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Why arent you using OSX Holla Forums?
Its Unix bases and Open Source.

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Well congratulations, you got a reply. Now what's the next step of your master bait?

Because I'm not a homosexual.

OSX was pretty nice back when Apple were still Apple Computer Inc. I liked that you had a modern UNIX with an attractive desktop. Apple were actually ahead of the curve in utilizing the GPU to make an attractive UI, and it took competitor Microsoft the better part of a decade to catch up.

Once they became a phone company, and the OS was designed as a mere phone management appliance, things started to take a turn for the worst. I still do use OSX on my macbook pro, but these days Linux is looking like an attractive option.

*turn for the worse.

Tried it before. Found that most of the keyboard shortcuts were different, and nothing worked the way I expected. One of the biggest issues I found involved selecting multiple files, because ctrl + click is right click on a Mac.
I like how packages work though. I'd like to see that kind of system on a Linux distro one day. Just copy the executible to the applications folder and everything werks by itself.


The last time I used OSX was to connect someone else's Macbook to a wifi AP, and the network control panel froze hard.

OSX is trash just like every other "Certified Unix". There's a reason Sun was wiped off the face of the earth.

Because all the parts I'd want to use it for are taken from other operating systems that I could use instead.

"Window always on top"

Its a good concept, but there's still the Library folder with hidden extras for some software, and there is no clean uninstalling method for remains there.

OSX is a very good operating system. I recommend it to normalfags over Ubuntu/Mint any day of the week. Looks good, very easy to use, can deal with any hardware you throw at it (periphery, not hackintosh hardware), its very stable and such.

I personally use it sometimes as a dual boot on my macbook. It gets shit done, especially

The touchpad gesture stuff works very good as well, it's just not as comfy and clear cut as a tiled WM.

Use the command key instead of CTRL. You're welcome.

OS X has really nice GUI software as well, especially if they are Cocoa apps. iWork is such a pleasure to work with compared to LibreOffice and MS Office. It used to be even better before the big rewrite when it was actually costing money, but now you get what you paid for I guess.

It's also bloated and slow. I ended up installing Linux on my 2010 Macbook Pro to get more years out of it (also OS X is mostly not open source).

t. former macfag

Parts of it are open source:

I'm not using it because nothing from worked and I can't wait a fucking hour for my web browser to open.


No browser on my Fedora installation reaches the speed of Safari on my OSX installation.

appendum: as in, actual benchmarks, not "it feels fast"

sage for double post

This totally isn't an Apple shill thread


gr8 b8 m8, I r8 8/8

Look at any benchmark, and OSX is always the last one. HFS+ is a joke, as is their kernel, installing it on non apple hardware can be a chore, not libre, no real package manager (which can be fixed with pkgsrc) and countless problems.

iWork sucks compared to the FOSS alternatives.

I have a Power PC iMac running Ubuntu.

I run Linux on a Mac. That should tell you enough.

OSX is terrible

In addition:


Apple users welcome. I've got a picture 4U. Please open the original png with Safari. 8ch won't let me post it.

>It's Norman source, which means they pretend to care about a user's privacy to trick idiots into using overpriced shit.

Apart from being the single most insecure desktop OS (, I find it unnecessarily heavy and ugly. I use Xfce to achieve the same design with significantly less memory footprint. OS9 was a better operating system by far.

I'd recommend Ubuntu to a normie looking for a Unix-like system over OSX any day. Certification means jack shit when you're the king of CVEs and privilege escalation.

Didn't that defeat the purpose of using a mac?

I can run ubuntu on pi too.


do you ever wonder what facebook's servers smell like haha


PowerPC, cheap and solid as fuck.

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how can someone buy apple after reading these?

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Since I'm in a good mood here's some more shit

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The Bible sounds like it had the right idea tbh

there is a solution out there;

it needs to be used by ubuntu, but sadly they are trying 'snappy' containers, which has been criticized after 16.04 LTS because it has security issues, these might be patched ofc but people are saying it's a problem with X11 or something.


> Snap developers have built the format to work with Unity. Technically, this means the software can work on other distributions. But like Unity itself, snaps probably won’t see much adoption outside of the Ubuntu ecosystem.


while we are on the topic of apple. it's damn shame apple hasn't opened up to the OEM market. since 2006-7 OS X has been able to run on Intel chips (x86), now ofc course OS X can run on 64-bit chips.


the nerds claim that the onboard DRM chip on macs granting permission to run OS X is easy to bypass and that unrelated hardware drivers are the main issue which needs support. of course if apple took the initiative, neither of these would be a problem. even the CEO of Dell publicly started he would be happy to build custom boxes for OS X to run on the meet and excess hardware requirements, Jobs was even said to have agreed it was a good idea to open up to the OEM market but a couple years later the iPhone launched and Jobs health declined.


the iphone is the flagship product, they really don't even care about the PC market which they only have ~8% of, it's freaking retarded since OS X obviously a superior software product/platform compared to MS Windblows. the iphone line is not sustainable in the long run of mobile marketplace.

> Desktop OSs: (Apple ~8%)

> Mobile OSs: (Apple 32%)

tl;dr tim 'cuckold' cook is crashing the company with no survivors.

oh a quick follow-up/disclaimer 4 cucks; i run ubuttjoo MATE 64-bit on custom hardware setup. I do have a macbook pro which i have used for a couple years but I am letting fam use it now because it's user-friendly, though ironically in the last month i installed ubuntu mate on it for dual boot, since the fam wants to 'be root' and learn some sperg shit, ffs.

anyway i don't mind OS X, it seems stable and usable but I prefer linux because of the community and developer features, open sores, etc. But i respect the platform enough to be up vexed by the fact apple is obsessed with complete control/vertical integration for _all_ products they create. it's very short sighted and not good for business. vertical integration for product lines is understandable, but not for every product, esp. not software.

what do you nerds think?

It hurts to read this and realize that someone wrote it.

you don't mind being a homosexual?


> Ubuttjoo -- tfw no gf

Because it's NOT open source and it's UI is ineffective and inconsistent.

The only good thing Apple makes is the iOS UI, but then again the closed environment is a deal-breaker.


wew, lad

Which doesn't matter anyway, since the problem therefor exists in .debs and whatnot anyway, as it is tied to X not being the most self-contained thing ever made.

You seem to have a pretty high opinion of Apple. Perhaps you didn't know they've been pulling a "Windows 10" for way longer than Windows, they just have slicker marketing.


yeah i know about OS X updating and botnet, le cloud style shit, etc. but it's more polite that win10 cuckold (Win X, OS X). i would, it's a fools wish because apple has often told the press it wasn't to be a 'premium brand' but ffs they are deluded. apple is nigger-tier imo, as such it should be available to the public as software, even at a fee. they can be smart about it and limit the growth to partner/manufacturers and trained Apple cert. technicians already in the field. no need for a dvd in a box on the shelf.

my opinion of OS X comes from it's relation to BSD and POSIX, and experience, sure i was impressed by the aesthetics when i was younger but now i think the devices are ugly and cucked hardware. the only value is the software platform, GUI, branding, data centers, etc.

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