Holla Forums Let's make a FOSS version of

Holla Forums Let's make a FOSS version of
Yik Yak, it's popular amongst youngsters and would be a good way to get them using Free and Open source software, and to value digital privacy and freedom.

We could base it off TOX, all we'd need to do is create a app that integrates with TOX and would connect you to a group chat with other nearby users of the app.

Whose in?

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It doesn't matter that they use free software. What matters is that they do it knowingly and by choice.

So our creation can also be used to persecute users because they hold unpopular viewpoints.
How about no.
It's not the implementation that's wrong, it's the concept.

What you say is true, but the point is that by growing up using FOSS they'll learn to value it.

And besides one of the big selling points is that it's more free and private than Yik Yak, which although preaches itself as such is not in the least.

ANY location based anything is a bad idea.

And how exactly is that supposed to happen? Have a reread over the OP, you've jumped to conclusions.

Therefore, location based.
That can be used to triangulate the location of specific people, and therefore determine their identity.

There location is already compromised by the mere fact there using a smartphone, at least this way some of there communications whould be secure.

If I can deduce things like:

Sorry nigga, that's just that.

That information wouldn't be avaible to the users or devs, but furthermore the Geo locating dosent need to be that actuate, all it needs to do is tell people are in the same town.

See my post:

But it's trivial to offset the location with random numbers.


WAS popular. It's bleeding users.

Source? Also if so great, we can maybe pick some of them up, they're probably fed up with Yik Yaks censorship.

i remember having the same obnoxious hecklers when TOX was first being made, some anons have nothing better to do than to shoot down anybody who actually dares accomplish something.

Didn't they do a bunch to deanonymize people and "stop harassment"? Anonymity is key.

To elaborate this whoud mean entire local communities could speak freely with each other, all out of under the eyes of big bro. And it whould bring a lot of Normie's in to the fold of FOOS as well.

Yep, Yic Yaks time is about up, time to replace it.

full retard.

nntpchan + livechan mode since it isn't vaporware and actually exists with a demo, RIGHT NOW.

livechan mode demo 2hu-ch.org/livechan/

post via 2hu-ch.org/ib/random/ and the posts will pop up live in the livechan mode tab, posting via livechan mode isn't done YET but it's getting there.

TOX isn't vaporware, I use it daily. but if you think you have a better alternative by all means lets consider it.

I've never heard of either nntpchan or livechan, but the they need to at least fall under this criteria if there going to be a possible candidate:

1• Fully encrypted end too end,
2• Peer to peer, no central server.
3• FOSS licence

Can't find the article I read, this one might do.


newfriend from 4/g/ confirmed

[x] decentralized via federation
[x] MIT Licence
[x] not full of encrypted CP :^)

one other Tor node that I don't have the address of rn

it used to be called overchan but name conflicts got too DAMN high

What utter garbage, pretending to reply to things I said but didn't, when the heck did I mention MIT licence?

And if it isn't isn't federated than its
Centralized, and thus with a single point of failure, insecure.

I'm now convinced your just a shill, apparently some people don't want to see this piece of software made.

reading is hard no?

No it isn't, what I'm talking about is completely different. Do you even know what Yik Yak is?

Can I please get someone in here who isn't a nincompoop?

hi, yes. reading posts is important to understanding the contents.

you are looking for a distributed shitposting application. that is what nntpchan is, founded 2013 an imageboard federated using nntp (usenet if you don't know).


this is factual. not subjective. :^)

If you don't catch my drift i am implying that nntpchan can function as decentralized yik yak does, except provide a better experience.

looool gtfo

It's called crab mentality, but be wary of shrugging off criticism as naysaying lest you follow the path of Josh the site goblin.

I remember that TOX had problems and the devs shrugged them off as trolls and effectively alienated themselves from everyone that wanted to help.

protip: don't tell 4/Holla Forums about things until they are actually working otherwise you'll get nothing but autism.

Heh, you made me chuckle.
Yeah you have point, but some people just aren't worth the time.

Anyway, what do you think? Interested in a FOSS Yik Yak?

make it work THEN show it off otherwise it'll turn into tox 2.0

I've never made an app before, don't know how much use I'd be. What language would you write it in? I have academic C / Python experience, but nothing too exciting yet.

if it's an android app then you'd be required to write it in something that runs on the JVM.

Unfortunately all I can write is HTML and CSS, I came here thinking if enough
Holla Forumsies were interested that they might just end up making it them selves.

I could make a site for the software though.

leaders lead by doing, not by being the idea guy.

Oh, I also have some graphic design experience, so I could make a logo.

Pretty much anything except the actual coding of the app.



I'm not looking to being a leader, I want to hype some anons into making this.

I can work on site and logo but we need some developers first.



that's not how it works kid.
first you get a demo, then you get contributors, then you get momentum, THEN you get hype.

I had a roommate in uni who was the 'ideas guy' type who had his parents shell out 20k for a website idea he had.

He did nothing for the website and just sat around shirtless in the apartment smoking weed and eventually shuttered the site altogether. This was while he was dropped out of school and still hadn't told his parents. He was a fatty fatterson and last I heard he went out to cali to become a personal trainer.

that sounds awesome I wish I could be a professional 'ideas guy'

All Tox started out as was an idea, people liked so it took off and some anons started making it.

