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>codemonkey more index pages


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anyone else getting this bug?


Hey guise

Guise, really

I mean



Just fucking close the Tor service already, it's a bluff

Jesus Christ I'm so done with this meme site, I don't even know why I insist coming here sometimes - why I even hope you get your shit sorted


dont worry codemonkey's alternate personalities will fix it

Feels good man.

This is MAJOR issue
Even if I decided to accept fucking insecure cross site requests,
I wouldn't be able to download/view some files. For example, the pdf in

can't be downloaded behind Tor without landing on the Cloudflare troll page.
Jesus fucking Christ.

On some minor boards (i.e. >>>/netplus/ ) the images seems to be served correctly via the Tor service, on all the major boards there's this complete just-fuck-my-shit-up.

Oh, and by the way, every time I post via Tor in this thread I don't see my reply until someone else posts too.

you needn't use tor to have special effects. there's an update issue and 502s sitewide.

Manually replacing "" with "oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion" seems a workaround for now. The funny thing is that the "media" content is still available from the Tor service, it's just that the served html aren't rewritten correctly.

Jesus tittie fucking Christ.

Daily reminder that Josh did nothing wrong

How long does it take to fix the PPH?

I cannot express how fucking grateful I am. It was so limiting browsing up to only two fucking pages.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

around 365 days

Any chance we could get an actual API for post/thread filters this year? Everything that's currently there is buried in anonymous compiled closures attached to DOM events.

Thanks blessed Josh

Daily reminder that Holla Forums won

Why are you making these threads? Type your post, click "New reply" once, and if it doesn't automatically update, press "update" at the bottom of the page. If you get an e0001, 503, or 404, refresh. There are no longer enough problems for you to keep making threads about it.

but Holla Forums doesn't exist
muh boogeyman


Or at least wait until the "day crew" is gone to make a thread

where's hotwheelie

transcended, us mere mortals are not worthy of his presence

Kill yourself, the site is still unusable. what way?

It's overrun by shitposters outside of school hours, which is what the post you're replying to is trying to demonstrate :^)

every time i refresh i get a long, two tone fcarting noise from the speakers, even when i mute


post rare Joshuae


do you have any recent photos of Josh?

Ron is actually kinda cute


(I think I want to kill my mom)

Let me give you a run down about her. She is a slut who had me at 18. She is the sole reason I'm pro-choice. I'm hoping more whores that got knocked up at her age and would become shitty parents would abort their kids as opposed to bringing them up miserably. She is 33 or something now and is single, haven't having her pussy raided in the last 8 years. Of course, know that the last of her eggs are being destroyed by the body she's constantly in an angry state. She reminds me constantly about how pathetic I am about about how I suck the last fucking slivers of joy out of her mind and how horribly unproud she is that I fell from her womb. I want to kill this lady. Since she has no love in her life, besides possibly her own parents, and I would rather sit on this computer I am on now for the rest of my life than spend one more fucking day with her, she has cats to add some bonding to her spirit. She speaks to these two cats like she would a room mate. Asking them how they were, how their days have been, and if they're hungry constantly. God forbid one of them meows back in response; thus ushering in an hour of goo-goo'ing while I mutter at her uselessness from the other room.If my computer could pay the bills, I'd kill my mom.

Claims system when

2 months and counting now

imagine him wearing a prussian helmet, the mustache a tad more virile.

Different user, but I gotta agree.

I just like Asian guys

The sperg bunch arrived.


I am not fucking Holla Forumsshit I am just joshposting, cant you handle the banter?

im jew

that's kinda gay

You must care a lot about Holla Forums to hold on to that archive. I remember posting in that bred, which one were you? jk I know you're one of us;^)




You should try crippleposting instead.

Also I had no idea you could copypaste your clipboard into the site


Did you know that people that get rejected aren't replied to? Cause you probably got rejected.

Just got a 502 a bit ago.

go back to bed warosu



The site seems to be shitting itself in response to the face that they've re-enabled index pages.

Give a white page
Is normal.

Can confirm that.

gives you the normal index though.

now Holla Forumsindex gives you mod.php
Holla Forums is kill?

The best one in the world until 1942, man.

Things seem slower now. Not only that but you can't even access Holla Forums without getting a white screen. Codemonkey wake the fuck up

I wonder how many servers they're going to throw at alacrity and whether it'll fall apart after the userbase starts growing.

Seriously we're slowing down again.

They spent all that fucking money on a new server and its not even working right. Codemonkey really needs to wake up like ASAP

4+ new servers.

To hush the police after discovering a bloody wheelchair maybe

Pol is alive and accessible. I have not that big of speed issues here. Board indexes need a little longer to load though.

here. Holla Forums is back.

