Why not sparc?

Why does no one use this?

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That sounds like it would be a lot of fun to look into. Probably very useful for someone wishing to get into hardware design.

Wait, so if that's totally free hardware, why the fuck aren't we on that? Are efforts like LowRISC and OpenPower just technically better?

Wtf, that's badass.
Aw fuck. Not again.

That's the reason no one is using this? Oracle gives people the creeps? Isn't the point of free licensing that that shouldn't matter? Unless there's a CLA or something. And sounds like they went all-out to make the source useful.

Almost nothing supports it (even fucking OpenIndiania doesn't) and these are really obsolete compared to the newer SPARCs or Power.

It's cool but too old now.

No Sun open sourced the design and I can bet you my left nut that Oracle tried to close it just like they did with literally every other project they bought from sun.

Sun were bros and I love that they died with dignity, now IBM are the new bros(even though they started the blob only distribution model) with OpenPOWER, something that can actually fight with a high spec xeon per thread.

It's new, 100% blobless firmware and if you're insane enough, can flip endianess.


Why dont i use some no name trash open sores cpu that is miles behind billion dollar big name tech?

I don't think Oracle deserves credit for such an awesome thing. I'll have to read more about these, because it sounds fucking awesome, but I'm not too enthusiastic about its future (if there is one).

This so hard.

Sun also had cool logo unlike oracle shit.


Daily reminder that Oracle is cancerous and this video should be mandatory viewing for all those who might have to deal with Oracle.

Because they are ether unavailable or very expensive.
Because companies do not see that they can profit by making those at large scale.
They cannot see any profit because they do not see enough people willing to buy those CPUs.
People are not willing to buy CPUs if they cannot run their favorite programs on it.
Users cannot run those programs because they are proprietary, preventing users from recompiling them for new architectures.
We cannot have cool new CPUs because FLOOS adoption is not high enough.

tl;dr: we need year of Linux desktop in order to move away from x86 to something better

What is point of having 'free' PC when you cannot install Gentoo on it?

You can. Tpearson just hasn't bothered to do it yet

RISC-V is better.

and projects are coming. I'm hyped.

That's a bug, not a feature. Even x86 can run in reverse mode.

Are these early risc-v processors going to have reasonable performance?

Because it's fucking garbage.


Did you just now notice this?

no bully pls

no, at least lowRISC won't.
as a SBC it's probably gonna be slower than your average ARM board, but that's just because the RISC-V only covers basic instructions at this point. SIMD instructions still are in design process, but the RISC-V ISA as a whole is cleaner and has the potential to beat mainstream architectures big time in the future.