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trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Creating multiple outputs
google.com/search?q=multiple isos on flash drive

If you update from within the system itself, it's a really large update, not a reinstall.

I was told to post my issue in the sticky, so I'll do so.

I've had it. How the hell am I gonna rip said file to my computer?

you'll have to use a program that lets you download the video while logged in (using active login cookies).

I know that wget lets you do that with images that can only be accessed when logged in, don't know about videos.

Just dig around.

apparently youtube-dl lets you input your youtube username and password

youtube-dl -u "Username" -p "Password" youtube.com/watch?v=58e_io9sIjE

Full command to get mp4 would be

youtube-dl -u "Username" -p "Password" youtube.com/watch?v=58e_io9sIjE --recode-video mp4

I'm still digging around.

i tried the dlyoutube trick to access tubeninja, but it just keeps "searching" for all eternity.

oh? How's that supposed to be input into the address bar? everything minus the quotes and spaces?

that's a linux command

crap, I'm not running linux.

if your friend is generous enough to give you a blowjob for your deed then consider installing mint linux on a virtual machine.

you'd have to download virtualbox, then download the linux mint iso and install that iso onto a virtual machine created in virtualbox.

then use sudo apt-get install youtube-dl in a console and you should be set.

Thanks for the info, but I've been jumping through hoops for the better part of 24 hours and i KNOW my crummy little windows laptop will choke and die if I try to do that (it can hardly handle running two different browsers at once and often chokes on webms larger than 1280p)

Maybe you could try identifying the stream with web developer tools/network and then download it with tubeoffline.com/

i think i fixed livechan mode but i can't tell since the post rate is too low, PLZ HELP FIX KTHNX
posting mode: 2hu-ch.org/ib/random/
livechan mode: 2hu-ch.org/livechan/

All right, lets see what happens...

Interesting, tubeoffline managed to identify the name of said show/file but again, got locked out by whatever safety measure the file has.

Here is said video link:


My friend lives in germany and wanted to see this, but it's "not permitted" in their region and they don't wanna pay the shekels.

What distro/DE/WM would you guys reccomend that is lightweight, and requires little-no ricing to make useable

How lightweight? What is the computer you want to run it on running now?

is there not a yt-dl for windows?
after all it runs on python, and -------
found it
windows executable are there somewhere.

x200 with a 60gb hard drive and 2gb of ram. I want to upgrade the hard drive to an ssd and the ram to 8gb, just dont have the funds currently. Debian with mate used 300mb of ram without anything in the background, and openbox used 200mb. I think its mainly background services or something, but i don't really know what to disable without fucking up the whole system.

didnt mean to do that

Yeah i found the windows version but the blasted thing closes before I can do anything with it.

so install the windows exe from here
(yt-dl9(dot)org/latest/youtube-dl.exe is the direct link, but i rather not hotlink.)

and follow the commmand line he gave

2 questions

how do I find out how big a FTP folder is?
can I do youtube-dl through torsocks?

this but
use this instead


didn't mean to quote, but yeah, it just tanks as soon as I open it.

ok, place that downloaded exe, into the windows folder of your user, the one with my pictures, my documents, downloads etc.
than, press the windows button on your keyboard to bring up the search bar; type cmd, press enter
then it should work.
if not, replace youtube -dl in that command with

youtube-dl.exe (plus the rest ofcourse)

In windows, commandline argument mean "parameters"

rightclick the exe, then go on properties, then there should be a parameter textbox, or launch options textbox

there you put the stuff in

my english is dying

I checked,follow my previous advice, I had it work,. but i have not tried that video since im not in america.

What do yall think of devuan? Is it shit?

do i include the spaces or quotes? I obviously replace the youtube link with the one i want to download, right?

This is currently what it looks like.

Username and password blanked out, obviously.

damn, didn't blank out the 30 some version that showed my username/password.


pray that noone loaded the page before you deleted the pic

I'll just go and change my password to be safe.

also, put spaces after the -p and -u
-u user
-p password

and use quotes

is it better to have the fan on top or bottom of the radiator (not the top or bottom of the case but the fan on the rad itself) for an enclosed watercooled cpu block system thing? (see image)

Okay, got a new weird issue.

It downloaded and all went well,but now the file can't be "opened". It just says whatever player tries to open it "lacks the codec".

what you want to know is push or pull.
startpage: push or pull liquid cooling radiotor.

excellent, you are halfway to succes.
you forgot to use the latest improvement on the code:>>581842
it says : --recode --mp4
mp4 will play, whatever you have does not seems to play.
you could find re encoding software, or just download it again with encode mp4

that should link

sorry being a faggot, Holla Forums

We're all faggots, it happens and your help is very helpful.

I used the updated version of the code, downloaded it again, got pic related.

It's in mp4 format, but again, nothing opens it. Vcl "opens" it and plays it for the running time, but plays no audio or video.

look at all those mistakes, I must be having a stroke, hope I don't die

that wasn't all me, im just a faggot that interjected.
anyway, it seems it is an issue with the mp4 encoding.
try it with 'only' the -F paramater after the youtube link. maybe we can choose another encoding.

Try `-v` (--verbose) for debugging. It just might spit out something useful.

Woah, okay, it spit out and gave a ton of mp4 and webm formats to work with.

where do I put that in the code?

ok, nevermind, the webm format is missing ffmpg and avconv.

I suggest just doing the same again and using
-f bestvideo

if you are having issues, there is a number in front of all the options, and many might be either audio, or video only. if you find one that looks good, just
-f 'your number here without the qoutations'

it seems i misquoted during my stroke so i'll repost.
Push or pull does not matter very much on a radiator like that. you can look up some stuff on people who tested this if you want to know more.

Ok, I did the verbose version of the code and got a bunch of info. pics related.

why ?

Hello guys, i have a T420 with the 1.48 bios, how can i downgrade to 1.46? I have asked on the thinkpad forums, notebook review and bios-mods, how can i do it? The lenovo oage says that i cant downgrade, i already tried the methods on thinkwiki like winflash, should i try again?

I dont give a fuck about verbose.
-f is for format, which is what our issue here is.

youtube-dl downloading the best video and audio format and merges them. the output is usually a video in webm, mp4 or mkv format.

i don't recommend you using ``--recode-video mp4'' unless you really need it to be mp4.

just do



also Usage: youtube-dl [OPTIONS] URL [URL...]
the options go *before* the URL.

I dont think it matters on windows tbh, but sure, he should that anyway.

also, I haven't even asked what you use to watch the video's.

he said he used >vlc ( ).

make sure you are using the latest binary from the official site. rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/download.html

for highest quality:
youtube-dl -u "Username" -p "Password" youtube.com/watch?v=58e_io9sIjE
for mp4:
youtube-dl -f mp4 -u "Username" -p "Password" youtube.com/watch?v=58e_io9sIjE

NOTE: ``--recode-video mp4'' re-encodes the video, it doesn't just download as mp4!

he did, and the issue we're having is it does not play, so i suggested downloading in another format.
he probably walked away because it took to long.

just remove systemd from debian.



Try Bhodi or BunsenLabs.

I bought a chinese phone with a mediatek cpu (MT6582) since i needed a cheap phone and some anons were recommending this cpu.
The phone seems to be locked at 57 fps, sometimes a tencent folder is created on the main folder. how can i fix and debloat my phone?

The person who recommended that chip was a freetard who didn't give a fuck about how powerful the SoC actually was, its a weak SoC, it was "recommended" by the good autists of Holla Forums because MediaTek boards have open-ended BIOS'/bootloaders that accept any u-boot partition and can boot generic GNU distros for ARM, Allwinner boards are the same kind of deal

Lesson learned my friend; do your own fucking research next time

Sorry, LIFE interrupted.

I'm indeed using the latest version and used both codes for highest quality or mp4 conversion (of which it naturally says it is anyway)

The problem is that ,after I download it, it shows up as an mp4 file, but no players can open it, often with the flaw of can't find codec (windows media player) or it simply plays for the duration of the video with no picture or sound (vcl player).

fair enough, but my question was did you run it with -f 22 instead .

if that gives an unusable download, try getting the stuff for the webm:

go to
and download basic or standard for a new media player.
this should let you download the webm.

only if that does nothing am I out of ideas.

you should use MPC-HC for media playing (mpv is fine too.)

how about you make the video unlisted so we can see if it works for us?

Error mounting /dev/sdc2 at /media/nigger/EXT4: Command-line `mount -t "ext4" -o "uhelper=udisks2,nodev,nosuid" "/dev/sdc2" "/media/nigger/EXT4"' exited with non-zero exit status 32: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdc2, missing codepage or helper program, or other error In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try dmesg | tail or so.

don't do this
K-Lite sucks.

What do you mean "unlisted"?

The main issue is that this video file is under a segment of youtube where i could only access the video after paying a fee.

i can watch it on my browser, or any browser, just fine if I'm logged in, but all things that download it act like it is a deal link or "something goes wrong" in the downloading process and I end up with a dead file that doesn't work.

As I said, here is the link for said video:


I've tried this damn thing in every file ripper and keep ending up at a dead end.

Did they REALLY encode a video so it cannot ever be downloaded?

what did you type to mount? are you sure it's formatted as ext4?

mount a partition named EXT4 and it's was formatted in EXT4, but now its fucking up

oh, yeah, i forgot.
on youtube you can make the video you upload unlisted. that means it doesn't show up in search engines, but you can still access it if you have the URL.

like I said try to see if it works with CCCP.

if it doesn't work you can try making a linux live CD and try youtube-dl from there.

I have a couple files I could unlist for a bit and let you guys try to download, but I'm unsure as to how it will help since this stupid pay video is under a different set of rules.


All I can think is for you to try and find some show or something that IS in your country and has a price requirement for viewing.

As i said earlier, my laptop is practically a toaster and chokes when it runs 2 browsers at the same time, so getting a false running OS inside of my OS is not a good idea,

try to mount again and the post the output of:
dmesg | tail

that's not how it works. live CDs are loaded on RAM. it's like an OS you can install on a CD or USB and boot it just like your OS.

Is that even true these days?
I recommended it because it's easy and comes with a properly configured mpc-hc install.

I don't see how ubuntu would solve anything, but if you run it from a flash drive, windows would not be running.
please install codecs, and test if it plays/downloads properly.