It's just build problems, like usual

Lazy caching for the win! xdd

502 502 502 502 504 502 502 503 504 504 502 502 502 502 504 503 502 502 502 502 502 504 502 502 503 504 504 502 502 502 502 504 503 502 502 502 502 502 504 502 502 503 504 504 502 502 502 502 504 503 502 502 502 502 502 504 502 502 503 504 504 502 502 502 502 504 503 502 502 502 502 502 504 502 502 503 504 504 502 502 502 502 504 503 502 502 502 502 502 504 502 502 503 504 504 502 502 502 502 504 503 502 502 502 502 502 504 502 502 503 504 504 502 502 502 502 504 503 502 502 502 502 502 504 502 502 503 504 504 502 502 502 502 504 503 502

Kill yourself pedo.

Don't worry, nunu will mysteriously appear for a couple hours if you try to claim that board.

Holla Forums as such doesn't work

masterchan actually works unlike infinity

That is where everyone went during the exodus in dec, when josh cucked the site..

hi FBI

TOP MEN working on it


Fuck off pedochan shills.

Except this guy, for some reason, he stayed behind..

That is kikemonkey's code violating the HTTP RFCs and not returning the correct error codes, but his own indecipherable ones because he is a hipster faget and cant into RFCs

Accidentally rebooted a server. Sorry about that!


In other news, pol index page is fixed now

So the buffered write for persistence is just there to be useless or what?

Doesnt work when server reboots without it finishing writing its buffer.

Sorry about that, was a mistake. Any threads affected by it, theres a way to fix it. Holla Forums board owner made a guide for that.


why should we trust you?

Trust him about what?


Graceful restart works now. Ive been restarting it a lot and you guys dont notice. Only just now I did it ungracefully by accident.

How are you possibly fucking up in kernel space so much that you're constantly rebooting servers. What exactly are you doing?

Holla Forums’s and 2ch’s IPs have been released, Hotwheels is BTFO!
Client IP logs have been found to be publicly available on Holla Forums in violation of the privacy policy, especially for /cuteboys/, actual fags are BTFO!
Board lists have been found, hidden boards are BTFO!
The company NT Technologies rents rackspace from has been found, NT Technologies is BTFO!
Jim has been shown to be in violation of intellectual property licensing agreements for his soft serve ad website, Jim is BTFO!
Security vulnerabilities for Holla Forums’s web servers have been posted, c0demonkey is BTFO!
Everyone is BTFO by bedserver!
Vid related and pastebin related -
And due to popular request the video features Vietnam footage and the song Fortunate Son (It Ain’t Me) by Creedence Clearwater Revival. And I apologize that this isnt in the 4k resolution I promised, Handbrake keeps on fucking up on the 2 pass encoding, and stops after the first pass. I guess it doesn’t like trying to convert a 4k 650-1000mbps stream down to 125kbps.

Nice music. Thanks for the security audit.

Is it true, Jim. Are you really a dirty font stealer? For shame.

Also, Jim is a Freemason, not a Jew. You're an embarrassment to Holla Forums.

Can you think of the accurate way to find the servers again once you change their IPs?

Josh, please go back to pig farm.

bedserver, not Josh

Try harder, little pig.



Ill ask Fred about banner editing later after hes online.



Pretty good stuff user.

i dindu nuffin

I wonder, I really wonder, who the real dirty jew trying to take Holla Forums down truly is here.

Josh we all know you're responsible for dumps and logs of IPs year after the fact.
Sadly just like the CSS shitstorm and this site as a whole, the reply (or lack therof) is Fred dindu nuffin.

Wasn't it because /baphomet/ went after Lizard Squad, the guys who rented the stresser for SJWs like Galvez to DDOS Holla Forums? I'm pretty sure that was what happened, since I was lurking /baphomet/ bacl then.

I'd bet on the guy wanting to difficult TOR posting.

Lizard squad got v& then the attacks stopped

He tried to make a 4k video of just text. If its text then just post it. We didnt need to watch a video of just text. Nub

bunch of kids who exploited home routers to build a ddos tool that wasnt even secure itself

They also got SQL injected on their own site and leaked the (stored as plaintext) passwords from their clients.

That was a glorious day, I remember that.

I told him earlier today, that he should have just pastebined the evidence, no need to make a video out of it. But, hey, at least he got his stuff out, I thought he would chicken out, so congrats bedserver-san.

He did a pretty thorough job too.

I still have the file with the passwords. Good times.

Nice logo! So you're definitely going to make Bedchan now? I'd really love some progress updates in these threads since Holla Forums is having them anyways, I'm tired of suffering with Holla Forums and honestly you seem like the only competent admin on here. I know of a few small internet businesses who might advertise on it when it's finished. I don't want to suggest Holla Forums to them because of...issues.

What will the global rules be?

There was a pastebin you tards:


featuring Jihadi Josh and Jim

Every single reply to this is a samefag

You can go to whatever chan you want but history serves all these altchans are all throwaway chan boards made to try and devide the community, nuclear.ib, freech.etc

No please try to tell me you're not all in collusion for this shill and/or are not the same person, people with a brain will listen and ignore shills like you and there's fuck all you can do about it

You seem pretty angry at that smackdown, friend.
You should go outside, maybe stop reading IRC logs for a little bit.

