Ignoring freetardia which OS is the best?

Ignoring freetardia which OS is the best?


Depends what you're doing and what you consider 'best'.

Either way, OSX is not on the top in most things.

Workbench 1.3



You may as well just use Windows. It's UI is okay, and even a baby can use it. If you don't want to be free, just use the most supported platform.

That's the worst meme ever
The only reason Windows can be used by anyone is because everyone has been forced to use it at some point of their lives. But when it comes down to doing something beside clicking icons on your desktop, everything is a huge mess. Windows' UI is objectively no better than LXDE.

mac os is idiot proof their user-base proves it

OP is obviously a faggot who does nothing besides browsing forums and shopping. Why would you need GNU/Linux for that? Linux is:

Those are only a few things, and they don't apply to people who aren't programmers, basically. If you don't give a shit about libre software, why use GNU/Linux?

Also, I should add that it doesn't run on the .NET framework. Again, the average guy doesn't give a shit.

That's the reason GNU/Linux is popular everywhere except for personal computers.

how is this not a benefit?
you got to mention free (gratis). if you self build on a budget this is a plus

It's very much a benefit, but normans always claim "muh McAfee" or "muh Norton."

If you just browser Holla Forums all day and masturbate, you are unlikely to get a virus. I didn't mention it being libre because OP said he didn't care abut it.

Tired meme.
The User permission system is the same for every major OS since Vista. And the major security holes have been plugged since 7.

The only reason Linux is more secure is low popularity(and given Android's malware, it's proven that when it becomes popular, it sucumbs to the same issue as Windows)


You really believe that?

No user, they keep the scrolling privilege escalation thing for shits and giggles.
Yes, they plugged that shit.

They have 90% of the OS in the kernel, and you believe it's even possible to secure it?
It's like saying that Xorg is secure since there are constantly new CVEs to be found.

Stop repeating memes you've heard.


Wrong. Linux on the desktop does not succumb to the same fate as Android when it comes to malware. The diversity of different distributions makes it very difficult. Malware for Ubuntu might not work on openSUSE, which won't work on Arch, which won't work on Slackware, etc.

That being said, I think the security aspect is overstated, because with windows, as long as you don't use Internet Explorer and download pr0ndownloader.exe, you should be fine.

So much this.
There's a couple versions of windoze.
To write effective malware for linux means writing at least N variations of the same thing for the major platforms, then writing N^{number of small forks, obscure distros, etc} more exceptions and special rules.