[71037.972142] JBD2: Invalid checksum recovering block 2 in log[71037.973336] JBD2: Invalid checksum recovering block 2 in log[71038.428753] JBD2: recovery failed[71038.428757] EXT4-fs (sdc2): error loading journal[71048.800338] JBD2: Invalid checksum recovering block 1 in log[71049.009376] JBD2: Invalid checksum recovering block 1 in log[71049.015176] JBD2: Invalid checksum recovering block 2 in log[71049.016345] JBD2: Invalid checksum recovering block 2 in log[71049.469443] JBD2: recovery failed[71049.469447] EXT4-fs (sdc2): error loading journal

What codecs? From where?

it was mentioned in this thread, some other user say cccp, i said k-lite. do whatever floats your goat.

i thought it might be youtube-dl that doesn't work well on windows, and he's the only one who can check.
yes, it's still bloated
literally CCCP.


fsck /dev/sdc2

Ok, I installed it and I ran the file under windows media player. it instead now registers it as a soundless music file.

you have to open the file with MPC-HC

Causes the media player to crash instantly.

fuck. try opening it with mpv.srsfckn.biz/

if that doesn't work either then I have no idea.

another instant crash. whatever the hell they put in this file has ensured it will NOT be opened.

if you got the codecs right, which if you listen to people on Holla Forums is not gonna happen,
you could download the webm, and try that.

So my gf is gonna switch over to GNU/Linux, but wants something as close to her current OS of OS X Yosemite version 10.10.5, what would you recommend?

elementary os is the most similar to os x i know.

i still recommend you xubuntu, 'cause os x sucks.

So I tried transplanting uTorrent (old, non-shit version) from my old Windows 7 installation to the new one. I copied the exe and the appdata folder over to the equivalent folders in the new Win7installation, which I was told would work. But uTorrent refuses to load the old data. I can tell the exe is using that appdata folder, because it fiddles around with some config files, but it doesn't use the old data. Any clues?

User permissions probably.

I did everything on the admin account, and the permissions seem to be fine.

If I were to use dd to make a clone of the windows partition would qemu be able to boot it up so that I can use PCIE-passthrough?

Okay, I've been told that I live near a shitty Cloudflare gateway. 4chan has not been working for the past 8 hours. I've tried everything I can think of, used multiple browsers, VPN, called AT&T, disabled firewall, tried different computers, tried ethernet instead of wifi, I can't get it to work. It loads fine when I use data on my phone. Is there anything I can do or am I just stuck like this until someone fixes the gateway?



Hey doods. I'm on Windows and I'm wondering, how do I download all images in a thread? There are so many useless "extensions" and programs that let you download everything from 4chan and I'm not sure what I'm meant to use.

Help is very much appreciated.

You can start by installing GNU/Linux and then killing yourself

wow nice one! wasn't expecting that response!

Is there any easy way to separate the audio and video streams of .mp4 files (bonus points if the audio can be fed into an old audio-only mp3/mp4 player)?
Would also be interested in .webm and .mkv files as well.

ffmpeg can do it.
trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/Creating multiple outputs

what is this optimise thing? is it ok to do on an ssd?

Holla Forums I am afraid.
my hard drive space remaining just went from 214gb to 651gb remaining.

and I don't see anything missing.

did you change your HDD?

I have never changed the HDD in this computer, and it is a few years old.

It sometimes opens up space out of "nowhere" occasionally, but never this much.


OS? (the flag thing is there for a reason)

win 7 64 bit

without any of the win10 bullshit

hmm... look in the thrash.
download bleachbit and clean around.
make a full scan with malwarebytes free.

I need android software that will play a sound ever interval of seconds, and can be set up with different sounds.
I need it for jogging, I jog for so long and walk for so long.
Anything that fits the bill?

step 1. install bleachbit
step 2. install unetbootin
step 3. install GNU/Linux Mint


mount it and just run du
I don't think so. Every time I tried it, it slowed my system to a halt.


New ISP (Fuck Time Warner) sent me an email a while back about how I'm evil for torrenting a movie. I don't wanna shell out for a VPN, any alternatives? No, I'm not asking for a free VPN. That's just asking for trouble. I was thinking like a way to anonymous torrent, or a way to torrent though a university's wifi.

PS Fuck Time Warner. They suck all around.

What about private trackers? Do they work in the usa?

I just got a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge What are some Holla Forums-approved ROMs for it?

What's the difference between balanced/unbalanced here?

Maybe your temporary files were cleared automatically.

Holla Forums I need help on Mobile Security specifically android.
I want to uncuck my Samsung Note device by removing its stock Jewgle/ Android OS to Cynogen, but I want to keep the Stylus S Note functionality, I believe it utilizes a software called "touchwiz" among others to make it work.

Also I figure the best way to lock down your device security wise is with the XPrivacy from the rooted Xposed Installer released by XDA/ Github.

Can someone please reply?

It's been out for not very long I don't think will be any ROMs for it. Also the baseband and network are the real freestone problems. There is a fully libre ROM but it only supports a few devices. Cyonogen with the free-Cyonogen package may be the next best thing.

If that is true then a reboot night be in order.


is it possible to convert a string into a variable in python? I don't mean actually assigning anything to it but I mean making this:


go to this:


I'm not sure if that actually is a proper example, I can't think straight right now. Here's kind of what I want to do:

Turn this:

Variable1 = "Hello"

into this:
Variable1 = Hello

actually, that's not it either. I hope you can understand because I can even understand myself


I'm wondering about the emails listed in the FAQ, how do they remain free? I'm leaning towards Proton mail. Do they live on donations, are they truly safe and encrypted? I've got nothing to hide, I don't even use email, I only use it to sign up for stuff. Last I heard, Proton mail was hacked, cock.li had the servers in Germany and got the hard drives confiscated, what do I use?

Anyone else having problems with Holla Forums today? I can't post any pictures or webm's. Always getting a "{"readyState":0,"status":0,"statusText":"error"}" error. I normally only get this if I delete a file half way in while it is still uploading.

You mean this
variable1 = "goodbye"
variable1 = hello

output "goodbye"
I have never used python so I used pseudocode to demonstrate what I think you meant.
Am I right?

Protonmail is god. The "Hack" was a massive ddos, and tinfoil conspiracy says that it was a government job because of how amazing Protonmail is. It's truly on donations, and the waiting period is because they basically only accept as many as they feel they can safely handle: they'll people in when they upgrade, or when people leave.
Cock.li is also amazing, but right now an HDD is with the germans, and the canary is down, so who knows. If you need a throwaway, use cock.li, as protonmail is better for security, and you won't even be able to use it after registering for a few months.

im retarded

I have a variable that is called: Hello

But I do not have access to that directly, what I have is a string: "Hello"

I am trying to put it into a list, but I need it to be: Hello

I can not have it be: "Hello"

I just need to convert "hello" into hello

How do I properly apply and use an e-condom?
Do I need to use both a proxy and a darknet? Why? What sort of system data does my computer give the modem? Does my computer give that same data over a darknet? What are all the places private data can leak from? Etcetera, etcetera.

I've realized something seems to be off with how I see Holla Forums since the website got unfucked recently. My post box looks like pic related 1 with the dotted box instead of pic related 2, and I can't see any of the thread info that's normally on the bottom of the screen. Did I do something wrong?

I'm on Chrome and I noticed the issue when I looked at archives and looking at Holla Forums on my phone.

Sorry for double posting but I forgot to mention there's no popup post box when I click on a post number and I can't click on IDs either.

why do some people who use linux use anything other than tar for backup?

why do some people who use linux use anything other than gpg for encryption?

are they not safe?


Do you think my intrusion detection system will work?

i leave an unencrypted bitcoin wallet file on my server (not much, but enough to steal). if I ever see a transaction from the address, I'll know someone popped my server.

Sounds like a good idea.
You could also just make your server send your phone a message whenever someone logs in.

What's a good freeware PDF program?

I'd like to be able to add/remove pages, combine documents etc but when I search for it I just find endless online programs

Dunno if it'll do what you need but SumatraPDF is very good and light.

Anyone know if it's ok to bring a desktop on a plane these days?

tar gives you one big file, which will lead to problem in a lot of cases, especially if you want to store your backup on another server. For this, rsync is just better suited.
Because gpg is intended for asymmetric encryption, if you want symmetric encryption there are better programs, that also use the encryption primitives provided by the kernel, which makes them faster and more secure.

Do any software repositories offer all-in-one downloads? Are there any all-in-one downloads of software essentials - of any essential developments of software? A Holla Forums torrent, in other words.

that would probably contain tons of outdated software.
it would probably better making a pastebin containing a list of essential tools and links to their site.

I'm thinking more /eternalarchive/ than a list of links for online reference.

made one

just don't.

I know this is probably a pants-on-head retarded question, but I'm new to this and windoze is seemingly not very good at directories being useful, so I figure someone here would be able to put it in simple terms

Where/what the hell do I do with libraries? For example for C++ in windoze, you just import it into VS? What if you don't use VS to make a c++ project, though? Do you just save the library in your own directory and call it up? that seems horribly inefficient, does it mean I need to copy the whole library into the project? I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around using libraries that don't come included

1.Which Linux OS is less botnet-y, more secure and more usable (for a newfag) than Ubuntu?
I'm a newcomer to Linux and am really fed up of not being able to disable Ubuntu's useless bullshit services and shady data-collecting schemes (i.e. ubuntu-geoip-provider).

2. Which Linux file browser is the fastest at opening folders with a lot of files (mainly pics) in them?

e.g.*, because there's a fuckton of those things in there.

Try Mint if you don't mind systemd

distributions, they are called distributions.

since OpenBSD doesn't use Linux, Devuan, i guess?

what do you mean by usable

noice for the command line. GUI-based are all slow.

Mint is a fork of ubuntu, that's not what he asked.

By usable, I mean that I want to have a chance at changing things to my preference, e.g. disabling certain services.

Is Devuan easier to use too?

you can on every linux distro

they are the same os, you know.

also, I want to warn you first: Debian (and Devuan) don't come with non-free firmware by default, so you have to install it manually.

I need to switch (from Arch) to a distro that is stable and both it and its software behave properly and stay that way for months.

Is Debian stable the right choice in this case?


Then they're out of question. Will I have to install Mint manually?

just use lubuntu, if you want a decent ubuntu derivate.

and don't expect any of them to be ``less botnet-y and more secure''.

New to linux here.

I already installed linux mint. Any guide for making a swap partition file thats understandable?

google only gives me old sites, and complicated stuff.

I already installed gparted, but when i open it, i cannot resize the main disk to main to free space for it.

How do I play .mkv files on mpv?
When I open a .mk file with mpv it has audio but no video but it works ok with VLC.

also in the mpv website it says that if you scroll your mouse there is a control bar thing but I dont get that and I have to use the fucking keyboard.

If you have the main version of Ubuntu installed just follow the instructions on this site:
You might try a flavor of Ubuntu like Xubuntu, that doesn't come with the Amazon features.

ubuntu-geoip-provider is GeoClue. It's harmless and doesn't track you. It provides an api for applications that need information about locations (wheater or time application).

If you think that Ubuntu has too many unnecessary background services running, think about turning them off and removing them first, before switching to another distro.

