How many people on Holla Forums run websites...

How many people on Holla Forums run websites? I have been looking into making one since I saw a thread posted about old abandoned sites. Whats the best place to register domains? Who do you host with? What happened with Holla Forums and internet bs and do you avoid things like that? Any small sites you like? I found this site in a list from the old site thread I mentioned earlier.

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Godaddy works for simple domains. I host on . The guy who owns that place is a fucking G. Damn good prices, and he talks to the customers.
I had a minetest server there about a year ago, and then I found a term in the TOS that said no game servers. I requested cancellation, and he talked to me personally, and then they changed their TOS:

There was previously a "No game servers" prohibition, and he added that whole "RUNNING GAME SERVERS ON OUR NETWORK" clause right after our conversation.

All for a server I was paying $7 a month for.

I don't know what internet bs you're talking about. You mean the site shitting itself for the past few weeks?

Remember I loved that shit like 15 years ago. I can't believe that fucking site has been up for 18 years already. I also liked i-mockery, especially their reviews on game hacks. That was the shit (
I also liked this "hyrule myspace" parody, when I was a kid:

The days of liking small sites is in the past, I think. It's hard to find fun little sites like that anymore that make any real impact. Everything now is part of something huge like Facebook or Twitter or Reddit, or aggregated on Buzzfeed. Little sites that aren't bland template copies and that have any interesting content are pretty much nowhere to be found.

If I remember correctly the Holla domain was seized but the company FireTires registered with. I doubt I will get the notoriety that 8ch has but I'd like make sure I'm safe from that shit anyway.

I'd like to change this but I fear that the overwhelming majority of people on the internet just see it as a way to get to Facebook. I wish I appreciated the internet when I was little, I only played flash games and browsed till I was 16. Hyspace is fucking fantastic by the way.

Don't use Godaddy, they're a shit company as a whole and don't deserve your money. If you're looking for cheap domains, including the new TLDs go with namecheap or something similar.

The guy from thebestpageintheuniverse hosts a podcast now that's fucking amazing called the biggest problem in the universe.

They're rare. Everyone likes convince these days and don't really use RSS feeds. Small sites with good content and update regularly are super rare.

If you're talking about the technical BS just make sure you have a good enough server and have all your services properly configured and you'll be fine.

Don't be a super controversial and popular website and pick a good registrar that wont fuck you over.

Same, I spent all my time on NewGrounds and minor flashsites, I missed the days of BBS and quality unique websites run by guys in their basement. It sucks. The only way to change that is to get more people to use RSS feeds. I had an idea that might work but I don't have the programming knowledge to develop the app.

I'm not I'm talking about the domain, I figure If I understand what happened It might help me avoid bad registers. although looking at Holla Forums's hosting and technical situation might not be a bad idea either.

What was it? I don't have much programing knowledge either but I'm sure some one on Holla Forums might take a crack at it. If not I will.

Yeah, I've learned. They're pretty shit, but I've seen worse ones. Mostly I hate the fact that they keep trying to sell me extra shit, that their interface is so fucking unintuitive when I just need to get to managing my records and have to search for 90 fucking seconds to get there, and that login needs to use your account id instead of username (though they may have fixed this). As far as worse registrars, I had a high-traffic client some years ago who had their domain through a registrar that hosted their own nameservers and routed all their client's traffic through their own servers. Then the registrar's nameservers went down for 24 hours, taking down the websites of every one of their clients.

I don't even remember who it was. Might have been, but I couldn't say in particular.

It sucks. I was a loner kid and I grew up on the internet finding and frequently following tons of tiny little sites. All the little sites I remember, most don't exist anymore, and most of the rest stopped updating a decade or so ago.

I miss when 4chan was a small site. Holla Forums 10-ish years ago really was something else, but that could be the nostalgia talking; I was like 14 then.

I host a proxy to the pirate bay. Domain from, server from with a promo code drom lowendbox.

I keep it quiet, and hope that the feds don't catch on.

This reminds me do I need to avoid any country for hosting? I'm not trying to evade the nsa or start the new trucrypt. I just don't want local laws interfering with some simple blog,forum,ect

I guess everyone went to bed so I will just ask one last thing and check in the morning. Anyone build there own site? My needs are basic but I don't want some bolted shit that takes forever to load and has fuck tons of stuff for NoScript to block and I think thats exactly what I will get if I go with something like wordPress or Square Space. What did you guys do? Also here are some other smaller sites I got from that list or found myself. feel free to share your own.

I run a cat rescue website from wix. Its cheap, so far has been very reliable, and pleb friendly.
The website editor thing they use tends to fill the site with with shit script though.

use squarespace

I just checked out their templates, nice but a bit on the bloated side.
I cursed myself, since I just suggested wix, I can no longer access the editor or view text on their main site its all fucked up.

