Jesus Fucking Chright


Get a better operating system kiddo.


wew lad

Meant for




lel ublock origin shows >1k pleb XD


use brave browser

This. Brave blocks all ads.

It's like you don't want to get paid serious buttcoins for shitposting

The browser from shills, for shills.

Could be good since it has both block and replace mode tbh. They said they will focus on security and privacy and get it audited. I wouldn't use it now but maybe in the future

Replace mode of brave can finally kill off ad agencies. That's why Eich got angry letters from hollyjews.


Its like you LOVE being raped in the ass by a steel dick. You do, is that right FAGGOT?


What is that? Are you a wizard?

Teach me're my only hope.

Mpsyt, my nigga.


jewtube needs to pay for hosting all those videos somehow.

jewtubing in the matrix.


He got angry letters from hollyjews because he figured out a better way to exploit and jew his users than they did. Make no mistake, Eich is not your friend.


What are you? Some kind of commie, OP?


Being tin foil and not having win 10 fot vidya and iPhone to contact non autistic normal women. U guys are like friend request the movie real life.... Yes I know friend request was commercial the movie but I saw with a real women.. Not a lolicon omnihole..


You deserve 7/10. Nice.

Impressive, that was legitimately hard to read.

How do I configure mps-youtube to use youtube-dl? When I set it and try to use it it tells me that the specified file couldn't be found.

enjoy being cucked

I should have clarified I mean using youtube-dl as an external downloader.

youtube-dl is already a dependency of python-pafy . Where else mpsyt is needs python-pafy to work.

youtube-dl is already a dependency of python-pafy . Where else mpsyt needs python-pafy to work.

écoute vieux si tu t’étonne d'avoir des pubs dans windows 10 avec opera plus toutes les conneries sur lequel tu va surfer/installer (remarque cela aurais put être pire tu aurais put être sur, ne vient pas shitposter ici et te plein pas d'avoir autant de merde sur ton pc alors que tu utilise que du logiciel privateur (mise a part Thunderbird).
Tu veut te rendre un service (avant que quelqu’un ne suggère de te suicider) installe icecat avec ublock origin, va sur gog pour tes jeux, installe trisquel et installe vlc.


nan c'est bon.
j'ai windows defender activé donc j risque rien

What is daily motion.. Normie's not knowing about other video sites.

nan installe open office la tu est sur d’être sécuriser ( ° ʖ °)




It's a laptop for fucks sake

Cheer up you got dubs
>using a laptop

still less than the number of tabs you got open OP


This thread proves that Holla Forums mostly consists of people with mental disabilities. OP is pointing out that YouTube has a massive number of ads and trackers and such, and almost nobody gets it. Instead they babble on about what programs are in the screenshot or what OS he is running and shit like that.


Some of the lowest energy b8 I've seen in a while.

Who cares about webpages tracking you when you're using Windows?
That being said, there's nothing wrong with politely suggesting alternatives that are easy to switch to.
And I bet the people making fun of OP have exquisite taste in websites.

This board is shit, why are you surprised? It'd be great if we talked about technology but it's nothing but obese pedo stallman and linux.

sorry Holla Forums and imageboard community. I failed you.










Kill yourself.

this must be bait





Before I started using mpv + youtube-dl, I used to get over 100 ads per video. I'm pretty sure that the ads just keep trying until one works. If you watch a long video, it's going to retry a lot.


what is it?
I might check it out



wake me up

Magnanimous kek

Cool shit, user. Just installed this, and am enjoying it.

I have a question though: Is there a way to stop the progress bar from freezing when running mpsyt in tty as opposed to a terminal emulator?

Hitler probably wouldn't like ads either, m8.



You are using some obscure browser with ABP and probably other shit so youtube won't have as good compatibility.

Youtube knows OP is using a shit browser and probably is trying to connect a bunch of adware/logging sites to see what all OP is doing, all for marketing purposed of course.

I've never run in on tty, I don't know why you even want to do that.



So what does Holla Forums want, Youtube to remove all ads and shutdown or start selling subscription services?

Decentralized p2p alternative.

Brb posting this in the ASCIIpunk thread...

Where do you think you are?

What kind of person will allow their internet connection getting raped 24/7 so some 13 year olds can watch the latest pewdiepie in 1080p/60fps?

13 year olds that watch the latest pewdiepie in 1080p/60fps

I beat you OP. :^)


Its an eMachine

One may want to run it on a system without gui. Also, it could be a fun way to fuck with people by playing music from tty.

I am running it form my terminal emulator now, though.

Jesus fucking christ OP, are you retarded?

No excuse, laptops come in 1080p resolution.

oy vey how dare the goyim have a way to watch videos on the internet that's bad and evil botnet hruriowejropiwefjeopwfijwefopijeopefjwefopwj
Kill yourself.

Damn, that's nice. I was using youtube-dl to download things that were linked, but I still browsed youtube from time to time. I guess this is the way to do it now. Thanks a bunch.

We kind of already do shit like this in webm threads. What would likely happen is that content creators would host their video of the week or something, and then you could download and share and shit.

Of course, this is assuming they don't want to be youtube rich and just want to have a community.

So much fucking botnet holy shit

This must be bait.

Actually I've started to run it just now from tty. Shit works to even play video if you use fbdev2 option on mplayer. This would come really handy for ssh anime watching when on shit computer.

Subhuman frogs need to fuck off

>getting triggered by literally EVERYTHING, regardless of how insignificant it is
dude, you seriously need to get off the internet

is this just a meme thread?

It is now.

What's next, Torch?

Seeing that almost every single of the 99 replies in this thread is completely worthless, here's another one:

Youtube doesn't actually have that many individual trackers, it just retries with differently formed URLs repeatedly. It's not rare to see a ">1k" after watching a video for a long time.

The real top contenders for a high amount of indivudal trackers are generally Clickbait sites of all sorts, or wikia pages.

Thanks for the tip, really enjoying it.

Is there a way to get 60fps video? I can always download it with youtube-dl, but I'd rather just view videos like this without having to go through the trouble.

set show_video true

It'll open videos with mpv then.

Nah, bro, that I already did. I'm specifically asking about framerate on videos displayed.

Plebs, full umatrix or go home


I use uBlock and uMatrix together.

Doesn't make any sense. Just impedes configuration.



There is nothing wrong with French.
Azerty masterace reporting in


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