Easy. Just say these words every day while looking in the mirror:

... and then the project crashed and burned from lack of a initial working product.
Tox is a great example of what to NOT do.

hey op will this be deployed on THE CLOUD!?

I found my roomie's FB shilling page for his site. Look at how much effort he put into it.


I use TOX daily, and it works great, it has neither crashes nor burned.

I would disagree.
Their network has insane node churn, no one wants to fix the problems with DHT sybil, no new contributors DARE touch the project from the past drama and looking at the code made me hate humanity.

what could go wrong!?

Is Tox built in C?

a shitty 4chan non-programmer dialect of C, yes.


no, C written by sandnigger programmers under the assumption that nothing but linux x86 exists.

And he never delivered it.


I figured out the name and snagged the domain.

Chatr box

OP, have you ever heard of GNUsocial? It's a FOSS twitter clone; there are hundreds of implementations of it. It's not a bad idea, and some of the more popular GNUsocial sites have a pretty decent sized user base. But there is no implementation that even comes close to twitter for sheer number of users. It'd be the same here. You would not get even half of yik yak's user base because the market for the kind of service you're describing is already pretty well saturated with just the one service, and that's a self-perpetuating problem in a service based around communication. People will end up not using it purely because nobody else is using it. If you don't believe me then just look at endchan or any of the dozens of Holla Forums competitor boards with better moderation. This problem is amplified tenfold if you go with the idea of having it be a localized thing that you view by your current location. Suppose you get a million users. Pretty decent, but there are hundreds and hundreds of millions of people in the English-speaking world. An absolute best case scenario for anyone using this would be to find maybe one or two other users in their area. And then they'd go right back to yik yak.

The reason the location-based part is important is it allows communication in your area and only your area, people that are around you but you don't know who they are. You can then easily spread information locally, easier than creating a twitter sockpuppet.

If it's really bleeding users, then perhaps a more secure FOSS Yik yak would take off. People know that they don't truly have freedom of speech, so they want that anonymous safety, but really they just like the idea of talking to strangers (especially ones they might have a chance of meeting). Normies aren't going to start using chans. The anonymity isn't what they're after, it's just a bonus that once taken away they'll go back to censoring themselves and just use snapchat or facebook or something equally or more unsafe.

A good alternative would function peer-to-peer rather than by geo-tagging. No IP addresses or MAC addresses should be recorded. Maybe create a random ID when you first start the app, an ID that will persist until you go into the app's settings and click "Generate New ID." Yes, this would make it easy for people to samefag relentlessly or to pretend to be someone else, but it's just safer and more user-friendly that way. People would probably just adapt like we did. Normalfag analogs to "samefag" "shill" "we have IDs" "I'm a huge faggot please rape my face" would appear, specific to the locality.

A countdown for each posting could be sent along as well as the message, so that they expire at the correct time.

Up/downboats should just be thrown out altogether, but if you really wanted to they could spread in the same way as messages. This and the ID renewal would just make it ridiculously easy to mass-downvote shit you don't like, so I'd just remove it altogether.

Alternatively there could be a timer that tracks how long you've had an ID and it'd only let you vote on shit if you had some hardcoded minimum amount of time on the clock.


I'm on Mobile,

The same user as

How should we know? What does being on mobile have to do with it?

OP, I like this idea and have been wanting something like this for a while. BUT you should know when anything is posted here without at least a semi working version it gets shit on harder than anything. Please continue with this idea and make it but don't focus on the logo or website focus on the actual product.
Good luck.

I was trolling about buying the domain but the thing is I DON'T KNOW HOW TO CODE, if I did i'd start making it now, but I don't so I came here to see if someone else who liked my idea would make it.

I could take the path of learning how to code and then making it (and I very well might) but with everything else going on in my life it could be a year or more from now that I finally finish.

All I wanted, and the while point of this thread is to find people who whould like to make a FOSS, decentralized, truly private Yik Yak, and do it right now, that's all.

Thx, this will come in handy to whoever makes this.

*Whole* point of this thread

You clearly don't understand youngsters. The only way to get them interested in free software is with Stallman memes, no, seriously, that's how most of the people in my class who know about free software know, because I stuck Stallman memes up in our school and showed them the dankest of Stallman memes.


That's pretty funny, do any of them use Yik Yak?

Tox != Tor
Tox is under GPL

kill you're self

yes and 1 + 1 is not 4
we all know this what's your point?

Are you fucking serious. What a way to ruin a good thread. Kill yourself now.
Pic related is how you think program's are apparently made.

Read a fucking book, You can probably find one for free somewhere.

As if young people(mostly normies) give a shit about that.

My favorite part is "I very well might [learn how to code]". No you're not faggot.

You came here precisely because you have no intention to learn how to code and simply wish to will the idea into being.

No. I don't think any of them even know what it is, it's all about snapchat now.

So it's not a problem to use proprietary software withoung knowing and out of choice?

I personally think using a location based application is foolish. If i am not in the area, that means i cannot communicate with the other users, is that it?
That would prevent its usershare from rising, which will ultimately be its downfall

I say we make something like *chan, anonymous realtime chatroom, but with a much better UI, usable only through mobile phones via dedicated applications. The chatrooms will have yikyak-esque 'rooms' which are basically akin to OP posts on *chan imageboards.

Today's youngsters are desperate for a platform to be heard.

You mean the thing they still haven't bothered to properly implement?


Never come back. Either stop being a fuck and start learning to code or kill yourself.