I use Namecheap as my registrar and A Small Orange as the host. Both are cheap and reliable.

A Small Orange has been bought by Endurance International Group.

I use Speedy Sparrow for hosting a little blog that I'm trying to turn into a source of passive income. Stable Host is good too.

I have two personal sites that I maintain, one is just HTML files, and the other is django+C++.

Everybody forgets this, but if your site is all static stuff, use fucking plain HTML files. No javascript, just HTML and CSS to make it look pretty. If you don't need a dynamic site, don't make one. Another option I've done before is to make a website in Wordpress or the like, and grab a wget mirror (or the like), and only host the mirror. When you want to update content, you can just update your local Wordpress and grab and sync a new mirror.

The other one is also a no-javascript deal. I use C++ for all the logic and heavy lifting, as well as connection to the database, and django is used with its own small database for authentication and the like, as a front-end for the C++ daemon, which it communicates with through a socket.

This was my way of getting the fun and power of programming with C++ without having to lock it down. Here I get all the built-in security and shit of django without any of the inherent risks of doing web development on C/C++. Doing all the authentication and authorization shit, as well as all the other things you have to do to secure a website, in C++ alone is a fucking nightmare.

I have a personal website. It's static, text-only, and doesn't waste your time. No exposition where it's not needed, no heavy CSS or JS. Readable on screens of all sizes.

I might spruce it up a bit once some projects are off the ground but I'm still staying firmly in the 90s with it.

shiggydiggy, use, free whois privacy forever unlike namecheap for domain name and some email hosting ($15 per year).

For site hosting, I run Debian GNU/Linux on a small Libre-boot-laptop in my closet. The electricity cost comes out to about $50 per year.

HTTPS certificate is from Let's Encrypt.

I've set the laptop up as a Tor relay, and the site I host is also available as a Tor hidden service.

Site hosting is way better when you do it yourself.

If the site doesn't get huge amounts of traffic, a low-powered laptop suits the purpose just fine.

use neocities, mine is in the top

i'm running my own blog on own server/domain + coded the whole blogging platform in Meteor.js. I write in finnish and subjects are mostly some random front end quirks i come across while doing other stuff. At peak ive had 30 visitors in one month and all to entertain myself. Fuck medium. Take world wide web back.

I personally host my site myself using nginx, I started out handwriting HTML, moved to PHP, then moved to Go. In the future I look forward to hosting via IPFS.

I wish I could do this but my internet goes out too much to host anything.

where do I even begin in this fucking web 2.0 world? do I need to learn fucking java?

I made one with only html and css, used a book called "Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way Using HTML & CSS" To teach me the basics.

It's just a site for a sports team I'm apart of at my university. I built it just to learn how to make a website and to see if I could figure out how to launch it.

currently learning javascript to help improve the site. Although the site doesn't need it I'd like to know how to implement javascript for the know how.

My first website used Perl CGI and flatfiles, was sick as hell.

But go with a static site if you can. Use plain structure and short tags like and styled with CSS. If you avoid the need for extra tag attributes it's pretty convenient to write by hand.

And if you want pagination or something else that would be a pain to do by hand, you can write it as separate files, then write a script to integrate them into pages automatically.

Thanks for all the help guys. I think I'm going to work on almost everything from scratch. I doubt I will get any traffic for a long time so I will just use that chance to make something that's polished.

good idea, godspeed mate

Finally someone points out Neocities.

I'll say this, it's worth it to shop around for someone who will actually rent you a nutz-n-boltz server on a rack for a monthly fee.
That cloud cockmonglery is very ill suited to absurd number crunching.


Just so you know, Neocities is run by a hypocrite who says he is for freedom of speech but actually deletes pages he doesn't like.

I've heard NameSilo (I've seen that another user has recommended them here already) is a pretty good registrar. I've actually been waiting to get a new Domain Name, just been saving the money I have for other things.

I used to recommend Bluehost for webhosting, but not really sure any more after the experience I had one day involving CSR. I feel as if they may have fallen victim to some stupid HR drone's diversity quota scheme or whatever. Haven't really interacted with them in awhile, so I'm not really sure what all may or may not have changed. I've heard DreamHost is good from friends, though

Even if you avoid the country for hosting itself, if you use their ccTLD or any TLDs they have control of, you still have to play ball with them. Otherwise they can choose to pull your Domain Name whenever they feel like it and they will be justified, since you are required to follow their laws in order to keep using any of their Domain Names.

Fuck, not really sure how that got fucked up, but whatever, I guess.

Can you back that up? Are the pages removed violating any country laws or site policy?

Bad enough geocities died out, it would be a shame if the successor wasn't as good. I've heard nothing but good things from users though.