It takes seconds to create these posts my friend, but it takes genuine concentrated effort to perform this sheer level of shilling, I feel sorry for you sad faggots

There mother should kick them out of the basement, and make them get a job...:D


Shilling of what? Bedchan? A joke that you faggots created? How is suggesting they go there if Holla Forums goes down, considering it's run by volunteer developers that created and work on this site anyways.
In fact, I'm not even sure why odili does volunteer stuff for this shithole, it's obvious hotwheels doesn't give a shit. And it's not like he's going to accept anyone's patches ever again for this place.

Maybe people shouldn't say stupid shit with a tripcode and they wouldn't have it used against them, not to mention the site suffering for a year.

No offense but I'm pretty sure he posted a picture showing that he has more than several E5-2650s, dozens of gigabytes of RAM and several racks sitting under his bed so I'm pretty sure he has a job, friend.

No, I am not a font stealer. There is a receipt and paid in full for that font. Just being shilled. Relax and take a shill pill.

What's being shilled? Who's shilling? Do you know what that word means?

Did you mean chill pill?
Just get off the internet gramps


They are shilling so shill pill. Hehe

A good haxxor dropped the DB of the "clients" of lizzard squad that rented the botnet they made.
Baphomet used the DB to make an Armageddon on twitter & facebook.
That's it.

Czaks made a patch that hotwheels merged last week

I didnt say you stole the font, I said you violated the license agreement you had for it.


Oh, I am looking at the receipt now. I guess you are the Fontspring representative. Thanks for the groovy font. We are enjoying it. I recommend other people buy fonts at

Is Jim a freemason?

Yes, I am.

so where is our 2ch style bbs, you fucking pig factory has the same fucking problems has, except nobody there will fix them.
If it ever gets a sizeable userbase it will undergo the same issues.

Then how come 8ch shits itself even after all the users left?

Yet another fucking retard that doesn't know what words like "shill" and "forum sliding" mean.

Not really, it's writing to and serving from redis, it wouldn't have the same problems as Holla Forums without alacrity, a memory store with persistence.

So what's your main goal here?

He may be offline already.


Wow, did you read this?

To BTFO of Jim

Your shit is full of revisionist history and grasping for straws.


Then you need to spread the bullet points of why Jim is kike-like.


I don't see what the former developer of Tor who the FBI consulted with, after which they exploited retarded pedophile fucks who were running their Tor Browser with the Flash plugin, has to do with Onion routing being fundamentally compromised or your insistence that Tor users cause "the vast majority of problems on the site."

Care to back any of that up? Or are you just going to pretend that CP spam isn't being posted by VPNs?


yes, I know TOR is botnet, it has been a US government/Military scheme the whole time

90% of cp spam is from VPNs and (((✡they✡))) use it to perma-ban as much users as possible

That doesn't mean Jim should be able to start selling Holla Forums passes to legitimate users who post via tor.

Do you really have time posting here? You, your dog and your pigs should be on the run now that serverautist have owned you so thoroughly.

More like 99% of it. If pedophiles take advantage of hidden boards and the option to enable images from Tor, for the supposed other 1%, hotwheels could remove that option from mod.php in literally seconds.

An anonymity network doesn't work if you're the only one using it.

I know there is many legitimate TOR posters who use it because they believe it gives them privacy but something needs to be done about the cp this is not a cpchan and cp spam will not be tolerated here.

pedoshits BTFO

CP spam is posted from VPNs.

Anyways since this thread is filled with retards who don't know what they're talking about and a fat fuck that smells like pig shit there's no point in really posting anymore.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I remember you could never post files from tor anyway.


Nobody spams CP (or anything else) on Holla Forums through the hidden service. It's surprising how little trouble it causes.

There's a board setting to allow it.

what if that is because Holla Forums does not have as much traffic as Holla Forums or Holla Forums?

I know that tor image posting is allowed on
>>>Holla Forums
>>>/tor/ >>>/onion/

More like it's less effort to route traffic over a "no log" VPN than fill out captchas ever five posts.

It's not because Holla Forums has less traffic, it's because getting disposable IP addresses is easy enough that an ad spammer would be crazy not to use them.

The same goes for people who flood the catalog. Filling a captcha for every five threads is annoying.

If we had more users there would be more ordinary abuse of the hidden service, but that's not illegal.


Board Volunteer, Jim I have a request, since the onion router is a FBI honeypot as proved here & is it possible to have a page that debunks its claims of anonymity similar to ?

I am not a bored volunteer here. Someone can write that page and post it. If they want to.
That would be up to the person taking care of this board.

Fuck off, retard.

ever went to /aus/?


top kek

no, I am not a shitposter

That doesn't prove anything.

