Referring to the computer as "the CPU"


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"thumb drive" is fine, because it's unambiguous.
You also forgot the absolute worst one:

Or my mother's favorite

Yeah, this is the worst one

yep haha

I deal with people on a daily basis who don't know the difference between physical and virtual buttons. I've had to tell people to close their fucking eyes and feel along the bottom end of the front of their phone to find the "home" button, and they STILL press the fucking end call button on the phone's screen instead. These people are allowed to have children, drive cars, and vote. It is greatly disheartening.


I honestly don't see how this is a problem.
(For instance even universities use the term
It should even be Computers 101 (oh wait it is
The rest is fine though


fucking kill me it's better than being tech support for senile people

Never mind the fact that the typing style in each is different. Did your mother drop you onto your head as punishment for eating lead paint chips?

I fail to discern the difference.

I usually tack on a "drive" or "stick" at the end. A lot of flash drives are still stick-shaped, and adding "drive" removes nearly all ambiguity. The only outlier case would be an external HDD plugged in over USB, but other than that it's crystal-clear.


Where's that pic from?

this is correct though. learn your operating systems theory terminology.

kill those with fire

that's some new level of stupidity I have never been exposed to



This thread is an excuse to post your fap material.


I'm reading this while watching IT Crowd and she just said that.

also i'm streaming it at

I go to the Google homepage to their search auto suggestions and sometimes I hit return before my giant history file loads so I end up searching "goo" and "google" a lot. I bet the NSA and their engineers think I'm some sexual deviant and tech illiterate.



They use the term "USB drive", not "USB"

And that would refer to every external drive that connects via USB. Whether flash or not.

It sucks that the terms "tarball" and "tarbomb" never really caught on outside the Unix community because Windows never supported tar.





Stop ruining the fun.

most applefags don't know what a tar file is and their system supports it

maybe because "tarball" sounds fucking retarded

"tarbomb" sounds pretty cool tho; like a bomb made of tar--imagine that. Crazy.

That would be fucking fabulous if I was actually using reels of magnetic tape to store data.


hahahaha ebin keks and cool xD


What if you have a Linux computer and call it a "PC" because "PC" stands for "Personal Computer"?

Or is it only bad in Stallmanite land when Windows computers are referred to as PCs?

Because Linux computers actually ARE PC's, they are YOUR personal computer. Wangblows computers are not PC's, because they are not PERSONAL computers. They are not yours, they belong to Micro$oft.

[spoiler] I do sometimes actually write data to magnetic tapes. it's the blackest of black magic.
I'm just taking the piss m8. [/spoiler]

The computer's hardware and the choice of software are all yours. It's still your computer you fucking idiot.

Nope, you're part of a botnet. Your computer and data belongs to microsoft.

Please kill yourself at literally the next possible moment. You'd be doing the human race a favor.

Fuck off shill.

It's literally not my computer if I'm not holding in my hand the entire schematic for the processor.


This is literally the most retarded thing I've ever heard. If that's the case than a majority of Linux users aren't "owning" their computer either because a lot of Linux builds allow proprietary firmware.

Not to mention: is firmware preventing you from installing a different operating system or piece of software? I mean literally making you install very specific things onto your computer? Is firmware preventing you from installing new hardware into your computer?

I swear you stallmanite faggots were dropped on your head as babies.

You did this to yourself, you deserve your fate.

It's not the "preventing me from installing shit" angle I worry about...
It's the "hardware level backdoors" angle that keeps me up at night fam.

Whatever you say faggot.

Well then you should probably stop using computers because OH NO THE BOOGIEMAN COMMIN' GETCHA!

Yea, because who the fuck wants basic human rights like privacy or dignity?

Hang yourself with a rainbow coloured rope, you millenial faggot.

Get a load of this nonfree faggot.

First, you may want to consider a lobotomy to help with all these odd delusions you are having on a constant basis.

You yourself said "HARDWARE LEVEL" backdoors. Meaning anything short of creating your own hardware is meaningless. Thus why the fuck are you complaining you fucking moron?

Let me break this down so your feeble sub 120 brain can go over it piece by piece...

I fucking do.

How the shit are you ok with that?

I'm not saying we don't all have to take a giant cock from time to time, but you don't have to bend over like a nigger-loving cuck faggot.

