pic but I'm too lazy.
I wrapped mine in carbon vynil

T40s are dank

Listen, i want to buy a new Laptop and im considering a Thinkpad. However i don't like buying outdated hardware. What are the arguments against post-T420s? Is that just a Holla Forums meme or are there good reasons not to buy the current models?

I got MSI instead.

for linux compat I'd recommend HP, even something like the Spectre x360 works perfectly - suspension, hibernation, everything. I used to look down on 'pavilion' desktops, but basically only MSI and HP and Dell with Alienware, only seem to have any sense of style anymore.

I'd only recommend modern thinkpads for someone who wants to use BSD on a laptop.

Dumping pics of the X60 with Debian Devuan was giving me issues Best part about that wallpaper is I can set background color.

Also Libreboot and only free repos from Debian. Trisqeul with XFCE is shit and I need muh XFCE

what model? and how's the linux compatability on that?
Got bad experience with that, but i'll take a look.

GS60. It freezes in minutes if I use nvidia's own drivers to switch it to Intel graphics. Newer kernel helped it last a bit longer but there are graphical glitches and it still eventually locks up. It doesn't unhibernate reliably, so I power it off when I put it away. Killer wifi is broken (it worked once on Fedora before I switched to Mint for easier driver handling, so I assume kernel updates will catch up. I'm going to try a wifi dongle before messing with killer wifi firmware. Using USB networking from phone atm.)

The msi 'gear-shifting' hotkey doesn't work, ofc, although the power button light does switch to blue for intel graphics vs. amber for nvidia graphics.

Otherwise it works fine. Played Planetary Annihilation: Titans without any issues. There's a tool on github to change the keyboard backlight colors, called 'msiklm'.

If you don't like the super key placement (windows key), there's a BIOS option to swap it and the FN key that's on the left where the windows key usually is. There's no BIOS option to disable either of the graphics cards.


I'm thinking of getting an X200 but having trouble finding good deals in good condition.

This is what I use for school.

Holy fuck. I am so jealous

find a Micro Center. ask them to see what they have in stock -- there won't be anything on display.

I had a really really bad experience at a Micro Center I went to so I won't be returning. I guess I'll just keep searching on eBay.

What's a good price for a t430 with nvidia and HD+?

Holy shit, those are a lot of issues. I dual boot Fedora on a Late 2013 Macbook pro with the dedicated GT750M.

The problems i have are
and i was honestly looking to have less issues than on a Macbook with the new "dedicated Linux laptop" i'd be buying.

Sadly, wifi and video trouble is normal if you aren't buying used or very carefully. At least linux booted at all, unlike on newer Lenovo Ideapads that don't let you disable secure boot. At least it didn't catch fire due to firmware trying to work around bugs in windows.

I got about what I expected from MSI. The Lenovo Yoga Pro was almost as bad, just lacking nvidia problems. Actually the HP Spectre x360 loses the touchpad and keyboard sometimes; the fix is to close and reopen the lid. That was such a minor problem that it'd slipped my mind.

OpenBSD devs figured this out ages ago. Manufactures are pushing out buggy crap to keep up with wifi evolution (a...n, ac, crypto) and be fastest to market so that OEMs pick them up, then fixing it in software, then closing the software to hide the bugs. Desktop PCs had the same issue back in the 90s with ethernet cards that would only work on windows, doing in software what ethernet cards used to do in hardware.

Is it really this bleak? Isn't there a sort of go to Linux laptop in the professional world?

About $350

K nigs, I just refurbed this Motherfucking R61i which I found in the scraptop (as-is) stack at Freegeek. I had to: it was $17.50.
Flashed the last BIOS, gutted it, new paste and coin battery. Upped the RAM to 4GB.
The fit seems about as tight as the Tseries, just as easy to work on, etc.
Posted from my
R61i bitches

you have no idea what you're talking about dude

i'm a retard, it just had a different package name.


Some other models are supported but not all configurations. I was originally going to look at the T500 but got put off because some LCDs don't work, and also the disassembly to get to the flash chip is a lot more involved. With the X200 it's really simple.

Mine was about

Thank you.

When did the ideapads stop letting you disable secure boot? I pretty sure a few years ago you were able to, like with the P500.

I bought a 100S a few weeks ago and returned it for this reason. Cheap, small, 32bit, red, locked down.