It's well-known that Tor was created by the US government and sponsored by it. Everybody who's interested in Tor should know it. It's not a secret.

The FBI hiring a former Tor developer to work against it makes perfect sense. He's very qualified for that job. It sucks, but it doesn't mean that Tor is broken.

FBI today got granted more power to hack:

Job opportunities folks. Working for the government, you never miss a meal.

Google is terrible for your privacy for advertising reasons. Are you suggesting that they go through the trouble of sabotaging Tor for slightly better targeted ads for the small fraction of people that uses Tor but doesn't block ads?

get your shit together FBI,31667.html

Except it's not true, the CP spam does not come through TOR.

Every board owner and volunteer for that matter will be able to tell you this. See, TOR has a specific ID (000000) which can be seen by any board mod, even on boards without IDs. The CP spam never comes through that associated IP. Any of the hundreds of mods on this site (or anyone who has ever been a mod) will be able to tell you that. Everyone knows.

TOR is not the cause of the CP shitters. This is not up for debate. Jim is either incompetent or malicious for suggesting it is.

I don't know what I expected but I was still let down.

What has that got to do with tranny restrooms in South Carolina?

Fair enough. Anyone who uses the Facebook hidden service is already de-anonymized, though. It's not for hiding your identity from the server, but from intermediaries.


Trump says it sounds expensive. I agree with Trump. Man, you need a nose job. What is that a beak?

I'm a board owner and this is exactly what I find. I have genuine users on tor and CP spam from VPNs.

Are the .pl guys shilling their shit again?

I haven't seen any of them for a while.

Hey Ron, Alacrity is screwing up again. Only people using mod.php can see this page updating right now. In other words, only those responding to posts from down to at least here.

pl is Czaks' instance of Infinity and Hotwheels helped him to install it. Bedserver is simply sperging out and doesn't know shit. Same goes for imkampfy who had the idea of filtering that instance's url.

I have the same bug elsewhere and no way of fixing it myself.

Everything is updating fine for me and I'm not using any mod.php stuff. I'm running dollchan script though

Wait, how could a userscript possibly fix a server bug like this?

Thank you for fixing the server.
It is updating for me now too.

I have 2 questions.
which 'rite' are you?
what does the G stand for?

I am getting a lot of server errors

It just doesn't give up after a single fail tbh

There is a dollchan script. It seems to be fixing the problem for other people.
If this does not fix your problem. Please explain your error in detail.
York rite.

I have never seen this board so fast.

In b4 spooky marketing. Its the freemason's shtick after all:

Everything is a little faster. I don't think we are over the mountain yet however.

Thanks for the bug report, but it seems to work fine for me and I never use mod.php.

Im constantly browsing Holla Forums and rarely see 502 errors now. They are still happening and a refresh gets rid of it. I am still looking for ways to reduce and/or eliminate the 502s.

Nah, that is Heavy Metal. I also enjoy Heavy Metal. The Freemasons are mostly about charity and helping children out.

Nein Bernd, das kann man so nicht übersetzen. Das nächstbeste wäre "we are not ouf the woods yet"

It's back to normal now, but it was definitely broken for about 20 mins. I had the same problem in a thread on Holla Forums earlier today.

We are not over the mountain yet.

I think it could be God, Grand or Goyim

Holla Forums is very fast


are you a pedo?
why do lodges have black and white checker floors and is there a special handshake?

are you a satanist?


Or out of the woods yet for that matter.

Now this bug has returned.

Or out of the woods yet for that matter.


There is a "Could not purge" error when posting now.

Admit it, you never fixed anything. You just said you did while you jacked off.
Site is as broken as always.


Jim reeks of moot's arrogance, but without his teenage weeb autism. I weep for the future of this site, if the pig farmer is the one pulling the strings.

did we freeze again?

what the fuck this site was working fine for me until today

what the fuck this site was working fine for me until today
fix your shit RRREEEEEEEEEE

I'm getting a bunch of "could not purge" errors, anybody else getting these?

Don't you guys love how Jim refused to address my video? Or deny that he is a evil fuck?

• Demanding a majority equity stake for hosting this site on literally 2ch's trash.
• Refusing to open source his ad software
• Failing to honor his privacy policy
• Failing to contradict any of the points I brought up in the video

Just play it in VLC or get a plugin which supports mp4.

Oh the irony, a Holla Forums volunteer contradicting (((Jim)))

See , Handbrake was only using like 20% of my cores to encoding 4k video. It was a 15GB file originally.

Things to read:

Any book by Robert Anton Wilson.

I might be late here, but the Holla Forums catalog just stopped updating.

haha oh wow even I've done this and I know jack shit

What the fuck is this?


I keep getting this, failed to purge
fix it

When I try to post it says 'could not purge'

When I try to post it says 'could not purge'

error count: 7



Things to read:

Any book by Robert Anton Wilson.

