Mozilla.... and the danger to lose the main sponsor

Well, Mozilla would be fucked very much if that would happen.

Would not be surprised at all.

Best scenario: they get servo into usable state so that it can be picked up by others, and than run out of money and the chrome-using leeches who don't even give a fuck about firefox and only push their personal agenda will leave.

Or Oracle buys them. That would be just as good.

Good. These sjw faggots don't deserve anything for ruining Firefox and making a bunch of useless side projects only to scrap them before they are ever finished

At least, I've got the good news that uzbl development is still going on, and that webkitgtk2 support is planned.

If they lose yahoo as a sponsor they'd have to seriously cut back at side projects such as Firefox.

Servo is a dead-end side project.

I wouldn't doubt it at all. Mozilla should be called Scrapzilla because I haven't seen them finish a project in what feels like forever.

Really hope Yahoo gets bankrupt. That would do the most major damage towards Mozilla.

That power user hating traitors have earned it. I hope that Opera too gets fucked by their Chinese sugar daddy when they are sold, as they are the same disgusting fucktards.

Every thread is the same thing, nobody knows what Servo is about.
Servo was NEVER meant to replace Gecko, it is just a research project. Mozilla is very clear about that.

Servo is a research project, Project Tofino is a research project...

Mozilla does so much researches that they seem not to have the tiniest bit of a healthy and reasonable plan left.

Their inability to focus is a management problem. I suspect there was a lot of management that left or was fired other than Eich.

Please no.

Oh god it's happening, SUN 2.0

If y'all would just contribute to SeaMonkey, you could make Mozilla great again.

Why not? People would finally see that Mozilla is a dead and those who actually care about firefox would make a decent fork. There need to be some serious changes in how development of Firefox is being done and what better way to do that than starting anew?

I want servo to replace KHTML and its billion goddamn forks

Fiber release candidate when

God, wtf happened to KDE Fiber? That looked promising for a bit.



Not that user, but Oracle buying out Mozilla is probably the worst thing that could happen.

Firefox has brand recognition, it would shamble on as a zombie for years, forcing every fork to merge in changes if they wanted to see any market share. We'd see the end of 2030 before they discard the raped corpse in a ditch without ceremony in the dead of night.

Let's not fool ourselves, Mozilla didn't finish a project under Eich either.

Not if OO/LO is any indication of how it might go.

What exactly looked promising? There was no code ever written the last time I heard about it. The idea sounded promising, yes. It also sounded like it would take a really long time to come to fruition.

The decent 'fork' was chrome. The engineers fed up with Mozilla switched to it years ago leaving firefox development treading water and the corporation trying to grab what money they could before going under.

are there any that you know of?

Just let the faggots die already

You mean improved? Retarded shithub "programmers" only in it for the easy cash would leave the project in droves. The way mozilla makes money was independent of user satisfaction for a long time, and that attracted terrible self-serving programmers who were not even firefox users themselves.

If mozilla ceases to make a lot of cash, most developers will have an actual stake in the project and we'll see addon compatibility, security, and stability prioritized more than hello, DRM, and UI redesigns that are supposed to be retard friendly (or more accessible to black people and women, according to totally-not-racist white SJWs)

it looked bloated. lynx is best browser.

use lynx or at least use brave. brave fucks the ad companies.


They finished Thunderbird... until its orbit started decaying, at least.

I don't know why they are making another browser instead of focusing their energy into making Konqueror good. Konqueror has so much potential, but it desperately needs an update.

Gecko is a horrible Frankenstein monster that needed a complete rewrite 10 years ago. Forking it is merely continuing the problem, not fixing it.
We need another engine to compete with blink/webkit and IE. Open saucing Presto would be nice, but it's probably not going to happen.

At this point why even bother with clearnet browser it'll soon become all webkit, web 2.0 crap.

Should have create a new browser with build in i2p and ipfs support so normies can "accidentally" have privacy.


I think you mean Brendan "Gas the fags, Gas the Kikes" Eich

K-meleon would be good if it wasn't for Windows only.

embrace your webkit future.


They seemed to give up around about the time Apple stole their code. I guess fighting a legal battle just to get those parasites to obey a copyright license in the most pathetic way possible sucked out all enthusiasm on the project.

They finished Thunderbird a long time ago. They're just maintaining it.


You were too lazy to check.

That part is true, also because it'd use Servo

Is brave out of beta yet?



Why doesn't Mozilla maintain a fork of Chromium?