Looks like eugenics is cool again


Japan panel OKs gene editing of human eggs for basic study

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I never did get the whole "ethnics" aspect as being something against eugenics

I see nothing really morally wrong with it at all, you can potentially boost the lifespan of people by removing recessive genes that can determine age and preemptively cure illness, hell, you can probably boost the IQ of niggers by determining how much carbs/proteins your body dedicates to your brain

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So much this.
Those arguments sound exactly like THAT GUY that always wants to make up stupid house rules to give his bitch ass an advantage.

On just about every issue, Japan gets it right.

I've been there. The number of things they do right is mind boggling. It's just "of course they do X this way, it makes perfect sense".

Because you don't really know what the side effects are going to be. Generally you don't screw around with medical shit without a good reason, because it's easy to fuck up and hard to unfuck.

I'm still of the mindset that genetic engineering in general is incredibly dangerous, the code involved is way more complex than we have any conception of. For instance, there's genes that are harmless if you're a nip, but if you're a nigger it results in a quadrupled chance of heart disease. We do not know the side effects of particular genes interacting with each other, it's an absolute crapshoot.

I am however in favour of soft eugenics through selective breeding, this is the standard approach used by farmers and it is proven to work without causing problems. I am well in favour of limiting the reproductive capacities of those with clear hereditary defects.

The core issue is that each person involved wants their genes to be persevered, even if that weakens the next generation. This is why people react negatively to the idea of having their bloodline phased out, yet don't take issue necessarily with gene tampering. The first triggers an evolutionary fear against being selected out, yet the latter does not trigger those defences due to it's theoretical perception. Remember, we are continually refined by natural selection even today, those who do not hold an appropriate intrinsic fear about their genetic line being extinguished are quickly and viciously dealt with. But the best case for humanity is for farmer-tier eugenics to be applied.

There exists a plenty of deleterious alleles naturally in populations--selective breeding can inadvertently let these persist when naturally they'd lower your fitness. You can see examples of this in various domesticated animals. So it's not without problems.

I never thought I would live to see the next generation of technological arms race to happen between the Chinese and the Japanese.

And on genetic engineering at that.

The East as a whole is going to rise again, and the West is going to be buried under the ongoing disease of pathological altruism.

This was from an interview with Elon Musk by the blogger from the procrastination thread


— I talked to him for a while about genetic reprogramming. He doesn’t buy the efficacy of typical anti-aging technology efforts, because he believes humans have general expiration dates, and no one fix can help that. He explained: “The whole system is collapsing. You don’t see someone who’s 90 years old and it’s like, they can run super fast but their eyesight is bad. The whole system is shutting down. In order to change that in a serious way, you need to reprogram the genetics or replace every cell in the body.” Now with anyone else—literally anyone else—I would shrug and agree, since he made a good point. But this was Elon Musk, and Elon Musk fixes shit for humanity. So what did I do?

Me: Well…but isn’t this important enough to try? Is this something you’d ever turn your attention to?

Elon: The thing is that all the geneticists have agreed not to reprogram human DNA. So you have to fight not a technical battle but a moral battle.

Me: You’re fighting a lot of battles. You could set up your own thing. The geneticists who are interested—you bring them here. You create a laboratory, and you could change everything.

Elon: You know, I call it the Hitler Problem. Hitler was all about creating the Übermensch and genetic purity, and it’s like—how do you avoid the Hitler Problem? I don’t know.

Me: I think there’s a way. You’ve said before about Henry Ford that he always just found a way around any obstacle, and you do the same thing, you always find a way. And I just think that that’s as important and ambitious a mission as your other things, and I think it’s worth fighting for a way, somehow, around moral issues, around other things.

Elon: I mean I do think there’s…in order to fundamentally solve a lot of these issues, we are going to have to reprogram our DNA. That’s the only way to do it.

Me: And deep down, DNA is just a physical material.

Elon: [Nods, then pauses as he looks over my shoulder in a daze] It’s software.


1) It’s really funny to brashly pressure Elon Musk to take on yet another seemingly-insurmountable task and to act a little disappointed in him that he’s not currently doing it, when he’s already doing more for humanity than literally anyone on the planet.

2) It’s also super fun to casually brush off the moral issues around genetic programming with “I think there’s a way” and to refer to DNA—literally the smallest and most complex substance ever—as “just a physical material deep down” when I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about. Because those things will be his problem to figure out, not mine.

3) I think I’ve successfully planted the seed. If Musk takes on human genetics 15 years from now and we all end up living to 250 because of it, you all owe me a drink.

Not only do we not know all the side effects, you also want to keep the population genetically diversified. There are also social aspects one has to consider (and I'm not talking everyone should be equal bullshit, but you're going to divide the population into a yet another set of classes)

Are you sure about that?

I'm not afraid of genetic engineering per se, but in some people's hands it would only bring us misery, and those are the people most likely to call the shots with it.
Humanity is too meta to be trusted with fixing itself.

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I don't see your point, due to free western money the correct reproductive strategy for Africans is to fuck like rabbits, the system is working as expected.


slavery is "abolished".
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There's only so many kinds of pigments the human body produces.
Do you have any idea how complicated it would be to add a completely new way to metabolize stuff into the desired color?
Even if you'd be able to do it you'd end up with disgusting looking people.
Try to create blue haired people and you end up with disgusting sick looking skin pigmentation.


Let's face it. This is what we'll get.

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Eastern Timor, an ancient poor Portuguese colony.

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Because they're high IQ but not white, so they aren't caught up thinking about oppression constantly.

I fucking love how you can tell Elon knows the score and is just trying to figure out a way to save the human race without getting assassinated for being hitler

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Well, the Hitler comparisons are being so overused this American election cycle that the meme may finally lose its effectiveness once the elections are over. Hopefully one less thing for Musk to worry about.

Once again left-wing Jews like Elon value their feelings over science.