I'm using rtorrent and have it set to only accept encrypted connections. Can my ISP still see what I'm torrenting?

I'm using rtorrent and have it set to only accept encrypted connections. Can my ISP still see what I'm torrenting?

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So all your tracker links start with https? You must be damn lucky for that to happen accidentally.

ISPs don't need to reconstruct content from torrent transmissions, MAFIAA bots do that for them.

Which tracker doesn't use https these days?

Which tracker doesn't use https these days?

It does NOT matter that your ISP can see what you are torrenting. That is not how you get copyright infringement letters in the mail. The way that you get copyright infringement letters is that copyright trolls record your IP from the tracker response or peer exchange, then contact your ISP from your IP address.

The only "safe" way that you can torrent is through VPN or with a seedbox. Torrenting through a VPN or seedbox means that the IP of the vpn or seedbox will be in the swarm rather than your ISP IP, so then the copyright troll doesn't know your ISP. Peerblock won't stop infringement warnings. Encryption won't stop infringements warnings.

Buy a VPN or seedbox subscription. VPN is like $40-$60 per year. Seedboxes start at $5-$10 per month.

Are you using ubuntu 10 or something, OP?

Nostalgia ;__;

it's ironic OP just posted a list of everyone torrenting that ubuntu iso. kind of answers his own question.

> seedboxgui.de/seedbox/

'cloud' torrent is cheap as dirt, even free for some sites under 1gb or 24 hr trials.

I would assume it's the MATE edition of Ubuntu, i.e. Ubuntu as it was before it went to shit.

What if you torrent specifically because of poverty and you can't afford a VPN?


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Then just use private trackers and do not download stuff made by people with enough money to pay those copyright "trolls".

Is the risk reduced by using only private trackers?

Yes, if not outright removed since the copyright bots can't see the list of peers without being a member of the tracker.


Torrent noob here, how do you find out who is a private tracker and who is not? Where do I go, because I just got my first C&D from Verizon after 10 years of service, guess i have been extremely lucky

Private means that you need to register to torrent, and that some kind of ratio system is in place.

There's rutracker that's pretty good for movies and music, and open registration/no minimum ratio.
For animu, Animebytes and ADC have an easy interview to pass with a lot of freeleech and nice ratio requirements.
That's all I use.

what about for vidya?

forum.zdoom.org/viewforum.php?f=19&sid=63128016c5905698ea3f8793b634a875 is enough for me :^)
Seriously, I don't use shitdows, but I downloaded Diablo 2 on rutracker one time, to play with Wine.

Be honest here, are copyright trolls interested in people who download chinese cartoons?

Mostly not. You underestimate the lack of money in the field.
But I wouldn't know, since I only download old shit.

movie was pretty good but im pretty pissed it happened

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They can't, but they don't watch that anyway. The MPAA and RIAA have bots that troll torrent sites and seed and download to harvest the IPs they need, and then they have you whether or not you're encrypted. The only thing your ISP does is respond to letters as long as you aren't downloading and uploading what they consider unacceptable amounts of data.

>kikes like you say "le just go pay someone money to your information is safe! let's forget they're just a fucking roster of people the government salivates at the prospect of looking at


I think you're safe as long as you stay away from public trackers. Imagine you work for a copyright troll and you have to get a list of IPs from torrent swarms for your boss. Would you spend 30 seconds going to a public tracker with 9,001 leechers on the latest movie torrent or would you spend months trying to get an invite to hdbits.org and get 19 leechers per torrent?

The funny thing is, I kinda wish that private trackers would get busted. I want the next evolution of piracy to occur (decentralized, anonymized and encrypted p2p), making it even harder for the copyright niggers to take any action.

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you must be a complete retard to not be suspicious

And the VPN provider knows the clients name who used and payed for that service/IP in certain time

It is extremely naive to believe MAFIAA just cries helplessly when they find a private tracker. They still need to find uploaders and they still use the whole range of questionable methods and parallel construction for law enforcement.

Thinking private tracker owners are committed fighters with media machine who value users' privacy more than their own safety is just as stupid.

I don't think you understand.
1) These companies are paid to enforce copyright, and only really mainstream stuff has enough money to do so.
2) Public trackers are filled with such normalfag content, is more crowded, and easier to access.

Don't make a new thread every time you have a question. We have a dedicated thread for dumb questions >>566960

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man its gnome 2 and this is probably ubuntu 10.04

usenet is cheaper and better.