Intel announces “evolution” away from PC industry, “up to 12,000” layoffs


Intel's Q1 2016 financial earnings report was paired with a major announcement of worldwide layoffs that will thin its global employment numbers by "up to 12,000" staffers.

The Tuesday announcement clarified that the staffing cuts will affect approximately 11 percent of Intel's global workforce and that the layoffs were meant to "accelerate [Intel's] evolution from a PC company to one that powers the cloud and billions of smart, connected computing devices." A "majority" of affected employees will learn about their status within 60 days, while other staffers will have to wait until 2017.

The news comes as Intel announced reduced revenue projections for the next full year, along with a search for a new chief financial officer. Current CFO Stacy Smith will take on a new executive role "leading sales, manufacturing, and operations" once his current position has been filled, but Intel didn't clarify the new position's name, nor whether it was a jump up or down the corporate ladder.

Restructuring will require Intel to take a second-quarter charge of $1.2 billion, but the company insists the move will eventually save it $750 million this year and $1.4 billion annually by the middle of next year. The announcement listed growth industries such as "data center, [Internet of Things], memory, and connectivity businesses, as well as growing client segments such as 2-in-1s, gaming, and home gateways." Its rebuking of the PC sector didn't specify anything in particular about market uptake of the company's Skylake processor launch in late 2015.

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Don't worry they gave millions of dollars to shit like Feminist Frequency. They'll save them, believe it!

The fire rises, brothers. Given infinite time, society trends towards free software.


cool source OP


here you go m80

OP here, left it out because ars technica, but yeah.

AMD might have a chance after all. Or, more likely, x86 is on its deathbed.

I'll hope this will be AMDs rise but more than likely its finally the end of x86

yeah instead of leaving it out entirely is much better, there needs to be something

Can we get a list of the layoffs and tell them exactly where the money was spent?

a man can dream


Can any one tell me this guys catch phrase, again?



Eh, AMD did this too. Doesn't mean they're doing bad, it's fucking Intel.

daily reminder Jewtel spent 300 million dollars on "diversity and gender outreach" programs while cutting R&D, engineering scholarships,and now cutting 12,000 jobs apparently.

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They will replace those 12k staffers with jews eventually.


pick one, it's not like there are 5000 companies that produce processors.


When the Wintel business desktop market eventually dries up (you can't tell me companies are happy with Windows 10), so does most of their revenue. They're telling investors that they're concentrated on the Internet of things now, which should go great despite the fact that it's a total corporate meme and their mobile chipsets have been a total failure so far because they can't into embedded.

Likewise, I blame Windows 8/10 for the current state of the PC market. Low end users are getting tablets and arm-based chromebooks and a minority of high end users are getting macs, even my stodgy giant company is starting to have them as an option. And us nerds buy up old thinkpads and run Linux because Intel hasn't done much in the past 5 years performance wise, even if they did, it would hardly matter, CPUs are almost never the bottleneck anymore.


Oh, and I'm well aware that Macs use Intel chips, but Apple shit is far too expensive to save the market. Corporations will probably go for chromebook-style thin clients in the future for drones, getting macs as workstations, which they're really not bad for.

Why are you even bothering with that? You can get this kind of news from wholsale outfits like AP or Reuters.

Infact I literally saw this same story, with much more information in the article, in my Reuters feed this morning.

ARM will never be libre.



It is good that hey are going under because they invested into "diversity" and "social justice".

Intel used to make some good shit, but they've gotten complacent and have dumped way too much cash into stupid marketing schemes (hiring as a "creative director/brand ambassador", advertising with that sheldon actor cuck, PC DOES WHAAAAAA, having shit "articles" published on buzzfeed pimping their shit), terrible diversity initiatives (300 million on feminism), and products they kind of suck at making, like embedded chips and cellphone chipsets. All while barely improving performance for the past few years on their core product, desktop and laptop processors.

Poor management has gotten them here, and they've earned the hate. It's unfortunate that some decent engineers will probably lose their jobs, but hopefully they will move onto a company with less shit management in the future.

But if Intel is the one going under then wouldn't Intel be the one making inferior processors?

They really have been working on new chips. The limits on what we can get from silicon are almost here. The lithography only can get so small. Architectural cleverness can only yield so much.

Maybe they will breakout with quantum/optical stuff in five years. Maybe it will be someone else. The fact is though there just hasn't been much to release for years. Maybe someone here knows how much research Intel is really doing behind the scenes relative to other chipmakers?

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jewtel getting auschwitzed on hitler's birthday.

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We're going backwards.
Back then, computing worked by having DECs and Terminals connecting to a mainframe. PCs came along to replace that. Now, we have "cloud computing", which has thin clients (see chromebooks) having most of their function handled by these massive servers.
I don't like this future.

