Piss off Holla Forums

ITT: We try to piss off Holla Forums as much as possible, I'll start.

I use google chrome on windows 10 everyday

come at me faggots

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haha nice xD

I think you won by posting this bullshit thread

I use apple products

I use ms office to write documents

I use cloud storage

I think linux is shit on desktops

I use google services

I use systemd and I like it.

I also use Ableton Live in a VM.

I watch netflix

What is the point? This thread is like throwing gasoline on the sun.

I use proprietary drivers

I use:
*Windows 10
*I fucking love Google.
*Use YouTube pretty much every single day
*I use an IPhone with google apps
*Have adobe products
*Make websites in PHP
*Use Skype every fucking day
*Have iTunes installed and running in the background
*Use notepad++
*Use an IDE
and a shit tone more

I don't have a thinkpad

I leave the telemetry on windows 10 set to full

I have steam installed on my computer

I don't agree with richard stallman

I use google apps on my android phone

I leave javascript activated on my browser

I write flash games.


I don't genuinely believe in the botnet meme.

I read borrowed library ebooks which have drm on them.

You get what you pay for.

Right now the is some sperg taking a heart attack.

I don't use adblocker on all websites.

Java is deservedly the most popular language.

I actually really like BASIC and COBOL.

ZX Spectrum > BBC Micro > Commodore 64

I wrote code for Infinity

Women make better coders than men as they do not aggressively push their ideas as superior to others, which is a source of conflict and stagnation in software development. How many different languages, operating systems and pieces of software which all solve the same problem do men have to create before the dick waving contest is over?

i go to game development school

Hey Holla Forumsies, I need your help.

My computer's about two years old and won't run the newest games that well, so I figure it's time for an upgrade. Right now I'm looking at the Alienware X51 on Dell.com, but since I've got a budget, I'm going for the $700 one. The Intel Core i3 seems pretty powerful.

It comes with 8GB of memory, which I think is really good. Should I go for the 16 or 32GB instead? I really need Battlefield to run as fast as possible.

I'm almost considering getting a Steam Machine from them instead. It's got everything I need except Windows, which is why I'm on the fence about it. Have to be able to run all of my games, after all.

Nah, too hard.


This actually triggered my autism.


Javascript is the future of programming languages and anybody who says otherwise is on the wrong side of history.

Proprietary software is okay to use.

Shouldn't be too hard to do.

Hi I'm the guy who had your job previously. I didn't leave any documentation at all.

We don't care about you fagt.

FOSS supporters in a nutshell.

Error 502

I work in tech, my title is "Developer Evangelist".

I work at a Windows-only MSP where we've been pushing our clients to cloud services. We use O365, and have converted about half of our clients that were running Exchange in-house. I personally use Windows 7 at home, run an ESXi box with a bunch of Windows Server 2008 and 2012 VMs. I only use google for research, and all of my non-pirated games are on Steam.

And even I think you're a filthy fucking faggot.

You work for some SaaS bullshit company, don't ya?

Jokes on you, I had to do without documentation on my very first job, so my standards are now so fucking low I'll feel BLESSED if I ever work in a project with documentation and meh/normal if I keep working on projects without documentation and with shitty ass confusing messy code.
It's like being thrown into the jungle as a baby

I don't know what SaaS means but I'm going to a python conference soon! GUUUURLS CAN CODE TOO!

I've heard this so many times unironically that I'm unable to laugh at it

1 4m l3610n

I enjoy the big bang theory, because it's just harmless fun.


Stallman's four freedoms are important things to consider, but they are not natural rights so they shouldn't be termed "freedoms", any more than free healthcare should be called "health freedom".


I can't code

show doesn't entertain me in the least, but it makes my old folks happy, i'm good with that

I know the point of this thread is to make people made but come on

I like technology
I'm happy with technology
I don't hate other people's software
I use the software I need depending on the circumstances, regardless of its license
I have my own indentation/coding style that, while still being readable, is non standard.
I don't hate any programming language and use what's more convenient depending on the circumstances.
I think people hate things too much on the internet
I call it Linux because it's easier and people already call it that way.

HFS+ is an excellent filesystem. If that were not the case, it would not have remained in use for 18 years and counting.



even code as a noun sounds cliche.

I'm currently studying computer science so I can make games in the future.

Java is a really good language. I don't understand why someone would want to waste their time with memory management when a virtual machine can do everything for you. Also I don't really see too much use in math in programming aside from discrete.