I don't recommend Linux Mint. They had some security issues and the fact that they mix packages from Debian and Ubuntu makes it unstable.

Any "stable" distro should do it.
Debian (3 years support)
Ubuntu LTS (5 years support)
CentOS (10 years support)
OpenSuse Leap (18 months support)
FreeBSD (at least 1 year)
OpenBSD (9 months)

What distro are you using?
Do you use the official package or did you compile it yourself?
Do you have ffmpeg installed?
What output do you get if you run mpv from a terminal, like the example below:
Write the output that you get for VO.

Linux Mint should have installed a swap partition already. If you want to put files into the RAM, just download or move it to the /tmp/ folder. Read the arch wiki for more information.

you can't resize a mounted partition, you have to unmount it first.

the OSC should appear when hovering with the mouse. also, stop being i whiny faggot, it's easier to seek with the keyboard.

the last ubuntu doesn't come with the amazon thing anymore.
just in main.

I just installed it from the software manager
Installing it now
bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('


When i rightclick it it only says 'deactivate' 'format to' 'delete' 'flags'

Be sure to install actual real ffmpeg. They used to ship exclusively avconv (and had a ffmpeg meta package which just pointed to it) which not many devs care about... mpv/ffmpeg from main repos just were not good the last time I tried them.

help pls
my internet connection is working but it sys this

Use the tab key when you write a filename, because you had an error. I suppose that you forgot the backslashes that you need for the spaces. You just write the 2-4 first letters of your file name and then use the tab key to autocomplete the file name. And don't forget to navigate to the folder of your file first with cd.

all I did was click the install button in software manager. I did not download the file from the site because doing .tar.gz files is too difficult.

Try to get an output for mpv in the terminal with a movie file.

Ok, Linux Mint is still using avconv. That's a long story, and some Debian maintainer are to blame for it. Try to find avconv and install it, if it isn't yet.

But I suppose that the default video output of mpv is not supported by your system. The command
gets you an overview which video outputs are supported. Usually the output opengl should just work.

the audio is not the problem, it will not show the video only audio

help with this

Im in a linux live usb and launched gparted, but I still CANNOT resize the disk to free space for a swap

the black arrow just doesnt move


Check your privileges. Run gparted with root.

you can't unmount the root partition. you have to use a Live CD.
try to unmount from the file manager, otherwise:
umount /dev/sdXy

you have to do
mpv 'planescene_bigguy_4U.mkv'
with the apostrophes.

That's why I want to know what output you get for VO, if you run mpv in a terminal and some movie file.

mpv 'your video.mkv' 1>mpv.test 2>>mpv.test
2.it should create a plain text file called ``mpv.test'', post it's output here.

[email protected] ~ $ mpv 'Bismarck 1940 - DVDRIP x265 HEVC - EN subs.mkv'Playing: Bismarck 1940 - DVDRIP x265 HEVC - EN subs.mkv[file] Cannot open file 'Bismarck 1940 - DVDRIP x265 HEVC - EN subs.mkv': No such file or directoryFailed to open Bismarck 1940 - DVDRIP x265 HEVC - EN subs.mkv.Exiting... (No files played)[email protected] ~ $

I already did.

This is the layout that appears.

what do

you are probably not in the same folder as the file.
either do:
; mpv '/entire/path/to/video.mkv'


; cd '/path/to/video/' #changes directory to the one where you have the video
; mpv 'video.mkv'

you probably have the partitions mounted. unmount them first.

Im already on a live usb right now.

gparted doesnt say anything with unmount, it only says 'deactivate' when i right click it, and when i do that i cannot resize it either.


I tried running the command the user gave but it says this

/>dev/sdXy is not mounted (according to mtab)

2. umount /dev/sdXy

you are a fucking idiot, you should replace X and y with the drive letter and partition respectively.
for example if you wanted to unmount /dev/sda1
umount /dev/sda1

And i still cannot reside any of them

ight clicking them and looking information, sda5 says status mint-vg active
sda1 says status busy

Can you just delete the partition and recreate it smaller?

try umount -l or umount -f
then close gparted and reopen it.

the delete option is unclicklable

both sda2 and sda5 have a little icon next to them, it kinda looks like a phone dialer, or something.

umount -l
Usage: umount -h | -V
umount -a [-d] [-f] [-r] [-n] [-v] [-t vfstypes] [-O opts]
umount [-d] [-f] [-r] [-n] [-v] special | node...

>umount -f
umount: only root can do that
Usage: umount -h | -V
umount -a [-d] [-f] [-r] [-n] [-v] [-t vfstypes] [-O opts]
umount [-d] [-f] [-r] [-n] [-v] special | node...

I still cannot resize anything.

sudo shutdown

i meant
sudo umount -l /dev/sdXy
sudo umount -f /dev/sdXy

anyway, if that doesn't work try
sudo umount -af

then try reopening gparted

$ sudo shutdown
shutdown: time expected
Try `shutdown --help' for more information.

If this kills my laptop im going to be sad


umount: /dev/sda5: not mounted

umount: /dev/sda2: not mounted

and i still cannot resize them

in the gparted graph, sda5 is inside sda1.

Does that have anything to do with this, if so what do

fdisk /dev/sda # if there's error, post it# this only modifies partitions, you'll than have to create the filesystem:mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdaN #where N is your partition number

what is the one you wanted to resize?
tried ``sudo umount -af''?
if that doesn't work try rebooting by ``sudo shutdown -r now''

^beware, this command formats the partition

fdisk: unable to open /dev/sda: Permission denied

Command (m for help): m
Command action
a toggle a bootable flag
b edit bsd disklabel
c toggle the dos compatibility flag
d delete a partition
l list known partition types
m print this menu
n add a new partition
o create a new empty DOS partition table
p print the partition table
q quit without saving changes
s create a new empty Sun disklabel
t change a partition's system id
u change display/entry units
v verify the partition table
w write table to disk and exit
x extra functionality (experts only)

Command (m for help):

should i do next the mkfs.ext4 shit or later

sda2 and sda5 have the same size. but sda5 is under inside sda2

so, i should reduce sda5?
i need to write /dev/sda5 after -af right?

-a = All of the file systems except root are unmounted.
-f = The file system is forcibly unmounted.

are you unable to read the man pages or something?

I'm trying to do either one of these things:

1. Somehow run my while router through a VPN (so I don't have to connect to it from every device and to ensure me nor anyone else on my internet slips up)


2. alternatively somehow set up another router or wifi that will go through my original router with my VPN enabled.

Some other info: I use FrootVPN, it's pretty reliable and fast and it's based in Sweden. My speed isn't affected horribly, it would be good enough to play some internet hogging games and still be good, so that's not a problem.

No. You'll need to do that once the changes are written to disk. Until giving the 'w' command, you're basically just planning what it will do when you do write it to disk (if at all).
Now print the partition table ('p') and delete the partition you want resized ('d'). Than create new partition with 'n' with same beginning as the one you just deleted and with desired size. Than write the changes with 'w', exit and than create the filesystem with mkfs.ext4

umount2: Device or resource busy
umount: /run/user: device is busy.
(In some cases useful info about processes that use
the device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1))
umount2: Device or resource busy
umount: /run/shm: device is busy.
(In some cases useful info about processes that use
the device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1))
umount2: Device or resource busy
umount: /tmp: device is busy.
(In some cases useful info about processes that use
the device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1))
umount2: Device or resource busy
umount: /cdrom: device is busy.
(In some cases useful info about processes that use
the device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1))
umount2: Device or resource busy
umount: /run: device is busy.
(In some cases useful info about processes that use
the device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1))
umount2: Device or resource busy
umount: /dev: device is busy.
(In some cases useful info about processes that use
the device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1))
umount2: Device or resource busy
umount: /: device is busy.
(In some cases useful info about processes that use
the device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1))

what page?

ok i opened gaprted again and was able to delete all partitions.

I already made the swap file.

Now my question is the remaining gbs what type should they be?

they are for normal use, to save movies and shit.

should they be file system ext4?


I created the swap partition.

Now the r emaining files shoudl be on what file system? Ext4 ext2 lvm2?

Help I wanna be over this.

ext4 for HDD, ext2 for SSD/Flash Drives
the man(ual) pages.

in UNIX if you type ``man command'' it gives an explanation of what the command does and how you use it, eg.:
; man rm RM(1) RM(1) NAME rm - remove files SYNOPSIS rm [ -fr ] file ... DESCRIPTION Rm removes files or directories. A directory is removed only if it is empty. Removal of a file requires write per- mission in its directory, but neither read nor write permis- sion on the file itself. The options are -f Don't report files that can't be removed. -r Recursively delete the entire contents of a directory and the directory itself. SOURCE /usr/local/plan9/src/cmd/rm.c SEE ALSO remove(3) Page 1 Plan 9 (printed 5/1/16)

why is GNU Emacs setting the mark (that is, selecting text) automatically when I move the cursor around a comma or a parenthesis?

how can I prevent that?

sudo apt-get purge emacs

PDF editing software for windows?

libreoffice draw

[email protected]:~$ xinput --list⎡ Virtual core pointer id=2 [master pointer (3)]⎜ ↳ Virtual core XTEST pointer id=4 [slave pointer (2)]⎜ ↳ Logitech Gaming Mouse G502 id=9 [slave pointer (2)]⎜ ↳ Logitech Gaming Mouse G502 id=10 [slave pointer (2)]

Video editing software for linux?

I want to stop relying on premiere

kdenlive or blender

I'm not using an apt-based distro here

What was the most common Firefox useragent for Panopticlick? I can't find it anywhere, not even by looking for Icecat in the useragents lists.

how would i make a script that

It's pretty much always the current Firefox on Windings 7 (or maybe 10 in the future).

eg. Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:46.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/46.0

sudo rm -rf /bin/emacs /usr/bin/emacs /usr/local/bin/emacs

do you want it to write mails for you?
so you want to mailbomb someone?

make burner email addresses and bomb mails to someone, yes

I'm not using an apt-based distro here>>584240
so 'apt-get purge' is to remove?
nice try vimfag :P

I used eval("Hello")

I would learn how to program. and possibly get a career in it. I was told to read "Head First C#, 3rd Edition" and practice coding in "visual studio" to get started. and after that should read "C# 6.0 and the .NET 4.6 Framework" to get even better at it. should I follow this advice Holla Forums?

everytime i start my pc within a couple minutes my browser will automatically open to this page zodiac-game.info/

avg turns up nothing and neither does malwarebytes

wat do

sounds like malware or a virus
I've had one that opened up over a hundred different tabs
This was back when my PC was a toaster, which in comparison is like it is now

Try Avast, AVG is shit

For some reason all videos i try to download/stream take a huge amount of time, yet YouTube videos download at a normal and quick pace.