Regardless this is all the more reason why I'm excited for IPFS, can't remove what's self hosted. I really hope there becomes a boom in people hosting their own small websites like there used to be, a longshot but it's possible, I want more people like the OP to be publishing content out of passion and hobby.
Ironically I'll link a good article on it on neocities.

The short of it is, it's a nice way for people to distribute their own content out of house and hopefully be supported by their viewers via bandwidth and uptime, not monetarily. All you'd need to do is write some HTML, hash it, and link it out to people, no need for a web server, domain name, or anything other than some bandwidth.

I've been looking into running a simple blog/notebook recently, but haven't actually bothered hosting it yet. Spent most of my time so far doing tooling and getting the design down.
Main goals are being easy to read, and no nonsense.
Mostly proud that my full network load is coming in at < 30 KB, and 20 KB is just the webfonts

Can't figure out how to style the section headers though

But anyways, here's a c&p of my notes for resources i've found

web hosts I've noted but not actually tried out (since I haven't actually started hosting anything):

For static html generation, I've been using:
Racket - Pollen module (for writing customizable markdown, in a LaTeX-like manner)
Python - Jinja module (for doing meta-data manipulation like tag-pages, since I know python better than racket)
Python - Pygments module (code syntax highlighting; using Pollen-Pygments for markdown-integration)

For permanentizing links, which I have to start working on personally
----------------- URLs (for shortened URL)

The simplest way I'm currently thinking is that i'll simply scan all links when I ``update'' the site and check if they link is alive.

If they are new links, publish it to wayback, and get a url back. Store it in a sqlite db. Since I'm only storing the wayback link when I originally update it, then if the site goes down I'll point to _the site I had seen then, not an updated version_. And obviously have an ignorelist for things like to twitter, if I ever happen to link to it..

If the link 404's, replace the url with the with the wayback link, and message me that the link has died. Then i'd replace it manually with the new url, if it was simply changed.



``Looks decent'' Diagrams, Code, Links, Body Margins, Line-Spacing Background color General ``Feel'', footnotes, navigation Links, inter-text code, emphasis Diagrams 2-Column Tables

apache's default index

particularly for showing code

Concrete Mathematics Spacing, Body Font, Left-Margin Notes

Useful Simple JS to steal
------------------------- --- footnotes.js --- foldable headers

Have fun, good luck

and just for advertising pollen, here's what it actually looks like for me when I'm writing

On the left is the actual text file I wrote in, on the right are the command definitions which generally just spit out basic html tags. Not terribly much logic going on, but then I'm not doing anything terribly complex atm. Most importantly though is that if I needed more logic, I've got a full lisp available to work in

I want to, but I don't have anything I would like to put up on a personal page and can't think of a service to provide that hasn't been done already.

The internet is full of useless stuff though, and so was the charming old internet of personal pages. It feels really comfy when you set up a page even if you don't end up doing much with it.

Yes, I met the guy myself.

Wow zippcast looks like old yt

Wow zippcast looks like old youtube

If you're still around op what was the link of old sites?

The thread 404ed before I could save it. The list was huge like 8 posts long so I'm sure some user here has it if it's not on a pastebin somewhere.

What site was the thread on? I'll ask around if its not on pastebin. Ty for replying.

Change it anyway. You can learn enough HTML/CSS to put together a simple website in a week. Hosting is only a couple bucks a month. Domain registration isn't expensive either, as long as you're not trying to buy real word or four letter domain or some shit.

I've been thinking of making an old internet inspired website for a while now. It'd be cool if other people did too. We could bring back webrings.

Are any of the image board software like linx and vichan easy to maintain? I think it would be cool to have that instead of a forum attached to my site.

The thread was here. I think it was from February or march. I don't know if it was in the OP but anons were talking about this.

I got a domain and I have started building the site. Once I've gotten it good enough to show off I think I'm going to try and get other anons to do the same, but I think there needs to be a good community around this stuff for it to take off. 8ch is not satable enough for a small board and I doubt Holla Forumsies would tolerate a general thread unless it's about thinkpads so I don't know how I'm going to make it work yet.

I host a website.


Did it in PHP to learn PHP, got pissed off and redid it in Node.js to learn Node.js. Hosted on Heroku with the free plan. The domain is paid though.

Never promoted the fucking thing and no one uses it. I don't know what to do with it.

Unfortunately not, there are lots of concerns with current generation imageboard softwares. I myself want a decent one, but sadly, with the way we've been going lately, most people developing them have turned out to be either complete jack-asses who are too arrogant to work with compromises/see things from an alternative perspective, or mentally ill. Though, I have seen an user over in >>>Holla Forums who is making his own that will be open-source. He looks like he has his shit sorted out, and he's actually very involved with it.

