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>mysterious thread 404s are because of a varient of an ancient bug, see >>576417, remember to check the logs

Ban system is still broken, preventing mods from effectively banning CP posters
502, 504, 522 errors are our bed and breakfast

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Site works pretty acceptable for me now other than mysterious 404 errors on things that shouldn't 404

lesbian animu girls will make Holla Forums great again

See post one for the fix for your mysterious 404.

Why did you kill HW?

he killed josh as well

lrn to jpg nigga..

There is no reason for that picture to be above 250kb

By ``things that shouldn't 404'' I meant the 8ch index page and first page on boards. I saw it happen twice last night and just refreshing the page made it load correctly again.

Have you considered moving to a common code base between 2ch and 8ch? The biggest difference are that 8ch have images and bugs.

but my default setting was export as PNG in GIMP, I will JPG next time PNG is still god-tier for memes because it is losses quality and preserves transparency

8ch needs webp support

You don't have a valid reason.

That would certainly make this thread series end..:P
You mean something like this?

Havent thought about it. 2ch software has worse text formatting and image compatibility than Holla Forums.

where have I seen this before...

Those are the lesbian animu images that guy was requesting.

shiggy diggy as the old saying goes "better the devil you know"

How many images a day did nyan grab, thumbnail and display?

Daily reminder that Josh did nothing wrong.

Lots; nyan was a system designed around crawling images and displaying them.

It would be cool if that worked again.

I have seen no 502, 504, or 522 errors on Holla Forums since the new servers went live. I got one "Holla Forums is busy" error when posting a very large .webm, but it went through anyway. No more "Failed to connect to Alacrity daemon" messages either.

Ill ask Tom to reset the machine's credentials and see if I can update it for the new bbspink subdomains.

Nice! Thanks for the report. Things have been quiet in this thread, I assume thats because things are stabilizing.

If things are truly stable, ill ask Fred to reenable more index pages In a couple days. Afterwards, I will start looking into making an overboard.

Overboard would be great.

What's an overboard?


It will take the newest replies from every board and put them into one board called "overboard". Then you can just refresh that one board and see threads and replies from any board.

It should help with discovering new boards.


Will it include the 1000 hidden CP boards?

Noted. TY

When things are more stable, could you create a [D*] button? To delete posts only in one thread?

Right now, there's [D] for one individual post and [D+], which nukes the poster's history. However, sometimes the user posts normally in every thread, but he really, really hates one particular subject and therefore tries to spam it to oblivion.

Please consider it.

That Jew from Masterchan?

Just use D+
If they can't behave, they don't deserve to post at all.

If you come across CP, please report it immediately. Holla Forums is a no CP zone.

For boards that want privacy, probably we can make an opt-out system. Ill need to confirm with Fredrick for that though.

Nope. Some users are really nice and add to the conversation, except when a particular subject they hate or are really irrational about pops up. Then, they turn into complete faggots.

I'd rather have one more option. I can't really think of anything else to add to the mod tools right now.

You can extend the "Overboard" idea to "Multiboards" where users pick which boards they want to see and only those boards get an Overboard-like view, additionally, you can add a user-configurable filter in the Overboard so that users can blacklists boards they don't want to see on the Overboard, I imagine most people would blacklist a board like /hebe/, for example.

In a way,
Overboard = all boards
Multiboard = whitelist of boards
Overboard+filters = all boards with blacklist feature


So it will be pol b and v
Occasionally n and tech

additionally, probably want to tag on a simple NSFW/SFW toggle, with SFW being default(?)

would save a lot of manual blacklisting

So they can keep their CP

That's a place for gay guys, not kids.
That's not even 3DPD.


the circlejerk tripfag boards would probably appear a lot, they have a large PPH for a small population cause they use the board like a chatroom, boards like >>>/animu/, >>>/aneki/ and >>>/homosuck/ or whatever

make sure the Overboard respects saging, pretty sure Infinity Next's Overboard didn't and bumped saged posts to the top of the Overboard

I can just say /furry/ is a board for CP, but then say "I've never been there so you can't judge me" if I'm wrong.

>*'Under that logic I can just say

It'd be nice if there was a way to go from the catalog straight to a pop-up report box. It's so much effort to actually report CP from there I've just started using userjs to filter it out instead.


This is a very good idea, because if the troll created a thread that garnered a lot of discussion, then proceeded to spamup/shitpost other threads, a D+ would inadvertantly delete the thread that garnered a lot of discussion, it's cause confusion and problems before.

They can't if the board prevents own-post-deletion.

Which is another point, we have the ability to disable own-post-deletion, but what if we only just want to disable disable own-thread-deletion while still allowing users to delete their own posts? That, in combination with the first idea, would be the best of both worlds.

Yeah this is important.

"Opt-out" has nothing to do with CP. CP is not allowed on Holla Forums. If you find that someone has posted CP, report it immediately.

Opt-out would be available for board owners that might want a more private environment, maybe for a blog, journal, or racetrack timing statistics. There are lots of small boards being used for games between friends, or passing messages to classmates in school. These kinds of boards might not want their activities on the overboard.

These boards dont allow CP. No Holla Forums boards allow CP. If you find CP on one of these boards, then please report it immediately.

B..but muh CP board!!!

Being able to Report on the Catalog (and carry out Moderation operations on the Catalog) is a really sweet idea.

Good idea.

Also for deleted cp spam threads to not show on the catalog lol

Codemonkey, a was created for stability feedback.

This is brilliant and would help a lot, actually.


it's actually one of the few things Infinity Next got right, having the dropdown also on the Catalog view

>pic related

All these boards say that global rules do apply and the global rules say no CP allowed - period! You are supposed to report that shit. The kick-your-fucking-door-in party van has no interest in tiny CP thumbnails on your RAM either. They usually come for huge collections.

This on the other hand is more constructive. We need a better catalog. here is a example how could look like in the future:

Thanks. Ill follow that for a while.

Fred will need to add features to the catalog. Ill ask him about it.

Not taking any bait. Just saying; no CP allowed on Holla Forums. If you see it, report it immediately.


he actually did it

the absolute madman

Ah just restarted alacrity for shits and giggles. Thought I did it gracefully, guess not.

Im going to take a break now. Have a good day!