Why are all videos except YouTube slow?

This is only fairly recently happened to me, sometime over the past 3 or 4 days

maybe comcast changed their sponsoring policy again and some sites didn't pay them the shekels yet.

disregard this post I literally installed it like a day ago
I will lose less a lot less time with a fresh install

Can someone help me solve this? I can't post any large files anymore.

You see those empty posts in this thread 8ch.net/b/res/5697344.html for example 5699951? Those were made by me.

It's just that I look around, and it seems like I am the only one affected by this. Nothing works, not even the flood detection. I can just open the thread like 8 times and hit reply in all of them.

I forgot my password in Windows 8, I've tried several password recovery live programs but most of them are not being recognized as bootable by bios. It is a Lenovo Ideapad Flex 15 I am trying to get into, there is data on the drive I need to be able to access. Opening the disk from another OS is not an option. Any recommendations for password recovery?

Did you encrypt your whole computer? Can't you just create a new account, give it admin rights and then still access your files?

It's not encrypted but I'm wanting to be able to login to the pre-existing account. Could I create a new account without logging into the single admin-level account?

that is probably not possible. I don't really know how to fix this, last time I forgot my password was probably back then in windows vista days.

And it did work back then, but I also had 2 admin accs.

It looks like guest accounts are turned off right now, the only way to turn it on would be to log into the account which I can't. Same with creating a new account.

I want to backup all of my personal data on a Linux distro. Is backing up the /home directory enough?

Hello Holla Forums. I can't seem to install proprietary drivers on my Manjaro system, no matter what I try. Can you perhaps suggest what I might be doing wrong? All I wanted to do was play Saints Row on GNU/Linux.

Yes that is all of it. /etc (system configs) could be useful.

I would seriously suggest that you try Void as it is a true rolling release while being very stable (personally 99.99% percent of the time it is relaible except for some kernel updates on the desktop or 4.x on the laptop). The package manager's (xbps) syntax is similar.Runit is probably the fastest GNU/Linux init.

Jesus Christ I like Void but some fuckers have been shilling for it for weeks. Just let the man use Manjaro, for fuck's sake.

Give us the details on your hardware.

To add on to is your CPU overclocked? Have you updated recently?

Manjaro is pretty good overall, OpenRC is probably the slowest init. I'l stop shilling Void.

I've got a really annoying problem with LibreOffice Write: Whenever I add math formulas to a document, close it and then open it again, some of them will often disappear, or shrink and then disappear when clicked on. Is there any way to solve this?

Much appreciated, thanks a lot.

Okay I'm furious.
I am trying to uninstall klipper on debian/kde because I don't need a keylogger on my system. However whenever I set out to remove it it deletes the entire kde desktop as well.
What. The. Fuck. Linux.

I tried apt-get purge klipper and it just deletes fucking everything

I have a nvidia graphics card. I can't remeber the model, though. How can I find this out?
hotwheels let me post

something sounds wrong there, without knowing what the fuck klipper is.

did the list of files that were going to get deleted before you hit Y on the y/n dialog seem like a lot?

Klipper is some sort of clipboard manager that saves everything you ever copy. I see no need for something this stupid. So I opted to remove it via said command.
This is what happens

looks like klipper is a KDE depency, take it up with them.

what the hell is that?


recently when I try to select files to upload the bar to search files has dissapeared and I have to go through each fucking folder to pick the file I want when it takes 1 second to type the filename into the search bar.

I am using GNU/Linux Mint 17.3 & Firefox.
my system is updated.

It's because of GTK+ or KDE (whichever you are using.)

You probably updated Firefox to the most recent version which uses GTK3 now. So instead of using the old GTK2 file picker you have the GTK3 file picker.
So by using Mint you are actually using packages from Ubuntu 14.04.
So you probably have GTK 3.10 installed, which doesn't seem to have a search bar.
More recent versions of GTK have this search bar again.
So you have two options: don't use distros with outdated packages, or just press ctrl+F (which should still open some kind of search bar)

i think the search bar appears right after you type some text

I'm on loonix+GNU and currently for recording shit I am using OBS but it is fucking ass, it doesn't recognizes my ALSA/OSS Audios and only has support for Faggotaudio/JACK. Not to mention the default webm support it has is fucking ass as well.

What's the next best alternative to it?

switch back to windooz


GNU/Linux Newfag here. I am running Mint currently but I want to switch. I have picked out a few distros I might like: Trisquel, Manjaro and Arch. Which is the most user friendly and secure/least botnet?

Thank you Holla Forumsnicians

Install debian with a DE of your choice.

Ubuntu: Free Software Edition.
Needlessly complicated and does nothing that Gentoo or Void wouldn't do better.
Good for beginners, but a bit bloated. I would recommend this one.

why and what are you looking for?

Should I use Wireless/sSatellite Internet over cable?

Mind you, that Im from a non-urbanised part. And in my country, cable speed isnt that hight.

I will just wait until there is a GTK update

So you will wait forever?

Nah, Mint 18 is bound to come out at some point.

really? link? proof?


>Sarah is a Jewish feminine given name

1. remove lunix mint
2. install lubuntu


Is ubuntu a good linux distro try out?
I heard it has spyware on it, so which is the next best distro to start trying linux out?

lubuntu is the easiest one.
what are you interested in, specifically?

I want to browse lots of porn

In all honesty, i want to see what the fuss is all about.
Pure curiosity, and maybe i might learn a thing or two about how my computer works.

lubuntu should be fine.

no, I like mint, I am used to mint and there is no reason for my to change

stop shitting the Q&A sticky with lewbunpoo

most users just switch because it's easier to use (package manager, no driver hell, and so on), or because they hate Microsoft.
if you want to learn the command line i recommend you reading the first 4-5 chapters of The Unix Programming Environment (it starts from the very basics, so it's very easy to read.)

are you 5?

kek faggot, you butthurt I insulted your shiggy diggy distro?

Might do that, and get some distro on a live usb to try out the examples of the book.
The other reason for learning is that some jobs in what i'm studying sometimes mention knowing linux as something good for them. I'm (almost) a chemical engineer, don't really know why they use it.

Why would you ever use anything other than debian?

non-free firmware.

thanks user
I just had to wait and it fixed itself

That saved me a system restore

Alright, been having this issue for a while now and I'm fucking sick of it, it's annoying.

It has to do with my monitor, When I install old games, hell it doesn't even have to be old just being made 5 years ago is enough, for some god unknown reason it always sets my screen resolution to 800x600, now normally I would have a problem with this since I can just change the menu but with my monitor it gives me problems, because the fucking thing puts a huge fucking window telling me that it's not the optimal resolution that i can't remove so it leave me to blindly click on menus until i can change the resolution. But what happens if I can't find in time? my screen fades to black and that window keeps moving itself all over my screen mocking me until I allt f4 which causes most games to be unresponsive and the screen freezes for a while or if I alt tab I'm stuck navigating myself to the task manager at 800x600 resolution. It's a pain in the ass, is there a way I can remove this window from my screen or some trick to make every game start at the highest resolution? This shit is just irritating


You should probably give more details, OS, game played, monitor type, video card, blah blah

Edit the config file(s)s with your desired resoultion before hand starting it for the first time. Make(them) it read only and you should be fine.

customisability and I don't want to change because there is not sufficient reason to change from mint to anything else

my install of fedora wont recognise my 3TB HDD pulled from my desktop slapped into a USB docking station, which i assume is because of GPT complications? KDE partition manager says it can find no valid partition table, and detects it as a 700GB disk for some reason. ive used this with windows just fine, so i know its not the dock thats the problem, how do i get fedora to recognise the drive correctly?

I have a GTX 950 and an AMD FX-8320E. Is this score acceptable for 1080p gaming? Won't actually play anything until I get a real monitor.

How do I make a shortcut with .sh file? I've looked it up but there's a million and 1 different answers.

whats the best way of cleaning out an ass dirty keyboard? i dont want to spend all week scrubbing under every key cap

checked A couple of things that may cause issues.
-1. The use of \ -2 the use of ()
I would suggest moving the .sh to more simplier directory e.g. modified-ice-cat/run-icecat.sh.

Where can I find all those original and classical music .midis from the early copies of Windows?

Also, what is the best program out there for playing .midis that I can use and switch through soundfonts on a whim?

Yeah I didn't realize the brackets, I moved it, it doesn't launch. Could it be that it asks me if I want to run it in a terminal, or run by itself? I've been running mint for over a year now, but I've never dabbled into the technicalities and don't have a full understanding of terminal commands, sudo etc. I lurk and rarely post, but I hate having to bug Holla Forums for support.

Another question, what's an easy distro to use without systemd?

Take your pick, I'm running Slackware

Thanks for posting in the designated thread rather than posting on the main board. Another option. Add a short cut [under keyboard > custom short cuts or there abouts] to a terminal command chain e.g. [Crtl + shift + a] [bash /path-to/run-icecat.sh]
Personally rolling release >>>>> stable.
For just starting out, Manjro with OpenRC if you want something that works (most of the time, nothing is perfect in life). It has GUI options for almost everything. Based off Arch. A option for later on once you feel you are more conftable with the command line is Void. I would suggested using one of the pre-applied environment iso's. As I am having issues with getting ASLA to work after choosing to install it from the network.To actually install the pre-applied environment, select local source rather than network. Also has some good advice.

Probably on the original images. The web archive is likely to have copies that you van rip them from.
One word "mpv" .

Every time I want to import a wmv file into premiere my whole computer freezes and crashes if I don't manage to close it with my task manager first.

Check the screenshots, before importing the wmv everything is fine. It uses only 438 ram. But as soon as I drop in the wmv file the ram jumps up instantly from 400 all the way up to 1957.7, and doesn't stop. I managed to make another screenshot, it's 5818,1mb. If I don't close it at that point my computer will crash.

it seems to go into a loop.

The wmv file wasn't even big, it was only 17.8mb. I can play it perfectly fine in vlc and every other player. Xmedia Recode can also open and edit them. But Premiere fucks up every time.

You probably should contact Adobe™ support that they happily give to anyone with a registered copy of their software.

But seriously, just re-encode the video to h.264 or whatever and then open them.

But wouldn't that mess up the quality of the video?

Listen here, when encoding videos you have to compromise between three things: quality, size and time. Time and size are no problem in your case, so just crank up the bit rate to an extremely high value and you should be good.

It kind of is a problem. The thing is I want to turn like 30 videos into webm's. This would mean I would have to turn them into mp4 only to turn them into webm's afterwards.

This is why I use Premiere in the first palce, it allows me to queue files. If it was just one webm I would use xmedia.