I am very fed up with people discouraging development on new imageboards, though. It stifles innovation and might very well prevent an actual decent alternative from appearing.

Haven't looked into linx, but vichan is a complete mess. Meguca for real-time imageboarding ( uses anime girls as the names for some of their functions, though I only ran through the older stable branch. Dunno about the v2 they're working on now

I don't understand why everyone is so shitty

I also don't understand why people think nodejs is a good fucking idea, or php
like seriously you can jump between any c-derived language with little trouble, and yet everyone bandwagons back onto the same shit tools

Is something like a raspberry pi safe for a low power server?

Post it c:

I'll use it user-kun

Safe how?

Sounds like it would be good for those sfm porn patreons, especially if you could sign in with a patreon account. They use Tumblr and Blogger to organize password protected file shares. Your site would be a much more elegant solution. It sounds like it would actually be good for a lot of different people from patreon.

Shame. Anyone try converting other software like Reddit/Voat or some forum stuff to be like a image board.

It's fine for personal use. You'll knock it over with any amount of traffic, though.

Namecheap is better than GoDaddy because they don't spend obscene amounts of money on commercials and NASCAR promotions.

On the subject, does anyone know a good free website hosting service without ads? I ask because I only have 6 pages on my site and it's essentially an online portfolio. Thanks guys.

For fucks sake don't use godaddy. They will kill your domain if anyone makes the slightest complaint against you, no matter how unsubstantiated. Use someone like namecheap.

Come to the ASCIIpunk thread. We can help.

GitHub/GitLab pages.

As long as your site is static, it'll do great.
I host my portfolio website on there myself. As long as you don't need to do serverside stuff it should have all you need.

Refer to:

You read my mind.


Double shit.

I hear meguca v2 will have optional user-created boards like lynxchan, a configuration webui and precompiled binaries with windows support, so deploying it should be very easy. However, the main dev says it will not be even alpha quality till mid-summer or so. If you look at the commit log, they seem to be writing their own thumbnailer in go and C, so I expect it to be the most efficient engine to date, once it is finally out.

Does it allow for parked domains and .htaccess editing?

What exactly are the risks with running your own webserver at home granted your ISP doesn't care? Like, what exactly can a hacker do with my IP address?

None. It simply cheaper to rent a VPS, unless you are already a business big enough to benefit from running your own cluster and paying maintenance staff.

the only thing they can do is DDoS, but that's about it

lol you can route the server to another IP.

I have a small website. Originally I intended on using it for hosting all the software and games I would definitely be making as the years went on, but I never made anything worth posting, just a couple weird Javascript programs. Only thing I use it for nowadays is just hosting a private wiki for my friends and me to throw ideas for stuff on. I want to try to make better use of the $9 I pay them every month, but I'm not sure what to do.

As for hosting, I use Hostgator. There's probably better stuff out there, but I haven't been bothered to look around and it's not like I've run into too many problems with them.

only hosting ucavviu7wl6azuw7.onion right now.

for those who don't want to bother with all the HTML&CSS&JS i have this (yes it's valid html5):
titlepre{max-width:80ch;white-space:pre-wrap;word-break:break-word}*{max-width:100%}write stuff here

revealing ip, being behind firewalls/nat, isp bitching etc. but you can easily go tor/i2p and not care about those, something nowhere near enough people do.

running nntpchan, all i do, once in a while:
-check the overboard to see if there is something to hotpocket
-check the terminal output of the daemon to see if it's ok
-check git repos to see if there are updates for the software

i used to host an ipfs website with bunch of stuff. i want to resurrect it eventually. ipfs still can't darknets it seems.

How can I do something like that animegifs site with HTML5?
Like separating things into their own "windows" and having that one part displaying content having the scroll bar?

Also why the fuck is HTML and CSS so unintuitive?

Can you? If so how? Even simple redirects and shit can trivially be traced back

How well does Cloudflare word?

I have no idea, I just started learning myself.

I have been asking this about a lot of different web related things and programing languages. It's hard to explain but I think you just need to look at it differently.

I run a server with friends on a university campus. I have a simple webpage and a PAM protected directory which lists everyone's /homes.

Sometimes people ask me why I don't a server made as a hobby it's cool to have a server you physical built yourself and have people all over the city use.

Link to that list of sites?

docker pull lemp

how many users on it?

Biggest reason is not wanting to give personal information away to shitheads. You can't get an address from an IP, but you can figure out the general area that person lives in. I know most people that get "doxxed" are idiots that put all of their personal information on Facebook, but I'd never want to risk it.

A far easier way to get doxed by hosting a site is through your WHOIS, if you don't use a WHOIS guard

There's no good reason to attach your home address to your DNS. Skip that and the skids won't find you.

Maddox is a triggered cuck