TALOS specs and information has been released.


Completely open and blobless operation right down to the firmware, all of which is customizable.

Are you hype?

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No VGA but it has a PS/2 port?

Not hyped.

There are two VGA ports right there.

Those 2 yellow ports are esata, 2 black ones are serial.

.. around $3700 USD


Is it possible to run Windows on that thing?


lel believing lies. what makes you think NSA can't blob that too?

the only way is to make your comp from scratch

Do you even know what a blob is? If you can see the sources and reflash yourself, of course it's clean.


Yea right

"Completely open and blobless right down to the firmware" refers to software, not hardware (since that's further down than firmware). Those schematics are for the hardware.

Fuck, I wish I wasn't a poorfag, this is beautiful.

Those hardware schematics are used to run software. So I consider this a meme gadget. Typing buzzwords like open and free, doesn't make it open and free.

RISC-V when?

Could someone explain if I should be excited or not?

It says its a CPU / Mobo, those are the parts that we would be most worried about alphabet fuckery right? Any way to make sure the firmware isn't pozzed?

Could someone explain if I should be excited or not?

It says its a CPU / Mobo, those are the parts that we would be most worried about alphabet fuckery right? Any way to make sure the firmware isn't pozzed?

That includes the CPU which is a 3.2Ghz 64 thread at entry.

Sexy as fuark, I set one of those up as a squid box for a company.

RISC-V and OpenPower are just as open as each other, it's the shit like NICs that will be closed, which will be the exact same problem for RISC-V unless they try some weird fucking FPGA style NIC.

They're claiming that there's no lockouts to the firmware, enabling you to compile and reflash the firmware.

They don't claim that it's open and free in every aspect, the claim that it's open and free right down to the firmware. And it is.

Too bad almost no software has altivec opimizations.
Moronix show the latest Jewtel Xeon to be 2 times faster at x264.

Source on price?

Link is in the OP newfag

That's cool, but what about software support?

getting a high-performance, free software friendly workstation doesn't come cheap.
Early investors need to pay the price of low-volume hardware production.

It's a high end workstation with similar performance to an Xeon E5-1680 v3, which Intel sells for $1,700 and doesn't include the motherboard. I understand that most people can't afford that price tag, but put in perspective the price isn't very outlandish

the NSA could try to infiltrate EVERYTHING, even the fab that's gonna produce those chips; but that doesn't mean TALOS isn't making sure that everything runs with free software and that the likes of the NSA are gonna have a hard time.

The FSF already announced that they are commited to reviewing the TALOS for RYF certification if they come to production.

see last paragraph. Raptor engineering is a regular doing Libreboot reverse-engineering. They are part of us

they are applying those adjectives properly. They claim that all software/firmware is free, which is true. The hardware isn't free, obviously.

dunno. lowRISC was the only RISC-V chip meaning to go public but I don't think they have released ETAs. Moreover, lowRISC and POWER8 fill completely different computing niches, for one is gonna be a SBC and the other is a motherfucking server beast.

the ISAs are, but are there free OpenPower core designs too?

It's just Power8. There are a number of popular GNU/Linux distros with 99% package coverage compared to x86

When you say workstation, does that mean home PC level or more of a home server?

It's being shilled harder and more blatantly than bad console ports were on old Holla Forums. Avoid like the plague until it's been reviewed by some reputable sources. That does not include drivel originating from Larabel's bulbous inbred cranium.

If you have no insight into Power8 other than shilling comparisons to your latest japanese love plus port then gtfo. Free hardware is a rare beast and deserves attention at least.

But this is not free hardware. It's hardware that can run with entirely free software.

If you can flash the firmware then that's a huge leap in the right direction. No you won't get free hardware schematics but at least you don't ahve to rely on 8 year old Intel/AMDs for processing

I await your display of mental gymnastics claiming that email is anything other than blatant shilling.

Not all shilling is bad. I don't mind when I get emails from the Trump campaign either.


That's not shilling.

into the trash it goes

Upto six Mini-PCI express card for WAP

fuk grafiks

Take a guess.

No you dumbass. Windows is PC only; this is PPC.

Don't use that word like this. It's way too vague. This board could qualify as a personal computer. Call it x86 instead.

But Windows runs on ARM and old versions have PowerPC ports.

Yeah but that doesn't make it PC architecture. PC is literally synonymous with x86/x86_64; there is no other architecture that is true PC. I'd like to reclaim this term from both the retards who think it's synonymous with "windows" and the retards who think it refers to any and all "personal computers".

You're confusing PC and IBM PC.


The highest tier is 190W TDP.

Entry is 130W TDP.

There is no ``PC architecture''; you're just a moron.

This is a CONSUME, not TDP.

You're a professional retard

I think Windows NT version 4 had a PPC build. I remember the official page for it was taken down a few years ago.

This is cool. Too bad I can't afford it.

Is the microarchitecture and shit open source?

PS/2 still has some advantages over USB.

Gentoo has PPC-support.

Debian, Gentoo, FreeBSD, and RHEL all have ppc64el support which should cover this board.

Doesn't HDMI require the manufacturer to pay per port? Why not DisplayPort?

jewed by patent-kikes

It's doesn't have ppc64le support though.

Having the freedom to do whatever on your machine: Priceless

For everything else there's Loan plan


From the official Talos workstation IRC-channel.

LD9782: The "le" bit isn't really relevant here; Talos will be able to run in BE mode just fine

america pls

Nobody answered if you could run it on an x86 emulator. Something like bochs?

I can't find anything on performance info on these cpus.
I found this
but can't find info on the years of the power8 cpu release.

I would assume because of it's design efficiency it would be a lot more powerful, and by extension likely be able to emulate x86.


As you can see it trades blows with a xeon per thread, now you have at a minimum 64 threads with the TALOS, maximum 92 threads, it' gets beasty.

I was told you can run bochs in their IRC, at it appears that ppc64le has qemu-system-x86 builds

So yes you can, no one knows how well this will perform though, probably badly, the IRC seemed hostile to the idea as they're all ISA nerds.

that shit is DRM in case anyone wonders

Moronix made some benchmarking comparisons a few weeks ago

DDR3 in 2016? Nope

DDR4 has literally no advantages unless you're running integrated graphics.

Just because all you do is play videogames doesn't mean that computing revolves around that.
"Literally no advantages" is just wrong.

DDR3 is 90%+ of DDR4
Maybe once ddr4 is more mature, power usage is lower, and clocks are higher it will be better

This is a spiritual successor to PPC macs in more ways than just price, it seems

Endianness is literally just setting a different cflag in stage1. Gentoo will run on this just fine.

A couple of things are going on in RISCV land that need to be finalized before it hits production.

The major one is the privileged architecture. At the moment RISCV has a specification for user-level programming, but there is no real specification for Hypervisor and OS level programming, which is something that RISCV was trying to solve ( a real separation between machine modes, so people aren't vulnerable to privilege escalation like with that Intel Sandy Bridge bug. ) The supervisor-level ISA should be done at the end of the year (optimistically) the hypervisor level ISA will probably be done next year.

In addition, there is a vector coprocessor, Hwacha, that is being finalized right now -- kind of like Intel's AVX/SSE extensions.

Then there's also formal verification. There is a project going on so you can run a testsuite on your RISCV CPU and verify that it actually is RISCV.

On the other hand, I think lowRISC wants to ship something by the end of the year, but I'm not really involved with them, so I don't know how well that's going.

I mean it IS called POWER :^)

I don't get why people say those were good. I got one for free and it was shit compared to a pentium 4 with xp