I'm not, you stupid piece of shit. I am treating you like dirt because like all Stallmanite faggots who love his cock, you're lying to yourself.

All this talk of free and non-free and you stupid pieces of shit still buy crap from huge stores like Amazon and Newegg. Well if those "three letter agencies" you were talking about were going to target anywhere it'd be there.

Not to mention that if it's such a big issue for you why aren't you creating your own hardware? If it's such a big issue you should start learning right now. What's that? It's impractical? Well so is complaining.

This all got started because I had the nerve to say that Windows machines are PCs just like any other computer. Your dumb ass comes stomping in here with your "IF YOU DON'T OWN THE SCHEMATICS DUUUUUUUH" shit like you know two dicks about what you're saying. And now you're moving the goalposts by saying "WELL IT'S OKAY FOR LINUX BECAUSE AT LEAST IT'S NOT ALL THE COCK" or some such other nonsense.

Guns were made for a reason user. I suggest you buy one and place it firmly against your head with your finger pressing on the trigger.

So if I'm such a lost cause, why aren't you off doing cool shit with windows or whatever instead of here talking shit to me?

Think again, wincuck.

I like to rail on Stallmanites every now and again. It's nice and rather cathartic to see you flail for answers to fit your contradictory worldview.

Also I use Linux.

Well, that's fair enough.

Who says I'm not? :^)

Either controlled opposition or doublethink retard.

I am not claiming that what Windows is doing especially recently is okay, but instead claiming it is a computer like any other.

This is called a statement of fact.

You're also retarded. Another statement of fact.


That's like saying "I have a TI-89T. It doesn't actually perform any calculations and every time I attempt to give it commands it shoots me in the dick with a porcupine, but wew lad, it's so fash"

It's a botnet like any other, not a PC.

Nah, it'd be more like saying "I have this toy car. It sometimes goes in a direction I don't like, but it is still, in fact, a toy car".


Meanwhile people are driving real cars and not trying to pile their fat asses on a kid's toy.

Windows = Toy Car
Gnu/Linux = Automobile

HAHAHA, THAT'S HILARIOUS!!! WINDOWS IS A TOY! Oh god, you got me user. The operating system that dominated the market for something like 15 years and to this day still holds a decent market-share is just a toy! Ha, ha!

Back in the real world, Windows is a piece of software designed as an operating system that you can install or uninstall at your whim.

Nigger I used to get paid to be a wangblows sysadmin.
It is literally a toy made for the sole purpose of not triggering normie faggots.

Having the choice to give wangblows control over all of your computing and data doesn't make it any less of an impersonal botnet.

Well then clearly you are the master at that thing.

By that same rational if I'm paid to sweep floors I am a master as sweeping floors.

You're not as smart as you think you are my Stallmanite brain-dead amigo.

I am in fact as smart as I think I am within a margin of error of 5%.

If you don't strive to be the best at what you do, be it paid or (((for free))), you are literally the cancer ruining my country and I hope you die.


Clearly not because you think you're some god amongst men and that everyone else is stupid except for you.

Whether ironic or not that still makes you a literally pajeet.

No, just you.

Oh, so it's that game we're playing are we? Should have expected no less from a pajeet.

For the record, you lost the argument. Just thought I'd point that out for you because clearly your small ape-like brain cannot handle the complexities of thought required to understand this nuance.

In other words, please kill yourself.

Yet here I am, wasting this whole thread and keeping you coming back to me.
Of the two of us, one of us is a "power-top" and the other is not.
I'll leave you to decide who is who.

You are the only person here that we know is stupid.

Whether the other way around or not, I come back for the sheer joy of seeing you act like a moron.

If only I could see the look on your cheetos-stained lips as I post each comment. That would make me feel sooooo good.

Well that was your first mistake.

Well that's just sad.

I suppose you'd be rather useless without your defiant attitude.


The fuck does that even mean user? Do you want to get in my pants? Because I have news for you: you'll have to shower first, and then you'll need a job, and then you'll need a higher IQ.

It means your sense of time makes you a useless normie.
You literally can't remember what you had for breakfast the day before yesterday.
Just as in chess, whoever can see the furthest into the future wins, fyi.

I see, so now you're pulling a variant on the "I was only pretending to be retarded" meme.

