Do you have covered laptop camera?

Do you have covered laptop camera?

Yes, at this point you have to be retarded not to do that. If you want to do that, here's the best way (so that it's removable and doesn't gunk up your camera):
Cut out a small square of kitchen paper, and cut out a small strip of electrical tape a little smaller than size of the bezel on your monitor then put the square of kitchen paper in the center of your tape on the sticky side and then place it over your camera. They shouldn't be able to see anything.


yeah everyone covers them nowadays

even normies understand that turning things off at a software level isn't really turning hardware off

I cannot for the life of me figure out why I would fucking ever want a camera pointed at my face while using a computer anyway. So yes.

But what about the built-in microphone?

The best option would be to take a piece of cardboard larger than webcam and block the webcam and then stick the tape over them. Can be easily removed for use and blocked again.

nobody cares about your cum face when you jerk off to gay furry traps

That's what someone who cares about my cum face when i jerk off to gay furry traps would say.

There was a time that I cared, but if I'm dumb enough to get infected by a virus it doesn't really matter now does it?

No, I'm not retarded
I don't need to cover it to be safe


my laptop doesn't have a webcam lel.
x60s master race


i just unplugged mine along with the mic and speaker.

That would imply I have a craptop.

Covering the camera with tape looks like shit, so I just pull a paper bag over my face.

Opening the case would void the warranty. But yes, that would be the best choice, unless you ever want to use the camera again.

muh sides

Assuming for a min that a tech company is using your camera to spy on my slack jawed neckbeard face, I have to ask: why?

What can they possibly use that data for? Making aggregate models of boring human faces to create boring android sex bots?

*my camera

I was trying to be polite halfway through.

Enjoy being able to move your computer when the big guys come after you.

They are big for you.

As an exhibitionist, I'd like to say that PRISM is the best thing that ever happened to me.


No because that just looks weird. What I want to do is open it up and just cut the wire.

My main reason too. There's really nothing of interest they could see anyway, unless they like watching me jerk off on occasion, but that cyclops staring me in the face just annoys me.

No, I'm not a fucking normie. I know every single package installed on my computer, and if I wanted to disable my webcam I'd compile my kernel without the driver.


Or you just put a piece of tape over it you dumb fuck.


But user, why would I let some NSA cuck look at me and mai pure, innocent, husbandu?

Have you heard of drive by infection kid?

I've seen even some normies do it before with electrical tape, postage stamps, or cut address labels. Some laptops also have webcam shutters, but sadly not many do.

What am I looking at?


I've only used my webcam like twice but it does indeed have a mechanical shutter AND a bright yellow light to indicate when it's recording.

Videoconferencing, talking to people over VOIP services that have video chat, being one of those faggots that records their narcissistic face when making a video blog or doing a facecam overlay on a videogame video, there are a lot of uses for webcams if you aren't an autistic shut-in. None that wouldn't be done better with an external webcam you can unplug when you're not using it.

If you're breaking the law (and it's not some bullshit law that shouldn't be there in the first place) you're nigger-tier and deserve what comes to you. Also,

No. My x200 has an LED used to light up my keyboard in place of the webcam. Less botnet.


Yes, I don't like it when (((they))) watch me.