Is this a joke?

Nice Libreboot X60, I need to get mine back out, upgrade the HDD, and install Void on it.

Use Linux, uBlock Origin, and noscript.

It's fast, bloat free, has most of the software you need in the default repos, lacks systemd, and runs on nearly anything.

I'd try Void, Trisquel, or Debian. Void comes with firmware while Debian and Trisquel don't.

Crippled keyboards, some of them have trackpoints that lack physical buttons, and the build quality on many of them is complete garbage.

Is anyone here using a ThinkPad X1 Carbon? How is it?

So I have an x200 and the wifi is constantly dropping out. Is this shit normal? driver is iwlwifi

it's possible, not likely, but possible that your distro has a buggy (shit) implementation of networkmanager or wicd.
Same machine on Mint vs. OpenSUSE was night/day. (SUSE worked fine, Mint dropped every 2-3min.)


T60p Daily driver. I actually have an almost complete backup parts machine for it.
You can still find them pretty cheap on ebay. Just love the 4:3.
MSRP was $2800USD and I can still feel why.

I have this abomination. It has a touch screen and a multi-touch mousepad. How nice does Linux play with these features? Are there any drivers I should use?



is that true about thinkpads?

yes you should definetly avoid them.

This year I finally switched from vista to xubuntu.
I have a big ass laptop I bought for $600 like 7 years ago from best buy..

I assume I'm running the default firmware that it came with. Whats the point of changing to libreboot or whatever? Just to be non proprietary ?

that's with the screen facing outward I think

I have found an article explaining this.
Good read.
I learn something new..


There's a few reasons besides that: Removing anti-features (Lenovo wifi whitelisting, Intel ME) fixing bugs, or just adding new features (dm-crypt support). However it's pretty unlikely that Coreboot has a version for your specific system. Also even if it does, installing a replacmenet BIOS is risky, and possibly tricky compared to an operating system.

Thanks but I run the exact same install on a budget laptop from ~2007 and it's flawless. Different wifi obviously (atheros, not shitty intel)

I guess I have to wait until I can libre it if no one has any other ideas.

Im getting constant freezes on ubuntu and windows 10 on a t420 with jewnvidia and 16 gb of ram after a clean install, all drivers are updated but the problems continues, what can i do, i already asked in the sticky, but no answers.

Windows 10 driver support for the T420 is abysmal. Install a real OS like Gentoo, or Arch.


Here's my X220 that I got for school. Ireallymiss my T60p but it ripped in pieces a while back ;-;.

At least it has an IPS panel but the keyboard while still great isn't as nice and I don't have a cool light thingy on top anymore.

Running Slackware 14.1. I usually use GNUstep but recently I switched my laptop usage to IceWM + xfdesktop since it works much better as a portable thing. I still run GNUstep on my desktop though.

Stickers are there because I'm a tryhard /cyb/erpunk that loves weed and I really like the guy with the stupid haircut that yells a lot.

I'm not much of a furfag these days but that's some good shit. Skunks are top tier.
She's still waifu material even if she's a bigger computer hipster than I am.

pic related its my thinkpad

What about IdeaPads are they safe?

I'm looking at a REALLY cheap X200 on Craigslist but it said there's a PXE-E05 boot error, but it still boots to Windows. How risky is this? I know this has to do with network booting, and from what I've read all it requires is an option in the bios turned off for the nag to go away, but what are the odds something actually is wrong with it because of it?

I know that network boot is used with corporations so I'm afraid of something fucking up, or even worse, computrace is activated.

I have a T61, but can't find anything saying Libreboot works on it. How risky is it to try?

Is that a T500?

Not even Coreboot supports the T61, so there's basically no chance of it working. I don't know what happens if you try.

Yes. The best that going full-Libre at the hardware level will get you is a sense of smug satisfaction, and theoretically much better security. But it still won't help protect you against .gov if you're the one they are targeting. Won't do shit.

dm-crypt support is not something related to anything's firmware, brah.

In that case, maybe change-up the drivers for the intel machine. They should still have Linux drivers available on their website complete with instructions.

If your machine has this:
Discrete NVIDIA NVS 4200M (1GB VRAM) with Optimus™ Technology
Then you need to do some serious reading about how to get Linux to play nicely on that silly shit.

You sound like a sexy, sexy man.

