I am an idiot with severe ADHD and i want to learn c (or c++). where how do i start?

i am an idiot with severe ADHD and i want to learn c (or c++). where how do i start?

pls keep in mind i
>am too slow for the 'learn as you go along' way

stuff i tried reading:
too much detail, makes my head hurt

too much off topic bullshit


couldn't make it past the first chapter

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Since you seem completely incapable of self-study, go to school and take a real class so you can have the professor spoonfeed you.

Just get some autism bux and watch chinese cartoons all day.

nah, bro. go find something like code academy where they give you puzzles with levels and it builds up as you go

the analogy about building a house comes in here. you don't just "build a house" in a week. you don't have the skills, the strength or the willpower. instead break it down. just lay down one brick and then lay down another one and so on. do one brick every day no matter what and when you look back at the end of the year you've got a whole wall

you still have to actually put in the work for that brick if you want to get anywhere though. that's just how it works

Isn't there a vast array of uppers engineered for exactly this purpose?

Seeing as you have a crippling mental disability you should just give up.
I know modern societey preaches "YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT!" but that is a lie.
You would be more suited for manual labor which is not bad as some of those jobs pay really well.

Explaining things helps you learn them. Try to simplify the concept without losing information. For example, an array is a box of variables. You make the box and put variables in there. If you fill the box but want more storage you have to make a new box and empty the old one into it.

Oh yes. I was diagnosed with really mild ADD as an adult and my doc had me try a tiny dose of Adderall. It was strange how focused I was on a particular thing. It messed with my stomach though, so I quit.

have you tried ritalin? there's lots of nootropics. modafinil is a good one but that probably depends on your brain chemistry

It's perfectly OK to be of a form of development that not typical even, if society as realize yet. Don't beat your-self up by calling your-self things like "severe" and "idiot".

Try finding the source of a program you like and mess around with. You will probably break the program at first but, you will get things right when you try, try again and if you really can't get something and you look that particular thing up that's a lot easier then attempting to learn everything under the sun, all at once.

C++ guy here. You have no chance at becoming anything more than a codemonkey in C++ if you can't read massive tomes of shit, and codemonkey jobs are all Java or Javascript these days. C is learnable but the only jobs there require massive amounts of hardware knowledge which also means tomes. Reconsider your plans.

you're not gonna make it

Severe ADHDfag reporting in. My shrink, who wrote the fucking books on this shit and is well distinguished in the discipline, said that I'm within the 99th percentile of fucked-up cases that he's seen. I'm pretty much the world's most broken human being.

Either suck it the fuck up and read, or watch some Youtube videos. Nothing beats books, but if your brain shuts off before you get past the first chapter, videos are the answer. Especially when there are lecture series recorded from actual university classes, you have no excuse. If you do nothing else with a textbook, skip the actual chapters and do the problems, using the example problems in the book as a reference.

If you can't even hack shitty Youtube videos, go learn a trade.

Something I forgot to mention is that, like all math-related fields, you can't skip ahead in material and expect to know what the fuck you're doing. If you're an ignorant nigger who hasn't seen any math past Geometry, and haven't seen a lick of code in your life, don't jump head-first into SICP. Start simple, work your way up. Like said, you gotta work your way up brick-by-brick. There's no shame in learning Python/Javascript/Ruby/et. al. today if it means a better chance at learning C/Sepples/Lisp/et. al. tomorrow.

He's bleeding you, user. You just need to get control of yourself. Start by unplugging your computer to get the noise out of your life. If you can't, you are now aware of the real problem: willpower. Train willpower by successively denying yourself more things. Great programmers are often called stubborn assholes which is a side-effect of extreme willpower.