#581620 was me, but I only posted once instead of spamming "New Reply" like the other fag.

fuck no


These are novelized LSD trips, not serious literature on freemasonry or the Illuminati. They are fun, but not that useful. A hacker named Karl Koch took that serious and look what happened to him.

Why should he? This thing was closed source from the get go. And he doesn't need to contradict you, because what you are saying is retarded. You are on the brink of sperging out.


could a man be any more based? Josh is a hero of the internet.


Josh is a pig as a bunker watch when it crashes hard just like 8ch

Come to the end

Learn to link other boards.
Also >>>/oven/

Is it huge because of the audio, or are you just really in love with that font?

Well said. Don't forget that he may or may not have killed Hotwheels. has a 350MB file limit and no posting errors but it's full of CP

he chopped Hotwheel's legs off and fed his legs to the pigs and let Hotwheels to die

I won't blame you. You couldn't help being a pleb, even if you tried.

Don't forget, you will forever live the consequences of your taste.


... has no CP any more. Like 95% of spam on endchan has been killed.

but the userbase is microscopic

The audio was a 128kbps M4A file downloaded from youtube. Apple's ProRes video codec uses a ton of space for 4k 60fps video.

Here's the burger side of the KGB hack.

Illuminatus is a interesting fragment of Hippie culture, but taking it serious make you sperg out so hard that you write history.

Meanwhile, even Lynx is mystified why you have lost users, because the Software works and the biggest board was filled with the very users that started it.

Josh truly did his part.

Thanks blessed Josh

top pleb

60 fps for a text video, thats a paddling from /a/.

Get the fuck out Holla Forums. Your apocalypse won't come. Just go back to were you can sperg about Buffaloes and 2hus.

So join us and you can help build a better chan with more people.

It's already here, friend. We are posting in the post-apocalypse currently.


do you have any rare Joshuae?

I know your just josh without the tripcode m8
I hate Holla Forums



Not really m8, here have this

lel, bad shoop >>>/trash/
have a better one here

You do realize I have a windows box too?


Data syncing is by default enabled.
Browsing history and open websites.
Apps settings.
WiFi hotspot names and passwords.
Your device is by default tagged with a unique advertising ID.
Used to serve you with personalized advertisements by third-party advertisers and ad networks.
Cortana can collect any of your data.
Your keystrokes, searches and mic input.
Calendar data.
Music you listen to.
Credit Card information.
Microsoft can collect any personal data.
Your identity.
Interests and habits.
Usage data.
Contacts and relationships.
Location data.
Content like emails, instant messages, caller list, audio and video recordings.
Your data can be shared.
When downloading Windows 10, you are authorizing Microsoft to share any of above mentioned data with any third-party, with or without your consent.

Microsoft is part of NSA's mass surveillance program "PRISM":

Microsoft informs the NSA about bugs before fixing them:

Microsoft openly offeres cloud data to support PRISM:

Microsoft has backdoored its disk encryption: ·

Windows snoops on the users' files, text input, voice input, location, contacts, calendar records and web browsing history, even after related settings are turned off: · ·

I think I have to get an industrial trash can to accommodate people like you


top kek, have a look at this are you posting Joshuae on a winshit computor?

codemonkey, I just spammed the text on Holla Forums. I do have to say I was able to do it very rapidly compared to the past few months.

not josh

Get the fuck out of this board.

Yes, but i'm using vista :^)


but continue posting rare RMS and Joshuae


This is a bad deal. How can I renegotiate my exploitation for an even exchange?

Hey bedserver san, can I request Holla Forums BO?

I need to try this

I'd give my valuable information in exchange of getting rid of my virginity. Can someone create a company with that business model?

Why did you put text video in 4k? Why is it at 60 fps?

Because it is current year

The human eye can't see more than 24 frames per second anyway.


He has none, i can tell the difference between 60fps and 120fps monitors just with the mouse cursor.

can you post a screencap?

sauce on the image you dumb faggot


I have a 40" 4k display hooked up now, I used to have a 22" 120hz (Samsung 2233RZ)

You're going to mess up your eyes user

I laughed.
It's from Danganronpa if that's what you mean.

I said screencap pls. press the PrtSc button on your keyboard and look in your Pictures library/folder then upload it here.

your going to fuck up your eyes

I bought it mainly for gaming and then realized afterwards it actually makes me a lot worse because of how much shit devs put around the edges of the screen, and how far it is in my peripheral vision - especially problematic when you develop tunnel vision playing vidya.


Dude, I fucked my eyes up last year using a 42" tv as my monitor. Don't do it, I'm still having to deal with it. Sometimes my eyes dart around since that's what I had to do to be aware of everything on the screen. Get yourself a proper monitor and don't repeat my mistake.