I would check it out in person. Sounds to me like the owner has a case of PEBKAC.
Don't try and Libre/coreboot anything the projects don't specifically list as ready for production unless you really don't care if you lose your machine to the abyss.

Are you a T500?

I am a heterosexual but I appreciate the comment.

...that's how TCP/IP works.


Timestamp pls

That's kind of the joke FFS fam

I'm glad I could give this misfit some TLC.

Alright, well, thanks for the advice. My office Dell workstation does the same PXE error and it's never given me problems otherwise, probably gotta just disable network boot.

And yeah guess I'll hold off on Libreboot/Coreboot, there is Middleton's which will give me SATA II and the speed to plop an SSD in there.

The difference is that the initial bootloader is GRUB and supports dm-crypt, I don't need to chain from whatever a regular PC has into GRUB, so I can encrypt /boot as well.

More recent NVIDIA drivers just use the discrete card all the time, and through Bumblebee. It's grotesque. On my system I just fuck the discrete card and power it off with bbswitch.

Sweet x60 man, I'm planning to libreboot my x60s soon

Also found this cool little vid

x60 or t500

the x200 is so cheap these days i bought it over a t60


not hard when most keyboards suck.

The T61 doesn't support it.

I was saying that to look cool and hoped nobody would realize my faux pas, please don't kill me

I know who you are, geothermal

Also post'n a pic of my t420 I took a few weeks ago before a lecture started.

Aw yeah thinpad thread. I love my T410.

Thinking about getting a T420. Is there any significant differences between it and the 410? Is it worth the upgrade?



What is the best current Thinkpad?
I been checking some sites and the current models seem to center around dual-core and 4GB RAM.

Most people will tell you the current thinkpads are shitty. Fact is, their build quality is quite a bit lower than it was say, pre-2005-06 when Lenovo took over the factories.
Personally, I wouldn't buy a current thinkpad, as there is nothing a T61-era thinkpad can't do that a new laptop can.

Then which of the current brands does have good build quality? The T61 and other pre-Lenovo Thinkpads may be built like tanks, but I'm not getting a 10 year old laptop.

I mean, the guy is mostly right. The T61 is may be nine years old but the Core 2 Duo in it can still watch HD video fine and could be had for cheap. If you're doing professional work and need a quad i7, you probably wouldn't care too much about build quality because you'd have to buy the latest anyway. That's when you'd have a replacement plan.

That's hard to say. I am tempted to say Apple or even the Surface Book, call me a shill or whatever. My office gave us one or the other, I tried both and I was surprised at how nice they were to use. Other than that, every laptop is equally as shitty. Still modern ChinkPads are at least less shitty. They still flirt with the businessman in the suit, even though both are tired and washed up.

I wouldn't. I'd be content with a 410, and I doubt there is any major difference from the 420

2007 macbooks cant run modern software without major hassle and it only had leopard on it. I recently bought it off of her for 20$
"le macs retain their value xD "

Alert for real IBM nuts, not quite a ThinkPad but a rare find.


Don't see these pop up on eBay often. But if you have cash to burn it's quite a gadget to have.

Pretty sure Debian and Gentoo still support powerpc

Pretty Gentoo is a literal meme OS that only autistic faggots with absolutely no life or social skills use

I've had good experience with business line Dell laptops, Latitudes, not much with Precisions though, but I've had a refurb Latitude3540 that's been trucking for 3 years now.

I got a Studio XPS 1645 (the i7 model) a while back.

The damned thing won't die on me so I gave it a new lease in life.

Gave it an SSD, new wireless card (some issue with the previous one, intermittently dropping), new OEM battery and a 130W adapter coming in from the mail. I just need to give it the RGB FHD screen assembly to finish it.

I don't have much experience replacing laptop LCDs, though.

Nice dubs. Too bad you think there's such thing as a "literal meme OS" and are therefore a raging homo.

Can anyone recommend a t40-t61 (ibm-branded) era thinkpad with a high res IPS display?

I realize these were not very common but I know the X61 tablet had a hi red IPS, were there any non-tablet machines that did too?

Any 15" (there were no 15.4" IPS, so 4:3 is what you'd be looking at) T60 or T60p.
Thinkwiki will tell you which all had "flexview" (IPS). I'd stay away from the T43 since the fan won't come out of the assembly for oiling. You need to replace the whole HS/F on those.

