I have 4 copies of the same song, which one is the best of the 4?

I have 4 copies of the same song, which one is the best of the 4?

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Trick question, 3.

4 looks to be VBR though.

3 has more energy in the higher frequencies, which is expensive in terms of bitrate. Also all the others have a sharp cutoff at 16khz. I think 4 is Opus.

I'd say it matters more as to what kind of music this is to determine if the higher frequencies really are all that important. For more complex genres like metal or something they'd certainly be important but for simpler music they really don't matter. 1 and 2 really aren't even worth considering as one of the best.


how did you get this kind of chart

3 looks like it has artificial peaks and has the most static while 4 has no static

I gotto say 4

its 4

If pop/electronic/etc: Any of them because it doesn't matter.

If anything with actual complexity:
if old analog recording: 3
if new digital recording: 4

3 looks the most natural

Not all pop/electric music has lows/mids boosted you know? Some labels actually give a fuck about quality

In that case the song would go into the "actual complexity" category.
Sorry for being vague about the first condition.
I suppose I meant "pop/electronic/etc that no one gave a shit about".

3 or 4, 3 looks like it has more noise but whether the noise should be there depends on the song.

sage because you should have uploaded the audio.

1 and 2 are the same codec, can't tell what. AAC maybe.
3 and 4 are mp3. 3 is CBR, 4 is VBR.

Without actually hearing the files, 1 and 4 look the best. Looking doesn't mean so much when it comes to music though.

sage for not sharing

None are Opus. Opus only encodes at 48kHz, and all of these are encoded at 44.1kHz.
You can tell because the graphs only go to 22kHz. With Opus, they'd go to 24kHz.


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While we wait for OP to confirm, here's an actual audio format test.

I converted an original 24 bit 48kHz PCM .wav into 3 formats: Vorbis, MP3 and FLAC, and then converted them back to PCM.

Dithering was kept to a minimum when converting back, so the quality from compressed back to PCM should be the same.

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Is this the wcd interview?

Why did you convert it back to wav when you want us to download it, retard?

it's supposed to be a riddle, idiot

I'll take a stab at it with my untrained and insensitive ears. 1 and 4 are the original wav and FLAC, can't tell the difference. 2 sounds like MP3, 3 sounds like Vorbis.


got one sort of right

They all sound the same. I think you're bluffing.

trust me. I'm not.
I really do want to know Holla Forums's mad skillz for once.

I can't tell the difference between the first and the third. These are probably the lossless ones. No I'm not going to guess which is which. If they're the lossless ones then there (should be) no differences, making it impossible to tell anyway.

In the second and fourth, the guitar doesn't sound as "warm" (?) in either and the second one's drums sound a little different in the beginning. Other than that I can't really discern any more differences.
2 and 4 I think are the lossy ones, but I'm not sure which one is which without pulling up a graph.

Because wav is lossless and obscures which codec was used, which is perfect for a unbiased test.

1 and 3 are the wav and flac, 4 is mp3, and 2 is vorbis.

Very Impressive.

1 - FLAC 16bit (.flac)
2 - Vorbis 320 kbps (.ogg)
3 - PCM 24bit (.wav)
4 - MP3 320 kbps (.mp3)


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metal is not complex, you could argue it's a faster variation with more distortion, but as it stands, vaporwave is where it's at

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1 and 2 are equalized

3 seems to be less compressed than 4 is

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OP can you spoil already which encoding formats are those 4?

Fuck knows! Do you listen with your eyes or something?

1 and 2 seem to have a steep cutoff, 4 has blatant shelving and 3's peaks just look darn strange. But again, do you listen with your eyes?

They're all shit. 3+4 are loudness wars as fuck.

3 appears to not be compressed and be of higher resolution. It might be noisy compared to 4