"omg i dont even get how you people use linux and windows lol im writing my blog posts and memoires on my mac bcuz its so much faster and easier and theres like, no lag on the interface-thingy so its way better"

I am far more sophisticated a developer than any C programmer because I code in a higher level language (Ruby), and they program in a lower level. My ability to manipulate complex abstractions makes me a rockstar, vs some low level code monkey.

I convert 128kbps MP3s to "high quality FLAC audio".


Please tell me people don't actually say this shit.

Only retards get upset about this. More paste = more coverage, and unless you plan on jerking off to your cpu you're only gonna see that paste when you next replace it. The mobo should be sat in a box, why are you jerking off to how it looks?

It doesn't really matter if its a non-conductive thermal compound, but if its a conductive one like arctic silver, your mobo is fucked.
as if you were serious

I'm mad that you think that would make me mad

Of course I'm serious. Why would you think otherwise? The only morons who care about THERMAL PASTE APPLICATION are retards who don't do anything serious with their computers.


Because electricity generates heat, you dumb shit.

Something does not need to be electrically conductive to be thermally conductive you fucking retard

0/10 kill yourself dipshit

2/10 bait, made me reply

Aside from the rockstar comment, I heard it once with my own ears.

Hey guys, I made a really cool node.js website I want to share with you.

Let me know what you think!!! XDDD

You fucked up.

Holy shit, you must be the biggest imbecile in this place.

Well now I feel like an idiot for taking more than 0.02s to get that one.

I use perl on windows
HTML is code
It will never be year of the Linux desktop
Linux is fine without gnu
FSF would be much better off with a less autistic, more charismatic leader than R MS
Open source is stupid because the code is rarely audited and thus imposes more security risks as hackers can identify exploits in code more easily than closed source


Redis should replace its "master" and "slave" terminology.

The summary is: master and slave have racial meanings (especially in North America, but also more generally) and it would be good to avoid them. Django went for primary and replica. I am not sure what makes the most sense for Redis.

Here's the problem with using words like "bro" (however jokingly): the problem is not with what you[0] are thinking when you read the word "bro", but with what other people, especially newcomers, are thinking. The locker-room atmosphere that stuff like this creates is a huge barrier to entry for a lot of people, women especially, who infer that on top of all the technically difficult stuff that everyone has to learn to be CS types, they'll also have to deal with a constant barrage of "you're not our kind" flung at them by the in-group. You personally may not be intending that as your message, but I assure you that your personal intent does not matter when you are using language that has been associated with exclusion and discrimination.[1]
The problem here, if this program is actually intended to be used, is that just typing in the command would be a constant reminder of an entire subculture that is widely seen as[2] putting up walls and doors that say "NO GIЯLS ALOUD" around the programming profession, an attempt to preserve privilege. Those of you suggesting an alias are either being disingenuous or missing the point entirely.
[0] Meaning individuals, of whatever gender/race/class/whatever, that are likely to be reading HN.
[1] If you don't believe me, ponder for a moment sentences like, "But I like Negroes just fine!" Language matters.
[2] Again, you might not mean to reference that when you use words like "brogrammer". But it's how an awful lot of us read it.

I am one of the 40 people on Tor that use it for legitimate use. AMA.

GNU is a pretty shitty OS tbh I'll just use Cygwin

GIMP is as good as Photoshop.

Nice shoop. I don't believe anyone is actually this retarded.

What's the matter fam?

I actually don't get the Sergio part.

I think that means I win the thread.

This may be difficult for you to understand (mental retardation and all that) but outside of your mothers basement and autism hugbox echochamber there are millions of people using Chrome and Windows 10 and there's nothing you can do about it :^)

admit it, you did this in a vm


My desktop environment is GNOME on Arch, and I use Chromium as my web browser.


I know it's great right?

this might be hard for you to understand but that toothpaste turd of thermal paste doesn't compact in size between the parts when you smash them together, it just shoots out the sides.

I really didn't, I just don't really care much for adblocks, even on bloated as fuck web pages. My computer isn't a slow turd
What ad blocker would you recommend though if you could? N-not for any particular reason or anything!


ublock origin. aside from making pages load faster and use less memory, the web just looks nicer and is easier to read without flashing banners in the middle of the page. plus less chance of malware shit and fake download buttons. it takes 2 seconds to install and there are no downsides


You will never get to be that comfy junior dev getting cozy spoon feedings.

But now you work somewhere less insane in a senior/architect role and have to give those cozy spoon feedings you never had while wondering if trial by fire would do them better.

What's wrong with notepad++? It just works

So, yeah, Lynx Browser is awesome guyze! How leet am I?

Testing Lynx Browser.