I've recently got a Thinkpad T400 I'm trying to flash for libreboot with a Beaglebone Black, using these guides:

I've gotten down accessing Spidev via PuTTy, but I'm having problems with two things:

Is there any more documentation or videos on this? I don't want to accidentally burn/brick out my laptop by plugging in the wrong pin.

I'm pretty sure there's a distro/remix made for ponyfags out there

If you Libreboot a compatible thinkpad, would it prevent Computrace from working at all, whether its disabled, enabled, or activated?

I think it would remove Computrace.

thinkpads are shit. that they are good is a meme that needs to die.

In what way are they shit exactly?

I don't like anyone here.

looks like face down, ass up for the pozzing tbh fam


I'm having hell with the t60 I just bought. First I grabbed puppy slacko and shit was working fine but I really wanted something better. I try to install xubuntu through a usb and I don't get passed the original purple screen with boot modes before it hangs up on a black screen with a blinking cursor. So I say wtf go to Windows to look at the usb and I see the iso on the usb grab it and try to burn it. Oh shit it doesn't burn dvd's well fuck so I come back later to look at my usb and it's telling me it needs to be formatted. I'm like fuck it lets start over with a fresh iso anyway and now it says it can't format the usb.

Guess I'm stuck with puppy slacko fuck it

for current thinkpads, t460s / t460 looks nice tbh fam

thinking of upgrading to t460s.

current laptop has 2 hr battery life with new battery and screen dimmed 1 step above off. also, runs hot and hardware virtualization is supported but disabled by manufacturer (sony faggots) with no option to re-enable in bios.

all i want is a laptop with great battery life, runs cool, easy to upgrade, some amount of ruggedness, allows me my freedoms, can run emacs, music123, cvlc, lynx. i begin to hate guis due to bloated features and slow interface. better to use terminal.

i wish a manufacturer would take one of their 3 lb laptops and tack on 2 lbs of extra battery for superb battery life, not pozz it with shitty build quality / soldered on components / plastic clips that break when you disassemble.

t460s is nice. easy to disassemble, reasonably upgradable, battery is ~6 hrs (which is improvement over my 2 hrs). don't get some pozzed out system. you don't need gpu on laptop, you don't need glowwwy keyboard on laptop because you should be touchtyping, you don't need big ass hard drive on laptop you can upgrade for cheaper anyway, you don't need lots of memory on laptop you can upgrade for cheaper anyway, you don't need i7 go for lowest i5 instead, you don't need touchscreen because touchscreen is shitty interface for terminal. avoid fingerprint reader because judge will treat fingerprint differently than password and order you to apply your fingerprint to unlock when they want to steal your rare pepes. most stripped down version possible and you will avoid spending too much for things you don't need that will only cause driver problems. i would not buy if you can't call them up and special order without a webcam and mic though. seriously difficult to find a laptop without webcam and mic today.

use corporate code FLEN*2V for corporate discounts (~30%). traditionally, better to order around memorial day / labour day / summer / christmas for more discounts.

also when you call up make them discount it further because you consider windows10 unfit for purpose and need to install a meme-os. sales people are authorized to discount up to ~10%.

Has anyone here managed to flash libreboot with an arduino to an x200? I get a no eeprom/flash device found error message with it for whatever reason, and i have no Female-female jumper cables to attach it to a rapsberry pi.

Life is suffering.

How long are your jumpers? less than 10cm?

Computrace is built in to Intel ME. Installing libreboot would overwrite / disable this technology. You will also have(want) to switch out the WiFi card (in most cases) which will also remove all OOB back door bullshit.

First setting I change is to disable the trackpad.
trackpoint ftw

GND and 3.3V are more than 10 the rest are 10 or less.

Why not uBlock? Gorhill master race.

As mentioned by >588004 you cannot beat Pre T440 / X240 Thinkpad build quality. You can't, that’s the bottom line. Not even bringing in bang for your buck into this because that doesn't matter, no other brand comes close at all. Something did go to shit in the T440 / X240 series with the trackpad giant button and plastic durability. (like they got in a race to be the a thin business laptop and it lost all its rigidity) anything before that is gold standard with the (x2/t4)20s being the poster child.
I have found the Core 2 Duo on my x200 (I prefer x series) ($100) is enough for me, smooth 1080p full screen streaming. Games okay but not a powerhouse like my desktop. Everyone is different and has different needs. Have a little more cash to spend? get that (freedom hating) i5/7 x230 / t430, with IPS screen, an ssd and as much ram as you feel you need. Couldn't see you spending more than 800 and not make out like a fatty in an ice cream store.