They are laying off thousands of employees while lobbing for more foreign worker visas.

Someone ought do something about these kikes.

the only one who even talks about this kind of shit is trump, hillary will just do a million dollar speech for intel and disney and let it slide.

exactly. And hacker culture started because they saw that a few elites were controlling the servers. Servers are power. We're heading toward techno feudalism and most people here are still stuck on copyright and distro wars.


except that's false

I'm sorry TBHonifamchan, but Windows 10 is already the 2nd (behind Windows 7) most popular PC OS, at 17% general marketshare (34% among Steam gamers).

There will be no crash. Just mile after mile of cock gobbled down by normalfags, forever.


This is what you get for selling out all the people who made you so rich and powerful Intel.

Yeah, but being the #1 PC OS is irrelevant when normalfags are replacing PCs with smartphones and tablets. Android is now the #1 operating system in terms of sheer users.

And that's despite the fact they're a) giving it away gratis to existing users and b) trying to force W7 users to upgrade to it. Windows 10 has failed, hard.



What this shows me is that Intel has no clue on the direction the PC market is headed. VR is going to reignite the hardware arms race, which is exactly what Intel needs to reinject some capital into their company. Instead, they're moving away from high end PC components and looking at mobile. Intel are retards.

Let them die, they have earned their grave tenfold.

Too bad the IoT meme isn't taking off.



Zen is about to come out tho. Do you have sauce that they're moving away from desktop or are you just assuming? 'Cause it seems to me that they're moving back into desktop, rather than away from.


Here's a question, is AMD going to bundle zen with AMD Platform Security Processor (eq. of Intel ME) ?

I have worked on intel's marketing to better reflect that it's Currently A Year



Nice, but Sheldon should have been blacked up.


"$0.33 has been deposited into your account"

I got two old servers from ~2000 and one only a few years old. Does that make me a baron or something?

So basically dropping out of the PC market and going with the server market?
Which means AMD will control the PC and the console market
Do you think this will stop Intel from partnering so much with Nvidia?

no mechanical engineering, no innovation. the last two decades have been the icarus's flying onward into the sun, only to melt and run out of wings.

i am the last of the hephaestus line here. was literally at T+1, forcing the closed doors back open and lights back on as the shops/tools/instructors/institutions went mothball. i was the guy that went full retard with machining, mech-eng, systems, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, comp sys, text sys, industrial, automation, software eng, sysadm, etc. tied in full retard app-math, linear-sys, chem (but not chem-e), med, phys, etc. what i've seen: out in the indy field there's nothing to produce with, and in the companies, there's no business process engineering possible with migrants, feminists, and infinite qe to even push new tools in. can't build the latest and greatest with rusty sand castles; can't get the latest and greatest adopted by children.

the boom in improvements from 2004-2014 was in motor/dynamo/servo, and in chem-eng chip fab innovation (and materials eng too, to a lesser extent). these together allowed for impressive convergence of the 3 axis, along with miniaturization and mobile. but absolutely none of it was here; each -innovation- was forged here, but -fab'ed- elsewhere, from big to small. so all the last two decades of truth, of actual mightful knowing, is not here. but it's even worse than that: everyone else imitates; they don't know, they don't actually -get-/understand the things they build. so the knowing wasn't just displaced, it just vanished. so when the bottom fell out of shenzen, the chinese were lost, and everything halted. and it's all going to halt even harder; 2 year olds can imitate, but they're just unable to remember the past or see the future -- and even if they could, they can't see need beyond their child solipsism, so they can't answer industry, only echo someone else's. likewise for brazil, east central, and the southeast asians.

what was happening, as far as i could tell, is that those who still had the full stack i listed above (with the fab and materials, if they were big enough) kept going with the model. in their corners, they innovated and answered their industry, and corporate/impostors/scabs pushed production to the outside. but those staffing outside didn't actually pick up the torch like you and i would. so bit by bit, more shops dropped out, more fabs fell down, and actual toolshops disappeared -- across the world as well as at home. and with them, innovation. so tick by tick, the number of innovators shrank and shrank, the number of knowers fell and fell without replacement. children don't replace, they consume, no matter how many welds they make or screws they twist.

people who've never built factories or forged business tools probably won't get what i'm saying. but regardless...

this is the problem; no one knows what it takes to build anymore. the vast majority just don't know. worse, everything starts and ends with machining, and this is the least known now throughout the world. and since each foundation of production chains and builds on the volume of the other, like a pyramid, without that base, you don't get the rest. it just took a while to show up. restated: it starts with machining, then ME, then etc etc, each builds on top of the other. kick out the bottom, and it's just a clock -- the fabs tried to keep going, but you can't build new chips with nothing new to put them in.

