Apple is getting rid of the headphone jack

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I thought they'd done that long ago because the diameter of it was bigger than the device.

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This is the reason for why I am not reading a single forbes article, they can fuck themselves with the 'disable adblock for an adlight experience' and the quote of the day pretentious bullshit.

Fuck off forbes, you aren't the only site on the internet and I can just click back. And I don't need your fucking stupid quotes, this is not why I came there.

Then you should've copy-pasted the text so we don't have to go to a website that refuses to display with adblocking software on (and probably needs JS as well).

At least Steve Jobs could sell such a stupid idea. Tim Cook and the monkeys at Apple should just off themselves like that guy from yesterday. This is a pointless move in order to extract more money from their moronic userbase.



We've already heard their retarded idea (put DAC in headphone).
At least the Fiio X1 and Xduoo x3 are getting a Rockbox port Soon (tm).

Why not just cut the 3.5mm connector in half? That way you get a halfmoon connector with the same functionality, but thinner. You could even use those headphones in a full socket.

that's not what that word means, user.


is it really not though?

Of course, we all know that's not a legitimate justification, since they could just as easily put the traces into their breakout connector, so you could use a 1ยข passive mechanical adapter instead of a $15 active electronic converter.

Hopefully Apple will be bludgeoned into connecting industry standard traces to their connectors again, as they were when USB-C replaced the needlessly incompatible Lightning and Thunderbolt connectors.

Because that surely wont be abused by corporations as a way to artificially inflate or deflate the price of their products regardless of driver build quality, and there's the matter of being stuck with the DAC in the headphones instead of being able to use an external DAC for potentially better sound quality

The future is very fucking bleak if this is where we are headed

Well this fucking sucks. I am pretty sure that HTC is going to follow this trend.

Is this a headphone/earbud thread now? If so, I have a question.

What's the difference between a 3 pin and 4 pin jack? Do 3 to 4 pin adapters exist?

So I've been wondering when I needed to get off of iphones. This is it. Not having headphone jack is just one bridge too far.

I hear good things about the new blackberries

With the appropriate (X) cut angles you should be able to.

why did you buy into them in the first place?

i don't purchase apple products but this super thin meme needs to die already. who the fuck cares if the phone has the thickness of construction paper when the non-removable battery while eventually shit itself.

I bought iPhones because whenever I fucked around with my friends Android phones they were buggy garbage. Crashed constantly. I could just jailbreak and have a phone that was more stable, and could do the same shit. Now my non-jailbroken iPhone is crashing constantly, spamming me with update popups, trying to force me to login with apple ID, etc. while any Android I pick up works well without any issues. I'm still using an iPhone 5 because I'm broke as fuck, but my next phone will definitely be Android.

The C.H.I.P. thing w/ the display and keyboard seems much cheaper and functional.

If the blackberry priv had a removable battery It would be the perfect phone, but the 3400mah non removable one is good enough to not really need a removable battery.

Macfags will defend this.

"Muh buutoof" they will say.

Windows phones and Android phones have been laughable garbage for a while, but I really enjoyed the mac ecosystem since I have a mbp.

Since then I've taken the FOSS pill so I'm slowly gravitating away from the offerings since post-Jobs everything took a nosedive in quality. I had friends who put custom operating systems on their phones but I don't mess with my phone nearly enough to really make use of that kind of customization.

Does anyone know if Blackberry has OpenVPN?

who gives a shit

I don't know how I can help you when you openly chose to use OS' nobody fucking uses except hipster faggots over OS' with actual support like Android

But user. That would be the end of Crapple.

You cannot help him because he is a homosexual not just a mac user.

RIP musicians that somehow thought making music on a phone was possible

You're poor I take it. I went from the Droid Eris to the iPhone and the power gap in quality was tremendous. If Android stopped being a piece of shit in the mean time I didn't notice.

Got a great deal on the laptop, 200 bucks off, and the price was very comparable to other offerings. Phone upgrades have always been free since I usually keep my phone for a while. Don't let that stop your meme spam though.



the media are saying intel is following apple but it's the other way around. go figure.

headphone jack is bullshit anyway. there's no standard on input levels so you have to stick a bunch of extra electronics shit to stop high power signals destroying your phone. the only thing it has going for it is that people already use it

idiots, usb c supports analog

idiots, usb c is future

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TRS connectors are used for headphones, TRRS connectors are used for headphones with an inline microphone.


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So you're not a hipster, you just have more money than brains.
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Can it make calls?

Not the usual way, you'd have to use some sort of VOIP, but it's a $9 dollar cumpooper, so ay, why not try and modify it some way?


At least I get to write it off on tax day.

What dystopia do you live in?