Sad days ahead, I assure you.

No, I'm pulling a "I need to borrow your brain for a little bit".
Thanks though.
There's no way in shittingdicknipples I was going to run that one locally as a test.

Well, ya blew my fun time.

See ya later faggot.

First of all, let me congratulate you on your fine triple digits.
you've earned it, little buddy!


Aww, he stopped existing.
That's no fun.
What a faggot.
Play with me more you basic bitch.

His proprietary using ass is probably too stupid to even learn visual basic.

Then what the fuck am I supposed to do with this fucking trip if I don't have have a cock-slave like him?

You can call me a nigger for posting the wrong webm and hiding it away in shame, but Tyrone is God's gift to Earth. Learn some respect, newfag.

hotwheels plz

Yep, he's a kid. Please leave.

Oh good, I thought'd you'd had a stroke for a moment there.
We're not to that point yet. You are not authorized to die until it is time to die nigger.


Since everything has cooled down and I assume you are no longer having your period, I'd just like to point out that wasn't me.

I'd also like to point out that despite pulling your little bitch move, me being tricked by code proves nothing. After all, you were tricked by another poster when you're supposed to assume all posters are different.

I'd ALSO like to point out that acting like a bitch after getting your ass handed to you only shows you as a petulant child. On top of being a little bitch.

When you make a living fixing computers for retarded people, you just don't give a shit anymore and even go with it.

lol macfags

"thumb drive" is fine, as "flash drive" could be several things, seeing as how "flash memory" is used in everything from the oldest compact flash cards to the internal SSD's used on the latest fagbook. "thumb drive" implies a certain form factor and is therefore unambiguous.

my personal cringes are firefox -> foxfire and modem -> entire desktop computer minus the monitor

well fellow computer fixer, I suppose you know my personal favorites:

me: what's the problem?
cust: it doesn't work.
me: can you be more specific?
cust: it's broke fix it
me: Ok!
*proceed to fix whatever issues I find*
*customer bitches because "it was just blah blah"*

me: what's the problem?
cust: it doesn't work.
me: can you be more specific?
cust: nothing happens when I turn it on!
me: Ok!
*later tests and finds out it does boot just has some stupid windows is borked problem, malfunctioning desktop, etc*

me: what's the problem?
cust: I don't remember, it's been in the closet for 2 years.
me: what do you want me to do exactly?
cust: I don't know.
me: Ok!
*proceed to fix whatever I wish and charge for it*
*customer calls and tells me to stop because they want a new computer*
*resists urge to tell them to stick fingers in light sockets*

underrated post

It's that time of the year again.

"Thumb drive" does piss me off

I fucking hate "jump drive". Where the fuck do you get "jump"?

This is why chrome is so goddamn popular. Retards are googling websites and having the software autocomplete it.

Tisk tisk

I recently switched to chromium after using firefox (+ derivatives) for roughly 8 years.

The only reason is that chrom[e,ium] is significantly faster, noticeable on js heavy sites. And seperate processes, so if one tab freezes, the entire browser doesn't lock up.


People who use that term deserve to be thrown in a trash compactor.


js heavy sites are the cancer that is bringing back dialup era.


I assume it comes from the imagery of data "jumping" from one machine to another.


them flying around the room like a rabbits on speed at old lan/install parties

I hate everything.

"A-actually, I don't use ei-"
"I can't stand Mac! PC is much more powerful."



It's the absolute worst.

To compute is to calculate, faggot.


That's right though.



Because it loads pages without your permission.

"Because of how computers work"

*always chooses internet explorer
My bad folks.

An upload is a transfer, a download is a transfer. You upload data to a device, you download from one. The exception in terms comes with things like optical media where people are more specific saying things like "burn". It's like in radio where everything is a transmission but the direction is specified via "transmit" and "receive", with data it's usually upload and download, both are transmission of data, you're loading it onto something one way or the other.

Reported for shitposting.
Stop getting triggered by jokes about opinions you disagree with. They're not against the rules.

>post or thread that doesn't have any meaningful content, indecipherable text (ie. "lol u tk him 2da bar|?") or otherwise contributes nothing toward discussion'

One of them made me grin. None of them were meaningless or indecipherable. Should all other joke replies be deleted for "not adding anything to any discussion", too?