Here ya go

CP confirmed for being allowed on Holla Forums so long as its on a hidden board.

>>579124 >>>/younglove/

WOW. 8ch really is a pedo site..

Global rules also say that this ain't allowed. There is a post of Null sperging how they take out such a board all the time.

Not according to my calculations. The entire site has about 10K users. The largest pedo board has only 280 of them. What pedo boards then follow is laughable in comparison to it. As a whole the pedos and loli- and shotacons bring up to 600 active users to the table at maximum.

Little fallacious, I know.

not on Holla Forums there aren't. link or you forgot where you are.

I actually know of one such small board I found by accident and I'd rather not link so as to not ruin it

i can believe you.

The numbers speak for themselves. Just like Holla Forums and Holla Forums's post count confirm this site is really about misogyny and nazis, not pedos at all.

Here's a bunch

there's a easy way to find a bunch too, cross reference the claims list with whether they appear on the board index, sometimes hidden boards are so inactive they show up on claims even though they're supposed to be hidden


user, pls.


Count to that list various boards like >>>/smek/ that actually belong to some general on Holla Forums and unlisted boards.

With over 10.000 boards, I have no reason to not believe you.
Knock yourself out. This thing used to be on the front page and is still displayed on the board creation page.

Over 10000 boards hahaha for what purpose?
Me thinks if a board doesn't have a post made for 30 days, it should be purged..

What's the point of purging them?

jim wants to keep them prob for his NSA buddies

muh 6 terabytes of cp!


1 post a month each. just hit the random tab in the toolbar, like 200 times and fail to find a post from 20thisyear. there is so much dead weight here.

Dead boards used to get purged. This happened 3 times to Holla Forums. Even if they reintroduce it (what they should according to my opinion.), the problem is still not fixed. It just wait to reappear with many more users. Better resolve the problem first

There is a global report function: USE IT! All you do is proving that the vast majority of CP spam comes from the same spambot.

It would free up database space. Having a bunch of bullshit in the database can hurt things that are commonly read and written, specially if the frequency used parts of the database don't fit into the DBMS's caches.

Not to mention it would remove the need for people to request ownership of dead boards. People have been requesting dead boards for a while, and nothing happens. Purging them would just let people make them. I would expect a lot of demand for custom boards when overchan hits, it's a good feature and it'll help people find boards, as well as get their board out there. And it encourages people to post on their boards because it bumps it on overchan and gets it more exposure.

But my point is that overchan should increase demand for custom boards, and that should increase the amount of requests for dead boards. And purging them would just let people make the board and start over, instead of having to wait around.

It looks like a lot of boards were made 7 to 12 months ago from looking at random a few times. Those should be cleared and people should be allowed to remake them, without having to send emails and request more shit. It should be as easy as possible to do.

Disgusting tbh fam

With "overchan", do you mean the overboard? "Overchan" already means a bunch of other things.

The bottleneck is the database schema itself. Deleting boards solves nothing and is just putting off the inevitable, not to mention you're not going to get the amount of boards down to under 500 if you eliminate every board that has been posted on after 30 days.
Further, you're too stupid to not understand that there are archive boards that have been created by users.

like >>>/newspaper/

I am not surprised. At this point only genuine retards believe Holla Forums is salvagable with the current software. They will continue to parrot how all the other solutions are bad and shilled by Holla Forums.

Holla Forums is literally killed by its dumbest users who believe the current software can run fine forever.

Calm your autism, mate. Infinity was voted in so they try Infitnity. I also have figured out that Lynxchan is also on the table but with a crapton of concessions from Lynx's side. Also congratulations for mentioning Holla Forums. I can assure you they will fap to the attention they don't deserve.

Yeah, that's what I meant. I didn't look at random too much, but look at the board names. There are a lot of good board names that are in use on dead boards.

Now imagine you are a new user on Holla Forums, you come here and want to make a board. So you type in the name, and see it's taken. So you go to see the board, and you find it's been dead for 8 months. There's not even a thing telling you to request ownership of a board, only the advanced users know about that. So that user just leaves and assumes the board is dead. Worse, they probably assume the board is dead and that the board idea didn't work, so they feel demotivated to do it.

Boards should be purged. No posts in say, 6 months, it gets deleted. There's a ton of them that are older than half a year old, they're not going to be revived. The database aspect isn't the biggest factor. It might make a huge difference, or it might not.

I didn't see a single archive board pressing random about 20 times. The huge majority of them were more than half a year old and under 10 posts. I do think one month is too short, maybe half a year would be better, with the option for a board owner to opt out of having their board deleted if it's too old. Or maybe it needs to delete boards with less than a certain number of posts that are a certain age. Like boards over 6 months old with less than 20 posts. I think purging some boards is something that should be discussed. There are some details to work out, but no reason to write it off completely.

I'm not familiar with the schema of Infinity, but a database choking with 500 records seems impossible.

Then why the fuck are you talking about it?
Every board is on its own table, there are 10,000 tables.

No, them making this investment means we're sticking with vichan. Enjoy it.

You should, /cuteboys/ changed my mind about feminine dick. Now, I wouldn't go as far as sucking dick but I would definitely stick mine in some cute boypussy.



how perceptive

Every table has to have their own indices and data loaded. They also have to be opened and closed. Thinking you can solve problem of big tables by splitting them up into tons of small tables is a big noob mistake. Enjoy your cache thrashing, retard.

Every table has to have their own indices and data loaded. They also have to be opened and closed. Thinking you can solve problem of big tables by splitting them up into tons of small tables is a big noob mistake. Enjoy your cache thrashing, retard. Not to mention filesystems start to choke on directories with tons of files, and most DBMS store each table as its own file. Probably where some of the IO problems were (or are) coming from.

No shit, faggot. Which is why the schema needs to be fixed before some retard starts talking about "lol 10,000 records obviously that's why the database is shitting itself."

I'm not saying we shouldn't replace what we have. But if there's a quick and easy fix to make things better in the short term, it should be done.

I didn't expect there to be 10,000 records. I expected something like 10,000 records for boards, and then each of those boards averaging a few hundred rows for posts and other things, which would bring it closer to 1,000,000 records on some tables.