Would an X201 be a good idea as a first thinkpad? Seems like an OK choice based on the wiki, but honestly I have no idea

My plans are to watch eBay and if I find one ≥2.5GHz for $150 or less, snatch it

Is this a good plan at all?

The modern thinkpad x2-- does all that, m8.

Thus has been my experience with my X250 so far.

Yes, there is some level of bullshit with the six-row keyboard design, and previous models not having physical mouse buttons, but lenovo fixed these mistakes, and I find my thinkpad very comfy to use.

Sorry, meant to say lenovo fixed the mouse button issue. The keyboard is still six-row.

Where is that Ultrabase? I see it for the tablet but not for the normal desktop?

Why does this look photoshopped?

IMO get a x200 and libreboot when you get the urge for freedom

Awesome. Thanks for replying.

Not all the OOB that exist are related to Intel, mangbro.
Plenty of side-channel attacks work on machines with NO FORM of remote management at all....
Even FULLY LIBRE'D machines are subject to various passive side-channel attacks.

T61 and chink art warning

I also got a T60 laying around but it's got the ATI GPU so no Libreboot. I just wanna be free ;_;

The documentation is fine. Use an ATX power supply as a 3.3V source there's a couple on the big 24 pin connector. Pinouts for that are online. Verify the voltage with a multimeter first. You'll also have to ground PS_ON to power it on.

That does seem pretty comfy. X250 is no longer available, X260 now. If I could get it with no webcam and no mic maybe I would consider.

My concern is the size. You know how it compares to 14" - 15" laptop regarding keyboard size and screen size? I have pretty big hands and use (old as fuck) 15.6" laptop. 12.5" begins to make me feel like using a netbook. But my screen resolution right now is 1280 x 800, maybe higher resolution alleviates smaller screen size somewhat? If the keyboard is the same size as on the 14" T460s it can work I think.


It's like you don't actually care about meritocracy.



Why is it bad, pray tell. Or rather why Coreboot is bad because Libreboot is 95% based on it, just removing blobs and making the setup documented and simpler.

Got a new batter that has never been used and holy fuck my only issue with this laptop other then no trackpad is gone.

My x60s screen has been damaged, (its the screen thats the issue, nothing else) would a screen from any other x60/s or x61/s work fine installed?

I would get a "parts" machine off ebay, swap out the whole lcd panel/lid/assembly. Then you have even more backup parts.

Libreboot X60 Upgrades:

M14X M18X BIGFOOT NETWORKS KILLER (Actually uses ath9k FOSS drivers and 450MB/Sec)

Samsung 850 EVO SSD 250GB

8 Cell, High Capacity 5200mAh/75W, 14.4V (Never Used)

I fucking love this laptop

Mister, you're a better man than I.


i got a second hand T430 for $218 some months ago and just recently noticed that the 2 keyboard screws are missing.
does anyone know where i can get some replacement screws?

When buying a thinkpad with an i series cpu should I be worried about mail.fsfeurope.org/pipermail/discussion/2016-April/010912.html

Another laptop :^)
Also my X201T only has a total of 2 screws keeping the keyboard/palmrest from flying off and you think 2 missing screws are bad? Your laptop will be fine, user.

What's the second setting you change?

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Fair enough, I didn't read the instructions enough to spot that bit.

Right now I'm stuck on updating spidev to make this work correctly, I'm using the mini-usb to connect via PuTTy. I can't confirm that this is due to the led bug, but likely not since I got this BBB from sparkfun and I can't find the .sh file by searching through the outside explorer. Do I have to use GNU nano to find the .sh script to edit?

If you can find a service manual online it usually lists the type of screw you need.

I feel really shitty listening to him because he's a huge screwball and sleazebag

I'm and I have a question. I currently have Tor, BASH, and Gentoo stickers on my X60 (one of the small Gentoo stickers that look like the Windows/Intel ones on laptops, and the other two are p big and are on my lid).

I want more stickers, can you guys rec me a website where i can cop some kosher sticks pls

Something other than Unix Stickers?


