ITT: TFW you add

ITT: TFW you add

to PS1

looks like shit

so 1337 I'm impressed

To what end?

this thread is dumb. how about dump your $PS1
mine is just
[\[email protected]\h \W]\$
because i never got around to ricing it before i switched to fish

OK. I guess this thread is now a PS1 general.

I haven't changed mine from the default yet, but I want to change the root one to look like black and yellow stripes with exclamation marks for caution. It's already obvious enough if I'm using root, but I thought it would look cool and have a real purpose.

%2~ $(vcs_status)»%b

Zsh walter.

I use fish and I have
[email protected] /path/to/cwd (git status)
The dollar goes after a newline.

PS1="\[\033[35m\]╭|╮\n╰|╮\n╰|╯ \[\033[m\]"


Why are you using a POSIX incompatible special snowflake shell?

Because bash is trash and zsh is trash for inheriting a big part of its syntax.
Fish is a breath of fresh air and I don't feel like killing myself every time I need to write some script.

this entire thread is unsalvageable


Mine is:
PS1='\$ '

Am I one of the cool kids yet?

4/10 for minimalism and no bloat



i think it's fine, if you can keep two variables in your head instead of PS1 handholding.

prompt='; '

PS1='\[\033[00;01m\] \w \[\033['$(($UID % 7 + 30))'m\]$\[\033[00m\] 'PROMPT_DIRTRIM=3

PS1='; '
PS2=' '

fish is just nicer. they discarded some stuff to make a better shell but nothing of value was lost

rc masterrace.
mksh/pdksh for POSIX compatibility.

/home/jubileu > ls this_does_not_existls: cannot access 'this_does_not_exist': No such file or directory▲ 2 /home/jubileu >