Deleting board isn't a fix for anything, and by your conditions it's unlikely that it's going to get it down to a manageable size to fix the worst problems in the context of the software itself, namely the problem of joins.
There's always one faggot who comes into the threads "lol we should delete boards." We've had this dicussion hundreds of times, especially further in-depth of why it's not going to solve anything.

feedback appreciated



TBH if you want people to discover new boards, make each board show banners for smaller boards with significant userbase overlap. E.g. Holla Forums would show banners for /agdg/, /a/ and /cuteboys/, who'd show banners for smaller board etc.

I've decided to skip to logo phase for now.


top kek

50 shekels has been donated to your shlomobank account


Filtered :^)

But EVERY Holla Forums project starts with the logo!
You can't just break with tradition like that!

That sounds like a terrible idea.

It could help with the filesystem having to read a directory with 10k+ files, as well as having the DBMS not have to swap out tables as often. It would also help people make new boards since all the dead ones would be removed. Speaking of removing, kill yourself, you dumb faggot.

Holla Forums needs shit like that to make people find new boards. If Holla Forums doesn't help, it's up to the BOs to shill their boards. Which is hard as fuck, you usually have 1:99 ratio of people who contribute content to people who don't give a fuck or lurk.

The thing is I actually do want to work on this and if I stay on the logo phase I will never get the chance to do it.

What else is the point of banners?

To show you what the board is about?

They're a community thing, man.

I mean shit if you're already lurking the board in question it's prolly not the banner that will clue you in.

How's this?

Or they could fix it properly instead of just deleting shit that's obviously not even causing anything other than high load on the database server, it's obviously not crashing.

Banners are for community building.

Holla Forums here

you beautiful bastards actually fucking did it

why did it take so goddamn long?

Android material design?

502s and 404s are still a problem and they haven't even turned back on indexes

They got an autistic Jap to work on the code.

racemixing takes time to produce results

I haven't had an issue in days

that's why jews fear the samurai, they actually get shit done.

he is the child of jim and some flipland prostitute

That's the joke
All rook same

Error 504 just now

dunno why it says 4-18 as the date ask cloudflare

It's fucking shit

It's nice to have someone around making progress on the site. Thanks, Codemonkey. Posting is working better than it has for what seems like ages, as well.

Holla Forums is honestly pretty fucking gay.

Also, since everyone is throwing around ideas, it might be nice if people could create multiple Holla Forumss or Holla Forumss, etc. What I mean is that that the Holla Forums we have currently would be something like Holla [email protected] but someone else could make Holla [email protected] This would allow someone who likes a particular board name to use it even if it's already taken. It would also make it easier for users to break away from boards with moderation they dislike, I believe.

I believe 99% of the faggots are just le ebin troles who get off on getting yelled at by the moral majority of this site users

No they are from reddit. Gamergate turned out to be pure fucking cancer once it became a PR movement and became easily digestible for faggots from reddit. Then they all swarmed here because they thought they were in good company since Holla Forums supported the PR movement

Faggots in muh vidya gaems? 100% OK we should never ever boycott anyone. Trannies now? 100% OK it's the developers vision and we should support them.

So is HW pretty much confirmed dead at this point?

Wow, did you pull that shit out of your ass all by yourself? Fuck off retard, barely anyone on Holla Forums gives a shit about GG at this point and its not more reddit than any other Holla Forums board.

I get what you mean, but if it was like that, it would become all about which retarded namefag's Holla Forums is best to follow and cult of personalities everywhere.

Speaking of banners, threadly reminder that nothing has changed since August. I hope you keep this in mind.

^ Interesting that both people in that conversation are pretty much gone now

It sure would be nice if legacy boards weren't stuck with the first incompetent, attention-whoring, capcode-posting newfag that filed a claim.

Please go

but muh filesize!! :^(

Mark is doing okay. If you want to complain about incompetent board owners at least mention Holla Forums or /a/

Why do people care about storage space so much, it's dirt cheap.


Only because he's been mostly absent recently and scrapped any pretense of accepting meta feedback. The board is better off without his intervention, because he can't stop fucking up when he sticks his hands in it.

Because some people still act like it's 1999.
Those few hundred kilobytes really matter, user; I only have 4TBs of space left!


The thousand or so users Holla Forums lost have nothing to do with that fat kike, and everything to do with the fact that the site has gotten so fucking unstable that people are abandoning it in droves.


Meidos did nothing wrong.

The fact other boards have been bleeding users just as much as Holla Forums has should prove this.

Fuck off, mindless sheep

/a/ likes the way /a/ is moderated. If you don't like the way /a/ is moderated, start your own anime board with alternative moderation. If people like the way you run your board, you will get users. A lot of people seem to dislike /a/, so all it would take is someone with the determination to do it.

No, there could be less picture dumps

You are a prime example of moron, aren't you?

This. I learned from the janiteamlogs that this a rather a problem of newfags and outsiders with /a/ and not a problem of everyone with the moderation.

Fun idea. Why don't you attempt suggesting that shit on /u/?

What argument are you trying to make?

One impulse of thought. Come on! Another hint: Your idea won't fly there.

The times they are a-changin'

/u/ on 4chan started as an image dump porn board. It became more discussion based because the only places to talk about yuri at the time were and Dynasty.

I'm opposed to the abundance of picture dumps on /a/ specifically because they don't really have a place on a board which gets tons of new material to discuss (almost) every single week of the year. /u/ is different because they have less new stuff to discuss and the pace of the board itself is much slower.

And given their history since 2015, they want it to keep that way.

You can also step up recreate /c/ and offer it as official ghetto. It worked with /weebpol/. Why not with imagedumps that otherwise wouldn't violate shit.

You know, I've been think about you retards that always complain about mark.

I came to the conclusion that you faggots are exactly like sjws, the vocal fucking minority. You think you speak for everyone yet it's only a handful of faggots agreeing with you. Numbers don't lie, and if you were right about anything you said everyone would have left Holla Forums for or any other alternative, but the fact is no one has left. Holla Forums is fucking dead every other Holla Forums alternative. Dead. You can go ahead and keep bitching but it's just gonna fall into deaf ears. Mark is doing a good job, and so are the other volunteers. I know this makes you mad but it's okay to be mad sometimes.

Not intl, but Holla Forums is a severe circlejerk on here

And this

8/v/ are full on ethics cucks

They think they're not Reddit tier BC they can say AAA is shit too

Holla Forums is a success due to inertia, not because of any fantastic work on the part of the BO.

