Former BBC Executive Downloaded CP From 4chan

Former BBC executive downloaded a haul of online porn - including 150 indecent images of children - so massive it crashed his work's entire internet connection

• Mark Deitch, 57, of Willden, Bedfordshire, worked for BBC for 12 years

• He admitted downloading images but said they were part of wider haul

• Says he was unaware of folder called ‘pizza’ with indecent child images

• He worked for talent agency Benjamin Management at time of offences

Mark Deitch, 57, of Willden, Bedfordshire, would spend hours of time at work at a talent agency scouring anonymous online forum 4chan for things to download as he procrastinated - and it was enough to crash the internet connection.

He used a work computer to download the images before transferring them to an external hard drive.

His computer only came under scrutiny after technicians tried to fix it. Prosecutor Adrian Fleming said the original computer had been wiped so that it could be used by someone else.

This meant investigators could only examine the hard drive and that certain factors - such as a browser search history - were unavailable. They did find a folder called 'MDX' which Deitch admitted he may have created because it was his initials and an 'X' which could stand for X-rated content.

Mr Fleming said: ‘Within that we [found] a number of sub files including one entitled “pizza”.

‘This file “pizza”, in which approximately half of the images were found, was - in the Crown’s submission - a fairly obvious place within the MDX folder.’

The file contained 80 indecent images of children and no other content. These images were part of about 33,000 files stored on the external device, almost all of which are thought to be pornographic.

Mr Fleming noted that the ‘creation date’ on the files ranged for vast periods of 2013 and 2014 and suggested that this may mean that Deitch added files to the device on a number of occasions.

Other urls found in this thread:

All of these evil white men only perpetuate a culture of oppression and child rape, he obviously used his position at the BBC to push his white agenda.
This 'four chans' is obviously a popular forum for these white oppressors.
We need more strong black and brown men to show those young white women how to a real man should fuck them, all consensually of course. Like Rotherham.

Are all pedos this stupid? He didn't even bother to use encryption?


maybe he wasn't actually a pedo?

ok so he was definitely a pedo but maybe he really didn't know the pizza dir was there

Too bad he wasn't muslim, he would get out of prison and receive some awards. Into the slammer with the whitey


Why does it seem like all higher-up people in the UK are pedos? How can there be so many?

My thinking is that when people get in higher ranks or do something against the government people set them up with things like these, and everyone believes it because no one wants to talk aboutcp.

Lol. Should have made a container with a system file sounding name.


shit floats to the top

here's a video of an old conservative party whip admitting that covering up paedophilia is part of the job


I'm not the edgelord going "lol these people should burn alive xDDDD"
Because most politicians are sociopaths.

Talk about attracting normalfags. I'm glad I left.

not the faggot you're replying to but i'll agree with him. anyone with a sexual attraction to prepubescent children is human garbage deserving of culling.

*tips rhel*




there's a shitton of dumb as fuck pedos, smart ones are minority

How do the dumb ones even come across it, much less find it?

Probably just google child porn tbh. That search probably led him to reddit where some fedora fag told him that 4chan is where all the pedos hang out

I blame the advent of "social networking". Made everybody just about 10 times dumber.

wtf does that mean?


He tried to download all the child porn on the internet and broke all the internets in the entire company


a zip? does that mean he was using a download tool or something?

is this uk law? copying a file == making a photo?

You can hide zip files inside pictures. They act like normal pictures, but you can access the hidden data by opening it with 7zip

I don't think that's what the article means though. Seems like his defence is that he downloaded images en masse, and didn't realise CP was among it.

I believe /rs/ (fileshares) was still around at that time. Maybe he was downloading .zip fap folders from /rs/?

A 57 year old BBC exec.
Jesus how many normal-fags are browsing imageboards nowadays.

Some days I think everyone is here. Shit is like hotel rooms or something.


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England is a grand old place in'nt lads

England is a grand old place in'nt lads

England is a grand old place in'nt lads.

BonyW Let me Poo

this is real fishy, you can't just "crash" your fucking network by downloading CP, let alone browsing 4chan

either something else broke the internet or government just decided to fuck his shit up for something

4chan was never anonymous. I once posted in there how I hack my ISP and I suddenly got IP v& "Bad IP" from all google, youtube, and facebook (the kikewebs)

Sounds like 4chan image limit eh?
Now I'm sure it's from a loli thread in Holla Forums.
TBH there was never once a CP posted in 4chan. Mods are hotpockets. 4chan Google analytics has advanced metadata tracking and also uses the Errata system and no one's stupid enough to post illegal shit. Almost got v& for posting details about my ISP hacking in there.

