Technology appreciation thread

With all the doom and gloom surrounding technology like botnets and shit I think technology is taken for granted in this day and age
What are the little things that the march of human progress has done to make modern life a little bit better? I'll start;
Edison would flip his shit right now if he saw how much little things like lighting is still improving, no more filaments or gas discharge bullshit

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Don't buy the cheapest ones, read some reviews (the more graphs and measurements the better).

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Here's the problem with cheap LED bulbs:

LEDs don't run on AC power. They especially don't run on 120V AC power. That means that every single bulb has to contain it's own power supply to convert 120V AC down to 5V DC or whatever the hell the actual LEDs need. Now you can either do that the smart way, with high efficiency switching power supplies, or the stupid way with resistive loads dropping the voltage.

The cheapshit ones are going to be the ones that just drop the voltage over a resistive load and then rectify it, and that's going to waste a shitton of power. You'll know it's wasting power because the sucker is giving off heat. I've had LED bulbs that almost seemed like they got hotter than incandescents.

Don't skimp on power efficiency kids. The PSU is the most important part of your PC for a reason. The same holds true for home appliances.


Edison was the Bill Gates of his day.

That's 57.14 lumen/watt, 0/10 wouldn't buy. Even florescent are (slightly) better:

I'll stick with tried and true incandescents.

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Then don't buy $100 lightbulbs.

Thinkpads. Before I knew about them I'd buy consumer laptops, and they were horrible.

I'm sure there's some form of forced obsolecense going on with consumer models. They nearly always fuck up for me. Meanwhile this T420 has lasted me ages and works flawlessly. I've even had friends buy Thinkpads after seeing mine.

How would one go around doing this?

Air conditioning.

There's two ways to drop voltage from 120V to 5V. The first way is to put what is basically a big-ass resistor in series with it. That resistor is going to drop, or "burn off", 115V in the form of heat. The end result is 5V to your LED.

The other way is to turn the power on and off REALLY FAST. If you have 120V on half of the time and 0V on the other half of the time, then the "average" of that power is 60V. You utilize transistor circuits to switch, or turn off and on, the power supply in the desired amount until the final result is an average of 5V. This is more efficient because there's no resistive load dropping voltage. When it's on it's on, when it's off it's off.

There's also some other stuff that goes into power supplies rather than just those bits, like diodes to turn AC into DC, and capacitors and inductors to smooth out the noise and jagged edges until you get a nice flat constant DC signal instead of a choppy morse code looking thing from all the off-on switching.

I don't want those new LED bulbs, some nigger hacks into my network and turns off the lights.

It's cool how they can change the color temperature, but I do prefer the old style, no reason to upgrade unless you want to save on your electric bill afaik


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Video related:
(This guy's whole YT channel is about ripping electronics apart and explaining what they're doing. Interesting as fuck)

There's something about running a LED directly off of mains power I find physically arousing, like seeing light after having already become a man but not being blinded by it. Just look at them, they're living life in the fast lane

You forgot about the flicker.
Dropping voltage and rectifying A/C will cause leds to flicker. 60hz will kill your eyes.

You clearly know everything there is to know about power conversion

Did you know that most fluorescent lights flicker at 60Hz as well? Infact it's something you have to be aware of when working in industrial environments with certain machines, like fans and motors that rotate at some RPM that's harmonic with 60Hz. Get it just right and it'll look like the damn thing isn't moving at all. People might stick their hands in it.

Anyways proper power supplies don't have this problem because of the smoothing I talked about.


Consumer laptops are not made for working fine, they're made for looking pretty at the Best Buy counter and making you buy another one within two years. Pre-T430 ThinkPads, and business laptops in general, are made for corporate employees who can't afford to miss a day of work and put more workload on their campus's IT workshop because their computer died.

Normalfags just care about the availability of their personal files and that's it, and that's assuming they haven't surrendered all their documents and pictures to The Cloud. They also see no trouble at all with using a public computer for official paperwork or online banking. They don't really worry too much about their computer breaking some day, because when this happens, they just call someone and ask them to let them use their computer while it's fixed, or they go to a library or an internet kiosk.

