Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) is now available

Are you excited Holla Forums?


Even ==Brian Fagioli== is excited


What's new?


You don't have to stick with the default one, you can try another flavors!

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When does the hacking start.

Ask the Mint team

I'm excited about Unity8 because Qt and wish it was available to other distributions, but other than that I'm fine with Debian Testing.

BTW I just tried kaki/permisson, it sucks. Don't buy this fruit.

Xubuntu team has been having trouble getting their shit together. Looks like I'll probably be behind the curve for another week.


Why do the other flavors only get 3 years of security updates and not the usual 5?

I'll stick with debian 8. I tried ubuntu 15 and it fucking broke itsself by installing drivers with the utility they gave me.

So this release they're abandoning FGLRX for their open source driver. Is it any good? Should I stick to 15.10 for now?

I wonder if the Lubuntu guys managed to incorporate some of my suggestions in time.

Link 404'd what's it say?


Do you have some of those suggestions? wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes/Lubuntu

disregard that it's just my uni's wifi

Because the others are community-maintained. Canonical doesn't help out with them at all and even fucks them over sometimes.

Nah mate, don't really fancy the 'buntus.

I'll stick with Mint, thanks. It doesn't have Amazon spyware built in.


Excited and already on it since it was alpha because of how good it's been since then compared to other LTS versions, specially since it comes with snap.

There isn't Amazon spyware, you should probably know what you're talking about before talking about it. 2/10, I replied.

I've always had AMD till now, and I can tell you this: even if all of my AMD HD cards had proprietary drivers, games, temperature, performance, effects, everything in general, worked much better already with FGLRX. What they're doing is giving support to ATI AMD's new paradigm, where they'll use the FOSS driver in conjunction with a possible proprietary library if and/or when needed, apparently.

Spyware or not it's really weird that amazon wants to put bloat in a distro.

I meant to say the FOSS driver worked better :3c

It's literally a scope you don't have to use or can uninstall, like the YouTube, Wikipedia or Weather Channel scopes, that you don't have to use or can uninstall, and a web app, that is literally opening a browser directly in the amazon page.

Anyway, since 16.04, online search is opt-in instead of opt-out, so that'll suit your needs better, specially since low end PCs actually work better with online search off because of speed issues.

And from Unity8 onwards, since the scopes paradigm changes, they'll not be adding it like in Unity7, but instead you will be able to install the scope/app yourself if it doesn't come preinstalled in some OEM devices (BQ's Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu version has it preinstalled, for example, but only the app instead of app+scope).

They're still having trouble with their shit:

I'm not making the argument that I can't get rid of it.
I'm complaining that I have to get rid of it in the first place.

It's just a small web app and a small scope, if you are going to complain about bloa, those two are literally your smallest worries in Ubuntu


I switched to *nix to avoid this kind of shit.
I'm just not feeling it for Ubuntu anymore.
It's a great distro for getting normies into GNU/LINUX, but every new version just pisses me off more than the last.
I'm not saying I don't actually like or don't respect the distro, it's cool and all.
I guess I just don't agree with their design philosophy or whatever.


Kill yourself, newfag

Hey, not asking you to use *buntu distros, just telling you how things are.

I never told you you were a troll or something, but instead told you that you didn't know what you were talking about, regardless of your videos. Amazon comes as a web app self contained outside the system and as an internet scope, like the others it carries, included but not limited to the weather channel and wikipedia.

Now if you want to continue believing Amazon is monitoring every move you make even if you're not using it, stay ignorant

Where do you think you are, faggot?

yea, I'm not saying don't use 'em, just telling you why they're a steaming pile of shit.
but the 'just werks' value is great.
i'm shitposting at you from Trusty.

Stallman calls spyware anything he doesn't like, to be fair. But yeah, again, the only real spyware element it had was that it actually sent an "I'm alive" signal to Canonical so that they could count the number of users, the community complained and they dropped it on desktops, although I do know that they still have it on cloud since they generally know the number of cloud instances that use Ubuntu as the OS.

Yeah, I use it because of how easy it is to use it, tbqh

Stallman is like Jesus, a good Jew?

That article copies and pastes large portions of Canonical's words. I guess I know why people dislike the author for more than his tweets and opinions.

I don't think he does. Can you give examples?

Welp, that's a distro I'll never use again.