Here's another part of the rule you didn't quote:



Daily reminder if you think proprietary software has any place in modern computing >>>/out/
Replying with a shitty reaction image does not prove your point, Jamal


If you think closed source is good you admit you aren't a programmer and probably think the cloud is actually in the fucking sky >>>/facebook/


Open source and closed sourced are development models.
No one says you can't develop free software behind closed doors or make proprietary open source software.

Beyond this point it's NSFW
And it's not the first time I see a laptop as fucked as this one. How can they even use it without dying from anger? I mean the task manager shows ~50% of the CPU used the whole time yet basic programs and system utilities take forever to open. And I didn't try to open Microsoft Word®.
Fortunately, this story has a good ending, as I ended up installing Debian GNU+Linux yes the systemd version with LXDE. She does her work in Google Docs® anyway so Iceweasel works just fine.

If you make proprietary software open source it's no longer proprietary, except in a few rare cases where the FSF and the OSI disagree. The Open Source Definition was adapted from the Debian Free Software Guidelines.

Users don't really give a shit whether the software they use is proprietary or free as long as it just werks.

Why so many trademarks? Did you really think you needed to respect copyright by marking that?

Because maybe some of us know how to use an OS and are not retarded.

I barely ever broach 10 programs open at once (including background applications) and 25% CPU usage.

Maybe learn how to use Windows before you cry like a baby about it.

user, try using a live distro, mount the disk and delete the files from there. then try booting back into windows.

my sides weren't ready.

Your autism level is too high, go back to reddit, kid.

Holy christ this bait is good


>freetard thinks

holy kek


Why the fuck would I share my computer specs with autists who will just say something retarded like "you can do better on linux lel"?

Usage data is useless without specs.

Against my better judgement.

I'm not the user who was giving you shit, I give exactly 0 fucks what OS you use, I just wanted to see those specs.

Sure, the "you can do better on linux lel" argument is factually true from the standpoint of raw resource usage, but resources don't do you any good if you can't make your box do what you want it to, so there's a trade off between efficiency of resource usage, and how fast you learn new stuff.

you can do better on linux wewl

Sorry, I should post mine as well, seeing as how you were nice enough to post your's.

CPU~Single core Intel Pentium 4 CPU (-HT-) clocked at 3191.752 Mhz Kernel~3.13.0-44-generic i686 Up~5 days Mem~698.2/1000.3MB HDD~580.1GB(96.0% used) Procs~156 Client~Shell inxi~1.9.17

You seem like a nice guy. So I will just comment to say that I'm not replying to be rude, but because there is nothing left to say.

Yea, I know, that's a one-slice toaster.
Hence my obsession with efficiency.

No you fucking dumbasses. "PC" is not a term to be applied to any and all personal computers. "PC" refers to an IBM-compatible architecture, ie x86 and x86_64. A SPARC workstation and a raspberry pi are two examples personal computers which aren't PCs. If you run your GAHNOO/LEENUX on an x86 chinkpad you have a PC; if you run it on a MIPS64 lemote you do not. For a long time Macs really weren't PCs as they ran on the PowerPC architecture which is not IBM-compatible. Hence "Mac vs PC", as you had Mac OS on PPC vs OS/2 on PC.

But of course, modern Macs actually are PCs because Apple switched to x86 in like 2006.

Nice spolier How many years at 0.5 chan?

What did he mean by this? I am taking the piss because why not.

>Implying that it is possible without spending a significant part of your life reverse programming the stock device firmware and replacing it with a libre equivalent of your: HDD, NIC, Motherboard, CPU (If you are using Intel >>>/oven/ also good luck to you), thumb drives, Optical drive, GPU


The FSF doesn't mind firmware that can't physically be replaced, because it might as well be circuitry. They approve of a few librebooted laptops.

Even if that's the case and it really matters that much to make the distinction, clearly they were talking about the term "PC" in the context of "Personal Computer"s.

The original guy even said so

related to the thread, a cunt discovers 'her' facebook doesn't work and after 5 minutes she freaks out and wants people to help without even trying to search for the problem, posting this because it's also how most people her age act

"OK cool, how many gee bees does it hold?"

While they are no doubt retarded, this is not something we should get too buttblasted over. Do we really want people who know nothing about computers using any computing device other than a smartphone? Would said person really be able to handle a computer safely?

