Devuan, Systemd-Free Debian Fork, Rolls Out First Beta Release

Where were you, when Italy saved Linux?


=sytemdcucks BTFO==


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On Gentoo, because I'm not a giant hypocrite who needs a distro to handhold absolutely everything for me but pid1.

I was about to make a thread. Has anyone tried it? How is it? I'm thinking about what to put on my new thinkpad

OP here, had to learn Gentoo too when Debian got cucked.

I can still be fucking happy for Devuan. It'll make less technically inclined people to have more freedom. It'll take away the power from the Freedesktop crowd.

i thought they gave up

Useless fork. Debian can be used without systemd already

I can confirm that it was impossible to remove debian completely (Not with systemd-shim because that isn't a fake library, its a fork) before devuan came around, and I'm still waiting for it to come out of beta so I won't have to go through the same fucking shit again.
90% of the bugs aren't even fixed and I faced all of them that made debian shit itself

I can confirm that it was impossible to remove debian completely (Not
with systemd-shim because that isn't a fake library, its a fork) before
devuan came around, and I'm still waiting for it to come out of beta so
I won't have to go through the same fucking shit again.
90% of the bugs aren't even fixed and I faced all of them that made
debian shit itself

*systemd completely

Ubuantu when?

Looks good

Why should I care about systemd if I use gnu/linux for scientific computing and absolutely not for system administration at all?

Too late they moved to freebsd.

Well that was dumb.

It's a matter of politics and possibly opsec. If your machine is offline at all times I think it doesn't matter that much.
If you agree with systemd's scope creep, by all means, use it.

fuck you systemd.


I've used it for 2fast2furious Kodi based installs. Bretty gewd shite. Apt-get and aptitude search are nice. Get the latest/extra repos, configure pulseaudio to disable flat audio (or preferably remove it), and presto. Personally, I wouldn't really prefer it for servers just yet because I can't into non-systemd Debian, only non-systemdicks Gentoo and Slackware.

What did the Freedesktop people do, exactly?
I've seen it mentioned everywhere

gstreamer, libinput, mesa, systemd, and many more projects, not to mention many developers involved with FD projects working on and Wayland.
it's just autists who've contributed literally nothing. feel free to laugh at them.

That is, the people complaining about Freedesktop have literally contributed nothing.
And those that have build suckless-tier shit where you have to recompile to configure a program.

Pretty hilarious stuff.

I just installed it today. It's awesome. Having XFCE as the default desktop environment was a great choice. I also like that I can set up the package manager to run through tor. I don't know if you could do that with plan Debian, but here it's right on the front page of the site. It brands itself as GNU/Linux as well, and I can tell they have a lot of love for the FSF and Stallman.

I think I might stick with this one for a bit. Only issue I had was some crashes during installing the desktop environment in installation, but that's something that happens on plain Debian, too, and its not like you have to restart from square one every time.

Psh. I'm going to check it out. Gentoo is getting fucking tedious.


I have Devuan installed and just werk.

mx-15 gives you the option of using sysvinit in the grub menu.

Tried void, but I got tired of broken packages.
Fuck BSD.
It was the best option for a systemdick free experience. It was pretty great until recently. After several months of using gcc 5.3 without problem, gentoo decided it was a problem afterall, and the solution? A complete rebuild. Luckily I have an 8 core processor and keep my system somewhat lean, so rebuilding everything including the toolchain will only take about 8 hours.

Yeah, that's why I would never install Gentoo. My hardware is pretty middle of the road, and I like to play around with different programs often, and all that compiling... No thanks. Not for me.

even if you couldn't mask networkd and so on, you can, how are networkd and resolved a matter of opsec compared to the monstrous things that are other network managers and dns resolvers.

you retards talk so much about simplicity but then you shit on systemd for providing lightweight daemons that are really meant for containers, but provide much smaller scope and codebases than the alternative.

the cognitive dissonance must really be painful when you actually bother thinking about it, but I think the real answer is that none of you morons know what you're talking about.

neither do you actually maintain anything, you use other's creations.

You should make a partition and do it once. Its pretty fun, and despite needing quite a bit of input from the user, it just werks... except when it doesn't. I've been using it for about a year and this is the first problem I've had with it.

I might give it a shot this summer since I'll have a bit more time with university being out.


Even binary distros makes you redownload every package when upgrading GCC.

I put Debian and Devuan on identical laptops. Devuan always boots faster than the SystemD infested piece of shit.

Fuck you Pottering.

Debian is still pretty much entirely booted with shell scripts, just with a systemd compatibility layer.
You lost :^) Maybe you should go try FreeBSD and just fuck off there,

I finally got my debian comfy, anyway to carry that over or no?

Depends on how much you hate systemd. Also, you can configure repos in Devuan to work over tor. Don't know if you can with Debian or not, but it's right there on the front page for Devuan. If those appeal to you, switch. If not, then don't.

Why the fuck would you use Sourceforge to host your free software project in current year?

Carry over your .conf directory and various shell configs and you've done half the work.

cool now replace some actual shitware like pulseaudio/alsa or glibc or polkit or grub2


yeah i'm getting tired of void. it work great...until you run into a package problem and you have to fumble between the arch wiki and the pitiful voidforums and try tie the two together and if arch package relies on systemd (which does) then you gotta sort through that and it isn't much of a problem though cause runit is so easy to use.


using arch while ricing foobar2000.

There is literally nothing wrong with using Gentoo if you are competent enough to install and maintain it, and want or need the level of control it offers. The reason it's a meme for newfags is that the vast majority of them would be unable to install it in the first place, and the very slim portion that were able to install it would neither be able to maintain the system for long before they either break everything or lose all patience for it, nor be competent enough to take advantage of any of Gentoo's upsides.

Gentoo is like a straight razor. In the hands of one skilled enough to use it, it will outperform almost anything else. In the hands of one who has no idea what they're doing, they will likely cause great harm to themselves even before they begin to use it. Telling a newfag to install Gentoo is much like telling a 13 year old who asks how to shave, "Just buy a straight razor". If they're dumb enough to try, they deserve what they get; if they were smart enough to figure it out, they wouldn't have asked in the first place.

OK, I'm an idiot when it comes to virtual machines, so can someone please tell me which image from the torrent to download to try out Devuan in VirtualBox?