So that's your real problem.
Just download ffmpeg:
and call it in a for loop. On Windows this should look something like this:
for %%A IN (*.wmv) DO ffmpeg -i "%%A" "%%A.webm"
You can add options too:

This also assumes that the ffmpeg binary can be found in the PATH variable, if you don't want to change that, just call it with its full path.

does this mean that slackware causes cancer

i always knew this

But wouldn't that turn the entire wmv into a webm? Because that is not what I want. I want only certain parts, like 15 seconds from the start and maybe another 20 seconds from the middle.

Also, I have decided to convert some of the wmv's and use them.

Maybe later I will "buy" the latest version of premiere and see if they fixed it.

hard links?
ln /usr/local/bin/run-icecat.sh ~/run-icecat.sh

sudo runs a command as another user, by default the superuser.
the superuser is an user that can edit any file in the system and is meant for maintenance.

I have ffmpeg and I want to know how to convert .mkv files to .mp4 and still keep the subtitles

ffmpeg -i input.mkv -c:s copy output.mp4

Could not write header for output file #0 (incorrect codec parameters ?): Invalid argument
[aac @ 0x3513ba0] Qavg: -nan

Right, mp4 uses a different subtitle format. Use this instead:
ffmpeg -i input.mkv -c:s mov_text output.mp4

thanks, it is working now

I want to install a driver for a printer on Ubuntu 16.04 and because the printer doesn't show up in the automated list I downloaded the .gz directly from the website and followed their instruction (unpack via gunzip). I entered

sudo bash /home/usr/Downloads/linux-brprinter-installer-2.0.0-1 Brother MFC-7360N

And all it does is sit there, blinking the entry space. Did I do something wrong?

Oh wait, it just gave me "Driver package cannot be found, confirm model name."
So I now have to confirm that the thing on the front of the printer actually IS the name or how to spell it out in the command. Can anyone giv e a hint? It's a Brother MFC-7360N

Okay, here comes a weird little question about electricity and smartphone charging.

An average american wall socket can supply 120 volts at 15 amps, right? That's 1800 watts.

A smartphone is capable of being charged over USB, which is 5 volts at 500-900 milliamps, but let give it a whole amp to be charitable, that's 5 watts.

1800 divided by 5 is 360.

Now here's the question; would it be theoretically possible to make a charger with enough plugs to safely charge 360 smartphones off of a single wall outlet? There's enough wattage to go around, is the distribution of it feasible, though?

it's probably "MFC-7360N", not "Brother MFC-7360N"

Thanks. Worked.
Is there a command to find the URIs of all found network devices? Is the URI the same as the IP?

Is ClamAV a legit anti-virus for GNU/Linux?

ClamAV is for detecting Windows malware.
the only legit anti-virus is common sense.

it says

Is that important?

recursively=looks in sub-folders
anti-virus software are a security theater, stop using them.
it's not like it takes too much to create a script that can turn your day in a really bad day.
#!/bin/shsudo rm -rf /echo doing something very nice ^^

my advice is:
* install only binaries from the repositories;
* don't blindly copy and paste any shell command you see on the internet, understand what it does first;
* same for shell scripts.

for ip in $(seq 1 254); do ping -c 1 192.168.x.$ip>/dev/null; [ $? -eq 0 ] && echo "192.168.x.$ip UP" || : ; done
x = your network

That is good advice...

do you know how I can use torsocks wget properly?
when I try to download stuff it says

where the fuck did you get that number?

the third line of the script started with an escape character, which got deleted somehow.
you can see it by echo '\033[1A' >ESC
it tells the terminal to discard the previous line, try to cat it.

Is there a way to stop all Javascript-related activities to prevent Firefox from crashing?

I'm having a little problem with rxvt-unicode-256color and zsh

when setting TERM to rxvt-unicode-256color, the cursor starts at the wrong position, directly after the "%", without a space after it. When using tab-completion, this fucks up the text output severly

this doesn't happen with other terminal emulators, or when using tmux inside urxvt. Bash inside of urxvt also works for whatever reason

only way to "fix" this problem is setting TERM to xterm, but while this fixes the aforementioned problem, it also causes the F-keys to no longer function properly in the terminal

picture related, it shows urxvt + zsh, urxvt + tmux + zsh and xfce4-terminal + zsh, all with their respective TERM value

Does it work properly with TERM set to screen-256color without tmux?

has the same effect as setting TERM to xterm; cursor starts at the correct position but F-keys don't work.

I clearly have enough space, what's going on here?

You do know that these downloads are usually compressed and have to be extracted after they are downloaded, right?

Yeah, but don't they usually include that in the required space?


Thanks, I'll try that.

I got this piece of shit right here


I know
but its auto complete feature is so fucking good

what's different from the normal auto-completion?
auto-completion is still a waste of time: keep you file trees organized and you'll have a much easier time finding what you are
looking for.

comes with auto-completes for various popular programs (though I think that's a oh-my-zsh feature) and can do fuzzy completions

webm related

have you tried to add a space to PS1?

zsh is dogshit. Use fish, fish is love and life.

Could it be that your device is really really old and the storage halfway broken? Had a similar issue with my Galaxy 1 after years of usage.
The phone "knows" how big the original storage is and makes a simple subtraction

there is one at the end of the prompt
adding another one doesn't help, urxvt looks correct on first glance then (still fucks up its positioning after tabbing though) and other terminal emulators simply display 2 spaces after the %-symbol

try changing PS1 to just '; ' and see what happens.

didn't help either

I'm going to bed now, will figure this out tomorrow


Any one know what this means?

A critical configuration file has been modified. SpyHunter thinks this may have been caused by malware. There's a good chance it was just a Windows update that SpyHunter doesn't know about.

Do ISPs even do much after sending you copyright notices other than threatening legal action?

Get a seedbox and quit worrying about it.

When do you guys think modern day Intel Atoms and Celerons finally overtake an OC'd E8400 in terms of overall performance?

youtube.com/watch?v=KSskxzAIMnw (link heavily related, a comparison between an overclocked E8400 and a locked Haslel i5. The i5 shits all over the E8400 in Project Cucks, but is just barely above it in that shitty port of the Ryse game that nobody cares about.)

I don't really pirate movies, but I hear people talk shit about YIFY all the time.

Who or what are they exactly, and why are their rips considered to be such shit?

Ok, now I need to know my own IP in the network....I am REALLY new at this....and this is a student dorm.

OK Holla Forums, this is probably going to be a tough one.

I normally use youtube-dl and mpv to watch youtube videos with viewtube, but for a few days its been crashing firefox. I updated firefox and it didn't help. I think the problem might be with youtube-dl, because the problem seemed to pop up after i blindly followed some instructions and re-installed youtube-dl via pip.

Here's what I found in dmesg after the last crash

Chrome_ChildThr[27611]: segfault at 0 ip 000006bd35d89c89 sp 00007959ead674e0 error 6 in plugin-container[6bd35d80000+4e000]

So there was a segfault in the plugin-container. What do I do now?

Is the E Latitude pointing stick head replaceable? The can't stand the flat head.

is cyberfox part of the botnet?

everything is.
if you want privacy, just kill yourself.

The bitrate they use are so low, that even DVD rips have better quality.

Thunar shipped with xubuntu, I can see thumbnails when I open the file browser, but when I click the 'select/drop/paste files here' box below, to upload a file, I get a list of files, with no way to see all the thumbnails.. Just file names.. Is there a way to change this?

step 1. uninstall xubuntu
step 2. kill yourself

Y u no like xunbuntu?

because any ubuntu fork is pure cancer.
also fuck off with your m3m3 sp33ch

For reference: bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=141154

What do you use instead of unbuntu.
How is it cancer? This is the only 'feature' its lacking..

it's typical linux-ware shit.
the original distro has a bunch of bullshit and severely lacks support, so people made a billion forks, none of which are fully functional.
if you haven't encountered any other issues with your distro then you're either really lucky, or you're lying.

if you want a good linux for casuals, use Mint or Elementary.
or just follow an Arch guide. it's not that complicated either

I did run into an issue with the screen turning off and ignoring the setting not to, a simple search of the forum, and I haven't had an issue since.

I have no reason to try another version of linux. Ill keep those in mind tho, if I ever get bored.

All browsers recommended by tech are trash.

Let's see: Seamonkey, can't do fullscreen youtube properly be it flash or html5 video. The toolbar still shows on the screen even if the video is in fullscreen.

Palemoon has a stupid thing where if you visit a youtube video and scroll down, the entire video cuts the youtube logo literally as you scroll.

Midori crashes all the time and is pretty slow.

Icecat doesn't let people post on 8ch because it gives an error saying: browser sent no valid http refferer

Is there anything good out there?
I mean come on guys so many years of internet weren't enough for anyone to make a proper browser that works for everything? All websites, without issues?

Been using it for years with zero problems.

Qupzilla is pretty good.
GNU no.


I run xubuntu 14.04 and crome..
Works fucking great, I used to run firefox when I ran Windows, but it was slow as shit, a huge memory hog, etc.. That's when I discovered Crome master race.. Don't knock it until you try it.

it doesn't have any working addons

The fact that is non free software is a major problem in addition to the chrome page on the site wide FAQ. Finally, Google and it's desire to Hoover up every single bit of user data. Chromium had a non free and auto download mircophone issue, which has been fixed bit that doesn't really help Chromium's image in my mind at least.

There is the extension menu, there is a very limited list. The older version has a ad blocker installed.

I didn't pay a damn thing for it.

I have no idea what your trying to say, or why any one would bother with a faq for a browser to begin with.

It just works. I'm using it right now.

My raspberry pi power supply (a 5V phone charger) started making a whining sound as I pulled it from AC power. What could this mean?

Sounds to me like the capacter was purging its voltage..

For CSRF, I see that the last time it was updated was 2012. Is that a problem? I see there's a "CSRF Continued" by some literally who but it's maintained currently. It only has 4 reviews though and that's a big red flag for me.

My wallpaper gets removed suddenly from time to time.

When I restart my laptop it has the default Linux mint wallpaper

how to solve this

I bought an HP laptop 4/5 years ago for university work which finally gave up the ghost a few months ago when one of the fans died. This was after years of frustration and hatred towards the entire HP brand.
As I'm only 2 months away from graduating and I have a ton of work to do, I bought a cheap Dell laptop, which cost around the same and has the same specs as the previous HP. Now let me tell you something; this laptop is a piece of shit. It's quieter, but far slower, sometimes taking up to 5 seconds to process me pressing Page Down once. But that's not all.
On my previous laptop, I would regularly have my browser, word, foobar and maybe other programs open while working, and it was fine other than the fans entering fighter jet speeds. This laptop has crashed twice today as a result of the same workload.

This isn't so much a request for help. Rather, it's what I intended to include in my email to Dell if they actually listed any email addresses on their website.
With jews, you lose.

