What's with this recent push to put laptops in the hands of 3rd-worlders...

What's with this recent push to put laptops in the hands of 3rd-worlders? Is the demand for shitskin psuedo-devs so strong that they're literally trying to underhandedly raise them from birth like child solders in the guise of humanitarian work? I mean, let's be honest; here you are, a starving 7YO in Africa, wondering if it's the tribal warring between diamond cartels or the sheer lack of clean water that will kill you first when, suddenly, a helicopter appears, hovering over your village. You rush out, ready to fill your stomach with nutritious food and clean water to find... a fucking laptop! Thanks America! At least I can play some dank retro games before the ebola makes me literally shit out my own blood supply!

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First world laptop market is saturated, and there's no new customers. New laptops don't give people a good enough reason to upgrade, mainly because OEMs don't offer anything faster, and the power saving from the CPU (and possibly GPU) are negated by the fact that they skimp on the battery to make it thinner or lighter.

Instead of getting first world people to upgrade their old laptops to something faster with longer battery life, they entered a chase into making it .5mm thinner and 5 grams lighter. And consumers didn't want it. So they stopped buying laptops.

And now, since first world doesn't want new laptops, because they have no reason to buy a new laptop, OEMs decide to sell their laptops to new markets.

you can spread your cultural influence to more of the world. You can have niggers growing up being exposed to all the propaganda that the west has been exposed too.

it is literally:
1. collect some money
2. buy bunch of laptops for 3rd world-ers
3. ???
4. brag about helping people to your leftist friends

Teaching Javascript to starving African children, changing the world.

They could replace your ass with someone who works for LITERAL peanuts, of course they want to bring tech to them.

Normies are too fucking braindead to tell the difference between good software and something made by a shit eating 14 year old from a third world country. Reminder that everyone in this board is irrelevant when it comes to the big picture in business.

They could also make for excellent leftist voters some day, since having a brain is not required for such a job.

this user gets it
i'm in cad and recruit '3rd worlders' online to resolve and model. they're good, cheap and grateful.


sam hyde paradignm shift 2017

Hello Sam

It's a tiny investment for huge returns. keep in mind that any siren server like Facebook or Google or even ducking Bing will get a virtual monopoly on the software side. That's worth a lot more than 50 dollars of hardware. They can hoover up data & still get pajeet pay lvl programmers, plus cultural imperialism. It's basically better than a Trojan horse, forbidden apple, and Pandora box put together.

The other brilliant thing is we're all trained to believe this is as good or better morally than giving them medicine or fair business loans.

>>>Holla Forums

I think the idea is

But what will probably happen is

You sound like an unintelligent retard, allowing kids in third world countries to grow up with constant access to any information they want is how you get them to solve their own problems, because they can literally just Google it.

OP confirmed for underage b&. It's been a trend for the last 12-13 years. Kill yourself.

The OLPC XO1 looks like a really nice piece of tech. It's relatively weak, I think it only has 256mb of RAM. It's pretty rugged though.It runs a special interface called Sugar, which communicates using icons rather than text. It has an option to show all nearby XO1s, and you can link with them and communicate.
I'd like to get one one day just to fuck around with.

Holla Forums sure has become retarded if they can't think of proper conspiracies behind seemingly unintelligent movements.

Think about this: who is pushing for this? Mostly web companies (Facebook, Mozilla, Google...). How do these companies get money? From selling data. How do you get data? By datamining your customers. Where can you find unexploited mines of users? Well, what do you think?

Given that their data is probably not worth as much as a first world user's due to the fact that it's hard to market stuff to people who have barely enough money to survive, but it's still a shitload of data that is waiting to be exploited. It still may be bought by intelligence agencies, or used to think of some way to get them to buy stuff despite being poor.

Hence the push for the development of cheap Internet technologies and cheap hardware. They don't want to give these people the real deal, they just want to give them something cheap enough they could get a benefit by selling for mere pennies. This is pretty much free money if done correctly.

tl;dr if you can't imagine how this could be exploited for profits, you are stupid.

WarmTires pls

The One Laptop Per Child Project started in 2005, an entire decade ago and then some

The market is stagnant so they're getting you to buy another laptop.

Are you a brownskin poo in loo man whos first language isn't English?

Sugar is just a weird fucking Linux DE bro, you don't need an OLPC to use it, fucking idiot

Last time I checked, the nigglets actually used their OLPCs for porn

Doesn't sound much different than the rest of the world tbh, at least they're getting exposed to the technology so that maybe on the offchance a nigglet grows a brain and seeks an interest he has the opportunity

Did he say you need a OLPC to use Sugar?

It was developed for OLPC, so it's worth mentioning.

I used Sugar ages ago. It's a decent interface for what it does, but a few of the features only make sense on the XO1.
There's a Puppy Linux spin for it. Add an SSD and use Puppy and it would make a nice novelty laptop.

Why so angry m8?