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It's called buy a replacement battery user. Don't buy pozzed shit with meme connectors. I had a 2009 era Dell laptop before it died out, replaced shitty basic battery with a new one and had 6 hour battery life.

oh no user if you don't install this meme your computer is a slave to the boogerman watch out

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Firstly, your BBB has no Internet access so you can't update it. It's got an ethernet port, plug it into your router. Secondly, I see you are using Windows. I expect you have no plans to use it on a Libreboot system because not only is it dirty, it's also not gonna work.

With that out of the way, I see you tried to run the commands and they're not erroring. Did you actually fill BB-SPI1-01-00A0.dts with what it asked before running dtc on it? You should be able to paste into PuTTY. Otherwise once you connect the BBB to the Internet you can just do this via SSH (apt-get install wget if necessary)

# wget elinux.org/images/f/f3/BB-SPI1-SWP-01-00A0.txt
# mv BB-SPI1-SWP-01-00A0.txt BB-SPI1-SWP-01-00A0.dts

Also, that Explorer view is not showing the full filesystem. With SSH you can cd to /etc/init.d and see if led_aging.sh is in there and needs fixing.

Lastly, the instructions are pretty paint-by-numbers just read them carefully.

Hilarious. Never been done before.

Why do you need bleeding edge hardware when all you likely do is sit alone in your room and watch anime? Do you really need to brag about the machine you inconsequently fiddle with while browsing chans, tweaking your desktop, and slowly getting older while your chances of not dying alone get exponentially more slim by the year?

Thank being said, I have an x60s with the core2duo board and an x220 with a 2nd gen i7 in it. Running OpenBSD on both, typically sporting dwm+dmenu. If I need something else, I just live boot from USB and attach some encrypted persistent storage.

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Thanks for the input, I've got it to update now without the bug getting in the way, using the basement router. Problem is that the router is next to the family computer that others use, which is annoying at least. I copypasted the code beforehand using gnu nano, I'm fairly sure it got saved and compiled.

As for the Windows on the machine I'm currently using, it's only for the desktop, not the laptop (unless the client needs Windows, but I can set up a virtual machine or WINE for that, if need be). You can harp on me for not being the QEMU+KVM master race, but right now I don't have a whole day to do everything necessary for that, and that would involve deleting all Windows installed programs because I can't shrink the partition down due to the virtual RAM. Besides, my current desktop is an Intel 4th gen i5 (which is useless in absolute freedom), Trisquel has a hissy fit when it smells any nonfree drivers (such as Intel's), and I'm already building an AMD rig with a CPU and mobo around 2011, the cutoff date for libreboot. The transition is inevitable, but not mandatory right now.

Until then, I'm waiting for video editing software that can rival Sony Vegas, and for Krita to catch up to the rest of the Adobe suite.


Nothing about installing Libreboot requires Windows. I was simply pointing out that Windows is totally incompatible with a Libreboot laptop. You'd have to use Coreboot + SeaBIOS payload instead if that was your aim.

Anyway glad it's partly solved. Press on.

Look into the papers/talks by the Invisible Things team on a stateless laptop.

Take your laptop apart. There are test points inside that connect to the SPI chip. You can use an arduino or bus-pirate to flash whatever you want.

Can I modify my X220t to have an open source BIOS?

If not, I think I'm going to sell my x220t for something else. My current criteria is that it needs to be convertible to a tablet, also has to be touchscreen with both pen/digitizer and fingers (multi touch), needs to be upgradeable to at least 4gb of RAM (though 8 would be cooler), and lastly, of course, I'd like hardware that's compatible with Libreboot, or at least DIY modifiable to the point of having an open source BIOS.

Thank you for any recs! Currently looking at the x200t.

I love this guy though (my x220t), so at any rate, I'll probably wait until I'm more experienced and can really appreciate my having the freedoms from Libreboot..

Bought this fella with two batteries, one new, a 90v charger for quick charge, and 8 gb of RAM for $220. How'd I do, Holla Forums?

The only tablet with Libreboot is the x60t, I doubt working on the other tabs is their priority. The Coreboot wiki says their x220 bios has the tablet digitizer support so go ahead and try if you're feeling confident. Make sure you know the risks involved.

kill me. but for a pre-2002 machine it was actually acceptable.
i like this 600X with that 90's theme and XP pro, i just copied the hard disk of my X60 tablet into it, and for a P3 it's surprisingly okay.



i3 x220i as main battlestation reporting in...
at least the keyboard is great and it has the hardware network switch.