I disagree with that. Sorry, but beating Invisibro and doing everything that was a pipedream for Janiteam is not that easy to do.

But Holla Forums are SJWs.

Are you blapping bullshit because your nazigame thread was called shit?

I don't post on Holla Forums, because you're SJWs.

Just like I don't post on Holla Forums because they're larpers

I loaded /g/'s catalog on my phone. It was rendered almost immediately and it took about 20 seconds for the entire page to load. Then I loaded Holla Forums and it took 30 seconds before anything was even rendered, and another 30 seconds before the entire page was loaded. Other imageboards are similarly slow. Why is 4chan so much faster?

KotakuInAction is full of posts about SJWs and stuff that isn't related to video games.

Nice shitpost warosu.

Interpol pay the servers.

So is Holla Forums.

Then what's the problem?

4chan has a dedicated phone site.

No shit.

A number of things. 4chan is likely serving threads straight from a redis memory store, ignoring their dynamic JSON api. 5 years ago they had multiple dedicated Dells, I'm sure their infrastructure is much better now. Moot was also very obsessed with using things like YSlow.
This site is serving from some hasklel clustered memory store that's still having problems, the javascript is a fucking unoptimized ball of shit, and it's not optimized for phones at all.

lel, no they don't. they use responsive design like everyone else these days. they just keep their javascript light. Go ahead, look into the horrors that is main.js on this site.

I just got one with a 7 day old timestamp. Shit makes no sense

and another one from 04-15

...I wonder if cloudflare is caching its own error responses

Cloudflare is probably fucking our shit up at this point tbh, though I'd like to think not since I'm not even sure how it's supposed to work. What a shitshow.

Wow, that is a mystery.

This is likely.

No, they're also SJWs.

Now YOU, you need to stop roleplaying.

You are the prime example of a cuck.

Also boycotting is working just fine for me. My wallet is much fatter now that I don't waste my money on video games full of cultural marxism. Instead of eating whatever shit someone feeds me, I can choose to not partake. Which worked just fine.

Do we even need cloudflare for the main site/HTML stuff? It updates so often there's going to be barely any cache hits anyway.

Take your meta board drama elsewhere, you stupid faggots.

That's not what cloudflare is for, first off. I'm sure they've saved money in bandwidth bills due to cloudflare. Secondly, they need it to help prevent DDoS attacks.

These threads are meta site drama.

Operate is the place to go.

I just got asked for captcha over & over again despite multiple successful captchas being submitted. It took around 7 successful captchas before it stopped asking for captcha.

Maybe you should input the captcha correctly.


I updated my eye glass prescription, then suddenly those tricky capcha became simple. Please take the time to visit an optometrist.

Somehow I knew the song that would play when I clicked the webm.

Got two 502 errors and one 504 error just now. But that's "great" considering that's all I got since servers went live.

It's running really smooth on my end, occasionally it goes through some 502/504 whatever, but I can always get a live version after a few tries.

Just made a change to how the caching behaves.

Its applied to 50% of the site. If you notice any errors starting now, then please tell me.

Yeah, just applied a new update. Still working on a proper graceful restart.


this is probably half the reason for the 502s, and if not, it's a trivial point of DoS

So what you're saying is, we need an SQL multiplexer?

New cache behavior is now live for 100% of the site.

Thats just OS default. Its possible to change the amount of available file descriptors.

Oh wait I forgot you use BSD.

After thoroughly checking the first section in I guess everything's fine, you'd have noticed the dmesg spam by now if it was still a problem.

Yeah. We have some problems with listen queue overflow in dmesg, but I its a kernel problem. We've already written a kernel patch for freebsd and it is already merged, but not in production release yet.

Here is more info about how we fixed the bug:

Oops, it wasnt really a bug. It was a small arbitrary limitation that we successfully raised to a larger arbitrary limitation.

Looks like it will be in FreeBSD 11.0 release.

Dead cripples do not reenable index pages, Ron.

But, seriously, though; you and Yoga Pig did more good for this site in one week than the dead cripple did for the last year. And I don't mean just fixing the software, but also by talking to anons and posting tidbits about how things were going. That's nice, and I can only hope there was someone from the administration who could hang around a shitpost with us more often.

Dude, have you ever browsed /hebe/ for a while? Surely, there isn't explicit sex with minors, but there's children erotica posted there constantly. Surely that falls under CP laws, no?

Every crime is allowed, until you get caught.

If it did, do you think Holla Forums would still exist? Keep in mind that we're talking about American law, where the 1st amendment exists.

Also, don't forget about writing on MyISAM tables: it locks the entire table, unlike InnoDB which locks per row. Since MySQL 5.6 implemented fulltext indexes for InnoDB, there's zero reasons to keep the tables as MyISAM now.

Hey, Codemonkey, why do some threads keep refreshing forever on my browser? You know the little refresh icon on the left? They keep going and going and going. If I Esc, it stops, but the thread still refreshes because it's set to auto-update.

In one of the old threads I just posted links to this one, and after it went through suddenly half a dozen other threads that I couldn't previously see showed up.

Might want to look into that.

Thread is suspiciously quiet so I'm replying to my own post to see if I have the same thing happen in this thread.

Nope, this thread's good it seems.

error report

my turn to be an idiot

I saw someone else in the thread had this problem but mine is a little different. If I'm on my phones data plan, I can fill in a captcha several times but it never accepts it, despite giving me a success. But once I go on Wi-Fi it works like a charm. I tried clearing my cookies on Firefox but no dice. Is it possible my data network's IP is banned?

Probably your operator keeps changing endnodes for each request

I never browse /hebe/. Not interested

This is probably right

spoiler that shit and get GNU/Linux Mint

Please, PLEASE beg Fred to delete boards with no activity for 2 months. Maybe even longer. As long as the empty boards are deleted.

can someone explain what's happening to webms on /wx/?
they don't allow me to skip ahead until I play the whole thing

There are specific headers that deal with scanning in streamed media. If Holla Forums's webserver has been reconfigured in a very obtuse way (or indeed, if it runs Alacrity instead of Nginx now), then there are going to be a lot of features missing like that. I had to custom program it into Infinity Next.