I saw him for about a month over one summer after a couple particularly bad semesters in school, long enough to get a letter saying "this nigga fucked him, give him pills." And then proceeded to never get pills or use them effectively. To this day (roughly four years later), I'm still a dumb nigger who is still fighting demons to try and stay on track academically. Everything else you said is right, but it's significantly easier said than done, and there's nothing the school (or anyone, really), can do to benefit me, other than allowing me to bang my head against the wall until I get my shit together. University is a real bitch, but if all goes well, at least by the end of this semester I'll be done with some of the harder classes I've taken in my life (see: Ordinary Differential Equations.)

The other problem that's not addressed is that, according to my shrink, there's "my brain shuts off and that's that" ADHD, and "my brain is racing at ten million miles a minute" ADHD. I'm the latter, sounds like OP is the former, and the coping mechanisms required to be a functional member of society are different for each, for obvious reasons.

That said, at least I can shit out something resembling a program and have university courses under my belt. That gives me something vaguely resembling wisdom which I can impart to OP, however shitty.

Other C++ guy, this man is right.
Massive tomes.

btw if your maths does suck. go do khan academy. it uses the same psychology that makes you addicted to gaming and uses it to encourage learning. it's very modular. lots of little bricks. just keep going

or go into security and just break shit?

I am the same way OP, reading is very hard for me without taking various substances. The free edx courses from Harvard and MIT taught me C and Python, I have no problem whatsoever with lectures, it's just the act of reading that I struggle with (not literacy, focus and retention), if someone tells me a concept I grasp it pretty quickly.

Utilizing music and focus methods I was able to learn Go on my own via the spec and their standard library. If you haven't already try to cut caffeine and sugar from your diet. Also consider meditation, sit down and think of everything you possibly can until there's nothing left to get distracted or anxious about, or just blank out, whatever works for you if anything.

Substances like caffeine, amphetamines, alcohol, cannabis, etc. may help in short term situations but I want to stress that you should not use or rely on them and instead try to control the problem on your own. I say this hypocritically however so don't feel bad if you can't do it.

Look into the Pomodoro timing method too, it still helps me at times. And clear your environment

If it's not obvious via my rambling and typing style I totally had a doughnut earlier and that little bit of sugar has ruined any chance of me being productive for the rest of the day, I make sure not to do things like that until I am finished everything.

but still try.*
or maybe it'd be better to say "keep trying". I don't know.

Adding my random anecdote to this, for some reason I can read code or hardware information for hours without any problems but struggle to finish any textbooks, despite in depth hardware manuals and specifications being basically textbooks. I can read wikipedia article chains for days too despite them mimicking encyclopedias. The randomness of this makes me feel various emotions, it's very frustrating to know that you can read a book but not the book you need/want to read.

Can confirm.
Fucking massive.
Lots and lots of details.

Personally, I'd recommend a language that's more... "flowy-verbal" than "pedantically-mathematical".
I mean, you can compile wtf ever you want down to machine code with some effort, fuck "muh code is faster than ur code" fags.
You seem to be able to communicate in english just fine. Shit like COBOL, PASCAL, and LISP "feel" more verbal than other languages, oy vey. Your mileage may vary but at least look into it.
COBOL and PASCAL are less 'giant-tome-ish'. Also, fuck fags who say COBOL is old and therefore useless to know, there's literally billions of lines of COBOL doing important shit right now as we speak.

They're really bad for you long term, they absolutely work well but they're not good for your body at all. That is on their own and with the side effects (lack of appetite and sleep). Studies conflict on this though, as with a lot of medication it's very personal so some people may be just fine. I personally would have a hard time recommending it for daily use even in low doses, but I am not strictly against it since it does in fact work as advertised, it's just a matter of finding which stimulant works best for you in all the cases I've seen (anecdotal).


forgiving, easy to learn, simple, literally kids less than 12 learn this
you'll be stuck making very basic "hello what is your name programs" in whatever IDE you chose. (try scite since you're most likely a wandwews babbby

here's a friendly website for a babbby like you

babbbys first "real" language, it's a lot like Lua with a bit different syntax and more toys

first thing, this has nothing to do with java. secondly, you don't want to learn this unless you're already a webdesigner, then if so go crazy bud because this is a pretty simple language, with some ugly flaws.
tl;dr scripting in html pages (websites)