Caring about bloat is retarded on anything with at least 4 GB of RAM and at least two cores. Yes, that's standard now. Unless you're using a toaster, you might as well use KDE with all the fucking effects turned on and it doesn't fucking matter. RAM is there to be used, not to jerk off over by getting the lowest number possible.

next thing you screen cap your facebook wall

for one you replied to the wrong post. some of us use our computers for things other than light internet browsing. I'd be fucked if i wasn't running disconnect.me

You probably program in Ruby too

I've left a few shitposts in this thread, but here's one I'm serious about.

I really do like Apple laptops. While I use linux servers and even desktops often, I find nothing beats the experience of the Macbook Pro laptop.

Gentoo is for gaming

Probably StephenLynx's real name (he's brazilian).

You won

I tried thinking of something to piss of Holla Forums.

Realized everything that would "piss off Holla Forums" are actually just things about myself that annoy me.

I'm far too much of an ADD/Artsy fag to enjoy programming, and I've already largely given up on learning it after a few weeks fucking around with C#.

There are a few other things but that's the big one.

I actually wish I knew more about programming as I'm a project manager at a game dev studio, but frankly I just find code so fucking boring and have no desire to learn.

I guess that would piss you guys off? But it pisses me off too, so... yay self loathing?


The guy who makes it uses it to push his politics on people. Realistically that isn't an issue, but I am sure you can see why some people will refuse to use it, things like that should stay out of fucking notepad software.

If you were trying to come up with a character that pissed me off the most you succeeded

I sure hope that was a work of artistic fiction user



Same. First day full time, I had to rewrite an 2002 VB.NET in-house timesheet application (information sensitive as fuck) which was huge - in one month with absolutely no documentation, help, or much experience in VB.NET.

I work in government

I was just stating a fact, starting something to piss you all off. Disconnect is pretty good though.

Lel. KDE is nowhere near as heavy as Windicks and people run that with 4 GB. In my experience, Wangblows 8.1 uses about 1.5 GB of RAM on bood, KDE uses about 500 MB. I've seen people with a dozen tabs open in Jewgle Chrome on Windows (and yes it hurts my soul) with no issues. KDE is a lot better than that. You're just autistic.

I have enough spare server gear under my bed to run Holla Forums 100x faster

Posting alacrity daemon memes found on Holla Forums



I've actually read SICP

Linux sucks on desktop.
Windows is a good operating system.
Closed source did nothing wrong.
Browser discussion is interesting.
Programming is for pajeets.
It doesn't matter what language something is written in as long as it works.

I still use proprietary software.

his obnoxious politics being: white trashonalist soccer hooligans get out REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?

Hey guys I have a new idea for a Chromium-based browser that doesn't call home. Look, I've already got a name and logo ready. I'll go and make a board where we can discuss this further.

I'm still learning to program so I won't be able to help with the actual coding part right away, but I hope there's enough interest in this serious project to keep it going til I've learned c++.

The board should enable .swf uploads

You'll need to spellcheck it first


forcing that non-meme on Holla Forums wasn't enough for you was it?

2016 is the year of GNU Hurd

with my raid 5 configuration I don't need to backup

this year hurd will began to rise

sudo rm rf /


Read this.


Kek. KDE is more bloated than Windows.

Got any stats to back that up? On my laptop with 6 GB of RAM, Windicks 8.1 uses 1.5 on boot while KDE uses about 500 MB, give or take a hundred depending on the distro.

That would be the most triggering tech article ever if it wasn't obvious satire. Not that the autists here will get that.

Meant to say 1.5 GB for Windows.

C and C++ are fucking trash languages used only due to incompetent management, lock-in, and autists on the internet using them to show off their e-peens.

You have to go back.

How to trigger Holla Forums:

Wow, Holla Forums is fucking terrible at meming. This is like if Reddit had an alacrity daemon problem, terrible. Low energy memes.

I unsarcastically agree with richard stallman

His politics being "Anyone that voted party X shouldn't use my software boo hoo" on twitter. He's a fucking faggot.

Use uMatrix if you want to be precise about it or uBlock origin if you want something that needs no attention.

Using this kind of software has almost nothing to do with system performance by the way.

Tumblr syntax trumps all of your mental shortcomings


I don't comment anything and I don't use logical names for things.

You shouldn't have to enjoy coding to get respect, you just need to know enough to do your job. Project managers mainly need to know the "ecosystem" you work in, e.g. which libraries you are using, what other teams you interact with do, etc.

Programming isn't for everyone. People often ask me about it because I work for a prestigious tech company. But I tell them that even though the pay and hours are great, not everyone would want to spend 6 solid hours a day programming.


Have fun being a faggot on 64MB of RAM.


Subtle, but great.