$responseEnd = ($responseEnd > $responseEnd) ? $responseEnd : $responseEnd;

what does this even mean josh


Response End equals Response End unless Response End is greater than Response End, in which case it equals Response End.


I thought the joke was the pigs ate me, not that I was a pig. Am I the pig now that Fredrick is dead? Did I eat Fredrick? I probably could tbh.

This code can be refactored
$responseEnd = $responseEnd;
At that point, you shouldnt even declare it twice. Just use the original declaration.

Obviously. The code was probably checking to see if the pointer was beyond the end of the range, but was refactored at some point, which led to that accidentally staying stuck in. It never got noticed because it doesn't actually do anything.

Isn't it great when Holla Forums works as a team? ~

word. I was seriously wondering if PHP did some weird shit with scope. It was not a criticism at all.

Ya, nah, just some dummy code that got forgotten.




Shoo shoo site goblin!

Bon voyage site goblin.

Haha. Your anger might be a little misplaced.

VP9 WebM in general is really wonky when it comes to seeking, not just Holla Forums's fault.

It's my only complaint with the format.

With that pace, Next is going to be feature complete this decade.

It would be very nice if you go to /operate/.

Warosu would be a funny troll if he actually was from /jp/. He isn't.

I know you are just le trolling xD but this has stopped being funny a long time ago and now you just look pathetic.

03:17:31 %n-tech I'm not educated in programming, I just do programming03:17:31 %n-tech I'm not educated in programming, I just do programming03:17:31 %n-tech I'm not educated in programming, I just do programming03:17:31 %n-tech I'm not educated in programming, I just do programming03:17:31 %n-tech I'm not educated in programming, I just do programming03:17:31 %n-tech I'm not educated in programming, I just do programming03:17:31 %n-tech I'm not educated in programming, I just do programming03:17:31 %n-tech I'm not educated in programming, I just do programming03:17:31 %n-tech I'm not educated in programming, I just do programming

4chan servers are run directly by the government

Der is Schuld, am Kreige!



Same problem, Jim is an incompetent fuckup who can't even install new servers without breaking something. bedchan when?

and yet it took them how many millions to get the obamacare site working?

That's the way to make America Great again.

Fix your CAPTCHA you fat fuck

If I could make it harder for just you. That would be applauded by all the other users.


Says the guy who killed a cripple to steal his Nihonese meme site.

But you can't because you're an incompetent fuckup who cant write PHP, do DCIM or even build a "server". All you can do is dumpster dive and pull shit boxes out of the trash.

Your suggestion is somewhat stupider than what Miss Piggy came with. His was probably a placeholder for something else (like we all do a if (true) or if (false) once in a while for testing purposes), but your is just plain retarded. Consider a bleach enema, the autism parasites are getting to you.

Checked, but you didn't read the part where he said it was frivolous you fucking pigfeed

Daily reminder that Josh did nothing wrong

Getting edgy because shitposting Buffaloes didn't work? Don't think I can't spot you.

Calm down Bedserver!

Reminder that Josh did everything wrong he could. In fact, his probable motive for joining #Holla Forums-dev in the first place was wrong from the get go.

Josh was a victim of circumstance.

By ignoring caching from the very beginning and protecting the code despite it being licensed under the most libre license ever? I don't think so.

stop being a h8er m8


Huh, I get this error too when I try using my VPN. I've seen it reported in the that was posted as well. Some people might not even be able to post anymore if this is the case.

When you compare the people in this thread who've actually written code in the last 24 hours to the people screaming and throwing shit at everyone else, it's kinda sad.

I don't see how writing code will get my board claim processed any faster

Holla Forums is kinda sad
be happy to have provided the best content sitewide these past days, rather than regret dessicated disputes over bearded software and hairless-virgin javascript.

makes me nostalgic for the top 25 ranking

that ranking actually generated activity and helped the chan grow


HW hasn't always been a turnip?

No speak English. What do you mean?

mfw /n/ board refresh being fucked up has permanently cucked Holla Forums

bon voyage crabs, propane, concrete, India

crashing this get with no survivors


Dumping my catalog filter userjs here, because the gvols obviously can't do their job in cleaning up pedospam effectively when nobody gives them the tools to.
(function(catalog) { if (!catalog) return; var contains = (x,y) => x.textContent.match(y); var rm = (target, str) => catalog.find(target).filter((i,x) => contains(x, str)).closest('.mix').remove(); // remove all posts with an url shortener domain in the text, which is 99% CP spam rm('.body-line', /https?:\/\/[^.]{1,3}\.[^/]{2}[ /]/);})($('.theme-catalog .threads'));

webms work on Holla Forums, Holla Forums, Holla Forums, Holla Forums, /n/, /agdg/
but not /wx/.
I don't think it's vp9's fault because it seems to be for specific boards

Hey, I am still getting the annoying "Waiting for Holla Forums..." bug that always drops my connection after a while. Should I start contacting my ISP and inquiry them about intentional throttling, or should I contact CloudFlare and ask them to fix their shit?

Have you tried pinging the site and looking for packet loss?

sure, sure

kek, the same pedo owner is still there and the same UA fags keep posting there

what was >>580000 ?

A horrible waste

on a semi totally most likely not related note, can someone test posting on:

I've found that Next holds true to the thumb rule of 40 r/s for templating, it scales vertically pretty well, ignoring horizontal scaling which would be enough with varnish in front of it.
Literally the only thing you need to do is unset the cloudflare cookie in varnish, and make the control panel and POST/PUT requests, and the dynamic json API uncacheable.

I'm probably going to make some graphs if I have time,

per core anyways

40 r/s for a thread of what size?

Probably normal shitposts. It probably still croaks while rendering my pet extreme case while over 9000 other faggots want to use it.

the quadratic captcha?

Front page so far. I got tired last night before I could benchmark anything else and tonight I have other shit to do.

That is what varnish is for, and if 9000 other faggots wanted the thread they'd load it once and fallover to the json API.

I do wonder how many r/s are for the indexes/catalogs/threads vs json endpoints are on a board like Holla Forums. On a normal day, not where everyone is in a single thread. The proportions, anyways.

You didn't pay attention.

Fun fact: Varnish support was added 1 month after Null abandoned Next in favor of making money with Kiwifarms.