HOHOHOHO you aren't going to learn this and you know it, you just picked it because minecraft. it's basically C++ but everything's running in class or object
you will not be able to understand this aside from copying the steps to write "hello world" from your youtube tutorials before quitting

there's not much of a point of just learning C, unless you're just a hobbyist and you want to

pretty much C with (trigger warning) OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING, tl;dr OOP is just variables and functions within containers.
C/++ is a pretty difficult language to learn, don't bother because you will most likely quit and not touch programming for a long time if ever again.

>whad abotu C# anf F#, objective-c and all my other faggot company specific languages
you're a retard






Yea, I'm aware of that angle, but c'mon, lets be real here, hacker shutins aren't exactly known for being super healthy mentally or physically, and this tends to reduce lifespan anyhow, even if they're strait-edge.

How about no.

Here's a few more.

Tech memes tier
Ever wanted to learn that Lisp thing? Get Racket. It's IDE might as well be made of magic, for all the weird stuff it can do. It's used to teach kids programming, and it's powerful enough to get real stuff done. It's kinda slow though. If you need a book for it get Realm of Racket instead of SICP. It's got comics and pretty pictures. ;Sample code(loop ((i 10)) ; for i = 1 to 10 (displayln i)) ; Display i on separate lines

I want something old tier
Grab a Windows 95 CD and copy QBASIC from it. Or just get QBASIC from somewhere and run it in DOSBox. BASIC is the teaching language of it's time, and lots of older programmers learned from it on old PCs like the ZX Spectrum and BBC Micro. It's pretty easy to learn 10 FOR x = 1 TO 10 STEP 120 PRINT x

Perl. Amazing language but "There's more than one way to do it" will fuck you up unless you know your shit. It used to be big for websites, and sysadmins with shit code is such a problem companies will hire Perl coders to fix or replace it. It's where regular expressions and PHP come from, so now you know who to blame. Don't mention it in front of Python coders if you don't want to start a flamewar.say $_ for (1..10); # Just one of 5 ways to do it

Javascript. JS programmers are mostly idiots, and the language has lots of quirks which you could trip over. A third of the JS projects on Github stopped working because a guy removed one tiny library which just left pads strings. Maybe later, when you have the concepts down and really need it.

Hey Small Fry
Big Guy here
Learn C
Its very useful

Unless you're using dynamic memory allocation with linked lists, then you just make the box a little bit bigger.

Or you could just fucking append one array onto another...

op here, mad props for the help guise

good idea

does something like codecademy for C++ exist?

if you'd write a book i'd definitely buy it mane

wat do if source code too complex

can you rec. some good channels?
ty for the advice

tomes like what?

checking it out right now, looks p good

yeah man i also have no problems with retaining stuff, in fact i have a pretty good memory. it's just that i have a lot of trouble getting anything inside of it.

how do i COBOL on windoze?

thx, think I'll go with perl


Piece by piece.
Pick it apart.
Like, scan for something you recognize and try to pull that out and run it on it's own, etc.
It's a painful shitfuck procedure, but I swear to god if you stay awake and actually focus your brain on one task for like 24 hours your body will hit a sort of "OH CAWKS THIS FUCKINg SHIT MUSt bE IMPORTANT, MAKE IT STICK!!!!~~~~" mode...

With a compiler like everything else or whatever.

Nigga programming ain't about this language or that, it's about the underlying memetic structures.
Like, who gives a shit what language we're talking about.
IF my-dick IS "40 fucking feet long"
THEN SLAP "a nigger" "in the fucking face with it".

We both get the gist of how conditions and shit work.
Like, you gotta understand that you're not asking how to say "where's the fucking bathroom" in german, you're knowing that you want to ask 'where' of the object 'bathroom'.