Businesses, to the contrary, do care about where their employees do their work. IT departments are often staffed by technical people who know damn well about the dangers of using someone else's computer, and they know damn well their businesses can't stand the chance of having their work stolen because an employee was in a pinch and used his girlfriend's computer whose only line of defense is a one month trial of Norton Antivirus that expired 2 years ago. So their systems are configured to not let you connect to their networks without installing officially approved device management softwares. This means that the day an employee's computer breaks, they're screwed and they'll miss the work day because they can't just use someone else's computer. So what do they do? They assign you a computer that will never make you miss a work day due to physical failure.

AFAIK that's only if your light bulbs are IOT like Philips HUEHUEHUE.

This is literally the single best thing about florescent lights.

I can totally vouch what you are saying. I work at a 3 letter federal power agency (pretty easy to figure) power plant and for the past few years we have slowly phased out ALL incans and fluorescent(sp) bulbs for leds in op's pic. The only high-$$$ leds we have are around ~600w and they were roughly $1 per lumen. We purchased over 40 of them.

Sounds like a good plan on paper, but then we'd need to do away with Edison Sockets because you know some jackass is going to try driving DC into their incandescent bulb so then we'd need 2 different light socket types which would get awfully confusing

Its called cutting the power m8
Also not all LED bulbs are IOT

Any machine that is able to cool my room from ambient 95 degrees to a cool 65 degrees is truly an often overlooked marvel of modern engineering

watch as your shitty gas discharge bullshit lasts you 5 years of normal use at most while my LEDs are still burning bright

What is phosphor degradation? Also, there is 90% chance that your cheap LEDs are overheated and won't last even 1 or 2 years.

Also, in many cases the average LED bulb will get nowhere near hot enough to cause premature failure, even if it could, most bulbs (such as mine) use heat syncs to divert heat away from the diodes, LEDs are pretty damn cool when operating because most of the energy is output as light and almost no heat is produced, the only heat that's produces is from ambient radiation such as light reflecting back towards the diodes, in many cases LEDs operate too cool and a heating circuit must be introduced, such as in cooler outdoor climates where frost can buildup on the bulb wheras incandescent and fluorescent lights are naturally hot

Enjoy your house catching fire when that fire hazard of a ballast fails on you

heatsinks Components and Modules/XLamp/XLamp Application Notes/XLampThermalManagement.pdf page 5
>LEDs generate visible light when current passes across the junction of the semiconductor chip. However, LEDs are not 100% efficient; much of the power running through an LED is output as heat, which thus needs to be dissipated. Cree royal blue XLamp LEDs are over 50% efficient and white XLamp LEDs are over 40% efficient. That is, under normal operating conditions, approximately 50% to 60% of the input power is output as heat, while the rest of the input power is converted to light. To be conservative, assume LEDs convert 25% of the input power to light and output 75% of the input power as heat.

What is ohmic heating?

Too cool compared to incandescent lamps(~2400 C)?

user, do you even physics? High-power LEDs need yuuuge heatsinks to keep them at low temperature.

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Please user, I don't need to read stupid science mumbo jumbo to know I know more about light emission diodes (thats what they stand for in case you didn't know)


10/10 argument, well done.

please user, enough with the logical fallacies, we are all adults here

I think it's amazing we have functioning computers able to do what they do at all as is. Building a radio in my electronics class has made appreciate that any electrical devices can work reliably at all.

pretty awesome thread
I like the small things like kettle and heater
paper and pen work-wise :^)
I mean low tech is always going to viable to anyone... you might not be able to build a fucking plane or make a gun... but you can damn sure make a bike and a cross bow

not sure if I like turbines because Oil is Jewish and Turbines are owned by Jews

But yeah Having light is very nice

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Well, in the world of growing marijuana LED array lights require heatsinks and fans similar to a couple desktop cpus, and the equivalent traditional light requires the air above it to be ducted away through a 8" pipe so I think its still relatively cool.