Either Jim or Holla Forums mods confirmed for being butthurt as fuck. They deleted my thread to prevent Holla Forums from hemorrhaging even more users.

pretty logical tbh



And yet threads like these still exist, and aren't even auto-saged
>>>Holla Forums5806927

Doesn't matter, i'll continue to post this video for months. Its like they dont know about DHCP.

I bet you like thomas the tank engine.

an autist to surpass all autists?!

Jesus Christ

Interestingly it is quasi deleted. I'm guessing this isnt normal. I can't post to the thread, it says deleted, and it doesn't show in the catalog, but I can access it via the link manually.


If you have been thrown out of Holla Forums, you managed to post something that is so obviously unrelated to politics that even bonehead like its BO doesn't see any connection. Try /cow/. They are all about autism.

that's a bug, I wonder when that started happening and if it's been happening to the CP spam threads

They want to censor it so Holla Forums d>>581763
No, its that Iamkamphy has word filtered because they refused to give him BO of Holla Forums there and is massively butthurt about it.

wow is really dead

Why do you think they're shilling like crazy right now?
This is like when those faggots from Masterchan and Endchan kept begging everybody to use their sites instead.

And something strange is happening when uploading that movie again, its going slow as fuck, but is still sending tons of data. Upstream bandwidth usage drops back to almost 0 once the post errors out. Either codemonkey's code is broken or this is a weird new ban system.


uploading this video worked fine though

Great, just ignore the fact that .pl uses the same code and will eventually run into the same problems.

Press F12 faggot

nevermind im just retarded and uploading a large version of it

m8 I was not talking about .pl that will crash and burn like this place

post again and archive as proof

how the fuck am I supposed to archive a post attempt? you do realize you can do all of this yourself?

You the 100 that left to

Go to pol and post "" and see how its been word filtered. The BO (Iamkamphy) on got massively butthurt that czaks wouldn't give him BO of Which is a good thing because he is constantly deleting and autosaging good posts like weev's mass nazi printing

The logs that should proof something only affect /cuteboys/ and look debug shit.

Why are we still using this shitty software?
Take a look at
They are light years ahead of this place.
Even when used via TOR

I just tried making a post here, and the page reloaded with a sys.8ch url..

What is this shit? Where did my post go?







top kek, they posted a screencap of my joshuae OC


But that's not even true.

I know and masterchan will not let me download pics from there, it says 503 forbidden.

And that place is spooky as hell, I keep seeing ghost.


Please, is just a big one.

I went to masterchan once when I was looking for a bunker during the Jewsh migrations.

Noped out of there so fast lmao

lel I went there way the shit back before the exodus (might have been when /r9k/ got deleted) and hit random board half a dozen times, last three of which were cp boards. Noped, closed tab, cleared history, deleted browser, reset modem, repartitioned, installed gnu/linux, changed name and emigrated to somalia from where I now post.
Ooga booga what a shithole.

Is it just me or is the front page of Holla Forums frozen?




Let us have a minute of silence in remembrance of Hotwheels.

RIP Fredrick Brennan
cripplekike gave up on Holla Forums for some nigger emojis


hey hey i just came here from reddit, whos this wheelsguy?

A cripple who still lives and who is still the admin of that place. Buckle up and lurk more! This ride is going to be bumpy.

fish, line, sinker, rod, reel, angler, his stool, lunchbox and phone, car, wife, house, soul and weedstash: all in one.

Baiting the /cow/tist isn't too hard, also he's like the only one who seriously uses exclamation points. Be sure to talk about IRC logs and he'll correct you about some stupid shit.


How did you bait anyone by replying to the most obvious bait ever created?

Still not quadratic.

I didn't bait anyone. I was just pointing out that he was interacting with the /cow/tist. It's very easy to spot due to his mental illness.

Even if that were true, it's an embarassing function.

Can someone please explain logically why 9/10 posts are against this guy pointing this stuff out?

So far the only thing I've seen posted in response is how much of an autist he is. If he's wrong, why isn't he being proved wrong? If he's right, then why try to discredit what he's saying with pure ad hominem?

Tfw you believe joshy lies. If it were that easy, they could have easily spot it, eg. by looking at php's queue.

No one answered this.
Why is it if I'm on the middle of a thread, and I want to goto the bottom or top, I have to scroll the whole way? On Masterchan, all I have to do is click the up or down arrow..

Because the only people left here are diehard Holla Forums shills. They won't address those issues seriously.

No seriously, stay here on broken chan. We don't need any more of your austic users.

That's because they added their own keyboard shortcuts that override existing keybindings.
Use ctrl+home and ctrl+end. Works everywhere.

You have to understand that most people who post here now are either uncritical due to either holding stake in a community or just dicksuckers, the kind you'd see with moot.

See, It doesn't matter that the Infinity leaked IP addresses 1+ year(s) due to a user CSS bug. It doesn't matter that there's publicly hosted syslog dumps of user IP addresses, and so on.
But when some fat faggot turns on debugging on a development site, the same retards who shit up /cow/ with 15 threads about said fat faggot whip the site into a frenzy.