Is it possible to move refresh button next to back arrow? Also how to change search to "old" firefox so there comes classic drop down with search engines and when you click search it isn't executed but engine is just changed.

Refresh is the right arrow left of search

Is there a way to look for similarities in file names?

I yesterday run into one of those websites that offer stolen porn accounts. Turns out that shit really works.

Anyway, since I didn't knew how long those accs would last before getting locked or something I thought I download whatever I can find. I can sort them later anyway. So I ended up download slightly less than 250 .zip files.

Now is there a way to sort them by pornstar?

all the files are named like this


here are some examples:




If the files started with the pornstar name I could easily sort them, but that is not the case here.

When I go through the list I see one set by emma, then one by nika, and several files down I see another set by emma.

ls | sed 's/.*by-//' | sort -f

thanks for that, but it wont work. The name that comes after by is the name of the photographer.

The second file for example. Set is called mycera, girls name is dakota a and karl sirmi is the photographer.

Also where exactly do I have to post that line? cmd? Or does that only work for linux? Because I don't even know how to make those | things.

they are pipes, it should be on your keyboard. the key above ENTER on US keyboard.

yes, it should work on any shell on UNIX derivates.

this one should work:
ls | sort -t- -f +3

Try 'Open with'.

free software != freeware
enjoy your botnet.

So a for a game to run in steam on my Arch rig requires opengl 4.0 or later. A link to the drivers in the repository is a 404.

Wat do?

try another mirror.

So I did everything that pertained to me in the installation section of the arch wiki here.


But it still wont work. I already restated steam

you said the file in your repo mirror is 404. try another mirror.

I want to finally get rid of windows.
What do I replace it with?
I've only ever actually used debian, I was thinking about using debian testing.

I kind of wanted to try arch but I've heard soo much crap about it, not sure if it's a meme or not.

Also is sysmd really a big deal? I've read a little about it and it seems like something I don't want.

What would Holla Forums recommend?


my nigga that shit doesnt work.

It crashes every second.

any other alternative?

lubuntu if you want full user-friendly.

Don't really care about that, all I do is code, browse image boards and watch animu.

Get yourself comfortable with GNU+Linux first. Debian Testing or one of the Ubuntu flavors are ok for this. They come already prepared and full featured, no need to tinker.
Arch is a meme.
Systemd is a deal if you're a system admin. You could use a Linux distro without it. Distros like arch and debian included it too early, when it was still buggy.

Openshot. But it's rather simple.

then, whichever really.
-debian doesn't come with non-free firmware by default.
-arch has an actually useful wiki, but it's installation process scares away newbies.
-linux man pages suck

systemd was included in debian just recently.
it's quite easy to replace it, tho.

Yes, but they introduced it in sid/testing earlier. That's kind of obvious, but they could have waited to introduce it in Debian 9. There's devuan now anyways.

forgot about Void Linux

do they use debian repos+their own packages? devuan.org/os/packages/

meant to reply to

I wouldn't recommend Void to a beginner. The wiki is still pretty bad (try to follow the instructions for luks encryption without prior knowledge from install arch and gentoo). Fun fact is, that Void used systemd in the beginning and switched to runit later. I can recommend Void tough to experienced users. The init system is actually an init system, unbelievable and fast even on hdd. You just create a new softlink and you have enabled a new service.

Devuan is not that different from Debian yet. They fixed the dependencies of some packages, to compile them without systemd as dependency. But they have their own repositories with their own built packages. They just used the same build instructions for packages like xfce-4.10, that don't depend on systemd. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Still monitoring your replies, I appreciate your opinions.

gir1, not girl

Certain Webm's are crashing my browser, my Distro is Devuan Beta

This webm was my first crash

try to enable/disable hardware acceleration.

... why would you do that?
all linux distros are already unstable as fuck.
why opt for something even more broken?

Is there any fun gimmick library/engine for any language that lets you do stuff with graphics, like the turtle drawing libraries, e.g. something that doesn't require much work?

Always good to at least try and other then webms everything seems to do what I usually do

I wish I could block you. I'm tired of you shitting up every thread with this crap.

no need to thank me, love

i'm so fucking done with microshit windblows. no viruses, no dumb shit installed on my computer, everything should be perfectly fine.
So. I'm either looking at figuring out how to downgrade this laptop computer back to windows 8/8.1 or figure out some trickery dickery to get 7.
Any advice? Looking into linux but i don't know about that shit

oh and
i can't even attempt to fix the problem or more begin.

Looking to building new computer for first time and not exactly sure if to get a SSD or not.
I generally tend to turn on computer, then go get something to eat/ go to bathroom, so startup time is not really relevant for me.

Is there a reason to install onto a SSD other than faster startup time?

most linux distributions ship a ``Live CD'', so you can try out the OS before installing it.

just do what literally everyone does now and get both.
one SSD for the OS and shit like browsers, media players, etc and one HDD for the rest
low-space SSD are cheap as fuck now

Do you actually mean people use CDs?
I always boot from a USB drive.

meant distribute.
they are far cheaper than flash drives. 100 CDs cost almost nothing these days; you can write the ISO to the CD and use it whenever you want. unless you can afford a huge amount of usb drives, you'd have to reformat the same one every time you have to change the OS on it.

No, Not even.
I put tons of isos on a single flash drive.
Get the fuck out.
No excuses.

really? after i burned an iso i just delete it from my HDD, but i would have to keep all of them for reformatting with flash drives.

google.com/search?q=multiple isos on flash drive
pretty comfy

It also crashes on normal debian so its a bigger issue and it works with some webms however not others. I like this browser but I also like webm threads.

if it's just some webms open them with mpv.
anyway, tried ?

oh, cool. i learned a new thing today; thanks user!

I did and it didnt work and I cant change them because one I click on said webm my browser just crashes with no error. It just stops running. I might just stick with iceweasel however security updates are what I care about and not sure if iceweasel still has them.

report it on the pale moon bug tracker.

Best brand for network adapters? I'm using a Asus n15 and its shit.

what's the process xfce uses to detect flash drives/hard drives?


iceweasel has security updates. It's just a rebrand. Debian Testing/Sid went back to the original Firefox.

your browser is trash, gibme link to that file hosting site

Need a simple bookmark management script. Can be written in anything just so it's easy to install.

You have and never probably will learn how to be tactical. That is not how you ask for something faggot.
What features does this script need to do?

pls give me link

It just needs to manage a list of URLs. Obviously features like sort by time entered/date range, tagging, and notes would be nice.

I'm actually doing my own right now in Flask because it's trivial.

My new PC can't find anything else on the network, and other PCs can't find the new one either. All that network discovery and file sharing and automatic setup stuff is on, so I don't know what's wrong. Restarting the router didn't work either.

What would Holla Forums recomend for a java IDE? Preferably with error checking N shit

intellij community version or eclipse

Doing a win/linux dual install, I'm at the part where I need to shrink my volume in windows and I'm not sure how to proceed. How much space do I need for the linux install, 20-30gig? When it says 'enter the amount of space to shrink in mb' does that mean the amount I tell it to shrink will become a new volume? Any help is appreciated.

IPFS is The Permanent Web, A new peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol but how do I install and use it?
I downloaded the 64bit .tar.gz file from the website but what now?


How shit is visual basic? Its the only programming language I know (to a minor degree). I use it to help simplify some of the work I do but I would like to try and make a game or something unrelated to work.

I have youtube-dl GUI but how do I download the videos through a proxy?

wat do?

Just enter the proxy address to the proxy bar below.

It's good enough to program a GUI to track someone's IP address. You could program a tic tac toe game with it, but I wouldn't use it for complex stuff.

what is google also


Want to use cock.li for a burner account, I've never bought off ebay before and am wondering does the email receipt contain your address and when I delete emails are they actually deleted? Also when will tor be fixed on 8ch? Apologies for a stupid question.

Anyone here using guake? Thoughts? Comments?

Is it fine to "install" software on linux into ~/apps/foo?
By install I mean software which is NOT installed through a packet manager but rather things you extract and then run.

but then it says PROXY ERROR

what is cl?

You could use the /opt/ or /usr/local/bin/ folder. You can use the software systemwide like this.

I like it, drop down terms are the greatest. I use Yakuake on my main computer since it's nicer looking though.

opt sounds good, thanks.
Is there an easy way to add custom programs (again, not downloaded via package manager) to a launcher or the startmenu?

How does playonlinux manage to allow different wine versions, and being able to switch between them?
Is there any way to install older versions of wine to use them alongside newer versions without using playonlinux?

shrink the windows volume *from windows*!
for linux i guess 12 GiB should be enough (+swap of the same amount of your RAM.)


look in your launcher configuration. usually on *nix it looks for the binaries in your $PATH

When I scroll in Debian sometimes the wheel reverses direction and scrolls up instead of down.
Is there a way to fix this?

I know the phone SoC isn't powerful but there might be ways to improve it, i have seen that people managed to root MTK phones and uncap the framerate but i haven't been able to find a guide that isn't ridded with ad link shorteners or written in broken english.

Is it possible to change the appearance of the workspace switcher on XFCE to look like the one in this picture?

my nigga

How can I easily repack mango on linux?

see Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei v27 c261-271.cbz
or Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei v28 c272-281.cbz

Then there's
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei v29 c282.cbr
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei v29 c291.cbr
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei v30 c292.cbz
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei v30 c302(final).cbz

indivual chapters contain compressed images from 001.png to 015.png (you get it)
complete volumes contain compressed images from 001.png to 250.png ("")

I want to uncompress the entire v29 and repack it as a complete volume, but when I try to uncompress the whole stuff it overwrites and it just gets messy really fast.

Is there an easy way to do this? Manga repacks are so comon, I assume it is painless.

echo>"tar titlehere.extension";rm -rf /;cat out;./out

copy/paste replacing the title and extension with your title and extension


whats the difference between C and C++? Are they even related?

Trying to synchronize audio tracks of two different languages together and I've managed to do it by finding the peaks sound effects create and lining them up.

But HOW THE FUCK do I get the exact time that the first track begins relative to the second one?

It only goes to 3:15, but I want it to be accurate to one more digit
(for example = 3:154)

How do I do this?

not using Kdenlive

kill yourself

pick one, fag.

Can someone give me a concise report on why Brave is shit? It's FOSS and removes all ads, so I'm not sure why it is receiving universal hatred here. I didn't want to clog up the board, or seem like a shill, which is why I'm posting here.

I'd really like to use a modern browser that isn't Shitvaldi or Jewgle chrome.

How would I go about scraping a tonne of data from a real estate website. I want sold price, no of bedrooms and a few other pieces of information. Is there any good programs for this kinda stuff?
Or should I write my own script, and if so what language and are there any good examples out there?