Fuck off, Kunta Kinte

I think 3D printed laptops for raspberry pi are a great idea, I'm considering getting one myself

I fucking lost it.
Please put that rant on a frame on the wall

it's pretty depressing that op can't even comprehend the basic human instinct of wanting to help other people



one day, there will be a low powered, open software/hardware RISC-V based computer usable across the entire world lol just kidding Intel and ARM will either kill it off or absorb it and gradually make it more proprietary like ARM/Tizen

Oh yeah I forgot, "proprietary" is one of those buzzwords retards pull from a hat whenever they want to sound likely they fit in without having to you that silly useless brain of theirs along with "botnet" untitled it gives everyone semantic satiation


congrats that's another word you've devalued to the point that it has no meaning. why not just call me a cuck?
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Good intention ≠ Well done

Helping poor African kids has let to a further increase of population there. By providing food and healthcare for free the nation states just stay corrupt, the leaders don't need to change anything there.

Shipping old or cheap hardware to the 3rd world for free doesn't do shit. You still need teachers and internet connection. Or the devices will just collect dust or will be sold.

The rise of the smartphones is more interesting for them. That's why the botnets like google and facebook are so interested in this market.

even somalia that has no government has internet
give em a laptop and they can google "how do i dig my civilisation out of the mud"
people already give them money for free, why is giving them tools for free so hard to understand?


By copying superior civilisations? The best thing to do is still to let them evolve at their own pace. If they ever do it; I doubt they would have left stone age without colonization.

As I stated, Good intention ≠ Well done.

There is even a paper about the one laptop per child story.


Internet cafés in the cities are nothing new and pretty common in Africa. Nigerians developed scam mails already 15 years ago. If you give them stuff for free you are going to ruin people who sell and repair PCs. Too much idealism is harming the development in Africa and other 3rd world places, because there are no incentives to develop. They will just rely on 1st world nations every time shit hits the fan.

My stance is that a lot of help rather harmed 3rd world nations than really helped. Most Asian countries were shitholes 60 years ago, but are much better off nowadays compared to Africa and Central America. To stay tech related, free (as in freedom) software and things like openstreetmap could gain more traction if more people have access to it, agreed. But they will get free (as in free beer) stuff from Facebook and will use this instead. Send rms to teach them how to use emacs.

The scam e-mails are even older. That's what Africa is famous for in the internet.

I kind of miss these. They really give me memories of better times.



Who are you quoting?

You do realize that a large part of africa has wireless services right? Because they've developed so late, they skipped all the precursor techs that have kept most of the developed world balls deep in old shit like copper lines, so what is being installed now is top of the line tech like 4g/LTE and fiber.


I'm not going to get on how wrong you are about the healthcare and food situation, so I'll just skip that and go straight to the point that education is key to fixing a nation and culture, and what exactly do you think is being brought with cheap internet and computers?

Stop being such a pessimistic fuck, say what you want about efficacy, at least people are trying to make a difference, it's better than shitposting on a backwater chan board all day.

I do kind of have to take that personally.

it's not a quote. It's a humorous reframing of the position. I just agree with him & it reminds me of Star Trek.


Oh boo hoo. If you find it so offensive that people are giving away free laptops instead of even more free food (there's BILLIONS of dollars already going towards that cause), then why don't *you* do something about it?

This, plus it's always good to have a reserve of low paid computer programmers in the 3rd world to undermine their first world counterparts.

when trump gets in, their investment in 3rd worlders will be for nothing. trump's going to stop letting foreigners come in and take american jobs

Well since OP is a faggot I guess I have to come here and teach you dumb niggers whats going on

Its old as shit, started in like the middle of the last decade

Its just a fucking scam to sell shitty laptops to dumb corrupt governments and get their money. Microshaft has been doing this shit with bangblows licenses for decades, they have an entire dept of "bribing foreign officials" to make sure they buy the licenses, after all its all taxpayers money and the corrupt officials always overcharge the state so they can pocket part of the money as well.

Same shit here, these laptops have been a massive fail since they are too shitty to do anything and 3rd world teachers don't even know how to use them so they become facebook machines for pajeet to post on ratemypoo.com

coding makes you smarter. smarter people don't believe in religion, (as much) smarter people don't look at warlords like gods. the country changes. the economy gets better... slowly the world improves. that's why i've donated 3000 bucks to olpc.

American niggers have access to computers too yet they're still subhumans

it's called the digital divide and it's really cheap to do this cheap laptop thing. Lots of money to be made, even if it just seems like charity

You think they're given laptops to become devs? You joking right?

They're given to them as a general school aid. A pen and paper replacement.

They sucked though, and if I recall correctly, some of the kids found a way to disable some of the shit and install their own stuff.


ayy lmaoo

How can you have that much money and make so many wild leaps in logic? I'm an atheist techie too, but jesus, man. You sound like 14 year old edgy fedora me.

Top kek, it's shit.

The hacker spirit will never die.