No one cares because Hotwheels and Jim can do no wrong.
Hotwheels dindu nuffin.

At this point I think those E5's of his would be put to good use setting up a new site, but no one here would come because they have stake.
Considering most of the people here are the type of people who stayed here even when the site had 30+ second response times, there's probably nothing Hotwheels or Jim could do that'd get them to leave. And again, most have stake in communities.

This place is pretty bad, I had a better technical discussion on Holla Forums last night than I've seen on Holla Forums in two months.

Are you a markov-chain spambot, or genuinely this dumb?

Do you even know what quadratic is?

Holla Forums is a fun board. Not the best board for actual high level tech-tier discussion but still fun.
I however agree with most of the rest you wrote.

It certainly isn't iterating once over a set of data using two loops.

We never wanted to go to your fucking site in the first place, the only reason we know about it is because your users kept fucking plugging it here.

That's not true. specifically pointed out something wrong with something he said on the pastebin. Bedchan-san never answered it.


That's not what quadratic complexity means.

Not really seeing why a few glitches here and there are worth throwing a hissy fit over.

That's right.

It is, both loops' bounds increase when the data size increases.

But mods DO decide who they ban. /a/ is the best example of rulecuck random mods.
If you post something the pocketeers on /a/ don't like they will call it "cancer" and permaban you and delete all your posts.
But please keep sucking 8chans cock

Posting seems to be working. So the conversation moves to something less relevant.

More specifically, if you're using two loops to iterate over something, but the inner loop is constant (over a fixed-size array), then it's linear [O(n)]. In cripplekike's code, you can see that the bounds on both loops increase when the image's dimension increases on both width and length - that's quadratic.

josh, you had a lot of time to debug the thing. this type of performance hog is very easy to catch though. you could for example see the http log.



I didn't know Holla Forums was filled with so many comedians today. You were just pretending to be retarded, right?

Gosh user you are so smart. Do you hold a degree in extended webdevving?

Holy shit you fucking idiot it's a captcha the image size is constant

Which means the size of the input is also increasing quadratically.

what is a post limit on Holla Forums? when are we to create a new thread?


I came over here a few months before the first Holla Forums exodus, and I've stuck by it through whatever crap the site's been through since then too. That doesn't mean I'm going to stick around an extremely shady site. I get that people, especially young neets, practically treat websites as a place of residence, but people move all the time!
Chan culture is an abstract sub-culture, it's not going to die with any one website. Shouldn't all of the one-site fags learned that after leaving halfchan?

Theoretically it keeps constant, but the alghorithm itself is quadratic. It's like yopu saying that bubblesort is O(1) for arrays of fixed size.

No. Quadratic means that the complexity increases quadratically when the input's size increases linerarly.

Yes. So the function is linear since you're talking about increasing the input quadratically and the time increasing quadratically as well.

No, the post eating shit was really easy to deal with.
They weren't ever gone, just delayed.
I seriously don't get why so many people has such a problem with this concept.

I remember when i couldn't even access chan for weeks because of antalk DDOS and a virus being spread by a porn spammer that turned everyone who clicked the link into a botnet to keep DDOSing 4chan. That never made me leave, in fact I religiously kept trying to access 4chan every single day, going to 711chan /w/ board and being banned thanks to those hotpockets. Just because an imageboard has a few posting issues is not enough to make me leave and if someone can provide hard proof that jim is the menace you say he is then I will not move.

I migrating once before because of moots Holla Forums shenanigans and left to 4chon back when STI still had the place running well, then I feel into hard times with no internet for a year and came back to a dead 4chon, no choice but to go back to halfchan, then the Jessi Slaughter thing happened, anyone who even mentioned her name got a ban on Holla Forums, this was a first, then GamerGate happened.

I dont think I'll leave this site anytime soon.

That makes more sense tbh, but if what he said (about 8ch's IP's still being visible) was true, then why still did the attacks stop?

Lizard squad wasn't, and isn't, the only group to provide that service.

It could just be because SJW's are naturally retarded and don't realize that, but the timing is still coincidental. Is it not?

Easier than the shit eating posters, anyway.

Good times.

No, and it's really irrelevant because he should've just called the wave filter in ImageMagick and called it a fucking day instead of manipulating every pixel in an image.
It's embarassing code.

Post tits.

you are the true cancer

Guys, are there any other drama related threads? I saw those:

plz crosslink more


get out

Ban americans from using internet when?

Hi Holla Forums. When this is over you get a special mention you won't like.

That's great and all, but the point is that they can do no wrong. AT spam for weeks is a bit different than the site shitting itself for a year.
The overall, arching point is that there's an admin clique and that the admins can do no wrong. It's also stronger than before because board moderation is offloaded to the users, so they have less potential to fuck up.
It really doesn't matter. Maybe someday I'll find a board that isn't filled with cross-boarding retards from Holla Forums who can't shut the fuck up about operating system flamewars and so on.

new thread please

Please don't deflect from that fact that I was totally spot on. You're very identifiable.

can you... like... not... ??