Of course LEDs are "relatively cool", there is different problem: LEDs (especially COB) need good cooling system to keep their temperature below ~85C or else crystal(s) will quickly degrade. CFLs and other traditional light sources can work at much higher temperatures, that's why they can work fine without expensive heatsinks.

It's all about thermal resistance: moving heat from low-temperature source is hard, especially if temp. difference between LED and ambient air is small. See Components and Modules/XLamp/XLamp Application Notes/XLampThermalManagement.pdf

i feel u..

Cheap chinese shit doesn't have proper smoothing, and tons of LED christmas lights don't have proper smoothing.
The old compact fluorescents have the same problem, and I don't use fluorescents in my home.

Anything that makes spinning objects look stationary is scary as fuck in a shop.
Incandescent > LED


The funny thing is that its really not hard to make either of these
3D printers bro
Google "Powered Hang glider" its essentially a hang glider with a small engine and propeller blade, I've always wanted to take the 2-stroke off of my old motor scooter and make one myself but hang gliders themselves aren't cheap, they're also classified as "microlights" so no pilot license is needed and is unregulated if you live in the U. S. of A.

Isn't that actually a good thing though? Now all bulbs can run uniformly despite the mains power supply, an LED will look exactly the same in 50hz countries as it does in 60hz, as opposed to florescent or incandescent

You're bullshitting m8, florescent lights are inefficient as fuck compared to LED and don't last worth shit, what's worse is florescent has a shelf-life, I am not fucking kidding, maybe the gas leaks from them over time or some shit but every florescent light I bought a few years ago and shelved for a rainy day do not work at all while my incandescent ones work fine. And LEDs are just starting to become cheap enough to make sense but I guarantee you they wont die out from sitting in my storage space like the shitty florescent ones

And I've found the ballast on florescent lights to be a major fire hazard and possibly asphyxiation hazard, when they fail, you will fucking know, because smoke fills the room and it smells like magic smoke (burning PCB) and this has happened too me more than once

LEDs are the fucking future man, embrace it

I think that for us here familiarized with tech already can never truly appreciate just how utterly far we've come in technology until you've seen some of the shit that goes on in more advanced spaces.

I'm talking about databases, network infrastructures, mega-processing units, etc.

Consumer tech is so utterly far behind the game simply because corps don't give a shit about their customers, but believe me, once you've gotten a glimpse and taste of a real, professional and enterprise environment (a real one, government doesn't count), your appreciation for tech goes through the roof.

there are few words in the english language that can still make me wince in horror like that one

Yeah, webtards who've used nothing but mysql (or worse) get blown the fuck away when they see what postgres can do.

This is more for a porn thread than an appreciation thread, but I love the look of TO-3 package transistors. They convey a sense of power, quality and modularity.

I'm thinking of building a guitar amp with them just for the look. I also like the look of tubes though.

I do agree that in some situations that effect is annoying, but I'd have to counter that with git gud.
I'm not really sure why a person who can't tell if a dangerous machine is on any other way than by looking at it should be in a shop like that.

Shit happens. Strobing lights make it easier to happen.
Strobing spot lights are quite useful, but a whole shop? That's retarded.

It's about reducing the probability of things going wrong through intelligent engineering and processes. It's the reason why surgery requires a nurse autisticly marking off implements as accounted for (for instance), many industries that deal with dangerous equipment/processes expend great effort in accounting for 'human factors'.

Here's something to read

That's if we are talking about expensive LEDs with good driver and proper heatsink. High-quality CFLs have better efficacy than OP's cheap chyna LEDs. Some CFLs have efficacy up to 70lm/w, which is much better than OP's shit.

Just like cheap LEDs. Good CFLs are even cheaper and will last longer. But high-quality LEDs with proper heatsink will last >>20,000h and will save you more energy.

see above, cheap != good. If you're poorfag it's better to invest in high quality CFLs or in soldering station and details.

I know right.

Actually no, this isn't the case for the same reason you can't plug your 60Hz hair dryer into a 50Hz outlet. The frequency is a huge factor in power supply design, and when you change it shit starts getting fucked up.