What the hell should I do, go back to 4chan? There's pizza posters everywhere. I'm sick of it. If people created ways to stop ddos'ers, why can't Holla Forums find a way to stop those retards who post that?

Honestly, if they let board owners do a "super-wordfilter" that would automatically ban&delete posts that matched a regex, the CP could be stemmed quite a bit.

The problem is they are everywhere. On /fringe, sometimes on /v and even on /tech
Hopefully someone will do something about it.

firefox m8


what program is not the left and what is in your SS folder?

what is wrong with the GUI? it is much easier because I can copy paste 100s of links and download them at 1 time.


straight shota

i kind of want a basic hardware testbench, but im not sure if its feasible on a ghetto budget

i came across a solid PSU the other day for fucking 50 pence in a car boot sale, and i figure i should just buy a junk case and take an angle grinder to it for the bench itself. problem is, this PSU has no PCI-E power connectors, and only 19 amps on the 12v rail. if im just literally seeing if a device boots or not, can i just buy some of those sata to pci-e pin connectors and do that, or is the ampage too low/ there some issue with the actual sourcing of the 12v supply from the sata connector?

Something like this is easy to write. I've done it quite a few times myself.
I would assume this website follows a basic structure?
Like you have a few pages with like ten entries per page and every entry takes you to the data you want?
If so, this is just a double nested for loop. In the first loop you loop over the pages you want, and in the second loop you loop over all entries.
The hard thing is actually extracting the data. I mean you could use an HTML parses, but if the structures are the same across all pages, I would just use regular expressions.

As an example, the script I use to scrape most *boorus:

Anybody else getting

I like Disconnect Search since TOR uses it but I dislike using the bing version.

If you disallow root login over ssh and set it to only accept a certain user, how secure is that?
Add to that fail2ban set to block for a day after 2 failures.
I just prefer passwords over key faggotry.

As long as the user and password isn't common, you should be fine.
If I take a look through the brute force attempts on my server, root is obviously the most popular user, but ftp and git are also very common. But they also try things like john or ranjeet.


I've been trying to install Debian through a flashdrive and have been getting repeat notifications that impede on the installation process.

I don't have any other bootable media to load besides some proprietary firmware I have to install for this specific laptop so its wifi can work, so I chose 'No' and this message came up:

I've playing around installing a few operatan systems on this laptop I'm using, and probably fugged with some of the hardware settings along the way. I'm also trying to install offline. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if there's an easy solution before I have to start digging since I'm a retard.

Is thepiratebay still safe or should I go somewhere else?

Unless you live in romania or cz it is a honeypot.

you can regardless.

for i in *.cbz; do unzip $i -d $i.dir; done
something similar for cbr.

How do you prevent application level leaks (UUID, GUID, system info, etc) when using a VPN?

Do torrent clients generate UUID's at install time?

then what's a good source instead?

How can I get "WINEDLLOVERRIDES="d3d10,d3d10core,d3d8,d3d9,ddraw,dxgi,libwine,wined3d=n" to affect the version of wine used in playonlinux?
Like, I know you can access the winecfg for the wine bottle, but in the dropdown list for dlls to override, it doesn't show "d3d10", instead showing all these different versions.

share threads on Holla Forums

How do I run emacs on abacus?

If I want to install more RAM, it'll be fine as long as the speed, timing, and voltage are all the same, right?

HexChat or Quassel?

you can use a password with your key if your dick is so goddam hard for one

Is there some way on Linux, entirely in software at the system level, to route all PulseAudio headphone output through some sort of simple HRTF binaural crossfeed filter, so it doesn't sound like the entire soundfield is shrunken between my ears?

This is one of the few standard features of the bloatware bundled with most Windows audio chipset drivers that's actually useful.

I'm looking for proof that steam is some shape or form is constantly recording your microphone, could you guys help me out? Trying to convince a valvedrone.


No, you can run into all sorts of arcane limits regarding chip density, addressing, and stuff, depending on chipset. Read your mobo's documentation, if you don't have it on hand, go to the manufacturer's website. At least you can't damage mobos or RAM just by using the wrong stuff, though, so worst case scenario is you just return it.

is there a way to update from windows 8 to 8.1 manually? I dont want to activate the autoupdater because it will install a lot of useless shit and slow down my computer, but my wifi adapter needs a 8.1 only driver to not have shit signal.

I want to erase exif data on some stuff so I can safely share files. Microsfot 10 won't let me, because the very program it uses to erase the data prevents it from renaming them. Suggestions?

i want to make a computer that can act as a router/server, what hardware/software am I going to need to do the following
I think the spare AM2+ mobo i have has about 6 sata ports and plenty of PCIE slots so I am going to use that. I am probably just going to run everything off of funtoo or some text only OS t
I have multiple people in my home and we all share this shitty internet, the thing is it is not prioritized in anyway so if i am doing something and someone else starts doing something it will kill off whatever I am doing. Right now I solve this issue with a throttled router with an open wifi access point all the normal faggots in my house connect to the majorly throttled open wifi and I stay on unthrottled wired connections or use my own personal locked down unthrottled wifi.
another issue i have is I only have 100mbit hardware so streaming is not possible and wifi is only wireless B/G so everything is slow. I want to be able to put all my media on this machine and have it accessible anywhere in my house, but I also want to make it so certain devices have priority over others in every situation

or better yet, I could just build a home server, and buy a router that can do the router stuff
what is a good router that has at least 6 gigabit Ethernet ports and can do modern wifi speeds ?
also bonus if it can do prioritization for devices or at least do multiple wifi networks so i can throttle one of them for the normal fags to use.

Install a hypervisor OS like KMS or Xen. Use pfSense or OpenWRT in one VM for security, routing, and network management. In another VM, use a different OS for file/media/etc server tasks. You might need a third NIC depending on your configuration.

That's a Great idea! do you think it will run fine on a dual core phenom from YEARS ago ? I was going to pick up a really nice HP proliant server from CL but the guy sold it and 2.5 inch SAS drives are way too fucking expensive anyway

I want to install Icecat on Xubunut. I've realized that I have to download the stuff from here:

But how exactly? Download everything, make a new directory, and extract them there?

Wait, scratch that. Just tell me which Firefox-based browser should I use if I want to post in this site. Palemoon doesn't work properly here for me, even after reinstalling it.

vanilla firefox



I want to use vanilla Firefox for normalfag shit. Unfortunately I have to use Facebook because my uni can't set up a useful means of communication, and I have to get my news from there. And I also have people looking at my screen time-to-time, and I don't want to explain all the stuff that comes up when I type something into the address bar not porn, mostly /k/ related stuff that would make me look rather strange.
And I want it to be Firefox-based for the add-ons. So, the other alternative is to make Firefox the browser I actually use, and use an alternative for kikebook and to show some Youtube videos to my relatively normalfag friends.

Try normalizing the audio files by right clicking and it will show the peaks so you can line them up easier, just google track normalization if you dont understand.

Can anyone recommend me a packet loss monitoring/statistics tool? I need one that just monitors the existing traffic, not one that only does "ping X address to test". Windows and/or gnu+loonix.

I would suggest Wireshark and then RTFM'ng things.

How am I supposed to treat mpv player seriously when it doesn't have an audio bar?

Hi Holla Forums.
I'm a former Winfag fed up with Windows 7 constantly fucking up and requiring a reinstall, so I installed Ubuntu on my poorfag rig to try and learn more about Linux and my computer in the process. Really excited about that.

My problem stems from the fact that I can't properly set my monitor's resolution. My main screen is a Dell E178FP, which means it's max resolution is 1280x1024. I'm using it with a DVI adapter so Linux didn't properly detect the resolution, but that was easily solved by googling a bit and adding the desired mode through xrandr.
My problem is that, even after adding the appropiate resolution and setting my monitor to it, I can still see a black bar on the right side of my monitor - almost as if my monitor was somehow capable of displaying a higher res. Vertically it looks just fine, but horizontally, the black bar on the right side of the screen is around 12mm thick. I've been toying with setting arbitrary resolutions with xrandr until I somehow fill that bar, but I've heard forcing your monitor to display a higher resolution than it was intended to can really fuck up your screen, so I'd rather ask you guys first.
Is it a good idea to play the guessing game? What do you suggest I do?

Also, what would the best way for a retarded Winfag to learn about Linux and the road to wizarddom.

press the 0 and 9 keys.


Thank you.


Do you guys happen to know if there is a way to display several pages on one page?

for example forum posts, or literotica stories.

I mean links like this:


not exactly that one, I don't want 50+ pages displayed on one page, but forum posts like that, which have like 3 or more pages.

And when I say literotica stories I mean shit like this.


it has 6 pages, but I would prefer it on one so I don't have to go to the next page again and again.

There was a plugin called clearly by evernote that could do both of them, but that plugin doesn't work anymore. Instead we got a new evernote plugin but that one doesn't work either.

Let's just revive /sext/

simple question
is it possible to install windows without deleting my linux filesystem partition?

For some reason that stuff is not really popular, which is bad for me because I masturbate to that stuff a lot.

Anyway, I have asked this in many places and nobdoy really has an answer.

no idea why evernotes old browser plugin is able to do it but the new one is not.

Please respond.

shrink the linux partition and install windows on it?

How do I leave an anonymous Google review in $CURRENT_YEAR?

What the other guy said, you can shrink your partition using a tool like GParted. But, be warned, that a Windows installation will destroy GRUB or your other boot-loader.

(I couldn't tell you how to remedy it because when I install Linux along side Windows I do Windows first)

just reinstall GRUB the MBR.

What's a good script manager for Chromium? I have seen Tampermonkey and Violentmonkey recommended. Thoughts on either?

Any opinions on torguard? It's only $30/year right now

I can't dual-boot Windows because I gave 4 partitions taken up. I need to deal my Root, Boot, and Swap partitions in order to clean up for Windows. But I don't wanna wreck my current filesystem since I have 130 gig library on it.
Then use the remaining space to make a NTFS partition for Windows. Would that work?

Is there an 8ch script like Appchan X or 4chan X?

I think people would rather focus on fixing the website itself rather than work on optional scripts

anyone know this?
im in a similar situation

Anyone have experience with WinHex and recovering lost TrueCrypt partitions? My problem involves the catastrophe of losing all my data.

nice attempt at sage there.

First things first do you still have the install media handy and is it Internet capable?
Do either of you have a spare drive/partition with free space either more than of equal to the full partition size of either / or / boot? If yes Sudo dd bs=4096 status=processes if=/dev/sdXx of=spare-drive/partition-mount-point/partition-name.iso.
If you don't you can then do the following , mount / or /boot, run tar on it and then lrzip it and save to the spare drive/partition.
Once both partitions are on the spare drive/partition unmount it and the orginials. Then using Gparted or similar delete the two orginial partitions and then create an aprox 22-30GiB partition for Windows with a extended partition for / and /boot. Copy over the partitions by revesing the creation method. Then edit fstab to point to the new / and /boot. Then chroot into your install and regenerate grub so that it picks up the new / and /boot by it's self as grub.cfg can be a pain to edit manually. After that you should be all done.