there's demand everywhere, from big problems to small problems. all over the damn place. i can't source anything but the most simplistic of tools these days -- all complex production just keeps fading away. it's debilitating to production, to delivery, to actuary and accounting, to reporting and analysis, to storage and indexing. doing business now, you can be a 3 year old and win -- because everyone else is 'younger' (more stupid, less able to learn, less able to hold more parallel process and stay focused). and the forced adoption of anything past 5% net total dependent pools (migrants, scabs, feminists, etc) causes systematic halt in innovation and improvement -- so you can't loose as a god damn sleepwalker, so long as you know what the problems are and don't fucking do them.

but i digress. i'm trying to keep the obvious realities of race out of this, but it's not quite working. without western machinists machining, you can keep fabing chips, but it catches up with even them. there's demand fucking everywhere, but unashamed deluded two faced lying liars at the front, middle, and back. supply and service are falling, and falling, and falling, and no one can 'confess' the truth. confess, in a business sense: start your own, make your own, trade your own, get your own ledgers going showing your might, and crush/burn incompetents off of their lying liar stolen soap boxes.

jewtel won't die, of course. they own the last remaining coalesced pyramids. but as inverted as they are, they won't go anywhere and might as well be dead.

chip producers are nothing without metal producers.

So what your saying in these few drug induced paragraphs is that theres a huge lack of metal producers and machinists? The beginning of the production line has fallen apart?

i'd say chain, but close enough. did i need more drug induction, or less?

a cylinder fires in a plant. haha, no more plants, just roll with this. you can innovate right there, at that exact cylinder. make it better, source the logic, source the material, find the code, get the asic, fail, try again, whip up a winning board, etc. but you can't make and remake and remake even the cylinder housing to get off the ground.

Despite being nigh incomprehensible at points I kind of get what you're getting at. We've built up all this advanced tech yet have simultaneously lost the knowledge base that created it in the first place, so now we can go no further.


I hope it all comes crashing down. Look at the tech world, it's rotten to the core.

Basically everything, everywhere, is fucked and they can't keep getting away with it forever.

But they can and they will keep getting away with it. No one can stop them. The only thing that can stop them is the weight of their own greed and hubris eventually collapsing on them.

Same with most sectors of business and industry, unfortunately. Lots of terrible decisions that are great for short term gain but will utterly fuck over everyone including themselves in the long term.


It's going even further than that. AMD already owns the high end server market, because they got SMP right years ago while Intel was still clinging to its FSB in order to jerk off to clock speeds. You can't compete with HyperTransport when the rest of the industry's standardized on it.

Intel is banking exclusively on being the CPU that runs cloud trash web hosting.

Not just the government agencies but social media giants like facebook and google are obsessed with turning your interests and social life into a commodity for the advertisement business. Not to mention now even our own "smart TV's" and gaming systems have built in ads and spyware as well.



You'd do better than listen to a junkie, let alone while he's high

Fuck this industry. I'm seriously done with it.

IoT and the Cloud is double speak for centralizing everything. Now that they own Intel they can focus on expanding the reach of of the NSA and whatever other intelligence agencies they want help from. It's the reason you have people like Zuckerberg saying everyone should have free internet, everyone be should be able own a computer (even if its a shitty one.) You give over information and control in exchange for that free internet and those free tablets\Ipads goy. It's also easier to indoctrinate people when they are young, so now they will influence the youth of the 2nd/3rd world thanks to people like Zuckerberg.


I can't tell if you're on meth or English isn't your first language

Intelcaust confirmed.

Holy shit, I never thought about it that way. I always hated the "cloud" crap, but this makes way too much sense.

yare yare daze

this guy is actually right despite being obviously under the influence of something

It will take at least another decade or two for x86 to stop being supported lol. Only fedora Linux boys want or are okay with decades of software to stop working because it didn't work on their shit to begin with.


if you can figure out how to run Facebook off that shit then you can at least be a knight. But I'm pretty sure you have no idea what I'm talking about. At least this guy gets it.

You forgot the increasingly bloated bloatware requiring increasingly powerful and therefore expensive (in relation to their use) hardware, and the death of engineering in computers (lol why optimize why not use scripts programming should be just mathematics lmao)


I have been thinking about this lately myself.

There was a brief interlude were computing power was somewhat distributed, and now it's gathering up into clusters again.

The mainframe -> cloud similarity is startling.

There's one large difference, though. With terminals and mainframes, you knew and had a clear model of being at a terminal and not the main computer itself.

The appearances and actual workload with thin clients and smartphones and cloud computing, however, is much more obfuscated for the average user.

Gibson-tier writing right here