You can plug an incandescent lamp into any outlet anywhere and it'll maybe glow more or less brightly. You plug an LED lamp into the wrong outlet and you risk frying something inside of it, be it a transistor or the diodes themselves.

Switched-mode don't give a fuck. Notice how almost every laptop/usb mains charger these days is rated something like "110-240V 48-63Hz" and some have swappable plug facades. Even desktop PSUs don't have a physical voltage switch any more. It's cheaper to build that way at scale than micro-optimize circuits by export region.


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incandescent light is comfy tho


That's only if management actually lets IT make the purchasing decisions and doesn't force them to buy X1 Carbons that are made of tissue paper held together by smegma because the pampered VPs and managers adamantly refuse to carry a machine even a tenth of a pound heavier.

14.4k to 150m at home.

They also die out after 2 years at most and aren't nearly as bright as LED

I'd say use LED for practical purposes

And if you want comfy lighting don't use incandescent, just light a couple of oil lamps/candles instead

Burger, pls.

LED bulbs pulse and will give you a ton of fucking headaches. Cheap shit.

Incandescent is the best.

That's because you're buying cheap trash instead of actual lamps.

Especially if you want to warm your house.

I bought a $2.5 ching chong led bulb as replacement to my room where I draw shit and program all day. I have no idea how it will last but reading threads like these and a lot more of what I have searched give me the impression that I should either had bought an expensive led bulb or stick with my incandescent one.

Fuck, I hope this chink shit won't burn or something because I leave my light on all day.

I hope they at least didn't blow up the fucking uniforms, I mean OK holding on to old ammo is a tad stupid and MGs might be dangerous if not disactivated (although /k/ is probably pissed), but christ that shit is history.

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also, old ammo can be perfectly safe if stored properly.

I'm not really going to do the usual /k/ debate on the practicality of legal full auto firearms but they are indeed illegal in bongistan, but there's no way he was storing the shells securely in his garage.

All that belongs in a museum instead of blown up anyway.
Sry m8 heres an alternative

naw, even a cheap LED bulb will last longer than an incandescent

nice vid But.
Now, I'm not an expert of this subject, but according to my high school physics, he might be slightly retarded.
He says that there's a hundred volts over both filaments, and that that means that there's about 50V per filament. BUT, the filaments seem to be in parallel to me, and that would imply that each filament is still carrying 100V. If he were to measure the amperage of the thing, he would have to halve that value to get the amperage per filament.

There's 2 pairs of 2 filaments in parallel. 50V each. 100V in series.

I hope so, the incandescent one was half a dollar and the reason for why I replaced it is because they keep blowing out in pieces every few months, and the glass stick to the carpet. I was scared of me being under those hot glass shards so it's why I got a cheap LED bulb. Only later I found out that I probably made a mistake.

Though hopefully you're right and this chink led 12W bulb will last longer.

Ah, yes, I see now. I assumed it was two filaments in parallel in total, and wanted to show the world how smart I am.

LEDs sure as fuck won't explode so either way you're safer than the cheap shit you got before

i doubt an area that hot exists on this planet.

They get extremely hot though and might burn up your fixture, or worse.

LED bulbs and fixtures have big heatsinks on them because they get so hot. Cheap LED bulbs and fixtures are just that, cheap; they have cheap parts, heatsink included.

Subpar components obviously lead to subpar operation and longevity.

I've seen commercial-grade LED fixtures fail because the soldered connections between components come apart.
You get what you pay for, especially when it comes to LED lighting.

Buy the good shit.

I see the LED expert has returned

how good? is 5 EUR good enough?

nvidia's r&d building


A non-exhaustive list of government projects:
-the internet
-manhattan project


Oh look, classic Edison-style incandescents have zero issues whatsoever.
Fuck your meme lights that require fucking with wiring that has worked fine for 100 years to work efficiently.

Top fucking kek, learn how to mount flourescent light fixtures properly retard. Duct tape is not a permanent mounting option.

Bongistan a shit about gun rights.

Yeah, they're very good heaters: high efficiency and low price.

