What can I do against corrosive see air Holla Forums?

What can I do against corrosive see air Holla Forums?
Due to unforeseen circumstances regarding my job, I've got to live really near a beach right now, and that's eating away all my components, in mere 2 years my video card had corroded itself to death already, as did my motherboard.
What cna I do against it?
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Chuck a bunch of water absorbent material like silica gels inside I suppose.

that or spray WD40 on it


You'll have to do one of those oil builds.

One of those what now?

Depends on how far you're willing to go
If you really wanted, you could make your computer room airtight and circulate air through a filter.

ya don't do that. wd40 is flammable


Hey OP the guy is referring to mounting a mobo into a tank and filling it with mineral oil. Since mineral oil is non conductive it's possible to make a working computer without any air touching your parts.

Never seen them oil builds?
has the right idea.

It's a pain in the ass, but it's p. much dust/corrosive resistant. And prolly pretty cool.

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It doesn't seem that expensive, but it's a pain to set up overall and the creators aren't willing to sell ready-for-use kits, nor do they convert old PCs, so meh, not worth it.
ANything else I should keep an eye?

I hope it burns your house down


I hope it burns you down.


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This or a mineral oil system is your best bet.

You obviously must be doing something retarded with air regulation in the house, I'm 30m away from the ocean and I dont have any corrosion issues on any electronics indoors. Time to look into better sealing on your windows.

I live on the first floor of this building though.

I have my office on the top floor of my house where salt spray washes up on the windows and veranda.
Doesn't really matter where you are in the building.
Do you own the apartment/building? Get some silicon glue for your windows.
If not then complain to the owner to do some maintenance, cause you shouldn't be getting corrosion.
I do have a friend down the road with a sort of similar issue but it was just his house was a shitty fibro 60s house that needed some serious work.

Do you have a closet nearby? Presumably it will have much less ventilation and sea spray in the air.

Put it in there and use long cables, you get a really silent computer as a bonus.

Solder zinc anodes onto your components.

Alternatively, reducing air humidity might help. Air conditions do that.

Do a liquid cooled build with an external radiator and seal the case

Wouldn't this overheat the PC?

Is that a blacklight? Is it for coolness or what


>see air

wow fam get some glasses

A closet has relatively large surface area and it's not like the door is airtight so there will be some convection as well.

Unless it's some overclocked monster 10 degrees away from crashing it shouldn't matter. I've had servers in a closet which also had the central heating boiler for years.

buy some camphor that would be used in a tool chest and stick it in your case