Your question is still a good Question. Holla Forums gets about 500 posts per her hour from more than 2500 people. Nobody knows how often people load the catalog and then the threads they want to read. Don't forget the automatic updates for threads they hawk, because the watch function is very rudimentary.

There seems to be a 10% packet loss in some ISP node while using mtr, but regular ping doesn't show any drops. But then again, this is just pinging my CloudFlare node without actually requesting Holla Forums specifically so they may be handling ICMP requests differently.

I am not sure about the specifics of CloudFlare, but I guess it reads the HTTP request sent to them and then reads the host field to serve the proper page. Since I am using SSL I guess that would discard the possibility of my ISP being the culprit, but I dunno.

I made some tests some time ago. Basically, using other European Tor exit nodes it seemed to be flawless, while my country's exit node dropped less than my direct line despite still dropping (might be the node itself, though). I couldn't test much until CloudFlare finally dropped me out, but for some reason my country's exit node was fairly resistant to their captcha bullshit.

Both Webkit and Gecko drop connections. It seems Lynx is more stable, but sometimes it fucks up as well (not sure if it is unrelated to the problem at hand or not). It can't be images because I have blocked them, and it can't be no images because I also have them unlocked in other computer. Both Windows and Linux have this problem. I haven't tried other ISP, but I have tried other DNS and they all have the same problem.

It probably isn't my ISP, but according to CloudFlare, none of their nodes have problems. No other users seem to be experiencing this problem, but Anons from my country are probably a minority here, so they may have not commented on the issue. Should I contact CloudFlare?

Error 502 just a couple minutes ago

Interesting. Sounds like it is likely Cloudflare or your ISP having some issues. I don't know much about how Cloudflare operates either. Contacting them may be useful, but they will probably just place the blame on your ISP unless it is very obvious it is Cloudflare related. Who knows maybe they can find something.

jim is a fag

faggyness confirmed

double confirmed

can you not???

I was hammering it with 2PPS too, and I'm pretty sure Holla Forums doesn't even get that.
All in all the cries of "it doesn't scale" bullshit. I didn't even optimize it and it pulled 45 r/s per core on the front page easily.
One solution would be setting the TTLs of threads pretty high as well and maybe adjust autoupdate function to fetch from the unix timestamp when it was last requested (i.e. cached) and you shouldn't have many problems.
The issue here is no-js users.

I hope to throw more at it tomorrow and mess with varnish load balancing between two application servers.

lol nah
it was 2 dedicated colo dells five years ago
you know why this site requires so many servers to operate despite having nowhere near the traffic as 4chan even back then?
because they're using consumer hardware

because a rack of Mac Minis works so much better right?

Yes, you are right. We went down to Circuit City and picked them up with a 40% off tag as the rule for purchase.

The mac mini thing was always a joke.

It's still hashlel consumer hardware. I understand it's a big financial committment versus binned consumer shit, but still.


I will never see something link this here.

Finished shitting up Holla Forums with your autistic faggotry so now you have to do it here?

Shit taste, go back to reddit.

Holla Forumsedditors pls go, take your waifu threads with you.

/a/ are cuckolds by nature, of course they like it.

Are you trying to use a VPN? Freemason Jimbo niggerfaggot is intentionally fucking it up so you have to post with your real IP. I guess data mining doesn't work so good with fake IPs.

VPN captcha fix/removing useless captcha that hampers real users and does nothing to stop spam when?

Nice try, Chaim.

Delete all pedo boards instead.

They can't when they have the tools. Too much work to do their one and only singular job.

Bed server here. What would you guys do if you had Holla Forums's and 2ch's real (non-cloudflare protected) IPs? I have them...

Crapflood the PHP server with 4 threads and 100 concurrent and see if it catches on fire.

I'm thinking about releasing them

Can anyone give me any links to posts where Jim talked about wanting to kill off Tor?

Read the archives.

Also about him not wanting to use AGPL code because of the ad system

Sell them for BTC

can you link a post plz

how much BTC you offering?

They're in the OP, you literally scrolled past them when you opened the thread. Wake up.

That's just what I'd do.

I meant a link to an actual post...

nice reaction image, it really nails home how disinterested you are by replying to half the thread

Wait, what? More info?

Link to the posts, please?

got a few 502s just now

I got a bunch of Cloudflare redirects a minute ago when trying to load up various boards.

I could still post in one of my open threads though.

yeah, got a bunch of 522s as well

Never heard of that word until now. Did you make up all by yourself or did your goon friends help you with it?

Inb4 Bed Server-san gets mac address b&

Backup thread incase Jim deletes things

This page has been archived too

He's pulling shit out of his ass. I'm using a VPN right now and it works fine

I'm using a VPN and I had to submit the captcha too many times to count before I could post.

Those who have to fill a lot of captchas before posting: Your VPN/ISP/operator uses different end nodes for each request so the captcha you filled will not be effective for your next request/post. Try an online proxy.

Spoiler that shit.
Reported :^)

lol, why don't these niggers just use Tor? The only reason not to use Tor on Holla Forums is if you want to try getting away with posting CP or want to samefag with multiple IDs on boards with IDs enabled

Vpn's are for paranoids and the Blacks


Your pathological OCD is not law.

Because the FBI owns around 40% of all Tor nodes. Sort of defeats the purpose of anonymity.

Just got another 502.

Seems like site just died again, getting 502 and 503 now

this, TOR was created by the US government to trick people into thinking they are anonymous when it is 1 big honeypot.

get mullvad VPN.

Tor wasn't created by the US government. Tor has just been co-opted by the FBI. One of the less Snowden-tier leaks contained a few slideshows referencing Tor and the unique challenge is posed to law enforcement.

You realize a global adversary has a much easier time with VPNs? VPNs aren't anonymous to state level actors national security actors, at all. Even if they don't keep logs.
Sure, your torrenting "Capeshit 2: Return of the Capeshit" is effectively anonymous to legal firms thanks to some sysadmin living in a foreign country who telling them to fuck off, but you don't seem to understand what Tor actually does.

I dont torrent capeshit, I torrent third Reich photos

Lets try adding a few more index pages per board.


never change

Releasing the IPs would be an inconvenience, but it doesnt warrant the stoppage of improving Holla Forums.

the guy was bullshitting m8



Hey, Code Monkey. This is kinda an unrelated question: but why is typing Japanese characters disabled on 2ch's /lang8/ board?