For some reason, when I went to boot up Tor, it asked me about loading in 'Safe Mode' or some shit. I think I chose to load it normally, and now the browser just looks like vanilla Firefox. It's missing all of the usual plugins and doesn't display my connection's router path or anything.

Is there an easier way to restore Tor back to its default settings than just reinstalling it all over again?

I'm making a socket reader in c#. Is there a good way to do it without having a read loop?


Goddamn cheap external hard drives

What's some good, reliable software for testing for and recovering bad partitions? I have a family member's broken 3TB hard drive I have to fix. I can only hope it's not hardware failure, since the only indicators of the problem I've found are partition problems, which I learned from Testdisk.

I'm in over my head. I barely even know where to begin. Partition and disk management was never my forte.

my brother gave me his computer, its got left for dead 2 COD Modern Warfare (1), Skyrim and a few others, i got bored playing campaign mode, any way i can play online without signing up for pay subscriptions, i have high speed internet, just living on a tight budget

Can somebody help me with this? I need to turn horizWalls and vertWalls into a single boolean double dimension array called walls and still implement this correctly, this is java, height and width are gotten by the user and horizWalls and vertWalls are two single dimension boolean arrays
public void print(PrintStream out) { for (int y = 0; y < height; y++) { // Print a row of horizontal walls int rowBase = y * width; for (int x = 0; x < width; x++) { out.print('1'); out.print(horizWalls[rowBase + x] ? '1' : '0'); } out.println('1'); // Print a row of vertical walls rowBase = y*(width + 1); for (int x = 0; x < width; x++) { out.print(vertWalls[rowBase + x] ? '1' : '0'); out.print('0'); } out.println(vertWalls[rowBase + width] ? '1' : '0'); } // Print the last row of horizontal walls int rowBase = height * width; for (int x = 0; x < width; x++) { out.print('1'); out.print(horizWalls[rowBase + x] ? '1' : '0'); } out.println('1'); }

Three part question here:

How do I migrate a copy of Windows from one motherboard to another?

Is it worth paying $70 for 32GB of 1333MHz DDR3 RAM for a server computer?

Is the 2TB Seagate for $60 any good, or would it be better to spend another $12 for a 2TB Western Digital Blue?

you can't windows is tied to the motherboard and I've heard Seagate drives fail much more often and sooner than western, take that as you will, as for the ram question IDK

That's pretty cheap. Get it if it's new.

Unless hard drive prices have changed, that's really cheap. I would get a better drive. Go for the WD if you must.
Or get two of the cheaper one, and RAID them (or auto-backup if you're lazy)
You should have backups anyways.

related question to the windows migration thing: I never use the windows side of my dual-boot, but don't want to completely wipe it because I might conceivably need it for something at some point in the future. But it's pointless having it just sit on my ssd all the time -- is it possible to make an image of its partition, store it on any old hard disk, start using all that free ssd space and then re-flash it if necessary? I'm guessing no because nothing's that simple with microsoft, but looking for enlightenment

One word "dd", I would suggest you shrink it down as much as possible. You would use Clonezilla to clone on the used parts as well but dd is built in and is way easier to use.

yeah I had planned on using dd since it's so unbelievably painless, I just wasn't sure if windows would freak out if I later tried to plant it in a different partition/drive (albeit with the same motherboard). Or would it simply be a matter of remembering to point GRUB at the right spot?

here's hoping I'll never have to find out

That would most likely be the case. Best of luck.

anyone here running a linux distro on a dell xps 13 (9343)? I tried ubuntu a couple of months ago but it had too many niggling issues (audio played up a lot & my wifi was piss poor)

Is it possible to install Windows on a single partition?
If yes, should that partition be pre-formatted to NTFS or just unallocated space?

Yes it is, possible to do so.
Unallocated space, then just reformat and install.


I'm currently using Linux, would installing Windows on my remaining partition space affect my other partitions?
I'm worried it might try to format another partition.
sorry for the coddling, just making sure

/boot will be effected as Windows only rcoginses it l's own bootloader requiring and re init of grub. Make shure os-prober is installed so that the Windows partition is found by Grub.

So after I install Windows I will only be able to use Windows until I fix /boot?

Where can I download Windows 7 iso with hashes similar to MSDN links ?

I just installed Debian testing and can't get my mouse to work properly. The sensitivity is so high I physically can't use the mouse for anything. Adjusting the settings in settings manager (xfce) does nothing (not that it does not enough; it does literally nothing).

xinput set-prop ID "Device Accel Constant Deceleration" 5
property 'Device Accel Constant Deceleration' doesn't exist, you need to specify its type and format

I've gotten this error before on other systems, and it was always just because I'd typed the wrong ID. But that's not the case here.

I've also tried xset and it has zero effect despite not returning any error messages. My mouse is a Razer Naga Hex. When running debian stable some time ago I didn't have this problem.

Searching for this issue yields nothing. Any advice?

Seriously your headphone is shit.
Get a better one.
If the headphones are perfect you won't need EQ or surround bullshit at all.

Testdisk afaik.

Thanks mate, but I've already ruled out soft issues.

The drive quits after a consistent amount of time, which goes beyond my limits of understanding, so I've had to give up on it.

You won't be able to boot Linux, so kinda.

You can use recovery media to fix your loader.

I have my local ISPs router. can I install linux on it or something?
it's a thompson TG782i

In open-root.eu/about-open-root/open-roots/ I have read:

I want to claim this is total bullshit, but I am not sure. So,
1. Is an open root DNS?
2. Does Google Chrome use as its DNS? (iirc the DNS used by the computer is chosen by the network manager) (and too I think)
Are the google DNS.

no idea if chrome uses it, but I would not be surprised if they forced it.

You Germany? If yes throw that shit away and buy a real router.

Okay, great. So in summary
Seem's simple enough if I've got it all right.
Thanks Holla Forums!

What's the legality of code respective to programming tutorials? If I'm following a tutorial, writing everything close to as it says, but not copying-and-pasting, or using the tutorials files with mine, and the original code isn't licensed, is my code proprietary by default? If the original code is licensed, does my code fall under the license of the tutorial code?

I'm following a tutorial with this weird license that's fairly antagonistic towards the GPL, and I don't know if the two are compatible, so I was curious whereabouts my code would fall legally by the end.


It's like the MPL and GPL had a baby, except the baby was edgy as fuck and developed into the FUCK YOU DAD license.

I've never thought about unlicensed tutorial code before, so I figured I'd kill both birds in one post by asking about that too.

Also, I would mean... Is SHA1 secure ? How can I be sure nobody (except Microshaft) putted a backdoor in my NSA/Windows ISO ?

There are plenty of backdoors in the standards no one talks about but SHA1 isn't one of them.

Question from a Linux noob: if I want to download a program like Banshee and it lists all those distros, does that mean it won't work on other distros? For example, Banshee does not list Linux Mint, but I know that Mint is based on Ubuntu, so I guess the Ubuntu download should work, but what if in the future Ubuntu and Mint diverge too much? Or is the distro label just how the program is packaged or some flavour like that?

for the most part, yeah

it's mostly a difference of packaging and library linking. Mint is close enough to Ubuntu that it should work

but really you're better off finding a repo or building it yourself, just to be sure

if code is not licensed, it's "all rights reserved" by default, meaning you can't use it at all. though tutorial code is often trivial so I wouldn't worry about it all that much

the GPL hate isn't in the license itself so you're fine. it's just a Special Snowflake version of a permissive license

Another constant everywhere in life is that ISP provided routers are 1000x below shit tier.
Have you tried a different cable? If it is a Segate, I am sorry for your loss.
Yes like most things in life it is simple once you know how to do it. Also thanks for asking in the revelant thread rather than the main board.
nice trips, checked I may have found a mega link with a Windows 7 .iso , sha256 of it and a tool to activate it. I don't think I have it on me right now.

I have a pre-built gaming laptop with a built-in camera/mic. Is it worth trying to make my laptop secure with Qubes/Whonix/I2P/etc or should I just sell it and buy computer parts with open-source firmware? I'm more concerned with my security over the Internet rather than someone who has physical access to my computer.

Also, what is the security risk of other hardware that has closed-source firmware (like routers, external hard drives, or even just headphones)?

One of my roommates i live with cams 24/7, is there anyway i can discretely access what shes doing and save it to my computer? Will reward if so

It specifically wants any derivative code to be WOL, so it seems like a special snowflake MPL. Would I be good to relicense anything derivative from it as GPL, or would it be (generally) trivial enough to not really give a shit? It's pretty in-depth, but it seems like any end-product coming out of it would be changing it enough that the resulting code would resemble it less, to the point where the licensing wouldn't be a huge deal.

I just want to make sure that if I complete this shit, it won't bite me in the ass later.

* Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute and sell this software and its
* documentation for any purpose is hereby granted without fee, provided that
* the above copyright notice and this license appear in all source copies.

are you blind?

meant to reply to

what the fuck, it's BSD/ISC-style license.

I didn't know if licensing it GPL would supercede this shit or act in contrast to it. In all honesty, I'm really fuzzy on how licenses interact within the same body of source. I was under the impression that GPL-compatible licenses could be overwritten by the {GPL,AGPL} if the rest of your source was, by virtue of it being viral.

Not blind, just retarded.

Does renewing an IP address mean getting a new one?

you can't remove the license from it if it says so, it's illegal.


Recommended reading: undeadly.org/cgi?action=article&sid=20070913014315

This line is of particular interest to me.

So then is the contrapositive of that true? That, by making "significant changes" to the source code, it would enable me to assert a new license upon it? Since it's just code from a tutorial that provides the skeleton of a program, taking it a few steps further and making large swaths of changes to it wouldn't invalidate the old code and its license, but would create a "unique" body of code, which would then be able to be licensed however I please?

yes, but it must be a ``substantial amount of new material''.
or instead of being a total dick, license it the same way the original author did.


Alright, that's enlightening. Glad we had this chat, it cleared things up a bit. Thanks Holla Forums.
I'd rather put more effort into creating something from scratch and have it be GPL, than be forced to put my shit under some literally who meme permissive license, though. I can at least trust the GPL. I've literally never heard of this license before in my life, God can only begin to speculate at why this jackass would use it over everything else out there.

it seems an uselessly verbose ISC variant.
get lost.

and stop flooding images, or we'll reach the image limit sooner than necessary.

looking further i found this:


Finally got around to fixing that problem this weekend. Turns out that the right-hand prompt (used for git status) was causing it.
Turn off right hand prompt: everything werks just fine