Windows is a definitely better system than Linux, because it is able to run .exe binaries without a need of emulator. It will soon be also able to run Linux binaries. Why would we need Linux then?

But Oyyman is not a problem, right?

You too, but as a user group. Piss easy to spot everywhere.


There's no such thing as binaries in 2015. Modern systems all operate with the concept of a byte, so .exe files are all 256-aries these days.

Who's oyyman? Your imaginary friend that has autism just like you?

what happened this thread?

anything new to add to the OP?

pretty sure that's some Holla Forums namefag


Black fucking magic(kek).


moar liek

The correct term is compatibility layer, you little shit.

Ironic shitposting aside this place is pretty bad.

those ads must've cost a ton, they've been up on all boards for ages

A (((kike)) is fine too.

Quality decreased quadratically.

When you think about it, josh is really our julian assange.

I wish. We wouldn't have any meta cancer if he were like me. Instead he is much, much worse.

yes and Holla Forums is our wikileaks

yeah, wild ride in this thread

I just leave that here:

Users of a lame /jp/ clone called are sperging out.

that link is broken

just note how FAST we can shitpost

I thought it was warosu?

yeah, last time we visited Holla Forums it was slow as hell

what about lynxchan?

Yes, they are from that place. They can't return though. Warosuki had enough of their pedo streams.

Undead thread.

Its like watching Mr Hands getting raped to death by a horny stallion.

josh doesn't approve

don't worry stephenlynx, there are many people who like your software, like us, Holla Forums :3

It's called infinity next because it's never now.

infinity next is webscale, it scales well over qubic fields of posts over threads over boards

He almost got done with the over boards thing

I was thinking about taking Next's schema with sqlx and reimplementing the whole project in golang.
Apparently html/template has nested templating now too.

Next actually scales pretty well vertically for a large PHP application with little to no optimization. And horizontally through a dedicated caching servers.



Holla Forums fam, where is a shill thread on our internal board? isn't it us who shitpost here???

nice try shlomo

So he'd be spending his time correcting people on log formats and sperging out over every board instead of just "funposting"?

Did you guys see the latest IRC leaks?


Funposting is pretty fun, it's my favourite activity.

is funpostig another way to call shitposting? xD

Yeah mate, it's quite like it.

Funposting is to shitposting as fun drugs are to medical drugs.

let's talk about it, it seems quite interesting

Jim, fix your shit up.

Jim, why did you leak the user IPs?

That's twitter my friend. I am just ROM here at the moment. Watching the posting work flawlessly.

Can you at least remove the database dumps from your servers, please?

Jim, we love your work on Holla Forums :3. Please keep that up :3


As I said; Piss easy to spot everywhere.

man, leaking the user ip addresses may put them at serious risk, don't you think?

Hey jim, can you tell hotwheels to update his twatter?

It would do really good for the morale of the site unless he likes being ded, so whatever floats his boat.

how can i donate to 2chan and Holla Forums??

So how long until it needs to be fixed again when you gain back the 1.5k+ users you lost?

JIM! JIM, man! I love Holla Forums because Holla Forums loves free speech. Supporting Tor is a very good cause for that, because some people live in areas where political correctness is enforced. Would you think about that? :3

Maybe we just open up Tor for Australia and UK users? Is that what you are saying?

It's like you want to open the gate for babylon

I don't think that's possible, sensei. You either support free speech for everyone or for no one.

This. Beware of the babylon horese.

You are right.






i am sick and tired of shit not working on this fucking site


Jewsh leaked the login for the database

Yeah thats a pain. I agree. Ill ask fred if he can make something to help that.

Or just tell users to not be retards and Home and End keys

Don't change that, fuck the lazy. That's how imageboards always worked, why change that?

I prefer this way. I sometimes use the arrow keys for scrolling. I use ctrl+home and ctrl+end for the top and bottom of the page.

as if the wave filter doesnt manipulate every pixel

20 dollars a day for full site ad. Thats nothing for trump, and hes got a huge user base here, so totally worth it

Buy an ad

Doesnt work well on phone though. Id like those scroll buttons for shitposting on my phone

On blackberries you hit the T or B keys on the keyboard to do the same thing. I can only assume Android and iOS have similar features.

heh, public access to /inc/ and /tools/

No one is going to care about you or your objections while there is no better alternative. Czaks is part of the same clique so .pl is IRC-pozzed too. If you're not going to actually make Bedchan, quit attention-whoring, and if you are, give us a progress update.

So you never actually fucking post on Holla Forums is what I'm hearing.

So go to /aneki/ or make your own splinter board. How do you still not get the way Holla Forums works?

Can we get a ban on this fag?