Do you live with my former roommate..?

When did she move in?!

This wire is berry eric

I have 2 moniters


I work in retail electronics store in the UK

my dad does this.

he search "google" on the search bar.

You think you got it bad?
I used to work in a small tech retail place, and it was a fucking nightmare.
>without lunch break because I couldn't leave the store, and I couldn't eat and watch the store simultaneously
and the customers were real fucking winners




Fuck's your alternative? Private trackers, seedboxes or whatever, hacking the content owner directly? Because I sure as shit am not paying money when it could go towards heroin and dildos.

Because they were still only working gas stations at the time.
That does remind me, for the hours he had me working he was actually paying me less than minimum wage, $7 fucking dollars an hour for an entire workday and no breaks. Finding out that walmart cart pushers were making more money than me was the final straw. Now I get to enjoy making $1 less than cart pushers cleaning fucking toilets. Fuck this economy.

Bittorrent is objectively the best content downloading protocol when it's implemented with enough seeders.

That's nearly as bad as calling having a porcelain based solid waste expulsion interface episode "having a shit". What is wrong with people?

using private trackers and seedboxes is still torrenting.

Why am I explaining this to someone on Holla Forums?



found the shill

Do I even need to bother calling you retarded or is that just a given?

I was at a friend's house recently and he actually googled "google images". A couple other friends of his were over, so we all gave him shit for it. Even his dad was confused.

My old man does this. Drives me up the fucking wall.

That's actually kind of how I learned about firefox, just in reverse. My dad showed me some foxfire one night while coon hunting. I went home and googled it the next morning, but got it backwards in my head.



Don't reply to obvious bait

Once my aunt wanted me to fix her laptop, she said "It's an AWD" (Ayy doubeyoo dee)


I actually hacked my Pokemon Omega Ruby (Thanks to 3DS Homebrew) to change the text to say "Booting Ubuntu..." and then "..Logged in, PS Fuck Systemd -The Management

Get over yourself asswipe. Nothing wrong with calling a usb flash drive a thumb drive or thumb stick or dongle or thingy ma bopper. Also disk space is memory, not all memory is volatile you fucking sperg.

Illuminati confirmed.

You are wrong and should feel bad.

Its a brand name you tard, now hand me that Kleenex and watch me hoover the floor with my new Dyson.


We do it on purpose. It's part of the dad-jokes-that-goes-on-forever series.



1.5% is still a shit load of computers and definitely significant, just like 1% alcohol in your blood will fucking kill you.

Is your dad Ben Garrison?

It's GNU.

I'm sad that Amiga died. Maybe we would use Amigas today, and the artsy faggots would not have any excuse for using overpriced Macs.

Amiga is multimedia
Amiga is creativity

Oh shit. It was a while since someone asked me this, but it used to happen very often.

The first two I can understand. You're just taking the piss with the last two.

Get a job and buy shit.






You pay an artist so he can continue his work, not as a reward.

Actually yes. Just because you love something doesn't mean you don't want to/need to get paid for it to cover your expenses. That reasoning is retarded. Artists have always had to "do it for the money."

I never want to work in a computer store ever again.

I know that feel, I work in a electronic store too, but in my case we sell satellite internet and television. I have to lie about how good the service is and then endure them complaining how slow 5mb/s is the next week.

also have to coordinate the installer, who's lazy as fuck and is always late on schedule, have to endure customer calling saying that the guy's late, repeat the same bullshit

but i think the worst thing I encounter is stupid client coming in with question like

Linux rules on supercomputers, web servers, render farms, mobile devices, and embedded systems.

reading this was a pain that made feel.
I feel sorry for you life. I hope you end up having your own shop that reaches actual programmers has your main market.

collecting old thinkpads is harder than programming to this point.

You will NEVER EVER have the year of the loonux shitgear.

Pajeet isn't the stupid one here.


Old boss from ages ago used to call the case the CPU. When it was time to move desks, she'd be like, "Just put the CPU over there"

my mom called me the other day
suddenly realize that people think usb cables are "phone cords"

It's as normies' brain as soon as it sees a message box with a red cross or a warning sign, immediately covers all information with a permanent spoiler tag. So annoying

Literally just spam to express his dislike of the thread