They're public information, dumbfuck.
Server bed user knew enough to look for the REIT.


Release the IPs or fuck off.

They're not. Holla Forums uses Cloudflare.

They definitely are.
It's just obscurity so some dumbfuck who has no clue what he's doing, and has enough money from mommy to buy a botnet, can't fuck their shit up.
Also save bandwidth costs.

Where are the IPs then? They're public information except they're not but they actually are I swear

navy intelligence not government, huh?

I'm not the server user, and you should go back to Holla Forums you incompetent shitter.
Or better yet have the IRC log autist show you hotwheels saying the exact same thing I'm saying.

The time of the DDos attack from last year is not covered in the logs, monsieur Poirot. That was in January 2015. The attack was done against all of 2ch not only us.

i herd there were ips where can i find ips? :33

So you don't know where they are either, thanks for sharing

No Nullesque rants from me here either. You have merely embarrassed yourself with your genius level research skills. That's all. Now return to topic!

oh no what a shame, fucking kek

I imagine Hotwheels talked about this when Josh leaked the DB password.
Maybe you should go re-read those logs, autist. Maybe refresh your memory. Then stop posting.

I'm not going to explain it to retards like you who belong back on another board. It's not really that big of a deal, if someone wanted to fuck up 2ch/8ch it's all public.

Irony won't help you.

No. Nothing of this nature there. You didn't read the logs. It's OK. Just stop blarping bullshit and return to the actual topic, which is healing vichan.


Then there was no risk of leaking the database password through debugging information.
Again, brush up on those logs.

>>>Holla Forums

Maybe if I tell him to go back to Holla Forums enough times he'll stop bugging me to link to the supposedly public IPs

IP leak on the beta

18:19:59 JB the beta site just gave me an error message containing the sql database ip, user name, and password
18:20:09 JB i kinda feel like i shouldnt be seeing that
18:20:17 milez pstebin or it didn't happen
18:20:23 milez *pastebin
18:20:38 milez ohhh
18:20:38 OdiliTime there are a ton of screenshot of that happening
18:20:41 milez I see it
18:20:41 LordRothschild HAHAHAHA
18:20:43 OdiliTime but I'm not going to spread them
18:20:45 Fr33K
18:20:50 Fr33K
18:20:50 milez well that's mebarrassing
18:20:55 milez *embarrassing
18:20:57 Fr33K its all over Holla Forums
18:21:04 OdiliTime that's lose your job type shit right there
18:21:09 JB babby's first web server
18:21:11 Fr33K on the stickied thread
18:21:13 LordRothschild well
18:21:17 LordRothschild that explains
18:21:27 milez well where are those guys???
18:21:35 LordRothschild why he ended up moving to the phillipines for a meme code "job"
18:22:04 LordRothschild >63 pages
18:22:13 LordRothschild we're damned aren't we
18:23:26 JB unfortunately that also opens up Holla Forums to DDOS because now people will know what the real origin IP is and cloudflare is useless
[read nigger, read!]
18:24:23 LordRothschild WOW
18:24:28 JB where is the thread for this
18:24:31 LordRothschild I expected nothing
18:24:42 LordRothschild and I was still dissapointed
18:25:00 milez where is n-tech?
18:25:07 LordRothschild cowering
18:25:08 milez did you guys finally run him out of here?
18:25:10 milez lulz
18:25:14 LordRothschild he deserves it
18:25:58 LordRothschild yeah
18:26:03 czaks i expected the fiasco at the early design time

That was on Next and not here. The attacker behind the Ddos attack got their information elsewhere.

Its designed to be an english only board. Would you like me to enable japanese characters there?

It's returning a bad gateway for me so I can't show you how fucking retarded you are, sorry.

They are public information and available just by searching. I found 4chan's real, non-cloudflare, host and their ip blocks. Its all available if you know the right thing to google.

No way codemonkey, your IP addresses are very private information. How could you say that?

It's so weird seeing responsive moderation on 8ch. Almost like I just saw a faun.

Unable to tell me in your own words? I think I have already fixed what you meant. The weechatlogs are also still available.

Exactly what I was talking about. Hotwheels haven't said a peep about that as far as I know. I don't expect a actually helpful correction from user either.

Not me, but there are some Japanese people who were asking for it to be enabled.
It's a really small board, anyway. I don't think it would be something too major if you changed it.

Ill enable it then. No problem!

Ive talked with Fred about adding more index pages.

He said he will enable 3 more pages for now, then lets see how it goes from there. Im not sure when the changes will come into effect, but probably soon.

Codemonkey can you please lock Josh in a time cube so we don't have to hear him complaining about your site fixes

I enjoy watching him sockpuppet shill NEXT.

How many ways are there to say "they're public information." >>580456
Okay, if you say so.

Has he said anything about Banner editing? That was the next thing he had to deactivate due to disk I/O.

You can always prove the contrary. This would be much more helpful than sitting here and talking shit.

I've been away for a while, but I see this site is beyond any point of salvation
HW and his circlejerk crew left
some new tripfag rises again but I'm not even excited any more


gl faggots

Let's see what happens. It's probably a good idea not to enable all of it as once, even as a test.


Maybe I could if I had a concat'd log or the weechat server wasn't returning 502.

It seems to work.
Thanks, Code Monkey.


Yes, peering databases 2good. All that private information.

Not going to download that

Ill ask Fred about banner editing after the indexes are back online and working.

Yeah lets go slowly just to make sure.

Awesome. Enjoy.

That's spam that's made on every board. Already deleted.

You don't want epic "cee pee"?

Yeah, have fun with getting the fuck off to your trap fagmin. :^)

Sounds good. What comes after and is known are board claims and the modstuff JEWS has mentioned.

If you take a look at the numbers, you can conclude that almost no one here wants that shit.


t. alphabet man

I just want to legitimately thank you for helping fix the site, CM. You've done a great deal in a small time span.

Some guy on /just/ downloaded one of the files and says they're all just thousands of images of Russian's site's logo.

No worries. Chans are fun when they work, and awful when they are broken. Just glad to help get this chan back on its feet.