The cognitive model of "programming" is entirely separate from the "syntactic-models" of individual languages, I guess is my point.

Well, you are partially right. You're an idiot for believing in a fictional psychiatric disorder, but i am repeating myself.

Not that retard.

Github for C++ seems to be a phone-book directory of utter shite. Can anyone recommend a project worth studying for someone new to the concept of classes?

You're not wrong but I'd argue that's a reason for them especially not to do it, they're bad to start and this will shorten their life even more. To be honest I guess that's not the worst thing, I personally am not looking forward to old age, but who knows how that stuff makes you feel, maybe you'll live to be 60 and your 40's will feel like 80's.

Then again without focus life is being wasted in your youth anyway so maybe it is worth doing regardless of the consequences later, if any.

Either way I feel like it's a big decision to make for people.

watch this:

Don't listen to this faggot OP. If you're using Windows and want a good beginner OOP language you should learn C#. It's very easy to get into and start creating things, especially if you use Windows.

If life is so much trouble for you just kill yourself, holy shit
If you can't handle a fucking book, how are you going yo handle a real life proyect? Just give up

Programming is boring.
I only want to learn how to make generative maps for ascii games but that is a massive journey that isn't worth taking.

Sounds like nobody could possibly give you good advice because nobody but you knows you well enough, and because you're too weird for anyone's self-advice to ever apply to you.

Or maybe you're user #574291 and literally any advice would apply to you if you weren't lying to yourself about your goals.

Want to learn C? Get a C book. Start reading it. Write C code while reading it. Compile C code while reading it. Run C programs while reading it. Start or contribute to a project while reading it. This is all easy stuff. If it doesn't work, you probably don't really want to learn C. If you "can't read past the first chapter", what the fuck are you doing whilst not reading past the first chapter? Is it fapping to trap porn? Then it sounds like you're more interested in fapping than learning C, fam.

Learn JavaScript. It's easy, it goes a long way, it's immediately useful (something annoys you about a website? zap it with greasemonkey), and if you get RPGMaker MV you can write JRPGs with it that you can host online and play in a browser. You like JRPGs, don't you? I'm just guessing. You could cut a lot of "I'm so retarded" shit from your OP and replaced it with actually useful information like what interests you, you know.

That's where I always seem to fail. I know the basics of C, but I can never find a creative outlet beyond basic programs. The only interesting one I've found was a chess engine, but that's only because I built a chessboard in C before (with no engine).

Also git push/pull requesting and all that is confusing. Then again I'm probably a pleb, but C was definitely a lot more understandable than OOP shit.

There's nothing inherently difficult about learning 'OOP shit' user. You do exactly the same types of things you'd do procedurally in some large clusterfuck program written in C, but with significantly better safety potential, and hugely more ease-of-maintenance potential.

But, if you're already set against it in you're heart, there's little point in discussing the topic with you is there?

then why bother with C?

I hadn't written a line of C in years. Then I found an in-house C program with some problems, and fixed them. Since C is pretty easy, that didn't require any preparation on my part -- I just fixed them, although I did fuck up and write 'char[PATH_MAX] somevar;' before gcc reminded me that this was wrong.

If you can't think of anything to do with C, then you should probably just move on.

Although like I said to the op, if you share your interests here, someone may have suggestions that fit your interests. I resolutely refused to learn JS, then RPGMaker MV came out, then I learned it.

My second best language is Java followed by C#, I have experience with OOP. I just found C more intuitive. I found that I was battling the syntax more and more and it just impeded my programming. That's also because I don't code professionally I'd wager though, merely scholastically.

Maybe I fell for the C meme? Also, I can't really think of any outlet for my basic coding really. I built a calculator in C# because I liked interfaces and pressable buttons, but apart from that I have trouble picking projects that are within the same stratosphere as my abilities.