Doesn't the x200t have libreboot support to?

Didn't mean to post that, I see that it does not.

How fucking lame.

But help get this straight: it IS possible to turn a closed source BIOS into an open source, libreboot compatible system? Why is the support so limited and so slow to develop?

Hypothetically, could they support any device they put the time and effort into supporting?

Why are you misleading this user into a freedomless world of closed source BIOS?

Also icky 16:9. It's a waste of the touch screen.

X60t if you actually care about freedom. I don't know how close the others are to being libreboot supported, but I don't think it's very close.

That said I have an x220t and love it. Just wish I could really own my computer and not have backdoors with my closed source pos bios

I don't know what your trying to say to me

Starting with X220 the X-series started using 16:9 aspect ratio. 1366x768 resolution. This sucks because the screens aren't as tall and it's makes for a very claustrophobic workspace. I dislike the X220 because of it.

Thank you for the clarification, I have read a lot of people on the ThinkPad forums complaining about that.

Why is it so impossible to DIY whatever it is libreboot does?

Can I take a motherboard from a x60 and put it in a x60s without any problems?

1366x768 is an identical height, wider version of 1024x768 you fucking mongoloid.



Coreboot supports quite a few more boards. The reason Libreboot will not even though it's based on Coreboot is because they are oriented around freedom, so will only support systems with minimal blobs required. That disqualifies any Intel systems from around 2008 onwards, ones with NVIDIA cards, practically every ARM board in existence, etc. Also some really recent Intel systems impose signed BIOSes so you actually cannot alter them even if you didn't care about Intel ME.

OK, I may buy an x60t just to satisfy my autism. Has anyone here ran sc2 on it? Needs 2gb ram and x60t has max of 3, which is a little worrisome.

You better not mean Starcraft 2.

Hey Holla Forums.

Got a T420 with a docking station for $100; my only gripe is that it might not have a battery (Nothing on the listing about it).

How much do batteries go for these days, and where do I get one that's relatively safe?


Will it never run that? ):

someone buy these:

it's like 10 thinkpads for $200

Maybe under Wine. But what's the point of going Libreboot if you're gonna install something like that on it?

Could you take a better pic of your 600X? A bit like these

Also that's a nice collection.

I know that, it's my personal preference you fucking dickweed. I find it more comfortable to use 4:3 or even 16:10.

Also they kept the diagonal size still in 12 inches, so there is actually less physical screen real estate on on a the X230 12.5 inch 16:9 vs. a 12.1 inch 4:3, about 5% less in area, 16:9 is about an inch and a quarter shorter. You get more pixels in less space, which some great for graphics or movies, but for things like typing or browsing websites that have big fucking blank spaces on the sides like an imagebaord, I don't find it too hot.

Yes I will get fucking autistic about this. 5% makes a difference to me. I wasn't proclaiming it the ultimate truth, I was saying I dislike 16:9 screens specifically in the X-series laptops. Holy fuck.

Just bought two working X60 SXGA+ (the ones with 1400x1050 screen res) tablets with batteries, chargers and docking stations and 2GB of ram each for $190, shipping included.

How'd I do, fam?

Just bought two working X60Ts with SXGA+ display for $190, with batteries, docking stations and chargers. How'd I do?

Ok, what's the best thinkpad?

certain configurations / models of x200t can run libreboot

Thinking about getting an older X60. Definitely going to libreboot and slap Parabola, Slackware, or Void on it when I decide what I want to use it for.
This probably doesn't really belong in this thread, but is there anything else I can tinker with it to make it more private, secure, and 1337? Hardware or software, I just want a laptop I'm comfy with.

I have 220 bucks and I want a good thinkpad. What should I get?

X200 if you want something small, T400 if you want something reasonable. Avoid post-2008.

I already have a T400, which is why I'm looking for another

Then get an X200. Some would call it a downgrade to go from a T400 to an X200, and some would be correct, but having an extremely portable GAHNOO/LINOOX machine that you can have on you at all times is fucking schway and highly autistic.