Cry about it. Are you some kind of landwhale that can't handle maybe a degree or two? Can't shut off the lights during the day when the sun's out?

DoE, genius.

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Edison lamps are for retards who can't into electronics.


Pay it every month nigger. I have a job that isn't retail so it's fucking nothing.


My panties are literally, LITERALLY getting flooded right now oniifam.

LEDs don't get anywhere near that hot at all, the fuck are you smoking? The heat sinks are just to protect the ICs. There is absolutely NO WAY at all it will burn your light fixture, ESPECIALLY if an incandescent wont

Please stop spreading disinformation, please, we have enough retards on planet Earth to deal with

top kek, see

LEDs don't get anywhere near that hot at all, the fuck are you smoking? The heat sinks are just to protect the ICs. There is absolutely NO WAY at all it will burn your light fixture, ESPECIALLY if an incandescent wont

Please stop spreading disinformation, please, we have enough retards on planet Earth to deal with

LEDs efficiency is sensative to its ambient temperature, thats the only reason heat sinks exist on LEDs, nowhere have you provided evidence they get anywhere near as hot as incandescent or fluorescent lights, you seriously want to get a fucking thermometer and compare my light fixtures because I fucking will

Edison would flip his shit because his precious invention isn't being used. The incandescent bulb should have been obsolete shortly after he invented his version of it. Tesla made many kinds of fluorescent bulbs, and might have even created a ruby laser without realizing what he had done.

Edison was in it for the money, not for the furtherance of science and technology.


[citation needed]

That's if you're using expensive lamps with proper materials. Cheap chink trash uses plastic, of course it can catch fire from overheated led. Google it, there are many examples of exploded or burned leds.

Incandescent lamps are made of heat resistant glass, steel and tungsten, of course it won't start fire you fucking retard.

Yeah, I see.

No. Led efficacy is very sensitive to crystal temperature.

Bullshit. LEDs have negative temperature coefficient of voltage: resistance of chip decreases with increasing temperature. Do you know what that means? (Over)heating LED chip will use even more energy with less efficiency --> temperature will rise --> :goto start.
That's why it's necessary to use good heatsink and proper driver.

I've never said or implied that.

AvE does similar shit, but mostly with power tools. He does an led light vid that is pretty good too.

you also learn a lot of weird Canadian slang

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Eurofag pls go, we use real temperature scales here in the 1st world



There are brands of incandescents, made in the US, that last a long time. Just mentioning this for those that still want and incandescent. They cost more than the shit-tier GE/Sylvania bulbs and most are marketed as for industrial or vibration resistant use, because that's their loophole for marketing it around those faggy laws.

Aero-Tech is one brand. I lost one bulb (like literally lost it) but another has lasted me for six years and three moves.

Fuck CFLs and I don't have any experience with LED yet

No you don't, you measure everything in gardens and goofy shit.

Why the fuck else would I need to know the temperature of something unless it was in relation to 1 Standard Female Armpit?


the expensive-tier long lasting incandescent also waste a LOT of power

I don't think you realize how big of an efficiency jump you get going from incandescent to LED

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I think its very clear who has the superior form of measurement Eurofag ;)
>being this mad your shit-tier country adopted a measurement system worse than armpit-based units

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Sorry Eurofag, can't hear you over the sound of being the only country on Earth to successfully fly a Space Plane/Partially Reusable Launch Vehicle
Yeah, because we plan to build a successor

You're fucking retarded. Russian rockets are used because they're cheaper, plus nobody wants to pollute the area by using toxic propellants.

What is Buran/Energia?

Over-glorified Delta-wing jets that never even reached space?

so basically russian rockets are better beacuse they are cheaper and more reliable

Nigger my electric bill is at worst $100, and that's during the summer with A/C on. If you think that's rich, you're either a NEET or some minimum wage mcdonalds nigger.

Edison made the best type of lighting there is. No noxious gases if the bulb breaks, no needing to rewire your fucking house to support memes like LED, and cheap as shit. Tesla was a meme.

Greenfags please.

Opinion discarded.