RedHat sold its soul to systemd and C#, I don't have problems with Canonical selling theirs to IoT

I bought a new laptop with ubuntu on it and I tried to install the internet on it and it wouldnt work. WTF now I'm going to have to drop out of college, I should go to the news about this.

Well there's your problem.

Back to >>>/g/


Whatever you say cucnon.


It's doing you a favor

Everything fine here with Debian.

Doesn't Ubuntu and it's derivatives have patched font rendering by default? Have you seen how bad Arch's font rendering is? I get why you'd go for Infinality on Arch but not on Ubuntu. Have you tried fiddling with font settings/hinting in lxappearance?

It's not their fault Thunar is buggy garbage. I don't know why they don't just replace that crap.

Thankfully, there's pcmanfm.

You mean Gentoo, the superior GUI file browser?

Are you a stupid teenage girl by any chance?

At least once I'd like to be proven wrong.

No thanks.

I can't find my amd graphics card in the "additional drivers" thingie.
Does anyone know the package name of the amdgpu driver?

nvm it's...

Ubuntu does, the others are community mantained, so go figure.

ANyone stoked for Trisquel 8? Are they really making MATE the default desktop?

I assume so. Might be interesting to try other DEs too.
In the meantime, there aren't any deblobbed Xenial kernels yet, although you may able to use the ones from here:

How's the zfs support? is it a viable alternatives to freenas?

I'm using it right now, doing the lxd testing with a zpool.

Seems fine, just don't expect to install zfs as your root drive, the utils didn't install on the live cd and all the tuts are for beta versions.

I like that qutebrowser can install using the default packages.

you might as well just stick with windows

Not much wrong with the "ubuntu flavors", buddy

Call the news channel, they'll help

Stfu. Literally. Use arch or debian then faggot.

Stfu nigger.

You seem triggered.

I've been using xubuntu for 5 years and NEVER had a major problem with it. You can keep complaining about Ubuntu or just stfu and use something else. This is really cancerous. That's why I'm pissed.

*spastic cringing engaged*

I guess we're both just going to have to be pissed today, because the idea that "bigger and more complicated is better" is also cancer.

Has the bug been fixed where external devices connected via USB3.0 automatically remount themselves after being ejected?

LaunchPad is littered with open reports going back as far as Oneiric and Natty.

I'm not having that problem, so I guess it has.


It's not like scopes are even an issue. They are now apparently opt-in too. I don't see how this makes anything complicated, but keep spouting "muh unix philosophy".

Trisquel or GTFO

Shitposting aside, I don't really give a shit what OS people use, I'm just a stickler for lean.


Still waiting for the new release.
Next LTS will be out by then.


Xubuntu here, gonna do the upgrade when I get back home, didn't have time for that earlier.

Interested in "Snapcraft"... packaging deb's has always been a fucking pain.

One thing that does concern me though is the way in which libraries are linked. I assume that if I define packages to be installed from the Repos then these ARE NOT statically linked? Is that correct?

parts: golang-static-http: plugin: go source: git://github.com/mikix/golang-static-http stage-packages: - fswebcam

Otherwise, users who use the snap would eventually be using outdated packages?

This is the worst Ubuntu I've ever used. Networking just quit working for no real reason, AMD proprietary drivers aren't even an option to install, compositor is stuttery as shit, battery life tanked and it offers nothing new.

I believe the kernel borked my HDMI audio, how do I fix?

install gentoo

I did that before because I thought I was 1337 enough to handle it. nope.


That's probably the kernel.

I have had nothing but troubles getting hdmi audio on any new or rolling distro.

how do I roll back the kernel? I looked up the issue and I'm seeing stuff from years ago with people having hdmi audio problems with a kernel update.

pppffft no idea, the further I got it also became a mix of pulseaudio and the kernel.

I just switched to spidf.

from looking into it, it's a kernel issue because both ALSA and pulse are borked.
When I boot into windows HDMI audio works just fine.

I'm not even sure AMDGPU will support older generation chips at all, so it looks like a loss.

It can if someone does the work
it's just that the AMD team has no interest in doing so

Then they should just free up the firmwares for all their obsolete chips and post GPU documentation to let someone else do the work.

No, thanks.. each new distro is worse than the previous one. within one month they will discover that it has major flaws and will take another 6 months for an update to fix this shit.
I'm sticking with 15.10