Scraping junk

I got a new 4TB hard drive to fill.
Anyone know some fun things I can scrape, opendirectories or Bittorrent sync addresses.
Just give me something to fill the void.

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Link to latest db download

No pictures, just text and page formatting


For actually reading the dump you just downloaded

That's a good start. thanks
Got any dank memes? You know real information is always good to have but I just need a small portion of emad in it as well.

What do I look like to you? A meme bank? If I could find a decent stash of dank memes I would have it done and downloaded by now kiddo


Some open directories

Fill it with warez, go to and join #elitewarez

Seems legit. Thanks!

thanks fam

I know this is not exactly relevant to your question, but I have to interject.

BitTorrent Sync is one of the shadiest programs ever. They monitor your files and want to push a subscription onto you. Syncthing is a lot better open source alternative with extremely active development and community. It is a command line program, but there are also front-ends available for it. I have been using it for a year and donated 3 times already. Changed my digital life.

Fill it with copies of old leaks like the RECAP database. The older they are, the more danger they're in of disappearing off the net.

Gentoomen Library
The Ar/k/ >>>/k/317148
a couple chunks of Library Genesis

Download all this:

Library Genesis is pretty important.
>>>/eternalarchive/ as well.

What a waste of money.

I'm shocked the guy who made that pic actually signed it

So got any keys?

€160 something that can be binge drinked on a weekend.
If you don't buy apple products you have more money to "waste"
What do you suggest I do with it,eh?

Use it as a redundancy drive

I already have off-site backups and RAID inplace, this is bought with hoarding in mind.

It's a pretty long video. There should ba a torrent under the downloads tab.

So got any keys?

Be a good human bean, run [email protected]

cryptome archive


A proper F.L.O.S.S. mirrors, e.g. Gnu *BSD, Linux, softsource & github, etc.


Seriously, if nothing else, mirror 4tb of libgen.

Enjoy alcohol poisoning, liver damage, and death faggot.

Other than the obvious Wikipedia + books + porn combination: Preserve anything niche enough that it might disappear in the near future. Atari Jaguar games, tucows programs, interactive CD-ROM collections, HyperCard mailing lists, PC component manuals, IRC logs, BBS archives, technical manuals, imageboard posts like this one...

Greets to 2096, hope you guys aren't more retarded than we were.

This is a 3.3 GB tarball of 30,000 books from Project Gutenberg:
Most of them are xz-compressed plain text.

May I suggest

Flush post.

I would suggest the 1.4TiB GOG dump.


top KEK my friend

If you wanted pain you should have just asked me, sissy.

your retarted m8

Why not just delete your data now and skip the wait.

The biggest tape commercially available is 6 tb, the tapes cost $150 (same cost as a 6tb hdd) and the drives cost > $3,000. They read/wright at 300 MB/s, average access time is 50 seconds. They can only be read from or written to about 40 times before they become very unreliable.

Tape drives are not commercially advantageous except for medium duration archival purposes as the tapes are designed to last at least 15 years in proper storage. They are also used in some industries to satisfy regulatory requirements.

I had to research the fuck out of them after my boss decided that we needed to use them for reasons. Managed to convince him to just go with a nice new nas sas system for our archiving needs instead. One thing to note that really threw him through a loop is that the drives are 6 tb but the manufacturers label them as 15 tb because they are assholes and assume you only feed them nice compressible data and all that compression they do is some magic that you cant do on your own and they get to claim this assumed savings as extra capacity.

Woah, really? That's some bullshit. Oh well, I'm sure all 15 companies who buy them are already aware.

Really, its like the kind of bullshit that might work on my grandma but I doubt that many people in the industry who may actually use it would be fooled, and would be pissed if they where. Corse I can imagine the asshat who thought it was 15 tb and is still convinced its a good deal because it was his idea and he pushed it though to the shagrin of everyone around him so he's gotta stay stubernly convinced that it was a good expenditure. I can just imagine how he enplanes why the encrypted or compressed data they are storing is not getting 15tb per cassette.

Search for big ebook torrents.

I'll do you one better