About 220 loli threads? This man is a legend.

By the way why do they consider 2D as "CP?"
I'm pretty sure those were loli images.

If that was me I'm gonna setup a dmcrypt or truecrypt on the external hard drive.
For the PC I would use "eraser" to delete white spaces and file strings.
For the browser I would use firefox portable installed in a portable usb flash drive.

Kikes are misrepresenting whites to push their agenda.
Rape culture == Extinction

Or he was a lolicon but then "framed" by the kike to push the :^) agenda.

Internet wouldn't just crash because he's downloading a loli.
Did the packets get injected by a haxxor 4chan?
Or the router was too much to handle the DFC?
It's obvious that he was backstabbed by his own kike ancestry.

sounds like a data hoarder more then anything.

it was 30,000 pictures AND 150 pizza, from the article he probably downloaded some shitty compilation zip and it had a folder with ceepee

besides, who the hell names lolicon pictures "teens" and "candids", either they disregarded loli pictures or there was no loli, otherwise dailymail would have a field day with it

What the fuck? This is a set up right? Assuming he did download a couple of images off 4chan, which I doubt, how on earth would anyone know? Because he crashed the internet doing too much 4chan? Fucking ridiculous. I want to know what led police to conduct a search!

calm down


I forget the specifics of creation dates. Is it possible to uncompress files and keep the original creation date? I know you can keep last modified dates and such with cp or mv, but this was most likely on wangblows and if I'm thinking right, the listed creation date can very easily be the original date of creation or the time of downloading depending on your method of acquisition. Sounds like the sort of legal language bullshit they pulled on Jared when they implied he had 2+ TB of pizza when it was really a 2TB drive that had some pizza.

These are the kinds of Holla Forumsnicians who not only try to seize passwords, bank details and your porn stash. They then start sharing it with EVERYBODY they possibly can including the government. What a shitty IT company. It figures that the BBC of all people would employ them.

He should have pleaded not guilty. This idea that downloading is the same as production is bollocks. This idea that you can be punished for finding a machine gun when you just batch ordered a bunch of type writers is also bollocks. Either this was some sort of plea deal or the guy just wanted to leave the bullshit justice system as soon as he could.

Interesting note: loli is b& in Britain and Canada. I bet they would have charged him for that too if he intended to plead not guilty.

It strikes me as well that a genuine pedo would have more than a paltry collection of cp, especially with his hoarding kind of attitude.

Ohh well. Regularly working for the BBC = a life down the drains followed by an awkward funeral. It was inevitable.

Well let's just say it like this, only the one got caught are called pedros. Otherwise, they're all "law abiding citizens".

This. If you're going to do illegal shit online, regardless of what kind of shit it is, you better make sure you're not a fucking dumbass first.

i see you've been taken in by the daily mail's anti-BBC narrative
the guy didn't work there at the time and this has fuck all to do with them. dailyfail takes any opportunity to attack the BBC because it competes with the interests of their owners

you could probably argue that it's justified in relation to saville but he obviously isn't linked with that. it's a totally different type of behaviour. if this was intentional he'd just have gone on tor and downloaded shitloads of it. normie paper doesn't understand the internet so just being on 4chan is enough to make him guilty in their eyes


Well you can 'crash' your network if you make all your traffic high priority and then download TERABYTES of charlie paul as long as whoever manages the network is a pleb and hasn't taken precautions to prevent that.

It won't look that way to Mail readers. Nor the general public.

This is also the Mail's response for the BBC shitting on the culture secretary last Friday.




Not only drawings but anything written as well, someone who writes a fanfic containing underage characters can be arrested for producing child pornography in Canada. And it doesn't even have to be loli, if it's chibi representations of adult characters that's also illegal, some normal guy had his life ruined for having this image on his computer while crossing the border. If it weren't for the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund he'd have spent at least a decade behind bars.

The CBLDF even have an advisory for transporting art across international borders this has become such a prevalent issue. Furfags have also had problems when crossing international borders since their smut in a legal grey area.

That's insane. Do yo have sources on this so I can learn more?

Here's the CBLDF write-up:

Jesus fucking H CHRIST Canada, what the fuck are you guys even DOING up there? Thank fuck for all the people who donate to the CBLDF.

hahaha what the fuck



Not anymore, on 4chan anyways.