I'll sell you my x60 with any reasonable mods you may want done to it

How much for the lapshit only? I'd rather do the mods myself, thanks. It'd be rad if you would take a picture of the BIOS, but no promises on me actually buying it since I'm poor as shit for a whole week.

I'm hoping to get upwards of $170 for it. I can throw in a docking station too ;) I'll upload a pic of the BIOS l8r this week. I can give you the model number though that'll tell you everything you need to know, i think.

It's the SXGA+ model with 1400x1050 screen resolution, intel core duo processor.

Don't expect 170 for a fucking X60s. You can grab one off yeebay for a goddamn pickle and fork over 20 dollars for a chink docking station. The screen is the only validating factor for it being more then 70 doll hairs, but I don't think that sreen is compatible with libreboot.

Fuck me, I need to reread my posts. I type like some 13 year old.

So, I just bought an x201 for $195aud from ebay. I was originally going to get an x200 for about the same price but I decided that the no touch pad was a deal breaker for me, so I went with the x201.

I will be installing trisquel on it and also want to flash coreboot on it eventually, but the coreboot wiki for the x201 is hardly noob friendly and just left me head scratching. I think I need a bus pirate or something. Is this what I'm after? pakronics.com.au/products/bus-pirate-v3-6-universal-serial-interface-ss102990038

As for the cables, there appear to be two different types. pakronics.com.au/products/bus-pirate-v3-probe-kit-ss110990041 and pakronics.com.au/products/bus-pirate-cable-ss321070014

Do they both do the same thing, or do I need a specific one of the two?

I also imagine a cheapo SOIC8 clip from ebay will do the trick, such as ebay.com/itm/SOIC8-SOP8-Flash-Chip-IC-Test-Clips-Socket-Adpter-Programmer-BIOS-24-25-93-/181459505516?hash=item2a3fd4516c:g:25kAAOSw9NxTuqFd

Once you guys tell me what bus pirate cable is the correct one, am I correct in assuming that that is all the hardware I need to flash coreboot?

Oh, and lastly, I can't really find anywhere explaining how I go about actually using the bus pirate. I assume I just connect it up via usb to my computer or something and then use the terminal to connect to it?

SXGA+ models go for much more, plebian

I can literally buy that monitor right now for 20 dollars, patrician.

Actually, don't worry about the bus pirate. It seems I may be able to use a raspberry pi, which luckily I have laying around which saves me 50 bucks for the bus pirate. Lucky me.

Now I just need some jumper wires (I think that's what they're called anyway) and a SOIC8 clip and I should be good to go.

I'm actually getting kind of excited.

A working one? Show me.

Also, wanted to ask this worthless tier 0 user: do you think it'd sell for more with libreboot flashed onto it?

Libreboot is rather niche if you're trying to sell it on ebay. Expect to be waiting for quite awhile before someone buys it. Just slap on win7 and add in the description that you're willing to flash it if asked.

Thanks, is Win7 free? I know their serious about pirated OSs. You really dont think I can sell it for $170? I bought it just to flip it lol. Paid $95 for it, hopefully I'm not going full retard here. Working with charger, docking stations, SXGA+, etc

Most X60T thinkpads go for 30-150 dollars depending on its condition and the accessories it includes. If it looks pretty and maybe if your upgrade the deditated wam and maybe get a larger HDD or SDD, you might get lucky and score over 150. Also, Windows 7 is free if you aren't a fucking tard; your ISP probably won't give a shit if you pirate it since thousands of Pajeets and pirate Windows operatan systems daily. If you're scurred, just proxy up or use some free VPN service.

Thread's dead and I'm out.

thanks, if you do come back.

why is this thread unbumpable ?

So I bought a T420 with a near-dead battery (33% of total capacity); I bought the slice battery for $30 off of Ebay (was listed as New Other)

I fucking won the lottery.

Just need a 9 cell main battery now, and a t420 mobo with an NVidia chip, plus mobo assembly.

Pics tomorrow.

What do you mean?

X201t won't run Libreboot (and if does, there's no solid documentation on it I could turn up).

X60s are cool, they tablets all work. X200t you have to make sure you don't buy an SU processor, only SL. And it only works with certain RAM configurations, but that's a super easy work around after buying (if yours happens to be a blacklisted RAM model).

It doesn't bump to the top of the page after posting. Bump limit must be lower than I thought.