I really want to work on an overboard for Holla Forums. Ive got an idea about how to get it working. Just a bit busy this week so havent started on it yet.

No. I worked before, and now it is broken. The problem is Holla Forums, not vpns.

The capcha works for me. I am using it like any other user.

Capcha test

It still works. I think the problem is headspace and timing. Try getting a new eyeglass prescription.

This is a VPN test for capcha.

So I tried to post three normal ways. From my house ISP. From my 3g phone and from my VPN.
Please explain your problem clearly. "it is broken" is not helping troubleshoot a bug.

Captcha works for me too, but sometimes it doesnt last 24 hours and I need to renew it.

Captcha is a pain all around, wish it could be removed, but that would break the site with spam probably.

No, that's a dog

Yes, she is a dog.

This is about the error where the captcha says it was a success but then asks again right? I don't think bad eyes have anything to do with that.

This here sounds plausible:

But I don't recall this happening before, so it must have worked for those VPNs before something was changed.

I know two alternatives and they both suck. 4chan just gives out a gorillion Permabans that are kept forever until no one remembers why they have actually been given in the first place. I have seen multiple cases of Janitors, goddamn Janitors, who were locked out by ancient permabans.

The other solution is banning proxies all together with the huge risk of banning half of the third world like Krautchan does. Doesn't solve the problem though.

errr, helllo???????????????????????????????????????????????

All indexes are enabled now. Old posts will need to be bumped up to rewrite the indexes. Please check if it worked or not.

when will we get to see hotwheels?? ;_;

I can see the pages but haven't tried posting yet.

Posting works for me. Indexes work for me.

Heading to bed now. Things seem to be working here.

Up to page 5? Or all index pages now?

all pages from the look of it

All. Gung ho

Took a while to rebuild, but it works.

At this point I can only guess. Earliest when he gets his PGP confirmation back, but it is the least of the technical worries here or rarely. You can thank Warosu autists for this.

Rest assured,
I know he is still alive.
Please dont think Fred is dead, because hes not.


So you and Jim don't mind? Thanks for the consent. I'll send a copy to jap moot since he seems to have an axe to grind with Jim.

Holla Forums's IPs are not public info

The IPs will be released tonight

I didnt get them from Josh or a database password leak.

They're public information, but you refuse to post them to preempt me and take away my lulz? Seems kind of funny.

No shit. But people rather meme that than living with the fact that he is tinkering and tinkering without dealing with us. I can understand that, because making fun of the people molesting him for sport.

forgot my pic

F for awareness and research skill. Can you think of a reason why Hiro isn't interested in your information? Another protip: DDosing is illegal. Take your fucking meds, Bedserver.

thats why i emailed him

I'm not ddosing shit. i'm just posting what codemokey said was publicly available information...

Same thing as mp4 here:

Which license agreements?

Patience Jim, patience. It will all be released tonight. And its been archived too so there is no point in to going in to damage control.

I forgot to include that I have proof that you keep client IP logs much longer than 24 hours.

I can't tell who's bluffing.

Well it wont be hard to tell come tomorrow.

Are you going to break the site?

You do know that Infinity is under a permissive license?

I'm not sure what Infinity's source code has to do with Jim breaking his license agreement for something which is not Infinity, or that he keeps client IP logs for much longer than 24 hours.

There were actual worries that Infinity Next's AGPL license would cause problems with Softserve.

what about that OAuth thingy

I got it. Jim has humiliated you so much, that you want revenge and now you moron claim that Infinity keeping IP hashes as long as the posts are there as keeping IP records.

You are talking to yet another sperg who can't control himself. I may be assburger enough to read chatlogs spanning over years but I have never been so obsessed with random people on the internet that I weened.

Not IP hashes, actual client IP addresses.

Spit out the evidence then. What do you have to lose by proving it now?

As I said, it will all be released tonight. I just woke up a little while ago and need to finish making my movie.

Ok. Now stop be attwhore a wait until the night, faggot.

But I get my sustenance from (You)s

Time to close the thread for today. Its virtually worthless without Jim and Codemonkey posting. Also good that Bedserver told us that he just woke up on 9:47 PM. No wonder he has so little sense of time that he doesn't know that both are sleeping right now. Ebin Ween, man, ebin ween.

i love u all


Is it on your calendar?

Yeah, just like the holocaust killed 6 trillion kikes. Believe it, goysbaka gaijin!

Isn't that exactly what Null tried to do after the Next fiasco? Snore.

exactly. because reasons. pic related. I need to finish the movie. thats the fucking reason.

You don't need a shitty video to release evidence, asshole.

Let me guess, the BGM will be "Crawl" by Linkin Park?

B-b-but muh 4k resolution for text!

I was thinking of Bring Me To Life by Evanescence

How about "It Ain't Me" with a Vietnam montage?

I suppose I can do that

Or you could just provide a pastebin with the evidence. Like, you know, people with real evidence usually do.

I could but I have other reasons to wait till tonight as well. There will be a pastebin, calm your tits. Its not like i'm promising a date which is far away.

The video is being rendered! It shall be ready in a few hours.

Its been a few hours. How is the rendering coming?

I'm trying to make it fit under 8mb. Handbrake sucks and only uses a fraction of my cores. You're in it too!

There is a new thread .
Indexes take a little longer to load, but as soon as you have then, loading index pages is relatively fast. gives out a white page instead of the index. does. >>581241's outsider art will not help anyone.

what is with these retarded OPs not linking to the new threads until like 8 hours after they've been up?

It takes one to known one doesn't it.

Dunno. Standard explanation would be autism. I on the other hand think that they assume that Codemonkey, Jim and Hotwheels are using the catalog too and find the thread on their own.


mp4 works in Safari, webm doesn't

And most importantly ReFS for integrity streams, Win7/8 dont support it, and a Bluetooth stack is missing in Win2012

Thanks for providing me with more rope to hang you with.

You know whats even worse? I'm having to encode the video stream at a lower bit rate than the audio stream to get this under 8mb

Can't you just split the video in half then post them separately, or just upload it to mixtape then post the link?

b-b-but muh autism. look, it takes time to convert a 15GB (650-1000mbit/sec) 4k video stream down to under 8mb. give me a like another 15 - 30 minutes and if it isnt working i'll just give up and post a 720p version.