I'd love to contribute to a project I enjoyed because I know I'd be fanatical about it

I'm aspiring infosec if that helps. There's a lot of wisdom out there saying that C would help to write my own tests instead of relying on one-size-fits-all scripts

Well at least you understand that sensibility then user, and I'll commend you it.

Yes, maintenance is the primary goal of OOP use with professionals. And complex syntax and particularly sorting through a potentially mind-numbing array of library offerings are hurdles to be overcome--especially for the beginner.

However once you start doing it for money, the benefits far outweigh the costs in general.

I'm in the same boat as you.
I actually managed to somewhat master C, but my work ethic sucks so bad that actually writing software happens once in a blue moon.
Now I'm trying to learn C++, currently writing an irc bot using boost asio.
About 15 lines in right now lol, and I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing.
Does the bot get its own class? What does the constructor for said class do? Do all methods for handling data belong to the bot class?
Everything is so ambiguous, not to mention the boost docs don't really explain things in detail and fuck trying to read the code to understand it.
When I'm not doing this I'm reading scholastic philosophy and watching anime.

Git gud faggot

Install Racket, learn from How to Design Programs (ccs.neu.edu/home/matthias/HtDP2e).
If you can't, there's no hope for you*, you will never be a programmer, feel free to kill yourself.

* - I mean, there's also bootstrapworld.org for 10-year-old kids if you can't learn from a grown-up book, but it's written for teaching so it might be a bit annoying to have to fish the student material from between the teacher material.


There's a strong correlation between learning to program sufficiently well in the real world, and working through good books.

Every good software engineer I've known where the discussion came up can point back to one or two textbooks that when worked became a seminal transformation for them.

Since you've
A) stated that you can't into books, and
B) haven't stated any clear goal why you want to into C or C++
frankly I don't hold out much hope for you.

You can't learn to program well by watching someone else program on a video. You can't learn to be a good engineer by working through pleb-tier connect the dots puzzles.

You do these things by actually coding you're own solutions to you're own designs. Learning from a great textbook will help you get the basics down and at the same time teach you the discipline of working through something hard that you have to work at yourself.

If you or anyone else decides to pursue becoming a software engineer then I recommend Bjarne Stroustrup's PPP2.

It has an impeccable approach to students solving real-world programming issues, will give you a solid grasp of working in a modern language like C++, and will provide a strong foundation from which to learn other important languages. But, it's not easy, nor is it simplistic. But real-world problems aren't either OP.

I find the best way to start coding is to make some gayms. You sound like the person who wants to learn by watching someone else code on youtube whilst explaining the code so I'll direct you here:

start with making console applications and move on from there. He will teach you how to link libraries and make an OpenGL game engine. I suggest you follow his tutorials using codeblocks despite the fact that he uses visual studio (I think that ide spoonfeeds you way the fuck too much).

Learn a bit stop learn some more and come back when it isn't boring. Eventually it will become a habit and you won't get bored reading these dry ass books. Watching the short videos is something you should do at the beginning (if you're only interested in doing it as a hobby) so you aren't overwhelmed with reams of theoretical junk, and so you won't think because you've read a book. I learned the simple stuff watching videos first, I hated reading yeah, but when you get in the habit of just programming you'll put more effort in reading the books. Just try to program as much as you can, even if its for something simple and you aren't at the computer, do it on paper or whatever. I fucking hate reading but I probably have atleast 7 or 8 C++ books on my shelf that I did eventually get around to reading when it wasn't so painfully boring (i.e. hello world, variables, and all that simple crap where if you've never programmed before you are like how the fuck is this supposed to help me make a program/game?) Just come back to it off and on with an obsession and eventually things will make sense and it wont feel like a chore because you are making things you aren't interested in making. C++ was my first language, it was frustrating learning it no doubt, but if you go off to pickup another language things will make more sense because you manage/fix all your resources/mistakes as opposed to having a garbage collector or some other mechanism fixing your terrible code.

*you won't think because you read a book and understand the theory that you are master programmer without ever hitting a key.